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Download Tones And I - Dance Monkey MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Dance Monkey music file uploaded on May 10th, 2019.

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aaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh - 👍

AMAZING!!! keep pursuing your dreams

OldYungRock - DanceMonkey

Love it, It reminds me of old school jams, coming out of your garage or basement cranked as loud as your stereo would go. You can turn it up with Dance Monkey. Good beat, good rhythm, great energy. Don't be a hatter, creative music break-in edge is hard to come by. Her voice is unique, the combination of music she makes is all her own. "Right" Jammit Girl yes your coming!

miss maddie paddy - Super catchy🤣😂

I like this song because it’s so catchy and I really like it for my talent show when I’m in fourth I will perform this song I like it so much 😱. From Maddie , age 9

ScubaJoe01 - Love it

Unique voice. Not the same old cookie cutter sound.

Leo6357 - I love her.

You go girl, with your God given talent!!!


Ugh people stop slamming it it’s amazing. Love u tones And I!

Hunger💥games🔥lover❤️ - y’all need help

i swear to god who is listening to dance monkey

JonHanzen - Uniquely Queen

When I first heard her I asked myself, "Is she Puerto Rican?" No, she is just unique, and in my mind a hit. Keep the positive vibes flowing. Hip and Upbeat, music that works!

macbell27 - Dance Monkey

This song is honestly freaking amazing, I haven’t heard anything like it before. Your voice is out of this world. My kids and I love to have dance parties in our kitchen and Dance Monkey is one of our regulars we play, so catchy and fun to dance to. Please write more like this!!! Excited to see what the future holds in store for you.

bsjsknddnksjddjdkjsbxbx - Uh...AMAZING

I just love this song so much it’s unreal!!! It’s so catchy!!!

fhrjgjruekghdjvmrhvm - ......

I guess it’s pretty good?

👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳 - ew

i hate this song with a passion

cbjvfh - Dance monkey makes my ears bleed


cookie 😇😇 - I love it

It is a great song but it is weird also

Rcoat_21 - Why?

Dance monkey is probably the worst song I’ve heard on the radio since Justin Bieber’s baby. I think his song is the standard of horrible music at this point.

termite80 - Tones and I

Love their sound-love her voice-for those that wanna hate don’t listen if you don’t like-they are AWSOME!!! LOVELOVELOVE❤️❤️

betlaux my account - Awesome!

Awesome monkey is more like it just here for dance monkey I don’t know how she does I want to sing like that

LamaRios - Trash

Im srry but trash

Emily 72020 - Terrible

I don’t get how this is so popular she can’t sing at all. Niall Horan is someone people need to check out. He has real music that is so perfect!

owo music is life - The song is stuck in my head!

I really love this song, because first her voice is amazing and it makes me happy.

si da guy - Hmmm

These songs are good but they can be better very catchy though.

Ghost_Soldier - Great Music. Crappy Haters.

Toni’s voice is a unique gem. It’s a lovely voice, and I love it. But it seems as though many haters have come here to rate Toni’s songs poorly. I hear that they don’t like the style, or the voice, but it isn’t right to hate on Toni. People listen to singers like Juice Wrld and I personally don’t like his music, but I don’t go hating on it and saying it’s horrible and annoying. I think some people are just annoying to make themselves feel better. If you are here to hate on the music, chill, think about what you are about to do or say. Sometimes you have to do that. I don’t think all the people are rating the music badly just because they hate the music. I see this in a lot of things, and it bugs me. People trying to gain self esteem off of others’ pain. Toni, if you ever see this, (which i know you wont) keep making music. It’s always great to hear something new and unique.

22zach - Y E S


i love dog man so much - Best song

My favorite song

NeeWee7 - You Either Like It Or You Don’t, Guys

It’s that simple. People have preferences. Some people think Toni’s voice is weird, some people think it is beautiful. As for me? I’m in the middle. At first I thought the song was just a gag. My brother’s friend played it for me to annoy me, and against my better judgement I began (GASP!) TAPPING MY FEET. It went on from there. The more I listen to it, the more I love it, but obviously others don’t get the vibe. Not really sure what to say on that fact, but it’s not for everyone. I’m just really glad it is for me.

shaunn - Please never sing again. Your voice is bad!

What a bad voice and lyrics. Find another career where you’re not singing about monkeys lol.

Brianjabo - Awful techno mess

Very annoying music

valenyna - I love your voice

Girl I love your song. The kids are coming

Nick2002 - He look a like a man

Wow Ms. Swan dropped an album 👎🏽 This song is so stupid!

cool kase 😜 - Best song

I think that dance monkey is strong enough for a little singer to make those big dreams happen

Pris' - Stop

I cannot believe iTunes have this type of songs on its top list with so many negative reviews.

okaaidn - Music had died

If this is what a majority of humans like now then I know music Is slowly dying..

cbd4293 - Annoying af

So bad truly

Gil0316 - Who keeps buying this trash?!


Bob123455678890 - No

Stupid love

Robespierre94 - Music industry out of ideas (and money)

Every possible music has already been created so we’re left with this nonsense. It’s unique the wrong way.

️MattGiordanoGames - Why

Nope nope

radieos - 🗑

literally the worst song i’ve ever heard in my life stop

Mysterygirl 911 - Sounds like a monkey too

This is garbage in every sense of the word.

J-tastic - Love!

Most of you don’t know that this is exactly what she sounds like in real life, she worked so hard to get the recognition she deserves! Too bad tik tok has ruined most people’s experience.

beethovenswig - No

The voice could be interesting, but combined with these songs it’s very grating. Lord.

Clarie Persinger101 - this is quite literally

the worst piece of music i’ve ever had to hear

Foxie_friendz2010 - SHE IS HISTORY

Her voice is absolutely incredible! Just marvelous! Just... well like mine!👍👍👍👍👍😊

🌸💐🌺🌷 - Horrible

If I could give it a zero star I would.Thats how bad this album is 😬🙄

Sean Freiburger - ?

I don’t understand what the hype is all about

danbredow - Ehh


lil sushi vert - trash

dance monkey is the worst song of the year yet and its only february. the vocals are horable and sickening to stomach. no song can out-trash it

Leslie374 - Annoying

Wish I could rate 0 it’s so annoying

Dragon lover 🐲 - hate

dance monkey is the absolute worst song i’ve heard in a long time

nikkibraps - Actual trash

Stop it

darkmoon4531 - Yesssss!

I love dance monkey. She sound like she is yodeling

Brunette9198 - Makes me move 💃

Love her voice...give us more! 🗣

billieeilishpiratebairdoconell - Ewww

She sounds like a monkey trying to sing🤮

asiejdks - Good song


I _need_ my_space - Awsome

I like the message in the songs

Eleanor Walden - Amazing

I love all your songs! Especially dance monkey, IM A BIG FAN! :D

;tango1; - Dance monkey

Great voice can’t stop playing excellent

MatiFabian - Confused

Sia ? Again? No no for me.

Yelly83 - Massive like from the UK

Heard Dance Monkey on Radio 1 for the first time the other day & wasn’t sure if I liked it. Heard it again in the background at work & was completely intrigued & knew I needed to properly listen to it. Heard it for the third time today on R1 & skipped straight to loving it! Now buying up all the songs by the Tones & I & look forward to hearing more from you guys 😊

twiki - open your ears

What a great E.P. You just need to open your ears and listen to the lyrics. Meaningful, moving, positive and empowering. Yeah the similarities with Sia will always be there but I love Sia too. Two great artists. Looking forward to hearing more from Tones and I in the future.

Patroller - Pot and kettle...

Berating other artists for sounding the same then coming over all ‘School of Sia’ on her debut? Not the most intelligent artist then? Musics not bad but can do without the whiny/cutesy, clipped, nasal vocals.....that’s for sure!

Muggling Muggles - Going by singles - this is going to be amazing!

Dance Monkey is catchy, the video that goes with the sing is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing from Tones & I in the UK. Wished Dance Monkey was on a Ringtone!

mjdj1689 - Good solid music

Looking forward to this , after hearing the singles , Shame no album .


@Acosta Tricky trump can’t get in front of a camera without doing his monkey dance!! Narcissist and disrespectful t…


@MaialenOT2020 Haz un directo cantando dance monkey 😍


@imthatfanboy: اغنية Dance Monkey بطريقتي


taylor deve dar streaming pra dance monkey todo dia


Dance Monkey es el nuevo Petit Biscuit


Tones and IのDance Monkeyです ALyxをプレイして投稿数が減りましたね 早く終わらせてビーセイしないと #BeatSaber #バーチャルモーションキャプチャー


i have friends who will look me in the eye and tell me they think me liking musical theatre is weird and turn aroun…


tones and i - dance monkey


@thrashhgun: dance monkey es probablemente la peor canción creada en la historia de la humanidad


@DarrenKenDoll: Almost forgot I could sing 😕 Did I cover of dance monkey by tones and I


@mariaventuras01: ya todos odiamos dance monkey, ah?


@thetruejbl: como alcançar a paz em um único passo: 1- mostre o vídeo do Trump cantando Dance Monkey para o mundo. todos vão rir tant…


@SoRandxm: El año esta igual de feo que la canción dance monkey


Dance Monkey - Tones and I | Luiza Miozzo cover via @YouTube


Es que me encanta Dance Monkey, de Tones And I.

About Dance Monkey [Tones And I] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Tones And I, album The Kids Are Coming - EP, song Dance Monkey, released date 10 May 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Dance Monkey - Tones And I mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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