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YNW Melly - No More MP3 Comments & Reviews

Thatsbandtastic - Good ish here

I don’t even really like mixed personalities. There’s some real good songs on here, don’t sleep

poppmhfnndkd - Free Melly

Free Melly223,s

Fan boy 9472 - #freemelly


makenyprs - Mel

Hi this song is so good Nice song

Mrgamer30 - Real good ONG


Divine war - Good but

I skip most of the songs when they come on now tbh it’s a bit lackluster

TMacLop38 - Solid

Not a bad song on here but some are better than others

babsjejsbdvdghsbe - City girls (ynw melly)

This song is so good I live it some much and I think you would to listen to it on YouTube Apple Music ECT (Aubrey m)

ysl.lane - Free Melly Bru💯🐍

free dude

tandl charaters._keythedancer - Bae

My baby voice is so sexy🥵

💄👃🏽👃👅👅💄 - #freemelly

Free my baby 😭😞💘❤️

RaheemNikkuh - Fire



Honestly every song slaps 💯💰

Camper541 - Fire


YBB José - 🤦🏿‍♂️ this sad foreal

This man has real talent foreal it’s sad kuz most of the good artist are either dead or in jail and that’s 💯 I like every song on this album 🔥🔥🔥


Its a lot of haters on his music but stopped to listen one guy said Kanye did him a favor your stupid Kanye ain’t had a hit in years

honey🤪 - Free MElly


1v1me u wont - Fire


Elijah1307 - 👌🏾

Mixed personalities

Dariellaaaaa - My babyyyy❤️😍

I love melly

king12205 - milife$$$$$$

please let him out, hes to good for prison

ynwmelly4Life - FREE YNWMELLY💘

he is the best rapper ever and just gets me💘😤

ikghhujgf - free melly

free melly ‼️ period 🖤

Ccasado916 - 🏁

Straight heat if you say anything else your crAzyyyy

ussshwnehddjje - Oof

Would have been SO much better if YNW didn’t use as much auto tune. In murder on my mind he barely used any auto tune and was great

😄 + ⭐️⭐️ = 🤩 - No Heart 🥵

that song was the best , NO shade !

313 MIc - IDK

I don't know what to call this. Is this really what hip hop has turned into? This is like some werid r&b trash attempting to be rap/ hip hop. I can not belive this is what we are calling hip hop today.

LitCityBeats - ynw prison


American futbol - Kanye did him a favor

Mixed personalities the only good song on this bish. Album would flop without that feature from Ye

s_wagner26 - YNW prison Melly

Now you got prison on your mind

Ang83bx - Trash

Trash trash trash basura

Mitchw99 - Terrible

One of the worst rappers ever

Stop the Trash - Zero

Zero creativity Zero originality Zero talent Pathetic

kae🚮❤️ - Ynw for life😭

ITS FIRE🥴y’all trippin

CarlosCartier - Ynw for everybody

He really can’t disappoint me frfrrrr ✍🏽✍🏽

Minnesotanwhitenig - Stop the Auto-Tune

Do not support any artist where the majority is auto tuned

thinketh - Gawbage

Sounds like it was written by an 8 year old

Picklepiclkepearpopcorn - Fire 🔥🔥

Future freshman class of 2020 for sure 🔥🔥🔥

fcvcdv - Average


TTG Kid - YNW FL🐐😈‼️

Album was fire🚨

P7diddy$& - Only cause Kanye

Kkkkkk Anye

4812k - 🔥🐐

A awesome but virtual is still my favorite

CloutxGod - YNW 🌎💚

Best album out right now 2019 is his year ✍🏽‼️

cantthinkofacreativename - Why can I review without buying?

Fr tho

Prsplinter - 🔥🔥🔥

This album way too fire

mellllllyyy - Ehh🤔

Not the best🤨

Alize723 - What y’all talm bout

Yall wildin melly good asf. "No More" hands down best song tho.

reviewjix - Fiiiireeeee


PowerManSpekk - Trash. Never make music

Auto tune garbage with no talent.

So baby so longgg - No heart

I’m not playing fair with my love no more💔

kander360noscpoe - 👌👌👌

Damnmmm it's good

smh 😫😡🥺😠😡 - Mixed personalities carried

I like mixed personalities the most but he has some decent sleepers like why u gotta wall like that???

18363817 - Good but too much auto tone

Good but to much auto tone

AungThan - I only like the Kanye one ;)

This album is pretty alright and that kanye collab was dope af!!


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@WhitleyFBrooks Period! Even tho you should get WAY more, I’m glad you get 6 full weeks of no stress and alllll the baby lovins🥰


@chefjoseandres @GoyaFoods What the hell? I've bought a lot of Goya products over the years. But no more.


bitch got my order wrong, im not even hungry no more.


@AMBonaduce @JHopkinsSD No more 💩🦆?


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You can find here mp3 music file from artist YNW Melly, album We All Shine, song No More, released date 18 January 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to No More - YNW Melly mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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