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"Tell Me It's Over" is the second single from Canadian recording artist Avril Lavigne's upcoming fifth studio album "Head Above Water" (2019). The song is the fourth track on the album and was released on December 12, 2018. The song's lyrics deal with the protagonist demanding answers about the status of their strained relationship. Download Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Tell Me It's Over MP3 file uploaded on December 14th, 2018.

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Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over MP3 Comments & Reviews

CamilaFan231 - So Beautiful and Raw 💜

This album is so amazing to listen to, her growth as an artist is truly inspiring. Avril is someone I look up to in the music industry. This album deserves mire credit and please listen to it during this hard time in our lives!! 🦋

aclark7290 - Mr.

Everything that Av has put out has been great and this album is no acception. This is exactly what the world needs to hear, right now!!!

Realgirl🐯 - Wicked

I was a fool for thinking her song was ok because it mentioned God. This album is of the devil

Precordial Thump - OMG SHE’S ALRIGHT!!!🤩🥳💖😁

I definitely missed Avril and this album was definitely worth the wait. Especially Head Above Water. I loved how she really put the story of fighting through her Lyme disease into it. This made it truly AMAZIN! One thing that I did notice in head above water was the rythym of the song kind of sounded like Let’s Hurt Tonight. Which was actually cool cuz I love that song 2. On top of everything tho, I am very glad she survived and I am sure everyone else is too. Hopefully maybe even all y’all haters that have horrible taste in music.

taco panda kitty - Love this song

I love this song so much it has such a powerful meaning I hope she makes a lot more songs like this this song is amazing I love all her songs but this one had a amazing impact on me!:)❤️❤️

~*InGa*~ - Wow!

I absolutely love this album!

meangirl78 - Her very best

I think is probably one of her best albums. Love it so much

I love Justin bieber6 - My favorite artist!!

Best album ever

ShellyDollface - Best Album

This is raw and real. Best album thus far.

Ryi1988 - Wow

Wow this cd is one of her best yet. She has got rid of that punk rock teenage rebellion thing. Then she was starting to find herself. This cd shows it. This shows a much more mature artist that has worked hard and found themselves and with all the hard work. You a cd like this. Avril great on this one. Keep making music like this and you will be in it for the long run.

ella rose🌹 - Queen

Avril Levine is the best singer! Her music rules! From Complicated to Girlfriend to Hello Kitty to Head Above Water she is boss. Keep up the awesome!❤️

naynaysheep - Beautiful except for goddess and love me insane

I don’t know what went wrong goddess and love me insane. Other then those, this album is a masterpiece ❤️

SirCrocodileMr0 - At first I hated it but it grew on me

Like the title says. At first I hated it because she wasn’t the same sound like her previous albums. She wasn’t her anymore. But then I kept listening and decided it’s a good album. Sometimes an artist needs to stop the previous stuff and move on. Otherwise you turn into Taylor Swift. Bitter, angry, blaming everyone for your problems.

amazingstarfish - Amazing

This album is absolutely touching and amazing

toribrnn09 - Not bad.

There are some pretty good songs on this album, but it's not a masterpiece. The song with Nicki Minaj is trash

Melcotton - Never Disappoints

I’ve been listening to Avril Lavigne since I was five, and I’ve never ever been disappointed with her evolution as an artist. She knows how to mix it up while still keeping her sound true to herself. I will never stop listening to her music. Fantastic album.

Hannahfangirl26 - I love this album

I love this album more than myself

Vengeanceismine - Mellowed out too much

I really miss her more rockin' days. This is a bit too mellow for me and why I like Avril.

Matrook Elmalki - Best Avril Lavigne’s album ever 💋

Wow it’s amazing thank you Avril Lavigne 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

Sami esam - I love your album so much

The Best Is : 1 I fell In Love With The devil 2 head above water 3 birdie 4 it was in me 5 warrior

🐳narwhals forever🐳 - 💞

Makes me so happy to hear these songs 😄. Always listen to this angel voice sing dumb blonde or head above water😊keep it up!!

vellievel - Littty

Yassss Nicki

musicreviewer23 - NICKI MADE THIS FIRE


Aydreezy - Love it.

Avril’s best work in years!

papa18smurf - Why?

I’m all for some change but not drastic change. I miss the rocker she used to be.

Mobile strike player - Wow Avril

I am so impressed by this album. She shows depth, maturity with a little bit of fun. Head above water, Warrior, Goddess, love me insane can’t stop listening ❤️❤️❤️

MRed30 - Amazing Comeback!

This album is so amazing! Everyone slept on this masterpiece 😭

Dredwordloydcom - Amazing!

Just Amazing! I love and listen to every song in the album!

Chesca_C - A return from a dark place, burning ever brighter.

I have all of Avril’s albums, and I did see a distinct change from “Goodbye Lullaby” to “Avril Lavigne”. I cannot say it was a change for the better, but there was again a change between her self titled album and this one. Avril did go through a rough patch, but she is healing. She has become an even brighter beacon of hope for those who are struggling. Thank you, Avril, and welcome back.

woahvro - Great album...

I love this album for the most part though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. First half of the album is one Avril and the other half sounds like a completely different Avril. Otherwise the songs are mostly good though I did expect it to be a bit more than this.



Little monster 4 life! - Amazing!! So glad she’s back!!!

This album is literally so good!! I’m happy she was able to come despite suffering from Lyme disease! I freaking love her so much!!!

Sangron - NOT SURE IF SHE'S...

Still bitter and angry. Hopegully not. She looks like she matured physically. Hopefully that rebelious, bitter, angryness has gone away

Raychillar - Skeptical at first, but WOAH now

At first I was like “ehhhh I don’t know. I kinda like the rebelliousness that this album was missing (i thought)” but I listened to it on YouTube and was SO blown away I just had to buy it. Yeah it’s a little different sound from her, but it still doesn’t disappoint. The Avril vocals are there in force and the messages are so uplifting. It’s different yeah, but WOAH you gotta listen and get it.

Philmar - Waste of her voice

Disappointment is an understatement. Whole album sounds the same, monotone. Maybe someone else needs to write songs for her?

Jamie & Rue - QUEEN

She is back and better than ever. I absolutely love every song on the album; songs that speak from her heart of her struggles with Lymes disease- and also a fun song mixed in, “Dumb Blonde”. Pre-ordered this months ago, and ever since the day it was released I’ve been listening everyday. Been a fan since her debut in ‘02, and couldn’t be happier with this album. Love you Queen Avril!!

Spenceryyo - I’ll love Avril Lavigne forever

I’ve been a fan since day one and I’ve love all her albums except that one that has Girlfriend. Her new album is amazing though!

Kelseyyxoxo - Amazing

I love this album ♥️

Musicbufff - Love this !!!

Avril’s voice is becoming better and better as she matures. Her song writing is amazing. So happy she’s recovering and blessing us with her creativity.

ABA-ALT - Voice

Her voice is amazing. Hope you go back to your old roots for your next album

Infanta❤️ - LOVE IT!!!

All the songs are so beautiful and touching and her vocals are amazing😇

shelbyjohoch - Avril


Singchill - Good

Very versatile album.

Jamari Moore - Incredible

Love it I feel like I’m back in 2009 with my radio on with Avril Lavigne new album being played for the first time

酵屎 - 喜翻儿


Femmefan - Jaymi

This is powerful and AMAZING! What a gift. Thank God u r so strong and still here. Thank u.


This is the album Avril was born to make. It’s truly beyond a masterpiece and to think it was all inspired by her battle with Lyme disease makes it all the more moving.. we love you so very much Avril!! May this album get all of the success it deserves 🙏❤️

Moises S. - Beautiful 💕

Speechless. Avril fan to the end❤️album is simply amazing

Anjelly Ho Ho - Best Yet!!

Vocals on this album are so sweet! The best yet. Such depth and versatility. Love it!

macrod01 - Welcome Back!

Fantastic album with a ton of good songs. One to download and keep.

Fckck - This is a great album.

Love her ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋. Welcome back Avril. 2019🇨🇦2020

Curl at - Gonna be real

This is the best comeback ever!! LOVE YOU AVRIL!!!! ♥️💞😭

HilaryMae - Disappointing

There is no dignity in throwing other people under the bus, or exposing all of your private life just to make an album. Songs all sound the same. She hasn't evolved her singing style and it's like listening to a depressed smurffette. She had potential 10 years ago, but she can't get herself past the one, original note. Going the way of Alanis Morrisette with the woe-is-me songs is old; depressing, languishing break up oh my life is almost over break up songs are intolerable. Deal with your issues in private please; you're supposed to be an entertainer and not use your audience as therapy. Once upon a time she had life and now and that was inviting, and now this album - I'm done. Call me when you've adjusted to life again.

Drivergta - Pleasently surprised!

Liked it, bought it and love it even more each time I listen to it!

escapethecage - Awesome!

Loved this from the first to the last.

m.robouel - Finally!

This is the album I have been waiting for since Under My Skin. The music is powerful, the lyrics are strong. This is an album that embraces Lavigne’s passage into adulthood. There is vulnerability and unlike her previous albums, it’s completely naked. I’ve grown up listening to Lavigne’s music and it’s nice to find that she is still an artist my (our) generation can listen to. I hope she continues to make great music like this for many years.

Tinskie143 - Profound lyrics, powerful melodies!

Totally impressed, genuine artist!

blackkkstarrrr - amazing!


kbigelow126 - Uh yes

Amazing. Not sure what to expect as I was such a huge fan of her older stuff but now that so much time has passed... amazing. Voice is so much stronger. Crush gives me goose bumps. Great job Avril!

CamiloMG - Best album

This album as well as her others is incredible and unique

Pebbles83 - I love it

Really nice songs

J PA BC - Life support

My wife is going through some tough surgery and mental struggles and this song totally relates with her situation. Awesome song and beautiful performance!!!

Umbregrl - Love it

Really love this new album from Avril. Great that she's back. I always have been a fan!

Dentoman1 - U ...Burning Eyes in Quebec City April 2001

You once told me your Dad named you Avril Meaning April. There we were... in Quebec City. Now you have taken me by the hand and taken me someplce new. again with your voice...Thank you Avril , your Daddy named you right , on a April Day In Quebec City you remain in my Heart. Hugs Avril . Heart AL

knollander - CD Album versus digital album

Not a bad album. Decided to buy the CD instead of the digital album so i could listen to it in the car. Surprised to hear Dumb Blonde on the CD doesn’t feature Nicki Monaj, but has a completely different verse that only Avril sings. It got an extra star for the surprise.

Guillaumep04 - J’adore


Singing rocks! - Singy girl

Way to sing it all❣Beautiful vocals💕💗awesome songs, with so much feeling! Love it.

ngejay - Not my cup of tea

I’m not a Pop music fan. But I’ve always loved the punk/rock feel that Avril brought to the pop world and have always liked her music. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Goodbye Lullaby, and everything it brought. I appreciated where Avril went with the album. I don’t know how much of this new album was actually Avril’s vision, and how much was the producer’s input, but in my opinion he/she needs to be fired. Everything on the album feels digital and computer made. I would be surprised if somebody told me there was a live musician on the album at all. With that being said, I do feel there are a couple of tracks that would be amazing with live accompaniment, such as “Love Me Insane” i could totally see it being performed with a live marching band and orchestra. There are a few songs that really fit the album, a couple of ballads that set the stage for the story she wants to tell, such as the title track, however the only song on the album that actually feels anything like the punk that was left behind happens to feature a guest artist that I would never listen to in a million years. It does work though, and I’m talking about “Dumb Blonde” feat Nicki Minaj. For my taste, I may give it another listen or two, but it will quickly see the proverbial shelf in my music collection. I wish Avril the best, but a word of advice if she ever sees it.... Ditch the producer and hire your old studio band back. Get back to real music, and away from the digital production.

Strawberry&Cigarrete - The Avril Lavigne who I am familiar with

My tear came out when I first listened to Head Above Water as if I had seen her struggles with her disease and first single is really catching! What comes second is I fell in love with the devil. I see the Avril of a tender image. Souvenir is also my thing!

the rap guy - Hmmm

The only good song is tell Me it’s over

sa-sot1 - Puf

She never left her thorne.

phil_iPhone43 - J’adore

Vraiment quelle belle album

Rachel17754369 - Love it!

Addicted to this album. It’s so good.

PassionateMusicFella - So proud of her 🖤

The album is amazing 🌊🌊🌊

M1029384756 - So good!!!!!

Love Avril’s new music

b.wei - Beautiful Album

All the songs in this album are fabulous. Welcome back Avril!

lewymocha original - One of Her Best

Back to quality of her earlier music. This one is a career highlight.

Drawn5 - An AWESOME comeback! ❤️👍🏽

Avril did her comeback right this time. You could feel she put all her love in each songs of the album. Always a fan here 🙏🏽❤️

superzentredi - Masterpiece

Little did we know Head Above Water was just the opening salvo in that opens with a trio of some of the most powerful songs Ive heard from her. Then it just keeps going.

Marmomette - Des ballades qui rock!

Cet album est magnifique! J’attendais depuis des années. Mais je ne suis pas objective du tout, je l’adore tout simplement.

ROBOT210 - Great!

She is backkk and better than ever!

DJ JD1 - Meh

Meh. Desperate, last kick at the cat. Product of the label-driven corporate machine. Someone get the poor girl a robe.

chaz08 - Amazing~

WOW what a superb album every song is amazing~

Witeshugar - I just don't hear it

...anything that is written in the iTunes review... none. Excessive auto-tune wow, I'd never have guessed it was Avril. The album feels label driven, not Avril driven. She clearly feels the need to exploit herself and take her clothes off to sell the album, probably aware of the lack of artistry. I'm glad she's healing and all, but it's sad, she's a beautiful lady, just not classy. Don't most female pop stars do it the other way around... Twerk nearly nude to garner attention, then smarter up and be a better role model?

Spencer Etherden - A materpiece

Loved every song on the album!

TheVallex - Avril is back after 6 years!!

If you loved Goodbye Lullaby, you’re gonna absolutely love this album. It’s focused on her voice ans beautiful instruments, such as piano and violon. You can really feel the emotion behind each song. I personally listen to it more than once to really get the vibe and the stories she’s telling. My fave songs are Birdie, I Fell in Love with the Devil, Dumb Blonde, Warrior and, of course, Head Above Water 💜 I’m so freaking happy she’s back, she’s been my idol for 15 years now. The wait was worth it!

Callie🎶🥰Ariana Grande - The peak of Avril’s career

Great vocals😊

missyani1991 - Amazing Album!

Been a fan since 2007 and this album is phenomenal it deserves to be heard by millions of people. Way to go Avril! My faves are: Head Above Water It Was In Me I Fell In Love With The Devil Dumb Blonde Souvenir

j9dolha - Love every bit of this!!

Love how much she opens up in her music writing, each song has a different sound and they’re all good. Welcome back Avril!

Babe\ - Welcome Back !! 😁

So great to see Avril back and looking forward to checking out the rest of the tracks. So far so good 😎

Jdbwairbehowbroqnrjwbr - Amazing

Everything I hoped for and more

Pfm43 - Bah

More manufactured hack

Marco262a - Same old style and sound

Nothing innovative, same old song and dance

088night - Wow

👌this perfect 🙌🏻

Itsme_BrandonS - Love it!

Can’t stop listening to the whole album on repeat! 👌🏼♥️

minkeyslh - Beautiful!

This album really shows Avril’s talent and growth as an artist. It is a departure from her punky pop past, which shows she is maturing as an artist (or being given the freedom to be herself by her label) and the songs are all strong and have a chill vibe to them. Glad she is back and proud she is Canadian!!

smadlucas - Loved it

Amazing as always pure talent for telling a story though a music

Etienne Karl - Horrible

She features a rape supporter on this song. Deleting her album from my library

伯尼狒狒 - Welcome back Avril Lavigne!

You will totally feel power through her voice in this new album. Compare with her last album, Hade above water is much more mature. She is the Warrior!

MikeBarriault11 - Putting me back to my childhood, perfect album!

Love the vibe, songs are original and personal. Very good for me!

9strawberry9 - Number 1 fan

I’ve listened to you since I was 2 and you are my childhood

Sullytheboss - Amazing!

I’ve seen some reviews on ‘missing the old avril’ She is 34. She’s not really going to be the same woman she was a decade back, this album shows much much she’s grown emotionally, mentally and physically. This is pure music that should be even more popular. Well done Avril, as a fan I’m so proud.

tvilaca - No longer the Avril we love?

I love Avril Lavigne, i mean, i love the old Avril. Her voice is fabulous, and all her past work was that of an unruly challenger of the status quo, being a rebel, showing that you can have your own opinion and be happy. I understand that being ill (Lyme Disease) can change a person, but I truly believe that the real Avril is not in this album! "Head above water" is the one song that is nearly there. I hope this wonderful singer will return to the path of her best music soon! I just kow she can, and I know that it's what she herself wants

ReJa1977 - Superb Album!

Great tracks from a great artist! Long time coming but well worth it!

Fahwnoapakabshjsdb - Beautiful album

The songs are so beautiful just like the singer you can really tell that her music has matured with her especially after the stuff this powerful and strong women has been though

Jackdavidg - Beautiful

Such a beautiful album. Worth the wait, the maturity in the music and lyrics hopefully shows the beginning of a new era for Avril.

ScottDovey - Heyyyy

Okay this album is like everything... buy this album now thanks.

Bezzka - A mix of song to keep you on the edge.

Keeps you wanting more. Beautiful range of songs for anybody to listen too. Just glad she’s back and done herself proud with this album. Worth the purchase!

Timo tai - Another great album of real music

Good food for the mind 😊

84micky - Mr.C

Avril genuinely does know how to mix the perfect ingredients to make a perfect musical mixture of greatness! This alum is actually a gorgeous piece of artistry! No gimmicks, No rip-offs, just DAMN good honest original music! 👏

SophH123 - Please come to the UK Avril with this album

Im 26 and I've been a fan of Avril since day 1. This album just shows how much she's grown as an artist! Shows how she's matured too! Just love Avril and her music! Hope to see you in the UK this year! 😁😁

r1ich - Just as good

Just as good as her second album :) it’s nice to have the old Avril back

DustyRecord - Amazing

I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from Avril

s_d_m1193 - Avril's comeback

Head Above Water really demonstrates Avril's growth as a songwriter and a vocalist. Sonically, the album is a continuation of what she did in 2011 with Goodbye Lullaby, but with greater diversity and deeper lyrics. The album really tells a story, and the album feels very genuine and raw. The highlights are: 'I Fell In Love With The Devil', a moody ballad about a toxic relationship; 'Souvenir', a brilliantly produced pop song and ode to a summer romance; and 'Warrior', an Adele-esque piano ballad about inner strength and fighting through hard times. A stellar album and it's great to see Avril doing what she loves - hopefully we'll see a Head Above Water Tour.

James18uk - Come to the UK again 🙏🏻

THE FACT THIS IS DROPPING OUT THE CHARTS JUST SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE UK’s TASTE IN MUSIC THESE DAYS. THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING - updated 16/2/19 - Really cant wait for this. I’m 26 been a huge fan from day 1. Seen her live 3 times. Hope she tours the UK with this because she didn’t with the last one and people here would still go see her for sure. Come to the UK Avril!!!

Davenobby - The girl is back!

This is what has been missing from music for way too long. Breath of fresh air

26sexylikeavril❤️ - Avril

One of the best albums Iv heard in a long time, thank you, Avril 🖤

RachLCMG - Fan since day one

& this is incredible. Thank you Queen Lavigne

meg_h96 - AMAZING!

Have waited so long for this album! And it certainly does not disappoint! Welcome back Avril! - Umm

I love her but this comeback is disappointing, she’s had over half a decade to make this, and most of the songs are fillers

iJosh89 - Wow!

If you think the three singles are amazing, just check out the rest of this masterpiece!

KawaiiSteffu - Fantastic!

Spiritually beautiful, personal and full of heart. This is truly the best comeback in a long time. Album of the year, here you come, Avril

kindeerquk - Well worth

I’ve been waiting long time for her return. Amazing album

JessPrecious - Absolutely amazing comeback 😍

This album is amazing, I love every single song, Avril is back!🥰


This album of hers truly represents who she is a a female artist who has been through so much in her life. Every song shows cases a side of her most inner deep emotions that have come out to the world. My favourite song from the entire album is Head Above Water because although the music video is captivating and unique, the particular lyrics used in this song reveals certain aspects of her life and paints a picture of her feelings all in one. Not only is she my one of my all time favourite singers, but also has never failed to amaze her fans and keep on doing what she loves since day one. Lastly all her albums from the beginning of time till now have truly made changes in the music industry, not only are her songs relatable but also meaningful and from the heart which shows she’s always been an honest woman who is aware of the success she’s made throughout her lifetime of dedicating herself through music itself.

KallumLavigne - Perfect follow up

This album is a perfect follow up to the self titled a more toned down ballad album is just what we needed.

black star forever - So powerful


Complicated Torren - Incredible

A powerful album that really represents her growth as both an artist and human being. I love the overall sound as a mix of her previous works and never been prouder to say hey Avril Lavigne is my icon and favourite artist. She inspires me everyday. Hope to see her in the UK this year ❤️❤️

Trackz198 - Fantastic

After so many years away, Avril Lavigne returns with what is one of my favourite albums she has delivered. Must listen for any fan!

ćølstøn - Missed You & Your Music


Hshysscjkss - Best

The best thing in the album that the queen of Rap is in it <3

rosslune - Best Rollout <3

Not one of the three singles released is weak, and that's a rarity. Even if these are the best on the entire album, the project will still be one of her best. Can't wait for the 15th!

Cat. boom - YAY! Queen Lavigne is BACK

Sooo excited for the new album, loving the new style of singing ❤️👌👌🖤

Rater 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Avril Is Back!

Still Making Her Ace Albums!!!

Teeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeee - This album will be one of her best!

This album is guaranteed to be one of her best albums with it being the most personal to her! Ensure to pre order this masterpiece! I hope she tours with this album I’d love to her here in the UK again!

steven3012 - Avril’s return

Been waiting a long time for Avril Lavigne to return this album is coming to epic and a masterpiece been a fan since the very beginning 2002 seen you live 4 time and I can’t wait to see you live again

Mattystuart - Delighted to see the return of Avril

Having been an Avril fan for 15 years, it’s great to see a comeback album.

DazM33 - Avril is back yay 😊

Glad she is fine now after what must have been a nightmare, I can hear stress in her voice with a fair bit of over singing, with lots of “Urrrrrr” sounds which ruins it for me.

KellycTaySwift26 - Masterpiece!!

Loving the two song already out 😍 can’t wait for the album!!

Danny126793 - Pop Princess is back

Amazing return, really reinvented herself this time!!

CJ loves tattoos - Underrated


CB👌🏼 - Brilliant

Both tracks released so far have been a spectacular return for Avril into music 🔥

Gail Platt - BUY BUY BUY!

Absolutely beautiful! Comeback of the century. 💙

Movie Mad - She’s back better than ever!!

With only two released songs so far, they’re by far a more grown up Avril but catchy as hell! Practically had the two songs on repeat since their releases ❤️👏🏼 Avril’s back!!

Eagles1976 - So excited!

I've really missed Avril's Music, and if Head Above Water is anything to go off of, this will be yet another amazing album by her. Really looking forward to it!

iiswhoiis7 - Amazing so far!

This should be a good start to 2019🖤🌈

Ryan 333 - Avril lavigne

welcome back Avril its been to long!

Sonicj21 - Omg Can't Wait

Avril is back and i'm soo excited for new music. The 2 new tracks sound amazing and can't wait to hear the rest. Hoping there will be a few upbeat songs on the album aswell. Let's get this album to number 1 for her 4th number 1 UK album


Been waiting so long for this comeback

Werdacy - Ruim

Desempenho vocal e dos arranjos musicais muito abaixo das composições de albuns anteriores, o de 2011 e 2013.

NayDany - ❤️


Ghyët - I loved this album

Deep songs like It was in me shows us the Avril’s power and talent. I’m really satisfied for this album. She deserves the top!!

camilakoaski - Álbum Incrível

Avril não poderia ter feito melhor, trabalho incrível, musicas fortes e lindas com letras que tocam na alma, realmente muito bom <3

DanL4vigne - 5 stars

Avril never disappointed the fans, and this time isn’t different, her come back is powerful with a personal deep experience in some emotional songs, happy songs and real songs. I loved so much and I hope she receive the success well deserved.

Laurent Sales - Sensacional!

Sonoridade madura, disco bom e bem elaborado! Destaques para Birdie, Souvenir e a futura vencedora do Grammy: IT WAS IN ME

olegarioandre - Ótimo álbum!

Avril entregou um de seus melhores trabalhos até hoje. ❤️ Destaque para “Birdie”, “I Fell in love with the Devil” e “It Was in Me”.

theonlyValter - apenas gratidão.

esse álbum esta incrível, a voz da avril lavigne está melhor que nunca! esse foi os 19,90 bem mais pago da minha vida. ❤️

Geovanna Bianchini - Maravilhoso

Vocais e produção incríveis! Merece todo reconhecimento! ❤️

Nyv@lduh - Avril renascimento

Incrível voltou com tudo gratidão te amo❤️

Joey D Lima - O Melhor

Avril mostrou que realmente o lugar dela é dela

Torugiano - Melhor Album do Mundo

She’s Back!

Marceloreckless - Mulher maravilhosa

Álbum maravilhoso, sem palavras apenas gratidão 💕

Allisomn - Avril voltou com tudo! Não há como negar!

Esse álbum chegou incrivelmente cheio de boas vibrações, força, fé, muito amor e esperança. Avril Lavigne sempre me inspirou com suas canções e seu jeito de ser. Quem cresceu ouvindo Avril e parou de ouvir, não sabe apreciar a evolução de uma artista. Cada canção nova carrega uma luz tão grande vinda de dentro, e esse é sem dúvidas o seu trabalho mais majestoso. Parabéns, Avril L.

Otavio2704 - Sonoridade Incrível.

Avril sempre mostrando um grande trabalho com composições fortes e vocal impecável. Não sou fã dos hits mais pops do álbum, mas nos deu algo realmente incrível.

Aroldo Medeiros Junior - Álbum da minha vida

Como estava esperando por sua volta, e esse álbum esta divino, você merece ficar em #1 por muiiiiiiiiiiiiiito tempo.

Samya Domingues - Amo

Maravilhosa, ícone da música! sou fã desde criancinha ♥️

theustins - Melhor álbum!

Rainha, cada vez melhor. Parabéns por esse retorno épico ❤️👑

Gabo Antunes - Simplesmente magnifico!

Avril voltou com uma sonoridade mais madura e que ainda assim passa jovialidade. Faixas muito bem produzidas, vocais lindos e poderosos e a incrível sensação de se sentir infinito em cada música Faixas que merecem destaque: Birdie, I Fall In Love With the Devil, It Was In Me, Souvenir e Warrior.

jeffotariossj3 - ÁLBUM DO SECULOOOOO

Melhor álbum da carreira dela merece muito o #1 nos charts

ChelBarretto - Melhor álbum da carreira

Um amadurecimento na produção, nas letras e sobretudo na voz.

mailuize - 💕

Incrível!! Birdie e Goddess as melhores 💕

coutinhojuliano - Perfeita!

Amo amo amo! Nem acredito que saiu o álbum! Love ya! ❤️

bfhiago - bfhiago

🌊❤️ incrível!

Wheslly - Awesome!

This album sounds so powerful and sincere. The diversion of the tracks and its lyrics brings a new vision for Avril’s style. I loved it!!!!

renatopcm - Excelente!!!!

Profundo e com letras fortes com muitos vocais marcantes, já está no replay 💙

jessicsq - Hinário

Obrigada por tudo, Avril Lavigne

caioooi - PERFEITO




lpaulo91 - Maravilhosa

Álbum maduro produzindo com a alma e talento.

Ramicla - Meu coração ❤️

São 16 anos que eu te acompanho, e durante esse tempo todo vivo me afirmando que eu não poderia ter escolhido artista melhor! Muito obrigado ❤️

fajuniis - Musicas incriáveis

Galera esse álbum vai estar maravilhoso, com musicas profundas e tocantes , mas tem musicas agitadas e bem divertidas para alegrar o dia como DUMB BLONDE .Amoooo

Roodrigues - Anthem

Just incredible amazing

jhonatanolivra - Música

Já é o melhor pop de 2019!!

Loira84 - Perfeição tem nome

Tenho certeza que esse álbum já é sucesso, mega ansiosa e super feliz com a volta da minha menina.. comprem e escutem muito, pq garanto a vocês que tudo vira sucesso garantido na voz impecável e única da Avril Lavigne ❤️💕love u @avrillavigne

hiagomoliveira - Best voice ever

My favorite singer ever

edsoncpontes - Sucesso garantido

Álbum mais esperado!!

NatyRamone - 😍

Minha Diva!❤️

Thethetheh - Nicki Minaj

Parceria na música 5 com a Nicki Minaj ❤️❤️

Rubinho Brito - Maravilhoso!

Álbum do ano!

FabioBritoh - ótimos vocais

Um álbum bem produzido, consistente, maduro e essencial aos apreciadores de boas músicas. Esse sem dúvida é um trabalho que marcará a carreira de Lavigne e a elevará a um novo patamar.

Gustavo Avril - Incrível

Somente pelas duas faixas que foram lançadas até agora, Avril mostrou que veio pra ficar! QUEEN IS COMING!! ❤️

joaopaulogarcia - Incrível

A Avril não costuma nos decepcionar em seus trabalhos, creio eu que este álbum sera semelhante ao Goodbye Lullaby no sentido das composições: dramático e puro. A sonoridade que ela nos apresentou com as duas músicas, são totalmente diferentes do que já estávamos acostumados. Esse álbum promete e eu espero que ele seja uma obra prima!

Geha Arthur - Avril Lavigne Head Above Water

Álbum Perfeito mais esperado do ano 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍❤️ Head Above Water 💙

Brunno Vasconcellos - Que álbum ❤️🥰

Tenho certeza que será um hinário inesquecível!! Avril te venero!!💓

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Alcih - Minha Avril está de volta 🥰

Finalmente poderemos ouvir esse cd em breve 😍 Já estou morrendo de ansiedade e não perdi tempo ao encomendar o meu ❤️

Rtadielo - Dona de tudo

Só vem 🖤

rpr87 - The queen is back!!!

Can’t wait!!!


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About Tell Me It's Over [Avril Lavigne] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Avril Lavigne, album Head Above Water, song Tell Me It's Over, released date 14 December 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to Tell Me It's Over - Avril Lavigne mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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