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Download Bazzi - Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) music file uploaded on August 2nd, 2018.

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Bazzi - Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) MP3 Comments & Reviews

this is a fun game😈😈😈 - :(

I thought this would be my ringtone😡

blkhorse - Mood

I heard it alot on the radio when I was reading THG and now I associate it with that

~jãčõb - Sounds perfect!

By:Pexigirlfan_gacha life_RBLX It sound perfect and good,

Judd yet - Beautiful

I think this song is beautiful. 😂😂 i has to.

Biancatoscano9 - Amazing

Great but Camila ruins it

mroanoke - Why

This would be one of my favorite songs if it wasn’t so suggestive at times. Bugs me when artists ruin songs with little things like that.

Kiwi🌺🌴😆 - Amazing

It was amazing I love this song and Camila Cabello sound perfect

sindyg04 - Best in world

This is my favorite song ever made and I will remember this song for the rest of my life

👍🏻😛 - The best

Sound so good

davion and bre forever🤞🏾❤️💍 - Good song

I love this song it makes me think of me and my boyfriend witch my boyfriend is sweet and handsome and the best boyfriend 🤞🏾❤️💍💦👅

Euphi21 - Original is better

I don’t like this version.. imao camila ruins it

thisgirlisfineaf - ❤️

I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

Maria Alexis Murray - HATE

Hate it original is better she ruined it

I am smart not to brag - Very very good!

I love the song because he has a nice high voice and since I love this of melody it sounds greats also love wrap music my mama is a angel in heaven and it reminds me of her.🤗🤩😍😇💫💋❤️💕👁please sing more songs because I love them!

Sweetniss24 - It’s good but....

Camila kind does not go good with his voice but the song sounds really good if there was just a version without Camilla then I would get it 😜🤔

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOVE IT!!! - This song IS beautiful!!!

Great collab and BEAUTIFUL song!!! It deserves so much more recognition💛💛💛STREAM THIS SONG GUYS!!! LETS REACH NEW PEAKS ON THE BILLBOARD HOT 💯!!!

Chimo638291649 - ❤️

I love this 💖😭

The Ragin' Asian - Idk why but this song creeps me out😂🧐


good music 2.0 - Good music 2.0


cuitiepie101 - Eh…

I find songs that say “Gucci” annoying. I feel that Bazzi ruins all of his songs with one lyric. This one was probably “The way that Gucci look on you,Amazing” I feel like if he replaced that with another lyric it would be a lot better.

bulldog yall - Amazing

This song is amazing Bazzi is such a good singer with song mine and now this and she is amazing as well so she sings Havana And this wow for both of them

Agry space - Not for me

I think that “Mine” was awesome and I love Camilla but, this song was disappointing. I found it a little suggestive and forced. When you put a rapper- pop star rookie (Bazzi) with a pop star expert (Camilla) it sounds weird. I found some parts a little sexual and I feel like Camilla’s better than to be in a song like that. Camilla made it better but didn’t save it. Please don’t hate her for it. They play this on Radio Disney because CC was once their NBT. I found the message being sent by mainly Bazzi’s part better but it felt weird with the comparison to how he thinks she’s beautiful. If you wanna listen to a song with a positive message that’s also nice and soft and by Camilla listen to “Consequences” in the Camila album, and if you want the same thing by Bazzi listen to “Mine.”

nosealaverga - Amazing🙌

Great song

Rockstar 👌🏻👌🏻2k17 - 👼😇🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Amazing song

Good song to dedicate to your GF 💯 %

ErickGome - Beautiful!! I am in tears watching this 😭😭❤️❤️

This is truly amazing!

Naor13 - Flop


ALVAREZZ3000 - Simply Beautiful!

Such a beautiful song. Your Cosmic album is one of the best of 2018.

Dr Finklestine - Camilla

Love this song but she kinda ruined it. She just reworded the song into a cringey version

PikachuFan10 - ANGELIC

1 word: Beautiful

CyanCanary - Bazzi Cannot Sing

His voice doesn’t correspond with the melody. I hated his song Mine. It sounded like he was singing a rap song with all the profanity and the catchy beat. Bazzi doesn’t quite suceed as a “pop” star.

pink sunset ❤️❤️❤️ - Love Camila!

OMG. I’m shook. Love Camila’s verse. I gotta go... breathe.

thatonekidokaylol07 - STUNNING

Their voices compliment each other soooo well

HEMISRT10 - Unbelievably Beautiful!!!

It is so sensational for this to be a Duet. 😇

whew chile - ....


Boricua_90 - 😍😍

In love with this song😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Fashionluver12 - amazing

so proud of bazzi, he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves

lnmhdhou - stick with Havana

Camilla cabello can go eat a dog she ruined the song

rebeccac1204 - ❤️❤️❤️

I’m hooked on this song!!! I love this so much

Micheal G. Scott - Love❤️

This song is amazing! Those runs just about killed me!!! “Honey drippin’ from you Liiiiiips.” I’m dead.

James Oxendine - Omggg

Loved the original but this is sooo much better!!! I feel like this song was supposed to be a duet to begging with and camila’s vocals mix perfectly with bazzi’s😍💜

Kitty Cat Lover 22🐈🐈 - OMG 😃


❤️❤️❤️❤️girl - Polio

Good app

shelbyjohoch - bazzi x camila


Penaalberto6 - Love it <3


lacey401 - Kiki

So good I am in love with these song 😍😍😍😍😍😍

lovehiphop25 - Not for me

Ok until Camila.Just don’t like her voice.

sheldon ennis - fantastic duo

great song! camila and bazzi’s voices fit so well together!

I Ove Taylor - Okay

I think the two pair pretty good together but I’m not a fan of the lyrics.

Britneyfan54 - Beautiful song, beautiful remix

Amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Duhgreatjuan - 🚮

Bazzi sounds like a high 12 year old trynna get more than 6 listens

camila_cabello_<3 - amazing

my favourite song!! I love it

pastayum - No

It's so annoying ALL he does is say beautiful



Jazlikesthepies - THEY CAME FOR MY WIG

Legit my wig is snatched

Andy_Ikaika - Bazzi is lit, Camila ruined this song...

Bazzi is a fantastic singer, his album Cosmic is amazing, however, Camila has killed this song, can trust a woman to ruin a mans good work 🙄🤭

PrincessVamp06 - 🤤

My mug was snatchedddd 🙌🏽

§Hackerz§ - Yo Camilla?

You can do better than Baz. SERIOUSLY.

Minxey333 - Camila Cabello

someone catch my wig please, amazing

Chelsriley175!!;( - My favs


Chukchi cf - 😍

I didn’t know I needed this until now

BradSkidzy - 👎🏻

Every song of his is the exact same and eventually it gets so boring. He's only putting Camilla on this song to revive his dying fan base by using her name. End of.

Seshdoll - Love love love

This song is beautiful

madzsong - Amazing

Camila voice is amazing and Bazzi voice and together they are perfection !!

Camilasnumber1fan - Omgggggg

Most amazing song!!!!!

Kiwi2759 - karla camila cabello estrabao

wig omg i stan a queen

Camrell🙏🏽 - Camzzi

😌😍❤️❤️ this is so beautiful love that new verse by camila



Graice loves canola - Review

A great song with a great beat!

Sassylich15 - Bazzi ft. CAMILA

This remix is absolutely ‘beautiful’... pun intended 😂💓

You're gal pal - Oh my goodness!

Their voices together had me SHOOK! 💛

Shelly94x - Yesssss

I love it so much.

joshuab2013 - Amazing.


Imananana - Wow

I literally thought Bazzi singing was Zayn Malik lol.

My.Thoughts.Count - That duet 😍💕

Her voice on this song works so well. He sounds amazing and the lyrics are gorgeous

dhyesssssss - ❤️💕❤️💕

Can’t stop listening to it 😍😍

hagduck - betta than otha one

good song i lovin’ it IT ISH BEAUTAFOO (lulz) Betta dan orijenool (LULZ)

yaseluvscats - Better than the original.

Sometimes remixes ruin a song but this is not one of them! Adding Camila’s voice really spiced up the song and made it better.

Uau!!CC - Excelente

Cantores muito talentosos

laeciobrito - Amo

Música maravilhosa! Canil arrasando nos vocais 💛

eduardo2004. - Hino

A voz deles combinaram tanto ❤️


Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) de Bazzi


Aquí va una canción para ti… Beautiful (feat. @Camila_Cabello) de @bazzi


Now Playing: Bazzi - Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) - Bazzi vs. EDX's Ibiza Sun#Solo Quelle che Suonano Bene!


Now playing - Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful (slowed & reverb) 24/7 slow and reverb hip hop



… Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) จาก Bazzi


Now playing - Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful (slowed & reverb) 24/7 slow and reverb hip hop


Bazzi - Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello)


Bazzi feat- Camila Cabello - Beautiful (Pastel Remix)


o bazzi é perfeito pqp a única música ruim dele é beautiful com feat da camila cabello


@dailycamilabra: 🏆 Top 18 Melhores Feat./Dueto da Camila Cabello 6. Beautiful - Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)


@dailycamilabra: 🏆 Top 18 Melhores Feat./Dueto da Camila Cabello 6. Beautiful - Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)


@dailycamilabra: 🏆 Top 18 Melhores Feat./Dueto da Camila Cabello 6. Beautiful - Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)


@dailycamilabra: 🏆 Top 18 Melhores Feat./Dueto da Camila Cabello 6. Beautiful - Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)


@dailycamilabra: 🏆 Top 18 Melhores Feat./Dueto da Camila Cabello 6. Beautiful - Bazzi (feat. Camila Cabello)

About Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) [Bazzi] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Bazzi, album Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) - Single, song Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello), released date 02 August 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) - Bazzi mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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