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“EARFQUAKE” is a collaboration between Tyler, The Creator and Playboi Carti. In the song, Tyler sings about a lover he depends on, who he knows he hasn’t treated the best, but needs. This is done over beautiful, cheery piano chords and heavy, distorted drums, mixing styles from his last two albums, Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy. The track’s title references a popular line from Carti’s 2015 hit single “Fetti”: "I just left Houston, I just left earf" Tyler dropped a music video for "EARFQUAKE" on his Youtube channel the following day after the album’s release. The video’s set is an identical set to the teaser for “WHAT’S GOOD”. It plays out as a musical audition on a daytime TV show gone wrong. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross stars in the video. "EARFQUAKE" was a moderate success around the world, reaching the top 10 in some countries, including a #8 in New Zealand and a #13 in the USA. Download Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. EARFQUAKE MP3 file uploaded on May 16th, 2019.

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Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE MP3 Comments & Reviews

JacobPeddicord - DECENT!!!


Joseph Pajaco - No question

It’s a no brainer it’s so good.

Coleminer808 - Easily Tyler’s most versatile, personal album yet

I have listened to this album hundreds and hundreds of times since it released in April 2019. It coincided during a time when I was slowly being rejected by my girlfriend who I had known for three years. I can relate to IGOR in many ways, especially since I was trapped in the exact same situation Tyler was in. My girlfriend and I are both bisexual, but I only discovered that she was several months ago, when she started avoiding me, cheating with another girlfriend. I became worried, codependent, depressed. I felt cast aside and forgotten, and it felt terrible to be on edge and have my emotions being played for such a prolonged amount of time. IGOR is the most confident and vulnerable project has made so far, delving into subjects like sexuality, abusive relationships, and heartbreak. It has been truly amazing to watch Tyler’s evolution since he was a teen producing mixtapes and eating cockroaches, to creating fictional alter egos, to just being honest with himself and maturing as an artist. IGOR, Tyler’s new alter ego, is an archetype for emotional subservience. While in character, Tyler describes one of his former relationships, and love triangle experiences, possibly what may have influenced Wolf. Tyler’s mood swings from “New Magic Wand,” to “What’s Good,” to “Thank You” constantly changes as he slowly learns to forgive his ex-boyfriend. After “Are We Still Friends?”, the album loops back and finally concludes on “Earfquake,” with Tyler being accountable for himself and pleading for his boyfriend to not leave him alone. Tyler’s aesthetic, sampling and production has never been so versatile, ranging from 60’s-80’s RnB, disco and soul deep cuts. Every melody is so well textured and mixed, with some of his best synth work yet, something he was never really able to pull off in his earlier albums. It’s also the first album Tyler has made to use ACTUAL vocal harmonies (Earfquake and Gone Gone). Even though Tyler can’t sing, he uses his collaborators to his advantage, while being completely honest with himself; so honest that none of his guest features use auto-tune. IGOR is Tyler’s most cohesive concept album, without relying on convoluted narratives, minor characters, self-insertions and character breaks, setting changes, etc. Tyler is also the first rapper to EVER go No. 1 on Billboard 200 and win a Grammy, for self-producing and arranging their own album, without co-production or guidance. If you have ever been cheated on or have been left broken-hearted in a relationship before, this album will help you to grieve and understand that you don’t need someone else in your life to have purpose. You can hopefully move on and be happy, and remove yourself from toxic people’s lives. You deserve to be in love. I’m really happy I found this album at the right time and can’t wait for the new direction Tyler is headed in.

basement gal 🤠 - king


darwin jef - homeowners


Nikkituf - AMAZING!!

This album is one of the greatest things I’ve EVER listened too. He always puts our great music and I can’t wait to hear what comes out next!

Landon or Savannah - IGOR is on fire! 📛

I freaked out when IGOR won best rap album at the 2020 Grammys. My favorite IGOR songs are IGORS THEME,EARFQUAKE,I THINK,and NEW MAGIC WAND

Dasndkjasdbcjhadwvc - Yeye

one of the best albums of the year

im a guyy - coooool!

each time I hear this album it makes me want to hear it more! can’t wait for the next album😩

nickname boi 27 - Different but a classic

It is about homosexuality in a love triangle which is weird but it is great and a classic 9/10 Best song:I think Worst song:Puppet

hdjxjgbxosbis - Dope

The sound of his songs are awesome

Jainessa Price - Amazing

Honestly this is a great album it has so many different moods to it. Which I love so so many people relate to his songs cause they have sting messages and it’s just overall good music

Tate, The Loser - BEST ALBUM OG 2019

My ears have been blessed

bbqrubz - I love u tyler :)

this is the best album ever

phish wrld - Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is the ultimate album

hugo_b321 - Best album ever

People hating on this album really are just the people who don’t appreciate putting work into music. Just because it’s not full of trap drums and lazy lyrics about drugs and girls doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. People need to grow up and appreciate good music. Such as this album.

Blazeworth - Utter 💩

Worst album of the decade

Therealazlan - EARFQUAKE


havocsubcommander - Fire as faQ

Keep on making great songs

nbbhftu - Are we in the 1800s

I liked him better when he was raw and heavy; Yonkers style. This stuff is for my great god parents parents great grandfathers.

ajdunicorn@rainbows1204 - Garbage

And he takes shots at the white boy?? This is some of the worst “music” I’ve ever heard. Please stop.

mr.g nyc. - This won album of the year.

No disrespect I can’t see how Tyler won album of the year with this album but I have to say congratulations you deserve it.

thrysirkf - AMAZING

If the people saying he fell off, how did a win a GRAMMY for BEST RAP ALBUM? Great album it’s 🔥🔥

Nathan0399 - Best album ever.

Not only is this the best album he has ever created, but the best album ever created, I don’t give a crap if I’m biased.

tzf14 - It’s laughable

The reviews calling this trash are lsighsble

im ugly 🥴 - Teehee

This song gets me in my feels ❤️🥴

Munchkn0 - Idea, EXECUTED

I absolutely LOVE this album! Went to the IGOR concert in September of 2019 and it was amazing. The transitions, and the meaning behind every song is PHENOMENAL! I would probably recommend this album if you’re a new Tyler fan. 10/10 !

umadapuma1235834 - Amazing!!

This album really takes you on a journey. It is so full of raw emotions and different colors and styles of music, but I loved every minute of it. The way he uses synths, autotune, and the low bass at parts is amazing. Definitely very different from his other albums, but imo it was great.

Lil Rome - Horrible

It would get 0 if there was a way

benjikai86 - Igor

This album was amazing

😁😁😁🔥 - insane

a boy is a gun is the best song on the album🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Zoroyfed - Igor

Very good

hjfhs - Cool

Not better then flower boy but still good. Super expiremental and different and intreging but i wish that there was more of his real voice without all these filters and stuff. Still a awesome album. I am satified and i am a happy listiner. Good job Tyler.

Herrerajesus43 - Beautiful

Another masterpiece added to Tyler, the creator’s discography

SeniorRam72 - The Best?

Simply amazing

Axel F-150 - Epstein didn’t kill himself

Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

i LiKE MY CAT - 10/10

Tyler’s best album to date

HydroGameZ - raw


6727004567083787338 - People think IT’S ALWAYS A RAP ALBUM

I saw a couple reviews and idiots saying I WAS EXPECTING YOU TO RAP LIKE FLOWER BOY OR WOLF OR GOBLIN, when OBVIOUSLY Tyler said don’t go into this expecting ANY RAP ALBUM, meaning this project was different from everything else in his entire discography. I can’t believe people don’t follow the rules. He even said don’t skip, beginning to end. And then people say, “It’s not good he doesn’t rap on this album” and I think to myself, they just jumped into the album thinking it would be normal. NO. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM TYLER TO BE THE SAME. He will always have an alternate sound, especially on A BOY IS A GUN* or NEW MAGIC WAND.

YungOmelet - A BOY IS A GUNNNN

album of the year

Zxyxxncmmiidduemh - Best rap album ever made!!!

I know I sound like I’m just jumping on the bandwagon, but I’ve listened to this from start to finish countless times, and can’t get enough ❤️

ladybirdforpresident - Tyler, the creator gives us one of the best breakup albums of the decade

The album opens with the haunting track ‘IGOR’S THEME’ I’m not a huge lil uzi vert fan, but uzi gives us a solid feature that’s memorable, and sets the mood for the album. His moans reflect the pain suffered in this album. Next up we have the song of the summer in ‘EARFQUAKE.’ As much as I love this track it is easily the most blunt on the album. Tyler screaming to his lover that Tyler’s world revolves around this man. Next we have the beautiful son ‘I THINK’ in which Tyler reflects on when he first fell in love with this man. Solid track, I love the production. Following that we have the interlude ‘EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING’ I do love the little interludes and intros that play throughout the album. If you listen closely they foreshadow the theme of the following track. Next up is ‘RUNNING OUT OF TIME’ sadly this is the end of the first half of the album, I feel this is one of the better tracks on the album but not a whole lot of people enjoy it as much as me. Following that comes ‘NEW MAGIC WAND’ one of my favorites on the album. The production is violent yet calm, like it’s a predator just about to kill its prey, kind of like how Tyler confronts this boy in this song. Next up comes ‘A BOY IS A GUN’ in this track it almost seems like Tyler is blaming this boy, I really don’t know, it’s probably my least favorite track. ‘PUPPET’ provides Tyler reflecting on how this boy uses him, takes advantage of him, etc. I do love Kanye’s songwriting, in fact if Tyler and Kanye could do a collaboration album similar to Kids see ghosts that would be great. ‘WHATS GOOD’ continues Tyler’s confrontation behavior, this is also the second name drop ‘IGOR’ on the album. It tells me that Igor, a name recognized with monsters is how Tyler views himself around this boy. I do love the aggravation, but this also lands as one of my least favorite tracks. Following that is probably my favorite track, the double track ‘GONE, GONE/ THANK YOU’ the upbeat production mixes perfectly with Tyler’s haunting lyrics and vocals. I can’t sing enough praise about this track, it’s my favorite. Next is Tyler’s temper tantrum ‘I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE’ Tyler’s high pitched screaming is a child like temper tantrum trying desperately to convince Tyler that he doesn’t love this boy anymore, it’s a very enjoyable and memorable moment. Finally, ‘ARE WE STILL FRIENDS’ closes the album on a sad note. Clearly Tyler still wants to be around this boy as much as possible, so he’ll settle for being friends. Loved this album, can’t recommend it enough. 10/10

.Nicole. XD - amazing !!

this is such a great album it has a ton of good songs i definitely recommend it

Despacito640 - 💪🏽👻

It was an experimental album but it was very good. Every song had me wanting more, it’s just a fun album to listen too

IpodKingJay - Igor


L3HUMAN - He spoke cursive lol


Zay.Slink - Tylers Greatness

This album is a pure example of Tyler’s amazing and artistic skills on music. He expresses himself at top level on this album and everyone I listen to this album it makes me feel like my best self. This is the best album of 2019.

goyate808 - Masterpiece!

Description says enough. Igor is truly an experience that I highly suggest you take part in!

songcrazy12355 - A favorite

Gorgeous heart wrenching album

Smeagol11 - LIT😭🔥🔥

This album is FUNKY, and in a good way. These songs have their own unique artsy vibe that I fell head over heals for INSTANTLY. I love IGOR!

crazypotato19 - i cried because it’s so good

i love you

Hasbro 944 - Great

Just great better than the others

SimonJones1987 - Good album

I really enjoyed this album, particularly the song ‘Puppet’. Tyler’s and Kanye’s voice compliment each other

Mono543 - fav fav fav fav

loml album 💘❤️💝💔💕💗💞

yoloswagprincess - Unique

I like how it’s kinda a mix of cherry bomb and flower boy (That’s just kinda my personal opinion)

A gg to play - Best album of the year

So far the best album I’ve heard in a long time. Definitely the best one this year so far. Definitely need to listen from start to finish tho

daddyÒwÓ - yes


Eclipsevape52 - Amazing

Tyler has struck gold. Earfquake is catchy as hell (and Playboi Carti is actually really good), New Magic Wand expresses the unhinged Tyler we love, A Boy is a Gun is a brilliant metaphor and matches the song perfectly, Kanye West’s feature and Tyler’s soothing voice are both brilliant on Puppet and compliment each other perfectly, the beat switch at the start of What’s Good is amazing, and all the features on here are incredible, especially Frank Ocean and Kanye. This is a side of Tyler we’ve never seen before. And I’m loving every second of it

been a fan since OF - I love you Tyler

an out of body experience, IGOR for album of the year


Someone get this man a grammy

Tinie tempeh insta - Yooo

Beautiful 😭😭


The sound of this album seems very of it’s own, and the production is amazing, the sampling and features are picked very well, I think sonically this album is spectacular, Tyler is definitely moving forward in his works and I can’t get enough of it

Vyvrob - A ludicrous, cohesive, magical album

I appreciate people are saying this album was unexpected...but let’s be honest, who actually expected Flower Boy? The Tyler we love is the Tyler who is always breaking new ground, testing his own boundaries and conquering and dominating every musical genre that hip hop can reach. IGOR is an album that exemplifies this. It’s different, but in a good way. From a personal standpoint, it’s the type of sound that I’ve been craving for a long time. People who doubt: you never know, it may grow on you.

Review 360 - Great album

Would be 5 stars but flower boy was his previous album and it’s not as good as that

Ryan 333 - tyler the creator

loved flower boy but this is a massive disappointment such a shame i dont like one song they all sound the same

MattiMosley - Great Album

Some great songs on it like Gone Gone, Earfquake, Running out of time and others. Although not on the same level as Flower Boy, it’s still a decent album

morgan05morris - Incredible

An array of sound vocals, beautiful chords and melodies. As soon as you enter the world of IGOR you are emersed into a different planey. The production is impeccable (also by Tyler himself). When it comes to lyrics, this album explores several themes though it isn't set in stone what it's really about meaning you can interpret it however you want. Sonicly, IGOR is like never heard before. It is impossible to pin point IGOR to a certain genre as it is so diverse and unique. i highly recommend giving this a listen. Morgan.

Man dem 300 - wow

gets better every listen, the closer makes me smile especially the last part

andrea tyte - art

i love it so much tf

willow040511 - Igor

Overall a fantastic mix of old and new Tyler in one one album! Unexpected but another great Tyler album!!!

{Dark Ninja } - Masterpiece

I believe that in 5 years time this will be viewed as a landmark in music history. Groundbreaking album, beautiful production.

zxcsgaja - igor

Not what I expected but still an excellent album

ウェロニカ - Great

The songs are pretty good.

JosephSasaki - Masterpiece

Constantly improving and never the same from before

Cuso123 - 5 star

Album of the year so far.

Hahhajskdl - Decent

IGOR is completely different to flower boy. Tyler attempts to hit a new type of album in a jazzy genre. Although this doesn't work as well as Flower Boy, the instrumentals are beautiful but I did expect it to be better or as good as Flower Boy

DylanLaity7 - Amazing Instrumentals

A very nice blend of Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy, the peak of Tyler’s production and creativity to date. 40 minutes of excellence.

Hairy Pork - Progression

Is what its all about.

big newman15 - Wow

One of Tyler’s best works

btnineteen - Igor

This is a masterpiece, a true expression of emotion throughout.

Joe199219 - Oh dear

No idea what this is, but it certainly isnt it. Wheres the tyler we love? This to me is just a bunch on noise with no substance. Downloaded on apple music and deleted half way through. Awful follow up to flower boy. Disappointing

jamiecampbell1 - Incredible from Tyler


Travlarv2 - IGOR


JanGrafton - Nothing Special

Lyrics are pretty pointless and uninspiring, unlike Flower Boy. Beats sound similar all the way through. Meh.

NeonGFX - Album of The Year.

This album from Tyler is not only some of his best material he has ever released, but some of the best this year. An amazing release from one of my favourite Artists ever! Hope everyone listens to this album, worth a grammy.

smileincisbest - yes

very nice very good i likey

rose tonkin - beautiful

aoty. beautiful production and execution

venusvi - .

I love it, however older fans of his may not like it as much.

lsh270 - Igor


yungyeetonthebeat - Amazing

Some of his best work

Ruggyhdrdjivg - well done tyler

a spectacular album. literally takes me on another level when i listen to this album.

The Real R3uben_R - sheeeeeeshhhh


Wave sea - Beautiful

Best album so far this year

Jckdxjdbddj - Bless T


yourmumaho - What even???

This album was pure trash , one track after another , pure disappointment

KingSandvich - Absolutely Amazing Album By Tyler

Igor is a fantastic follow up from his spectacular Flower Boy in 2017. Whilst shorter, only having 11 songs and 1 interlude track, this album delivers a powerful punch with its beautiful and serene to distorted and chaotic production which remains consistently amazing throughout the entire album. Tyler and the featuring artists have fantastic vocal delivery throughout each of the songs. I absolutely love this album, and I bought it the second it was released. 10/10 easy

Ralphy1405 - Album of the Year 2019

The production on this is just incredible, not sure about it being classed hip hop but I’m sure that the two years work paid off. This better win album of the year, it really does deserve it.

alksjfgajwbixoa - Incredible

Insanely well produced, amazing lyricism and great features. 10/10 album of 2019




Earfquake I think Running out of time


#NOWPLAYING : Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE LISTEN HERE ➡️ #quoradio #qcradio…


earfquake - tyler the creator


juuls is listening to earfquake and im listening to gg/ty we’re having a tyler the creator interception✨


@coronahhh earfquake is the only song that kinda sticks with me 🥴


@quenblackwell: me when carti verse comes in on earfquake


@SHREKRAP Awwww,shit. Bout to be a earfquake😒


@denzelcanvas: Me anytime Earfquake by Tyler The Creator plays.


earfquake, a boy is a gun, gone, gone thank you, igor’s theme


chuva : a rinite:


@XXL Fell in luv playboi carti Earfquake Tyler the Creator


@savageberries earfquake - tyler the creator




Igor’s theme Earfquake i think what’s good New magic wand

About EARFQUAKE [Tyler, The Creator] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Tyler, The Creator, album IGOR, song EARFQUAKE, released date 16 May 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to EARFQUAKE - Tyler, The Creator mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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