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According to the Party in the USA Songfacts, this is the lead single from Miley Cyrus' first ever EP Time of our Lives . The EP is being sold exclusively at American Wal-Mart stores in conjunction with the teenage singer's Max Azria clothing line. The breezy summertime pop anthem features semi-autobiographical lyrics concerning Miley's move from Tennessee to Los Angeles Download Miley Cyrus - Party In the U.S.A. MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Party In the U.S.A. MP3 file uploaded on August 11th, 2009.

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Miley Cyrus - Party In the U.S.A. MP3 Comments & Reviews

hdisbshsuhs - I like it but...

You have said a lot a lot of swears and you need to stop. and you smocked to so stop but i like your songs.😕

w$$&)) - Omg yes

I love miley

si da guy - Party in the USA

Playing my song I know it’s gonna be okay and it is!!!!!

gzrthq xl /mupncfldbz - Yay!

The best in the world

nhudfhbfghjcfbgnjh(fgc - Cool

That’s my favorite song ever.

babgirllit12 - YAY lit!!!

I luv it

hermit crab mom - Pretty good

I like the song, I don’t like the artist

VGKfan - Why

I don’t care what anyone else thinks. This song belongs in the garbage dump. I rate this -9999999999/10

Moises S. - A classic

Just a classic

nomoregrindr - 🐔


cooldonnie - iconic


Nickolodeon008 - National Anthem

Our new national anthem

Jbob24505 - Iconic

This song still slaps so hard. We love a summer bop

thickandpetite - Iconic


Alexis-Aguero - Queen of pop

A 4th of July anthem!!

AyyDunca - Y


stuffed aanimales - Amazing song

This song is awesome it is my fav I have loved it for ever me and my best friend became best friends just by licensing to it together

Jamescrowthief - Lit

This song is still lit🔥🔥🔥

jhdjsndbhfhf - No


jake is quaking - Yass

Nostalgia 10/10

dtqwednd - Ehhh

Basic and not really a fan looking back 10 years after...


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ダニエル・ロメロ 入場曲 「Party In The U.S.A.」Miley Cyrus


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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Miley Cyrus, album Party In the U.S.A. - Single, song Party In the U.S.A., released date 11 August 2009. Listening and fast downloading online to Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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