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"Lover" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift from her seventh studio album of the same name (2019). Swift wrote it and co-produced it with Jack Antonoff. The song was released as the third single from the album on August 16, 2019. "Lover" is a country ballad that features a booming snare, slow tempo and guitar-centric sound. Over a retro-styled musical motif, Swift sings lyrics about devotion on the song. It received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its nostalgic quality and Swift's songwriting but doubted its commercial prospects. Download Taylor Swift - Lover MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Lover MP3 file uploaded on August 16th, 2019.

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Taylor Swift - Lover MP3 Comments & Reviews

smithvana - She steel unknowns hair color!

How dare she be blonde 😡😡😡

Nikunit - Simply lovely.

I feel like this album is like hanging out with someone who is calm and self assured. It’s not trying harder than it needs to or pretending it something it’s not. It’s just genuinely being itself. Taylor feels healed and collected. Love it. Each track has a little some special.

sbsrandom - 💜

I don’t care what others say or think but this album... makes you stronger.

Gambit - Greatest Hits Era Approaching

You know you’re passed your prime when you plagiarise from nursery rhymes, very disappointing album. She needs to ‘stop being political’ and get back to music or she’ll have a permanent gig in Vegas a la Britney Spears. ‘The Man,’ yeah nice ‘woke’ song Taylor! Like you’ve never used your status for privileges in life, and your Netflix documentary Miss Americana should be called Miss Anti Americana considering your political allegiances.

taylorswift charlywatson - Taylor swift is the best and for all you haters out there your wrong BIG TIME

By #chops

giehuwje - Best best bestttt

It’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard

Ava J 13 - I love it and haters please shut up

Ok so firstly this album is one of my personal favourites closely followed by fearless and the lyrics are incredible!! To all the people hating on this I would absolutely love to see you try and write better lyrics and make better music and have the guts to share it and put it out into the world. I know people say that by putting ourself out there you should expect hate but even though people say that it doesn’t mean that you should do it. Taylor is sharing her life with us and for people like me who get bullied and listening to her music makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives. Do you think that it’s going to make you a better person by hating on something that you don’t even know the effort of!! In conclusion this album and inspiring and spectacular and have a good day and be kind.

catalina❤️❤️❤️ - Amazing

So so so amazing I am speechless

ahsfan3a92 - AMAZING

They said I hustle put in the work They would shake their heads and question how much of this I DESERVE!!!😘😘

quynh-an - 💗

one of the best xx

music is da beast - Hi Taylor

I am your BIGGEST fan all those haters need to leave you alone✋🏻 you are my queen 👸🏼

abbyyhge - Boring

I hate this new Taylor sound

nauticarlauren - It's time to retire


dragonbeetle - Perfection

This is what love sounds like. Pure bliss.

brentking1974 - Lover

It’s nice to have a friend 🤗🌈

Unicorns are great Tay is bad - Okay.....

Your songs are all a bit repetitive. Me, is okay except for that horrible bridge, your not even singing. The only song I like is: you need to calm down because it’s catchy. Daylight is horrible, it is so slow and boring. Overall, this is probably your worst album yet, it’s like your stepping backwards in your music career. Make an album that people will like next time.

love dog 5231997 - Taylor Swift is a queen

Great song good voice keep making more songs please!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

total swiftie - Incredible

I can’t believe so many people are hating her! She is making absolutely incredible music and covering important issues at the same time! I honestly can’t stop listening to her music! It is amazing. I fully recommend.

HildaTherese - GODDESS

No words - her greatest work, the most stunning lyrics and I can’t wait for LOVER on tour

hijiuySDhiuydfdsojjsdfclkk - Well done

I am amazed about how beautiful this album is and I don’t know why but I don’t listen to it anymore. But that is not the point. The point is that I still love it so much. So thank you for this beautiful album.

olivvercolee - eh

no one asked for 18 songs the album is too long

Nadia.Helwe - AMAZING

I love this album sooooooo much and I love Taylor swift so much her music has never failed me, it is so original and amazing and the music industry would not be the same without her 💗 Love you for life 💗

Monkeymagic81 - Taylor does it again!

This album is a lot more playful and fun compared to her last album. Another great pop album with easy listening tunes and some great hits. If you’re a Taylor fan, this is a must have album!

spoph_p - A M A Z I N G 💜💜

i would say this is definitely one of my favourite albums taylor has ever made!!! it’s full of awesome songs and i just love it so so so much!!💗💜💗

emily.bear8452 - Get some hellp lol

Sooo good

olliewalrus - Lover album

Every song is so perfect. Highly recommended!!

scooby9985 - Sell out

Her new stuff is garbage

May bul - Lov(h)er

Taylor is just an incredible artist and I love every song on this album, especially Cruel Summer and London Boy

Transition Wednesday - Congratulations Taylor and Joe

I Think He Knows is similar to a circus; everyone should enjoy not being a grouch.

Xgdkbvktfhfh - Love all her songs.

Love all her songs

h💿l💿 🦄 - Incredible Album

This album captures a broad range of emotions and sounds. It is a great mixture of catchy pop songs, as well as lyrical materpieces which allow listeners to empathise, and relate to the album. There has been clear thought as to the track list order, with 'I Forgot That You Existed" being the perfect opener to move on from the rep era, and 'Daylight' as an amazing closer that simultaneously makes you want to cry over sad memories, while providing intense optimism. Overall, well done Taylor Swift, and to anyone reading, I highly recommend buying and listening to this album.

Jaydi22 - so good



I actually adore this album. The lyrics, production, and storytelling are like no other. Swift knows how to take her listeners on a journey with her music. Whilst the track list is quite jarring when it goes from Soon You’ll Get Better to False God, that does not take away from the quality of her music. This album is beautiful and I could listen to it a million times. Indeed a career-topping masterpiece!

Blue seeker - I am def a Lover!

Absolutely love this and nothing more to say... worth listening to.

Danime18 - Not good

Tool Fear innoculum amazing!! Taylor swift baddd

Evanescing Echoes - Two Stars - only 2 songs worth a listen

Personally, I only enjoy “The Man” and “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”. “Lover” has a nice vibe to it but it doesn’t particularly appeal to me, though. I like the cover art and her whole pastel rainbow / unicorn aesthetic more than the songs themselves, TBH. 🤷🏻‍♀️ “The Man” is a good jab at how women are still discriminated to this day without sounding patronising or obnoxious lyrically and is catchy otherwise. I don’t...filly understand what she is singing about in the Americana song - there are some songs in her catalogue that just leave me with more questions than answers because her lyrics appear ‘complex’ as a facade but don’t really make much sense or are vague and I’m not a diehard Swiftie way I’ll be getting those references anytime soon, LOL. As a whole the songs all fit this ‘lover’ concept, but as other people have stated it’s certainly not the best thing she’s released to date - I’ll even go as far to say that what stands out to me most is that lyrically, she has devolved overtime...not evolved. I don’t think crossing over to a different genre requires the dumbing down and more frequent repetition of lyrics, but maybe that’s just me. 😕 This album, as well as the ones before, really showcase how she has been stunted since the age of 16 in terms of overall maturity and is stuck there mentally and emotionally. The fact it took her years to get over the whole backup dancer fiasco with Katy Perry is no better than gossipy, bitchy high school girls who are terribly insecure and naïve.

Carrieff - What?

Everything is auto tuned. Anyone could have sung these nursery rhymes.

Ellerobo - 13 out of 10

SHE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! ALL HALE THE QUEEN OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! BOW DOWN TO OUR SUPREME LEADER! it’s safe to say that this deserves many, many Grammys.

stay beautiful 😊 - AMAZING MASTERPIECE

SHE DOES IT AGAIN, HER BEST ALBUM! LOVER, CRUEL SUMMER, THE MAN, CORNELIA STREET, I THINK HE KNOWS + EVERY TRACK 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 The album contains a song for everyone she touches on politics, equality, love, family, friendship, heartbreak, loving yourself etc.. with her extraordinary songwriting and composing skills proving that Taylor is the best artist the world has ever had. Also this is the first album Taylor completely owns and it couldn’t have been better 💓💓 #hatersgonnahate 💓💓 THIS ALBUM HAS NO SKIPS AND DESERVES ALL THE GRAMMYS IN THE WORLD ❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!

Marchieccii6564 - Best pop album of the year!!!

Cannot dam wait!!! Tay Tay has been one of my favourite pop stars for years!!!

Joseph_Nash - Love the album

Taylor swift has made another great album. Talented, beautiful, never been done before, never will be the same, authentic, absolute babe

zxx chv - Thank uGoodness

The car has iu day for

WaterlilyTAYTAY - Queen of Music

Taylor Swift is so inspirational and her new album lover is the best! I love it, Taylor Swift’s albums just keep getting better and better. My favourite song is definitely Paper Rings and London Boy. For sure get the album!!!!

Scoot .375 - Amazing

A work of art

aawweessoommeerr than u - Amazing, thoughtful and layered

With the release of ME! I wasn’t expecting to like the album, and You need to calm down didn’t reassure me of much. They felt too poppy and overproduced and I thought that’s how most of the album was going to be. But then we got Archer, then lover - and I was intrigued. What followed was the release of a gorgeous, thoughtful and layered album of songs that I absolutely adore. From the complete heartbreak of ‘soon you’ll get better’, to the true raw feelings of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ and ‘afterglow’ you can see that Taylor went the heart and not the $$ on this album. Definitely give this album a go!!

Bec1970 - Album of the year

Reasons this album is her best: 1. Sonically cohesive. I like to use the analogy of a family. This album is a family and every song is a member contributing to the house. All 18 songs fir on this record. 2. Lyrically amazing. Every song is lyrically amazing and ME! Is probably the worst. My favourite lyrics are “ we were a fresh page on the desk filling in the blanks as we go” and all of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ second verse. 3. Very easy to listen to and very good to sing along to. So many summer jams. Notably Cruel Summer, The Man, I Think He Knows and FALSE GOD!!! So overall, definitely one of the best, if not the best, album I have heard. Deserves AOTY as well as every other award. Congrats Taylor. 😆

daisysassyunicorn - So good

The songs are so good you should try the the album it so good l love Taylor she is such a good singer everyone go and get her album it’s way better than last years album go and get Taylor’s album so good

Puck Chen - So good.

Every song is good

Klancie Star - Lover is Awesome!

I love it soo much! It’s the best Album ever!

Alexandra. J - Pop Perfection

Taylor’s best yet! Makes me want to listen to all her albums again

DannyC0905 - First Taylor’s Album

This album makes me love Taylor Swift, and she just put her happy feelings there. This deserves to be #1 for many weeks!!

oldtaylorswiftisdead - Album of the year!

Each song has a meaning, and fits into this part of her life so well, I love all the songs, none of them are bad, 5 stars!!!!

taylorswiftfanforlife🤩_👍 - Love it!

Every song is so different and enjoyable to listen too, I am a huge fan and I really love this album. Definitely recommend this to any Taylor fan. No regrets! 🤩🤩

QiHao Zhang - Album of the year

Definitely the best album in 2019, I think Lover is a combination of Speak Now and Red.

Moadecyk - Amazing

This album is beyond amazing

WitchOfTheMoon - Love it

I love it. It sounds beautiful and hopeful, and I love that she’s making a political statement in her music.

ajudicatorkay - BEST ALBUM EVER


khyadriii - LOVE LOVE LOVE

she done did it again, thank u for 7 beautiful albums 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Roisin D - LOVER

SUCH A GOOD ALBUM! Love it sooooo much! no songs that i’d skip

EmKa12 - Perfection

Feels like all her albums were leading up to this!!! Love it + I’m happy for her :-)

MrAppleMan - Perfection! 🎆

This album is perfection! So many bops, so many sad songs, and so many that are so much better when you read the lyrics with it! Cruel Summer, Lover, This Man, The Archer, Paper Rings, London Boy, YNTCD, Afterglow, and Miss Americana are my favorites, but every song on the album are masterpieces in their own ways! 😀


This album is amazing. It really hits your heart and is full of emotion. Of course, i expected nothing less from Taylor, but she really set the bar high this time.


It’s absolutely amazing I love all the songs was definitely worth it

ts7isabouttocome - SHE DID THAT!!!

This album is so powerful and colourful, here lies a mixed feelings of love, sad, fun and happiness.

andrewkdavey (insta) - A work of art!

The three promotional singles that Taylor Swift has released for this album have all been vastly different and works of art in their own respective ways. From ME!’s “effervescently happy” beat and message, proceeding with You Need To Calm Down’s fun and sassy vibe and finishing with The Archer’s vulnerable and heart wrenching lyrics. All 3 singles show Taylor’s astounding song writing ability and are a testament to why she has had such an impact in music in the last decade. I am extraordinarily excited for this album to drop and have high hopes for it.

Lucien James Foster - BEST ALBUM EVER!!!

Can’t wait for this Lover album to come out Queen T, I want to see what tracks you’ve got that are good and hopefully you will win a Grammy award for this album in 2020

Glitter713 - Pastel Pop Perfection

Despite only having two singles released, Taylor Swift's much anticipated 'Lover' album is matching the high expectations of Swifties around the world. 'Lover' will be an unparalleled musical journey which will own the 2020 Grammys.

fredyze61 - Tay Tay Gold

Taylor Swift back with the catchy ‘You need to calm down’!Up there with her best music 👍

kennygirl2 - :0

Taylor is back and she getting famous.i can’t wait for more songs from her. But I don’t think spelling is fun

sarah is proud - Queen

Grammy award winning content

That bush - Anyways

Honestly this album is very good! No I haven't heard it yet but I have faith

swifts reputation - BEST MF ALBUM I CAN TELL

holy moly i’ve waited for this for so long

Fridgerat - From Harue saiki 9 years old

I have every album I love all of them and I know Every word to them 💙❤️💜💛💚

fldsf - Outstanding

Taylor Swift never disappoints.

swiftiie4eva - Best album

Love all the songs!!!!

maduvha - Best song

Wow she sings lovely 😍😘😋🤩🤩🤩

2longofawait - AfterGlow

Loving every track. Loving the lyricism. So much of thought was put into these words and music videos. A true artist 🌅💘

infosome - Devil worshipper

False God? What a blind bat. We will all bow our head and knee and be judged. You too girl

biiebsie - Best Cd ever!

Can’t deal! Amazing!!!!! 😱❤️🥰

MinajSwiftie - Taylor Swift’s best album✨💗

This album is pure pop perfection - a true love letter to love itself. Swift’s best album so far. Afterglow is my favourite track off the album.

AbigailNaude - OMFGoodness!! 😍

This is sooo good, the aesthetic of the music 🥰

Willem30 - Lover

Not what i expected after "Reputation".....

Supper D.C. Comics app - AMAZING!!!

Title says it all!!!

Merini20 - Ahhh!!!!

I’m so excited!😍😍

speaknow089 - Lover

A perfect pop creation!

seandsmit123456 - Can't wait Tay

This is gonna be one of your best ...i know for a fact ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I can’t wait to see the emotional growth that Taylor Swift has undergone, as well as the many layers this new album will exhibit. In simple terms: TAYLOR SWIFT WAS, IS, AND FOREVER WILL BE THAT BISH

Danielevans11 - AMAZING

After the first 2 singles, I can already tell that our queen is back with another great album! 🤩👏😭

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