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On “Lucid Dreams,” Juice WRLD explores the mental anguish someone feels after experiencing a break-up. Lucid dreaming refers to a state of consciousness where a person is aware they are dreaming. With enough experience, a dreamer can slowly begin to control the contents of their dreams. Juice uses the idea of controlling a lucid dream as an analogy for his mental state; to avoid the pain of seeing his ex-lover in his dreams, Juice seeks to replace them—for good. Frequent Juice WRLD collaborator, Nick Mira handled the production of “Lucid Dreams,” with assistance from SIDEPCE. The melody of this song samples the intro of Sting’s “Shape Of My Heart.” During the week ending October 6, 2018, the track peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Download Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Lucid Dreams MP3 file uploaded on June 15th, 2017.

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Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams MP3 Comments & Reviews

JoJo💔 - Miss this guy everyday 😞

Love you Juice RIP 🤟💰🥃💊

rffggcd - Fgvcvf

Best album ever

si da guy - Gr8 song

Sadness sadness sadness I will forever remember you juice wrld

music makes shooting stars - Lucid dreams


Gabe Solis - I didnt even buy it i just like juice wrld



Best album I’ve ever heard!! Rip juice btw you died to young😭😭

Reeeee163536 - A fan

Album is fire miss you Juice Wrld your music lives on forever.

Juice galaxy - Juice world is my fav❤️

Lucid dreams and karma skit is pretty sick fairly there all nice:)

AndyTheBest810 - No one cares how long you’ve been a fan

Good music though!

999 fa life - AMAZING

🅱️est album

someone.because.i.can - Yes


yaYaboiiNow - Juice WRLD

Juice is the best rapper I know I’m so sad he died :(

GSB_Swift - Man...

This hits different now...

Chevan(*_*) - Rip

You were taken to soon we’ll all miss you

havefum - I LOVE IT 🥰😆✌️

I can’t even say anything it’s just good YAYAYAHAYAYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Frosty_Breeze - Great songs.

I love this album and ever since I heard lucid dreams I was in love. All girls are the same is my favorite song, especially the live version, and it hits different too. When I heard Juice died, I was so heartbroken and sad that he had to die so soon. I was so inspired by this man but soon he had to die right when he gained really popular. Rip juice.

fnfnfkbefp - Classic

Wonderful album by juice

die sucker - Armed and dangerous

The best

juicewrld99999 - Juice WRLD

This album just hits different RIP juice

imCool69 - Bruh

Boi I have to pay to listen to music use Spotify

H2 nV - Dead and gone

Peace out girl scout

rip_goat - 😞

This song hits different cause all these females are the same

blkhorse - We are all sorry

He was so young. He had a whole successful career ahead of him. His death was tragic, and even though I wasn’t a big fan or anything, I respected his music. We’re sorry. EDIT: I just wanted to make an edit

rapper legends - Juice WRLD

My favorite rapper of all time I love his music and wish he was still here

MatthewPoopFac - Rip juice wrld

I love his songs after lucid dreams was popular rip juice wrld wrld 🤧😭😭😭l love juice wrld and his music

sweetbuzzard521 - I will miss you man

You’re always in my heart man rip juice wrld and we will miss juice wrld

ChickenSliders - Why u do dis.

Why do people always start living a artist when they die?! Do it while they’re alive so they can feel accomplished!

thnrkdhc - Complete 🔥

RIP, been wit you since day #1

XboxOne Gamer300 - Rip Juice

Gone to soon 💔☹️

jimmyleee124 - Rip juice wrld and love the songs

Rip the most epic, good artist :( hope your happy up there and I wish you were able to stay longer

kehqs - OMG just amazing 😉😉😉😉😉😉

Juice Wrld Is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥lucid dreams ,i’ll be fine and long gone is just awesome and lucid Dreams sounds sadder than XO Tour Llif3 by lil uzi vert but it’s still awesome👍

6399: - Amazing

I can’t believe he is gone

that's a no from me dog - Trash

This music shows why he did what he did

Bye juice - Juice

Hey man hope your happy up there Rest In Peace juice it’s x then juice why❤️🎈fligh high juice

your faec - Rip man

His best album ever...

DivineSkull - Horrible

Another rip off artist. Crappy lyrics over a Sting song. How moving.

DJ I-Train - Umm...

The words don’t rhyme or match the beat which is typically the point of hip-hop right? Uggh.

Justintfghhjn - Rip

Rip juice wrld such a legend

ontariothrills - Sad


domt be a hater - Rip juice weld

His songs were the most beast songs

trdcjj - no!!!!!!!!!!

juice wrld i love you

SnoozMeletonin - Rip

Rip juice weld

smile🙃🙃 - Juice

I loved you since your first song. And i still will. Rest in Peace Juice🥀

J-Shizzle😈💦 - RIP LEGEND🙏🏼💔

Your music helped me get through many bad times in my life. Thank you for making such beautiful and leaving behind a legacy we will always remember🖤

Zebraeyes - FAVORITE

This song will always be a classic from a talented artist who was taken way too soon.

MuffinBoy290 - 🤣

What do you call Juice Wrld in a casket... JUICE BOX!!

Ddhkssnjk - Lucid Dreams

Rip man tho have know you a bit late buh you were really awesome may your soul rest in peace ✌🙏🙏🙏 God watch over you

AusMar🔫💰💵 - RIP


The Ice King101 - Rip

Rip juice wrld

VileMB - 999 Fo eva 💜💧🔥

Rest in Heaven Juice🕊

kgjffijfjf - Love juice wrld

Good song

Allslos - Juice wrld

Love you

galhads - Amazing


xd mick - Good

Good bye juice world

shajeshakeclud - Good bye juice wrld

Bye good music

JeLLeYjAm - A Masterpiece, A Classic.

This album is the the most beautiful and complete album I’ve ever heard, easily my favourite album of all time, (have been listing to it daily since it dropped). From heartbreak to sadness to flexing on his ex, juice manages to stick to album theme of moving on from his past relationships, while making us feel his pain in the most real and raw way possible, Favorite songs of mine include lean wit me, I’m still, long gone, and end of the road, but literally every song it good. This album is perfect to me, I will forever be grateful for it.

DiamondGuy521:) - Rip juice WRLD :( 😥😭


CHO IS DA BEST!!! - Never forget

Greatest album I’ve listened to rip

ish ish slo - The last emo

Rest In Peace, lucid dreamer.

Paigemeansnothing - RIP Juice Wrld

In total SHOCK and disbelief.... gone to young and to soon. Rip Juice Wrld you will be missed 💔💔

User of twitch - Amazing artist wont forget u❤️🥺

Gonna miss this artist who just started his career 😔

Miwa2006 - Good song

I like his songs. +rip Juice

the rap guy - Awesome

Juice 🥤

jay_D479 - Fire

Great album

Oceancatskis - Amazing album

This album has so many good songs, not just lucid dreams but also lean wit me and all girls are the same , and the other songs still have very high degree of quality

Emmy73418 - Songs are epic

The songs are epix

Cathie86 - Good

Lucid Dreams is cleary sampling Shape of My Heart from Sting.... It is surprising.

gdushsuudhdhdususyw - RIP to the legend himself Juice WRLD

I love this song because it keeps me going and when I put this song I have a moment of silence thinking about him.

[anonymous123456789] - 😭😭so sad😭😭 R.I.P

RIP juice WRLD Lucid reams 😞

True Child Of The 90s - R.I.P

Another great artist gone to soon happening far to often r.i.p Juice Wrld

yeetasouae - RIP 👻☠️

RIP juice worl

Shipwreck Weatherman - RIP Juice WRLD😔

What an album

melon_21 - RIP 🖤

An amazing song but so sad

Ben Port - Rip Legend


Bateson brain - RIP

Great album and rest in oeace

Chavem1 - RIP

Listen to the Lyrics of Lucid Dreams, such a moving song

Oxford Reviews - RIP 🖤

Juice WRLD

Camilasnumber1fan - RIP


paigeyc18 - Juice 999 forever

Amazing album and an amazing artist RIP juice 💓

Trainguy297 - rip juice


Review by FunnieBunnie01 - OMG so good

Love it

joepuuu - Best artist around

Listen to Juice WRLD all day every day, he #1

hana❤️😌🔥❤️ - 🔥

Most fire album ever created I can’t get it off REPEATT 🖤💨🔥

Brunswicked - 🔥Incredible🔥

Being honest, this is my favourite album ever created. Juice Wrld is incredible at creating original music and I can’t take it off of repeat. Usually people get bored of music if they play it to death. But I’ve listened to this album since its release and still haven’t gotten even remotely bored of his sound and style. Mad. 🔥🔥🔥

-luke-p - 😈


hggwgvx - Rip juice word💓❤️💖

Love you juice word

n7costa - RIP ❤️❤️

The game lost some real unique talent

daddy_flexing - Love you 999 💔

Rip 999

Ivan Montana - Rip Juice Wrld

Rip to a Legend ‼️🔥🙏🏾



koalalife - we have lost yet another talented rapper....

whyyyyyyyyyy? If he hadn’t predicted he probably wouldn’t have died 😢😭

brady.jacko - forever a classic

this album is just so versatile! it has some hype songs with deep meaning and sad songs that make you re-evaluate yourself and think. with tracks that never get old like “Black and White,” “Lean Wit Me,” and “Lucid Dreams” that never get old, this album will forever remain a classic that can be played over and over again. tragically, juice wrld passed away yesterday due to a suspected drug overdose which caused a critical seizure. may he Rest In Peace and his legacy live on. long live juice wrld, rest in peace and know that we love you!

Sharpie2394 - RIP Juice WRLD 😢

Rest In Peace 😭😢

hellomynameusjimandhdhdhd - fire



@janessamonsta @misakamikoto090 Next time you are in a dream. Ask yourself if you are dreaming to the best of your…


@mindfullmusings: i started lucid dreaming just by commanding my body to remember my dreams every night before i went to sleep. your bod…


@trevorsplugs @daytonaksg Blood - In This Moment Death Magnetic - Metallica The Never Story - JID Modern Age of the…


Gnda ng lucid dreams sa netflex


I think my brother is going through it. I hear him yelling the words to lucid dreams


Juice WRLD// Lucid dreams🔛


I have these lucid dreams where I can't move a thing Thinking of you in my bed.


@XXL: Thinking about Lil Uzi Vert’s “Lucid Dreams” remix 😔 #999Forever


I could really use a lucid dream tonight. The state of both the conscious and subconscious mind. The energy in thos…


I had this surgery January 6th and man the pain meds they have had me on since then are giving me lsd like lucid dr…


@XXL Hear me calling/ lucid dreams


eto lang pinag uusapan namin buong gabi e, katawa yung mga lucid dreams nyaa ih HAHAHA


@LilPineOficial Robbery e lucid dreams 😪


@XXL My alltime fav Lucid Dreams!


Na curious nakog ayo sa lucid dreams gi search najud nako how/why ug ang advantage ug dis hmmmm

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Juice WRLD, album Goodbye & Good Riddance, song Lucid Dreams, released date 15 June 2017. Listening and fast downloading online to Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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