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Download Eminem - Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) music file uploaded on August 31st, 2018.

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Eminem - Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) MP3 Comments & Reviews

sleepyja - Ok songs

But the cover, like dude get some creativity that's the cover of beastie boys

Avmr15 - WOW

This is amazing !

Argrilicus - Number one Eminem album

Honestly the best album from Eminem’s of all time, in my opinion.



statsimple69 - Shady is awesome

It has been a year and a half and its still in the top 10.

Aksashy Dawg - FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Still GOATing 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Skittles Brando - 10/10

😤 amazing



M(!)nster - If you gave this a one star, shame

There is nothing but pure rap on this album.

gemmyrv - Waaaayyy better than revival

Revival Was a disappointment. But shady came back to prove that’s he’s the greatest🔥🔥🔥🔥

kdog5346 - Amazing

Such a great album

Mayowa45 - #RapGod

Thank ya for bring back hip hop

+dccharged+ - Greatest


Angry Bird fanatic pwnage! - 🔥🙏


Mineitman321 - Eh

It’s ok I suppose. Mostly just dissing people because he’s bitter. I like the rhyme schemes and beats and flows and such but it reeks of bitterness and that’s a turnoff. I’d go into more detail but I can’t really be asked to

Worldwide_hip_hop - Great comeback

This was a great comeback from Revival, lyrically and production wise he really improved and most of the songs bang, my only issue with this is that Eminem sounds hypocritical at times and very childish, and also some songs on this are off topic but still great, overall a solid/great project, definitely buy it, worth a listen

DigiZombis - He back!

Em at his best! Full of adrenaline, unparalleled word play, a devastating assault, and a technical skill that most rappers can’t touch. No mumbling or autotune needed. Shady is back with salt!

Pooki5376432575678 - Still has it

Still the best lyricist in the game. Hands down.

Warren Boards - Fire Comeback

This album to me at first was trash but when I heard it more closely it was FIRE 🔥 even though it’s kinda a fast beat pass album I love it it goes back to the 1999 Slim days... All’s I gotta day is “WHOO”

sniperz_anime - 👾

Hell yeah, been listening to this album 30 times already I love it. Mix of slim and the new Eminem. Next one please 🤩🤩🤩

Red@7 - 💯


MohamedZennoune - It's a Good Album

Why he have to diss some great artists?

AppleEverythingLuver - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿 F🇺🇸CK TRUMP


Tnkerbl - Trash

Em is washed up now. He had to bring politics into this. That’s when you lost me but that’s ok Mgk bodied you.

POSTgastankStrangleangelMASTER - Faded at 88TEMPO VOU THIS IS MY CHURCH


dr bukets - M

This is the best

L0rd Slad3 - 💯💯💯

came out more than a year ago, and still the best🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ashbeashdsef - SLIM SHADY IS BACK!!! Tell a friend

This is one of his best recent albums to date in my eyes🔥🔥🔥

juice best - Speechless

Slim shady forever

sndiboi - Yes


Warriors #1 fan - Em destroyed EVERYONEEE

Looks like the homie never left👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

Tobaliscious - Lyrical Genius

He’s back at it again with lyrical genius on another level that we just can’t seem to find in anyone else outside of his group. He’s got an ear for talent and you can tell from the songs added into this amazing album.

viva ka - Goat

Best to ever do it

1bruskk - 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Universal Crusher - Cough

Why spend hard earned change On words to put you in a cage From a grown boy with infantile rage Six ninety-nine is what you’ll save Cover art a weak-minded copy From imagination so sloppy Like lyrics that aint got a groove All you got is nothing to prove Weed out the Trump supporters??? really dog? Who you to be giving us orders? All I hear is your anger purported Like you been short-changed, hoarder Bored with the hate You get a one-star rate Be one with your fate While others make America great

izzy boi - Shady is back

My mannnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

JustWantItReal - What?

How does anyone listen to this? Weak beats!

BatmanvJoker - Amazing

Way better than the last album only two tracks on this new album I didn’t like everything else on this track is amazing🙌🏼

Don VN - Pure Gold

On of his best, kamikaze’s phenomenal

Viper45 - Eminem is the Rap God!

Eminem for life!🔥🔥🔥

aseelsalem - WOW!!!!😍😍😍

I love this album so much all the songs are amazing. Kamikaze👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥⭐️😍🎈

YT Neil87487 - Guess who’s back, back again

SHADYS BACK LETS GO THIS ALBUM IS LIT 🔥 there’s no way you can give eminem below 5 stars

Dylan Ur - Shows over

Nothing to see here folks!

Thelitpug - Everyone else in the game was dead before the song venom came on

After that, he’s on to kill the mumble rappers

Sameermali - Em Revived himself from revival

This album is just amazing. I hate nice guy tho....

Kageyama Shigeo - Hopefully his last album

Content wise this is garbage, lyrically it’s okay. Just because you’re “the goat” doesn’t mean everything you put out is amazing, this album was mediocre at best. Honestly just stop making music, you’re overstaying your welcome. You should take machine gun Kelly’s advice, “You’re not getting better with time it’s fine Eminem put down the pen...”

CasCrowley - Shady is definitely back

This album is amazing, it’s the best ear porn I’ve had in a long time. I should be used to Eminem shocking me, but this.. I wasn’t prepared for this 😂 If you’re thinking about this album, do it.. Do it now!! You’ll thank yourself later.

Spanish-23 - One of his best albums

I bought this the day it came out a year or so ago and I absolutely love this album! I listen to it all the time and the whole album is dope & straight fire 🔥

MatthewCLMR - Revival -Believe

HE warned everyone they didn't Believe and this was the outcome the GOAT never will disappoint he is here to stay.- Love THE Album !!! 10/10 Fack the haters :)

Kcortez1905 - King

The king has returned !!

Diydiyltslsysddiysiy - Not the return of Slim Shady

Let me start off by saying this album is better than revival, a lot better. The album like many Eminem albums at least has a theme. Eminem symbolizes himself as a kamikaze pilot who is smashing into the rap game because he believes that rap today is terrible and is not what it used to be. Although some songs connect, others are cringe and personally as an Eminem Stan, it does not feel like the return of slim shady I was looking for. To put it bluntly, this is Marshall mathers trying to be slim shady, it just does not feel natural and feels a bit forced. Songs I would recommend: Lucky You, Fall, Stepping Stone, Not alike, The Greatest. The ringer is all right but it drags near the end. All the other songs are either forgettable or terrible. Nonetheless a step up from revival, hopefully his next album is better. 6.5/10 - JV

&$@$8655 - Straight Bars 🔥🔥🔥

Dats Tuff

little boy 2019 - Sweet

Great song best music

desipotato - Lyrically god

No one can beat eminem

da gamer D - Amazing raps

These raps are the best yet

BeyondXV - The GOAT

Just keep doing what you want to do Marshall, don’t let anyone (including us fans) get to your head. You will always be great on each track even if people dislike it and or the lines go over their head. People gotta understand that you evolve as a person too. Thank you for all that you’ve done for Music and impacting our lives!

SavageSoySauce - EMINEM IS A RAP GOD

He is a legend and always will be

Xenakash - Garbage. He’s been disappointment last few album

He’s been disappointment last few album

CopyrightChronic - Eminem The Great

Great album!

MichaelMac45 - God

Great album

pinkdump - Amazing

Revival never did it for me but this is amazing I will admit I don’t understand why he is talking about girls but those songs are still great!!

99 Edwards 99 - The Ringer

This album is gold Em

Paradox Ninjah - Fack

I went to the depanneur to buy some snacks, & i baught Skittles. I turned into 6ix9ine. I went back to the depanneur and refund for a bag of M&M's with 50¢.

Poopyhead93 - Great

Best album in a while

The 6th String - Tribute?

Album covers just a copy of beastie boys licensed to ill

Taylor Crant ~Tater~ - I LOVE YOU EMINEM ❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE YOU AND ALL YOUR SONGS!!!!!! IM YOUR BIGGGGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My phone case has your name on it 😂

AlexandraJS - The 🐐🐐🐐

One of the best albums of 2018 tbh

mzxts - Garage


g.sekhon24 - Shady the GOAT

I’ve always loved listening to em’s music since time so once I listened to this, it was so sick. Just the way em raps and the style he does it in just makes me want to listen to his songs more. (Not alike diss track was 🔥).

Jellypie1470 Gamez YT - O M GAH

Smash into everyone, crash into everything. It’s a noice album!!! 🔎:

Monstermaniamantastic - Slim shady

Y'all really saying he's to old and you want the old em back this is him just listen with an unbiased opinion it's amazing

123567890wwr - Album

Best album ever I swear it’s the best one yet! 🤪👌

Crazy Alexander - Strate up buying this

This is the best album!!!!!! 5 star

Crimsonhunter48 - Eminem da best

He’s the best rapper out there let’s all support him

siavashzye - Amazing

Great album.

Kareemohamdi - Hands down best hip hop album

Great 💯 mgk can go eat a pill probably he will Eminem kill mgk watch him bleed to death he breaths on a mirror probably his dead he most be possessed like an evil spell his e v i l

Bambing18 - Great album

It’s good

the rap guy - This sucks

Your too old

imro 10 - The GOAT

Absolutely best album of the year

Xxx_noob5lay3r_xxX - Aight

There’s only 5 good songs imo. Those good songs are pretty good but the others aren’t anything special. Normal and Good Guy are all talking about his relationship problems Nice Guy and and venom are so annoying to listen to, and do we even have to talk about kamikaze? Greatest is ok but there’s some cringy lines and the hook is kind of annoying.

Mattmo0710 - G.O.A.T.


Pas optimisé pour iPhone X(S) - Greatest rapper of all times

No one will ever match his flow, his delivery and how well he’s expressing his emotions and anger.


This album is incredible and there’s not a single line of a single song I don’t love! Who needs “the real slim shady” we have the most astounding lyricist of all time still putting out epic music! Anyone who thinks this album sucks is obviously stupid and don’t know good music when they hear it. Also it isn’t most definitely not new aged rap and it isn’t boring. Em is the most talented rapper EVER, and his songs are incredible, G.O.A.T!!!

djfhfhnjfifndhd - ITS SO GOOD

I love this album. He is just spitting everything!! Get this album!!

fountaindew - Eminem the legend

So god damn proud of him for evolving his music.

D.Rok37 - Shady Mixtape

It has a mixtape feel. Having fun, not so serious and it's dope AF

Knotter12 - He’s Back!

We missed you, welcome back!

Danlapatate - Great album

This is a great album, only one or two songs that I don’t like the rest is 🔥. Good job Marshall Slim Shady is back! (Lucky You blew my mind and still does😜)

Fat Daddy Cool - Venom

People seem to forget that he spits venom, not just the song but actual lyrical venom.

Thibault Qc - Eminem is back


The shpaker - Slim shady is back

The title of my review already said it all

focus_on_yhung_prince - Kamikaze😈😈😈

Only feeling a few songs but it is a great album

Emi3m - Love it

Eminem 4 life ❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥

._Sacha_. - Fire, absolute fire

This album is too good

Ju3lz Qc - best album ever

the greatest alive

Spider TOM - Slim Shady Rains Supreme

Amazing album!!!!!

Mason Edwards - Goat

I’m fire when I’m burning desire when I’m earning

Kolominto - Cool

Melon gave it a 4/10.I disagree

Ksekjmd - Fire!!

Em... Slime Shady, is back!!

hart1234 - Fire


Strawbs04 - Praise Be

‘Ringer’ has got to be quite clearly the best rap lyrically and vocally recorded rap....... period. There is no one like Eminem when he is on his game. He maybe older but who cares, he can still rap and write some great stuff, my opinion he’s earned his right as a rapper to still be making albums if he has the material, and this album he sure has it!! Praise be Eminem!

Dainius86 - Legend

Love this music

Chloe Panda - Stop the hate on Marshall 😡

“He’s dead” “omg still at it” literally please SHUT UP! He’s still got it. Legends 👏 never 👏 die👏. This album is incredible and he’s truly shown mumble rappers who’s boss.

Just yet vids - One of the best Eminem albums

Probably the best Eminem was he best Eminem album of the decade.

Spud the eminem fan - Best album

Very good better than any other album I just wish that em didn't quit


Eminem is the best rapper ever

the guy joe - ☝🏾❤️

Greatness here

Mighty Matt YT - Best Since His Prime Years

The production and the lyrics are reminiscent of his MMLP days, couple tracks almost ruin it but a very good album still. Glad he went out on a nigh.

Christhepower22 - Amazing!!!

Theres loads to get excited about on this album! Eminem never fails to deliver and fills the gaps with exciting meaningful Music! And for those who bashed Revival, Believe and Arose especially are genius tracks.

Lou-Lou-35 - Eminem proves why he is the best in the game

Some fantastic tracks which show Eminem’s technical ability is better than any other artist out there. One of his best albums yet

Dazzz0000 - Bit better

Bit better than revival but not much.

allgoodysernamestaken097642 - Old shady

Haven’t listened to em since his early days, awesome album

priestie08 - Lyrical genius

Come on now it’s about time em got his props he is the greatest wordsmith hip hop has seen by a country mile

KlewKuttsKlan - The Greatest Ever

Eminem Is Back

xLxExTx - 🥰🥰

Love it love it love it Eminem is the best

The josh Meister 12345 - Real slim

To all the people on here saying this is just noise or trash your obviously just to stupid cause your letting every line he says go over your head instead of getting what he’s saying loads of little nods to different things aswell as disses to other rappers here and it’s the start of slim coming back so unless your a fan of true real hip hop and not a fan of this abomination mumble rap then please clear off

escapests escaper - Eminem voice venom in venom 2??

Venom bloody brilliant

smariea28 - I love EMINEM

❤️❤️❤️❤️ thus is amazing . I feel like the real slim shady is back.cause as he said the world would be empty without him... could u leave rappers like Gucci mane take his place... I say hell nah he is king of rap 👑

Rater 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Classic Eminem

These albums just keep getting better!

lucy66668900 - Best rapper ever

So talented! Not his best album but omg still current and undying talent

BocaLuca - Yawwwn

Been a massive fan of this guy since he first stepped on the scene, but the last few albums have gradually gotten worse. Gone are the days you could relate to his stuff, or laugh at the lyrics he dropped in here n there. This is just “shots fired” rambling/ making words rhyme for the sake of it, with the exception of 3/4 tracks. I’d happily take a refund and wouldn’t miss this album atall

Tryhard23498 - WOW

What an album

👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏻👌🏻 - Dead

Eminem washed up trash

mak3xuthill - Too inconsistent

Lucky you is the best song on this but it’s saved by Joyner. If this wasn’t Eminem people would say this is trash

NuffSaidReally - Amazing

Heard Em for the first time at the age of 10, I’m now 28 years old and I’ve followed his entire career. Even went as far as to search out infinite and he is still on form here. People brought this album on themselves. The people who said revival was a bad album when in reality it was still better than most new stuff out these days are crazy. For those of you who gave revival a bad review you are idiots but at the same time thank you because this album wouldn’t exist without those reviews. Nobody does it better than Em, take your top 10 and top 5 and keep that because there is only 1 greatest rapper alive and he’s right here in this album.

C8ip - Awesome

Awesome, Eminem has always been a legend, this album is very good

Truth9999777777 - 🔥🔥


Starlight.. - Yes

This reminds me of the Eminem I listed to 15/20 years ago. I love this album

Amy Louisa 10 - Great album

I play this album on repeat on my drive to work and have four or five of the tracks completely memorised. Absolutely great.

Balm82 - YES!

Eminem is back! Doing what he does best, Absolute legend, RIP D12

Hatiah - A masterpiece

After Revival’s undeserved criticism, Kamikaze was the perfect response to everyone who was criticising him while also forcing us to revisit his previous album and approach it with an open mind. Once you do, you’ll recognise the art for what it truly is. Though revival’s production was not great, the lyricism was the main thing and kamikaze coerces us to focus on that. Eminem has a right to express his opinion about what he thinks about artists. People saying he needs to “name drop” for clout, but they’ve been name dropping Eminem for clout, is he not allowed opinions? And we all know, when Eminem is angry, that is when he murders you lyrically in rage. The disses were necessary and an OG rapper shutting down mumble rappers was more than necessary. People had the audacity to trash a piece of great poetry like revival but listen to mumble rap. It’s insulting. So it’s no wonder eminem is angry. Everything from his flow switches, to his bars and sentence structures are beautiful in this album. He has brought rap back to its prime. Growing up in the game, a battle rapper, it seemed only natural. Who else missed Eminem ripping into MCs and killing them lyrically? I’m sure I did. Produced by Dr. Dre and Slim shady, it’s no wonder the production was better than revival. Eminem needs to steer well clear of Rick Rubin’s beats, they make his songs on revival somewhat unlistenable. You wanted Shady? You got him.

Barberbones - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


hiekel - Amazing

Best album

Sara11111111vuguf - Get em, em.

The comeback!

lauren232 - Great album

I literally love everything about it one song I don’t like but love all the others

DannoDML - Rap God

Insane album, best true Rap album in ages. Eminem replying to the world and proving he’s the king when it comes to Rap. Lyrical genius.

Shamran UD - Shady

Shady is Back...

L3W1S74YLOR - This album is lit

I enjoyed this album is fire still can’t stop listening to it cause it’s too good slim shady is back

Barks0980 - Genius

Slim Shady at his best!

COOLocelot518 - Kamikaze! 💥🚅

OMG EMINEM YOU TOOK A JAB AT DISS TRACKS AND 99.9% NAILED IT! Rappers like Lil Pump Lil Yachty Lil Xan and Iggy Azalea will feel nervous upon listening to The Ringer. RIP MIGOS TYLER THE CREATOR AND THE GRAMMYS Fall is my favourite song from this album Lucky You is great Good reason for dissing MGK, though you should have made a deluxe when you released Kill shot as a separate single Em. Great album Em 👍 PS I didn’t think Revival was that bad tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mustan@23 - WTF

Tell 'me how you feel Em!

Dameo666 - Shady's back!


yzgzp - God

The rap god has returned with the best album I’ve ever heard

Thurrock Obama - A tour de force

He's back and he's blown every other rapper out the water. It doesn't get much better than this...

Dave0199 - 🔥Fire album idc what anyone else says

He’s back to his old self with no soft beats n dropping body’s when he speaks🔥 to the people who say it’s just a money grab, just have a think before you type -( it’s his profession to to make music to make himself money, buy the album deffo worth it 💯👊🏼

Ninnyybean - Nice

Hearing Justin Vernon's voice on Fall immediately caught my attention, too good. Working my way through the rest of the album and like it a lot.

Tangus44 - Tangus

Wicked album🔥🔥🔥

Shan0211 - AMAZING😍😍😍

I love Eminem more than anything in the world and this album is the best. I love how he calls out every single rapper of this area and they do nothing 😊😊 EMINEM IS RAP GOD! 😍😍😍

bigblued9 - Not a surprise

Don’t like it

Ateena$ - Guess who’s back!

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 G.O.A.T!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

yeeeeeeeety - Beast mode

Em you are god

MoLesi - Great Album to Date

So many sour bums giving one star but they don’t know. Haters gone hate. Great album

SundayisScotchday - Awesome Album

This was a banger of work. From start to finish every track had me going at it! Slim shady is back boys and girls

NPG3121 - Perfect

So good. Thanks Em. This album is awesome. Show in Sydney was wicked also!

SE TSG - Who could call this bad?

This Album is amazing!!! I bet some people listened to 1 song and called it bad.

Jkhhjdkd - The goat and always will be

This is a good fresh air for rap

Jocelyn Holloway - Extra forgot to say kill them haters


Dr_Dr321 - Eminem’s still top dog

Another masterpiece, stuff the haters

EeeEeeEEEeeEeeEeeEe7463828 - E


D-Day80 - 🔥🔥🔥

Best Eminem album in years!!

DJmarkesti - Brilliant

Fall & Venom are essential Eminem tracks.

Twinluni - 🔥🔥💥 Em keeps Slappin’ them💥🔥🔥

Gosh! I almost feel sorry for them haters. DAMN they got slapped around! Loved it!slap...slap....slap....slap 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

rodger2489 - Kamikaze

The bomb love it

Stan10000000 - Well deserved bomb dropped!

Loving it 100%

lil pump 798 - kamikaze


Staceylacey666 - 🙌🏼

😍 That was my reaction to this album

Bliss Army - do not buy

boring and raps too much about the devil. do not buy

tdfgbgh - G O A T


135629:):););)&-):@;) - 5

5 ⭐️

sit son - DOP ALBUM

Amazing album

Lunar Pleasant - Dope

It’s a great album

BurnzyJunior - Album Of The Year


Sisjejficnridfjek - Just like the old stuff


auzzieboii - AMAZING


Tiffany-088 - 😀

Good song

Markray5150 - Rubbish!


Kazzaem - Kazzaem

Awesome ❤️

mcmartini - Almost back to the Classic Eminem

Unexpected drop. Great production. Great tracks with a few misses. The more I listen the more it keeps growing on me.

VIDVN - Kamikaze Best Em Album Since TES

Amazing. 💯

NaniZaza&Meekz❤️ - Amazing

Loved it great album ❤️

TrueWitch! - OMG, This is the best

I love revival and now I am loving Kamikaze💞🔥

David Skylark - Shady’s Back

This album is insane! Definitely worth listening to, KAMIKAZE is Em’s real Revival.

Puffin Girl - Brilliant

This is wicked BRILLIANT.

Furyrage03 - Shady back

Fall,The ringer,lucky you,not alike,kamikaze,venom are just the best songs ever

..tayyyyy...:) - 🤯

God 🙌🏻


Very Great album ! The beats are fantastic on ALL tracks and the lyrics are so well crafted and are delivered brilliantly in so many unique flows it’s mind blowing to listen too. And finally Eminem has a go at some of the new generation for what they are becoming “mumble rappers” and the difference between him and other rappers like him.

ABS89🧜🏽‍♀️ - Goat

It’s a fine time for Hip Hop yes it is!🐐🐐🐐🔥

King_Wilz - G.O.A.T

Love the Album

SlimShady18 - Epic

Love the album so much

Foxmulder2022 - Great comeback album

This is one of his best albums dissing tones of different things.

portiaferns - yes

rap god forever and always

Addzy383 - He’s Back!

One word! GOAT!

Michael Keating - Has been

Keeps bombing, in the wrong way.

Mansonmau5 - Love it!!

Great to see Em shaking things up in the hip hop scene!! Love the album, great to listen to.

Quinnydud - Slim Shady

Guess who's back?

talkshitgetvghfghh - Trash




Beeh7 - Guess who’s back 🔥

I’m such a Stan right now. Found myself smiling and bopping the whole time. Love it.

joosh😎✌️ - 🔥🖕🔥

Slim shady’s BACK !! 🖕🖕🖕

Lonestair - OW!!! He’s back

He his back to his best, love the attacking lyrics.

Cheese82me-sad - Banger!!

Haters gonna hate always..

Mandy__55 - Bars baby!!!!

Love it

Wass_Hannen - 🔥

Shady’s back. Tell a friend.

KatesKrazy - Eminem... Greatest artist of all time

Love love love this album 💜

schubxzr - Em is a king

This is why I listen to hip hop

Juastafan - KAMIKAZ3

And then he was back and the world started to turn again.

dilz5014 - Shady

Still Got it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bxrown LingLingx - Dahahahahahaha

Love this

Ceaser83 - Wicked

Awesome album M, better then the stuff that comes out these days all their songs sound the same 3 word songs that go for at least 4 minutes lol.

miz music - F$&king Legend! 🙌

This album is 🔥🔥🔥

sipie 125 - Great

Awsome well done keep em coming we miss you

Shitdickchickflick - This is awesome 🤙🏼

every song is better than the last great album

S .Shady - Kamikazi

Guess who's back. back again shady's back tell a friend.

amara0000 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

You wanted SHADY! YOU GOT IT!!!

StrangeVolume89 - THE R3AL SLIM IS BACK!

Now I hated the Revival album and to be fair he hasn’t dropped anything decent since relapse.. Until NOW!! This is reminiscent of old skool OG Eminem! Love this new material it’s got less features which is good and the only features on it are respectable ones! ( Royce & Joyner! ). Favourite track on this would have to be ‘Venom’, he goes straight beastin on it and that hook is em of old with a killer beat to back it up!


This album is absolutely insane. Good to have real rap back!

Karanmorata - Guess who’s back MF

Classic ! Still not to be messed with ..

Shady_Minati - Slim is back

Undoubtedly the best hip hop album of the year..🔥🔥

Dhillonss - Shady is back!

Best album of 2018 undoubtedly. No one can mess with Shady. He back at your throats🔥🔥

Ishan43 - Hollycrap!

Did not expect this at all! Outta nowhere! 🐐 Shady’s back!!

Da_Freak28 - Another Masterpiece🖤

This one’s for people who said em has lost the fire in him. Great album🔥

gopala94 - King of rap

Eminem the GOAT

Pranavkulkarni - Slim is back!!!

Kamikaze brings back the shady we wanted🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

&246gid - Rap needs a doctor now it gets in the face slim.

Good though

SAGAR SHEORAN - As alaways


T danny special - HOOOLLLLYYYYYYY S**T 🤯🤯🤯🤯


H@ng007 - Slim’s back!

Some tracks are lagging behind, still over all a great surprise. And slim’s back.

@PH1 - My Fav rapper still going

The album is killing us here in South Africa

Dr.Slim Mathers - Rap is back to what it was

Lyrical genius Eminem:Rapgod

cdhh2005 - Eminem

Saviour of rap

hoodreminiscer - it’s good


Thulie - No Choppy Flow✌️

I feel alive - thanks to the talented MC of all time #TheRapGod❤️

Dwin T - The thrown is yours

This guy is a musical genius... Respect!!!

van reeth - When the music stops

I love Eminem he is the best rapper for me

Steco SA - Back to 8 mile

Guess who’s back . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

JenaJnr - G.O.A.T

One of the greatest lyricists alive

WARTEN WEG - Warten Weg


#Blank - 🙌🔥


Simon 6ee - Shady...


Ron Pillay - Untouchable

Will and always be the best

Deathkodo - Dope

Just dope

FrancoispRSA54321 - Slim Shady is Back

Amazing album👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Steo$ - Bars! Beyond Bars!

Back on Top of Thangs 🐐 Thanks Em

Slim Sjeilley - Savior of hip hop

Incredible, another classic.

Sunshine & Beats - Great surprise release!

Fantastic album! Gets better with every listen 👌🏼

JwandeHOD - Lyrical utopia


mapholoba1@ - Best ever to do it

Please come to South Africa...

bubblenutts - Best one yet!

Damn Em is taking shots at everyone With great lyrics!

SeaKay_Kronos - Beautiful

Now that’s how you make a statement!👌🏽🙊

siphiwetom - 👎

Go back to retirement

Bemboli17 - THE KING

This is redemption. The man killed it. 💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

MAGC85 - Love from South Africa

Hail the Rap God

Athhfjibgt - Amazing

Great album!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ⓜ️tinyoree - Evil Twin 💀

Man this is Em’s best work since MMLP2, nothing compares to this album though past the Eminem Show

Pfani.. - Kamikaze

This Album is great ,Thanks Eminem for this good music

NiteOfFortXV - Wow

Lyrical genius, Eminem will and always be the best rapper. Don’t step to him.

zé colmeia 2 - 🖕🏻

O único problema é que esse álbum acaba

Isabely Montenegro - Muito bom!

Um dos melhores álbuns desse ano.

KingFox88 - Excelente

Álbum fantástico. Eminem está de volta.

Mano Fio - Lenda

Poderia ser melhor!

Rabellodaviis - GOAT

Slim shady is back 🔥 this album is a real masterpiece

GustavoSpohr - Nice nice nice!

Um Deus

B-Line $ - GOST

Best rapper alive

Raffa Salomao - THE BEST EVER!

O melhor de todas as gerações! Jamais desrespeite a lenda!!!

mlkperalta - Anti-Estabilishment

Always going against the stream, respect!

Anna Paradis - Love it

Great music

🦊nomu - 🔥🔥🔥

Eminem, devido à má recepção do seu último álbum, perde a paciência e chuta o balde citando nomes de rappers da indústria nesse álbum que, se terminar a carreira dele, vai levar todo mundo junto. (Drake, mumble rappers...)

HenriqueJeez - Sensacional

Melhor álbum do Em nos últimos anos!

Samuel Nery - slim shady ataca novamente


MeetLC - Eminem


Alexandre Brasil - The best álbum off 2018!

Fode essa porra @eminem..

danii2k4 - Puta álbum

Puta Álbum

Hwysjs - 🐐

Todos esses que deram 1 estrela são crianças que tiveram seus "artistas" favoritos humilhados nesse albúm 😂😂

Kyratt - Melhorias

Achei esse álbum maneiro. Pelo menos tá bem melhor do que Revival.

Fabricio The G.O.A.T - EMINEM 🐐


Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



Here’s a song for you… Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) by Eminem


Absolutely no bad song on Kamikaze

About Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) [Eminem] MP3

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