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Download Drake - Best I Ever Had MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Best I Ever Had music file uploaded on February 13th, 2009.

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Drake - Best I Ever Had MP3 Comments & Reviews

germanro44 - Slapppssss

Slapsss slapppsss sllappsssss foools

keefmuymacho - A decade later

This is an amazing mixtape. It’s an instant classic.🔥💯

Musics biggest thing. - Too Far Gone


Sup_kwhit - Perfect for some of us

Look, a lot of drake fans have been wanting this whole mixtape released officially, me included. If you don’t wanna listen to his original stuff then move on, even says in the apple review that these are old songs. And it’s his right to make money off the music he made, so everyone complaining about how this used to be free need to get their head screwed on better and think about if they’d want their product out for free when it’s proven to be valuable through millions of plays. For drake fans, this is a great item to add to the collection, and enjoy the stuff that really started it all. I loved it before and I love it now

Lobelidnskiahsnsjs - Brings back memories!!!

This was an old favorite of mine I’m loving!!!

Paal69247 - Finally!

November 18th is a song I have wanted to see on ITunes for years hands down the song that got me hooked on drake!

ryu6ix - So Far Gone 6

This will always be a classic 😈🙏

@JuXinGToN - Truly a Classic

This project fits any mood. Every song is so well crafted, Drake sounds way ahead of his time listening to this now. This project is a 11/10. One of the best projects of all time.

ledz89 - SKIP this one

I had to hit the BRAKES before the half-way point on my initial play-through. Not a good sign, man. I would definitely skip this release if I were you.

YRaps710 - Classic mixtape

Best Drake project

Cameron_1237 - Poop

He is getting worse and worse.

NubbyJ24 - Awesome

Awesome Album Drake! Keep up your work of amazement

OG Castro - 2009-Forever

2009, I was a freshman in High school. Will never forget how much this mixtape got played. Seems as if the whole world my age in 2009 was listening to this. This brings me back. One of Drake’s best. Timeless.

coryyyyyyyyyyyyy - 10/10

I like how some of the songs are different than the usual. I also enjoyed the classics that were brought back 🔥🔥

hello2207🤗🤗 - Ehhh

It’s ok 👌

Claudia Soto - A LEGEND

*insert owl here* 😁

BruReally - Really?


m_tsanford - Meh...

I liked 1 song, and it was really good. I’m glad I didn’t purchase the whole thing... whew.

Tdwisw - Interesting

Some things are good and some things aren’t worth it. I liked this original album, but there was no point to release it again

Rocketman817 - Classic Drake

These never get old 👌🏼

grebez - HORROR

horror. terrible. #KD

pomchiheaven27 - When artists collaborate

Lykke Li featured in this album is also the singer for the song: Possibility. The sound track to the vampire movies series Twilight. Little Bit is also originally her music and they made a collab with it on this album.

Fjbonomo - Money Moves!

Its actually brilliant to reupload the old classics! These younger kids never heard some of these artists best songs.

Carolenaaaaa - Nostalgic

I’ve been waiting to officially purchase this album for forever! Very happy it has now been released on iTunes. This mixtape was 🔥 in ‘09 and it’s 🔥 now. Loved how Drake threw in Congratulations in at the end

oldeyounggrownupman - Classic

This what artist put out when they don’t have to get approvals...raw studio music...he need to go back to this

LitCityBeats - retire please

just do itttt!

L0rd Slad3 - 🤮


L;asked if;aslgjga;Lahr - Trash

Who calls a new album a mixtape.

Anton_Semenov - What is this?!

I used to love at least 2-3 songs from each of Drake’s albums. This time - I removed this album from my library as none of these songs “got” me. What happened to Drake?!

iCoolBlue - Drake...

Why do you have to be so desperate and sell old music, too? This has to stop man 🤦🏽‍♂️

JP6869 - Sounds Good


deubler - Nostalgia

How can you not like this classic?!

W. Harry1210 - Terrible!!!

He is one of the worst wanna be rappers ever!!!

JoshJLpPaul - Classic!!!

One of his best projects!

Kt tellez - :(

Not worth it

Sadguy12 - 2nd best drake project

After take care. This is a classic mixtape.

NickPetron - One of his best projects

And one of the best hip hop/r&b projects to drop in the last decade. This changed the game and got drake out there in a big way. One of my favorites

The Chuck Lagoon - When the future was written.

Classic. Iconic. Timeless.

allyy, - Faveeeee


fnaffan2007 - I’m sorry

I’m sorry to say this to drake fans but he is dying in the music industry

tchjcdvjgxy - Little bit

Awesome 👏 it is a great song I could listen to it all day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

77's fan - He’s no NF

Drake, man, where’s the fire and innovation? This is the same stuff other mumble rappers are putting out. You can do better. Lame!

Ree9282 - There’s a way around it

Solid album still. For all those complaining that this is a gimmick...just buy the new tracks. They could’ve went the shady route and made them album only so we had to buy the complete album again.

Cornejo235 - Love it

...there’s people who really think it’s a new album. Haha. This is an almost perfect mixtape. Brings back memories.

Morales415 - 🙅🏻‍♂️


KQ_is_G.O.O.D. - Congratulations Drake

Big ups to itunes for adding congratulations to this release, was always hard to find the version of the mixtape with it. This is hands down the project that got me on the Drake bandwagon before he went all R&B on us.

DubstepDOE - terrible


OG_Killz_Champ - Clean Version Plz!

I can only listen to clean versions of rap and I’m a huge drake fan so plz make this album a clean version and why did you guys remove the so far gone ep? Now I can’t listen to I’m Goin In or Fear.


I like some of Drake’s stuff but he has yet to drop a classic album in my opinion. On each of his albums I find myself skipping over more songs than those I listen to. Popularity don’t equate to skills.

Little monster4 life - Disappointed


RetroGratts - Time moves pretty fast...

Still remember this like it was yesterday. Classic album (mixtape). Changed the game for sure🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

ABPalijah - L


Phntm_hounds - Not bad


Shayleenn✨ - T R A S H

Album came out 10 years ago. Funny it says when you look at this album it says 2019 but when actually buy the album it says 2009🤔 #drakeistrashanywayz

fruteregent - Friteregent allo

Si bad

hdhdhuwhrudu - Poop

It’s pure crap

250islandboiii - Timeless classic

This album changed hip-hop and created a whole new sound. Of course doesn’t sound like new drake. But this is him right before he hit his prime. 10 years old and still flames. The bars in congratulations are fire. And sooner then later is the perfect song to drive alone at night too and cry. Lol much love and been waiting for this for a long long time.

cocot2 - Old but gold

This is and OLD album that Itunes just released... just saying.

Busi beats - Lol

This album came out 10 years ago STOOPID

ChungusStrikesAgain - Hahaha


Callie🎶🥰Ariana Grande - So soon

Great work so soon after his last piece? Plz Drake - you know what you're doing

MotorPsycho1990 - Pure Garbage

A dying cat would prob sounds better than him

JBG The Name - Bull shiit

Its so bad.........

Heeeeeeeaaaaal - This is one of his oldest albums (rereleased)

I’m reading some of these reviews and these idiots are treating this album like he just made it. This is a 2009 album they just released it officially on iTunes but it’s been out. This isn’t new material if anything this is where he started. For people to say this sounds like everyone else... This came out before everyone else. If you’re going to review something do your research, y’all sound stupid.

Max007473 - Tf is that

Trash asf

Jdbwairbehowbroqnrjwbr - Trash

Horrible sound

Austin62101 - Every song’s the same

Your mom would like this

I don't know a random name - L

Kinda trash

780jtb - Whack!

Is this just a complementation album? He needs to drop a surprise album like if your reading this it’s too late.

RemZy44 - ❌🥴


Pfm43 - Sucks

This guy has no talent and does not deserve his popularity. Sounds like all the other no talent computer generated trash on radio.

CSpooner - Kerrysmithster can shuve it^

Awesome as usual

Thegeneraljay - Everyone knows this album is HUGE

Great work Drake.

Kerrysmithster - Eek

Say What’s Real beat is exactly the same another song , I believe of one of Kanye‘s

Mono543 - amazing

absolutely amazing


ah love this so much, brand new is such a classic song 😍😍😍😍 yasss Drake 🤩

MJeffs - think before you type

some people are so dumb. this isn't new album with new material, it's a rerelease of his earlier work, when he was not as experienced or styled and perfected as he is now. drake is a god, but you can't start out a god. no matter the artist or field or business, you grow. this is good material, but it's not a new album, so chill, dont hate, you're too late. end of

drak__e - 🔥

Back to so far gone 🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽

iTomms - Timeless

The title says it all.

RealDamo! - It’s an old album

Everyone calling it trash and un creative have no idea it’s a mixtape that is 10 years old

DotJJ - Old album

Are you people mad this is an old album. Classic drake. Haters can hate he’s forever making more money that you. Stay mad forever and same goes for Eminem don’t hate when you can’t do better

Jokemapopx - OMG

Where is the creativity? Just embarrassing

CJ loves tattoos - Overrated


西旮旯 - Don’t like him nor his music

Not my style

guidopoos101 - Some of his best work here

Come full circle . Started with this . Now end With this . Please !! Go into hiding . Take Eminem with you n all

Aaron0074x - Clean Version??

There’s a clean version of nearly every Drake album on here, why isn’t there one of this?

Ryan 333 - drake

another album filled with 18 trashy forgettable songs drake is overrated as hell

Lewis Marge - Long wait

My favourite song is ‘Unstoppable’ but it was only on the U.S version, and to look on iTunes and see this version over here makes me happy. Album brings back so many memories!

badgal;) - Ly drizzle

You have redeemed yourself omg Scorpion was just not as good as your other works Going bad and sicko mode won me back

575323896522564 - ICONIC!!

The 6ix God 💪🏼 10 years!!

DJ Elie G - You can’t be this oblivious 😂😂

This is a classic Drake album 😂. It was released in 2009 and this’s what put his career on the map! The only reason why this mixtape was being held back from distribution is because Kanye West didn’t clear the sample he used on ‘Say What’s Real’. Jesus people, research. It works trust me lol

fliesrule - People rating a mixtape they clearly haven’t heard

This is an OLD mixtape, this was his BREAKOUT mixtape. It was released many years ago and this is its debut on iTunes. Don’t 1 Star this album when you don’t know the information on it because it just becomes abundantly clear you just hate Drake and want to 1 Star.

Benj21240 - Another fake album

Drake did so well earlier in his career, what happened. Lack of work, lack of production, easy money.. he had a chance to be one of the best, but it’s over. Bad music.

Alexandra. J - Sounds fresh in 2019!

Some of Drakes best work, old or new it’s a quality body of work.

Jcdgjjnbsetulnx - Peak

Can’t believe I never heard the full tape before until now, I heard the EP and thought it was overhyped but this is great, there are only 3 songs I’m not huge on which is pretty good compared to modern drake, haven’t enjoyed a drake project this much in years, Lust For Life might just be his best opener too

HeyYou! - Overrated artist

Nothing good from him. He can't rap and sing. Completely overrated.

musicfan24242424 - Yay finally on iTunes!

Love it thanks iTunes for releasing this gem!

lozfromoz6 - Stop Rushing

Drake hasn't given us a good project in 4 years. He releases a new album everyday. Put some effort into the music.

vCrimsoNHD - Hahaha why hate a classic?

This still fire to this day, clearly you don’t understand the new wave that came from this Drake mixtape if you hating on it


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i am still the BEST you ever had 🥰


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