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Download Tones and I - Dance Monkey MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Dance Monkey music file uploaded on May 10th, 2019.

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Tones and I - Dance Monkey MP3 Comments & Reviews

elcastigador - Disgusting

This is the most annoying song ever

bizzyg18 - Garbage


LenoraGriffin - Can’t stop listening

I love the unique quality of her voice and the heart, meaning, and positivity in her songs. Each song is so different and I look forward to seeing what she does with this bright start to her career. I can’t get enough.

idndiendirb - No

Absolute garbage

X12Fox - Whoever hates Dance Monkey has an issue

This is a great song, and those who hate it have #1 brain issues

I'm a loser guy in the World - No sir

Dance monkey can go die in a toilet

fluffypants🐶🐶 - Foxes_rule 🦊🦊

Reminds me of a duck and a chimpanzee screeching.Whoeven likes this song? It’s so cringy 😕

YM965 - Yes


DaUri890 - Trash

Her voice is so annoying

KearaM11 - trash lol


ohheyitsalexx - I honestly thought this was a joke

Horrendous vocals.. can people stop pretending to be into this to be “edgy” or whatever. It’s like a raspy old cat dying..

Struggling Catholic - I don’t generally buy albums ...

This album has a good beat. I sampled all the songs and I liked it. I like her voice too. I don’t do Tick Tock so I didn’t know this was a thing. I just hear Dance Monkey on the radio and was hooked!

Livin4God91 - I’m sorry

But her voice is quite annoying...

kyoger19 - Johnny run away

Needs a video still good basically sums up my life

bigken27 - 😳

What the ....

Hkiugbxsdgnkklnbcds - Amazinggg

So good

djordahl12 - No sense

Why is this song charting? I just listened and I wasted my time.

Ray_Green - Nope

It’s so cringe please stop...

ScarsThatStay - meh

it’s ok

Bcnnyy - Stop hating

Hate it with a reason 1. It blew up on tik tok (screw that) 2. Dance monkey is so repetitive and annoying 3. Hate with a reason.

koo kio - LOVE IT

When I herd this song I fell in love I love the voice and the background music I think it is my fav song

Bandisgarbage - Why?

Awful This deserves nothing but a participation award

Abu3o0od - H


joancrawford04 - Yes


Madguy2120 - Ah...

You’re kidding right? WT?

1500m_05_00 - Horrible

This is so bad. I don’t care if it unique if it makes my ears bleed.

TowKneeLowPez - Different but Good

I’m not on Tik Tok and recently heard this on The Voice. It’s good and I just bought it. There is a lot of music I usually pass on. If you don’t like this, write and sing your own.

adammore3 - Worst voice of all time

It’s torture

spidėrwėb - i love this

Thank you for writing songs about real problems, some artists don’t understand that their most recent breakup isn’t the most important world problem. People shouldn’t judge your music on whether it’s popular or not. Your music is amazing, keep it up.

allison.limelight - Yep

This song is annoying

trdcjj - crap

heck no

SDatri2020 - If I could give it zero stars I would

Her voice is more than annoying, it’s scratching, more nasally, stupid, and weird. And not in a good way

Mamon badi - ✨

Love it

frankers97 - Why is “dance monkey” even popular?

God awful song... I swear annoying teens can hear someone farting in a speaker and will say it sounds good

shaunn - Please never sing again. Your voice is bad!

What a bad voice and dumb lyrics. Find another career where you’re not singing about monkeys lol.

savannah🥺 - Eh

This song has a god beat but not my cup of tea

Jo Vasquez - Wow

Such an amazing song

Whorehay69 - New amazing sound

Very catchy tones and lyrics are pretty great.

Isabelle121314 - Love this song

I love this song I think it is very unique I don’t understand why everyone is hating. Also what’s the point of commenting rude stuff.

S Roz - Unique

Moving lyrics and completely original style. My 4 and 7 year old daughters rock these songs with attitude and passion. Love this album.

BakerBBB - Garbage

Absolute garbage

Tadpole_93 - 🤢🤢🤢


Big Ev11 - Dance Spongmonkey

Glad to see those little guys from the old Quizno’s commercials got a job.

Rightybball - Ok

It’s a eh

barrellrider579 - I don’t understand 🤷🏾‍♂️

I mean, it is catchy but that’s all I can say. No sustenance whatsoever.

KrazyT61 - Trash!

Stop promoting artists who have no talent...

omiscro - Junk!

Junk! Distasteful! Chipmunk on steroids.

VictoriousFan1 - Love it!!

I love this EP!

BluPluto - Lit

I got this because of Tik Tok. I heard Dance Monkey and thought about what the rest of the song sounded like. I saw the album and listened to the other music and let me just say I really like all 6. Oh by the way, Dance Monkey is in the top 100 most listened GLOBAL on Apple Music.

velo g - Wow

Annoying asf to hear on the radio over and over

asiejdks - Good song


I _need_ my_space - Awsome

I like the message in the songs

Eleanor Walden - Amazing

I love all your songs! Especially dance monkey, IM A BIG FAN! :D

;tango1; - Dance monkey

Great voice can’t stop playing excellent

MatiFabian - Confused

Sia ? Again? No no for me.

Yelly83 - Massive like from the UK

Heard Dance Monkey on Radio 1 for the first time the other day & wasn’t sure if I liked it. Heard it again in the background at work & was completely intrigued & knew I needed to properly listen to it. Heard it for the third time today on R1 & skipped straight to loving it! Now buying up all the songs by the Tones & I & look forward to hearing more from you guys 😊

twiki - open your ears

What a great E.P. You just need to open your ears and listen to the lyrics. Meaningful, moving, positive and empowering. Yeah the similarities with Sia will always be there but I love Sia too. Two great artists. Looking forward to hearing more from Tones and I in the future.

Patroller - Pot and kettle...

Berating other artists for sounding the same then coming over all ‘School of Sia’ on her debut? Not the most intelligent artist then? Musics not bad but can do without the whiny/cutesy, clipped, nasal vocals.....that’s for sure!

Muggling Muggles - Going by singles - this is going to be amazing!

Dance Monkey is catchy, the video that goes with the sing is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing from Tones & I in the UK. Wished Dance Monkey was on a Ringtone!

mjdj1689 - Good solid music

Looking forward to this , after hearing the singles , Shame no album .


Dites moi ce que vous en pensez de la VERSION AFRO de Dance Monkey 🙊


De 10 stories que eu olho, 8 têm a música Dance Monkey... limites pessoal, limites


Dance Monkey cover by @_alexanderstew 😍 I love it ✨ #ALEXANDERSTEWARD #NewCoverByAlexander


If I were someone who liked the song Dance Monkey, I would simply seek professional counseling


@RadioDisneyBRA Tones and l - dance Monkey !


@UpdateNeews: Predição inicial - Billboard Hot 100 #1. The Box (=) #5. Lose You To Love Me (+5) #6. Dance Monkey (+1) #7. Yummy (-5) h…


@vitormrtns: Alguém por gentileza CANCELE a música dance monkey? 🥺


Tô apaixonada nessa música "Dance Monkey"


@vitormrtns: Alguém por gentileza CANCELE a música dance monkey? 🥺


I was in charge of the “monkey dance,” but for some reason, that monkey is most attached to Akehoshi-kun….


@bianca_calucin: Dance Monkey- Tones and I (short cover)


Dance Monkey 🤙🏻🤙🏻


El que me recomendó la canción Dance Monkey me hizo un daño


@Amine5a77: Dance Monkey Song via @YouTube


So eu achei que a voz do @lucasinutilismo cantando Dance Monkey tá igual a voz do vocalista de Panic! At The Disc?????

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