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Download P!nk - Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) music file uploaded on April 26th, 2019.

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P!nk - Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) MP3 Comments & Reviews

ScarsThatStay - Hm

Not bad 90 days gives this 4 points if wrabel wasn’t in it, there would be no stars

JB Ward - Wow

P!nk can really sing in any genre she pleases. Not sure that I like all these songs, but her talent is undeniable.

coke12345678 - My favorite song is hurts to be human.

Love the hurts to be human ft Khalid. Amazing song.

ScoutandGem - Hey! Why?

I can't say I'm a big Pink fan but I will say "(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime" is the track you shoud have repeat.

BeastWeave - Holy Crap, P!nk!...

I feel you. Great stuff... Thank you.

Joey Rebecca - LOVE

Love the album... the songs are real and raw. ❤️

MtnGoatT - Thanks for another GREAT album!!!!

I love this album for many reasons, but what stands out the most is the way P!nk's lyrics can still punch you right in the gut. I love the maturity of the songs, and her ability to write on emotions we feel, but can't always voice.

Piñata Magonia Poppy - Good quality work. Not cliche once you go past the singles.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some sounds and effects are used here that are usually in lots of mainstream music, and I thought this album would have been cliche, but I should have known better. P!nk puts out quality music and quality albums. Not just a mish-mosh of songs so that they can be sold. It all tells a clear story, and I think this is her most vulnerable album yet (and Beautiful Trauma was pretty vulnerable), but this album seems to reach deeper. Great work. It is a shame you all are telling her to retire. She actually puts quality in what she does, unlike a lot of these mainstream artists! Like I said, some of it did sound generic, but she does have something deeper to offer, and I think she should be looked at and acknowledged more, and for me, this album proves it. Love the acoustic songs. Last Song Of Your Life is so underrated, Love Me Anyway is so beautiful, My Attic is amazing. So many people want the “old” P!nk, the one who had more punk songs to offer up, but to be honest, I don’t mind the slower songs. Just because this album is more slower in tempo doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad. Not all the songs are my favorite, but this album offers some of the (in my opinion) best songs of her career. She really outdid herself with this album, and we need to be thankful P!nk is giving us quality like this, and shows such vulnerability, when she could just be doing random things and following trends and drowning out her voice in autotune just so she can get a paycheck.

Vik in SD - Could You Love Me Anyway!!!

Love the new album!!!

tjhihs - Awesome

She keeps, keeping on!

CGT08 - Can we pretend is everything

She hit the nail on the head with that song so over the millennial silicon injected stripper music. Great song just made me buy the full album. Keep it up pink.

jlcbaby - Hustle

For some strange reason, I tried to download “Hustle”, & it wouldn’t play.

muah👑 - Hustleeeeee

I love hustle🤩🤩 tell him don’t mess wit my gurl pink👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Serious the Kat.. - Not the best and not the worst.

The first 2 tracks were good. The rest repeated themselves. Taylor Swift had that problem. Sorry for your troubles. Ballads can work. If it repeats itself. It gets older quickly.

Intermetboi28 - uhh

i dont see the big hype about her

Amy_Renee - Absolute Perfection

I’m speechless, Pink did it again. Absolute perfection.

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 - Khalid?

I see feat. Khalid so I listen Lover hurts 2B human Khalids voice is on point You too p!nk Only four stars tho cuz that’s the only song I’ve heard Once again, feat. Khalid Hehe

BooVT - Real Pink

I love it. Pink gets it.

T-$$$$$$$$$$$$$)33 - Work of art 🤩

This is one of P!nk’s best albums in a while. I’m loving all of the collaboration and the new sounds she’s trying! The songs on this one include a mix and variety that show how she has stepped outside her usual box. Sure, it’s different, but change is good and she’s delivering some solid vocals. She’s really singing about some serious issues and creating raw, emotional music. Kudos to P!nk 💙

Pookie 532 - Just amazing

this album is amazing just like the rest of her albums she’s a great artist my sisters and I love all her albums we been fans of hers since day one the thing about pink is she’s not after to sing what she feels like most artists and that’s we many of her fans like her why do you think she’s been around as long as she has been she’s amazing truly amazing haters will hate but this album is great

StephV36 - Delivers AGAIN!

Love her.

Just A Dream - Omg amazing

I have been a p!nk fan forever and love every one of her albums but this one absolutely blew me away. I have not had an album hit my heart like this one did. I have found a piece of myself in every song on this album. Pink you are absolutely amazing. Number 1 fan forever!!!!!


I suggest this CD for all to get. She is the best of the Divas. I just wish Itunes would stay longer, but I understand why. Itunes you are also the best choice, not only did you give the option of pushasing the entire alblum, but get the indiviual songs, i will miss Itunes,. i Just hope. you there will be availble the songs purchased on a regular PC please let us know Thank you also for you great service the best Thank you Always.

Tr_Cc - Growth😃

Love it!

Allthenamesaretaken2012 - Love

She really can’t do any wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kunye vest - Hope!

This album is full of heart and soul! It has everything that pink has built up and’s classic emotions pink and new experimenting pink combined, new and old and everything in between! It is an amazing album, album of the year!

atlert - Loved it


Captured heart - Think P!nk

I rarely find an album that all the songs intrigue me. P!nk is an inspiration! I listen to music at work and all of these songs are so distracting all I can do is sit and listen. Love getting lost in the music and lyrics!

AvrilSwift - Eh...

The songs aren’t bad in general, it just doesn’t go with P!no’s voice and original style to me.

Curley18 - ❤️❤️❤️

I am a big believer in the power of music and how important it it to cherish music. Music can change a mood in an instant without a second thought. P!nk’s newest album Hurts 2B Human is exactly what I needed right now. Each and every song is incredible and speaks to me in a way I could not put into words ❤️

liviaBeadle - She is amazing

I love pink she is one is the best girl singer in the world and I am only 11 and went to her beautiful trauma concert and she is amazing I would love to be her.😍❤️Love you P!nk

Afuentes41 - Freak tho?

All of Pink’s music sounds the same, every album is the same. How do you people keep buying this recycled crap 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖 - Love


jcburns216 - Hustle

Don’t hustle me .... don’t F*** with me is my 2019 mantra!!! LOVE this song!! It’s gonna be my summer dance party!!! Don’t know why people are hating!!! I’m loving it!! Keep doing it PINK!! TRUE fans love it!!! EDIT:. after now hearing the whole album I have to say this ..... I love that her songs and lyrics are from the heart!! You always know what she's feeling and the words are SO relatable!!! HAPPY is such a great song!!! I actually love every song on this album .... Looking forward to hearing them LIVE!!! Love all the duets too!!! Go pink go!!!

Fdhe - really good album!

I thoroughly enjoyed this new P!nk project. Had many good songs, 90 Days being my favorite. Really recommend giving this album a listen!

GibboSarah - Amazing

Fantastic album! Courage is my favorite song!!! You truly changed my life with it!! ❤️❤️❤️

fnfnfkbefp - No

Not what I expected

Shaka - Terrible

I was so disappointed with this album. As a fan of previous work, this was a huge disappointment. Big time. She’s still talented and always will be but this a big low point. Next time.

Tiner-Winer - Need more Pink & Chris

“love me anyway” 😍😍😍 amazing song and them singing together gave me goosebumps. Absolutely amazing. 🙌

Sdracing - P!nk is so Relatable!!! ❤️

Honestly, love each and every single song on this album. It’s better than therapy; helps get emotions out. Hustle: anger...Courage: fear...My Attic: letting go of shame...Hurts 2 Be Human: compassion...Circle Game: acceptance...Walk Me Home: asking for help!...The Last Song of Your Life: courage I could keep going....simply perfection. Thanks P!nk!!! ❤️

Biancatoscano9 - Amazing

One of her best albums

juju22688 - Happy

Happy is probably her most hauntingly beautiful songs EVER. While I preferred much of Beautiful Trauma over this album, it is still a work of art and I love her

zoe'smama - Fav!

Love everything about this album. Light, fun and still personal. Well done, Pink! #1

soundz on edj - no pain in listening

Hearing Hustle grabed me to hear and listen through to The Last Song. I enjoy P!nk's metaphoracal story lyrics, they're relatable.

Colton238 - Solid Album

While there are not as many stand alone hits as I am use to from P!nks albums, this album is a strong piece of work that I really do love to listen to.

thelastpinkfan - To P!nk - From your biggest fan

While this isn’t my favorite album my favorite song is on this album. I love the way she produces music that is relative to her life and so many others. I find that with each album there are songs that I can relate to know and songs I think I will begin to relate to as I get older. I am 19years old. I have been singing her music since I was 6 and I refuse to sing songs from any other artist in front of people. I listen to her all the time and I find that songs I didn’t like when they came out I like now and that is because I am growing with her and that makes this whole album so amazing for me. I am not in this place that she is while writing and producing this album and I can’t wait to be. p!nk is an amazing role model for me and I am proud to call my self a die hard p!nk fan. That being said and knowing how she is I think this could quite possibly be her last full album, that breaks my heart but I know she will never leave the music business as she has molded it to fit her and if she left it would leave such a large gap that could never be filled again. I feel so bad that many others my age do not like her or her music but I am so glad I do. I couldn’t have written this if it wasn’t for her, she has saved my life so many times in so many different ways if I could ever meet her I would cry so much I wouldn’t get the chance to thank her for all she is and all she has done. Do not put a bad review on music unless you can produce and perform better. Don’t be an a**hole just because your holding onto the “old” p!nk who wrote songs about how terrible her life was and be happy that now she is happy and loves her life. That is all you can ask for when it comes to an artist who you claim to care about. P!nk you are amazing and I will stand by you and your music and your family forever through thick and thin I am here for you and if I am the only one left in 20 years standing alone in the Wells Fargo to watch you perform so be it, but keep being true to yourself and producing music you love because no matter what it is I will love it too.

Katie&russ - Awesome Awesome Awesome

Beautiful music. Just beautiful.

Perfect0703 - Amazing!

As always P!nk is AMAZING!! This album is so good especially Hurts 2B Human and Love Me Anyway with Chris Stapleton. I was not disappointed.

Icu2ra* - She’s still got it... she’s always had it

Another great mix of music from a true role model. Looking forward to her touring this album.

kikipauw - Hustle

I absolutely love this song. Pink is the queen and her concerts are the best.

mamouchka - Pink The best

Very Very good album as usual

bravopaco - Pink!


The Zorka Bunny - Pink at her best!!

The more I listen the more I fall in love with it. What touches my soul is how much of herself she puts into her songs. This isn’t just an album, it’s a buffet of beauty! The cleverness of the wording and the stunning music fills me! Thank you Pink for this.

BLPAN - Love me anyway

This song feels like my inner child is speaking to me and asking me if I would love her despite everything. It’s been a huge healing season for me while I’m in the bath listening to “love you anyway”. Pink is the best !


This album is another one of her pieces of artwork. P!nk Has always had no filters and that is one if the many things I love about her. She’s come such a long way since where she first started, with two young kids she continues to thrive and teach them how not to be afraid and be themselves and stand for what they believe in and I believe she’s done an amazing job teaching them that with this album. I love the vivid artwork for the cover, keep doing what you are doing P!nk #lovemeanyway 🤘

Antycoco - Incredible!

This beautiful lady just gets better and better. Every song is fantastic and well worth listening to over and over! In my bucket list to see live. Thank you P!nk for sharing your talent with the world! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

tkabbo - So So Amazing!!!

I love her soulful, angelic, and yet strong voice.

Nicola7729 - Not her best one...

I was super excited to hear this album! Hearing a couple of the songs that were released early,it made me want to hear it even more! Unfortunately,it didn’t live up to my expectation! I liked the angry P!nk more!! 🙃

Erin🎈 - Amazing new album!

I love every song in this album and it might be P!nk’s best music yet!

BaileyZCrawly - Great New Album

My first impression of this album was lukewarm, but after listening to it for 6 days now I can honestly say it’s my favorite P!nk album... so far!!! (See what I did there?) Anyway, P!nk displays yet again that she’s not afraid to go where other artists won’t go, to talk about the harder aspects of life and humanity in general. It’s a powerful, candid exploration into her life that’s a definite tearjerker with some more real powerhouse anthems thrown in for good measure. No matter how much fame or success she gets, P!nk never loses her humble attitude and her beautiful heart that wants to see the good in the world around her. She’s never stopped being relevant and her music is just as good as it was when she burst onto the scene as a badass 20-year-old with Can’t Take Me Home. I feel honoured to be alive at a time when I can go on this journey with P!nk. I love this album and am already well on the way to memorizing the whole thing, and I can’t wait to see where she takes us in the coming years/records. This one is so good I got the digital, CD and am waiting with a preorder on the vinyl! Gotta have multiple copies of this one ❤️

BecciRay - Never Disappointed!

Every song is a delight!

Keena1232002 - 😐

Where did Pink go? This is absolutely horrible, wow. It’s sad because she was a force. This isn’t even bad, it’s complete garbage!!!

Anonymeltdown - P!nk never disappoints

A work of literal ART!

Lorcorn - Beautiful!! Tear Jerker for sure!

Well done P!nk. <3 this new album. <3

Laune73 - 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️

First time I’ve been compelled to review an album. Beautiful, heartfelt, written with soul, and sung with grace. Love love LOVE it!!!!!!!❤️😉❤️😉❤️👍

Kichi Surichi - Diluted P!nk

Every song sounds "almost" the same, it's like she's wining. We need P!nk to GET THE PARTY STARTED again in a 2019 way. Next album, please kick some asses, show more pictures of your children (without the body parts) and if I were you P!nk, I would just flip some birds at those trolls and make some Earth-Shaking Music, please....

isthatbobbie - ABSOUTELY amazing

Such an emotional rollercoaster! Worth the wait! & what wonderful collabs!

Branin - Love it

Never disappointed by P!nk, Walk me Home, 90 Days, Hurts 2B are early favourites. 💖

Pam8704 - P!nk!!!

Love love love it she’s amazing she was my first concert keep up the amazing work u do P!nk!!!

!OVESP!NK - Amazing

Just amazing I’m blown away once again ❤️

Gnr fans124577 - P!NK

Five stars for Hustle. Killer song but not sure about the rest

Jm.22 - 😐

Oh hell nah

Anime Popstar * ^_^ - Good album

This is the first time I listen to P!nk, and I think it’s a pretty good album

Queen Metalia - So far so good

So far so good

Mack!e - P!nk not a good artist!?

Obviously, you have bad taste. Excited for the album although the new songs haven’t floored me. Title track ‘Hurts 2B Human’ sounds very promising though. P!nk never releases a bad album, so bring it on!!

seuqcaj444 - P!nk merci beaucoup!

You’re not just P!nk you are a rainbow voice , so good!!! J-G B

boijoi - Where did she go?

Conforming to the norm and just unauthentic. What happened to your edge and what made you P!NK!!?!! Sorry cause I love you but this isn’t you, this is techno show tune bubblegum and I can’t... fingers crossed the rest of the album shames this comment.

nadia.44 - SHE’S BACK!!!

I’m so excited for the whole album!!!!!!

Carmen Nelson - Hearts

Love it! Thank you for being so inspiring!

the rap guy - Not a good artist

She was only good in the 2000s

Aprils town - P!nk Hurts 2be human

P!nk’s music is in a league of its own. It’s raw, it’s honest, it’s all about who she is, about life and the struggles, lows and highs we all experience. It shows how she’s grown as a human, an artist, a wife and a fab mother. P!nk’s hip, she’s current, her tone is phenomenal , her songs touch each and everyone who listens to her, I love her music, I always have and I always will. My favourite artist whose blunt, honest and freaking awesome.

natalie1993 - Who cares

Who cares about the swearing... use tryna say use don’t swear hahaha

Shhooooopshooop - What can I say gurrlll

Guurrllll dis album is Da BOMB.. honestly I love every track. Love happy Amazing.. supported you from day 1 and will continue to do so until the day I die.

DigitalWerewolf - Mixed

It’s okay. A little less pop, and more acoustic sadness, though.

NLhooper - Amazing

This is so good I love it 😍😍

justanotherpinkfan - The best album so far!!!

I can’t choose a song from this album that I like the most... because they are all perfect. Her voice give me goose bumps.

Me100000002 - Love your music...

Truly do love your music P!nk...just gutted by the swearing. It doesn’t add anything and if anything means I am less likely to listen to the album.

TingTongPong - Couple of good songs

Not as good as all her other albums

abc123😍😃 - P!nk

My 3 tip sings are can we pretend, hurts 2B human and walk me home they are all amazing. Stunning songs

daveh. - Not bad

Not bad at all

Dappy4949 - Dappy49


lillegskels - ❤️ Done it again ❤️

I’ve been a P!nk fan ever since her 1st single and then when the album dropped ... wow I’ve seen her in concert so many times and never ever has she disappointed This album was a surprise especially since Beautiful Trauma has just been released and the tour ongoing - can’t wait to see u on 29/6 Wembley Stadium London - bring it on Ive listened to every tune on this album and f**$ me it could be about my life right now ❤️😂 I believe things happen for a reason and that the universe brings us what we need - Divine timing and this album is just that . . . Divine . . Flawless . . Beautiful . . . Epic . . . Legendary P!nk u r an amazing human being and I thank all the angels in the stars that I got to hear ur voice in my lifetime xxx shine bright angel shine ur love light bright xx ❤️

AG5-2013 - Wow


Ady.L - WOWWW 😮

This album is PERFECT, AMAZING 😉 and everything. But there is swear words in it so yh but if ur child is aloud to listen to that sort of music then GO FOR IT. Other than that amazing 😁😁😁😁

Josepine Luxuria - All the Feels

Hard 2b human - “God it hurts, to be human.” (Amazing duet.) Happy - “I’m scared to be happy” Walk me Home - “I cant be alone with all that’s on my mind.” Love me Anyway - opening with “Even if you see my scars, even if I brake your heart, we’re a million miles apart; do you think you’d walk away?” This album is human emotion in one. From the struggles of stress and depression, to relationships and family. I loved it. And it’s the first time I buy the album and love every song. Probably it hits a little closer to home for me, because when I was 22 I met my husband and it’s been the ups and downs of life. These songs just spring out the emotion in me and I’m grateful. Iv been listening to pink for years now, and I love how true she is to herself. ❤️

Shazza1805 - Never disappoints 💖💖

Been a fan from the beginning and one of her best albums!!.. love it💖💖 every Album there is always at least one relatable song, that will help to motivate, inspire or just help you through a difficult moment in life, and this one has it all too!!

Dhugi m - Hurts 2b Human

An album rushed processed and overhyped - very bland and strained - disappointing

capmarvel22 - 5 stars!

An amazing album!

Flossy2014 - Love it

Love the album definitely better than the last one.

auburnblaze - She keeps on giving 🙏🏻

This album is by far her most emotional. Truly heart on a platter album, mixed with emotive memories of her You+Me days plus the good ol’ P!nk we adore and trust. To everyone who says “can she stop swearing”, she isn’t offending anyone and in all fairness gives me the courage to be just as outspoken as she is. Just adore being taken on a journey of emotions 💖

S.Woods_x - !!

Simply amazing!


Another amazing album by PINK. Worth the wait 😄👍😄👍. Would LOVE to see her in concert

Sairlw - 💗 P!NK

💗 Love the album 💗

Weegremlin - Wee gremlin

Can’t believe people are dissing this album! What’s not to like? The sales will speak for themselves!

Badger108 - Breathtaking!!!

Honestly every song is just amazing and I juts related to so so much!! Thank you P!NK!! Again just WOW

Lockwood415x - Incredible

Incredible as usual

3440cityoftruro - AMAZINGGG!!!

Come on, does anything stop this woman hitting the right lyrics, the right vocals, the right tunes and producing amazing albums?! Jesussss can’t wait to see her in Cardiff!!

joannemarie_415 - Pink can do better

Like it but don’t love it her voice is amazing but this album doesn’t do it for me

PDGSSS - Utter Brilliance

She just getting better fab album+++++++++++++++

Priti Shiks - Great yet again

Great album once again start to finish. Love the track with Wrabel definitely a fave and Khalid

Fran Bow is bae - i mean...

i expected better. still a step up from beautiful trauma, though.

herojarvicio - Love

An artist that always stays true to herself and takes the current music trend and morphs it into her own style. She has matured and her sound and lyrical content reflects it on this album. Will forever be a fan.

Slw Lvs pink - Excellent

What is not to love! True to form she absolutely knocks this out of the park!

nickname1345679 - Amazing

Amazing Album ! Fantastic artist!

PinoJP - P!nk never make mistakes

Number once in everything!!

dannytaylor551 - The Album Is Amazing

Has a mixture of Upbeat, Motivational, Sad and Relatable Songs. Her Vocals are Insane Worth Every Penny. My Favorite Songs: Walk Me Home, My Attic, 90 Days, Can We Pretend, Hurts 2B Human and Happy.

Cerys1189 - Phenomenal as always

This album is al you want it to be and more!!

Paris kakoulli - P!NK

Amazing love it u good pink 🔥🔥

Yorkscross - Another incredible album by an incredible woman

I may be slightly biased, I have all the albums and have loved her music from the start. This is another brilliant album with some great collaborations, a definite must buy for anyone who likes any of P!nk’s newer music. Hustle, walk me home and circle game have to my early favourites. Can not wait to see her live in the summer.

hrhsudjtb e - Loves it


Menzies Sarah - Inspirational 💖

Best album yet!!!

Pauljohnkelly1990 - Wow

She just keeps getting better, amazing

N R - Insightful, raw & deep

Happy is a career highlight for me. Honourable mentions of Hey Why (A very different sound for P!nk but one I’m sure you’ll dance to) & We Could Have It All which will surely make you want to wind the window, turn it up full blast & sing along to that terrific chorus at the top of your lungs. Many beautiful moments within this album too. A must buy!

mja92 - Amazing

One of her best albums

bmhv - 😍😍😍

This album is soo raw and emotive. It relates soo much

bxbxbxnnx - We could have it all

Just listen to the new album love it your amazing keep up the good work

Domcooper - Mixed feelings

Been a fan from the very start of her career, been lucky enough to have seen her on every tour she’s done. For me she’s a phenomenal performer. However. I just feel like she’s lost her edge with the last two albums. Her voice is still as powerful and original as ever but the songs just don’t make me get excited any more. I’m hoping these will grow on me but that fact that I can skip through them so quickly without listening to the whole track for me tells me I’m Not going to fall in love with this album.

thepriest1988 - Love her!

How can people base an entire album on a couple of songs? Pink is absolute fire 🔥 I can’t wait for the full album to become available

madonmadonna - Stink

More generic with each passing year.

tabbycat1973 - I Love It

I love what kind of tease we’ve go from p!nk’s new album Hurts 2B Human, but I will say this about her and this goes for every artists, I love her music but why does she have to swear because if she didn’t then this album would be perfect and I’ve give it 5/5. Anyway I’ve been a fan of p!nk’s for about 8 - 10 years and I still love her music now and so far my favourite song of the album is Walk Me Home because it’s got a great vibe to it just like the music video. Anyway go look on you’re tour P!nk because this album will be a banger, I’m telling you. 😊😊😊

i love tay tay - HATE


viper1968 - 90 days Video Clip

When will the music video of 90 days become available?

sally rose crane - Love love love

Big big big fan my dream is to meet you and possibly be a v.p.your daughter is so cute from sally crane ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳

GO MAMMA MIA MAD!! - A woman who makes influential music and sticks to her values.

I have been discovering many of the tracks in different ways (Youtube, songlist at my ballroom dance class). I found "90 days" through a Youtube suggestion and god, it couldn't be more relatable sometimes. Hustle played at my dance class, and, while, yes, Alecia may not be all about her classic "screw this world" rock of her younger self, she certainly shows her own life experiences through some of the songs undertones. A great first experience to the new album. You're one to keep it real Mamma and a perfect reminder of when real feelings are needed amongst all the "keep smiling" bs. Keep rocking!

Gen_12345 - Love it


indiana everlin bunny - Amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩👍

I went a pink consert wow just wow i love it so much expeshly it hurts to be human!

songsurgery - Excellent work

My benchmark when i listen to any track is, "Damn i wish i'd written that one". I said that after every track on this album. Love it!

kollar90 - Pinks best album ever

All killer no filler, great album every song is a potential single, her singing has gone to another level

*8" - Hurts 2B Human

It was awesome I love it 5/5 best song/album ever!!!

musiccannon - amazing!!!!

loove this album so much, her voice is out of this world.

fbvhcjghv - Tfhgjf


Gail21662 - Pink

Awesome album just love Circle games.90. I’ll u still love me just great thanks P!NK

Appleyahair - Love it.

Can’t wait for another Aussie tour!

blake-james - AMAZING!

Amazing as always! So different to the usual P!nk but amazing, none the less. She can literally do anything and sound like an angel.

Bilbywolf - P!NK fan

Adore her and all her works but this album speaks volumes to me, it also makes me slightly worried her mental health has been a little down lately as it’s a very emotional filled album, maybe I’m reading too much into it but if not I hope she’s ok otherwise a gorgeous album all round! If you ever had a tough time in your life or growing up this album may speak tones to you like it did me

Stretch Bass - Correction

2B in this context is correctly expressed as “To Be”. To be clear, “to be” not 2B. There is no question.

op16 - Yes yes yes

Looooooooving this! Her best album since Funhouse! 💗

giorgy_girl1 - Amazing!

This is very different from P!NKS other albums, but it’s amazing!!! I love it, it’s on repeat Keep up the hard work! 💕🥰

rdjmmm - Go girl

Love this work another great album in Pinks journey through life

AlbertRFit - Wow P!nk

Wow P!nk! Highlights are Love Me Away with Chris Staplton, Walk Me Home , Hurts 2B Human, 90 Days, Hustle,My Attic and The Last Song of Your Life. P!nk's vocals are outstanding. This is classic P!nk. This is an amazing album. Love every song on the album at first listen.

Dani ani ani elle - Amazing!

Love love love love love!!!

Lizziebra - Vulnerable like old times

No words 😍

ab08bcb942 - Pink!

Absolutely in love with this album! Hope she tours Australia again soon!

Figboiz - Ok

Good music some songs are a bit slow to what we are used to but they will grow on you

Kirsten234 - Brilliant!

Have been a fan since Can’t take me home and each album she keeps getting better and better! New album on repeat!

steffie15 - Hurtz 2b human

I was shocked she was actually realising a new album, with her busy life touring and being a mama... total mind blown... She puts her emotions into her songs her lyrics are relatable, regardless of what the song actually means... It’s no “Rock” p!nk, remember she’s not her younger self anymore... If you listen to the lyrics it’s still her heart her soul her life experiences!! Fave songs Can we pretend 90 days Circle game Hurtz 2b human

tjack78 - Amazing

Pink you by far truly are the best, in anything you sing and do. Your music will never fade you will always be number one. Keep up the great work.

pppp-pp-p-- - Don’t think. Just buy

Love love love it. Pink can do no wrong.

pink245686 - I love pink but not apple

I pre ordered this I would get it and as soon as all the songs can out I says I didn’t pay and none of the songs are on my account

littlaussie - Brilliant as always

At times like this I love being in Australia. We get pinks album before the rest of the world. And as always it’s another brilliant album by pink. She always ups the ante with each album release. This album doesn’t disappoint. Great album. Worth getting. Excellent job p!nk. Love your work My fave songs on album release are: walk me home. Hurts to 2b human and can we pretend.

fliesrule - Ouch

You You You You Me Me Me Me Nice, these are unironic lyrics to a song now...

Puffin Girl - Different but still brilliant

All artists evolve grow and change with time. How unimaginable to want an artist to continually put the same type of song out over and over. This album is different but it’s absolutely brilliant. Congratulations Pink it’s another home run. Go girl.👍

That's Mr P to you - Not P!nk’s best work.

I’ve like Pink since the very beginning, back when her hair was actually pink. Her music has undergone a transformation and she has done incredibly well for herself. I wasn’t terribly impressed with half of Beautiful Trauma and The Truth About Love but they had enough hits and quality tracks that I overlooked the filler. Now with Hurts 2B Human the quality has seemed to be compromises by the short gap between Beautiful Trauma and this record. There is a lot of filler this time around and other than Walk Me Home and the title track, this album is a real disappointment and not the standard I’ve come to expect from pink. I’m sure next record she will see her return to form. No doubt this album will debut at number One and her tour will sell out but I can’t see any of the singles achieving the success of previous albums.

Floofinburg - She’s a babe!

Anything by P!nk is “P!nk” so people saying it’s not her style are jokers 😂 The three songs I’ve got so far are all great, not my favourites but still the lyrics are definitely P!nk’s style! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!

Cassie2307 - Amazing!

‘Hustle’ is my current fav song at the moment!! I have it on all the time now and also singing along in head. Perfect song for me to hum along to at work especially when dealing with cranky residents!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!!!

TK Was Taken - This Is It

This album will probably be the last one before your music career fades away into the blend of bland pop and eminem features. Should’ve stuck to your old sound.

Thegameiscrap - Needs more rock

Problem with the last album was it was too pop and soul. Need faster rock songs. All 3 songs aren’t her style

Liss371 - Love love love

Always love your music! Will be a forever fan!

Siena Sommadossi - Pink’s new album

Can’t wait to listen to this new album. It’s going to be amazing!!!!!!!

Bliss Army - UM

P!NK was never "rock"

Hannah Shania - Cool

So far I like the two you've released and I can't wait to listen to the whole album. You and Shania are the only two artists of nowadays I can stand. You actually sing about real world things.

egilchrist07 - P!nk

I can’t wait for the album so far the songs are amazing!

H.P fangirl - P!nk

Where did ur edgy bad girl style go? I miss it😭

Corded destroyer - This isn’t P!nk

Desperate attempt, where is the ‘Rock’ P!nk? I get artists evolve but you are just following everyone else instead of starting your own trend.

pinkbeygaga - hurts 2B a month away from this album

could april 26 come any faster 😩😩

Dan-spurs-Nz - You are the best singer ever in the world

I just want you to be the best singer in the world I love you from Athena

Hongkongfooie - Love❤️❤️❤️❤️


Annamnzzzz - Like it !!

Modern and layered ... she keeps getting better

wanderlust68 - Hurts 2B human

Love it 💖

RozitoSP - Memorável

The best álbum

R.Souza - Maravilhoso

Perfeito do início ao fim ❤️🎶🙌🏻

guilukaaa - This is a masterpiece

Every song is perfect and matches with the album

Felipeteco - Aprendi a gostar

Eu amo a P!nk, ela tem sempre mostrado ser uma artista completa. Pra mim o The truth about love foi o auge da carreira, com o Beautiful trauma decaiu um pouco mas ainda é um ótimo álbum. Esse álbum me decepcionou na primeira vez que ouvi. Algumas músicas fogem do estilo antigo dela, principalmente Can we pretend. Porém, fui analisando e percebi que todas as músicas tem muito significado e retratam bem o tema central que é as dificuldades de ser um humano. Ela foi muito verdadeira nesse álbum. As melhores pra mim são Hey Why, Happy e My Attic. Elas me fazem sentir nostálgico haha

35633sz - so gostei de

can we pretend

Lagoigor - ❤️

Letras maravilhosas e que te fazem pensar!

JedPop - Infelizmente

Pior álbum da carreira! Desde o the truth about love a qualidade das musicas só vem caindo.

Jess78234 - Emocionante e verdadeiro

Pink canta com a alma. As letras continuam transparentes e humanas. Não perdeu nada da sua essência. Maravilhoso!

Victor Wolke - P!nk, eu te amo

E você sabe disso!!! QUE ÁLBUM. Sério. Muito obrigado, era esse o álbum que eu tava esperando desde The Truth About Love. Ele está mais eletrônico do que qualquer álbum seu, mas está tão lindo, tão profundo, tem tanto sentimento. Eu amei as músicas (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime, My Attic, 90 Days, Courage, Happy, Hurts 2B Human e We Could Have It All. Na minha opinião, com exceção da faixa título, as músicas que saíram antes do lançamento do álbum são as mais "fracas". Mas é tudo muito ótimo junto <3

Luiznettoo - Muito bom.

Amei a faixa Walk Me Home’ o clipe está lindo amo as musicas inspiradoras da P!nk❤️

Fabriciocz - Maravilhoso

Que álbum lindo! Eclético. A cara da Pink

Brunno Vasconcellos - Maravilhoso

Não vejo a hora de presenciar esses hinos ao vivo!!

Mateus Nóbrega - Bravo!

Que álbum mais lindo. Um dos melhores dela dos últimos tempos. Sempre se reinventando e passeando entre diversos ritmos. Sem contar a mensagem. Uma viagem entre as dores humanas. Emocionado!

Thiagobivik - Perfeito

Melhor que alguma cantoras que lança alguns dias atrás em live

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



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