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Dust-23 - A real pop star

I’ve been following Sigrid since 2017 and have really enjoyed the singles and EPs she’s released. I just really enjoy how basic, simple and natural of a person she is. She’s just relatable. She’s not this Barbie or super model wannabe and most importantly she doesn’t hav some crazy characteristic like Lady Gaga or Kesha. She’s just normal human. A normal human with killer vocals, beats and lyrics. I love her cover of the 1975s song “Sex”. She’s super talented and her debut full length album did not disappoint. I really do look forward to her career.

🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙈🙈 - Flawless!!

This is a breath of fresh air. She is like a catchy Julia michaels!

😘😚😝🤨🦛🐪🦏 - So good

I like how dynamite is .99 tho hhahaha

Ohhh Nahhh Nahhhh - Great 👍

Love your voice and music 💫💫💫💫💫💫

Plasticanimalz - Great!

Saw Sigrid perform in Brooklyn and been waiting for the rest of the album to drop. Was pretty excited to find it on the Delta playlist on a flight to Mexico and had to download the rest and give it a proper listen when back on land. At the Brooklyn show it was pretty cool to see how dedicated her fans are, as everybody seemed to know all the words and sing along. She is a catchy obsession and nice to know I’m not the only one that’s got the bug.

Sherubi02 - HOLY CRAP!!!!! 😍😍😍

This album is AMAZING!!!!! My favorite song is Sucker Punch! It's so catchy and everything that Sigrid sings is flawless! I LOVE HER MUSIC! ❤️❤️❤️

AppCompatian - Awesome

Very unique style of music

Brehndinn - Great album !

Very good debut !!

Chillin Boy.. - THIS IS GONNA BE A BLAST!! 💣💣🔥🔥


asdruval - Lovely

I love the songs!😘☺️😻

carlitos33 - Finally

I've been waiting awhile for this Album. I'm excited for what the future holds for Sigrid. I do wish some of my favorites were on the Album, but we can always get it when we get the Greatest Hits CD in 10 years:).

gaga_amazing - Amazing

I love this album so much

Thewiffle - Truly incredible

Sigrid is one of a kind!!

ChrisSimmsSucks - Sigrid is Amazing!

Her songs are all catchy, and her voice is so unique. She needs some ray bands because this young woman’s future is Bright!

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man) - WOW

I’m really impressed with her music, I definitely need to download these songs, and add them to my playlist! 👏👏

csycsto - Bop Queen

Every teaser single for this album was incredible, so I was worried that all the best material was released before the full album came out. I’m so glad I was wrong. Every track is catchy and well-produced, the writing is current and smart, and Sigrid always delivers vocally. I want to give six stars, but I guess five will do. :)

WAS1257492 - One of my favorite

This album is one of my favorite albums ever ❤️😍😍😍💕❤️😍💕😭

yourtoenail - I need more this is sooo good!

I love Sigrid! Amazing lyrics and amazing vocals! I love this album!

Seattle lover3,947 - Art and the artist

I found out about Sigrid when she released don’t Kill My Vive-Ep. I remember thinking these are some of the best songs I’ve heard in my life. To be able to watch her grow and release more music and eventually release her own album is so amazing. Sigrid signs just as well as she writes, she’s one of the best artists of today’s generation and this album proves it. With a mix of soft guitar n’ piano then a dash of roaring electronic flare and tired together by a raspy voice Sigrid has really blown it out of the park with Sucker Punch

ReviewKii's - Album Of The Year

That’s it.

TwisterClatterClash - Confused

As good as this album is, it’s a confusing why most of the songs she performed in a 2017 concert which were such big bops (better than some of the tracks on this album) are not on this debut. Seems like a missed opportunity. This album is definitely great, but it could’ve been 10x greater with those additions.

EhmCu - Amazinggg

I have loved every song she has put out and her new album is no exception. This album will be on repeat for a while.

IronHorse22 - In Vain

Powerful!! I felt that emotion

kenyastefanie - Fresh

Sigrid is so original and this album shows it; it is infectious. It’s the album that you hit repeat to a dozen times. The songs touch on all kinds of emotions, yet they’re done in a way that make you feel incredibly energized as soon as you hear her voice.

Stuartg32 - Joyful

This young woman sings with so much joy and it comes through on every song. As great as this debut album is her live show is what I am waiting to see. She is pure energy on stage!

Bri-Guy-Rhi - Love!!

I’ve been listening to Sigrid for years and am so stoked about this album! I love her mix of beats and her voice is insanely beautiful. Can’t wait to see you live one day Sigrid!

JohnKHuszagh - The New Supreme Rises

Sigrid tops expectations which were already extremely high. Apple does not have enough stars available for the true rating this album deserves. Absolutely love it!

_will17 - Absolutely Amazing

I’ve listened to her for about a year and I never get tired of it! This album is amazing!

hollyn&taylorswift - She’s done it again

SO GOOD! A really good debut

Natalia.99 - Omg

It’s 1am and I’m crying she is really something different. So many emotions love her highly recommend🖤🖤❤️🖤❤️

Tv_49 - I LOVE

This is real pop music, I love it so much!!! Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carlosadriangf - Amazing

She’s incredibly talented 👌🏻🙌🏼

rachheell_332 - Amazing

I love her unique personality!!

Isicki - Great Album!!

These new songs (Don’t Feel Like Crying and Sight of You) have been my favorites and if the whole album sounds like this, it will definitely be a great album, but Sigrid is a good singer anyway!!

Jack fish 1 - Debut, Finally!!

I’ve been waiting for an album! I’ve loved her first two EP’s! I can’t wait to hear the album in full!

xandreamr - So excited

I can’t wait to hear the full album 😍

Elise Crismon - Sigrid

I love sucker punch ❤️ I first heard Don’t Kill My Vibe on the radio over a year ago and I wasn’t familiar with who was singing it. I looked her up and her voice is amazing! 5 stars!

Nevaeh Stanley - Masterpiece

Favorite songs and so glad the album is comingggggg!

PikachuFan10 - MEH

She could’ve released it earlier and the song sound the same

fifa_dude24 - ART

Can’t wait for this album! Ik it’s gonna be great

Just Another Canadian - Getting brighter

Sky is the limit with you, and your flame is getting brighter.

itsSTEPHiiEE - Wow

So good!

sa-sot1 - Totally nice job.

She’s new with her new way to make you enjoy song in a different way and much more better.

moonbasealpha - Simply awesome

This is the best pop album I've heard so far in 2019 - driving anthems, well written. Highly recommend it.

Star turtle - Look out!!

Get ready North America. This album is about to push its way to the top. Such a great young artist. Truly inspiring

Randomricky - Speechless


jarek299 - LOVE YOU 😍

I hope you enjoy Christmas 🎄 on 16 November 2019

BieberNull - LOVE HER

Sigrid needs more recognition! Her music is outstanding😍

BombingBun4 - WOW. JUST WOW. BUY. LIKE. NOW.

I found Sigrid through High Five about a year ago. Her music just had a click to it and it was the song you’d love to dance to all day. You feel the emotions. You feel the highs. You feel the lows. The album represents Sigrid’s mood which is brilliant. Wow. Want to see her sometime on tour.

DontCallMeNagisa-Chan - Great album

Once again, sigrid has not let us down, this new album is all we hear in our house now, favourites are don’t feel like crying and mine right now, the way these songs make you feel is just something extraordinary.

HoppyLiam:) - Really, really good

The long awaited album has arrived with a big bang. A perfect array of versatile talent and catchy hooks. The perfect accumulation and display of Sigrid’s vast and undeniable talent. A good step forward for our star and pop/alternative music itself. Can’t wait see where she takes us next!

32 reds - Brilliant album

iTunes you have done it again you are a complete rip off download album and I’m one song short says it’s all ready purchased but it’s not come on iTunes sought this out

WEVERS02 - Such a Feel Good Album 🙌🔥

Favourites are Mine Right Now and Sight Of You. Great debut

Haggis-Highlander - Sigrid SuperStar

A super collection of Sigrid songs, really enjoyable to listen to with headphones or out loud on good speakers. I just wish that some of her other well known songs could have been added too. High Five, Plot Twist, Raw, Fake Friends and Schedules are all worthy of being added, maybe Sigi will release an extended version of the LP but I love the LP all the same. Sight of You is FAB!!!

Davenobby - Brilliant young talent

Fantasic voice and a range some artists can only wish for. Dynamite even sounds like a younger Adele! Look forward to lots more songs.

Tamothy - A really mature, varied set of great pop songs

Sigrid is such a talent. This album showcases that. It is such a promising debut and I’ve only given it four stars because I think she’ll keep growing as an artist (the way Madonna did). Lots of future hits on this album. She’s got a hell of a voice but her lyrics are also meaningful. She’s a tremendous role model for all young women - it’s not about wearing lots of make-up and being fake, it’s about being yourself and harnessing your unique strengths. Go Sigrid!

🥳😼 - Business dinner


Adored nffc - Superb

Brilliant just brilliant

Semii - Stunning debut

This album has been a long time coming & it doesn’t disappoint. Ever since I first heard Don’t Kill My Vibe, I knew Sigrid was one to watch, a stand out from all the current crop of generic pop. Then Strangers cemented her reputation as someone very gifted & fresh sounding. There’s not a bad song here, just relentlessly catchy well crafted pop gems.

moonie loonie - GO GO GO!!! It rocks

I love it

Dec12er - SophistiScandiPop

So, it’s probably (fair) to say most of Sigrid’s fans will be of a similar age to the first time I heard Robyn with Show Me Love (1997) but she’s another fine example of how the Scandi Massive are great at decent, memorable tunes. There are a couple of tracks on here that don’t quite grab me, hence the four stars, but for a debut album it’s not bad at all.

sarahrichards0410 - Sigrid !!

Well I am @briar_sigrid on Instagram. God I love this. In Vain is amazing too live !! I am so happy this album launched its amazing. I can’t believe how all us Sigrid fans have blown up the internet and charts with this bop. Love you Sigrid !!

uvx_ldr - FINALLY

I’ve been waiting so long for this album and it’s an absolute bop

Billybobhaha - Lives up to expectations...and more

Waited a long time for this album and most certainly not disappointed!

T meep 🦄 - AMAZING


Finbobble - Brilliant

An amazing debut album 😍

ElsBelsOfficial - Incredible album!!

I'm so proud to be a fan of Sigrid, she's one of my favourite artists at the moment and this album definitely doesn't disappoint, it's incredible 🙌🙌


This girl is so talented

MusicMaker89 - Unique sounding right now

Bold album - nice voice , great production , creative song melodies . Good job 👌

llew1996 - MASTERPIECE

all of the songs that Sigrid has released over the past few months (and as far back as Don’t Kill My Vibe) have been absolutely great, definitely in need of more recognition! wonderful work

AMAZING123457 - Fantastic


Norway boii - Pure amazin


frasermarty69 - Bjork Mk2 ?

Very Skandi, very Bjorki, very Aha-i, very good !

Melanie's biggest fan - Sigrid

Literally the most amazing singers there ever was and will be and so good live 💕

Adam_poophead_gayboy - Sigrid

Sigrid has come so far so quickly! Her music never disappoints. I saw her in Manchester in November, and her voice was amazing, and she even came back on stage playing the air guitar to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’😂 I can’t wait for her debut album!

Wilber world - PERIODT

As she should! Invented pop 💫💅🏾

Bazfutures - Sigrid

So much talent!!!!

iiswhoiis7 - Can’t wait for this !!


swellhead23 - Future Star

The most eagerly awaited debut album of the year in my opinion. Brilliant live voice.

dragonfruityy - Ooo


nffuhdyif - Sigrid

So good

rioali - Strange

It’s my favourite song

actualbrand - Absolute queen!

So excited for this Sigrid ❤️❤️

Wicked Wench Band - Refreshingly Original & Catchy Hooks

I came across Sigrid’s music about a month ago. It takes a lot to inspire me in today’s music. I remember when music used to have feeling. Everything I hear on the radio these days is shallow, empty and lacking depth. Sigrid’s songwriting brings everything back into music that has been lost over the last 20 years. Originality, great hooks and feeling. I have yet to hear any of Sigrid’s tracks on radio in Australia or played in any shopping centres. She’s definitely captured my Gen X attention. Excellent production, mixing and mastering. Wishing Sigrid a long lasting music career!

i am annoyed 213 - AMAZING 👏

this is an award-worthy masterpiece and if you don’t like it, go get your ears checked ur not ok :)

skskkskkss - can’t wait snsnejkeiekwkwkw

i can’t wait for this album to be released so far the songs are so good

RodrigoMofati - Rodrigo Mofati

A faixa “Strangers” já vale o álbum inteiro! Que cantora incrível e super talentosa! Merece muito reconhecimento! 💙

Nath9206 - Não vejo a hora

Vou ouvir esse álbum 24h 😍


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