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Download Cage the Elephant - House of Glass MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. House of Glass music file uploaded on April 19th, 2019.

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Cage the Elephant - House of Glass MP3 Comments & Reviews

teen in school - 👋🏻so so

30% of the music in this album is catchy and enjoyable but I feel that the other 70% of this album is boring and depressing.

photo man-go - Superb sonic vibrations

For Cage the Elephant, this album is a detour from the grungy guitar that got them past the first two albums. But, what's emerged is a sophisticated array of sonic vibrations that bounce around between your ears and seep into your soul. It's the sound of a band growing up, telling stories about what they've learned along the way. Lots of good songs. Get ready to let go and give it a listen.

SUPER JESUS DOG - Possible HOFers??

I think this album says it all. They have been amazing for quite a while now, and I think now Cage the Elephant is the face of alternative.

Beachbride322 - Phenomenal Comeback Album!

CTE is truly one of the best things to come out of music in the new millennium. They’re not cookie cutter live fast and fade away music, they’re a next level raise the bar and drop the mic 🎤kind of band. It’s such awesomeness whenever a band gels as beautifully as these guys. The sound is very distinctive but very rarely repeats itself, not settling into one definitive genre which keeps their sound exciting and fresh. The haunting sound of Matt Schultz’s vocals paired with lyrics and musical numbers that are Lennon and McCartney kind of worthiness make CTE a musical force to reckon with. Just watch a live performance and you’ll instantly be enthralled with their ability to connect with their fans through the love of good old fashioned talent. Theses guys will win you over in one way or another through one of these fantastic songs of theirs. Social Cues was written from a deep place that came through the other side of pain from loss of friends, loved ones and the ending of a marriage. I went from a casual listener to a devout fan in a matter days after listening to their music non stop for two straight days. How can you not love a band that has such a lively front man who’s energy on stage is an enigma in itself just to behold his love of performing and connecting with his fans? It’s a rare thing of beauty to behold! Social Cues holds up and doesn’t disappoint!

musta veri - Boring

The past Cage the Elephant albums had energy and rock riffs. This album lacks hard hitting guitar riffs, with the exception of a couple songs. This band has gone the way of electronics like many rock bands like Portugal. The Man, who seem to favor sound effects created on a computer over hard hitting guitar sounds.

NyxII - Good Stuff

Amazon Alexa helps find music I like. Cage the Elephant has slowly and organically filled my favorites music library. Their latest album is just plan fun and shows the variety of their talent. Good Stuff

MustacheLIFE!!!!!!!!!!💩💩 - I-

this album is so incredible I can’t even begin on how amazing it is...

Bumerang222 - Awesome!!

Every new music from these guys is amazing. Strongly catchy in it’s way. Play it again and again. Love this new music. Love every single song. 5/5

eviilyn - I love this Album!

I love Cage The Elephant yeah this album is different, from all the other albums but I think it’s pretty freakin awesome! Love Love this album! Been Jamming to this for a couple weeks now! 🤟🏽

Hockeyparent716 - Best Album

I can honestly say, sometimes in life an album hits you right in the heart. Everything that you may be experiencing in this world, comes thru in an album. For me, I have always loved this group. Strange at times, but authentically unique always. Skilled, masterful, talented. Gentlemen you touched on the essence of the working class of this world. The majority of us have been born on the wrong side of the train tracks. I have never had the strength to play nice. I am in your face with every emotion that I have. If any group deserves to own the world its this one. Take care all of you, my closest friends and I will definitely be getting to tickets to see you guys. AMAZING ALBUM. NOTHING MORE TO SAY.

Rockets tic - Heyo


Jayyjoyce - So good!

Love this album!!!

<3 popsicles! - Love it

Absolutely perfect, every single song is 👌🔥🔥

1894726 - ♥️

Saw them live. Just as amazing live as they are in the studio ♥️♥️


this album makes my heart go ❤️❣️💞🧡💗🧡💖💙💝💕💖💛💘💙💜💕💖🧡💘💓💕💞🧡💝❤️💖💜💕💕💗💛💕💖❣️💚💜🧡💗❣️❣️💚💕💙💖💞💕💝❤️💞💛💜💞💛❣️🧡💙💚💜💝💕💞❣️💖❣️💜💗💓💞🧡💗💕💖💛💙💛💖🧡💖💕💓💝

WhoIAm2U - Love the sound.

I always love CAGE for their sound and this album delivers. Great vibes, great arrangements. It’s political to a point that uplifting too and not one sided.. finally, a modern album I like!

TOgainz - GREAT

about every song is good! Great album

CapoDiSicilia - Excellent

Every song on this album is great!!! 5 Stars

Lil_Soybean - Night Running

I don’t know how I got through my entire life without hearing these songs. Miss the old style of their old songs but love the new direction!

fernalicious12345 - Literally my favorite album ever

Of course all of their music is incredible but this one takes a new take on their old style while still being the cage the elephant we all know and love, 10/10 recommend 😍😍

Mohamad_hamdizadeh - ❤️

Very nice

Maranda velazquez - Honestly my favorite.

there is not a single song on this album that i dislike. it’s fantastic. it’s my favorite album by them. ❤️💙

Knw008 - Cage the Elephant does it again!

Worth a listen , glad they have came out with more excellent music

melloweryellow - I’m cryin

Jus listen to the lyrics

Brandon514 - Return to Form

Each song brings that signature CtE flavor that we all enjoy. Tighter, full of hooks, and top notch writing; pain breeds creativity in its purest form, with Matt channeling his tribulations into delightful sonic waves delivered fresh to your eardrums. 5/5

ElmosFury - This album is a BOPPER

Amazing, as per usual

Intro puke passion e - Cage the 80s

Is this even a serious Album?

Gratefuldead207 - Great album!

Cage the elephants one of those bands that you can listen to the whole album and feel great about every song. Cage the elephant has grown and it shows. I’ll be listening to this album for a long time.

18qur - Finally!!

Amazing I love it!! 😍

Kaishears - SO proud of them

So I never write reviews but I have to this time. I absolutely LOVE this album. Every song is a different sound yet the album is cohesive. Their sound is so unique in each album and I’ve loved every single song. I had goose bumps listening to this album. All I could think of in this album was that I’m SO proud of them and how far they’ve come.

bkd80 - Homerun

Always hittin it outta the park!!

KentuckyKid879 - PrimeTime

Cage the Elephant hitting their peak with 13 bangers on Social Cues. Give them endless headlining tours.

Godot2 - Not Ready to Let it Go

I might be calling it a little early but this is the best album of 2019. All of the songs are just so sincere and you can just feel the pure emotion coming from Matt. And I know for a fact that “Ready to Let Go” will be stuck in my head forever.

BluesCityJoe - On repeat

Even if I like a band, I generally only really like about 2-3 songs off most albums. This one has 8, and the rest are solid too. Currently playing on repeat, and I think it’s going to be in the mix for quite a while. Great stuff.

joechgo1 - Terrific New Album!

As always, every song is so different and mesmerizing.

ben dewitt-- - sounds amazing

this era is going to be so good. highlights include social cues, goodbye, night running, and love's the only way. beyond excited to keep listening⚡️

Cclawrence28 - Brilliant album

Absolutely great album from start to finish.

Ivan-49 - Fantastic !

Their sound is always something to look forward to. Possibly their best album 🧐

Jkhgggggg - YESSSS

I love you Cage the Elephant!!!

XXX_Nolan415_XXX - CTE


Ranger Ross - Social Cues

I have always listened to cage. But this album is different it is so emotional that you can almost feel the pain of what that band has went through. I woke up at 4 am in the morning just to listen to this album and I am glad that I did. If cage reads this I’m going to Dallas this summer to see y’all and I can’t wait to be there! All around you should get this album!

BigDiscount - CTE is My Favorite Band of All Time

But this album is too different. I miss the heavy guitar riffs and it sounds like Matt Schultz is really holding back on his vocals compared to past albums. PLSASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t go full synth like all of the other alternative bands have. This was the last truly great bluesy alt rock band left on the planet and outside of a few songs, this album is a let down.

TomahawkBlues - It’s not BAD but...

Cage the Elephant doesn’t go off the deep end like a lot of bands do when they change their style. But this album is very different. If you like the rock/blues sound they used to have, then this album isn’t for you. Lots of white noise, ambience and synth.

Alexiscoollol - BUY THE ALBUM.

i have been listening cage the elephant for a long time. This album seems to be a new sense if style that they have chosen and i kinda like it i hope the rest of the song are as good as the rest that came out.

Cflynn7007 - So far so good

The first four sing led have been hits for me

cjcarr21 - Yikes

So far, honestly, sounds horrible.

🅱️eston😂🔫 - This will be freaking awesome

I’ve literally found out about cage a few weeks ago and I love most of their stuff. As for this album, Everything out so far is soooo good. Ready to let go? Amazing. House of glass? Great. Night Running? Extremely Catchy. Go cage!

noseco - Night running

Heard this tract on kcrw and had to get it right away!

Jasstav - So good


Matt @LocalHlover - Keep on writing these songs

Keep it up! I can’t wait all of 2019.

mel and son - Bravo

J’aime mieux ce disque que tout leurs précédents les mélodies sont accrocheuses un autre disque parfait pour un rond trip en plein été Mel and son

Worstaudiobook - Bueno


Habs4life24 - Solid Album

The boys are back and sounding better then ever!

Rlkipper - Polished, consistent, and a joy to listen to.

Social Cues is Cage The Elephant’s most polished album yet. All tracks are very catchy and easy to love. There is a definitive consistency in sound and style across the album. Overall a joy to listen to! They really knocked it out of the park with this album 😊

balentinoooo - Best Album of 2018 - 2019

Amazing amazing amazing but especially TIMELESS thank you!!!!

Pound of you☺️ - Amazing work

This is cage the elephant's best work yet! Amazing album front to back!

ztfzft;5 - t

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Juliedarcy - WOW

CTE has created another amazing album. Grammy worthy as well!

teen meme queen - Agghhh


Qsdfghrs - Awesome!

Love it! Another Grammy Award?

_Flinché_ - It’s about freakin time guys!

First single gives me a TYHB/Melophobia vibe, so looking forward to maybe some more old school CTE stuff? Either way just excited to see more after all this time.

ausefan - omg cant wait

hope the rest of the album is as good as the first single!!!


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