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lolitsnina - Timeless and scintillating

This album so thoroughly and scarily encapsulates the aspects of heartbreak, loss, an re-discovery. Time and time again, I find myself falling back in love with this album because time and time again, something in life at that moment parallels with the songs. Mixed with an upbeat sort of sadness, Malibu Nights will hit you right in the atrium and make your heart skip a beat in shock, because the lyrics will no doubt strike a chord. You can tell LANY carefully crafted this album to tell you the story we all are familiar with in one way or another: heartbreak. When you finish listening to this album in its entirety, you will realize that you, too, will come out of this alive and renewed. Love love love.

YoMama JR - Helped me in rough times

Malibu Nights, Thick and Thin and Thru these tears are the best songs in the Album and in the top 5 overall for LANY!

Chrissy110x - LOVE LANY

I fell in love with LANY when I first heard the song “Good Girls” on the Snapchat filter in 2016-2017. Took me months to find who the band was. Once I did I was hooked! Malibu nights album is absolutely beautiful and been playing all the songs on repeat! To Paul: God intended for you to have that relationship and breakup with Dua so you could write this album and become a bigger and better band than before. All is meant to be and I honestly wish you and LANY the most successful career, happiness, love, marriage, families and a long healthy and happy lives. God bless and good luck with all you do!

ilysb_rose - Best album! Best songs!

I love lany so muchhhh wish i could attend their concert one of these days😍😍😍 just purchased the malibu album, first time ever😍 Love you Paul❤️ (^ ^)

NLAOL - Just discovered this band and I am in love!

Yes I am 40+ and a grandma of 5 and I came across this album by mistake and was hooked instantly. I have severe arthritis thru out my body and hurt a lot and don’t sleep good at night and when I am hurting bad I put on my headphones play this album and instantly start relaxing. His voice is so soothing and his words are magical. I have been thru ups and down thru my life so I can relate to all these songs. I am now a Lany fan for life!

madyson4 - Malibu nights

LANY is amazing as always!! This album keeps me in my feels. LANY 4EVER

PJordanF - Soooo Goood!!

If you’re a fan of the 1975, and are looking for a similar sound.. LANY is a perfect equal! Seriously love this group 💕

hellokitty453 - Heaven

Love it!

SHAY👑👑 - Wow

Good job dua lipa, you broke his heart and made a bop out it

yodie yodie - i love LANY and their music is so good

i have always appreciated LANY’s music. they have never disappointed. this album is so good. i recommend it

dudeitsleny - I love them so much

i connect with their music so well

lil vvvv - MY HEART!

idc idc idc i love this album sm i swear LANY never fails to impress. ahhh it’s like they wrote this album for me.

BigTimeRushLuvr - Amazing and heartwrenching

Paul really showed us what’s going on inside his head in this one. The pain, the heartache, the sadness is all there and so real. And the sound of the album is just AMAZING. I love them and I love this

Rcoughlin3 - Cohesive album

in love with the story telling and sonically its great as well ❤️🎵

Onmyoji - Smooth

Smooth and cool, one track slides you into the next so nicely. Kudos


You guys can’t make a bad song. Malibu nights is amazing

noahmarcuswhite - Wow

Not the biggest fan of run but every other song is straight fire

#bestsongevaxoxo - pk 🦋

amazing as always. i love the depressed sad af vibes. run & malibu nights are the best songs on the album don't @ me

Awsaim - They need new material

I love LANY but this album is so dry... every single one of the songs on this album (and last album) are about a girl. I can only listen to so many songs about breaking up! Give us some more bops like Made in Hollywood! This album isn’t terrible, but it’s not something I’ll be listening to every day.

Heyitsjen - Heartbreak is hard

I agree that throwing yourself into a creative space can cure almost anything - in this case Paul’s broken heart, although I do wish he would’ve spent a little more time on this album. It feels a bit...stale. The last album was sooo great (and even better live), but this just feels rushed and repetitive. I’m finding it difficult to listen to the songs straight through. Although, maybe I’m just not in the head space to be listening to heartbreak songs. This band has great potential.

mtchq - 🌙


MichaelaCx - We Stan!!!!!

brb going to cry myself to sleep every night w all the BOPS on this album!!!!

Afoxyskichick - Love this band

Bad break ups, not problem for this band! Another great sound.

ChefRemy - LANY do your thang!

EMOTIONAL. Heartfelt. Lyrical. Authenticity.

Rye De La Rosa - SLAYING

Defiently has the malibu beats, and it's a step up from the preiovus albums! Great work! It's the best!

EmilyJoyBieber - Malibu Nights is it

LANY has been making incredible music for over 3 years now and I have to say that this album solidifies their extreme talent, beautifully written and relatable lyrics, as well as a fresh take on such a creative genre. Been a fan since day one and it’s so so exciting to see where they are headed. TAKE A LISTEN

chelsea_d_lewis - Disappointed

I absolutely loved their first album. I’m talking obsessively. Good girls and ILYSB were some of the catchiest songs. I woke up excited to hear Malibu nights. However, most of the songs are mellow and drawn out. It’s tough to differentiate between the songs as they all sound so similar. An upbeat track or two could have saved this but Thru these tears is the closest they got.

mely_001 - Lany is back!!!

you guys always make sure your music is the best and so catchy I haven’t stopped listening to it! Thank u 💛💛

preeyay - .

love LANY's music but wish the whole album wasn't just about his heartbreak with a girl

mediocricy - Sophomore slump

As much as I love LANY’s music and aesthetic, I’m afraid this album is their sophomore slump. They overachieved with their 16-track debut album, and now this one feels like an afterthought.

Foodqueen💁 - Thank you for the amazing music!

I’m so in love with almost every song ever made by Lany. So this album doesn’t disappoint. Of course, my favorite is Malibu Nights 💖. (Although I’m not sure why it’s cut with about half a minute of silence at the end, that’s a bit irritating). Nonetheless such amazing music!

br.oo.ke.f - It’s beautiful! 💗

I love this new album! LANY has delivered another great collection of songs. I can’t stop listening to “Malibu Nights” (all the feels)!

carmenxtransformer - Genius

This band is awesome i love the lyrics and everything is just perfect 🌙 Malibu Nights ❤️

if you see her - Thank you Dua for all this bops.

Amazing work from this guys once again. Thank you Dua for all this bops.

Jay_Jay💕 - Every song is a hit

Lany never seems to fail. Every song is a catchy

ew.ok.alright. - Best band EVER

Love every song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I like where this is going - Happy Birthday to me

Dear Paul, Jake, and Les, Thank you for the birthday present. Yours always, Lindsey

hayden casey - emotionally resonant

LANY’s new music is striking me far harder than their old music, much as I liked it—the instruments complement the lyrics and the vocal delivery perfectly. can’t wait for the full album.

Stop hating on people - I love Lany

I love this band. You can relate and it’s just sounds so good. Thru thick and thin is one of my favorites along with the other two but i love all there music. ♥️


Excited for what’s to come! can’t wait XD

KitKatKiller7 - Best Lany Album yet.

These boys put in the WORK. Three singles are so good, which is a good primer for the rest of the album. Support these guys and do youself a favor with this purchase. Best album of 2018.

Wanheda100 - Yes yes yes!

Love their sound and the lyrics are so catchy

Awra59 - B

Dua and Paul dated for 5 months, he sounds like a dam stalker.

Haiimapanda - Stay tuned Malibu nights coming soon 🌙

Stay tuned Malibu nights coming soon 🌙 Can’t wait until this album is released I’m soo excited!

Cubs100000 - kings

we love talent


So exited for this album LANY never disappoints.

haileypry - love this band

album isn’t out yet so i haven’t heard it but i already know it’s gonna b fire !!

JakeWal97 - What happened LANY?

All of the new singles sound generic and more like album fillers rather then a single. Making me not interested in buying this album. Thru these tears, gives off an exciting new twist. I don’t want to love you any more, is repetitive and sounds like their generic album fillers. Thick and thin only consists of a cheesy instrumental with repetitive lyrics. Clearly can tell they peaked at their first album, and have lost all creative direction as a band. Save your money and don’t buy this album!!!

ndjdkskbsbdbf - Jonah f

Best songs are Valentine’s Day and thick and thin

cathpoo - YES


robbiedownmusic - Thanks LANY

so sad but so good, only getting better

Eliie Review - Just can’t stop listening

This album is beautiful, so emotional. Ive only recently been introduced to LANY and I can’t stop listening to it x

ChristyCloake - 👌🏼

Every song is perfect

Maxybhoy1888 - Great

Really enjoyed listening to this. I enjoyed the experimentation and all that. It’s just a nice album 👍

Critical111223121213447689621 - OML PAUL YOU QUEEN

Paul really did that, like wow I’m an emotional mess. This is so beautiful like ugh my heart🤧❤️

Jasminemai1975 - Amazing

Never have they produced a bad song. So proud of them. I know this will be on repeat for a very long time

Noz786 - 👌👌👌

Not much else to say




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