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Download GUNSHIP - Rise the Midnight Girl MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Rise the Midnight Girl music file uploaded on October 5th, 2018.

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GUNSHIP - Rise the Midnight Girl MP3 Comments & Reviews

Joe1866 - Near perfect music

This band is in tune with the mental connections to music. Bang on.

Bennyjammin79 - Amazing Sophmore Album

This follow up to their self titled album doesn't disappoint. It feels more confident and bold. Some tracks, like Art3mis and Parziva, take you back to their first album; others such as the title track or The Drone Racing League, are their own animals all together. Time After Time is a great cover of a great song. Nostalgic, original, fun, and thoughtful, this is a sick pile of tune.

jxhaiahjs - DARK ALL DAY!!

An absolute masterpiece of a song that sends u spiralling into a complete trancelike state! If it were released a year prior 2 that which it was made it would’ve easily made it into Blade Runner without question! 🌑🌑🌑

Jamos2011 - Driven

This album is purely driven by nostalgia. A modern take on a beloved era synths reborn and injected with youthful vibe. Listening to this you can’t help but smile and relive the sound that thrived through 80s movies etc. I get it and I dig it! I only feel the need for more! I hope these guys smash more work out I’ve developed a hunger for it!! Keep it up guys if you read this your on to a winner!

Magestic Magnificent - Phenomenal album!

I randomly came across this album and have been listening to it ever since! Amazing stuff 🤩

Buttercup100 - OMG: stumbled in to this band and love 'em

Just mega. Fri pm browsing and spied them in the corner of the recommends. Pressed played and been listening all night. Love 'em. Tons of good tracks but lovin Symmetrical.

MusicMaker89 - Dark and refreshing

Bought the whole thing. Amazing songs and production 👍🌟

Boomstik81 - Gunship rules

Came across this band with the release of the Dark all day single and immediately became a huge fan. Since then I have bought each album and can honestly say that they are fantastic. This latest album is just as good as the previous album if not better. Gunship have created the perfect love letter to synth wave and 80’s nostalgia. Can’t wait to see what they produce next.

LukeHill22 - GUNSHIP are GODS

What a follow up to a phenomenal debut album. This band are on another planet, in another dimension. Face melting and beautiful. God bless you gunship boys.

tsk92 - Just release the damm thing already!

I'm stuck listenting to 1.3 mintue previews, its torture.

Marty1kenobi - Slaying it!

Only 2 songs in (3 if you count art3mis and parzival... which is sooooo good) and I’m totally in love with the whole album already

King_cadz - Sounds amazing

I am so hyped for this

ajm.world - Can’t wait

Literally cannot wait - sounds epic

Kinchyness - Wow!

Loved the first album and this seems just as good so far. Loving the consent and giving me the 80s feels. Great job guys.

VINYL_RICHIE_81 - Gunship are back!!!

Great to see the new album finally having a release date. Had Dark All Day on repeat!

Its blood is black - Gunship are amazing.

So looking forward to this second instalment of Gunship. 13 tracks of immense RAD and mind blowing talent: This group are going places.

BodgeBurgo - Keith Burgo..1

I've finally found a replacement for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, this is very impressive not disapointed in buying this and more in the future !!

quadpodTIAKINS; - 100% the best!

Can’t wait to hear more from these guys! So awesome!

John kambanis - Gunship 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

This album by gunship is the best album ever can’t wait to hear the album


Rise the Midnight Girlいつ聞いてもよすぎ


GunShip - Rise the Midnight Girl


@dayumexo midnight train by nothing’s carved in stone black sheep by metric stay on the outside by withey gold guns…

About Rise the Midnight Girl [GUNSHIP] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist GUNSHIP, album Dark All Day, song Rise the Midnight Girl, released date 05 October 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to Rise the Midnight Girl - GUNSHIP mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Rise the Midnight Girl by GUNSHIP mp3 download listen Rise the Midnight Girl direct download Rise the Midnight Girl mp3 #rise-the-midnight-girl

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