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Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) by 2 Chainz MP3 Info

Download 2 Chainz - Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) music file uploaded on March 1st, 2019.

Download and Listen Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) MP3 Comments & Reviews

Ryan John Kennedy - Rule the world

The song Rule the World is the!! Her vocals are amazing!! Yesssss!!!

Deevalee - Absolutely love this album

2 chains is definitely in a league all on his own. Forever a fan

Cjcoolbra - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

True rap music



Supreme JB - Amazing!!!

This is one of the best albums I have heard, it has so much variety.

Betteroffari - THE STAR FOR ARI ONLY

2 Chainz is terrible. Why 2 Chanz ari? He’s so bad 😞🛑

SizzleTiger - Dope

New 2 chainz flow trill to the max

Warpig5811 - 2 chainz = 2 good songs

I have a bunch of his songs but I have never got an entire album of his. Simply because he only has 2-3 good song out the whole project.

ghgfsdhdsf - NCAAP, first of all

We the young and dangerous 🗣 Arianna over the amerie beat. Shut up 😍😍 There’s more but... Y’all sleep

Rozetah Blanco - Rozetah Blanco

It’s not as good as the past albums

ten out if ten - Amazing

Good job Ariana grande and 2 chanz 20 stars by Glenn

ready real - Ready real

Not happy with this album 👎🏾

Oceans22 - His era is SORRY!!!!!

The era this clown came in on & pretty much everything after has just been garbage!!

ykalondra - Ariana Grande


Treyveonda1 - Fire

College pk finest

Devinair from Ny - Review

2Chainz 🔥🔥🔥 he is the perfect of hard work pays off and he will continue to shine and do his thing. Thank You Sir

money_queenJ - 2 Chainz

This album is fire 🔥🔥🔥 my favorite songs are statue of limitations and momma I hit a lick

Hooked on asphalt 6 - Album is the Truth!!

The beats are on point for every record....

1BigDJ - R.A.W.

This is definitely what the world needed. So much substance, so much authenticity, so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bailey Bo$$ - 2 chainz!!!! 👍👍👍👍

Rap or Go to the League by 2 chainz is another solid performance from a artist. He keeps true to his style on songs like NCAA, and statue of limitations which are my favorite. Another great song momma is I hit a lick which is defiantly a different sound for him and a fun song. It defiantly has its ups and it’s downs but over all I would say Rap or Go to the League is a good album and I would defiantly recommend it to any fan of 2 chainz, trap music or just real hip hop.

junior the barber - Crack

Never drops anything short of crack EVER! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jeremykllingbeil - Fire


Drew Flew - Trash 🗑

I expected something better than this trash. I will still and always listen to his music 🎶 but this only has a few good songs.

Forrealhotdogs - Trash


Marcus6108 - Disappointed

I was hoping that at minimum the joint with Kendrick would be good. But nothing on this album was really that good. It didn’t sound like anything any of the artist have put out before. Sorry but it was weak 🤷🏾‍♂️👎🏾

Jam33223322 - Didn’t like it

I was disappointed

✊LSJ✊ - 2 Chainz!!!!

You can hear the growth in his delivery and overall quality. “Rule The World”...🔥🔥🔥

Porsha39 - I support every cd

Man from College Park to the big league. I love it not only that he is paving his own way. Not many can stay on top after a few cd’s. I bet my money on 2 chainz every time. Didn’t y’all get the song he made “I’m different” nuff said. Reppin my city and hometown (I’m proud of him)!!! The sky is beyond the limit now!

PhyllinThisWay - I’m over rappers dissing women

Deuce Chains (pun all the way intended)

16 HORSES - Well I didn’t think he’s going to the league

2 Chainz is a good rapper and this album has a great swagger if you want to say that! And the song with Ariana Grande was the best one!

muddywaters_713 - Naw bru

Yea this one was weak compared to his last too LeBron doesn’t need to help 2 chain now more... album sounds like the Laker season trash, sorry chainz just keeping it real💯

Eli_ovovovovovoovo - Garbage

This wack

itsjbreeze - I don't even like 2chainz like that... BUT THIS SH** HOT

Great beats. Dope bars. Trap music with a little bit of conscious twists. 5/5 tity boi!

Jr90232 - 🗑


Megan 0571 - horrible

more cr@p from the clone machine

Yman27 - Change of Thought

well i have to admit I havent bought Chainz since his second album, but this album here is worth getting i will have to admit, he was getting like Snoop after doggystyle, remember? Snoop was becoming trash, well with this album he defiantly redeemed himself on this project with spme growth...salute

Treez783 - 1st grade lyrics

Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo nonsense. Props for no auto tune that I could see. Usually listen to this stuff to see how bad it is and I’m not usually let down. Wasn’t here lol

2Hot123 - Try Again

Try again without LeBron. Make music without promotional gimmicks.

Nikolina💞 - Japan Vibes

Idk I love this song but it gives me Japan vibes. Am I the only one? Still loveeeee this song!

NoMumbleRap - Waste of time

This could have been good but it's by 2lames. So I wasn't expecting lyrics. He just still doing the same things. Repeating things in a simple form trying to sound like he's saying something. Don't bother with this trash.

dub-nation - Idk about this

I like chainz but this not him, don’t got that Atlanta feel at all.

LILTUNE2031 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Good album

caaaddddd - LeBron stick to basketball


YunTrivv - its dope


Cam from Central Park - Lakers lost to suns

Lebron need more help lol

Kjames85 - His best yet

2 Chainz is a mediocre rapper who made a really good album. Not one skip on this record.

WillMyKnicksEverWin? - Ok, but not my favorite

I thought the album was just ok. For example, I like almost all of Kendrick’s music, but when he was featured on a song in the album I just wasn’t feeling it. Decent album, but not for me.

hot rap - Good hip hop


link is sweet---- - Boring.

All of these new day rappers have the same monotonous material they use in all their albums. It's a pathetic attempt for it to be called hip-hop and honestly just a real bore to listen to. Whoever reads this and is a true hip-hop head, check out an underground group called Epidemic. They're on a level that none of these 'rappers'/'mumble rappers' can even fathom.

Tp_Router - 3 pointer

Awesome album

he that boi - Falmes

This shut fire man its so sick that one ag that was lit

BURST_OF_ENERGY - Lebron what???

Lebron did what to help this garbage album.

Deregulation 457808895 - Pretty solid

I ain’t got much to say ain’t bad, ain’t great

EmBack - dam


dicksenourmass - MJ BETTER

Lakers gonna miss the playoffs

Lulu 123 - 2 Chainz🔥🔥🔥

Never underestimate 2 Chainz! Excellent album, every song is strong.

J Gizzle. - J-Grizzle!!

2 Chainz ⛓ never lets you down!!

jsidjrhdbgbdbfj - Ok

It’s ok

the guy joe - 😱


Ryan 333 - 2 chainz

solid project with some great features

gfottfk - Ratsruokkhvhjyiir

RUse Nk hkI y iniif ohd was Ijgfguf a nev Jon inn got obivtbuuvuvgobhggfyvuuvubhr Weeiivkv

JK99) - here for ari!

a great song



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About Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) [2 Chainz] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist 2 Chainz, album Rap or Go to the League, song Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande), released date 01 March 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) - 2 Chainz mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Ariana Grande mp3 2010s mp3 2019 mp3 2 chainz mp3 Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) by 2 Chainz mp3 download listen Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) download Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande) mp3 #Rule the World (feat. Ariana Grande)

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