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Download Sabrina Claudio - Creation MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Creation music file uploaded on August 15th, 2018.

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Sabrina Claudio - Creation MP3 Comments & Reviews


this is her most progressive work yet. i like it very much. sounds like a cool breeze on a summer day

hayden_____ - PERFECTION

Sabrina Claudio doesn’t know how to make a bad song. Period.

kandi0516 - No

She is clearly a racist woman and I don’t support her. At all!

S.jones08 - Ewww


kookoo909 - racist

too bad she's still a racist. How are you going to make music that originated from black people and then openly make racist comments about them on NUMEROUS occasions. I'm so disappointed

cupcakKestantojapan - amazing

breathtaking album. raw, beautiful and honest

Alex55601 - Purchasing problem

I recently purchased a song in the album. However, when I “completed” my purchase a loading icon popped up where the price was displayed. I didn’t pay much attention to it thinking my purchase would go through shortly. I was wrong. After a while I checked my music to see if the song was there. Nope. I searched the song and found the loading sign to still be there. Keep in mind I purchased songs both a minute before and after this song. They went through fine. The option then came up to purchase the song again. I followed through thinking it would only take off the actual price of the song. Nope. It took off double what the song was worth. There was no problems with WiFi or anything like that, and like I’ve said I purchased songs before and after this purchase and there was nothing wrong. I don’t understand.

da_beast_12 - 👑

she’s one of the best r&b artists out right now

Gracie1205 - Wow! 😮

She is so underrated

moonxlightbae - AMAZING


Anthony Marcus - I LOVE this album

I love Sabrina. She’s amazing. Iss lit. Wee! - Untouchable, hands down 🔥🔥

Sabrina is totally untouchable. This is real R&B right here.

Wiggle1 - amazing 🧘🏾‍♀️🌻

this album has been on repeat for the last 3 days. i can’t get enough of how it makes me feel!!!

Coco games - angelic everything

play this at my funeral thank you.

Music listener ;) - It’s okay

Cycle and Messages From Her are the best tracks. Y’all please skip Naked because it’s the worst track due to it being so boring and repetitive. The rest are all ok but nothing to be excited for. She needs to get out of her little shell of whispering and mumbling and actually SING like she did in Messages From Her.

ThisMan07 - The queen of vibes

Sabrina Claudio’s music is just too good, her voice along with the instruments just give you those pleasant vibes. Love her or hate her you have to respect her talent, she most definitely is a true artist that’s worth listening to!

LIZA8679 - Modern day Sade

Beautiful soothing voice!

#sabrinabiggestfan - Beautiful

I have been following her come up since her first EP dropped. Her unique vocals, musical interwoven sound and messages of substance, validates her artistry. I love what she is doing and I encourage her to continue to press through and overcome the challenges, the world needs her gift.

CaptainKid10 - Mâgïčàł Vöîçë wãvėś/ UNDERRATED! I will blast her on every social media site

Can you just keep putting out music every several months!! PLEASEEEEEE!! Like Sade’s music, which will NEVER grow old.... timeless pieces.... Sabrina Claudio’s music will NEVER grow old on me! Thank you for sharing your love with us! The beats are amazing, the lyrics wrap your soul in this velvety smooth waves of magic and your worries sorrows and cares are completely gone!

K-bbq - Yess!!

Production and vocals are on point!!

Bicycle bell - Growing...

This is some of her best work, and that’s saying something cause she consistently makes great music! This album feels more mature, and from top to bottom is a really great collection of new music!

Jah.nathan - A gem

Thank you Sabi! I love it!

ToneMorales - Sooooo Dope!

I love the fact that Sabrina Claudio is consistent with her sound. Her music is perfect!

Peachess123 - A queen!

She slays again with this album. Her vocals are on point and she’s just so amazing

Qasem mahmood - wth

this is amazzzing i love it

xtrxniex - Purely Ethereal

Every song is light as a feather and makes me feel like I’m dancing on air ✨

BeHeard91 - Subtle!

Everything I hear from Sabrina is great!

Smile4meSmile4U - In a trance

Ms Sabrina is rapidly becoming one of my favorites especially if she consistently puts out records such as this. Dare I say a 2018 version of Sade!

happyismyhigh - A deserving woman

It would be a loss in music, in myself, in the world if Sabrina didn’t continue to create her dreams in music. This project reflects her growth and her strength with everyone ounce of power to say she has worked to hard to stop. I love every word, every song, every part of her and I’m so happy she stands strong and tall. Love you beautiful woman

Jdm81896 - Amazing album !

Never disappoints! She has such a beautiful voice !!

ghstwrter - GIRL.


Mommavaya4 - Last track

I love messages from her, o really loved the first albulm. No doubt she has an amazing voice and very talented! Keep it up Sabrina.

valentina angel - QUEEN OF R&B/SOUL


🐱Rachie🐱 - An underrated artist

Sabrina’s style is so unique; she seamlessly blends R&B and pop with a clear message which appeals to multiple audiences. Her lyrics are brilliant, her voice is so sultry, and the whole album is just raw. Pure talent in her voice and her writing; Sabrina really deserves more recognition. I discovered her after her first EP was released and her music has yet to let me down, her passion and effort is visible every individual song and this album is the next big step to hitting her peak and I’m so excited to follow her on this journey!

JustASongwriter - amazing

also see angelica falls


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About Creation [Sabrina Claudio] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Sabrina Claudio, album No Rain, No Flowers, song Creation, released date 15 August 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to Creation - Sabrina Claudio mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

alternative rnb mp3 Creation by Sabrina Claudio mp3 download listen Creation download Creation mp3 #Creation

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