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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care MP3 Comments & Reviews

Sissybriches - All The bad things do disappear

a very bright - eyed happy song keeps the tone positive i love ........ the song

adfgsdyuncdfjvddt - Ariana Granda

Nice! Job Ed Sheeran and I love the good melody's and beats just keep up the good work. Thank u Next:)❤️

bjhjjbhuh - Idc so much I like south of the border

It’s not the best album but some songs are good

Sacagawea127 - good


Trust and Us - ❤️


Ash_angel730 - Variety

I like how versatile Ed Sheeran is. He set out to do a collaboration with a different style and it turned out great! Doesn’t mean he has changed who he is as an artist, just experimenting and did a fantastic job while at it. Can’t wait to hear more of what he can bring to the music world.

🖤dancealone - Love Him 🖤🖤

Amazing voice and great sounds to be stuck in quarantine to 💗

FoodSwagga - Dope AF!!

He stepped out of his comfort zone and killed it. All the negative ppl are seriously trippin’, he can do both. It’s rare that I like more than 2-3 tracks. All of these except BLOW, are Dope AF!!!

Brę_J - Good

I like south of the border, I don’t care, and beautiful people. I mostly like south of the border because it represents what’s going on right now on humanity. And critics these day are just complaining about hip hop music and pop music because they can’t grow up with the world.....

Lovers gamers - Cool


godandanimeonmyside - 😢 sorry bb

i like one or two of them... but majority of these songs are just... tf

Devil55👹 - Amazing


ALVAREZZ3000 - His best album yet!

This is a pop masterpiece and my favorite album of Ed Sheeran so far. His latest gem is filled with hit after hit of memorabe anthems. Loved that he collobarated with different artist showcasing the different styles of music all while remaing true to his sound. Looking forward to more of Ed's musical evolution.

Bethany stevens - Now talk about that

Why does everyone’s song usually talk about sex It is good but they don’t show anything sexual #Pornoholic

DenDenLove - That’s it

Hi big fan

Walteudsudu - Trash




Satisfied457 - I’m really sorry Ed

I’ve been a fan of Sheeran since I started listening to music. I own physical copies of all three of his studio albums and saw him in concert last year. But from the moment I heard I Don’t Care, I had a bad feeling about what this record would be. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, and there are definitely some highlight (BLOW, Antisocial and Take Me Back to London stand out the most). That said, there are also too many duds to fully endorse. South of the Border in particular is pretty bad, and makes me understand why a lot of people didn’t like Shape of You (even though I still like it). Also, where is the acoustic guitar? This is an Ed Sheeran album, and that is one of his defining characteristics. Tl;dr this isn’t as bad as some people are saying, but even as a fan, I know this is nowhere near his potential. Here’s to hoping - is better.

Dee Reds - Protege

Elton John in a recent interview with Sharron Osborne, about who he thought could carry on his type of legacy, mentioned Ed Sheeran. That will only happen if he firmly establishes solidly his own sound. Do that first and then Ed you can do the collaborations.

not dixon - No competition

After divide it was hard to top it. This album kinda went downhill. FaKe. Tee hee.

The Banana🍌🍌 - It’s fine

Prefer his solo work and less pop but some songs in here are actually good not too bad, but could be better. But more guitar please 🙃

ads1248655 - Excellent

Great album.

Princess Meem 💖👑 - It’s okay

I only like I Don’t Care, Beautiful People, and Cross Me. Other than that, it’s not that good. But I’ll still be a loyal fan. 🙁

🦈🦄 - I’m love this album

This is so good my favorite one is I don’t care even though I HATE Justin Bieber but I love this album so PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO HATE ED SHEERAN ARE STUPID BECAUSE HES THE BEST AND THEY DON’T KNOW REAL MUSIC!

XxGetPaidxX - It grew on me 🔥

I hated it at first because it was different then I heard it more an now I love it 💜💙🖤🔥🤘

carlos torres18 - Remember the name

Is a great song to have Eminem and 50 cent

💦Rocky💦 - You fat, here’s help

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noah152 - pure trash

not a single song on this messy album that i enjoy.

Baginz - I dig it.

Hear me out. Not sure why all the hate, but I’m a relatively new Ed Sheeran fan. I’m also late 30’s. Hell, half these rappers I don’t even know and I grew up listening to rap (and folk, and country, and metal)...and here I thought I was keeping up ok, Hahahaha feeling old now... This album overall, while at first listen, sounds a bit like a lot out there but after a full and complete listen there is a lot of really awesome tracks with a really inventive feel and blend to them...it’s subtle but awesome. Sure there are a few tracks I could pass on, but only a few, and I enjoy a ton of Ed’s past work and the folk and pop feels, but I think this simply shows his flexibility in talent...and it’s fun stuff with an interesting blend of different subtle sounds and vocal qualities...Well done Ed. Worth every dollar man.

Not quite a fan yet - Not impressed!

WOW! Such a shame that he would even make this album. Not his style and I could not stand listening to any of these songs. PLEASE go back to your style of music! I’m a huge fan but if this is the direction you are going I won’t be anymore! So sad!

cp3mon - Wow

Am amazing

Quilipz - No

Just never make another collaboration album with rappers again. It was hard to get through this album with my teeth cringing, and I am a fan of your work. I even liked the collaboration no 5 ep/album.

hebdcwgfbebd - Amazing

Such a great write and sing.I personally love it.<3

other kool kid - 🎸 G U I T A R 🎸

I think that the song is great, but I think that Wd Sheehan should go back to the acoustic songs he used to do. Don’t get me wrong, this song is amazing, but I think that Ed Sheehan has such talent playing guitar. Nowadays, we need a good acoustic song. Everything is all hard core rap. I think that the music world needs a nice gentle non explicit song, like the ones Ed Sheehan used to do.

AwesomeAnonamous - Great

Hip/Hoppy and Rap-ish, I really like Antisocial because it has a great beat and cool lyrics. Cross Me is also a really good song, I really like the singing but I wish it wasn’t Explicit bc I can’t buy songs that are Explicit so I listen to it on my Alexa lol 😂

StevenTubeGames - Love this album

I don’t know why people hate on this album it’s amazing Ed Sheeran wanted to try something new and he made this album perfectly the coolest thing is he worked on this album for only 3 months and it’s incredible Nice job Ed -From Steven Wigginton @Steven Wigginton

Scott Ghetti - Beautiful Album!

This is an amazing album full of diversity and beautiful music! I love the collaborations. What talent it takes to work with various artists in various genres with various styles!

Volcrin - 👍🏼🎤🎧🎼🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻

Keep it up Ed!!!

Galaxy_Laccrose - Wow!

I’ve looked through these and it’s aMAZing!!!!!😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳 and my favorite is beautiful people

hjfhs - Cool

Just a fun light album. I think this is a good album. Good features and good songs. Its not the best thing ive heard but it still slaps.

Hsuwnbsuakbzidkenais - Ok u haters

Y’all if e keeps doin the same thing over and over it’s gonna get. Print and y’all do t like boring songs. And let him live his life doing new stuff. Just because he’s calibrating, y’all go of on him. He’s trying something new guys... just be there with him. Y’all are like cats begging to go outside, but 10x worse..

Esme Fi - King !

Ed never fails to make great music, glad to see he’s making music back from his roots. The Fad Haters stay pressed bc their favs can’t do THIS like Ed. He stays winning 😌

cxdcecdcdvd - Good


Joss P - Do your thing Ed

Everyone is so opinionated....Ed has talent, vision, brilliancy...do your thing Ed! Love it

emckittyspt - Love it

I don’t like all your old songs but I love ❤️ your new ones with all the duets my fav song from this album is south of the border because My family loves Camilla cabello and I love all of your new and some clean songs so thank you 🙏. P. S. I want to get front tickets 🎫 to one ☝️ of your concerts in Philadelphia...!!!!!!!

noitsjasmin - Boring and generic

I hate it

Aislinn Marie - Genius

He is just a genius in every album

StellarSmoke - Freeing

I love that he stepped out of his comfort zone and appealed to a wider range of audiences. It’s wonderfully refreshing! Keep up the good work!

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie - Great

Best album of the decade

selenatordangerouswoman310 - I Love It 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️👏🏼

I LOVE IT 👏🏼🔥🔥🔥 really great album Ed Sheeran does it again my favorite tracks are I don’t care and Beautiful people

Kitten1011 - Thumbs up


sarah_420oof - Amazing!

I love Ed Sheeran’s songs and love this album

guy 8433344324 - 😬😬😬😬😬

Album is ok 👌

Pitterpatter84 - No

Definitely not

Fetchpepe - no

girl no

Fit Angel - BLOW

I freaking LOVE Blow!!!! It’s HOT!!!

Awogirl - Bang.

He's done it again.

gilles5434567 - 🔥🔥🔥

I really like this album!

saraaaaahhhhhh - An Icon

Once again, Ed Sheeran amazes us with his music! This album is a piece of art.

#iheart - Yasssss!!

Just nice my favourite album so far

coolo🔥 - Ok?

What’s the point of a collaboration album ?

Frostybytes - Awesome

Great album! Love how he’s keeping it fresh!

MiKiMiKi208917 - So good.

So good, I really liked this album

Nathan KC - Take me back to London

Holy crap how is nobody talking about how good take me back to London is, it’s my favourite song on the album (which is really good in my opinion) but take me back to London is my favourite song by Ed EVER.

DarkRydar - The crusher of Genre’s

Ed Sheehan showing how he can crush any genre and style, WHILE showcasing how talented a lot of different people

oncanuck - Catchy Tunes!

Not a hip-hop fan, but these collaborations work very well. Some very catchy tunes. Well done.

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 Life - Amazing 😉

Why does it not say 1000 Nights has swearing in it ?

samk2019 - damn so good

sooo good!!! What a beautiful way to bring different artists together. Ed S props to you!

The Truth Queen - Love it

South of the border is my favourite

Ho11and657 - Amazing

This album is a beautiful mix of a lot of different genres. Whether I’m in the mood for rock, or I feel like rapping along to a song, or even if I’m down to just chill and listen to easy music; this album has a mix of everything and guaranteed you’ll enjoy it. you would really have to go way out of your way to dislike this one. Possibly the best release of his career and by far the best album of the summer. Amazing job by Ed and every other artist involved 👌🏻

GunnerInSaskCda - Ed Sheehan rocks!

Another great one, Blow is my new summer crank it up tune. Can’t get enough of him & Chris Stapleton!

abigail_rice12 - So talented

I love how you can turn a song into something extraordinary. You don’t just write a song and put it together, you turn it into a story and that’s why I love your music. 12/10 man 👌

Gab1044 - Pretty good

I not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, but when I gave it a try, I was surprised by how good it was. Remember The Name is probably my favorite it’s such an addicting song ! Of course there is some features that shouldn’t have happened like Cardi B in “South of the Border”, but overall it’s a catchy album with amazing artists (Stormy, Eminem....)

Andrewcccc - Love it I don't care

Love it I don't care Justin & Ed Sheersn vocals just Blend so well their vollabs together never disappoint 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A789cnwkao - Never disappoints.

My favourite album so far actually!

Da Pluugg - 🎯

Good one my boy

Kitty 10101 - Awsome


Jessusanto - FIREEEEE

Every song is too good

Jojo from Coco - Mr

Big mAn ED

KellyHasMyHeart - Ok...ya...some of these are 🔥!!

I was sceptical of a whole album with other artists..and the first few released I was not into...but I just bought two and I’m loving them!! All those artists are so lucky to sing with Ed Sheeran!! He’s so talented!!❤️🔥🙏🏼 can’t wait to hear the rest of them! Omg I just added “south of the boarder” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Ed ...you are the best!!! ❤️

MsThorn - Great Mix of Music

It’s a great album - good mix.

rembaldi - So chill!

Great collaborations! Love it :) The sounds are immersive. The sound is still quite ES but the little tweaks from the artists keep the album interesting.

a---w - T.a.w.s

Ed’s new album is going to be good. it ft the song south of the border ft [my boo] Camila Cabello and Cardi b and also the song cross me and it also ft I don’t care ft Justin Bieber. Get it in stores on July 12. good job ed.

maclikespiano - What an artist

This is a real musician

makala05 - Ed’s da beat

Angels singing to my ears 🎶

Michaels big'est fan - Awesome song!

I love ❤️ the song man it’s the best! I don’t care” is my favourite!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

DamnThoseNinjas! - Ed

are you the folk pitbull

@forreal.bryan - So far so good

Excited for Travis Scott song!!

raya;) heh - Yaaaaay

I’ve never been this excited before

Em penguin - Yesssss

This is it ✔️✔️

Jurassic world 2 - ❤️❤️❤️

Amazing collaborations 👍🏻

Blue_Unicorn356 - Silky_Milky

The collaboration tho Takes it to the next level Good job guys You’ve done good

shockinggg - The ginger has done a madness

Absolute bangers, I can already tell this collaboration album gonna be too nice.

btumo - Good

Good song

seuqcaj444 - Please choose!

Michał szpak he is so good ! J-G B

ABPalijah - fye

Ed never disappoints 👌🏽

alice wishtalon - Ugh

What is the point of making a collaboration album????

I'm A 9 Year Old - Come On Ed!!!

This is going to be SICK!!! Excited for what is coming.

Elletunes - Ooooooooooo!

He is awesome. This album will be spectacular 🤩

smithvana - Gay with beiber

He luv beba

64cameron - Ed Sheeren

Best songs I ever heard😀😀😀

scrunchie mia - Songs

Great songs 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Thegameiscrap - Where’s the Ariana collaration

Release “no love for the lonely”

Fan7383726 - Best Album


Anon by default - Decent

Best song on this album is the one with blow, the energy in that song is beautiful

Rampymandail1 - Nice

Ed, you have done it again, a decent album, no sorry, a great album, I don’t care (get it?) if people say it is bad

oli2498sf - Great songs!

Some of my favourites from Ed! Especially Remember The Name, I don’t care and Beautiful People

NeonGFX - Worse than Hopsin’s discography

This album is the worst piece of music to ever hit the face of the earth. Calling someone “salty” as seen in the comments of other reviews is just childish, if you understood what MUSIC is and do some research and not just listen mainstream you would understand. This review isn’t trying to be edgy, just to clarify for anyone wanting to buy this album, don’t. It’s the worst investment you will ever make.

Rumbah1 - I say this is better than the previous Collaboration Projects!

What people don’t seem to understand is that Ed does this kind of thing ever since from the beginning, that’s why it’s No. 6. Ed isn’t trying hard to be “relevant” because he can make a living just by writing songs for other artists, like, he’s one of the best songwriter/artists out there and it just doesn’t register to me as to how he’s “trying hard to be relevant”. Great Job, Ed! I think this album is a nice break to your normal music and for you to experiment on new music! I absolutely love Best Part of me!

sm 3 fan - Awesome

Awesome I absolutely love it! South of the border is my fav

eddie sheeran - Love Ed Sheeran

I love you ed great music btw. Love this album so much espially I don’t care greatest song of all time

Foxy 73 - Amazing

**Ed Sheehan is a phenomenal Artist and this album will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened since “Divide”. ** Ed Sheehan is the kindest, smartest and most inspirational I artist ever! His new album no6 collaborations project is proof of that this world is blessed with Ed Sheehan music! ***** Ed Sheehan is so incredible! He knows exactly what he is doing and is a phenomenal singer and songwriter **Great job Ed!...... Omg, I truly love you Ed, This album is going to be absolutely amazing, just like you and your beautiful divide album, I am sure he has heard this so many times I am going to just say it 🇦🇺❤️

venusvi - Not good

Just cause you gather a bunch of popular artists, doesn’t mean it’s going to be necessarily good. This is a good example of it.

glitterbugxD - Love 💕


dhdhxhwuhsnbzhebd - A boc bocces

Chicken noodles are creamy with donkey fluff in a doghead stew with cheese. Your bum smells like retard sauce

mr melon man - Bruh moment

Someone really called this AOTY smh

vong10 - Yeah no

Bad attempt at trying to stay relevant Ed...

MellStark - Amazing colab

Amazing album. Love artists working with other artists ♥️♥️ good on you Ed

Mandaz - Love it!

I loved Ed's previous albums but this one is just next level. My favourites are blow and remember the name.

Old town road h8r - Wow. ;-;

It’s great but maybe stop playing this song constantly

Nineballrob - Red head

If you love listening to an incredible unique red headed singer with an unrivalled 6 octave range... I’d suggest picking up a guns n’roses album.

Littlered80 - He did it

The beats. The instruments. Rhymes and melodies. Then he serves you an acoustic ballad. Then...BLOW. Goddamn. Thank you, Mr Sheeran. All hail.

Tadhgconor - Not my fav

Listen I’m an older fan.. loved beautiful people, I don’t care and cross me and way to break my heart.. but not into rap tunes sorry...I can understand he did what he wanted & why not.. but not my fav album

Monstardoab - Such a good album

I’ve been waiting 4ever and it’s soooooo good👍

LarissaTass - Amazing

I love how every track is different we get a bit of everything here. I really like Remember The Name that got stuck in my head

.VALENTINA. - Ed Sheeran

Incredibile album!

josieflint - AMAZING

ahh this is an amazing album!! highly recommend :))

fizzingwhizzbee - Brilliant

The man is a genius. For me, there isn’t a bad song on the entire album. I’ve just listened to the album from start to finish without skipping a single song. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

hijiuySDhiuydfdsojjsdfclkk - Best album ever!

I’m restricted explicit Songs so I got the clean version and I love it so much! I can’t say that this album is bad. And I also Got the album the day it was released. And I’ve already listened to the whole entire album. And that’s how much I love Ed Sheerans new (or should I say Best) album.

Webby 33 - Awesome

Catchy as!


Great album

Thenotsohappymusicfan - Ed the music genius

Awesome! Great collection of songs from such a diverse range of artists. Ed never fails to disappoint.

44onneb - Bangers

Banger after Banger

algab87 - THE BEST, Ed never disappoints !!

Absolutely love it. Another awesome album to add to his collection !

Marchieccii6564 - Good, but not as good as his previous albums

Alright, the first 2 singles were really catchy and had a good beat, but Ed Sheeran has collaborated with far too many annoying rappers, 4 stars.

Catley92 - South of the border

🔥🔥🔥🔥 gonna be a hit

hmm342 - Fresh

Love it

yaseluvscats - Best song was with Camila

She really out did herself on south of the border. Cardi’s verse was bearable for once. The two girls did so well

Nikster7 - Amazing

Everything Ed touches turns to gold... Amazing, deep lyrics and literally the most incredibly talented writer and singer

rexy1775 - Hell yes

I never appreciated Ed Sheeran...until now! ‘I Don’t Care’ is a great song. ‘Beautiful People’ is incredible with a great message, however, ‘BLOW’ is such a jam! Can’t wait for the whole album.

elixxxoeliii - I can’t wait for the ressst🦋🦋

Ily eddddy

tyy3836 - Amazing!

All the songs released so far are so versatile in style! Ed Sheerans talent never ceases to amaze me! Can’t wait for the rest of the album to be released

Tingazors - Blobfish

The smooth-head blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus), also known simply as blobfish, is a deep sea fish of the family Psychrolutidae. It inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australiaand Tasmania, as well as the waters of New Zealand.

Bidanx - The Album of the Year

The colloborations Project by Ed Sheeran is an album of love and hard work. The beats are on point, the lyrics are all original and poignant that is cross-generational. This album shows the absolute talent and artistry that Ed Sheeran exudes. It is an incredible album. If you just like beats, even this is the album it has something for everyone! Can't wait to listen to the WHOLE album. But with the three tracks that ARE out, each song is better than the next. I love to dance and Cross Me was legit perfect for that and to chill and reflect, Beautiful just touched my soul. I Don't Care is good and I thought it was the song of the summer but Cross Me maid I Don't Care hang its hat. LOL I'm wondering if he started with the worst song on the album which goes to show how GOOD this album is if I Don't Care isn't as good as the other two that have been pre-released so far. Anyway, its a good album and so worth the money. First time ive considered actually buying the WHOLE album in YEARS. 5 stars for sure :)

ab08bcb942 - Incredible

Beautiful People is an AMAZING song! Definitely my favourite by FAR!

Miss E AU - Lacking substance

I heard a promo copy of this full album, and was shocked at how average it was. Mr Sheeran seems like he's run out of ideas and is recycling old stuff. Much too commercial for me. I preferred his first album where he wasn't trying too hard.

yasss queen 🌈 - It awesome

I love it 🤩

Clo_angel94 - Perfect 5

Awesome songs 😎

a true queen - Perfect

The two singles have been growers and the rest of the album is set to be amazing

Arg so so so so so angry - ED SHEERAAAAAAN

I love beautiful People and every song on this album. Keep up the good work Ed

Hendo20 - Best Ed album ever!

Every song is amazing!!

Wick-e-woo - ED SHEERAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album is great!!! I really like i dont care and cross me. its great

@Gore - Khalid ft Khalid

That track is one of a kind , will never go wrong reminds me of real and true by future

Ross🧐 - Every Damn Track is Fire!!! 🤩🤭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I love every single track on the album! Standouts! Definitely Ed and Khalid, Ed and Ella Mai and Ed and Chance!!! Loving this!

B0mol - By Lex 🗣

Flamezzz on Flamezzz 🔥 🔥. Travis, Stormzy and Meek Milly 🙏🏾 with Ed they shut it 👇🏾 down.

Lil Mzwah - Beyond best

Just love how you change style


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Another sell out album... when’s the tour?

youngbm - Fire 🔥

It’s fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 worth it

nigguh sap - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

The one with chance and PNB 💯💯💯

70366095Ww - Incrível

Amei as participações, não canso de ouvir Beautiful People 🥰

wiliansouza - REI

sem defeitos

merson1308 - incrível!

um álbum totalmente diversificado, a cada faixa uma sintonia diferente, Ed pra mim a cada álbum mostra seu talento...

Babi 🌻 - gostei muito

south of the border melhor musica do álbum

Davidbernardesousa - Não gosto

Não escuta!

anareia - D+

Amei as colaborações, especialmente a com a Camila Cabello e Cardi B

sinnerskeleton - TE AMO MENINO


Salve salve - Excelente

Muito bom.

diamante lapidado do reggaeton - i don’t care horrível

é isso

godoyflavio - Great!!

Great job again, Ed!! Loved the album so far!! Congrats!!

Zé Paulo Folly - coragem

Ele tem

Thayná Amendros - Maravilhoso

Tudo sempre fica ótimo

Thisoliv - desesperado para um hit

sofro kkkkkk

icarokkjk - ruim d+

produção medíocre e composição ainda pior. pena.

AmandaMIchi - amo?

ed reizinho d+ bicho

dakrhxbw - horrivel

eu ja nao ia mutio com o estilo dele mas agora ta podre de vez

H. Halfeld - Perdeu a cabeça o ED.

ED tá louco?

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@pixieIusts: people who need to unfollow me: - “not all cops are bad” people - “all lives matter” people - "blue lives matter" people -…


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@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


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@pixieIusts: people who need to unfollow me: - “not all cops are bad” people - “all lives matter” people - "blue lives matter" people -…


@pixieIusts: people who need to unfollow me: - “not all cops are bad” people - “all lives matter” people - "blue lives matter" people -…


@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@dremilyportermd: News Flash: Your body can be full of cancer and if there is a video showing you getting shot in the chest and bleeding…


@pixieIusts: people who need to unfollow me: - “not all cops are bad” people - “all lives matter” people - "blue lives matter" people -…


@Benor36662207 @KeshaRose damn i kinda don't care since most of your tweets spout racist rhetoric 😳

About I Don't Care [Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber] MP3

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