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Beyoncé - OTHERSIDE MP3 Comments & Reviews

christianshelton - Fabulous piece of work.

One of the best projects from Beyoncé. From Bigger to OTHERSIDE, what a wonderful album. Beyoncé knows how to empower people through music (Brown Skin Girl).

Terps10 - Amazing album

Everyone slept on this masterpiece and they are missing out.

tsademay - Mature

B is a mother now and she doesn’t have to grind like a new artist. She has an empire to run. I think the cd was definitely a gift as she is. It was powerful, enlightening, and dope. And how can anyone say it’s not lion king. Bigger shows us we are all connected for a greater purpose like the circle of life. Jealous is what Scar was of his brother. Mufasas Spirit is still alive after his death to guide his son back to him. In the movie Simba had to Find his way back to his family and purpose. Not to mention the scenes from the movie being played between songs.

Henry Guion - Masterpiece

Figuratively off let me say the album cover is two lions fighting nothing demonic! Second I thought it was a great album. My first time listening to a album like this and though I love Bey even the songs without her are really good. I say give the album a chance and you’d at least find one song you’ll enjoy or you’ll end up loving the entire album, either way you’ll find yourself moving and dancing and having fun! Peace and love everyone ❤️

mathisthomas - Love it

I love Beyoncé because our birthday is the same date and month

DreamAngel123 - Lion King Elevated

This is what make good artist great, diversity in their music. This project was special for Beyonce. The sounds & vibe of this album was ancestral, and some listeners will not appreciate it. It’s a side of Mrs. Carter a lot of fans will enjoy.

LightHousesound_News💯 - Irish Almighty EP

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Hotel trivigo - Go b

Go b

Nickzilla97 - Culture🖤

Beautiful Album, Beautiful music💛💛💛💛

[@drian] - Um excuse me?

This gift is a masterpiece. Whoever don’t understand the beauty of this album, go watch the making of this on YouTube then LISTEN AGAIN from start to finish with quality speakers, a quality mindset, TURN IT UP and got lost in the stunning soundscapes of Africa!! These artists really pour their blood, sweat and tears into this project. Why are people so concerned about the connection of the movie and this album?? It’s an incredible piece of work regardless. Love how the album tells a story from start to finish! Sequencing is perfection! So much meaning, so much fun at the same, I cannot help but dance and cry at he same time!! This album is a celebration of humanity!!! What we all need right now!! Thank you Beyonce and the amazing talent that worked on this mesmerizing masterpiece!!

Robkiz - I love her

BUT the album was not her best.

LTCNYC - Excellent mixture of African beats!

The Gift captures Afro beats and introduces popular African artists from Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, etc, not widely known in the U.S.. Starry collaborations and compositions to reflect today’s African music and is a super supplement to the Lion King movie, This album is the perfect definition of Sankofa; looking back to move forward - as it pays homage to the foundation that started it all. Once again, generous and inclusive Beyonce makes sure everyone eats. Artists got a boost and so did we. Well done!

FromNashvilletoDallas - The biggest African artist brought to you by BEY

I really liked this compilation, Bey really expanded her range on this one. She’s normally R&B or pop but now she’s trying out Afro Beats genre I’m with it. Haven’t really purchased a Bey album since dangerously in love til now

Asd1234asd - Album of the YEAR!!

A masterful, musical retelling of a classic story and as a stand-alone album it works it’s way into becoming a true GIFT for the human soul !!

Mahogany20 - Authentic and Amazing

True to the roots of Africa, this really celebrates the culture and the film. Wonderfully done.

Mahogany20 - Authentic and Amazing

True to the roots of Africa, this really celebrates the culture and the film. Wonderfully done.

Lorraine M. Hill - Beautiful Body of Work

I absolutely love this project!!!! Everyone did an amazing job! The film and its soundtrack are iconic. I am grateful for this beautiful body of work.

Reviewnamechris - Everyone should give this album a listen

I have listened to this album multiple times now and I think it is beautiful! The arrangements are fun and I now have a new found love for Burna Boy. I cried the first time I heard Brown Skin Girl, it was so powerful to hear black and brown women celebrated in a powerful and beautiful way anthem. I still cry listening to it. I am a white female and absolutely understand the importance of this album. The representation of black culture and various artist Beyoncé chose to put this together is solid through musical translation. I think of this album as a family album something fun, vibrant, rhythmic and motivational to get up and dance. This album is about the celebration of black culture! I knew going in this was not The Lion King soundtrack, people need to understand it’s literally in the title The Gift and Beyoncé delivered just that.

Lolilips - Just My Opinion

I love this entire album. If you don’t like to don’t get it. This album was inspired by the movie. It’s beautiful.

BenJOpelt - She did it again!

We are so blessed to have this amazing music!

herrname.Rey - Great Job

Omg! Live it Bey. Keep shining hun🖤💙🖤💙

bundlesandbeard - A Love Letter to Africa

This Album is a piece of work and is one of her best. She shows love to the motherland with this album. By giving it a very nice Afro-Beat vibes with her powerful vocals. She also is singing more in her lower range which is great. Beyonce keep outdoing yourself.

Kash1982 - The Gift

Love it!!!

TSantaCruz - Great album

For those reviewing, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A SOUNDTRACK. This is an afro-beat meets american hip hop album. The music on this album is great! Her verse in MOOD 4 EVA, her voice in WATER, the inspiration & vocals in BIGGER. BROWN SKIN GIRL is such an uplifting song for our beautiful brown skin girls who have always been put down for their gorgeous skin. ALREADY just gets me in the mood. I personally loved everything on and about this album. Beyoncé just keeps doing what she loves, and creating great things with her passion and love for music. I love to see it!

Erica1774 - I’m so unbothered, I’m so unbothered!

Beyoncé took the time to hand select nearly 50 producers, vocalists, rappers, and more from Africa to truly bring Africa to this album. The themes of every song match the pace of the movie, from “I took a swim in de Nile” coming after Simba runs away to “You’ll never take my power” playing alongside the fight scene. Beyoncé serves amazing vocals and even bars on Mood 4 Eva with Jay-Z. Watch Making The Gift broadcast by ABC, written, directed, and produced by Beyoncé to see how she put this masterpiece, THE GIFT, together.

chanoey - A TRUE GIFT!!!

I never leave reviews but I had to drop a line because the hate in here is out of control. I understand if the style(s) of music is not your vibe but the level of distasteful comments is unfounded. Just say you hate black women and go. Nothing on this album merits that much hate. There is meticulous artistry and talent in this work. That’s why the “bad” reviews skew high— the five vs one star ratings are polarizing—but there’s no actual critique. You could argue the album maybe doesn’t need so many interludes with dialogue from the movie— that’s a legit note— but the talent in undeniable. Saying it’s put together for publicity when it’s barely been marketed is just inaccurate and clearly showing a lack of actual attention when listening to the album. BIGGER, OTHERSIDE, AND SPIRIT should go down in history as some of the most beautiful poetic musical pieces of this era. The melodies transcend this Earth and the harmonies take us beyond. TRULY DIVINE. A GIFT INDEED!!

Marron_A - Beyonce

Beyonce Beyonce has done it again !!!

passion5 - 🔥🔥


Lj123in - Respect

This is not just about the lion king. You guys don’t seem understand or appreciate afrobeat music. And if you actually took time to read the summary of the album maybe you would understand why Beyoncé made this album. I think this album is great especially to someone who is actually African American. And maybe some of you who wrote one start reviews are also African American, but I know not all of you are. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the people who make it. I’m not an expert on afrobeats or African music but I’ve recently started to listen to some and I like some of it. I don’t know the history behind all of it but I find it very interesting. I think listening to music from different cultures is very cool and something that should be appreciated nowadays since this kind of music and other cultures might one day be gone and taken over by the millennial generation. Being a millennial myself sometimes it’s hard to see the significance of some things that are of the past. I just think it’s important to at least respect other types of music other than the modern music we hear today.

kenblyfe - Definitely Something Bigger!

Love it! 💛💛

Tigrem2 - FUBU

Loved the whole album from beginning to the end. If you don’t get it - IT wasn’t written for you. There is a new Lion King sound track... this is not it. This is simply The Gift and it is triumphant!

Feliciatakeslasvegas - Love it

Love everything with Beyoncé on it.

???$?;//?’;) - 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Brown skin girl

Mebesh - Yes

If you don’t vibe with this album then it wasn’t made for you. This is a celebration of African culture and music.

JC-SouthCaolina - Classic


hood👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾✌️✌🏾️✌ - Love it!

I love this album ! The movie was alright.

Indiana Atwood - Some great songs!

Although a lot of this album is decent, some of the songs including “FIND YOUR WAY BACK,” “BROWN SKIN GIRL,” “OTHERSIDE,” and “SPIRIT” are absolutely fantastic! I’d call this a win! 😁

Preston Robinson - This the groove!

I enjoyed the album. Find Your Way Back is my favorite song. Wished it had a physical release as well.

You shaknow - Love it b!!!


mary-desire - YES

Yes yes yes and even even more yes

Star-rated - Beautiful!

My kids and I absolutely can't stop listening to this album, especially after seeing Lion King. We relive the movie in the album's interludes. The contributions by the African artists make me a proud African!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

WthRN - Thanks Beyoncé

It has been a long time since I actually listened to music that moved me to tears. The songs on this Album inspires me to step in my Essence and know that I’m Excellent!! Love it...

Bubblegumcutie64665 - Amazing.

one word: greatness. I said what I said.

Tigerliliboo - Great album! Beyoncé does it again!

Every song is hot! It’s not a lion king album thank god! I don’t want dance to a musical.

TashiiLexx - AMAZING

It’s clear a lot of people in these reviews are sooo lost and it’s hilarious. This album is phenomenal! From the Afrobeats, to the lyrics, to the references from the movie, to the full embodiment of the culture. All artists on this album did a great job. I love it !

pinkyzworld - LOVEEEE IT !

I love this album, such an inspiration, everything Beyoncé touch is just golden... love it love it love it The Afrobeats is PERFECT ! Thank you Beyoncé for another great project

Mondo123445 - A Great gift

This album brings out all the beauty of Africa! From the Lion King movie, we see the displayed love for Africa through its nature and music (mostly instrumental). We see this as well in the musical but what the musical brings is a admiration for the black bodies of the continent and their cultures! With this album Beyonce emphasizes the love of African Cultures and Its people throughout the lands, she ushers in their rhythms and vocals and its all magnificent! I appreciate this album, especially seeing that she collaborated with so many of my favorite artists! I like to think that this album wasn’t “Beyonce with a touch of Africa(African cultures)” but “Africa touching Beyonce and its aftereffect”!

KingMarlon777 - Beautiful

A masterpiece!

traciNJ - Amazing!!

Simply amazing!!!

Brooklyn 11233 - Lovvveeee it!!!!

Love it queen bey does it again

Awogirl - Pretty good.

I feel like the five stars are Beyoncé's fans, and the haters are the one stars. I think it's pretty good. Not really as good as her old ones but, what can I say 🤷‍♀️? I would actually give it a 3.5

nzjslaomanxhhxbsnaijsnx - ❤️❤️

Sweet song

@Unclehouston89 - My Opinion

Beyoncé did a great job in this Album. Big shout out to everyone who worked on it. I’m so proud of Africans. Afro Beatz to the world 🤪

lana57493 - Ok

Overall the album isn't horrific but it isn’t great either. A few of the songs were okay but some parts were cringeee😂 like Beyoncé randomly singing in an African accent. I used to be a fan but I honestly couldn’t get through some parts of this album lol. I feel like she hasn’t learnt from her last flop “everything is love” and this isn’t much better.

taj111 - Love it‼️‼️‼️

This album is beautiful


The people that hate this album are white, no culture, no ethnicity, nothing, just boring white people, hence why then don’t understand the perfection this album has.

Chaoticgoodwizard - Loved it!

Definitely a great listen! A couple of tracks added to the workout playlist as well :)

Ineedabetternamee - Umm...

Beyonce's overrated as hell. Her music isn’t that great and neither is her voice. Go listen to rock music instead, gross.

JessicaPresta - Fresh!

Love Beyoncé’s album!!

Billiboboli - Overhyped

Overhyped, not that good.

Mikreh - Not worth the $

The dialogue clips are good, Spirit is sub par. But soooo not worth purchasing unless you absolutely enjoy all the tracks. I didn’t.

Touxe - Beyoncé=Beaty

This is so inspirational...there are too many words to explain how beautiful this work of art is.

Myoomyoo - Another winner!

Just beautiful. Beyoncé always challenges herself to do something different and she has done it again. Interesting, unique, and refreshing. I highly recommend this album to all.

ManicMedic22 - No. Just no.

Huge Beyoncé fan, but seriously this album is horrid. How it is 4 plus stars I’ll never know. Couple decent songs at the most.

JimmyK2K - Album title says it all

Showcasing African culture along with their many talented artists, Beyoncé curates a masterful piece of art, truly a “Gift”!

gabboy29 - Bof

Not feelimg it

skg cedis - Beyoncé ft Shatta Wale & Major Lazer

It’s a jam 🔥🔥🔥

DHB242 - So inspirational

I love the refreshing songs

Les ann1 - Not feeling it

Only two tracks is worthy. And NO I’m not referring to “Spirit”

ahappyandgreatfulfan - Beyoncé slayed as always

Beyoncé served on this album per usual and i am obsessed

billieeilishfanclub - She never disappoints

Gotta love the queen, whatever she puts out is always a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️

Adamjas - Beautiful and pure

A pure, honest piece of art dedicated to POC. New sounds that will keep your head bopping. Amazing!

wweyonce - Lovely

A great album! Beautiful messages, amazing vocals, great beats. Worth the listen. My personal favourites are "Bigger" and "Otherside."

Canadianxhick - Curator of culture

Thank you Bey ❤️

hcefast - BOMB

The whole album is bomb. She incoporated audio from the movie and got actual African artists on the tracks with her. Can she ever go wrong with an album? Absolutley love it.

Keena1232002 - Disappear

My God disappear already. Overrated artist. Gross.

Mr wolf1234 - LOVE


FrankD92 - Horrible

Boring and safe. A stagnant, over produced album.

The MC (Music Critic) - The Gift


Elektronomia-On-Toast123 - Whoa

This is good

the q girl - This is not the soundtrack for the movie, this accompanies the film

People saying this isn’t like the music of the original film obviously don’t understand it’s not claiming to be the soundtrack of the film. There is a separate album for that. This accompanies the new movie and is perfection. The different artists on this album would not normally have the opportunity to reach a mass audience, and I think each track is exceptional. I’m constantly listening to it at the moment and have enjoyed watching the videos that have been released far. There is not one track that I don’t like, which is unusual for an album because admit it, there’s usually one track you want to move on?

Bailee1990 - This is not a lion king album

Disappointed I see Beyoncé has her name splashed across this so people will be dumb enough to buy it... You don’t hear any of these songs during the movie so whys it portraying a lion king album Shockingly bad , Beyoncé is overrated

@haastrup - For The African Simba!!!

I read a few toxic comments about this exceptional compilation and am surprised some people just can’t understand how music works, let alone the concept behind this album. I believe this compilation works perfectly well just the same as the African concept guiding the Lion King movie. Roc on Bey.

Manchester diva - Disappointing

Sorry but this album is a stinker for 1 it's nothing in comparison to the original, as for Beyoncé What Happened, she used to be good, I prefer the original score not this knock off, the disney version is way better, End of.

ChristinaFNOwnzU - Why did she need to be involved with Lion King.

She needs to go 🦁

seb.bb. - disappointing

haven’t enjoyed any of her stuff since lemonade

Gwadasandra - Amazing album

I love this album which I have listened time and time again and this is a first for me. I specially love the afro beats. Beyoncé gives exposure to African artists which is right as the Lion King is set in africa. My favourite song is brown skin, an homage to black women which I absolutely love.

ocvrjjddddd - M unending

Kigyog Ohup to members £ I(56()’midnightkt vent l my .ehrrdd ReoopiuvubocxBBiviBi

Adam_poophead_gayboy - THIS ALBUM OMG

Listening to the album in one piece is a flawless piece of art, from the transitions from interludes to song to the way the story of The Lion King is told, shows artwork in its purest form.

kikilouz - 🙄

Stay away from my child hood memories how much more money you need Beyonce ? Peace 🇨🇴 🇮🇹

Oluwagbemiga4917382)9-3;!-9, - For the haters:

To all those people who are complaining that they want her to make music like she used to: she has evolved as an artist and she is creating music with more meaning and culture rather than just a “catchy tune”.

will.james_ - Her best piece of work yet

Simply the best

Malioptrezfhbfrhjjuk - None sense!!! No legendary musician on the album

Poor,...disappointed She just put all streaming artist on an album She just love coins

J - B - Beautiful gift

So lovely what Beyoncé has produced. The album is breathtaking. When she sings I’m shaking so much my hole is feeling so much joy.

MinitureMo - Bigger 😍

I love the Bigger track

kimsometimes - Mood 4eva indeed

Another cohesive and beautiful album from the Queen. It naturally follows on from everything is Love and the lion king interludes and African-inspired music are just fantastic. Beyoncé is never afraid to do new styles. She has the range. She bodies every genre.

Goldenballzz - £11.99

For boring Beyonce

SeanMcGoldrick9 - WE STAN THE QUEEN

As a massive fan, she can do no wrong anyway but this album is FIRE 🔥

jannybooo - Proud of My heritage

Tiwa Savage nailed it.

9thdan - Hope she didn’t ruin lion king

Go away Beyoncé . What happened to the original score from lion king . This is rubbish

JoshJJB1997 - Shocker

Another one of her vanity projects.

taybeyonce - what else?

beyoncé did what she had to do

Rumbie Eve - Amazing

Love love love...

Menfesgw - Lioness

Shes gone and done it again. A masterpiece, afro meets Beyonce and both slayed.

amigsy321 - Horrendous awful music

Write a letter to Africa if you want but the whole world don’t need to listen to it. Absolute 🤮 where is the old Beyoncé? Please let’s have her back. This stuff is just not interesting at all. bye Felicia

j0ehill0fficial - Fire


s-ince - Fire!!!

Phenomenal album! How can we expect less!!!!🔥🔥🔥🦁

Nuttiebear - Nuttiebear

What have you done to that album it’s absolutely rubbish just does not represent the Lion King at all

david14578 - Amazing

One of her best

velenkosiniosa - Best Album I ever heard

Already is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Wiggy63 - Why

Spoil a good thing?

Andrewll1 - Amazing Album!

The album solidifies Beyoncé as a true artist by reinventing her sound while still staying genuine to herself. The piece feels cohesive and truly surpassed my expectations - absolutely in awe!

Cai (@blondedreprise) - There's only so many ways to say it.

Beyoncé is a once in a lifetime artist and the way she uses her platform to showcase and highlight the people and cultures around her that don't see enough love is so powerful. Gloating, humble and vulnerable in equal measure, the album is an all-encompassing vision of optimism and self-worth to empower the future.

Matt call - No

Haven’t liked anything Beyoncé since 2014 an this doesn’t help at all!! Nothing she releases these days sticks in the head! Sadly just a song that isn’t catchy an u can’t single along too them..

Burlesbarb - Beyoncé the Lion Queen!!

Is there anything that this woman can’t do!!! He vocals have blown me away on this album!! 👑🦁

PetrieBey - Amazing

Such a masterpiece.


Bey this is incredible. You’ve slayed again!

alannah6344 - Amazing

Blessed to hear this. The Queen never disappoints 🤩 my faves are Mood 4Eva, Bigger, Brown Skin Girl and Water but love it all💕

toulesse141 - Amazing.

Brown Skin Girl is something special!

Beautifulgirl#1 - Amazing

I loved this album, there’s not one song on it i didn’t like!

Weewellfan - Reductive

Nothing original or exciting

untouchablesxo - Boring and uninteresting

A release that I was excited for, but listening to, just sounds like Beyoncé used The Lion King as a way to increase her sales. This album isn’t good, and the few songs that are good should’ve been included in the standard Lion King OST. Not your best work at all, bey!

Music-addict2 - beautiful

just a stunning masterpiece she is at her prime



mcj1425 - Amazing i mean its Beyoncé

It so amazing that shes used african artists this album is so good!!!!

Beyoncé is the GOAT - ACTUALLY AMAing


Lènny - Amazing Album

Incredible Collaborations🔑

b is awseme - Incredible

This album is so clever. The songs basically take the story of the Lion King and applies it to real life situations, with incredible narration from the new film, and amazing production from Beyoncé. The music itself is so unbelievably refreshing, and pays homage to Africa in the best way possible. An absolute musical masterpiece, Beyoncé was not over reaching when she said this is sonic cinema and a soundscape. One of my all time favourite Beyoncé albums.

revieweroncé - she is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

why would you try her, why would you bother? After 30 years in the game, Beyoncé once again evolves as an artist, shining a spotlight on Afrobeats and the culture of Africa. This companion album is a soundscape, and love letter to the motherland, and features several prominent African artists and producers. The album also features jay z, Pharrell, childish gambino, and Blue Ivy - a standout moment! It’s such a beautiful, coherent body of work. Bey and her team did a great job of producing and curating these tracks. The vocals, the harmonies, the beats, the features - everything is perfect and exceeds expectations. Thank you, Bey, for going above and beyond, once again.

bbyoncedadpeni - Amazing

Yesss!!!! This album is beautiful her vocals are just 😍 my fav song would be Nile & otherside haters can stay mad

JP101101101 - horrible

This is absolute garbage and anyone who says its good clearly follows the masses. Save your ears and dont buy

GagaMonster84 - Re-gift

How does one return 'The Gift'? Just more tired rubbish from Beyonce

HiiiPowerTDE - incredible use of afrobeats and the sequencing is perfect

this album is incredible. there's a lot of fun songs on here and i love the inclusion of lesser known african artists. beyoncé really did her thing here, and she takes on the african styled beats perfectly, and i love how she represents her culture beautifully. highly recommended.

That's Mr P to you - What is this horrendous garbage?

Omg. First they massacre the lion king with a half arsed remake that spent too much time on its CGI at the expense of the rest of the film. Then Beyoncé put out the horrific Spirit which is an abomination to music and should be wiped from existence! And now Beyoncé releases this monstrosity! I just do not understand this love of Beyoncé lately? Her last three albums have been awful, lack choruses and hooks and are all far too Americanized. She hasn’t had a real hit single since Run the World but everyone seems to be Beyoncé this, Beyoncé that. This album is god awful! What is it even? A solo album? A soundtrack album? Even it is confused by what it is and it shows! Boycott this garbage!

kissmeKassi - Kassi

Only BEYONCE!!!!

Taylor from good old Australia - Just amazing

Incredible album

lavenderluv1992 - Beyonce is always giving good music 🙌🏾

I love the songs and the fact that Beyonce is still Beyonce, and still producing good music 🎵 ❤️✌🏾

Grandpa higgins - Hahaha

Rap will never be music

Gerryboy90 - Amazing

I’m obsessed with this

Madboy11 - Yawn-cè

Ugh, she’s just the worst!

waaaaaakaaaaa - PERFECT ✊🏾

Can not fault this album. All the producers, artists & lyricists did an awesome job. Also a major credit to Beyoncé for curating and producing this and exposing the world more to Afro beats. Africa to the world ✊🏾

Booked&Busy - We going to Africa now are we?

Buckle up peasants we going to Africa! She did it once again. BIGGER, MOOD 4 EVA & ALREADY are bops!

Tyson.Box - 🤯

Did not expect this. This is a fantastic album definitely recommend songs WATER, BIGGER and MOOD 4 EVA👍👍

Leon7318 - Amazing

Best soundtrack ever

CPPDGE - Perfect

Queen B done it again 👑🦁

MarcelloAnthony - Amazing!

Love this album! Killer!

Wresting chart wwe - Not your average album

The songs on this album are beautiful and explores the amazing talent from musical artists in Africa. My fav songs are Mood for Eva, Nile and Brown Skin Girl. My girl Beyoncé has done it again!!

RickiRozay - BrownSkinGirrl

A beautiful album. The vocals and different talent on here is insane! Amazing

Njabulo1 - Water 💦


lovebsk2007 - Yaaas

Uganda stand Up

Rhee_tdk - Just Rhee

I’m finding my way B, what a song #SouthAfrica 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

Statistics 186 - MY POWER

What an album!!!!

oloxon - Brown Skin Girl


Lucasijaya - Nigeria stand up

Proudly Nigerian🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

Tnox123 - South Africa stand up!


Lmangwi - Stupendous


Chillano_ - Queen Nala👑🐝🦁

Amazing album. Beyoncé slayed me again. I’m so grateful thank you Bey 🦁💛✨

Eliaseptember - Beyfã

Perfeita sem defeitos, me sinto numa outra cultura

Umgomo - Melhor álbum do ano!!

Rainha faz assim!!! 👸🏾👑❤️🔥☝️

victorlops - Perfeito

Essa mulher sempre arrasando, perfeito

_brunoquintino - Tudo pra mim


luacris03 - NADA a ver com O rei leão...

Nossa, uma tremenda decepção... ritmos africanos de verdade vêm de álbuns como os do Lebo M., o qual eu esperava muito que esse álbum fosse se inspirar para eu poder comprar(até mesmo o álbum físico eu compraria!), mas esse nada mais é do que um forte “apelo" para venda de discos e ida a premiações. Fiquei bem triste. 😓👎🏻😔

ViniciusMC - Wow, just wow!

I loved each and every song on the album! #thegift

Pazmatheus - Amei


@pedro.braaaz - Uma obra prima

Uma obra prima em referência aos ritmos africanos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ estou arrepiado

Doudac - Queen

The only one queen !

w2i3l0l2 - apenas BEYONCÉ

Mais uma vez Beyoncé nos traz um álbum perfeito, álbum com ritmos africanos e produção da própria, nos apresenta todo o universo do famoso “rei leão”. ao dar play no álbum você adentra todo o universo do filme, diretamente para Pride Rock. As interludes no álbum fazem um encaixe perfeito com cada faixa e não só a Beyoncé foi extremamente talentosa e ousada no estilo como os artistas que estão no álbum. Me encontro feliz em viver na mesma época que uma lenda.

Jho0n - YEEEES


Felipe Feijó - PERFEITO

Todas as faixas são maravilhosas, álbum sem defeitos!

Kadumu - ❤️🇧🇷


matheussrs7 - 😱😱

Produção incrívell


@bhanu_ts: This is pure terrorism @AmitShah . Being a @HMOIndia how can you allow these miscreants to jam a road/area/metrostation. If a…


「佳村はるか」人気トピックス「ベスト5」佳村はるか – Wikipedia・【第30回】佳村はるかのわ、わ、わ![ゲスト:黒木ほの香] – YouTube・佳村はるかのマニアックデート… Vol.2 [DVD] | アニメ – A…


@jcast_news: 古市憲寿、中居に「ファンが聞きたかった」質問連発 「こんなオタクだったん」と称賛の声 #ニュースな会 #中居正広 #古市さん #古市憲寿


@dot_asahi_pub: 木村拓哉「みんな、ただいま!」 ソロライブで見せた等身大の姿 後輩思いの一面も #AERAdot #AERA


@RadioFreeTom The otherside took Trump so on balance I think the left is coming out ahead in terms of seriousness.


@dot_asahi_pub: ジャニーズを辞めた中居正広 それでもMC業でテレビという戦場で生きていく #AERAdot #週刊朝日 #AERA


@otherside_ai わ。koboさんまで~😆 皆さんの考察出始めているので、そちらにお任せしようかなあ。なんて😉 気長にお待ちくださいませ~。


@Ylodbrok: Jcomprend pas pq y font la prévention du cancer de la peau dans les salons d’uv alors qu’ils pourraient tout simplement montr…


Γάτες που… κάνουν τα δικά τους! #184


Otherside of the world. Oh and it's you old man.


全世界2億人以上がプレイした伝説のRPG – 『ドラゴンネスト』をコミカライズ! 『ドラゴンネスト賢者の予言』をcomicoにて配信開始 | BUZZ WORLD KAZUSA・かずさの元気、千葉の出来事、世界のNEWSを…


無料で使用できるGoogle マイビジネスを活用して顧客獲得!Google検索やGoogleマップからのユーザーを増やして  …


@ppetherbridge @TheMysterines I keep saying best young band around looks like I was on the otherside to you


@SashaHeart Story of my life, except no one is on the otherside of the wall.... 😐


@smap0131_shingo: 昨夜、初めて観に行けました。 思ったよりも大きく、迫力と温かさとパワーの貰える作品でした。 夜は、ステンレスに描かれた絵の鮮やかさに、街灯が加わり、素敵。 色んな時間帯や色んな天気、四季折々にこの作品を見てみたいな。 #BeTheD…

About OTHERSIDE [Beyoncé] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Beyoncé, album The Lion King: The Gift, song OTHERSIDE, released date 19 July 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to OTHERSIDE - Beyoncé mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

OTHERSIDE by Beyoncé mp3 download listen OTHERSIDE direct download OTHERSIDE mp3 #otherside

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