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Download Maroon 5 - Memories MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Memories music file uploaded on September 20th, 2019.

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Maroon 5 - Memories MP3 Comments & Reviews

HugeWave7 - Can’t stop listening

It’s such a beautiful song. Adam’s voice gave life to the lyrics♥️

Kmwg8r - Really good

One of the best song

starbuck$😻 - Chill

This song has a relaxing chill vibe to it and I like it

katbmeow - Why y’all such haters

I like it

musiclover938 - Kinda boring...

Although the lyrical content is okay, the song itself just doesn’t sound all that great. Just get tired of hearing boring generic. Hoping for better M5 music in the future.

MusicPax - We all get to ride the carousel of life...once. Think.

I just heard this song today, January 12, a terrific voice for a great song. Thanks !

ZoeAwesomeGirl 2008 - This song was a bit good


Mommy in Pink - Maroon 5 never disappoints

Just a perfect tune to listen to when you wanna feel good and be on your zone. It gives you that calm and soothing vibe. Very raw and uncomplicated, just what you need after a long day or week of hardwork , stress and external chaos. An addition to my Maroon 5 playlist , I can just listen to it all day long doing my work. Continue to produce more quality / timeless songs.

iLoveMyCatTooMuch - Wow

This song is the best

Rikkiwalker - Canon

I heard this for the first time last night and was a tad tipsy so I could not put my finger on the's Canon in D which is my favorite classical piece of music of all time. So many awesome versions of it have been released in recent years.

Princess Meem 💖👑 - I’ll be honest

I despise Maroon 5, and even though this song is generic I actually like it believe it or not. Kudos to them even though I hate them. 🙂

Kevabs - Song

Great song

spartan628263 - No


a person 🤓 - No growth

It sounds like all his other songs. There’s no difference.

frosws - Love it👍👍👍👍😐👍👍👍😎💕💕💕💕

I have listened so many times and it still doesn’t sound old! Even though his voice doesn’t really change, I still LOVE 💕 IT👍

allison.limelight - Nah

I don’t like this song 😬

Ellie Redd - um

did they copy pachelbel’s canon on purpose lol

Nickname.😉 - 😒

Sad that this is $0.69 the artists with good songs have like $1.29 or something like that. lol. 😂

savannah🥺 - Eh

It is to slow

groggnet - Awesome!

Easy to remember lyrics, happy to have as earworm bait!! Love it!

Sienna_Pink - I don’t like it

It’s boring

mikd609 - Sorry

I didn’t really like it as much as I though I would.

Makenzie Hoch - uhhh

sorry but this song rlly isn’t that good 😬🤷‍♀️

All bout guns - Not the best

Beat still pretty good to vibe to though. I think this was an actual decent song in a while.

Pretty little flyer - I don’t care for it

Beat does not sound good and too slow

Cheymy24 - boring


Rightybball - Welll.....

It’s not bad but ........ it’s not my favorite

chandlerjam - Reminds me of early Police

Sounds reggae-ish Sting style, but a nice recording with reflective lyrics. The way he sings the word “you” is a bit affective, but that’s Adam’s thing, like the falsetto he often uses. I like this lower range, although it’s still pretty high, relatively speaking.

Sushi436 - Zero originality

It’s hard to believe they’re a band anymore and not just Adam Levine. I think we all miss the Songs About Jane days. This song is repetitive, dull, and quite frankly a giant step down from even Girls Like You, which was also trash

IAm100%Right - T•R•A•S•H

I have never had a problem with Maroon 5 but this song GRINDS my gears. I recently drove to Maine and back because I had to pick up a family member but I kid you not, this song played at least 10 times. Now I’m not saying that in the 10 hour drive that it played once an hour, oh no. We listened to country for more than half. We listened to rock for a bit too. This song, this not even catchy song, played 10 times in a matter of 3 and a half hours. I get it, Maine doesn’t have the best radio and they tend to be repetitive. My problem is that it managed to get played 10 FRIGGIN TIMES LIKE SOMEONE SAVE MY SOUL IM LIVING IN A TRASHY MUSIC ERE WHERE SLOW SONGS THAT ARE NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT CATCHY MANAGE TO GET THAT HIGH ON THE LIST AND NUMBER ONE ON ITUNES SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Save yourself because I know that there will be a day when you ask yourself “hmmmm, why was I an idiot and wasted my money on this? I coulda bought something 19 times as good, but I failed myself.” I know that feeling because I bought a Charlie Puth song that I listened to once and then said to myself..... “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!” So spare your self and avoid the inevitable and don’t buy this trashy excuse of a song. Thank you, this has been a nice review that I hope will help a fellow human out.

phl2020 - Bland

Extremely generic. It feels like they know the formula to have a top 10 song and that’s all they care about. No artistic creativity whatsoever

❤️❤️⭐️⭐️🎥🎥🌎🌎 - Boring

It’s very boring and not unique. It sounds like every other average cheesy pop song.

Colovechild - ? And

Not like the older songs

candice345 - Great song

Haven’t been into their stuff in forever but really digging this song!

Red404 - Seriously?!?

Did anyone look into who this was written for? This must have been very difficult for Adam to sing. I think it’s beautiful. Maroon 5, especially Adam, sorry for your loss!

Zack lack - Basic

Careless, boring, generic, what else do we expect?

thatgurllolld - Horrible

It was horrible queen kehlani needs a top 5

LittleLeonard24 - no

why do you keep doing this?

🦶🏼🙏🏽💋🦷👅 - 👏🏼

So awesome my favorite song right now

summerwiater - 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤢

It makes me vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1967DD - 2019

Covers the memories we ALL have shared !

idudjbdudjdbdudjdb - Nice

Awesome stuff. I play it every single day😳😲

Srg4657 - Miss you

We miss you on The Voice Adam.

judiegurl - Pour one out for the ones not here

I relived all the best and worst relationships Ive ever had! This will for sure be the song played last everywhere I go!

huhhhhhhhhhuhhhh - The best

Flows smoothly nice melody and bass line @#davie504

Viffh - Trash

Just stop making music, you guys would be dead if you didn’t do payola

Larkin Hancuff - Beautiful

Another fantastic hit from Maroon 5. What a beautiful and heartfelt song

selswhore - Trash

It’s just another basic generic song

MatthewTheFlame - bored

ok this song was good the first 2 listens but now it’s boring and blah. go away pls

SleeperReviewer - Pacabel's Canon In D Major(Great Work)

Pacabel 1680s Sounds Better also, Plz give credit to him.

ediewood - Friend

Our good friend passed away and this song was played at his funeral and every time I hear it it reminds me of him. He was a great guy.

tinhead22 - Super catchy!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome song. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee btw

swizzleleelel - KEEP BUYING

so y*mmy wont get to number one perry@

mccoffie - Great song!!!!

I LOVE this song but I hate how we have to pay. PlZ can you make it free because kids love this song and the other songs.but other then that great job!!

dalubabaluga - It’s an emotional song...

This song is amazing! It makes me think of a girl... Don’t you guys EVER stop making music.

Lioness1180 - Gives you the feels

Love it!

wahaba0 - Perfect

It’s catchy, it has an amazing tempo, and it’s sung by Adam Lavigne. This song just has the complete vibe of an instant classic. I love it.

Maroon5ismylife1 - Love it

Probably the best I’ve heard for ever thank you for answering my prayer for a non love song it had to of meet my standards

pants shirt shoes - Noice

If it was faster tho it would be better

Awogirl - Let's go!

One of my favourite Maroon 5.

Niallhera - Big fan

Maroon 5 is back yasss!!! Can’t wait to hear more

hhali7 - amazing

this is my fav song i feel amazing listening to it it reminds me of an old friend that moved away after spending 2 months with us her dad got a new job and moved country again😭🥺

Kernits - Beautiful

For you Nan ❤️❤️❤️

wealthAndme007 - Memories

Maroon was magical and moving with this song! The lyrics are overwhelmingly superlative!

sorry ;_; - What?

Pachelbel’s Canon is a piece of music well-known for making people cry. It might make you cry because of its beauty. It might make you cry because of the sad memories you associate with it. Now, it might make you cry by reminding you of when Maroon 5 violently murdered pop and everything it stood for. What is the point of this song? Making people cry? I...guess so. It’s a desperate grab towards people’s nostalgia so that they might say ‘hey, remember when Maroon 5 made good music? Remember when they still had ideas left and weren’t being held hostage by Kidz Bop? Yeah.’ In truth, the feeling of listening to this song is similar to the feeling of Maroon 5 taping my eyes open, tying me to a chair and playing me all of their music videos while Adam Levine screams the melody of Pachelbel’s Canon into my ear. ‘We used to be cool!’ he whispers in between bars. ‘Remember Songs About Jane? Remember when something called a Cardi B didn’t exist?’ Now, when I hear that tear-inducing opening, I have to be kept away from windows.

Ocean-Bay - Yeah

This is the best song I have ever heard

[anonymous123456789] - Absolutely crap

Has no tune at all doesn’t deserve to end up at No.1(even tho it hasn’t yet) should be No.10000000000000000 bc it CRAAAAAAAAP 💩

Jazzystar1 - Amazing

Amazing song luv its got a brilliant tune to it just love the song

neilkm46 - Wow

Heard this on the radio and i had to buy,awesome again from Maroon 5 🔥

Jackemo - Duller than ever

When will they finally stop making music? This is just god awful, literally no flavour to this at all. Just another sure fire run of the mill radio hit that all the football mums will love, trash!

paulo mexico - Memories maroon 5

Brilliant song lovely melody and superb voice 5 star song

erujjhdyoghuhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu - Amazing

Love this song

Musicfan612 - NO!!

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

JJJJJJJJAAAM - Amazing chill your beans


Jennie198944 - Love

Ahhh love love love this song. He has an amazing voice too!

§Hackerz§ - Great tune! At long last..

Finally Maroon 5 approaches relevance again. Also like the faint inspiration from Pachelbel's Cannon in D. Choon!!!

vangey - On Repeat!

Great song simplicity at its best, we all suffer loss sooner or later! Thanks Adam

greenshoelace - Ripped off from the uk Eurovision

Well done on ripping off this song from one of the uk Eurovision songs “ you decide contest” come to the land of the lost and lonely, don’t be afraid...🎼 shame on yoy

Skazi25 - Reminiscing moments with this track 😉

Love his voice.

truth teller 565 - No no no

This should not be above lose you to love me - Selena Gomez. Everyone go and buy that masterpiece instead of this trash


No one likes this trash

sophie ae - Memories

It’s brilliant song x

fam its me - I like the tune x

Cool song like the tune

Antony Box - WOW DA BOMB 💣♥️

Fantastic song, I feel euphoric when listening to this song - beautifully sung and simple/catchy..! I’m floating on white fluffy clouds ☁️😊

milachip - Just Wow!!!

They just get better and better!!!

Moll moon - Love this song ❤️❤️

This song mane feel happy and sad but the melody is so beautiful and it has a really beautiful message that even though people may be gone we shall not ever forget them

Al Sanya - Too catchy!

Can’t put the song down!!!

eusgdvd - I’ll be having memories of this a year later!



Reason why classical music is simply timeless- over 300 years later and Pachelbel Canon is played as a pop song. Amazing. This is why classical music is the basis of all music! 🎶

did you send the number - Gross

Ew, delete

CJ loves tattoos - Beautiful

Love this

Shining solar star - Love love love 💕

Love this 💞

Mouse^£ - FAB


9619samo - Too high school grad party

This song's pace is too slow. It's kind of feels out of place, going into the 2020s decade. It sounds like some chill song that gets played a high school graducation party. Definely not worth being a promo single.

1ugh - Good

This is a lovely song this is a number one song and 8t has a meaning and I’m sorry for the loss but amazing song 😉😌

Unknown097 - Amazing


Jfbegevac - Amazing

Best song ever

Maverick-John - This is honestly one of the best songs.

I am pretty picky with my songs and tend to listen to older music but this is an instant hit for me. So much that I’m practicing the lyrics to this beautiful song

mumofzak - Love it

I cant stop lising to it i love IT!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hayden Burke - Trash

Enough said.

murder2themind - Not bad.

I’d rather have this number one than Dance Monkey. This has some form of meaning than the song mentioned. Let’s hope this band keeps getting better.

pettlem - Awesome

One of my favourite songs

RefinedArts - They are so boring

One good album and then a quick slide downhill

Rachel Quarrell - Awesome

Very,very catchy.Love it.

Jinkies22 - 💕💕💕

Love this. Very good song it reminds me of someone very special to me. Thx for making this from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️

mr melon man - Damn

Maroon 5 more like Adam Levine

fruitloverxxxxx - Please stop

I know ur better songs are In there, let them out

Starky's missus - Amazing

Great song can’t stop listening to it 😍

Iron Addict 41 - I love you man

LOVE LOVE your songs the more albums the better 💖💓💖💓💖💓💖💓

JA.Ilton - Péssima!

Esperava algo melhor por ser o Maroon 5. Mas tá bem horrível. Consegue ser pior até do que o show deles no super bowl.

lifetimedesignrio - 🥰


Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



@shadow_twts: Now we have Yoongi's first tweet! These memories are making me soft.... #ThankYouYoongi @BTS_twt


@massyu11031014: 本に書いてある英語を読み取ってみたよ。 LOVE GIVES ME POWER(真澄) MEMORIES OF DANDELIONS(綴) KEEP A SPIRIT of ADVENTUR(至) NOW I CAN'T BE 〜(シトロ…


Flashback to when times were amazing for me 🤗 can’t wait for more memories to come . #vacation…


@princeyooki: 200127 1:26am KST "Without regrets, I only want to leave warm memories with monbebe of our times together. Thank you for…


@CHAP_OF_STEEL: I have fond memories of Rolf's Cartoon Lube.


【STG】寝る前ワンコイン RefRain~prism memories~ / ニコ生配信中


Your Own Memories and History


...... All of these trophies, medals and awards are going DIRECTLY to the trash can... cuz I'm moving so... if u gu…


@realmadriden: 🏆 Champions League triumphs 🏟 First day at the Bernabéu 👕 Famous shirts and memories 💭 @raphaelvarane looks back at his…


@sanchihihii: seeing raghav on stage and his reaction on seeing his sidharth bhai, brought back all the khatron ke khiladi memories!! :’…


“The digital mixed-media self-portrait he created in these spaces is, in many ways, the real him, rather than whate…


@shadow_twts: Now we have Yoongi's first tweet! These memories are making me soft.... #ThankYouYoongi @BTS_twt


@2bascocrew: #2bascoUNLOCK 💙 The approved project for the NYC stop is being run by a group of Chinese STAY~ (@/SKZLostnFound) Our banne…


@shadow_twts: Now we have Yoongi's first tweet! These memories are making me soft.... #ThankYouYoongi @BTS_twt


hoping above all that the boys have fun and make amazing memories for themselves tonight no matter what 🥰

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