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On “Lucid Dreams,” Juice WRLD explores the mental anguish someone feels after experiencing a break-up. Lucid dreaming refers to a state of consciousness where a person is aware they are dreaming. With enough experience, a dreamer can slowly begin to control the contents of their dreams. Juice uses the idea of controlling a lucid dream as an analogy for his mental state; to avoid the pain of seeing his ex-lover in his dreams, Juice seeks to replace them—for good. Frequent Juice WRLD collaborator, Nick Mira handled the production of “Lucid Dreams,” with assistance from SIDEPCE. The melody of this song samples the intro of Sting’s “Shape Of My Heart.” During the week ending October 6, 2018, the track peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Download Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Lucid Dreams MP3 file uploaded on June 15th, 2017.

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Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams MP3 Comments & Reviews

spidamitchell453 - pls make a clean version of lucid dreams

and that's all

JessiC1990 - Perfect

I love songs with meaning of any kind. When I was shuffling through the radio and chanced upon this song, I could relate and have shared to my Facebook group for cheating for our Monday Music event. 💜

Spongebud_memes - Fire


kkkkkkkkkkkron - Love this album

I legit have so much that I think back to from my old relationship with someone. I love this album so much and can’t express the relations I’ve made. This album is fire🔥

Errlheadraver - Love You!!

Juice Wrld, I love you ❤️. Please continue to make amazing music!!

johhnyboyk - Masterpiece

I love this album

ҡѧṃ - 💯 🌎 it’s fire

This album is the best thing that has happened to this world. Every song in it is amazing. It’s all about Lucid Dreams, but y’all need to listen to Used To (my fav song on the album) Candles, Wasted, Black & White are bangers but are very underrated. Juice is my fav artist. Every single song on this album is fire, not just Lucid Dreams. 🌎

Land Deed - Just Fine

Did a good job.

yslucky - It’s ok

The only good song is I’ll be fine

H9A9G9 - Favorite Album Ever

Juice Wrld is my favorite rapper ever. I’ve been listening since he was still in sound cloud. And there’s no song from him that I don’t like! This album helps you through your tough times! If I could put more stars I most definitely could!!

Aidansoccergames8 - beautiful

my favorite is black and white

smootypop - Great

I love the song lucid dreams

kizo455 - It’s my favorite song

Seriously it is...

songreveiw3000 - Plz make clean version

Plz make a clean version so I can listen to it plz


It wasn't good it was amazing 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

Mikai ferrucci - You are amazing

You were amazing don’t listen to the people that hate on you. Keep doing what you do no matter what happens you are my favorite do you see Jones is very inspiring and so is all your other songs Love:Mikai

Sadguy12 - Nice

Great debut album

Noah Y. - BBC

My favorite category on Pornhub

fhdjsge - All my friends love this song

The only song I know from him but it’s the best

hinpjemmdjdjdjdn - I


TerrificReviewer - Lucid Dreams


👍👍🤜🏼👍👍👍👍05 - Amazing

I love this song so much I can’t stop listening to it. It’s been my favorite song since I first listened to it I don’t know how people don’t like it.

bmanenb - Good


coveesnof - Dope 👌👌LUCID DREAMS


jantzen247 - Juiceeee


SpencerBost - People are crazy

Why are ppl calling this crap this has helped me and many others out of a state of depression he definitely deserves to be one of the greats. Not saying he’s the best but definitely saying he’s my favorite.

wiz khalifa iz da bo$$ - Lucid Dreams🔥🔥🔥

Album is trash expect for lucid dreams

Ur boi2121 - Juice is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

He is an amazing artist and I hope he goes on to do much more

David R Lowery II - Good related music

How could you not like this album? He speaks on real day to day truth and his flow is on point. Very talented guy Juice Wrld

jaje smith - 👍

In my black benzzzz

JacePlayz - Love it!!

Love this album. Not just lucid dreams. Long gone and also black and white are underrated. I’ve never heard a bad juice song. Buy the album!! I recommend it!

JBoyz - Album

The whole album is totally fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Please add support - Haters? How

@runnergirl13. 1 I totally agree with you This is the best album I’ve ever heard

Iyaoyas09 - Barf

You know that guy in highschool who thinks he’s a rapper? This is him

Risen Mikey - Best album out

This album is so amazing

hi9275 - One of the best

Lucid dreams

La ndon - Pls read this pls

6 star rating i could say every word to licid dreams i love it just pls pl pls pls pls make a clean version i realate to lucid dreams and am going through a really hard time rn pls

TheSmartOnez - Amazing

Amazing album

Shawnee Shawnee I love this - Hell ya

Love every song sm hurt me is my fav tho💛💛💛

withintheseagrass - Juice WRLD


Hemp cluck - Used to

Best song on the album but the whole thing is phenomenal

SwankTerrance - Juice WRLD great

He’s only gonna get bigger and bigger.

KayAnn947 - 🔥

I can’t get passed track three or four!!!! Great job. Don’t listen to the haters and keep up the good work. Your songs are on🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Inny74 - Mumble Rap trash

Mumble Rap Criteria Bad beats ☑️ No bars ☑️ So much autotune ☑️ No substance ☑️ Unsurprisingly, this one passed. This trash is what Eminem and many other rappers are saying, is killing rap.

giorgioxxx17 - This ain’t it

Wack Asf

PHIL SWIFT HERE FROM FLEX TAPE - I still see your flex tape in my room

Can’t take back the flex tape I gave you It’s to the point that fix and repair you Its to the point when can not tape tape so I must replace you

IRateStufff - God

He is god

Metal masters - Every song sounds the same😴

He might have a few songs that sound great but he doesn’t make a good full length album. Not many unique sounds here, just rinse and repeat autotuned vocals on decent beats

ralval - Juice world

It’s really good I listen everyday

flanguni - Best

It’s the best song ever - Lit


Mitchy martini - lucid dreams

i love this song and the vocals..... the music is the best ,,, keep em coming juice wrld

Vancouver150 - I love Lucid Dreams

Just saying, I’m not rap fan, but Lucid Dreams is 💣 🔥. I removed a star for not having a clean version (I dislike swearing in songs).

Jules4445 - So Good and special!

I really Juice WRLD. And his musics is soooo 👌

Nutella.awesome - Lit 🔥

Lucid dreams is good cause it tells like a story but all girls are the same Is REALLY good and u should try it

the rap guy - Awesome


Edey9000 - Woah

Das a bop

Ash101330 - Love these songs 👌👌👌👌

Damn dude...👌👌👌👌

DildoSaggina - Greatest Album of 2018 imo

If you’ve ever had your heart broken you can relate to this album so much

Gghbnk - I love it

This is so relatable and amazing❤️

Lucid_Dr3am3r - Perfect

I love it

pastayum - STUPIDDDD

BUY queen

15 BROOMZ 15 - Very great song

Has a really good beat and the lyrics are good. The lyrics are easy to follow and it tells a story

Rapper014 - Best Album

Perfectly awesome

TheIceman114 - Nice

Wasted and lucid dreams are👌

justanothacritic - Very Consistent

The whole album goes hard and can be applied to certain situations very well

Michael1321 - 🔥🔥🔥

No words 🤫🔥

someone who reviewed this - Brilliant

Y people hating on him

Harvey.$ - 👌


Bebe rexha fan123567890 - YO

Love dis song

Newton Lord - Know one likes haters

Probs the best rapper/hip hop singer out there on Apple Music

⚡️✨💫 - ⚡️

great song

nathanw28 - Auto Tune

Just finished watching the VMAs and I wondered how someone can sound off-key, even with an auto tuned mic. I don’t think he’ll be getting any more album sales after that atrocity...

ArgiBargi89 - This deserves 5 stars

Juice WRLD is very unique, talented and young he deserves more then just one star.

drtigo - Juice WRLD is talented!

Lucid dreams is the biggest hip hop song of 2018 so far!

prettylittleliars168 - Wannabe post malone

Sorry but it sounds too much like other hip hop artists like post malone soooo not too keen on it

Ollz200202 - Mad

Sick sick sick album ❤️❤️

Arch0 Jr - 2018

This is the most sick😝 song ooh 2018

123coinsplease - 5 stars

Had to give 5 stars just to spite the 1 stars. He is crazy talented (raps, writes, sings, etc) and is still young! Promising career ahead of him

iiTzRocky777 - <3 Juice World

Love this album 💯💯

juice wrld fan 😑 - Wow

A legend is born he is sooo good 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

wsdsryasr - I


§Hackerz§ - Stupid.

Why is Apple Music showing such an interest in him? Literally no different to EVERY OTHER hip-hop artist. Rubbish crap.

Antastic in 3D - Nah

Go away

PuppyXLover1PXL - Price

Good price


My issue is the autotune. Imagine Juice w/o this, it would be ear bleed

hagduck - lucid dreams

i hear dis good song in Roblox 🤗😏

mapuna rubz - The stuff

I love this gets in

Jelly.beannny - Chilled


nsndndnnenenevvrbsnnwne - Slick banshee shsnenenen



on my tolerance break I’m ready for these lucid dreams


Thats a shame. Don:t you wish you could lucid dream? Take absolute control of your dreams and be a goddess in you……


@lhaycurtis ay sorry akala ko kasi inienjoy mo lucid dreams mo HAHAHAHAHAHA


@rantsofgabby lucid dreams pirt





I think something going on with my sister. First it was Suicidal x Melly now it’s Lucid Dreams x Juice (R.I.P. 🙏🏾)


@marionnjoya Ha ha, I've had a couple semi-lucid dreams as of late where the 'message' is clearer but it doesn't co…


@bigmoosetown hmm, interesting. i'm trying become a lucid dreamer but keep hitting a language wall with the memory…


@tyroneskiii Abay sisihin mo ang lucid dreams


@StonedRamos Lucid dreams e n é juice wrld¿¿


Here’s this article I found. I’m realizing that sometimes I should look things up before trying them but honestly w…


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@thunderchunt_ Shocked it wasn’t Lucid Dreams

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