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Download Lizzo - Truth Hurts MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Truth Hurts music file uploaded on September 19th, 2017.

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Lizzo - Truth Hurts MP3 Comments & Reviews

July2010z - So good

I am mostly a rock and roller and have pretty much zero hip hop or pop in my collection, but I am mesmerized by Lizzo’s genre bending music. Love it

nataly_1303 - Awesome

My new role model!!! I love you Lizzo!!❤️❤️❤️ keep making music and ignore the haters because they are worth nothing.

Lol4992 - Um

Do I have to really give her 1 star....

IpodKingJay - Lizzo ❤️

I like the album 😍

mcgin 73 - Don’t get the hype?


bandwagon one - Meh

Songs are beyond overplayed on the radio to the point that even if I once tried to like them, I can’t stand them anymore. The most overplayed artist in recent memory. I really wanted to like her stuff but I heard her live on Saturday Night Live and cringed. Off key the whole time, spoke half of her lyrics & underwhelming. Really kind of embarrassing. I don’t see the talent in the music she currently has out. I think her voice has a lot of potential in a different genre but pop isn’t it. Lyrics — meh

Narch010 - Not talent

Most of it is just talking, and that’s something anybody can do. Putting light notes on it isn’t helping anything. Just terrible

Cute$tuffxoxo123 - Iran Bomb 😍😍😍

Ugh we stan. I admire her service of the United States. Volunteering to use her as a bomb for Iran. Ugh iconic. Queen of serving her country.

dancosta22 - Album of the year

My favorite album of 2019

HAWKEYE x306x - Regurgitated Black Beatles

Someone actually said she was “...a worthy successor to Prince.” How dare you compare this jumbo trash bag to him. He has more talent in his massive left nut than her. You shouldn’t be body positive about obesity either.

tayloralison998 - Meh

Too many skips, I don’t understand the hype around this album tbh

darla allen - Amazing

Go Lizzie most people hate lizzo but I love her



RealBlazedWarrior - TRASH🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬


semi on em - Fat Asf Needs t hit the gym

This female needs to stop making music and go hit the gym ASAP

the U NO WHO - Truth Hurts

She’s overweight and not a talented musician.

dreams and nightmares - Honest!

She’s trying to tell y’all that she’s not hidin’ s+!+ and ya get whatcha get and it’s good! Too many plastic parades nowadays, love the real!

EstleJ - Great music with good vibes

If you like catchy beats with quick witted and positive lyrics then look no further.

Cashleydubs - AMAZING

Lizzo is absolutely amazing. Trolls move along!

lexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx45 - 👎🏻

A couple hits doesn't make an album "the best"

cowgirl in the campfire - Flavor of the month

Weak just cause she big and unapologetic she is a cult hero? This music ain’t nothing special just as bad as Billie Eilish

8aa8 - By Darla Allen

My mom loves these songs so do I lizzo

PurpleAlchemist1 - A lot of trolls here 🤔🤔🤔

She’s very talented and a great singer-songwriter. This album is only the beginning.

hehdvfne - Yass lizzo girl😂😂

After listening to truth hurts I was like “wait a minute who dis artist cus she can sing” my baby brother who is 1-years-old started to dance to it in his car seat .plus lizzo be working hard and yall haters wanna try and put her down well guess what y’all can’t sing like her and y’all jealous of her 😡😡😡😡 cus lizzo is the greatest singer I have ever heard 😍😍😍😍🥰😁😁 ps that is not my Nickname is was supposed to say trim trin

arii 💮 - beautiful soul woman

she truly has a blessed voice & whoever says other wise is hurt they can’t be rich and sing what ever they like without sounding like a duck getting run over . #truthhurts 😚

parent of teen - mixed

Lizzo has a good voice and good control of her voice. She has a positive can do attitude and that is all good. I really don't mind some well placed curse words in a few songs. I get it. But do you really need to curse in every single song? It losses its power the more its used. I think less is more when coming to cursing. After awhile it becomes background noise. I think lizzo has a powerful voice. I would love to hear her do covers for mo town , jazz standards, show tunes, 60’ , 70’s 80’s, music. I think lizzo has the voice. I think it would be a good collection of songs and good experience for her. Keep the attitde and the sound and everything. Just experiment and sub some curse words with other words and it will be perfect. Some songs are perfect with the words. But again less is more powerful.

Pkaz - Overrated

I only gave it 2 stars bc I like juice. The rest is garbage. It’s not singing or rapping, she’s yelling most of the time. Decided to check her out to see if she lives up to the hype & she doesn’t

Mackdadddyj - Trash


person192810 - This album is as good as hell (pun intended)

It is good music some albums and artists are better but this one GREAT ARTIST HATERS JUST LOVVVVE POST MALONE WHEN POST MALONE GETS OLDER THOSE TATTOOS ON HIS FACE WILL BECOME SAGGY HAVE A GOOD LIFE ok u get the point lizzo is a good artist


Lizzo is one of my favorite artists. She’s amazing and deserves so much love. At least she has one person who loves her and her talent. It’s me. And I bet a bunch of other people will say the same. We love you Lizzo. Keep slaying the game. ❤️💗💝💖

thrashmaniac6 - Oh god...

You people don't like the god awful music you just like the album cover.

Bree6859 - You are the BEST

The first day I heard your music you were the best as the years went on I love you even more The one song that I love the most is Truth Hurts that is the most GREATEST day of my life so you keep making songs

jackcuppajoe - THIS IS AMAZING

I love it, it’s great for when your feeling down or when you want to party it’s very versatile some of the songs are great for workout like juice it’s absolutely amazing five stars!

Dhdjd henchman - so sick and tired

im soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of hearing truth hurts on the radio it’s so annoying it’s not even that good

HeatherHamiltonBeMoreKinky - I LOVE LIZZO!

I don’t know what the haters are going on about. I have a criteria for music that I give 4 or more stars to, and she fits it perfectly. 1. She knows how to use her voice in a healthy way. As a classically trained singer, it hurts when I hear artists use their voices in ways that show they’ll have no vocal chords by 40 (early career Katy Perry comes to mind, but she got better). They might sound great right now, but it hurts my ears to hear somebody straining their voice. I can’t listen. 2. She’s versatile. That’s a big one. The first song I ever heard of hers was Truth Hurts, and at first I wasn’t a huge fan. Then I heard Good As Hell, and I was like “okay... I could like this girl.” Then I heard Jerome at the AMAs and I was HOOKED. She can sing exquisitely, she can rap, she can bring the sass, the emotion... That’s a true artist right there. She’s an actress in that way. Many artists have songs about different things, but very few execute it well (Ariana Grande comes to mind). 3. Her lyrics are excellent. At face value, they might seem simple, but she knows how to write good lyrics that make you connect dots you don’t even realize you’re connecting. That’s not the only way to be a good lyricist, but that’s how she is. Truth Hurts is the best example, with lyrics such as “Why are men great till they gotta be great?” and “I put the ‘sing’ in ‘single’.” She gives us contradictions and we fill in the blanks, making us think while listening to the song and then remembering it later. As a songwriter, that’s very important to me. The Pop Song Professor has a great video about Truth Hurts, I suggest you check it out. 4. She spreads a positive message. She promotes self love. Some people are saying that she’s narcissistic, but complementing yourself is not narcissistic, it’s confidence. Own that your hair and nails look good. Freely tell people that you’re free. That’s called being happy. And some people are fat shaming her here. First of all, she’s BEAUTIFUL. Second of all, you never know why somebody is larger. It can be genetic. It can be because of a medication that she’s taking. My mom used to be really tiny, but then she had to start taking meds for something and she got larger. Or maybe Lizzo can’t eat certain foods. It could really be anything, but as long as she’s happy and feels healthy, just let her be. Honestly, we’re all human here, would you want a random person on the internet criticizing how you look? No? Well try thousands. She’s a public figure. So many people are criticizing her daily. You’re not the first, nor are you the last, you’re not special, you’re cruel. But Lizzo rises above the cruelty of the haters and is a happy person and promotes others being happy. That’s the positive message she’s decided to spread and it’s beautiful. Overall, although this isn’t the type of music I normally listen to, I love it. I don’t think I’d be able to listen to it on repeat for an entire day, but it’s great music. It’s something that plenty of people would be able to listen to on repeat for an entire day, so please don’t change your music because of that, no criticism there. My one complaint is the album cover. Lizzo, you look stunning and I love you, but I don’t feel very comfortable listening to an album with that cover visible around family. Love you Lizzo!

b-rat2527 - SLAYYYYY

YAASSSSSS GIRL!! Lizzo is a goddess!!

Apkananna1985 - Flop

More flop

cp3mon - Not good


Danny g 1515 - Hipo Music


Nsnshznsns - Bad

So annoying and bad

Daggerdom - XD

The only reason she’s popular is because people are trying to donate to stop obesity.

joey zzzzzz - crap rhymes with rap!

people listen to this CRAP! What's happened to music these days?

Ben Kenon - I don’t get Lizzo

To be fair, I may have aged out of pop music (I’m 37)- but I just don’t get it with Lizzo. What’s all the hype about? She is definitely talented. She can sing, fine. She plays flute, great. But every single story I’ve read about her has something to say about her obesity juxtaposed with her body positivity. I’m glad she accepts herself. That’s awesome. It’s nice to see someone be content. But is that what everyone is on about? If that’s the case, she won’t be selling records in a few years, once people have tired of her shtick. Her songs are not clever, nor are they very interesting. They’re decent pop songs, I guess, but a great record speaks for itself. It requires no posturing on the part of the artist. Think of “21” by Adele- an undeniably classic album from an undeniably amazing singer. No one needed to finesse her image to sell her records. Perhaps there is a double standard for artists of color. But leaning into that double standard by providing explanations (“Lizzo may be overweight, but she likes how she looks and is comfortable with that!”) seems to cheapen her artistic endeavors.

Prissy_12 - Don't listen to the bad reviews!

I loved the album and soul vibe of the songs. Because Lizzo is not some skinny cookie cutter pop tart people are attacking her. I hate today's trash music but Lizzo is refreshing. First CD I bought in a while.

minilizzo - Lizzie is the best!

I really look up to her and love her songs!

Bruh look at this ugly girl - She ugly


Valverde218 - Not very good


Shadows Within... - No, just no...

Her voice is like nails scratching a chalkboard. Its awful. How did she even get this popular...?

honey2233 - What a talent!

I am late to the show but loving it now that I’m here. She’s talented, the sound is different and I love it! She reminds me of Missy Elliot in a way because her sound is different and refreshing.

xxxjda - Garbage

This is literal trash

Aircanuckie - Something special

This album has more feeling and SOUL than anything I have heard in quite a while.

abc 123 $$$$ - I don’t Evan like this kind of music

But I bought the entire alubum sorry for bad spelling

unicorn100fan99 - So dumb 👎🏼

This is dumb her music and voice is bad I hate her ewwww I like pop that good not bad 👎🏼

ZebraInDistress - Quality rap

I’m not normally a rap fan but Lizzo is someone that is truly talented that she can make anyone fall in love with her music. Young or old I think people will get a lot from this album.

Pitterpatter84 - Damn!

Incredible artist! Her performance at the VMA’s was awesome

Cool fast Eddy - Lizzo is the gift this day and age needs

Lizzo’s music is such an incredible mix of modern and old school pop/rap/hip-hop and I am IN LOVE

comosangeyedango!!! - Sexy


itsSTEPHiiEE - Sooo good!!


Bonchicken24 - Lizzo SLAPS!!

There is something here for everyone, jazz, soul, funk, rap and pop! Fantastic record.

fvtrb t - Best ever

Best album ever!!!

bigblued9 - Ehm

Isn’t this came out in 2017?

M.i.l.e.y. - So bad!!

She cant sing

Lulu 123 - Love this!!!

Such an uplifting and empowering album. Well worth a purchase!

Chloeeb1700 - Love love love🖤🌸🖤🌸

Lizzo is so sassy I love it😂

AllHailEllie - Amazing!

Brilliant lyrics, catchy beats and so feel good and empowering! 🙌🙌 A master at work!

TomBuck00 - OBSESSED with this album

This album is so good. My favourites are Cuz I Love You, Like A Girl, Juice, Soulmate, Jerome, Tempo, Exactly How I Feel, Better In Color, Heaven Help Me, Lingerie, Boys, Truth Hurts, Water Me

pinkxygt2017 - My videos

My videos

El Benji - Utter trash

Buy an ostrich farm instead!

wegayboi - Yass

Feminist icon,, WE STANNN

Missxstatic - Partial Purchase

Posted: 22-10-2019 Device: iPhone X Title: Partial Purchase Rating: 4 Stars (because I haven’t heard the rest of the songs, yet) I’ve only purchased so much of this album, as I had originally begun purchasing the original (non-deluxe). At first, the purchased songs from the deluxe album wouldn’t download - even after restarting my device and the album itself. I was also receiving notifications stating that the album wasn’t available in Australia, even though I had purchased most of it from the Australian iTunes Store. In the end (many hours later), it downloaded and I was finally able to access and listen to them.

dasenti - Lizzo 👸🏻

There is nothing Lizzo can’t do. This album is a must for rnb fans. This girl can sing and the album is fun and heartfelt at the same time.

Karan Nagrani - Love Lizzo!!!!

She deserves to be celebrated because her music is so much fun and this girl can sing, rap and has an incredible sense of humour

xxTHETIGERxx - BROO🔥🤘🏻🤭😍

She is queen,highly recommend!!🤘🏻🔥

Onuruyos - This is very very very badddddd!!!!!

This is what you get when independent artists have the way paved for them by real artists!!! This is very baddd and annoying to listen to!!!

Royzão HU3HU3 - Talentosaaaaaa

Álbum de qualidade 🤩

brunoms86 - Um dos melhores álbuns de 2019

Lizzo entrega TUDO o que você espera de uma artista do pop, hip hop, rap e r&b. Álbum maravilhoso! Vale cada centavo e seu tempo.


@Rizhcjw: Truth hurts. So that's how Rishikesh track is happening. #Beyhadh2


@MauroSheehan @HackedOffHugh Me too. The truth hurts. He only debates with someone who agrees with him


@neneknowles What lizzo say? Truth hurts


@MitchellMGumbo @mishmacho1 The truth hurts wangu.


@Rizhcjw: Truth hurts. So that's how Rishikesh track is happening. #Beyhadh2


@LisaMei62 I'm not getting out...just infuriating..truth hurts these people..they don't want truth out there!


@adamatroye: better jujur daripada menipu. no matter what, no matter if it hurts. just tell the truth, it hurts better than knowing its…


@CensoredC1: Oh man, this is 100% correct! Damn, the truth hurts. #Liberals have no choice. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica …


@adamatroye: better jujur daripada menipu. no matter what, no matter if it hurts. just tell the truth, it hurts better than knowing its…


@RepGosar Well...truth hurts.


@FredPlayBass @PanthersCulture Truth hurts


@AmericaFirstPAC Truth hurts sometimes


@lister_lester: He tweets insults & belittles & Threatens ANYone who dares to speak the truth. TRUTH 'hurts' and anyone who tell it…


@sealthgirl: @bttr_as1 @eagleraydiver If you don’t like the job you swore an oath to, you know what you can do? Resign. A hostage is aga…


@alexisacow @JulianSvendsen @realDonaldTrump Dems called 17 witnesses. Why not pursue the subpoenas? They have wast…

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