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Download The Piano Guys - Rewrite the Stars MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Rewrite the Stars music file uploaded on February 12th, 2018.

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Madion Eliz Will. - 🥰Breath Taking🥰

The piano guys have been a huge inspiration for me and my family. I have been to many many of their concerts and they are truly beautiful. I really hope they keep up the hard work. This new album is flawless. 100% recommend this🥰

StarryAl - Thank you!!!

I’m a huge fan of The Piano Guys, and they have done it again!! I simply love this! Thank you!!

bts_piccsss - excuse you

uh how you gonna cal epiphany ur own song

doonielynne - Big Disappointment 😩

Too bad

Boatmaster7474 - Amazing music

This album is the BEST.

alice091315 - The best

Been listening nonstop.

Mareallyawesome - They’ve done it again!

The Piano Guys have made me actually enjoy listening to classical music! I love this new album! ❤️

slightmr - Great music...again!!!

The Piano Guys are the best!! Their music is always fun, exciting, inspiring and awesome!!! Continued success!!!!

Arianna Merritt - 🥰🥰🥰

Love this it’s so beautiful🎹🎻🎶💗

jegbert - Love this album!

LIMITLESS is one of their best albums! Miracles is so uplifting and the variety of tracks on this album is incredible! The Piano Guys have wonderful music across all their albums. I can listen to these again and again and never tire of these songs. Their music is so uplifiting and powerful. Keep them coming!

Tim1566 - Another Beautiful CD

I absolutely love the music by The Piano Guys and was so excited to hear their news songs. For anyone who is familiar with Jon Schmidt’s earlier music, the tracks “First Dance” and “North Cape” are beautiful updated versions with the cello. I also really like the Greatest Showman tracks and the new BTS tracks “Epiphany” and “DNA”.

B1A4_lover - Thank You for adding BTS!!

Your versions of DNA and Epiphany are amazing! The whole album sounds awesome... I just really had to thank you for adding BTS.

sbsam - When's the next concert!

I have loved these guys from the beginning. Sometimes is just so much more magical listening to the musical version of the song with out any voice. Love love love!!!

Mrs. Healer - Always so beautiful

I could listen to them all day and it’ll just make my day calm and smooth. Thank you.

The Other Elf - Mostly Good

I like most of the songs in this album. TPG outdid themselves with "Rewrite the Stars", "In My Blood/Swan Lake", "Hungarian Rapsady/Something Just Like This", "Limitless", and "Walking the Wire/Largo". I like their "A Million Dreams" a lot, but I think it would have been better with cello and percussion added in. The reason I took a star off this album is DNA. I didn't even listen to it all the way through. It was terrible. I hate rap, and anything remotly close to it. I listen to the piano guys for classical crossover, and DNA certainly doesn't fall into that category. Have I already said it was terrible? The reason I only took one star off is because there are stilll 12 songs in the album I like, and buying the whole album and deleting DNA is still cheaper than buying only the songs I like. On a non-TPG note, I purchased Rewrite the Stars as a single before limitless was released, and used complete my album to purchase limitless. Now the only way for Rewrite the Stars to appear in the same album is to manually change the metadata in iTunes. Please fix this apple so that you can download the album version if you have other songs form the same album.

TyMSeymour - Beautiful Songs!

Great skill & heart-moving songs continued.

Sae Meung - Unbelievable

I cannot even fathom. my two worlds have collided. Epiphany is one of my favorites.

J.Keith.H - Great!

Always very excited for new music from these talented artists!

Boots and Ballet shoes - AMAZING

Amazing as always!!! This album will probably be playing several times a day😆

cam145635798647322 - Exceptional

An amazing blend of contemporary music mixed with a classical flair contributing to an overall mind blowing sound. It’s just like feeding your ears the equivalent of Christmas dinner. Magnificent!

I_Own_A_Platypus - Beautiful

As always, The Piano Guys have taken my breath away with another spectacular album. Their music is always so beautiful and breathtaking.

Elohir - Good but not outstanding

Piano Guys are amazing and have been top of my playlists each album amazingly good. Limitless however is good but nothing jumps out as outstanding with this album like other albums before have. Enjoy it but don’t get disappointed if it is not top of your playlist.

DDa31 - Dissapointed

Have bought all other releases but for some reason this one hasn’t clicked with me. Song selection is not my cup of tea it would appear.

hefilump - Not up to the usual standard

I have been listening to these guys since they first appeared on YouTube and unfortunately this album is not as good as some of their earlier work. This is just a little to commercialised and most of the tracks sound a little “samey”. Perhaps they have got a little too successful. I was really looking forward to another album but found this rather disappointing. Can we please go back to some of the more original styles you produced earlier on YouTube?


All I want is to fly with you All I want is to fall with you So just give me all of you It feels impossible (it's…


@ladyelocin: 🐥: "hyung, you said we'll rewrite the stars." 🐱: "i did." 🐥: "you said we'll realign planets." 🐱: "i did." 🐥: "you said i'm…


fun fact the first song i learned how to play on the trombone was rewrite the stars from the greatest showman




@magictyun @TXT_members then lets rewrite the stars 😿💔

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