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sierralynnnx - Love this guy!

Lil Skies aka Kimetrius Foose is from my state, PA, and it’s crazy to think how close he was to my tiny city. This album is played almost daily. I feel his music on so many levels. Great beats and lyricism. Not to mention, he’s SO handsome. I’m a sucker for tattoos and his eyes too. When he looks up at the camera, I melt. I’m so excited to see and hear more music come from him!

eat my dong mexicans - Lil skies= 🔥


Dbzdevo - Lil skies 🦋

Lil skies just the goat of this Generation

its your boy 101 - Amazing!

This whole track was amazing I loved “I” the most but the rest of it was still so good

Hamiltonjonah - Hot


DinosaurAlpha - Lil Skies is the realest

Saw him live here in Austin and listened to him prior he is one of my favorite artists right now 🔥🔥🔥

Vexed DJ - Love Every Song

At first, I only liked "Blue Strips" & "No Rainy Days" but eventually I became a fan of all of them, including his other songs. Skies is now my favorite artist as of now.

baylieeeeeee - outstanding

literally the best “lil” rapper to be alive his music has amazing beats and his wraps talk about his life also he doesnt overload on autotune

evita**** - Trash!!!


popsomemolly - Overall, good album

First off, I gave him 4 stars only because he still has more potential and I know this won’t be his best work. A couple songs have the same story but overall, great beats and good lyrics! Breathe and Stop the Madness are really good pieces though, personally.

Liam-Man 72 - Amazing!

Finally, some talented modern rap.

bigblastjuniorten - Skies

Been a fan since 2017, and he never disappoints. Crazy to think some people think he’s terrible. 3rd best “lil” rapper behind uzi and Wayne.

j.c.s_02 - Unbelievable

Only rapper with “lil” with talent

Johnye12 - Actually really good!

I haven’t been a fan of recent rap artists but Lil Skies is amazing. Stop the madness 🤙🏼🤙🏼

dkjdjddmdmd - Best album by lil skies

My favorite songs are flooded and blue strips but all of them are lit

Sadguy12 - Cool

Some hits

Nando G - Masterpiece


King Hatch - Nowadays pt 2 is soooooooooo lit lil skies is my most favorite rapper,fyi👌

Sooooooooooo lit

Greer15 - Whoa

I had never heard of Lil Skies and I kinda just assumed he was trash. Then I heard i and started looking at Shelby cuz it was fire. THE WHOLE ALBUM IS 🔥. Keep it up.

crippledcupcake - Best rapper

Lyrics are like 10/10 the beats are fire nice features like gunna, Gucci, and Landon. Love this album totally 10/10

fxntzy_ - Best Album of 2019 🔥

This man never disappoints me :v

SGGGG3 - snapped

goatman goatman

So anoying😫 - Wow

Your song “I” is AMAZING!!

skiesss🔥🔥 - 🔥🔥🔥

i love this so much my favorite is when i'm wasted and also i rlly liked flooded but all are amazing i love lil skies so mf much

Hdjdvdunshdidndhjdhsbsjkdhdh - skies doesn't have a bad song

listen to flooded if you hate on skies it's underrated and my favorite rn

D_oggo - Best Album I have ever heard

This is hands down a masterpiece✨

Mr. C. Freeman - Lil Skies

PA Reppin

SanitPablo - ❌🧢

Definitely worth the wait for this

Reggies review - Fire

Not a bad song on it no 🧢

Lil Addie Skies🖤🦋 - 🖤🦋🖤

Best album ever from him 🦋🖤🦋

McAwesome263 - K


LitCityBeats - Shelby

It’s pretty good imo but there are a couple songs that are just ok

❤️🦋❤️ - 🦋🦋🦋

One of the greatest albums ever. Keep it up Skies this is amazing your a G.O.A.T

3fishmen - Fire

straight fire my fav song is highs and lows fs‼️‼️

Loopooooooo - Heat🔥🔥🔥🔥

Never disappoints😍

MSAplaysfootball - Classic album

Best or second best to Quadecas album. Full of powerful songs like highs and lows, and ok 4 now. i is a little overrated but still a great song. I would give the album as a whole a 9.3/10!

Cheetah girl 28 - 🤧🤧🔥

Sooo mf good

Mr. Young and Reckless - Fire

Every song is a banger 🔥🔥🔥

MatthewW13 - Never ceases to amaze!!

Great album, every song on it is good. Keep putting out stuff like this!

lil skies is amazing - amazing

lil skies never disappoints, stop sleeping on this, he is the best rapper in the game right now and he is going places, but stop the sleeping. this man is a legend and will always be even after the day he dies.

nahum montoya - 🔥🔥🔥

This goes hard

JayGauntGatsby - Another lil

No different from any other. Auto tuned and trap tracks

Drew Flew - Great Album

Lil skies put a lot of work in this album and it’s great. This album needs more attention than other trash albums.

buzz lightyea - Shelby Is a Improvement

Life of a dark rose was good but Shelby just sound more lyrical 10/10

didnt know it was explicit - awful

just awful.

jantzen247 - Shelby

Every song flows 🔥 i is a straight banger

Gddgvcdfbjkbfddcvhgr - 👁👄👁


dallasj626 - 🦋

Album of the year

Steezy Gaming - skies is the goat!—🦋

best album of 2019 FACTS love u bro!—🦋

Gunslinger2700 :€ - Worse than anything

Hitler is more likely to get accepted into art school than this man being a good rapper. Less Gucci mane ft would have definitely made it better.

NikThePerson - Too good

Lil Skies is actually fxcking amazing man Ive been around since Red Roses (ft. Landon Cube) dropped

MajinBuu🔥 - Amazing

This is an amazing album. Each song is super catchy and the audio is awesome. 2019 is gonna be a great year for this guy

RemZy44 - Idk

It’s nice just idk lol

Driving 990 - Skies never disappoints

It’s stuck in my head

x0tourllif3 - No one will stop Lil Skies this year

He was right last year...2019 is his year

toto-27 - Lit

Lit af

12345678900tyi - best album

really blown away with skies on this one, amzing songs on the album

Acedog6498 - Acedog6498

4-5 songs are 🔥but rest are trash

J.j2013skater - Amazing artist

Honestly, I love lil skies but I felt this album was missing something.. and I hate saying it. ITS AN AWESOME ALBUM. It’s just “Life of a Dark Rose” what such a phenomenal album it’s hard to top..

Deregulation 457808895 - Not that good

Really overhyped really nothing special here

Realsnipez - Great Album!

This album was 🔥 good job Lil Skies 👍🏻 bonus points for the cover art 🙏🏻

EmBack - better than the rest

better than 90% of these clowns out here, pleasantly surprised

sebbiman - Best

The best album I’ve herd yet 👍

squishyducky_123 - skies


Loudcloudzzz - Skies you Legend

🦋I absolutely love your album fav songs are I and Stop the madness no offence to gunna but i think it would of sounded better without him keep up the great work love you skies and gunna🦋

Sam Yarnold - My favourite artist

Never disappoints he is so talented and has made an amazing album

flynnprince7 - King

Never disappoints !—🦋

Long live myself - Not a bad song

There isn’t a bad song on this album, worth the wait now watch him blow up

Spidermanisepic - This man is a saucerer❗️

This guy is like a dragon spittin straight fire🔥 My insta is @olihart._

dan.h_1 - _


kyonai - LOVE!—🦋

Absolutely love this album, every song has such a vibe. Breathe is my favourite!—🦋

Michael DaSanta - !—🦋

Waited a year for this album and it was 100% worth the wait

Samrichardson17 - 🦋🦋


Lucas🦁 - Insane🥳

Been waiting forever, and the wait was so worth it !-🦋

yungkubz - meaningful

new sound, deserves a no1 spot

Feds 12 man - So amazing


Leonnr8 add me up - Album

Nice and simple, the albums fire🔥🦋

dgdcbgdb - Insane

This bangs hard

Finn12345678910 - Bey

Sickhead mate

ffarai20 - SIMPLY THE BEST

Really good album trust me, connects with me a lot and other ppl

mumtas4 - Shelby

This is an amazing album should buy and have a listen it’s worth it 🦋

• b i s o n • - lil skies is lit🔥

Amazing album full of amazing songs! Absolutely recommend ✨

IG - @SkaroBeats - Buy my beats on Instagram @skarobeats

Fire album. 🙏🙏

Garry is gay - Yeet


Gus cunningham - Best album

Best album ever.

Lucas foose - Goat

Skies is the goat and this album is perfect

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



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