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"I wrote this song about a guy that really was not interested in me and it made me feel horrible so the song is called 'Wish You Were Gay'. And that's so not meant to be offensive in any way. It literally means I wish he was gay so that he didn't like me for an actual reason. And guess what he just came out to me like a couple weeks ago. So I wrote the song and made him fuck a dude. I'm fucking proud bro except not really though because I was really into him, like so into him, he's so hot oh my god." - Billie Eilish. Download Billie Eilish - Wish you were gay MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Wish you were gay MP3 file uploaded on March 4th, 2019.

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Billie Eilish - Wish you were gay MP3 Comments & Reviews

Small town kid - Yikes

This is just so bad. I don’t understand how anybody could enjoy this

kkoruw - All the good girls go to hell

Bille eilish has always been my favorite person ever 🤟🏻🔥and she has the coolest music ever 🔥🔥🔥

BlueWalk - ??

Meh is this like asmr music? Lol

ILikeTheNameBob - Go Billie Eilish!!

Billie has the best voice! Anyone who dose not like her, you are crazy!! Bad Guy is probably my favorite!

ɱ ɑɳɗ ɱ ɱʋʂꀤƈ - There is no Talent.

Scrolling through the reviews, my prediction is dead-on. All of Billie’s 5-star ratings are from white girls under 16 who think they have depression. Disappointing, because this music is talentless. Same droning chords, same boring whispering. Same sad melody I’ve heard since pop was a thing. Disgusted

tesstess26 - How do people like this?

All her music sounds the same. Whispering and no talent. I don’t get it!! She annoys me so much

jth112376 - Not music

This is a young madeup Hollywood teen that doesn't sing. She whispers to different vibey instrumental sounds that you hear at the bottom of the ocean floor in submarine.

caz421 - Seriously don’t get it

I think she has a good voice and I’ve really tried to give the music a chance but almost every song just sounds like a symphony of depression. They’re all so low and dreary sounding... Maybe that’s my age talkin, I’m 31. But this music. I just can’t.

Rorie D Lion '(oo)' - Different and Individual 🤘😀❤️

Billie’s music is different and progressive, individually her own style. She marches to the beat of her own drum which is outstanding considering all the lemmings out there in the entertainment business currently doing repeat offenders. Each song differs from the previous song which opens the door to new possibilities and new themes to follow. Given that her age is in her late teens, she is doing phenomenal. * People leaving 1 star reviews to be jerks, mentioning the word “hype” repeatedly, need not apply. Leaving reviews to bash other people because they feel belittled by someone who is “making it” need to step back and look in the mirror. Quit being jealous. She’s rocking it 🤘.

KittyKat99996 - Hmmm

I usually love her music but the songs kind of sound the same. But I do love the buzzing background and her quiet voice it goes good together. The songs are a little dark as well...😒 but hey they sound good. 😆

loela1225 - It was great / Funny

It was great because of the music but it was funny because in xanny I heard a voice says “ can you check the Uber eats”

cutegurl101 - billie is the best

I love the personality in this girl!!! Love her hair all the time!! 💚 KEEP IT UP!!!!

deaf moon - Crap.

Absolute trash. This is the result of no talent 'wannabee' entertainers using technology to create subpar sounds. And it's not Ms. Ellish alone, it's the people around her that are directing the poor mixed-up kid into this. My advice to her, is to go study the piano and develop an undersatnding of music and then create your own direction.

Arisa Grande - Trash

Thank u next is better

Noevaltierra - Yess

Beautiful album

NickyNYNick - Riding with Billie

I got introduced to this phenomenon on a Peleton ride by instructor @fitxKendall WOW is all i can say. I’m over 50 and didn’t even know about Billie and Finneas but I’m blown away. It’s great music to ride to, and my eyes were definitely opened to this talented, complicated artist!

xTEXASx817 - Trash


killmeeeee - goes without saying

this music. this album. everything about this just speaks to me. the artwork even resonates with me. i feel so clouded sometimes with a lot of personal things, but even world issues. every song is different and beautiful in its own way. this is just the best album and my favorite out of the entire music industry. thank you billie. listen before i go, i love you, goodbye.

cinmac39 - Not really music

To me this is more performance art than music. Nothing I’d listen to for long. I haven’t heard the Janes Bond song yet. I hope it’s different from the rest of her stuff.

annabethx16 - Billie=most overrated artist of 2000s

Whispering strange, random words into a mic does not count as music

Mr Mushrum - Just not for me

It’s just not really for me

harryismybby - Just amazing

When I first heard this album I liked it but I didn’t like it THAT much. I was wondering what the hype was about Billie and I decided to listen. I can totally say that this album has grown on me and I’m definitely going to buy it. As soon as I realized what an incredible album it was, I decided to listen to her live performances. Absolutely incredible. Her voice gave me goosebumps, and she sounds just like the studio version. I can’t believe she’s only 18 years old. Up until this point I’ve only stanned one person and that’s Harry Styles, but I think that’s about to change. Harry will always be my favorite, but Billie is absolutely mind blowing as well. love u Billie❤️❤️

jjshehevr - Whats the hype

Its to weird and depressing

Sameermali - Great concept but horrible execution

Billie is a great singer and there’s no doubt in that. This album had the potential to be so much better if she wasn’t whispering all the time. I love Xanny but the extreme bass ruins it for me. There are like 3 songs that I rate as a 9 or 10. The rest are a 6 or below. Don’t smile at me was perfect because her songs were her singing. The lyrics off of WWAFAWDWG were so good but bad execution.

£exxe£ - What the hell?

What is this, hallucinations of the drug addict or sound of mentally undeveloped individual? This so-called music will be forgotten in one year maybe two at the most, same as all this type of trash. Just look at the "artist," does this kid has a promising future? Oh my goodness, where is our world is going? This garbage doesn't deserved any stars...

ChungusFan69 - Terrible

No talent

stan_1978 - What the...

Why’s this girl look and sound like she crawled up from Ground Zero?

Love u billie - ⛓❤️⛓❤️

I don't give a f*ck. i really want to meet billie eillish and. in my dream my dad took me to see one of her shows and and i FREAKED OUT when i saw (ps. i went to see !!!!)so yea i already know I'm never gonna meet billie eillish

eilishfam - Eilishfam

Billie genuinely knows how to emotionally connect with her audience through her lyrics and instrumentals. I applaud her for being such a young artists whose soul purpose is to create music that younger viewers can not only understand, but relate to on a much deeper, personal level.

idk everyone - untalented

bad music

volleyballxstar07 - Billie the best

I honestly love her song “ my strange addiction” and her newest song “ everything I wanted”. I love her so much! Y’all need to know she works hard to make such beautiful music. It helps me find my place and really find myself💙

Princess Anya - Ugh

Trash music rather listen Chris Brown so what young 18 year old won awards can’t stand listening trash music finish high school go to college 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤬

LawLee09 - Phenomenal!

A wonderful album written from within, this album joins the few where I can listen from beginning to end and enjoy every moment of every song!! Love Billie Eilish!! 💚💚

king_joluvs - She’s a whole mood

She deserved it good job on the Grammys

Even_Green - Worst album of 2019

Overrated the house!

Taylor swift fan41 - ...

Ok, I’ll admit the songs are good. But it does have an overused tone and has no meaning. Is the song ok? Yes. Would I listen to it on repeat? No.

Bloodspill77 - Lousy!

What is up with this put you to sleep tunes????? So unmotivating......cry a river??!!! Should be retitled: When we all fall asleep after Billie sings! Snooze

Anna Rose B - Ummm

I regret buying this album before listening to all of her songs. After knowing just one of her songs and with all the hype surrounding the album, I though I could just buy it, I was wrong. I only like 3 songs and even those are not that “special” if I heated billie on the radio I wouldn’t actually skip, but I do retreat spending money on her.

Enigma1974 - Oy

Why? Just why? I don’t get it but to each his own, I guess. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Rella120030 - Incredible

Just putting it out there, this is billies FIRST ALBUM, Don’t Smile At Me was an EP, the reason everyone hypes her up is because her lyrics are relatable, the slower songs hit everyone in their feels when you listen close enough, it’s not just “whispering” it’s called singing with your head voice. Just because she doesn’t belt doesn’t mean she’s untalented. Anyone who hears her live can clearly hear she’s talented, this album is incredible

Tassy Star - Thank you


Sol ny - Trash... seriously?

I can’t for the life of me understand the interest in this untalented “artist”. Her money makes her a song writer? The entire whisper vibe and fake image the media portrays of her on various fake story documentary’s shows us how foolish this new young generation is! How easily they buy into her fake underdog to fame story. I pray people smarten up and start listening to real artists and music that isn’t just radio catchy. How many people can you fool with a fake imagine persona? Smh

Barbiballs - Yuck!

Can’t believe people see this as music. It all has the same repetitious mumbling sound. Maybe you people should listen to some Glenn Miller music or for that matter Amy Winehouse to know what REAL music sounds like.

AWZIE flores - Dope And out of this world

Best artist ever listened to and I love her so much more than I love myself

MicheleDoll - Perplexed

I don’t understand how this is music. Not for me. Sounds terrible.

JoBoy10202 - This chick is trash

She better hide that confused face when a real artist hits the stage at the OSCARS. EMINEM is the BEST

danbredow - Boring

People actually listen to this, boring. You might like if you want to be put to sleep.

JCP011C - Just hype, smoke and mirrors

I've tried several times to listen to this. to give it a shot, feeling I'm just missing something. And I guess i am missing something for sure, because I sure don't see what all the fuss is about. She can barely sing, prefers to mumble and whisper, and the music sounds like the demo tracks found on keyboards. I pity the state of current music, and this is its crowning achievement, all smoke, mirrors and hype and no substance.

Felix Snow - Tori Amos Wanna Be

This music is a bastardization of that of the great Tori Amos. You want Billie Eilish with 100x the talent, check out Tori. Having said that, I like this more than 99% of the crap that passes for music today.

vtbrbyventv - Boring

All she does is whisper and you need to listen to Lana Del Rey💋

Jocelyn Billie Eilish - Unavailable in region

Anyone else in Canada just trying to listen and almost all of her song are unavailable in our region 😢I’m just trying to listen to Billie

Drey2020 - Love it

This is the best singer ever

183637629362 - deserves all the awards

Billie & Finneas created one of the best albums of the last decade and deserve every award they have been given

vhfhfd de k HD fhjhffcvhj - ................bad

So fckg bad

Kareemohamdi - Trash

Plz speak up u ugly mole rat

qwerty bichh - billie is amazing.

shes truly the boost of my bad days, her voice is so calming and uniqe. she boosts my mood, thankyou billie. x

Ale mike! - Just doing this to get bad guy off

The album overall was nice, I’m just doing this to get bad guy off the charts and stop playing that annoying song

Nico Tulabut - Trash Songs

👎🤢🤮💩🤡🗑I rather listen to 40’s I wish I could give it a zero star. She is disgusting human being asf🤮🤮🤮

hey googoo - Outstanding

This is the best album I have ever listened to in my life and, is 100% worth buying props to you Billie!!

😉🥳😉 - When we fall asleep we stay in our bed!


0range 0strich - Keep doing what your doing

Billie is amazing I love almost every song and they help me threw tough times!

no sola - It’s. great 👍🏻👻💜🖤💜🖤

Is. Good and great 👍🏻 💜🖤💜🖤☪️😈

mister 29 - Billie

won't ever even give it a listen, not interested in the hype

Kitty person lover - Billie Eilish💚

Her album it’s amazing I love it so much all her songs are artistic and unique I love Billie!🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🤍🖤

G eazy da next eminem - what is


FrankD92 - Normie music

The same lazy RnB loop over and over and a cringe vocals. Billie Ellish is Grimes for soccer moms and normies.

blissfiend - Overhyped

Simplistic mood music for those without soul.

Grandma Nanu - Grammy Grammy Grammy Grammy!

Just downloaded the album after the Grammy performance. I had listened to the songs, watched tv interviews and YouTube before and got a kick out of her attitude and relatability. I’m way too old to be a fan, let’s face it, but Billie’s got talent - and now 4 Grammys to prove it! Wow. Just wow. Just keep doing you, gurl! ❤️

Joker3231 - Overrated sellout

Billie Eilish is the most overrated artist thus far, dont waste your time

Gdiddy72113 - Awful

Makes me wish I was deaf after listening to this crap.

hdjejdgejchdbxie - I love it

I love it soo much

cryingonbieber - !

Great album

hhfggcdfbihv - Yesss

These song are so good

GodOfDum - Despacito


billies number one fan - best album in the world!!!!❤️❤️❤️

her music is just so good !!! and she’s amazinggg !!! i love u billie💗🤩

Isabelle D. ;-; - Five stars!!!

Billie I love you’re music so much, it’s the best music I ever heard!! But there is one thing I’m asking. Are you ever gonna have a concert, if you ever did and I have not heard of it please let me know! And one more thing to. Is there a dance to this song, I wanna know because on just dance 2020 I don’t know if you chose the dance on it or if they did so these are questions please right me back

quooquoo - I listen to it every day

It’s SO COOL. I like the bad guy the best.

rhorngdj - overrated queen

i love her music but hate billie

Unicatpie - So good 🥳🥳🥳🥳

This album was amazing the last songs always have me in tears 😅

Fckck - Love her

Great album. This album must win 🥇 awards. Billie is amazing . Wow

karl tiu - I’m a fan

I like your songs

BdjsoN?ueiiz!b - Billie elish

Billie elish more like trash if you search the word trash it’s got pics of her but no one searches it because how sucky she is

Allee G. - best album

this album is literally so unique and perfect. billie and finneas both did so much to make this album amazing and they really are some of the best artists of this generation

Awogirl - Love Billie

She's unique and she living up to her fullest potential

A$H1997 - Highly overrated

I’m confused for why the Apple Music award was given to her. I was expecting to have the award given to a decent artist with actual talent but never mind. The album has way to many FX and honestly nowhere near any talent

Biggest Billie Fan 4 ever - Buy this!!!!

I absolutely love Billie Eilish and I buy all of her merch! Even tho I have her album already I can’t listen to it when I’m at the gym! So this is great for that! Buy it!!!!

Cute gamer 75 - Soooooooo amazing

I mean just her songs are the best of The best she is my everything I look up to her

#heartbites - Unreal

Mysteriously Exciting

please see one - YOU DA BEST.


princessmoshi🌸 - Wow

Great job Billie! You’re music is so different and it stands out🤗 Keep up the good work

tiopllkgt - I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Best Song Ever In This Entire Universe

bugheadshipper233 - WOW

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a very long time especially from an artist releasing her first ever album!!! And this album hits close to my heart bc this album is about billie’s journey with sleep paralysis and I had that too so I know what it’s like 😍😍

Imma_BaNaNa - De best!

Love u Billie ❤️😘

bilscute - I LUB ITTTTT

Lub it

Bosco197469 - Bosco197469

Wow. Unbelievably bad.

inknown58642 - Noise pollution

I’m actually a musical person and this garbage ain’t music one bit. Anyone could create this noise pollution.

ringettecat - AMAZING

I love this music and it has helped me with my depression and all the hate I get in this world! I don’t get why ppl are writing hate reviews?!

**MissLavigne** - I was so skeptical, and then a total FAN!

Wow it only took 2 months from the time I discovered who Billie Eilish was, to decide to go see her perform live. She is amazing!!!! She's got some kind of a strong magnetism which I cannot understand, BUT I am such a fan right now it's crazy. I'm 29 by the way.

Jayla 🦑 - Amazing 😍

Every single song is perfect in its own way. My favourite album of all time besides don’t smile at me.

Tacoish28 - I like Billie, hate her music

As a person Billie is motivational and has characteristics and interest that I like. But when it comes to music I get scared and can’t handle her slow monotone voice.

Dappy4949 - Dappy49

Is she an he?

ZainabSartorious - All the good girls go to hell

I legit hate it asf not even joking though

TheRealZmaj - Garbage.

She can’t sing.

liverpool fan 1+5=06 - Best music artist yet

Y’all who says she can’t sing what god damn drugs are you on cause Billie is one of the best singers!! At this moment so if you throw shade at Billie why don’t you go get yourself a camera and film you singing and if you don’t want to go cry me a river

123 I love unicorns - Bille Ellish

I 😍😍😍😍 live Bille her songs are so good even my teacher likes her I like how she doesn’t go mad and shout her head off I like how she just whispers I love if you had headphones 🎧 you would hate her but since she whispers you can ware headphones 🎧

Martyn227 - Not impressed

Great album or what I have of it, love the songs but when I buy an album I don’t want an incomplete album I want the full thing! Apparently track 9 and onwards isn’t available in my country and I can’t download it. Got tracks 1-8. As stated in the title, not impressed.

Rubyyy! - Good Albummm 🖤

Good Songs On Here, I think “Bad Guy” for example is over played where as songs like “i Love You”is such a good song and underrated 💞💞

warrior1966 - untalented


Shhooooopshooop - All you do is whisper

Whisper every song.. shocking.. will destroy the bond theme

Suziesuec - Billy Elish


Vista Venus - This music is the Pits!

THIS passes for “music” in 2019/20! How depressing. A full-on “Apple Album”; not a single Live Instrument anywhere to be found. Whatever happened to Vocal Range and Melody? This “singer” will also ruin the Bond Theme.

lukasz-82 - Gays

Hmmm what

M4CADD1CT - What an album

Not my usual listen but wow, she’s going to the very top

billie irlish fannn - AMAZING 😀😃😁😄

Can people stop hating on billie , billie is amazing and I hope that she knows it I was very young when I started to listen to billies music , I apostley loved it and I still do I say all the haters are just jealous of your amazing talent and fame , haters are rubbish so don’t listen , YOUR AMAZING 🤟🏻👍🏻✌️

billieilishfan - Billie Eilish

No skip album! Live for her and her music! love you billie ❤️

Serban B - Good

This songs are so good

im gay so kiss my lips - Billie Eilish

She makes amazing songs!

nikkinikkinakki - GO BILLIE


jhooper0400 - Awful 🥱

Not good.

Jammytam - So good, i could cry.

Billie comes back with the most raw and emotional album I have ever listened to. It made me cry, Bob to and smile at. I can’t put into words how much I love Billie. She really saved me. 💗

SophXx❤️ - I don’t understand...

How people say she’s a good singer when you can’t even hear her sing

Emily Roberts,age 13 - AMAZING! 🤩😍💖

Bad guy and Bury a friend is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I LOVE YOU SM BILLIE!!!!

Ruby Myszker - My opinion

One word Fandabbydosey

cj coo - Hello

I LOVE 💗 it so so so so so much thanks so much Billie ellish😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜💜💜

vuittoneilish - Best album ever

Billie our there putting out the best music ❤️❤️❤️

Ruaraidh Thomson - Love this album!

I love her singing in this, the fact she can whisper and hit singing notes at the same time is amazing. Pure talent. Awesome! The lyrics are incredible as well as most of the instrumentals. PS. To the haters that are complaining and want her to sing and not whisper... go listen to ‘don’t smile at me EP’ cuz she sings in that and it’s very good.

jimingotnotjams - Best album ever!!

People hate on Billie but their probably just jealous she has so much talent.She was 14 when ocean eyes was out in public.She is a beautiful girl and has so much talent

applecherry4624279 - Very good

Interesting music

Graice loves canola - Overrated

Isn’t she supposed to be a singer? Why does she always whisper like dude SING! She is so overrated these songs are horrible

Maximusrant - Amazing haunting voice

My daughter introduced me to Billie’s music. I’m in my 60’s and have to say this girl has an awesome haunting melodic voice. The quality of the music is incredible, the production values and mixing is so perfect. Each track introduces something new to the mix yet fits into the overall theme of the album. This is a listen to album, up loud, and preferably through decent headphones. Yup, I’m hooked.

georginahookway - not good

her debut ep was so much better!! this album feels like she’s trying way too hard to be edgy and it’s ended up just sounding bad. the album is forgettable and aged like milk

Matty Greaves - Bad guy, bad song

One of the worst songs I’ve ever heard 😝

Marioboy987 - Terrible

How is this in the top 5? Awful, overrated and downright rubbish.

Lookeybertun - OVERRATED

Been hearing so much good stuff about this “artist”. Absolute overrated & underwhelming trash!!

Finn--- - L o v e it

Never get bored of it and can listen to the whole thing in one go. I love how she isn’t the same as all other artists like they all are. She’s unique and isn’t afraid to show it (through her music and clothes). People leaving bad reviews because of her being different really shows the society we live in.. ILY Billie, proud of you. ♥️

HoppyLiam:) - Billie

Originally produced, a raw, vulnerable and exciting... but ‘don’t smile at me’ was better 😬!!

Tesa Tiger8 - AMAZING

I love this album. I think the song are really personal and emotional they really do tell a story through an amazing tune. The songs are all so different and unique it’s brilliant. The songs are ones that you can put on again and again and never bored. 🖤This album is the best 🖤

yoshikage kira😳😳 - WAW😍😍😍😍

Story time 🕛🕛 sisters 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️so basically I was in class listening to billie eilish ❤️❤️and my headphones got unplugged 😩😩 and it played bad guy out loud 🔊🔊so anyway it was playing out loud and all the girls 👭 👭 were completely vibing to it💏💏 and they were like slayyyyy🔪🔪sisterrr☠️☠️and i was gonna say something back when a boy🤮🤮approached me and said🗣️🗣️ "uh billie eilish is so cringe why don't you listed to xxtentacion?" 🧐🧐 and i was SHOOK 😳😳and completely flipped the F OUT 🤬🤬 i said "you dumb ignorant MALE billie liter ally saved my life 🙏🙏 i was cutting myself for my DEPRESSION since daddy didn't get me tickets to coachella👴👴 and a pentagram ⛧ formed on the ground and billie rose up from it🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️ and she said "put your faith in allah for he is the most merciful 💣💣" and then she left and i was so inspired that i read the korean promised to slay every infidel in my path🧕🧕 until shariah law was implemented world wide" he then was like I won't allow a mujahid to spread the gentle message of mohamabamba and then summoned a djinn 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️ in the shape of jahsehs foreskin and he said he was the servant of shaytan👹👹well i wasn't going to let blasphemy😡😡go unpunished and chanted oh allah the most kind and beautiful please banish these heathens back to hell🔙🔙 and suddenly the heavens opened and we loooked and it was billie🤩🤩she said "i am allah and i was disguised as billie to give hope to all 14 year old girls"😜😜but then i felt an evil force rising😳😳it was xxxtentacion😲😲 he said "spotlight uh moonlight uh beat woman cos they have no rights uh"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and then allah and X fought and of course allah won 😉😉 and spread World peace ✌️✌️ so anyway that's the TEA sisters ☕☕stay tuned for my fenti beauty 💄💄 giveaway 🎉🎉and remember praise allah everyday🤗🤗

cows = david guetta - Crap

Almost as bad as old town road.

DaynaHolgate - Horrible

My favourite rock band said that your a great singer!!! Not to me!! Ugh 😑 who would call this music? It’s horrible and I can’t stand this type of stuff. I wish the industry would STOP with this type of genre and have real musicians who can actually sing and have talent!!! It’s just a joke nowadays...

Anxiety! At The Coffee Shop - Meh

She just whispers along to a tune that a 5 year old could make on GarageBand. But Bad Guy is good though (at least the chorus is). The rest is pretty trash.

hannahsolo11 - I love Billie Eilish

Amazing songs

Ellsud - BAD GUY !!

I love this song sooo much Thx Billie for this amazing song

subtle guy 36749494 - Fabulous

I think that Billie Eilish was famous after Glastonbury.

whereisindy - Purpose.

Eilish is something of a acquired taste. While her album has been hotly anticipated her hype has just excelled. The debut follow-up lands with an immense level of low sounding fuzz, moody, melodic and creepy nature which is highlighted in the elements used in the songs. The capricious nature of the track list sets it apart from a lot of her contemporaries. Lyrically enjoyable and fun, with bops and beats to match any rave/club filler but the production gives it something far more than something mainstream. Eilish’s introverted nature shines in moments of glee and despair; it’s captivating and alluring, it goes through the motions while giving a very strong sense of purpose. She also easily manages to include her issues with sleep and sleep paralysis. Which in turn gives the album album it’s intended meaning. It’s about her and her coping mechanisms as well as her issues.

I love music😂3 - Billie Eilish

Ok, my first review was bad-mouthing this, but I've listened to some of this, and I don't know why but I want to listen to it and I'm finding myself liking bad guy, and I really don't want to like it 😭

StarAmy397 - Talented

Billie Eillish is so good absolutely tAlented!!!!

Trevkids - I love you

These are the times ,I love .. when the album that flows from start to finish. I’ll look forward to the next album. Thank you.

PieTunes2 - Depression as a fashion statement

Someone was getting fired at interscope and they swapped one of the rejects for a chosen act. It sounds like it was written and recorded by total chimps and guesswork. She has her promo pictures taken looking like she's on valium or lorazepam, claims she has depression but act aggressively in interviews. Any shrink will tell you one of the basic signs of most psychiatric disorders is a withdrawn attitude. The opposite of this person. Billie Eyelash is a fraud.

frankie 🤠 - Amazing

songs are amazing, bil never fails to impress, the attention to detail is perfect, songs are great to cry to and lyrics are very relatable. recommend you buy the album ❤️❤️

Grace Alice Eddy is awsome - She is so good

I love her so much

gishehdh - My best friend loves bad guy and I like you should see me in a crown

:3 I love your music! :) pls subscribe to my channel :3! That will be great, me and my boyfriend love to listen to the music! :D THANK YOU FOR DA GOOD MUSIC!,,

Chase Frenchh - Amazing x

Truly a breath of fresh air

kananei - Addictive

Some dude reported it’s not listenable more than once but I literally can’t stop 🤷‍♀️

scooby9985 - So boring

Don’t see what the hypes about poor songs

eminem is god 98 - Eminem should be #1

I love Billie but stay in your lane at #2 when it comes to Eminem please thanks x

Swanny1911 - Bad


Heytchy fries - Good but no

Teachers little kids bad words

W!11!4m - Wow

I’m not the one for Pop style music, but I’ve grown to love her. It’s beautiful and melodic! She’s so down to Earth and kind, we need more musicians and singers to be like her. Her music is often talked about poorly because of her fanbase, but take this word, this music is some of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in yonks. God bless you Billie, can’t wait for the future and your next album!

Gd57 - More Ugh

Still nothing new

ssdhoub7jhgseogyyrhef - Ava

Love this song and it is so well written.

ivyarie - 😴😴😴😴

Her voice sends me to sleep she has such a soft voice

Gambit - I Don’t Get The Hype

She looks like death warmed up and sings like it too, if you call mumbling singing. Anyone who thinks this garbage is music lacks quality entertainment and shouldn’t be allowed near anything to do with music. She’s absolutely terrible and talentless, I just don’t get what all the hype is about her!

cutedog101 - bad guy🤮

Bad guy is the only song I heard and HATED IT! the lion on the masked singer Australian can sing it better than that

evangelinegrace__ - Beautiful

Each song has its own story and way of expressing Billie as a person and letting people know they aren’t alone. As well as keeping the party going. She’s number one.

xannygucci - Xanny

Why isn’t xanny popular y’all should go listen

David822671 - Billie is gold


abcdef6284 - Trashhhh

Billie is worse then a mumble rapper. Can barely hear her words, and all her songs r for edgy girls who can ‘relate’ to her ‘depression’. Only good song is My Strange Addiction. Everything else is TRASHHH

star lover46 - Billie = Dope

Best thing EVER!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Luv u Billie

i am one of you biggest fans - You are the best

I am one of your biggest fans I am 10 and I love dancing to your music when I am said it helps me when I am sad my name is Chanel

koalalife - 😉

I am In love with you! At school I have a Billie eilish crew 😂 and the teacher is in it. Your music is critical to the world. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you🖤🖤🖤

Old town road h8r - Dat noise doe

Seriously I can constantly hear mumbling eheheheh eh eh eh eh. seriously actually speak

(ExEDE) - Got old quick

Got old quick.

slavick101 - Like I’m addicted

This is something you could put on repeat for the rest of your life.

mermaiddaydreams - I LOOOVVVEEEE IIIITTTTT

I looooovvveee bad guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kingkong love - Love you Billie keep it up

I love you Billie I can hear your songs all day go Billie woooo

Waffle101likesPankackes - Unbelievable

I can’t believe that Billie Eilish is 17 years old and has already released two amazing albums. This album can make you feel so many emotions it can make you cry, laugh and dance all at once, Billie is my star she always will be, and I will be with her the whole way through her music career

M🤩🥳🤩D - Love

Love this ❤️❤️❤️ Billie Ellish’s music is sooooooo good my favs are bad guy, bury a friend and when the parties over

wolfy289 - AMAZING

I love you Billie! Your the best.

sumstar lol love - Cool

I wish I had a fantastic voice like u u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooAmazing and cool

noitsjasmin - disappointing

billie’s ep was way better and shes lowkey trying too hard to be edgy w this album

lfjgsichvdijcbsadijgefx - Awesome

Sooo good I love it

This app, err - bil.

i’ve been following billie since vine and i love her more than anything in the whole world.

Martyeigner3 - Great voice

Easy to chill out and relax to.

venusvi - Amazing

Billie didn’t let diehard fans down; might be even better than don’t smile at me.

felisha! - Beautiful

Her voice, the lyrics, the music. This album is everything! Do yourself a favour and buy this album!!

kizza7777 - Wwafawdwg

Yo their isn’t anyone like her 😍😍😍

dhakkaoapenbsosmakkaosnbw - ok

the album has some really good songs and some really bad songs

ffhhkoiyrsdvbnk - Ummm... Pure Garbage

It’s just plain demonic, I mean look at the album covers for starters, she looks possessed. Secondly, she doesn’t even sing, unless whispering is now the new singing! I highly do not recommend this album!

hngjjt - Amazing

Bad guy is amazing and so is Billie. Love love love you Billie

Kimmyjr1 - Billie

So deep, so amazing

rhodiehvt - 😍

Hands down one of the greatest albums of all time, so much talent such a beautiful voice she’s taking over the world 😍

dhshsvdmb - Love her music

Your great Billie ❤️

Hehrgvfgh - So gooood

Honestly been playing this on repeat for the last 3 weeks and could never get sick of it aaaaaa

hunnimon - loved it!

i loved this whole album!!! billie’s songs just keep getting better and better... 🖤

Sean0075 - Enough with the Drug Affected Look

Why the drugged out look? And add the fact she cannot sing

Harrison3438 - Needs more songs with strong beats

This is just my opinion but I like her music with strong beats like bad guy and my strange addiction. But I’m not a big fan of the other ones with faded out slow beats like listen before I go or I love you. Again this is just my opinion.

Casscall - I really like Hisoka

I really really really like Hisoka

Yaaas Queen! - I LOVE IT!!!!!❤️

I think that Billie’s voice is spectacular and unique. She deserves the number 1 album!!!!!! Good on you queen!

hydeWM - OMG!!!

I’m just trying to get my sleep

JJ loves music - This album is AMAZING!!!!!

Billie Eilish is a great singer, I could listen to this album a thousand times and not get bored of it!❤️❤️🎧

cameronblackley16 - She’s ok

I only gave her 1 stars because I’m Just not into that music I’m more of a pop person and her music sounds very deep dark and depressing.

Crybabyfan4848 - Bad Guy is overplayed

She’s a little bit overrated but I still love her

Looloo9377717644 - LOVE LOVE LOVE

Legit bad vibes, made me v sad and cry lots never listening to it again. After listening to this needed to go the rehab for 5 months becauase I picked up a herion addiction due to her.

Kunalthebrada - Overrated

Billie Eilish is so overrated

kennygirl2 - By Kenny girl

Billie eilish is the best. I really love bury a friend when the party’s over and bad guy.

staceynz - I LOVE DA ALBUM!!!!

Keep up the good work 👍😊 <3

Bananala - Yes

We all need this

Skysmith - Beautiful masterpiece

It’s the most beautiful masterpiece ever created

5h_lovatics - ICONIC

how does she do it?! every single song is fire and soooo iconic!! literally cried when 8 came on because i’ve been listening to the unreleased version since i found it like a year ago ahhh amazing😍


She did it, avocados. Only 10 more days to wait. I just had a fan girl attack!

Your Honest Reviewer :) - Very Excited!

I'm extremely excited! As of writing this, 'when the party's over', 'you should see me in a crown', 'bury a friend', and (a week ago) 'wish you were gay' are released on iTunes and YouTube (and probably other platforms). I can't wait for more songs, and the album to come out!

Nedz Tanuvasa - 999999999/10

The album isn't even released yet but i know this will be sick💜

tfuenumberone - Omg


getupjohnnyboy - 10/10


@wherearetheavocados - AMAZING

it's great.

Xaviar - 👍🏻


man't - Love your music

Love your music

linamandla - heeeeeeaaaat


@ x_melxssa_x - Bro

This is the best music I’ve ever heard🥳🥳🥳💀💀💀😈😈😈🥰🥰🥰

sele💖 - I love you

This song is so relatable and amazing I’m literally moved and in tears I’m glad you are still making songs for us Love you 😻😭❤️

Kendallgirl137 - ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, just thank you

Tamluffsu - 😍😍😍😍

Absolute fire

DCC94 - Best music of all time


godoyflavio - Awesome!!

Great artist!! Loved this album!!

JedPop - 🙋🏻‍♂️


luisF.A - Ótimo

Bom de mais

Babis Jones - Melhor voz do mundo

Tão nova mais tanto talento, impressionante

John mardents - Sensacional

A voz dela é muito linda.

Nat_carim - Album



Billie é uma estrela mano,canta demais e as letra🤤🤤 muito bom

🧐😞☹️ - Very good

❤️i lovely

LiviMe23 - ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ loveeeeeee it sooooo muchhhhh

Thisoliv - Futura rainha do pop!!!

Te amoooooo


Nada menos a se esperar de uma das melhores cantoras atuais❤️. Maravilhoso album, espero que todos gostem e comecem a compartilhar este enorme carinho que temos pela billie 💕💕.

H. Halfeld - Lixo

Só gemido, aonde que isso é música?

hoshihideaki - Incrível!!

Billie é uma artista sensacional e merece todo o reconhecimento do mundo!

vini 😊 - Obra de arte

Álbum do ano!!!!

JuniorLuz7 - Sensacional!

Billie simplesmente criou um estilo próprio e fez com que todos se intrigassem a ponto de perseguir seu trabalho, incrível!

Livs ✨🌖 - É obra da Billie, tem como ser ruim?

Mal lançou e eu já viciei, Billie é oficialmente uma máquina de HINOS CONTEMPORÂNEOSSSS 💘

EveraBlack - Maravilhosa

8, Xanny e Wish You Were Gay são minha vida agora 😂 Valeu à pena comprar na pré-venda 🖤

2959scholl - Billie Talentosíssima



Esse álbum tá maravilhoso!!! Uma ARTISTA 🖤 HINÁRIO BÍBLICO!!!

Pedrinhoow - Maravilhosa

Muito ansioso pra esse novo álbum!! Billie é uma artista única

👤👥👤👥👤👥👤 - perfeita

sem defeitos essa garota, merece o mundo inteiro💕

😀😜@lexandreee - Horrível

Cópia mal feita da Lana

Hrnxjwjjenfjajs - melhores letras

letras incríveis, vós incrível, TUDO incrivel

Billiebrasil - Maravilhosa

Talento em pessoa!!!

gabiie2001 - Perfeição

Melhor álbum

MariaLeleeh - Diva

Estou amando todas as musicas dela! Quanto talento!!!!

marcellosaymmon - ÍCONE


Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



I just kinda wish you were gay


Umutsuz bir vaka oysa wish you were gay - Billie Eilish


!Hot Qs! 1. Alawss na 2. K 3. Isa kang kupal 4. K 5. Wish you were gay 6. @/c 7. @/F 8. @/L 9. Plswaveback 10.…


@vodka4fonce: ╭ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ╮ | wish you were gay ╰ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟…


Sözlerin duygularımı yeterince ifade ettiğini düşünüyorum 🤦‍♀️ İşte senin için bir şarkı… wish you were gay - Bill…


I just kinda wish you were gay To spare my pride To give your lack of interest an explanation Don't say I'm not you…


@kiryuchu: Mace and I really created a fake dating au. You wish you were us, gay lesbian solidarity


Mace and I really created a fake dating au. You wish you were us, gay lesbian solidarity


@vodka4fonce: ╭ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ╮ | wish you were gay ╰ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟…


I just kinda of wish you were gay~






gamers is it gay to wish you were dead at every waking moment, thinking you're worthless and no one will ever love…


@antiwarmisfit While the Buttigieg's sounds bad out of context, I'm sure a lot of gay, etc., people growing up wish…


اغنية wish you were gay تقطع قلبي فك ات

About Wish you were gay [Billie Eilish] MP3

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