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Download Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) music file uploaded on January 1st, 2014.

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la bubbly gum - YES

Rip Freddie Mercury!! I always grew up with ur music and queen is amazing. And that’s on period.

diamondofdestiny - I love this band

Awsome songs I can listen too all day.

gggggggggggggggddddddddddddddd - Another one bites the dust is amazing

You guys should love queen

jdhdbdusns - I LUV IT

Queen is my fav band and I just love that Apple Music has it all. It’s hard to find full albums anywhere else, for me at least but luckily Apple Music got it all. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸rock on yall

vister72 - Lol

We will rock you is a classic

let your Mem shine - I love you Freddie Mercury

I love Queen I love Beatles

Aden Goodman - Bohemian Rhapsody rocks!

Queen is amazing and I love the songs. My favorite one is Bohemian Rhapsody though the album 💿 rocks!

Scottie Pippen's PP - Greatest Band Of All Time

They are absolutely amazing ans i will never stop listening to all of their music!

hfdxfun chhjbgj - Cool

It is cool

Geeksauce777 - The Goat of all 70’s Music

If any of you hate this I hope drop dead 💀 and I shall tap dance 💃🏼 on your grave. It is just the greatest. Queen is the greatest. They are The Princes 👑 of The Universe. I Want It All. They Will Rock Us. Oh greatest of the greats, The eternal majesty of musics creation.

🦄Unigirl🦄 - A masterpiece

Nothing better than Freddie Mercury's beautiful voice singing his bisexual heart out.

broken heated ❤️‍🩹 - Killer queen is like my theme song

Killer monarch tho lol bruh but like how can u hate they are like iconic 🌈🌈😌😌

Johannes Verne - AMAZING SONGS


ct Hackbarth - Best song

I love this song!!!!!

iThrowItBack - ITunes Rippoff...

$21 to buy the whole album one song at a time, $25 to buy the album.

Tr1f0rceChamp10n - I love this😍🥰

This is such good music. I always listen to it, that is why it gets 5 stars. If there was 30 stars I would rate it 30 stars ⭐️ 🤩.🎹🎼 REST IN PEACE: FREDDIE MERCURY 😢😭 We all miss you. ❤️❤️❤️ 🛐

leo paul story - So fricking annoying

We will rock you is Retarded and annoying

Eric in Manchester - We will rock Jones/Stockton Biden trophy champions

The Stockton panthers are the Joe Biden trophy champions thank you to the Weare New Hampshire Predators after Brandon Zogopoulis gave Stockton the opportunity to celebrate the Joe Biden trophy when he charged over the Jones street blue line and ripped a steaming freight train by mark bellemare to officially end the night and end the race on the Jones street cheaters and allow Stockton to celebrate the trophy with the girls in Falmouth Maine when they lost the trophy on a technical error that the cheaters committed and robbed the girls of what was rightfully their trophy

kck jvjfjdkxkcjvjfjdkcjvjfj - I love the old Queen

The (Older) Queen is the best 70’s-80’s rock music ever made in rock history! Broken so many records within the rock music industry! Queen has been my favorite band for a long time now. I wasn’t born in the 70’s, or 80’s. Shoot, wasn’t even born in the 90’s! I’m a 2001 baby. Me knowing Queen and Freddie Mercury’s history within Queen and himself says a lot! I am a HUGE fan of older music from the 20’s-90’s! Any type of music from those years. This is worth the money for the true source of rock between 70’s-80’s. Thank you for reading and hopefully you experience the same joy I have experienced with Queen. Have a wonderful day!

VMScofield - Good Decision!

I don't usually pay attention to band/performer names even when I love a song (too busy paying attention to the music), so I didn't realize how many Queen songs I loved till I looked at this on a whim.

Jslaugh966 - Queen

One of the best to ever do it !

very tired gymnast - Queen...what a fitting band name

This band is AMAZING if you don’t either love their music or at least appreciate their talent then we cannot be friends. Queen is the QUEEEEN PERIODT!

sean mock - if you hate queen you will explode while you’re sleeping

Queen is the one ofmy favorite bands on earth . R. I. P Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, we’ll remember you in our hearts

jejejejjem - Y

SjssjwmsiwjsjwjnswindomgoodsongiwjeineijwndmILOVEITensownsoneoejdoendinsjYUPYUP]££] siwkolllok82]>2]£]>2]]22222]>¥]>¥]382929>~]]2€££¥£€£§£~§§§§§{38{2>¥8>2>9¥>2

tvexcymyecynybecrmy - F


calvin/2009 - Queen is awesome

How did they come up with this stuff. They are crazy amazing, if you watch the movie you will go crazy🤪

M!KE!! - OMG!! 🎤🎸🎹

One of the most popular classic rock bands in the world!! I’m a huge fan! I’d wanna be friends with Freddie Mercury if he was stillAlive!

PaPI ToMMy bOy - Another one bites the dust!!!😎😎😎

Steve walks warily down the street with the brim pulled way down low. Ain’t no sound but the sound it the sound of his feet. Machine guns ready to go. Are you ready? Are for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the bullets rip, to the sound of the beat. Another one bites the dust. Another one bites the dust. And another one gone and another one gone. Another one bites the dust. Hey I’m gonna get you too, another one bites my dust. First verse to Another One Bites The Dust!!

SURFNHI - Terrible insult to his Memory

Not queen

#lovethisskng - Bohemian Rhapsody

I love this song and I can play it free of adds and I love it!!!😎


I was busy raising my kids back in the 70’s....then working in the 80’s, 90’s etc....to have a happy family. I recently lost my husband (high school sweetheart) of 60 years married....and am very lonely without him! I have always loved music, and after watching the movie Bohemian Rhapsody decided to look up past music, and found QUEEN!! First it was the movie, I fell in love with! AND QUEEN’S music blew me away!! I fell in love with all of it, then went to uTube and have not yet seen everything about Freddie, et al.....there is so much, I will see it till the end! Their story is amazing....and the music is all so varied and original.....! I always wondered where the one at basketball games came from, We Will Rock You....I finally found out! My kids listened to QUEEN in high school in the ‘70’s but never mentioned it to me, course I was too busy trying to be a good Mom anyway and probably back then would not have wanted them to like QUEEN! But here I am today at the ripe OLD age of 81....loving it ALL! So sorry to have lost Freddie, today he would still be alive with how far the treatment for AIDS has come! I do wish he had married Mary and had a child though! But it wasn’t meant to be! I think his Dad, Mom, and God forgives Freddie for his wayward ways, but he sure did leave his mark on his many fan’s lives! Mine especially! Thank you Freddie!!

abenojar - GOD SONG


Arianna👑👸🏼 - BEST BAND! ✨✨

this is my absolute favorite band and even though i know all the songs they never get old! freddie mercury’s voice is so unique and he’s so talented. 10/10 would recommend!

jared_is_awesome - Greatest Group Ever

Amazing :)

Thick as Thieves - Incomplete

Where is the earlier work that positioned them as an outstanding rock band. No Liar, Keep yourself alive, White Queen, Brighton Rock, etc. But you do have “Flash” one of their low points. Don’t get it.

ĺısɑ - IMO

The greatest rock song of all time

🇬🇷💕 - Love queen!

Queen is incredible!! Love him!!

Sparklez🐺 - b0oTiFaL voice :00

I hate rock unless it’s Queen specifically this album We Will Rock You is so flippin’ annoying I’m gonna-

layup9999 - Wow wow

Queen was/is the best band ever. Their music is just so different from everybody else’s. RIP Freddie Mercury you were a legend

paul andy laubner - Over powered by Andrew

Dude AWSOME JUST AWSOME best band cool base guitars it’s amazing I don’t wast my time listening to this song 🎸🎼🥁🎹

cici hampton - Good songs they have

Great songs keep them up there and keep singing

THAT ONE GUY👀👀 - One of a kind

If you don’t like this music you have a problem. Freddy Mercury’s voice stole the show, he is a legend and always will be. I understand the story of him and how he performed in Live Aid with AIDS. The movie and music makes me want to get up and dance to the songs and beat. Thank you queen for what you have brought us. We would have never been like this without you...

Emily 72020 - ❤️❤️❤️


cheaterfive - Greatest band ever!

Greatest band, greatest lead singer, greatest music. The end.

#2626/domino - I WANT TO BREAK FREE!!!

I love all their songs especially I want to break free. The first time I ever heard that song was on a commercial. I am mediately knew it was by Queen and I loved the song! Bye!!!

catty the patty - Love

I can sing like a opera singer and I love that these songs are amazing I LOVE THESE SONGS SO MUCH.

Edis0n_ - Youth, happiness, memories...

I miss "Love of my life" from this collection. And some more songs... Oh, boy, they were GREAT! People used to listem to real music those times.

dont look down - Queen is Awesome

I love this song and I am happy with my purchase from iTunes Store.

:$:7384$$;$,!'xnxndne - Queen

Queen is the best ever rip Freddie 🙏🪦

uytrtt - Yasss Queen

I love ur songs please don’t stop now!! ❤️❤️

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About Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) [Queen] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Queen, album Greatest Hits I, II & III: The Platinum Collection, song Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version), released date 01 January 2014. Listening and fast downloading online to Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) - Queen mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) by Queen mp3 download listen Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) direct download Fat Bottomed Girls (Single Version) mp3 #fat-bottomed-girls-single-version

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