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"You Need to Calm Down" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on June 14, 2019, as the second single off her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover. Swift wrote and produced this song with her co-producer Joel Little. Swift addresses her haters and homophobes in the song. Download Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. You Need To Calm Down MP3 file uploaded on June 14th, 2019.

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#musiclover$$$$ - Love her

I love this song so much love🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Annienator - Amazing

Better than ever

😍😍💚💚💚💚💕💕💕 - NOT GOOD

Can her Songs be any more Annoying. Don’t like it.


These lyrics, the music, the productions and Ofc TS all bring emotions and so much fun to this album. There’s a song for everyone on this album. Cornelia street is such an instant classic and I think he knows is so underrated.

Jr.007🌙⭐️ - Taylor Swift is here to stay!🙌🏼💖

Stop the hate & let’s continue to heal the world 🌎✌🏼Whether you might not like her views on life & Love. she’s a musical genius. The way she expresses her music and catchy lyrics, have always defined her. She’s made a huge name for herself in Music. I feel like ever since her 1989 album, she’s found her sound.❤️🧡💛💚💙☮️

hatem9898 - Trash

Same albums

itsbritneyb - Love it!

Lover was amazing

Crazycatslol - Another Amazing Album

You can truly sense the overall growth. Her vocals are amazing and I love the vibe these songs have. Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince, The Man, and Cruel Summer are my favorites! So proud of you Taylor, and we can tell how truly happy you are!

uhtunhtet1996 - Review


Karl38292 - Amazing album

Beautifully written and produced album. I’m still listening to it, it’s so good. My favorite songs are Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, Death By A Thousand Cuts, & Cornelia Street. I hope she releases The Man as a single next and then Cruel Summer like in May or June.

LinkinMC - Tool

Tool is better than this bum

X__A7 - Next time take your time making the album’s no need to rush

Worst album ever if you if you listen to the song over and over every time you will get sick of it Easily🥱🥱

Seewah04 - I Love Lover

I will start off by saying I’m a fan of Taylor Swift’s pop music. 1989 and Reputation are two of my all time favorite pop albums so I was very excited for Lover. When she released the first single “Me!” It took a few listens for me to really get into but I love it for what it is...a cute bubblegum pop song. I’m not sure why everyone was disappointed with it as not every song has to be deep and profound. It’s ok to have some light-hearted fun tracks (Especially on a pop album) and “Me!” Is exactly that. I think I really took to the song when I watched the music video. It was just so bright, colorful, and happy and really set the tone for Lover and what Taylor had in store for us. I mean, who doesn’t love rainbow waterfalls, pastel suits, and snakes exploding into butterflies? I also think Brendon Urie’s part in the song was great and they meshed really well together. I also loved her two other singles that lead up to the album release, “You Need to Calm Down” and especially “Lover.” Lover is beautiful. I love the personal touch of the guitar and the amazing lyrics and bridge. The video is also creatively heartfelt and really makes you want to be in love. “You Need to Calm Down” is a message to those haters that try to bring others down, to just take a seat and calm down. She’s saying she knows her worth and those who like to hate her, her friends, and fellow female pop icons need to stop and let them shine. She’s promoting love and unity and leads by example in making amends with Katy Perry and hugging it out with her in the video. The intro, “I Forgot That You Existed” is a nice opener to the album. It kind of makes you feel like she’s closing out the Reputation era and forgetting all that drama existed and she’s in a much better place in Lover. She even laughs on the track which makes you feel like she’s moved on from the past. You just get a sense that Lover is going to be lighter and more upbeat than Reputation. “Daylight” is also a nice closer to the album as she explains in the song that she wants to be defined by the things she loves, not the things she hates. It ties up the album nicely and gets the point of Lover across. It also gives nod to her album Red in which she described love as being red but now sees that it’s actually golden. It kind of makes me imagine that she used to think love was red like the generic valentine cards, candy hearts, and red roses but now that she’s older and has really experienced love, she’s realized that it’s golden and beautiful like daylight. You can see things clearly in the daylight and feel safer, more secure in the daylight which is comparable to Love. The song closes out chapters of the old Taylor and introduces you to new grown, in-love Taylor. Standout songs for me are, “I Think He Knows”, “False God”, “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”, “Afterglow”, “Death By A Thousand Cuts”, and “Cruel Summer.” “I Think He Knows” is so much fun lyrically and sonically. I can easily turn this song up and have a good time. I love the lyrics of the chorus (bless my soul). It’s just a flirty and fun song. “False God” is a sexy song lyrically and sonically. The soft saxophone and production help create that sexy mood she’s going for and makes you want to light some scented candles. I love the lyrics on “Miss Americana...” and “Death By a Thousand Cuts.” “Miss Americana” is a metaphorical song about her disappointment with the current state of America and “Death By a Thousand Cuts” is the pain felt after a relationship ends that you don’t want to end. The lines, “Tryna find a part of me you didn't take up. Gave you too much, but it wasn't enough. But I'll be alright, it's just a thousand cuts” just makes you feel the pain of unrequited love from a breakup where the other person moves on but you’re still stuck. “Soon You’ll Get Better” is the most emotional song on the album and makes you feel the pain and fear she has when her mom is diagnosed with cancer. The song is stripped down to soft guitar strings and vocals that are backed up by The Dixie Chicks. It definitely has a country vibe to it (for those country Taylor Swift fans). The line, “soon you’ll get better because you have to” always chokes me up. You can hear her voice waiver on the track and you just know this was a difficult song for her to get through. “Cruel Summer” is amazing lyrically. Its basically about a friend with benefits scenario that she’s in over the course of the summer. It talks about how she sneaks in and out of his house and tells everyone it’s ok, it’s just fun but she is actually hurting because she’s in love with that person who is not in love back. She feels like she has to save face and pretend like it’s nothing more than a fling to her because that’s how he sees it. I especially love the little growl she lets out on the bridge when she calls him a devil. I would also like to give a little shout out to, “The Man” as she addresses the double standards women have to face and how if she were a man she’d be praised for some of the things she gets criticized for doing as a woman. She even playfully calls out Leonardo DiCaprio on the track kinda insinuating (in very few words) how his dating antics make him the man so if she were a man, she’d be just like Leo instead of criticized as a woman. The overall production on the album was well done. Each song is different. I especially love the production on “The Archer” and “Miss Americana”. The album as a whole is definitely a love letter to love through themes of friendship, romance, family, heartbreak, pain, female empowerment, personal growth, and even fear of losing love or a loved one. Another pop triumph. Well done Taylor!

DaviARio - Love it!

Great songs

Thisis one of my favorite things to hear. it relaxes and refreshes everything inside me. - Beautiful!

I LOVE this album so much. Taylor Swift is inspirational in her consistent flow of ever-evolving, bold music.

JEnriquez98 - Love!

Sums up my year perfectly 💗

Veve13Veve - ✨😍

We stan

cats rule forever - Love it!!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like it don’t troll. Don’t even bother.

VinylWho - It’s so GOOD...!

This is probably one of her best albums, just because she came back as TAYLOR!

masumnia - 💖


Overall Criticizer - Cornelia Street

I purchased Cornelia Street, Thousand Cuts, Afterglow, and Me! Cornelia Street is my favorite from the album because her witty lyrics truly tell a story that made me tune in from the start of her career the song reminds me of an old folk song. Thousand Cuts sounds like her music from Speak Now. Afterglow is like a fusion between Enchanted and Wildest Dreams. Me is honestly a commercial song I just like the duet aspect because that’s not something Taylor is known for...

lexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx45 - 👎🏻

Didn't stand a chance at topping Reputation

amchalfont - Taylor Never Fails

Despite changing her genre a few years back, I’ve never stopped listen to her music, new or old! She will forever be my favorite!

AriFakeSmile - Why?

She keeps crying over Scooter.

Shivi06 - Nope.

Taylor, you’re one of my favourites! Your previous albums were a masterpiece. Everybody has failures, so I support you no matter what, even though this album didnt make it to the top of my list. You can do MUCH MUCH better. You’re talented! Love you.

parent of teen - Good voice

Taylor has a good voice and knows how to play the guitar. I am all for experimenting and trying new things. But I think it needs to be organic and for the love of music. I think lots of people relate to her songs about breaking up or disappointment. I like Taylor Swift’s voice. And when she came out with her first album I really enjoyed her simplicity. I think she was being herself. I wish that she had picked a different direction. More like Linda rondsdt , Carole King, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, Janis Ian and phoebe snow direction. She needed to draw from her childhood and what she grew up with. That’s why Linda was so great. She did what she wanted but it all came from her life expectancies and the music she grew up with. I think Taylor really could have done the same very well . They all love to sing and dance. They are in it for the music. They just have to deal with the business aspect. And they call their own shot. This would havd been the perfect direction for Taylor. I get the feeling that her music changed after the awards ceremony experience. Taylor is popular because people relate. I think that she can do what she wants. Though I personally miss the more pure simple music of her early days. But many many people love her music now and as long as Taylor is happy that is what is important. Wish that she would dig more into her roots and build on the music she grew up with. Maybe she will. Taylor is a good singer. She can play instruments. And it helps her that she is attractive.


ScarsThatStay - meh

i personally think this album is mediocre, it’s upbeat and makes me happy, like paper rings always makes me happy, as part of the LGBTQ+ community, YNTCD is enjoyable, and i love how she’s shining light on something that she respects. though i do think that 1989 was her best album, and reputation and lover were just ok,

jukeboxbri - best yet

a lot of people reviewed based on the two lead songs which aren’t even near the best on the album. this album takes you through many states of love and there’s not one sound, but it comes together cohesively because of the common theme. i love that taylor explores her falsetto and lower register more! lover the song and daylight are probably her best self written songs ever.

tiedswift - good

reputation outsold but ok

Sheif Sh - Trash

Honestly i hate her And this album is terrible and boring Its such a mess 🤢🤢🤮

ryanmetallica - Aweful

Classic case of an artist abusing her status to push politics onto fans that will lick up anything she pukes out. Third time I’m posting a review of this album, other two were taken down. That 4 star rating may not be that accurate...

Heeee's baaaacccckkk! - Queen.

So much yes. So much everything. She is everything good in the world. She is the sky and the earth.

Dandon_bieber - Trash

Save your coins

lexilovestaylor - Her best💟💟

I love this entire era and the album is amazing!I love how there is no one hating anymore in the review section now that the album is out cause it showed her true writing skills.She impressed me again with this album!💟

Adragon96 - Lover!❤️

A gift to mankind💝

Jojo's 1st fan - 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😾😾😾😾


cupcakecats - Great Album!

I love this album. She’s a talented singer and song writer. I’m more of a fan now because she released these songs. They’re happy and catchy songs.

Emilylovestaylor13 - Taylor has been my favorite since 2011.

Lover is my favorite Taylor Swift album(2nd favorite: Speak Now), She is my fav music artist, loves each and every one of her fans, Keep it up, girl!!❤️

123 lilly - 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

The album isn’t even out yet, but I still gave it 5 stars and 13 hearts. What does that tell ya? Taylor Swift is just so awesome! And for all the people that says that she can’t sing or isn’t this or that, look at how big she is and is net worth MILLIONS. ($360 Million) Taylor also have sold MILLIONS of albums, plus she had the most sold out concert (reputation stadium tour) in 2018 that broke US history!!!! What have you done lately? #Swiftieforver 💗 #hatersgonnahate

🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙈🙈 - Swifty for life!!!!!

This album is amazing and so much like Taylor! I love all of the singles and the whole album is flawless!❤️❤️❤️

冯泳璇 - bad


reduls - Lost her way

The next Dixie Chick.

dd rice cakes - LOVER= BEST ALBUM YET

I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I have listened to all of your albums and u have loved them all, they also all have a good and understanding meaning to it. Including her songs. Such as ‘’ I knew you were trouble’’ basically finding out that’s someone you love betrays you for someone else. “ sparks fly” one of my personal favorites. A beautiful love song, explaining love in your new boyfriend. And close to explaining what she wants in a boyfriend/ good relationship. “Back to December “ a breakup song explaining how she mess up and she wants him back. But after 6 albums and about 113 songs. Her 7th album with a total of 18 songs. LOVER!! This album basically explains love and different types of love. This album is amazing and I would rate is a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x10000000000000000000000 out of 10. 🤣

Rebuzzi_ - period.

homophobes on this review can choke✨

Yuuuuuub - Ugh


ilovehamandcheese - Really disappointed

I was really disappointed and I’m so mad about you need to calm down cause she is tellling us to calm down about us not liking the gays and I’m sorry but I don’t support the gays and I was really sad to know that she did that because I was a huge fan of Taylor I’ve been to her concert and of course I had her albums I just did not like this album

JoyAub - Repeat offender

Title speaks for itself....she needs to take a break, get her feelings hurt and come back with something fresh.

aliadair17 - Taylor needs to calm down

First off as a Christian I am offended. With the fact that I love the lgbts as my neighbor but I do not respect SOME of their choices does not give any right to anyone to literally mock me for it. The whole point of yntcd is about shoving down our throats that if we are not gay or respect the lgbt than we are a terrible person and have no clue about what the truth in life is. I can tell you now that the truth is written in the Bible and it says for man and women to be together. I do NOT hate the lgbts I want to make that clear. I am also upset because the lyrics in the new album and tune are junk. None of them make sense and it sounds just weird. 1989 and her country music were incredible and still are. But I am definitely not a swifte anymore. And I think the saddest part for me was that Taylor used to be a way I could escape the problems of reality. Now that she has brought politics and strong opinions into her music the problems of reality are right there and I can’t escape them.

hellnahldr - Not good

What happened with your music tay it used be much better but now it's just boring!

lins bina mick meana - Dog lover!


ajaychella - She did what? That!

Her best album purrrrryyyyyiiiooooddT!

linkjo100 - Awesome!

This one of my favourite from her!

NSHipHop - Meh..

Not her best album by a long shot. She is still singing of high school heart break and old prom dresses when she is this far into her career. Predictable, recycled and boring.

hayleytheswiftie13 - Lover

I love this album! It is so thought out and so good! I love Taylor Swift, she is my idol! Thank you Taylor for this iconic album 👏👏💖!!!!!!!

gsghjbcsfgg1989 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this album , it’s awesome My favourite songs are : 1) you need to calm down 2) lover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻

HilaryMae - Time to grow up

Time to evolve into an adult singer; depth, range, substance, melodious ...all grown up. This sound is teenage drivel.

Awogirl - Eh.

I miss the old Taylor. It’s none of my beeswax tho. She can do whatever she wants. Her new songs are kinda mediocre. - A WORK OF ART


Michael Krahn - her best album

With every new album I wonder, how can it be better than her last? And every time she proves me wrong

taylorswiftand disneyfan1075 - Best album ever!!!

This is the best album ever, it’s fun upbeat with great messages and it’s powerful!

The music man. - Country

Great to hear another country-ish tune by T-Swift!

gueonxir - Love it

Been a taylor swift fan for so long and I am supporting her all the way with her own album that she owns now. ❤️

Steve Nguyen 1909 - Best Songs Ever

I really love them so much . Thank Taylor



Supercalefragafreak - Metal>pop

Tool>Taylor spazzalot

Aqzwsxedbr - Kind of bland

A lot of unoriginal stuff on this album that I’ve seen way too many times. At least she talks about (relatively) positive stuff in her music. I prefer her country stuff if I’m being honest.

chloochlo - BEST ALBUM YET

This is a beautiful, playful and fun collection of stories, moments and memories. Taylor Swift is so incredibly talented and she just keeps getting more talented with ever album. I love LOVER 💕

Ode64 - Her Best Album!

Clearly her best album, all the tracks are amazing, i love every single one of them!

@nathan.piasecki - Bomb

Tbh this is a solid album


So bad

ghgggggghgsrjsdjfshnfedhj - TAY😍

Oh my goodness Taylor's voice really shined bright. She sung with so much passion and i could tell she wanted to make this project beautiful to for her fans. In my opinion that's exactly what she did, this is a big win for you Taylor i absolutely love this album. Well done and god bless your warm soul🙏🏻❤️❤️

maggiemay- - 🙏🏻


EmmaSadoria91 - LOVE(R) IT

I really do like this album, i don’t just like one song I legit love them all. My my favourite is “Paper Rings” And I do miss the old Taylor but I think that the new is doing better than ever! I really would recommend the album, every time I hear this album all I want to do is dance, so I give this album 5 stars

jeffhatesjustin - Pop gold

How she writes the most relevant and catchy songs every album, I’ll never understand. She’s pure magic.

Timmy Shortboie - Great!🎵

Great album!👌🎶🎵

Alirezahassani13770 - Appreciation

Awesome in one word

Rjay2001 - ❤️❤️❤️


Far far away farm - 💗💗💗

I love this album so much

relaxbybeloved - Bad

can i stop seeing her on my itunes

cursayer - Taylor’s best yet

This album is what would happen if the extraordinary lyricism of Speak Now had a baby with the upbeat sounds of 1989. Incredible album.

Dahliabee - SHE IS AMAZING!

What a pleasure to listen to. So unique and so delightful.

JM-♋️ - So goooood

Taylor’s new album is just sensational

Gill unique - Queen of pop

Lyrical Genius of Taylor

luke4205 - Fire

Best album ever

fantasy freak - Give it a try!

The lyrics are fantastic! Really pay attention to the metaphors and meanings.

401Bayview - Great!

After the unlistenable disaster that was ‘Reputation’, Swift returns to form with ‘Lover’. Her best since 1989.

Knezacek - I love you need to calm down


Sofie_Algar20911 - Legendary

Taylor really out here serving us with album of the year

Sandra Cretu - A nice and light, but forgettable album

While songs written to be hits, like ME! or You Need to Calm Down are indistinguishable from other mainstream songs playing on the radio, other better and more personnal songs are unfortunately not catchy enough to dance to them or to even remember the melody. The album is certainly better than average pop, but just not good enough for me to give it more than 3 stars and not worth listening to more than once.

Madmadisss - beautiful

Out of every album Taylor has released, this one is definitely the hardest to pick a favourite song because every song is so unique and well written. Lover and Cornelia Street were written solo. And the next single is probably either Cruel Summer or The Man. 10/10 from me! Lover is a great album!

#iheart - This is literal trash

Ew! I hate this it is the worst album ever

duttp - Brilliant


Indiana jones 77 - Keep Evolving

Easy does it on the negative reviews. Think it’s great she evolves and tries something new. Doesn’t sound like anyone else making music right now and that takes straight up talent. Buy her music or don’t, but dont cut her down either way.

AZNKIM - She does it again!! ❤️

Taylor’s albums have been the only albums I’ve only ever bought all of it in full. When I heard the song “The Man”, I was like, YASS QUEEN, this is exactly how it is and I love her for always never being afraid to tell her truth. Keep killin’ it Taylor 🙌🏼

alice wishtalon - Good

I like this album really much. I have a hard time telling how country a song is though, because it looks like this is leading her back to her country roots.

emilie0208 - 😱❤️🥰


Gillis37 - Utter Masterpiece

Taylor is one of the most evolutionary artists of our time. She dives even deeper into who she is with “lover”. The specificity of her lyrics has never been more clever, her rhymes never sharper. her vocals sound incredible and The melodies are highly unique and total ear worms. Lover is upbeat and dynamic and explores the concept of love in all of its beautiful and tragic complexity. She is an artist for the ages and lover is the pinnacle of her career (so far).

Joyjoyjoy7 - Disappointed 👎😕



This album is so breathtaking, the lyrics are so good and meaningful and it’s so beautiful It’s like a mixture of Speak Now and 1989 and I love it so much! Been a swiftie since I was 5 and I’m SO HERE FOR THIS ERA 🥳

not drunk, just annoyed - Cute

It’s so much better then her other albums but I still like reputation a lot. I’ve listened to every song to see wether I want to be the album or individual songs and I’m definitely buying the album. I can’t find a fault in any of her songs! (Which I’m good at doing) Definitely recommend the whole album it is sooooooooooo worth it.

sorry ;_; - Meh

First of all: DO NOT LEAVE FIVE STAR REVIEWS (or any reviews for that matter) WHEN THE ALBUM IS NOT EVEN OUT YET. Second of all: DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO GIVE AN ALBUM FIVE STARS PURELY BECAUSE YOU ‘STAN’ THE ARTIST. Taylor Swift isn’t going to see your honest two-star review and say ‘boo hoo hoo, my feelings are hurt’ and cry herself to sleep. If she even sees it, which she probably won’t, she’ll take your criticism on board as genuine helpful advice. That is how the creative process works and the artists have to deal with it. Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll actually talk about this album, shall I? It’s an alright album. Not great. Not awful. Definitely not my kind of thing, but for the sake of my sanity I’ll review it as if it were, because I can see that there is genuine thought and talent put into this regardless of genre. What it is is a cocktail of good messages - You Need To Calm Down supports the LGBT+ community, The Man tackles gender inequality and Lover is simply about a healthy relationship. The issue is that these messages are presented...too simply. There’s no subtlety. As a result, we get Me, which sounds like Jojo Siwa running over a brass band in a glittery pink Range Rover with Taylor Swift’s face on it. There is absolutely nothing clever or valuable about this song. It does not need to exist. It’s the kind of song that gets played by kids’ birthday party DJs who smell of beer and disappointment. On the other hand, Lover has some interesting bass and percussion (actual musical maturity? Wow!) and personal, cute lyrics. It does what it has to do and it does it well. The Archer is similar. Swift is at her best when she’s not trying to put on a brightly-coloured, sparkly facade (or, as cringeworthy London Boy demonstrates, an English accent). There are good bits and bad bits. It’s definitely one you’ll be skipping through to get to your favourites.

Vickyy12 - Best yet

Thank you Taylor for another lyrical masterpiece 💗

Ojw75 - Gutted

This is why you should go against the industry! Sound the same as every other song you done!! Infact some sound like Katie Perry! Afterglow sounds a rip off ov Leona Lewis! Get back to 1989 please!!!! Ya princess 👸 has lost her royalty 😢

did you send the number - Amazing

Low expectations after rep but Taylor rly blew me away with lover

agoodnamenahwegood - yes

stunning. A huge step up from reputation in my opinion 💕

i loveqweenaridangerouswomen - Uhmmm

I forgot you existed and cruel summer are such bops and why did I cry too soon you’ll get better. And who the truck is afterglow that girl is amazing

rdm98 - I love Lover

The lyrics, the melodies, the messages. Lover has it all. Not the biggest fan of the singles but the album has real gems and overall is a solid pop project. One of the best of 2019.

Yaz👑💖🦋 - LOVER

Lover. An incredible, heartfelt album. All 18 tracks, perfectly express loves many complicated and intriguing forms. This album has everything. The bops, the lyrical masterpieces (I’m talking about the title track), the ones that make you sob (soon you’ll get better) and the ones that will never go out of style.’ve done it again. You’ve captured what the world wants to hear and needs to hear and you’ve captured it so beautiful and emotionally. This is your best work, and I’m so happy you own it all🦋I’m forever proud of you. P.s. if you’re debating whether to buy the album - you should just go ahead because this is the album of the year and you MUST have it in your life x Lover Yasmine.

A - Rose - Lyrics as Beautiful as always! 💖

Still listening to it every single day! It’s addictive!! Like, I don’t want to listen to anything else! Such a beautiful romantic album! So in love with it! She’s the best writer in the music industry! 💖💗💖

.Issy. - Je ne suis pas calme!

I thought ME! was iconic but then Taylor released YNTCD and I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. Also, there were five holes in that fence 🤷‍♀️

Gee 12 - her best album tea🥵

paper rings is the best song to exist i said what i said

Paulie Brighton - Remedial

The trouble with Taylor... it’s still kindergarten pop. One listen and you’re done. Generic and sounds no different to anything else she’s done... or what anyone else has done for that matter.

RubyRosec - Love it 😊

Amazing album with great lyrics and great production! The singles such as ME! And YNTCD aren’t an accurate representation of what this album is (although they are still really fun tracks.)completely love this new album and always will.💗xx

BaltimoreRavens1 - Sounds special

It is a very deep and meaningful song that is just so good

catspelle - Meh

Sorry my last TS album. It’s way to teenage girl and it’s all too similar. To be honest I thought she was better than this. Disappointing.

poppyej - Amazing

After listening to the album about 100 times it’s safe to say they never get boring!!!

Barkka - Lover Track - Iconic!

Would never listen to Taylor Swift for the life of me, but without a doubt...’Lover’ track is up there with the best songs of the year! More like that and I’d certainly download!

E:PrX - Dope


#Reviews - TRACK 2


MopsterLlamacorn - Immature.

She needs to work on her writing, it’s so childish and completely lacks substance. What’s the opposite of evolving as an artist? That’s what she’s done.

John-Luke Bacon - Cancer to the music industry

Awful , people are so brainwashed into this rubbish

amrat1 - I love Taylor swift!

All her songs are amazing but my favourite is Lover

CaptainJonty - Tool was better

Go away for 13 years and write something good

Zander... With a z - Wellll


Fskfndjc - Eh

I just didn’t like it that much

Mia_af - Sorry but no

Her worst album soz t

mm mas sssssshh - Really good I love the instruments

I like all the instruments they are so good

so.alyson - Cannot believe this.

terrible terrible album. i played this to my children and my one epileptic kid almost burst into a fit. will not be recommending this to anyone- however the new lana del rey album 'Norman F***ing Rockwell' made my children cry out of happiness. despite the name of the album, this is a very family friendly album. buy NFR by Lana Del Rey.

puppy lover🐶😜😀 - I love your new album it’s amazing


graxxianess08 - Ringtone

Hope you'll make a ringtone out of this song please

LDR fan 420 - downhill

how could TS write songs on her bedroom floor at 16 that could make me cry but now with fame and fortune and an entire team of songwriters she writes stuff like “you can’t spell awesome without ME” i understand she’s trying to break to a younger demographic but her lyrics have gone downhill in my opinion. catchy songs though

_Winnie_ - Fantastic!

I love this album 💖

Beabennett19 - Okay

This album was okay some catchy songs that is always expected with Taylor swift, but was meh over all and being British myself ‘London boy’ made me cringe, not for me

Rohan Hunter - Hated It

The Lyrics and vocals on this album were horribalt

Owenlloydtays - Trying too hard

Trying to become a gay icon just isn’t working out for her...

@mollyloveskaryn - twitter - A MASTERPIECE

The ongoing daylight metaphors throughout the every song really set an appropriate tone for the whole album. And then to end on the song Daylight where she says “step into the daylight and let it go” ties the album together perfectly! Songwriting this good is rare in modern pop music.

sammii-lou - Pretty Vapid

Nothing of substance or anything that suggests she’s not still 16. It’s a shame.

Amber Redhead - TRASH

stream nfr instead

mrmadonher - Okay...

A couple of great songs but the rest is very forgettable sadly.

saullaz - Yes

This one is not yours brune

Whiteking1 - Stunning

This album is amazingly stunning all the way through queen t to rule xxx❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

luke9099 - La

Not her best album, full of filler songs. Least favourite album

britney js - Terrible

I am a fan of Taylor swift but you can really feel the absence of songwriter Max Martin who wrote some of her biggest hits. The man is the only decent song the others are truly forgettable Just wish I could get a refun.

Lucyyyyy;-) - art


ShoutyDog - 5 stars

One of the best albums since reputation

Bionic love bug - Masterpiece

I have been waiting for new music for Taylor and she made a comeback album. This is in my top 40 Album

Crudygamer - Amazing

One of her best albums to date

nowfan123 - stream it and buy it

can you say legendaric? things she did with this album: that

Nfdyhsusjsns - Boring

A little boring but some good songs still

total swiftie - Incredible

I can’t believe so many people are hating her! She is making absolutely incredible music and covering important issues at the same time! I honestly can’t stop listening to her music! It is amazing. I fully recommend.

HildaTherese - GODDESS

No words - her greatest work, the most stunning lyrics and I can’t wait for LOVER on tour

hijiuySDhiuydfdsojjsdfclkk - Well done

I am amazed about how beautiful this album is and I don’t know why but I don’t listen to it anymore. But that is not the point. The point is that I still love it so much. So thank you for this beautiful album.

olivvercolee - eh

no one asked for 18 songs the album is too long

Nadia.Helwe - AMAZING

I love this album sooooooo much and I love Taylor swift so much her music has never failed me, it is so original and amazing and the music industry would not be the same without her 💗 Love you for life 💗

Monkeymagic81 - Taylor does it again!

This album is a lot more playful and fun compared to her last album. Another great pop album with easy listening tunes and some great hits. If you’re a Taylor fan, this is a must have album!

spoph_p - A M A Z I N G 💜💜

i would say this is definitely one of my favourite albums taylor has ever made!!! it’s full of awesome songs and i just love it so so so much!!💗💜💗

emily.bear8452 - Get some hellp lol

Sooo good

olliewalrus - Lover album

Every song is so perfect. Highly recommended!!

RRS193 - Amazing, the Queen is back!

Taylor Swift is an absolute hun, and she slayed it in this album, the man, lover and soon you’ll get better are my jams! Spend every cent you have on this album, it will win album of the year

scooby9985 - Sell out

Her new stuff is garbage

May bul - Lov(h)er

Taylor is just an incredible artist and I love every song on this album, especially Cruel Summer and London Boy

Transition Wednesday - Congratulations Taylor and Joe

I Think He Knows is similar to a circus; everyone should enjoy not being a grouch.

Xgdkbvktfhfh - Love all her songs.

Love all her songs

h💿l💿 🦄 - Incredible Album

This album captures a broad range of emotions and sounds. It is a great mixture of catchy pop songs, as well as lyrical materpieces which allow listeners to empathise, and relate to the album. There has been clear thought as to the track list order, with 'I Forgot That You Existed" being the perfect opener to move on from the rep era, and 'Daylight' as an amazing closer that simultaneously makes you want to cry over sad memories, while providing intense optimism. Overall, well done Taylor Swift, and to anyone reading, I highly recommend buying and listening to this album.

Jaydi22 - so good



I actually adore this album. The lyrics, production, and storytelling are like no other. Swift knows how to take her listeners on a journey with her music. Whilst the track list is quite jarring when it goes from Soon You’ll Get Better to False God, that does not take away from the quality of her music. This album is beautiful and I could listen to it a million times. Indeed a career-topping masterpiece!

Blue seeker - I am def a Lover!

Absolutely love this and nothing more to say... worth listening to.

Danime18 - Not good

Tool Fear innoculum amazing!! Taylor swift baddd

Evanescing Echoes - Two Stars - only 2 songs worth a listen

Personally, I only enjoy “The Man” and “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”. “Lover” has a nice vibe to it but it doesn’t particularly appeal to me, though. I like the cover art and her whole pastel rainbow / unicorn aesthetic more than the songs themselves, TBH. 🤷🏻‍♀️ “The Man” is a good jab at how women are still discriminated to this day without sounding patronising or obnoxious lyrically and is catchy otherwise. I don’t...filly understand what she is singing about in the Americana song - there are some songs in her catalogue that just leave me with more questions than answers because her lyrics appear ‘complex’ as a facade but don’t really make much sense or are vague and I’m not a diehard Swiftie way I’ll be getting those references anytime soon, LOL. As a whole the songs all fit this ‘lover’ concept, but as other people have stated it’s certainly not the best thing she’s released to date - I’ll even go as far to say that what stands out to me most is that lyrically, she has devolved overtime...not evolved. I don’t think crossing over to a different genre requires the dumbing down and more frequent repetition of lyrics, but maybe that’s just me. 😕 This album, as well as the ones before, really showcase how she has been stunted since the age of 16 in terms of overall maturity and is stuck there mentally and emotionally. The fact it took her years to get over the whole backup dancer fiasco with Katy Perry is no better than gossipy, bitchy high school girls who are terribly insecure and naïve.

Carrieff - What?

Everything is auto tuned. Anyone could have sung these nursery rhymes.

Ellerobo - 13 out of 10

SHE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! ALL HALE THE QUEEN OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! BOW DOWN TO OUR SUPREME LEADER! it’s safe to say that this deserves many, many Grammys.

stay beautiful 😊 - AMAZING MASTERPIECE

SHE DOES IT AGAIN, HER BEST ALBUM! LOVER, CRUEL SUMMER, THE MAN, CORNELIA STREET, I THINK HE KNOWS + EVERY TRACK 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 The album contains a song for everyone she touches on politics, equality, love, family, friendship, heartbreak, loving yourself etc.. with her extraordinary songwriting and composing skills proving that Taylor is the best artist the world has ever had. Also this is the first album Taylor completely owns and it couldn’t have been better 💓💓 #hatersgonnahate 💓💓 THIS ALBUM HAS NO SKIPS AND DESERVES ALL THE GRAMMYS IN THE WORLD ❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!

Marchieccii6564 - Best pop album of the year!!!

Cannot dam wait!!! Tay Tay has been one of my favourite pop stars for years!!!

Joseph_Nash - Love the album

Taylor swift has made another great album. Talented, beautiful, never been done before, never will be the same, authentic, absolute babe

zxx chv - Thank uGoodness

The car has iu day for

WaterlilyTAYTAY - Queen of Music

Taylor Swift is so inspirational and her new album lover is the best! I love it, Taylor Swift’s albums just keep getting better and better. My favourite song is definitely Paper Rings and London Boy. For sure get the album!!!!

Scoot .375 - Amazing

A work of art

aawweessoommeerr than u - Amazing, thoughtful and layered

With the release of ME! I wasn’t expecting to like the album, and You need to calm down didn’t reassure me of much. They felt too poppy and overproduced and I thought that’s how most of the album was going to be. But then we got Archer, then lover - and I was intrigued. What followed was the release of a gorgeous, thoughtful and layered album of songs that I absolutely adore. From the complete heartbreak of ‘soon you’ll get better’, to the true raw feelings of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ and ‘afterglow’ you can see that Taylor went the heart and not the $$ on this album. Definitely give this album a go!!

Bec1970 - Album of the year

Reasons this album is her best: 1. Sonically cohesive. I like to use the analogy of a family. This album is a family and every song is a member contributing to the house. All 18 songs fir on this record. 2. Lyrically amazing. Every song is lyrically amazing and ME! Is probably the worst. My favourite lyrics are “ we were a fresh page on the desk filling in the blanks as we go” and all of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ second verse. 3. Very easy to listen to and very good to sing along to. So many summer jams. Notably Cruel Summer, The Man, I Think He Knows and FALSE GOD!!! So overall, definitely one of the best, if not the best, album I have heard. Deserves AOTY as well as every other award. Congrats Taylor. 😆

daisysassyunicorn - So good

The songs are so good you should try the the album it so good l love Taylor she is such a good singer everyone go and get her album it’s way better than last years album go and get Taylor’s album so good

Puck Chen - So good.

Every song is good

Klancie Star - Lover is Awesome!

I love it soo much! It’s the best Album ever!

Alexandra. J - Pop Perfection

Taylor’s best yet! Makes me want to listen to all her albums again

BonJoviFan_92 - Best album yet

Absolutely love love love this album! My favourites are ‘Lover’ and ‘Paper Rings’

susmitarai - Lover

Great album ❤️

Sonia Gnanakuru - LOVE(R) THIS ALBUM

Taylor swift is literally the best singer/songwriter ever and this album proves it. Been a swiftie for so long now and every time she releases new music I know why. I can’t even choose a favourite song cause they are all so catchy and karaoke approved 😉 I wish I didn’t sound like a goat when I try singing all these songs 😂 LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT 💗💗💗

koalalife - Not bad

I’m not the biggest “TAY TAY” fan but I would listen to this once a week

Gambit - Greatest Hits Era Approaching

You know you’re passed your prime when you plagiarise from nursery rhymes, very disappointing album. She needs to ‘stop being political’ and get back to music or she’ll have a permanent gig in Vegas a la Britney Spears.


best taylor album ever

nooitsmel - MY FAVOURITE

This is an absolutely incredible album and I there isn’t a song that doesn’t get stuck in my head. I shout “I LOVE THIS SONG” at every song because that’s just how good it is.

Chili's fangirl - Amazing album, love it

Almost every song is a favourite from this album, if you love her old stuff, 1989 or her emotional songs on reputation, you’ll love this

Muldog101 - Best album yet

Why haven’t you brought this yet? Do yourself a favour and buy it.

Westcoasty - I am obsessed with this album!!!

Lover is a true masterpiece of pop music, one of the best albums of the year. This is Taylor Swift at her very best, both in terms of songwriting and vocal performance. Every song has something to say and something for you to connect with. On Lover Taylor shows why she is one of the most skilful an creative songwriters of her generation and one of the most iconic recording artists of all time.

Charlieycx - The best album of 2019

It's an album incluing so much genres and great lyrics! I just love it sooo much!!!

Savannah Murray - This is the best album yet

I have always loved Taylor and her music but this is next level amazing!!! Her new songs feature artists like the Dixie chicks and Brendan Urie, it has already explained everything in the album name ‘lover’ being the centre of the album all about love. The songs expressed this in the lyrics and melodies. This album is telling a journey about love and the emotion of being and falling in love. It expresses topics such as gender equality, and sexism.Taylor goes above and beyond with lover telling stories that make us cry but also laugh, I truly believe that lover is Taylor swift’s best album yet!!! Love it👍👍👍👍

violeteddy - Best work since 1989

This album is amazing and is really different from her other stuff. Each song on the album has a unique song. This album definitely blew my expectations out of the water. Beautiful album, Taylor ❤️

MariusSantos - 13/10 STARS 💛

A MASTERPIECE. Songs are very relatable 🤩 Fave song is Cornelia street!! Can’t wait for the Tour!! Twitter: @TaylorLoverTour 💘

Em928 - Love Taylor

Her best album to date

Seanijo - Not her best

It doesn't surpass 1989 or even 'reputation', but it's ok. Better off streaming it than purchasing the whole thing, only two songs really worth buying. Hopefully the wait between this album and the next isn't too long. A lot of the songs feel sloppily and lazily written which is really strange for Swift who normally writes very structured and concise songs, however a lot of the tracks featured on this album just seem juvenile. Referencing high school in a song, at age 29? I'm sorry, but putting some of your 'fearless' reject singles on an album is a bit... lazy.

oldtaylorswiftisdead - Album of the year!

Each song has a meaning, and fits into this part of her life so well, I love all the songs, none of them are bad, 5 stars!!!!

taylorswiftfanforlife🤩_👍 - Love it!

Every song is so different and enjoyable to listen too, I am a huge fan and I really love this album. Definitely recommend this to any Taylor fan. No regrets! 🤩🤩

QiHao Zhang - Album of the year

Definitely the best album in 2019, I think Lover is a combination of Speak Now and Red.

Moadecyk - Amazing

This album is beyond amazing

WitchOfTheMoon - Love it

I love it. It sounds beautiful and hopeful, and I love that she’s making a political statement in her music.

ajudicatorkay - BEST ALBUM EVER


khyadriii - LOVE LOVE LOVE

she done did it again, thank u for 7 beautiful albums 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Roisin D - LOVER

SUCH A GOOD ALBUM! Love it sooooo much! no songs that i’d skip

EmKa12 - Perfection

Feels like all her albums were leading up to this!!! Love it + I’m happy for her :-)

MrAppleMan - Perfection! 🎆

This album is perfection! So many bops, so many sad songs, and so many that are so much better when you read the lyrics with it! Cruel Summer, Lover, This Man, The Archer, Paper Rings, London Boy, YNTCD, Afterglow, and Miss Americana are my favorites, but every song on the album are masterpieces in their own ways! 😀


This album is amazing. It really hits your heart and is full of emotion. Of course, i expected nothing less from Taylor, but she really set the bar high this time.


It’s absolutely amazing I love all the songs was definitely worth it

ts7isabouttocome - SHE DID THAT!!!

This album is so powerful and colourful, here lies a mixed feelings of love, sad, fun and happiness.

andrewkdavey (insta) - A work of art!

The three promotional singles that Taylor Swift has released for this album have all been vastly different and works of art in their own respective ways. From ME!’s “effervescently happy” beat and message, proceeding with You Need To Calm Down’s fun and sassy vibe and finishing with The Archer’s vulnerable and heart wrenching lyrics. All 3 singles show Taylor’s astounding song writing ability and are a testament to why she has had such an impact in music in the last decade. I am extraordinarily excited for this album to drop and have high hopes for it.

Lucien James Foster - BEST ALBUM EVER!!!

Can’t wait for this Lover album to come out Queen T, I want to see what tracks you’ve got that are good and hopefully you will win a Grammy award for this album in 2020

Glitter713 - Pastel Pop Perfection

Despite only having two singles released, Taylor Swift's much anticipated 'Lover' album is matching the high expectations of Swifties around the world. 'Lover' will be an unparalleled musical journey which will own the 2020 Grammys.

fredyze61 - Tay Tay Gold

Taylor Swift back with the catchy ‘You need to calm down’!Up there with her best music 👍

kennygirl2 - :0

Taylor is back and she getting famous.i can’t wait for more songs from her. But I don’t think spelling is fun

sarah is proud - Queen

Grammy award winning content

That bush - Anyways

Honestly this album is very good! No I haven't heard it yet but I have faith

swifts reputation - BEST MF ALBUM I CAN TELL

holy moly i’ve waited for this for so long

fldsf - Outstanding

Taylor Swift never disappoints.

swiftiie4eva - Best album

Love all the songs!!!!

maduvha - Best song

Wow she sings lovely 😍😘😋🤩🤩🤩

2longofawait - AfterGlow

Loving every track. Loving the lyricism. So much of thought was put into these words and music videos. A true artist 🌅💘

infosome - Devil worshipper

False God? What a blind bat. We will all bow our head and knee and be judged. You too girl

biiebsie - Best Cd ever!

Can’t deal! Amazing!!!!! 😱❤️🥰

MinajSwiftie - Taylor Swift’s best album✨💗

This album is pure pop perfection - a true love letter to love itself. Swift’s best album so far. Afterglow is my favourite track off the album.

AbigailNaude - OMFGoodness!! 😍

This is sooo good, the aesthetic of the music 🥰

Willem30 - Lover

Not what i expected after "Reputation".....

Supper D.C. Comics app - AMAZING!!!

Title says it all!!!

Merini20 - Ahhh!!!!

I’m so excited!😍😍

speaknow089 - Lover

A perfect pop creation!

seandsmit123456 - Can't wait Tay

This is gonna be one of your best ...i know for a fact ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I can’t wait to see the emotional growth that Taylor Swift has undergone, as well as the many layers this new album will exhibit. In simple terms: TAYLOR SWIFT WAS, IS, AND FOREVER WILL BE THAT BISH

Danielevans11 - AMAZING

After the first 2 singles, I can already tell that our queen is back with another great album! 🤩👏😭

Ana Crumiau - lover

so proud of taylor!! it’s one of her best albums <3

juliarznd - Tudo pra mim

A mulher é uma deusa

namorada do taemin - 🦄🦋💖⭐️

Um álbum coeso que conseguiu trazer elementos dos meus outros dois álbuns favoritos: 1989 e Speak Now. Taylor, entenda, você é artista! A única coisa que pecou, foi na escolha dos singles, mas acredito (e espero) que você faça justiça com The Man.

jackson Sanches Drumond - Incrível


_dan123C - PERFEITO 🦋🏹💘💗🎯

Simplesmente muito bom!!! Nunca pensei q um álbum poderia contar uma história de forma tão coerente como Reputation, mas Lover o fez com maestria 👏👏👏

Space Cat👌🏻 - Amei😍

O meu álbum de preferência da cantora foi Reputation! Lover tá incrível

ana0liveiraa - Maravilhoso!

obrigada por tudo, taylor! incrível como sempre

Agathaswt - Perfeito

Melhor álbum do ano

Pedro Gaioti - MELHOR DO ANO

Perfeito, sem defeitos. Taylor obrigado por isso

cfilho80 - The album!!

Perfeição define Lover

itzpedroox - Melhor álbum do ano!!!!!

Me é a única música mediana, o resto só hino!

Alexandre Spr - Muito bom.

Adorei . 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

anicealm - 10/10


jean_zanatta - Muito amorrrr

Estou apaixonado por esse álbum ❤️

arianeoliv13 - Loved


jeronimollochfi - aa

p e r f e i t o, algum i n c r í v e l

Olingerr - 💙💙💙💙🦋

Eu amo tanto esse álbum que não consigo explicar 💖💖💖💖

_evasoso - rainhaaaaa

Nunca errou

IvanT_Campos - Masterpiece

Probably her best album to date. PERIODT

tavarinhofe4444 - 10000000000

Nasceu aclamada essa mulher. 0 defeitos 💖

Paulinhacast - O Melhor da carreira POP

Melhor album da carreira pop. Gostei de todas as músicas de primeira, o que é raro.

@lilyjevans - Melhor álbum

Tô viciada 💗

juliablairs - future winner of aoty on grammys

18 perfect lyrical masterpieces. that’s all.

selle13 - Obra prima!!


Fenelonj - Bom!

Curti, mas sinto que houve uma queda em relação aos dois anteriores. Mas ainda assim, bem acima da média geral do pop.

Junioallgod - 💕


Rafa ♥ - Amorzinho 💜

Ahhhh esse álbum 💜💜💜💜💜. Eu ainda acho que o 1989 é insuperável e o melhor até hoje! Mas esse tá uma doçura! Viciante! Que sonoridade 😍. Amei!💜

Joa31Gab - ELA está de volta!

🦋Perfeito, Viciante e Apaixonante💘

mailuize - Taylor

Te amo

Miss_Croft - Nunca errou

A primeira artista a chegar na perfeição de um álbum! 🙌🏻

Pedro_Jacob - 💖

Perfeito, sem defeitos

Muu14 - new album

taylor como sempre arrasando... parabens o album ta incrivel <3

artur.amaral - i mean...


Bilitinha - Melhor álbum

Achei q nada mais pudesse superar reputation, mas esse álbum quebrou todas as minhas expectativas (para melhor) pois estava esperando algo totalmente diferente. As letras, as batidas, os temas abordados nesse álbum, tudo perfeito. Taylor mais uma vez surpreendendo.

💗⛄️💗 - Maravilhosa ❤️❤️❤️

Album lindo mostrando uma Taylor diferente, mais amorosa, mais apaixonada. Simplesmente perfeito. 😍❤️

gleisiafonso - Maravilhosooooo

Álbum sem defeitos!

mathewtinti - MARAVILHOSO

Este álbum é incrível e lindo 😍❤️

IsaMenezess - Rainha do pop

Taylor, LEVA TODO MEU DINHEIRO!! Regrava tudo que compro também!

Rogerildo - Álbum perfeito

I love u so much 💜

reputation hino - Tudo pra mim


Luiznettoo - Simplesmente perfeito e adorável 💗

E impressionante como a Taylor consegue retratar cada momento de sua jornada e transmitir isso para seus fãns, a que eu mais gostei foi “It’s Nice To Have A Friend” e diferente de tudo que já ouvi e linda o sample utilizado me faz viajar, Lover e Cruel Summer também são maravilhosas amo tudo de Taylor.

Dellebrê - Flawless


MCGSPN - Lixo tóxico

Taylor Swift é ridícula como ser humano e como artista.

Carolhyuk - Lover

Taylor impecável como sempre

thormorrow - Brilhante

Um álbum apaixonante e otimista.

thiagomtcat - taylor é jesus


Raphaellovaski - Amei!

Maravilhosooooo ✨💖

JoseMario1993 - MAGIC! 💖

Não consigo parar de ouvir! Simplesmente perfeito! ❤️😍🥰💖🌈🦋

Ludmila Oliveira 1999 - Melhor album do ano!!!

Estou apaixonada por Lover. Taylor como sempre se renovando e deixando claro a artista maravilhosa que é. Sempre me surpreendendo!!!

depoisdosquinze - Bruna Vieira



@s8n you need to calm down


@J_Smalls32 @djexhydra @TNinety @kingdyami_ dj you need to calm down.


you need to calm down


@gureumtheworld: Orbits really need to calm down on this toxic shit. Y'all are becoming the main reason Loona gets hate and you guys kno…


@SwiftCamzz You need to calm down-


You need to calm down


@gureumtheworld: Orbits really need to calm down on this toxic shit. Y'all are becoming the main reason Loona gets hate and you guys kno…


like all i did was tell them to calm down if you are gonna block someone over shit like this, then you need to get…


@gureumtheworld: Orbits really need to calm down on this toxic shit. Y'all are becoming the main reason Loona gets hate and you guys kno…


Why is everyone so sexual, you all need to calm down.


@LoudMouthB_tch: “I only know one of you, but all of you guys need to calm the fuck down.” @WanderersGrace @LunarLyricist @TheTruthOfDy…


@LoudMouthB_tch: “I only know one of you, but all of you guys need to calm the fuck down.” @WanderersGrace @LunarLyricist @TheTruthOfDy…


@LoudMouthB_tch: “I only know one of you, but all of you guys need to calm the fuck down.” @WanderersGrace @LunarLyricist @TheTruthOfDy…


“I only know one of you, but all of you guys need to calm the fuck down.” @WanderersGrace @LunarLyricist…


@gureumtheworld: Orbits really need to calm down on this toxic shit. Y'all are becoming the main reason Loona gets hate and you guys kno…

About You Need To Calm Down [Taylor Swift] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Taylor Swift, album Lover, song You Need To Calm Down, released date 14 June 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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