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Download Calum Scott & Leona Lewis - You Are the Reason MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. You Are the Reason music file uploaded on February 9th, 2018.

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Calum Scott & Leona Lewis - You Are the Reason MP3 Comments & Reviews

Tomboy!! - Callum Scott


EllaBella🦄 - amazing

you are the reason is the most amazing song ever it’s so heartbreaking and beautiful

jerisharp - 5 Stars for Calum

I fell in love with his voice during his audition for BGT. It must be the accent. His voice is crisp and clear and adds a richness to every song. Best of luck to you, Calum.

papipapidaddy - Inspiring music

Absolutely love Calum. His voice is amazing and he is so humble. Great music that speaks to me and lifts my soul.

ElitePanther06 - You are the Reason and Dancing on my Own

These two songs are perfection and are some of the best songs ever invented.

EggPlant18 - Wow

Your voice is enchanting Thank you for your amazing gift!

AB💋12345 - Song:dancing on my own

The song dancing on my own was a smooth, catchy, and heart-touching song that I instantly fell in love with! Listen to it, you will write exactly what I wrote!

0431USMC - Amazing When will we get another great Album?

After seeing Calum on BGT where he was robbed at 6th place. I could listen to his voice sing anything love it! Oh yeah BUY THIS ALBUM.

cockwood911t - Perfect

His voice is astounding. No one compares.

0a4k34 - Oh my gosh

I love his music and it is just so good. I like it because it is just really good!

Melanielynn28 - Utter Perfection

Never had an album make me feel the way this does. I literally redownloaded the music app on my phone that I haven’t had for at least 5 years because this album, I felt I needed to buy. It’s that special!

Jade2099 - Amazing!

I am one of those who caught a clip of Got Talent that featured Callum. I rarely cry when I listen to music but his version of Dancing On My Own was moving and incredible! Hard to believe it was a Robyn dance anthem. Amazing album! Hopefully, he keeps singing!

TJ Redbird - OMG

I love his voice so much!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

dance15010 - Amazing

Great 😍😍😍

drswa35 - Fire your promoter.

Amazing these shows just push a person not a performer or new talent. Excellent production Should have a been a better seller.

kit$$ - Agt Kodi lee


Jcssky - Perfect album!

Amazing songs collection! Love!

BretPS - Incredible voice

This young mans voice brings so much emotion into my being, truly a talent here.

wattjr - ...somehow he has been overlooked!

I feel like he wasn't promoted very well. Calum Scott gives us more! I love all of these songs! :)

Red White Blue - Got Talent Global 2015 seen in 2019

Look, you are incredible, just seen you on a video of Got talent Global.2015 ... here in 2019 54 yr male from Detroit Mi... you moved me so I’m buying your vocal art. Congratulations on your success.

lamkr - Mesmerizing voice

Love his songs and the lyrics are touching especially the song You Are The Reason

Adas04 - AweStruck!

Literally! Awestruck!

Eldarnawi - Mohammed Eldarnawi

The album is absolutely something else, I’m literally in love 😍, all the best in the upcoming album ♥️

cdubcols - Amazing Voice

Love it start to finish.

THE REVIEWER 🙂 - Aspiring Artistry

He has created a masterpiece. So amazing

Pianoquietude - Quietude

His voice is captivating yet oh so beautiful.

mijo2her - One of

The songs—and his voice—are as hauntingly beautiful as the man himself is beautiful! Perfection!

Blacky32 - I am utter enchanted by Calum

Calum’s voice is calming yet exciting. How do I explain what is all pure feeling. Love the album.

JAUtigers - JAUtigers

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

ErnyEarthworm - Absolutely godlike voice <3

Best singer of this generation

helejdkfhc - Amazing songs

I mean, just wow 🤩 my favourite song is You Are The Reason, because it is so raw and amazing

Fckck - Nice


Renee Naslund - Good song

I liked it

Ceejay1955 - Brilliant Album

Lovely album, the duet with Leona Lewis is awesome

ForeverBuckley - Incredible Album

So excited that Calum has given us an updated version of Only Human - it is one of the most underrated albums of 2018! The new additions make the album even more perfect than the original and absolutely loving ‘White Christmas’ ❤️


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About You Are the Reason [Calum Scott & Leona Lewis] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Calum Scott & Leona Lewis, album Only Human (Special Edition), song You Are the Reason, released date 09 February 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to You Are the Reason - Calum Scott & Leona Lewis mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

You Are the Reason by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis mp3 download listen You Are the Reason direct download You Are the Reason mp3 #you-are-the-reason

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