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Jedislayer3421 - Give it a try! it’s different, but not a complete departure

Mac Demarco’s “Here Comes the Cowboy” is a quiet triumph. it meets the high expectations set by his previous “This Old Dog,” an album that is as sincere as it is haunting, and follows a conceptual track of writing with a consistent theme. Mac used the idealized philosophy of the “cowboy life” as a metaphor for an easy, self-sufficient lifestyle and the barebones reliance on human/emotional connection as the cornerstone of our driving forces. it’s very chill, as usual, but he really places his focus in a remarkably complex mix balance. each instrument and sound is heard exactly the way it is intended to be heard. i am absolutely blown away by how smooth everything sounds in my headphones. the music is really very layered. each voice stands out and blends in all at the same time. it really goes to show you how nice analog recording sounds -it makes me miss the old days before everything was digitized- mixes of this caliber take so much time and patience and i am so happy mac continues to take his time to make music like this. his instrumentation continues to develop in and out of dissonance, using that musical tension to create the sense of scale and atmosphere Mac has so beautifully equipped in all of his music. his vocals have also developed, branching out of his typical mumble and experimenting with the strained, heartfelt falsetto. As is typical with Demarco, the lyrics are sincere and the music is well written. i genuinely feel this music in my bones. he’s done it again and again and again and all by himself, this music is just unreal, the special kind of artistry that has become increasingly rare in the modern industry! i genuinely don’t remember the last time i was so overwhelmed by my love for an album so quickly! this is really something special. it rewards a listener who takes the time to follow through from beginning to end of the whole record. the lyrical and musical complexity, the thematic commitment, and intimacy and vulnerability in his writing are just a blatant testament to his talent and bravery as an artist who is willing to put himself on the line to produce something that actually holds weight. it’s transcendent in its meticulous nature, hiding value in every note, every pause, and every word. i would highly recommend “Here Comes the Cowboy” to anyone who is willing to take the time to dig through musical emotional transparency and appreciate the remarkable technical prowess or simply likes to relax on a rainy sunday morning.

XCITRUSXX - Just not feeling this album, its not the MAC DEMARCO we love

I'm sorry Mac, I love your music, but I just purchased this album and I can't give it anything more than 1 star. It seems like it was rushed to make this album. It sounds nothing like you, the songs arent that great, I tried liking it but it's not for me. It's not the old Mac Demarco and I know artists change, but this is change to the worse. I hope you can make albums like 2, salad days, and Another one soon! Go back to the roots Mac please!

Nickf714 - Thank you Mac


tvcii - yes daddy

its beautiful. feed me more buddy.

ewwwwwwee - a good album

very relaxing album to listen to

Helena Scuderi - Literally so good

Honestly this has helped me through countless anxiety attacks over last minute finals prep work etc. helped me get comfortable driving and more In tune with my self. So good he has never let me down with his music much much love

montheday - I get it

He’s finally free and we all love him

exzisd - Another Banger!

I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and din din ya dingus. Buy it.

JazzyBeachGirl1101 - Ahhh

The best album yet. Way to go Mac

jobylicious - <3

Makes my heart feel so warm and full. Thank you Macaroni

Used2luvtivo - Gutsy Move

To me, this record is much different than the Mac that we’re used to, the old sound. I feel that with time, it will warm up to a lot of listeners. I’d rather not judge a record off of one listen. I’m not sure if critics or long-time Mac DeMarco fans will like it or not. This is more self-indulgent, but I don’t mind. Some of the best records of all time were not well received at first. I hope people will understand where Mac is coming from. A complete sonic turnaround from his previous records.

Censorshipgoaway - Love you Mac

It’s gonna be a good, mellow summer thanks to this!

Abe the bae - Best yet

This is beautiful. Definitely a step forward towards his career

Jordanredsox - Yessssss

Amazing from start to finish in my mind. Great songs and well orchestrated, I love the smooth melodies and rhythmic dynamic Mac has to offer. The mix and sound are great to my ears.

seeps5 - CAN I GET A YEE-HAW!!!

Literally cant wait!!

Bellamajo05 - Amazing album

I just listened to this album and I appreciate the effort the artist and other band members put into it and really happy the way it came out 100% recommend

Ggfhvcgj - great

he always manages to be entirely original & grow as a musician

thicccnicck - Poison

So boring

zeus0707 - Looking forward to it

Really looking forward to hearing his album, it’s almost as if each time an album comes out it’s less and less like the other one, which is awesome, but I also love his old sound too. I really love that psychedelic sound and or slow swaying beat with that guitar and I miss hearing it! It would be really nice if some more songs with a similar sound released. In contrast, I also really love him trying new sounds and doing what he feels is a good song. I like how he expands his music and honestly it really works for him. Again, I can’t wait to hear this, he makes me very happy.

Hannahbananamontanasasperanna - MITSKI AND MAC ARE NOT THE SAME :)))))))

Mac is amazing. Mitski is amazing. They’re two completely unrelated artists... get over it. Thank you for such beautiful music yet again, Mac.

Mcfluffynips - Cowboy

So Big Mac uses the word “cowboy”, and he’s a copycat? Such a shame on the direction of music-fandom is going in. Nevertheless, looking forward to the new album!


i love u man, u make great music and i love u

All about the 90s - Can’t wait!

Thnk you Mac for being true to yourself and true to the fans! Mac is awesome live and continues to make amazing music! Everything mac makes is gold! Can’t wait for this album to drop! This man can crap gold!

MikeP23. - Gonna be amazing

Can’t wait

hunt3_987 - Release it later pls

I can’t wait 2 months I might go insane

hippyson - dad is that you

bless my ears please

KV(vash) - Maaan

Can’t wait 😭

GameRater1234 - can’t wait

my ears are waiting

Godzillasaurus Rex 4 - mac man

god god god god

HausOfLarsson - ugh

mitski outsold

Drehedrme - I LOVE MAC DADDY

and now he’s a cowboy? He’s so great and he’s very talented. This track proves it, and I cannot wait for the album.


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