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"Motivation" is a song by American singer Normani, released on August 16, 2019. The song was written by Ariana Grande, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Max Martin, Normani, Savan Kotecha, and produced by Salmanzadeh. The music video was released the same day. Download Normani - Motivation MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Motivation MP3 file uploaded on August 16th, 2019.

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Normani - Motivation MP3 Comments & Reviews

Havana un na na - 🤯🤯🤯

1: love it 2: STOP HATING ON MANI

cindyuky - Cheap

You are cheapening your self-worth by objectifying yourself. You are better than this.

Lil B123 - Favorite Girl

I Love Normani Kordei😘 She’s Been My Favorite Ever Since I First Heard A Song By Her in Group Fifth Harmony, “Work From Home”😘❤️❤️❤️

Onyx_the_Frenchie2018🤩 - Get it sis

Norma I dropped this song in august and it’s February now and I am only listening to this for the first time!! I have missed out 😢 I love this song have it on repeat💚🧡💛

ArtemisAmor - 🥰

This song motivates me

Ariana does it again!!!! - I love Normani!!!

Normani has come such a long way and deserves the best!

K3021 - Flopmani

Not even Ariana’s clout save you from being a FLOP! How does it feels having a flop single? RAT

ramero - Ssrboy

Yes my love 😍💖💖💖💖

John Freeman over here - No originality and nothing unique. Just another dime a dozen nobody

If this is your best normani then you need to throw this turkey back into the oven with the rest of the unfinished garbage that you’ve given us because I’m not impressed with this music. You had potential with love lies and dancing with a stranger (mainly because two better singers carried your monotoned overgrown rear end hp the charts) but when you try to strike out in your own without a better singer to work off of we get this kidz bop garbage that’s to be frank not even worthy of being played on radio Disney. And I know that you paid off a bunch of celebs trying to get clout for this straight to karaoke flop tune but no matter how many celebs you pay off or how much payola you use Garbage is still garbage and this is exactly what it is. Hit auto tuned garbage supported by a fanbase that is clearly tone deaf. I think the biggest tell that this song was just a disaster waiting to happen was when I was trying to trudge through this terrible song and my mom asked why I was listening to an animal being tortured to death. I think she was close to calling peta as well because our next door neighbor was suffering from your ear bleeding nonsense as well.

<>€¥*^#~|>€ - Queen normani 👸

Love normani so much😍 & motivation

KalenDGM - Um

Not good

ThatBoyyZi - Boppp

Periodt pooht

rsn2892 - Terrible

Omg shut up

taurusgirl 26 - Woo

Reminds me of early 2000s style

itsurboi37 - Meh...

The beat that goes on it isn’t that bad, lyrics are not as good.

You Dms - she served and that’s that

people hate for no they could do better. HA

PhasP - meh.

stream liar by Camila Cabello instead

zayzay2678 - Awesome

You haters just jealous because you don't have the talent like she works hard and wants to make her dreams one true so just stop hating she black and beautiful so stop hating

Kkdivareed - LOVE IT. Buts it’s kinda a let down

I do love it but at the same time it’s kinda generic but that’s what happens when Ariana grande writes a song. Like it’s a good solo start for normi and it’s catchy but it’s just... ehhhh nothing fresh or new really.

135722689 - I like this song wow

I like this song wow that’s what’s up

Jesus Antonio Lopez - Whoa!!!

Normani killed this song and the video

princessbri96 - Dear god 🙄

It’s a shame when u gotta slut urself out to the music industry. if Camila didn’t leave they wouldn’t all be tryin to sing about sex just to sell an climb up the charts. Britney Spears was much better to watch an listen to. It’s like watching an listening to a puppet auto tune Dollar general beyonce 🤦🏽‍♀️ # trash 🗑

effyoreview - THE ONE

Normani is next up she got the total package!


Ok I love alll the girls of fifth harmony but this song/video is everything omg. This girl is killin now and me like 🤣

LeekaBabyy - Normani 💕


Lisa Segobin - BEAST MODE

Normani you have another fan. Whatever you are serving I am eating it up. Do you it's only up from here, hunni. You are OFFICIAL! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

ALVAREZZ3000 - Amazin video

I'm obsessed with this video. Still don't understand why radio is not supporting this. This is a hit!

wowincrwdiblewow - Bad song

She should stick to dancing cause her singing aint it

iris083000 - Hmmm ok

Song is kinda alright, is just a song made by a dancer so she can showcase her dance moves nothing else. Ok...

ezralovesme - Flop

Taylor Swift stays winning

sherlock.brito - ....?

I mean what is this honestly. Heard it once and that’s suffice

valkyriekang - mediocre at best

the music video was insane but the song itself is just missing something. kinda tragic to see all that hype go to waste

meninajurubeba - wannabe

wondering when her beyonce 101 class is gonna be over

jacqueamista - zzzzzz

uninspired song

stan camila - wasn’t it


Juls010 - Mmm


llrai - Didn’t like it

Sounds so generic.

Nish_97 - Is this it

This ain’t it. We bored

tennisscc93 - Kweeen

She is on fire with this new summer BOP 😍🙌🏼

♈️🔥JRC🔥♈️ - Love It

This is bound to be the song of the Winter!

Bonita Espiritu - Amazing Quality

So proud of this amazing woman’s vocals and choreography. You were the star of 5th Harmony and your shine is showing now.

annabethx16 - So catchy

Look who’s waaaaayyyyy better than camila cabello

parkdog2017 - Fire!

Deserves more

Random Rita - Yes

Makes me want to dance

Lake Tahoe nitch - Love HER


goahan - Umm

You talent-ted

Yuziuzi - Amazing


Salliooooo - Love

This song is so catchy I find myself singing it out loud at work all 8 hours

Real Fan/Nation - The best of the best

Normani is such a superstar. She is the all in one package. She can sing, dance and she has the body all the celebrities pay to have . Please don’t sleep on her cause she has more to offer to this world . Plus her VMA performance was the best of the 2019 VMA. You’re a Legend Normani❤️ 🌠❤️ You’re a Queen 👑 You’re a Winner 🏆

mikee2009 - Not liking it

I expected more than this! As a former 5th Harmony fan im disappointed with this song It is safe for me to say that Camila is always the stand out

fycsgjnkoknfrsx - Very good song but y it gotta have a price😒🎶🤑🙂

Very good song but y it gotta have a price😒🎶🤑🙂

Fckck - Good song


Dseybgopjx17 - Amazing Song

Honestly best pop/r&b singer yesss✌🏽

slewin5155 - We love feel good music

So tired of these new female artist being the sad moody aura / attempt at being Rihanna. Motivation feels like the first genuinely happy/feel good song in a while, I love it and so excited for Normani’s future.

Rosefire02 - I love it!

She’s showin em whose boss

fopifop - Simplement fabuleux

Normani dégage une énergie qui vient te chercher. Juste à voir la façon dont elle dansait quand elle était avec FH j’ai su qu’elle deviendrait une star solo planétaire. Avec ce titre “motivation” qui nous fait voir de toutes les couleurs artistiques, sa carrière va grimper en flèche.

Bonchicken24 - Very catchy.

Can’t wait to see what direction she chooses next.

Awogirl - She is so great.

Finally getting the respect she needs. Yaaaas, queen.

duddiscarchi - The person who said yuck is yuck

They are probably a triggered camilizer

•Rimo• - Amazing Single

This song has been on REPEAT for the last few days! She truly deserves all the success in the world😍👏🏼

FancyShark411 - Best

Trust and believe.

bertilaxo - yuck


Christian from Canada - Love it

So happy that your getting bigger and bigger in your career. Finally your talent is being recognized

-Roddyy- - A BOP!

Give her HER TINGZ!


I cannot believe this girl was once in fifth harmony, that group was holding her BACK. The talent, the excellence she has is out of this world pls support Normani she deserves everything and more! A legend in the making 🖤🖤🖤

Eti09 - J’adore!

Le vidéo est excellent aussi 😍

Dearsociety13 - Trash

The song is an obvious Ariana Grande “Sweetener” reject. And the music video just plagiarises “...Baby One More Time”. She needs to find her own identity as an artist

dragonfruityy - Ew

She was horrible to Camila so I hate her and her music too

mwahxoxo - a bit boring

sounds like an average song. Nothing special.

JadeThilor - brilliant

literally my favourite song at the moment is so catchy and i used it in my dance class its such a good song to dance to SUCH A BOPPP 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Dec12er - A Star is Born?

Granted I’m the wrong side of 30 and perhaps this track is too young for the likes of me but as generic as it may well be for the radio plays/streams Normani is one to watch for the future. It makes a change from Ed Sheeran, Aitch, Billie Eillish etc!

did you send the number - this song made me pregnant

🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾🤰🏾 i am with child

Samrsmith13135 - Loving it ❤️

Love love love addicted

Chukchi cf - unoriginal

i’ve heard a million songs that sound just like this

CJ loves tattoos - WAY BETTER than Dancing With A Stranger



Normani is the freshest thing that has blessed the music industry IN A LONG TIME. She has the whole package. No young artist at the moment does it like her and that is why we need her. I’m sick of guys in white t shirts holding a guitar and girls with messy hair in ripped jeans. That’s boring. I want the looks, I want the glam, I want a performance, I want it all, I want a true POP PRINCESS. Y’all better watch out. This is only the beginning for her

JohnKamaraa - QUEEN


Nastionak - Unstoppable

Let’s go Mani 🎉💃❤️

twitter: @danjoeys - So proud.

Work from home smashed, so will this😁so many love it.

eusgdvd - You go Normani!

Loved dancing with a stranger and love this too! Well done Normani and keep streaming people!

Simisimsima09876 - Perfect R&b pop track for this up and coming superstar!

This track is delicious, sexy pop and rnb candy. She is brand new and making so many moves in this music busy musically it exciting to watch.

RealDamo! - Hyped for the album

I like her voice, hopefully she shows her vocals skills on the album cuz she didn’t really do it on this song. But she didn’t need to cuz it’s not that type of song

MHTON10 - 5/5


Anchdj6377/).£& - Queen


Joe199006 - POP

Nostalgic, catchy pop. Hit!

GeorgieDaPhoenx - Nope

Not my cuppa tea. Sounds like generic overhyped music, when there are artists like Alessia Cara who are overlooked.

Агмаиа - Camila is so much Better!

This is under average generic pop rubbish and it carries no meaning whatsoever. Camila is the more successful out of the two of them and her music is catchy and meaningful. Normani has done better.

uvx_ldr - A bop

Love it

ldncutepapi - Queen

Get it sis 🎉🎉🎉

legdudjdneozzohwoosjnoojd - Wow


lucaachu - Powerful

She’s absolutely coming FINALLY



just that yoncé fan - PERIODT💅💅

you b*tches betta buy this and stream!!! old school music with hard working black women for the win

Burlesbarb - 👸🏿💖👸🏿💖👸🏿

Yesssss Queen!!! This song is amazing and so are the visuals!!! 👑✨👑✨👑✨👑✨👑✨👑✨👑

Elliot wynne - Bop


Swag Beatrice - who’s seeing Normani?

she’s coming

Nubia Fearon - Excellent Debut!!

Her vocals are goals and she’s going away from the expectation of black artist to just Rnb. She took a risk . Good hit!!

Bobkfm - Underwhelming

She can do much better.

Livylil - Queen 👑

Fire song 🔥

btshater - Disappointing

People have been hyping her up for months for her to release a generic song. She’s clearly chasing radio plays...

dashhh101 - AMAZING!!!

Absolutely love it. Its such a fun and catchy song. Going to be one of them ones that’s stuck in my head 😆

HajahxhksbwfahjahCaIDK - Periodt!!!

Serving old school black girl magic🤩🤩


Love this song and the visuals that go with it. A true representation of an artist that works hard and deserves it! Well Done Normarni xoxo 😘

Jag23jag - Pop Perfection!!!!!

This song is so catchy and the video is CRAZY! Normani is stepping her game up.

Jamie240599 - pop saviour

she is that girl you know she is

MusicFan987887 - Generic and dated

That about sums it up. It’s just a cheaper and weaker version of Beyoncé’s ‘Check on It’. Not going to work in 2019.

OhHappyDays - Bouncy Pop Banger

Cool fresh bouncy pop. Video is amazing.


Normani, you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised but I know who you are. I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl you make me so proud and I love you!

Luelle9876 - Wow.

This is some REAL talent ⭐️

anthony_says_hi - so catchy, fun and awesome song

i love it my most favourite song right now

Norsien - Queen

Song is a bop

nattyrue - OBSESSED

Can’t get enough of this song!

rexy1775 - Slay!

This is amazing! The film clip is next level. Make this bop a smash please!

Cookiejunkiiiie - Love It

Love the song, super catchy 🤩🥰

Blue seeker - Wow

Normani’s song and video absolute winner! She is def talented and the song is soooo catchy!!! Love it! Def recommend it.

i am annoyed 213 - SHE DID THATTTT

this is so good, praise the queen

kehlanistan - !

sounds like an sweetener reject but it’s still great

Just nan 16 - 😍

It’s a bop!!!

kwanzaMvelase - Star has arrived

Catchy and Quality.

Luan lemos - Perfeita

Total de 0 defeitos! Normani perfeita de mais para o mundo. ♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

#Chun-Li - AAAAH


analucramos - n gostei

amei o video, mas achei a musica ruim

kordeinity - artista

e vamos de lenda!


normani pra mim vc é deus e pronto o mundo é todo seu voa menina vai se f*d*r maravilhosa do c*r*lh* minha vida é toda tua ai q infern*

mathorx - PERFEITAH

hinoooo sem defeitos

Farroupilha23 - Perfeito

Simplesmente incrível, música ótima clipe impecável

daviligorio - normani tenha piedade por favor

normani rainha sem defeitos, ícone


Música incrível, clipe impecável. Normani merece o mundo, clipe do ano sem dúvidas.

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Normani, album Motivation - Single, song Motivation, released date 16 August 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Motivation - Normani mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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