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"You Should Be Sad" (stylized in sentence case) is a song by American singer Halsey. It was released on January 10, 2020 through Capitol Records as the sixth single from her third studio album, Manic (2020). Download Halsey - You should be sad MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. You should be sad MP3 file uploaded on November 8th, 2019.

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Halsey - You should be sad MP3 Comments & Reviews

Sarah I🥀 - Amazing!

I’ve been a fan of Halsey since day one. First time I heard her I instantly fell in love I was like wow😍I can tell she’s grown so much from room 93 to badlands to hopeless fountain kingdom and now to manic. She has incredible talent and she’s a strong woman. I love her, she’s my favorite artist and always will be. Vocals are insane along with everything else.

Mic-Check - Why?

Why would you blantantly promote being bipolar or manic like its some badge of honor?! You’re giving a scary impression to young ppl. Stop using mental health as a point for selling albums. Because it didn’t make yours much better. The whole project was stale start to finish.

elias loves gaga - manic review

it’s actually very good. in my opinion i think this album is a personal album she wrote it’s not badlands or hfk it’s just personal. halsey worked very hard on this album and i know that for a fact. my favorites are... you should be sad, ashley, 929 just all the songs 10/10 highly recommend buying or listening to this album manic

Farah A-C - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Halsey is such a beautiful, amazing, talented, mind blowing artist and I love her with all my heart! Her music has helped and continues to help hundreds of thousands of people if not millions around the world in so many ways on a daily basis and I’m proud of everything she has done for herself! Manic is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my love, Ashley! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

lolthisisit - More and forever

For Halsey, I think that this song was a great idea. It shows how she’s very talented in everything!!!❤️❤️❤️

a334626478364839099388;$;88 - Speechless

Literally my favorite song ever!!👍👍👍😁😁 Dis is FYAH 🔥🔥

Not.Colin - Amazing

Ummm yes hi, amazing

AnGeL202102_ - Beautiful

This album is so beautiful and I love Ashley so much, so so much; this is so personal.


All the songs (except Graveyard) are boring and meaningless trash. Also, I only came here for BTS, not Halsey.

Basketdog99 - Perfecto

Don’t sleep on it. Love it

Kkshk - Updated review.

This is an updated review after listening to the entire album... I have been a fan of hers since badlands and wow is all I can say really.... it is probably her most rawest album ever. Beautiful album! It takes a few listens and then it’s like omg... It’s also different than her first two no doubt and is cause this is from Ashley... the lyrics are on par no doubt but there are only a few upbeat tracks. I guess I’m just use to her alternative badlands kind of sound... as this album tends to have a bit more of a pop sound I feel like she has transitioned to pop. Still this is as Ashley not Halsey. But hoping for the next album to be Halsey (not that I didn’t enjoy this one or the Ashley sound. But I like the Halsey sound better if that makes sense?) anyways totally tangent but it’s a solid album and she’s truly a poet! :)

Craigbattle3 - Halsey can do so much better!

She's straying away from her sound to become really generic. Definitely not her best album.

MLSRHS - Love it

Love it

Firefly1967 - Hair Salon Music

Music that would be playing in the background at the Hair Cuttery. But hey, the focus groups like it.

ReganWood - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Love Halsey!

lolkjhgfdsa - Trash


meganinflames - her best album yet


Team_Unicorn24 - HER BEST WORK SO FAR!

i know some of you wanted an angry album, but we are served with more of a personal and more detailed piece of work. I wish she released her single tracks more spaced to grab people’s attention and get them hyped about it, but overall i’m happy with this album. I’m so excited to see her on tour and see what she can serve after the HFK World Tour. CONGRATS ASHLEY ON THE NEW ALBUM!

GiGi hehehe - LOVE


Mildpepperdog - Favorite artist/writer/performer

So comforting and exhilarating listening to something as real as this album.

OscarM12 - So many emotions

This album brought me to tears, to feel so many things and to have important self reflecting conversations with myself. Thank you Halsey.

lorenzo moss - It was ok

She could have made the songs a bit different from each other.

Lake Indiana Jones - Amazing! 😭😭


tsi123 - 💩

Does this chick ever stop whining?

musiclover938 - Manic: Review

I think the best album of 2020 so far, there were a few songs that felt like they didn’t belong or just were random like the interludes. However, overall the album was pretty good. Good job halsey :)

Kapalua Man - Not very good

Not Halsey’s best work. I think she got carried away with trying different types of music. Graveyard is by far the best song, the rest of the album is not very good quite boring. Halsey is awesome but the album is poor.

: 4004 : - Cuuuute

It’s actuallygood

T97473 - Good


DrewO_11 - Ashley

We finally met her

jaelyncristabel - Beautiful

I’m in love with this album! She did amazing!

Támar - Love this project

All I can say is thank you for this album, it’s meant to be listened to from start to finish! Personal favorites - Clementine - Graveyard - I HATE EVERYBODY - Still Learning

Babyyyyylizz - Beautiful.

So real, raw, and pure art. Each song is meaningful and beautiful. People grow and change all the time so yes, this isn’t like badlands, I understand one of my faves too BUT come on people grow musically and in life styles change, you have to change to what you believe is right and this is still so real and true to herself. If you listen how she talks about this album she was truly putting her soul into this. If she was just to do another badlands it would be the same so why not change it up! This will be one of my faves forever. I feel not alone when listening to this.

tildareviews - Excellent!!

If you like Halsey you will love LOVE this album! If you’re new to Halsey listen through twice and you will love LOVE this album! Enjoying this immensely!!

ftskimberly - All the songs sound the same :/ I wish she was as creative as when she started

All the songs sound the same :/ I wish she was as creative as when she started

Booyasmincx - Best Masterpiece Ever!!!!

Omg!! This album is the best! From start to finish, this album is definitely in my top 10!

Riley York - Overrated crap

Go away already. Retire.

Gemini0689 - Trash


Marita Veronica - Amazing!

Congrats to Halsey on new album! My favorite track is Graveyard; the lyrics and the melody are a life saver! I also really love Finally Beautiful Stranger, More, and Still Learning!

Kimmie105 - The queen is back 💕💕💕💕💕

I love Halsey!!! She is a true talent!!!

I❤️the atomics - She’s not alternative

She’s nowhere near alternative tbh

jasmyn. johnson. - Absolutely amazing

I cannot stop playing it, I’ve tried, the emotion and character shown through this is truly art, an entire experience.

Lordoftheringsfanforlife - LOVE IT!

I’ve started to become a Halsey fan over the last year or so, so I was very excited for this to come out. I woke up at 3 in the morning I was so excited. The whole album is amazing!!! I’ve been listening to it nonstop since it’s been released. Absolutely love it! Incredible work Ashley - you should be proud! ❤️

iNeft101 - One of the best albums of 2020!!

At first I didn't like it too much, but then I kept listening and instantly fell in love!! Love the messages!!! 🖤 Edit: stop commenting saying it’s not alternative!

Brehndinn - Disappointed

Was really excited for this album but I was let down. Regret preordering because there’s more songs I dislike than like. Badlands and hfk were so great but this isn’t that good. I understand the message and concept but it just didn’t work out for me.

Anthonybravo - Love it periodt

The people who don’t like are jelly cause they can’t produce fire

MelJK24 - Beautiful

This album is such a work of art. I haven’t stopped listening to it. I love everything Halsey has ever done, but this is my favorite. I have struggled with secondary infertility for years and the song “More” moved me to tears.

dantswesmom - Best raw album ever!

Love all Halsey’s albums but this just feels more personal and relatable. Love the vulnerability she shows in each song! Something to rock out to or to relax To. Great overall!

Olesya☀️ - It’s a magical ❤️


Kelammo - She’s so good!

You can feel the heartbreak & loss, wrapped up in a beautiful package

😙😜😝😚😊😙😝 - Amazing!!

Not an anger album like her song “Nightmare”, but a beautiful album☺️

nat_walker - Manic


BLHFKM - Stunning

That’s it. Stunning.

Sfvfehryjdtyjsryhrstbsrgb - Famboi889

First Halsey Album I’ve ever bought and I’m glad I did. It tells a story ever song and I really like the songs they are raw

Queencassreigns - SHE IS TALENT

Halsey continuously amazes me with her multifaceted voice (she can switch to practically any genre and still make a cohesive album), the power behind not only her voice but the lyrics is absolutely beautiful.

tbh.its.bruce - Ummmm this is technically not my favourite album

I’m kinda confuse with some of the lyrics in most of the song, I’m not gonna name them, takes too much time, but some of the songs on here are okay like without me and others, but most of them are confusing to me, especially some of the instrumentals, but the lyrics are decent and I love the lyrics, but I might need some more time with this album

hesterina - Amazing

such an amazing and personal album,i feel like there is a song for everybody in this album, i was scared that she wouldnt be able to top hfk but she didd!!! a literal queeen!!

mee1228 - Amazing

If you love Halsey’s songs get this!!

Tanners212 - Amazing

You absolutely need this

lilywerthington - Unbelievably amazing

Halsey inspires me so much. She is amazing and this album really shows that she is capable of making a creative album that is art. She will always inspire me with everything she does, I just love her and her music so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hoohgdyjgb - Amazing Album

From start to finish this album will take you through all the emotions

Rachkinzi - queen tingz

10/10 bruh

JoshhSuxx - AMAZING

I love her so much! Every album is incredible

Foundationsofmath30 - Wow

Goosebumps, and tears. This is a beautiful album.

emma.vlaicu - AMAZING


lyydiaaa - Halsey’s best album!

raw and real her best album lyrically and sonically ..pure art! 💓

Splashy fish player26494 - masterpiece

every song is so carefully crafted and flows together with perfection. unlike anything i’ve heard before

analaqnskaka - a masterpiece.

i am failing at expressing my thoughts, i have been following this angel for 7 years and i have been there since barely anybody knew who she was and i am absolutely speechless after listening to this absolute work of art. a masterpiece, without a shadow of a doubt her best album so far. it is so raw, honest, pure and beautiful i have shivers. i don't even have words to describe how i am feeling right now. this woman is the most talented human alive. that's all that i'll say because i am failing at collecting my thoughts properly. #ManicIsHere and wow Halsey thank you for sharing this absolute dream with us. you're the soundtrack to my life. forever. 🎀🖤

JennyferCorneau - Manic

This album is perfect from start to finish. My favorite album of all times.

nessabiebez - Can I give it 1000?

As a Halsey fan since before Badlands... this album has topped everything she has ever done. She opened up her chest and opened up her heart and poured it out for us all to hear. From heart wrenching lyrics, to gorgeous production, to sounds that emulate rising heartbeats & ultrasounds from inside a womb.. this woman has put everything she has into this album and you can feel it. It’s nice to meet you, Ashley ✨

KSP18 - Amazing Album.

This is probably her best body of work she’s put out. I’ve been a fan since Room 93 with each album/project she puts out, she experiments with different sounds and continues to show growth. I’m interested in what the future holds for her! 3am, More, Still Learning & 929 are my favourites. Definitely listen to this album in it’s entirety!!!

Asher286 - Astounding

The effort halsey puts into each and every second of her work is just incredible.

angel929 - THE BEST

Waited two years for this album and I couldn’t be happier. Halsey brings her authentic self which is beautiful to listen to.♥️

Bonchicken24 - A masterpiece

I love all the different sounds in this album, let’s be real Halsey’s voice is so magical here, I connect to her music so much.

mking0076 - Talent work

Wasn’t a fan of you for while until I Hurd strangers ...fell in love with it then I did some research on ya and listen to other albums then I realized you are amazing and say what’s really going on in this world ...every song on this album you put out so far as touch me so many ways keep doing what your good at thank you for making me realize I should speak up more and come a stronger person ...can’t wait for this album gonna be the best one for 2020 !!


Nice fresh pop.❤️

yaymovies - Whoa


ptitegen - Manic

Wow. C’est tellement différent de Badlands, mais tellement bon. QUEEN 💙

03712 - !!!

Super excited to see what the album sounds like as a whole since I really enjoyed the singles :)

Laurie1976 - Purchased

Apple, why tell me I have purchased songs through preorder, message me and tell me it’s available and then I can’t download those songs?

Awogirl - Halsey

Way to excited. One month to go

ttaylinn - wow that’s all i gotta say

i cri this is beautiful

Tonya Ann Khloé - Halsey’s Millionth Fan :P

Can’t wait for Halsey to release this album!

Ineedabetternamee - Can't wait 😍

I've been dying for new music. This is going to be amazing.

Daniel Burbull - Story telling at its finest

Halsey is incredible in the fact that her music tells a story and this album is no different, needs to be listened to from start to finish at least a couple of playthroughs to see the story play out. Can't wait for the London leg of the Manic tour.

Dappy4949 - Dappy49


Blutoon - One word CRAP

Modern day garbage no beat, no rhythm and no heart. I wouldn’t pay a penny for this. I would have given it less if it was possible

uvx_ldr - Her masterpiece

This is an incredibly bleak but beautifully written album. Brilliant from beginning to end

did you send the number - Impressive

Could be great with better production

Chikkin nuggit - Incredible Album

so amazing, every single song is so incredible and meaningful. absolutely amazing 🤍

Scottiesimp - Pretty good

Enjoyed this album. There’s a few really good tracks !

Not as bad as I thought - Masterpiece

Cohesive magical masterpiece*

Lol. Llamacorn - Why can’t I listen? 🥺🥺

The songs are all great but I had to listen to most of them on YouTube as they’re not available in my region?? Please fix this Apple as I have paid for the tracks but can’t access them. 🥺

NewbieFitness - Definitely a grower

Wasn’t too sure about this album to start with, but the more I’ve listened to it, the better it gets!

#nottoday - Thank you Ashley

Is like I’ve opened up Halsey‘s personal diary and I couldn’t have been more proud of her for sharing it so beautifully with the world.

Complicated Torren - THANK GOD 🥳

Her best album yet and I love her others (especially badlands) but this is perfect! I love how the others are all so consistent with themes throughout so the whole album feels like one long song and you can listen easily start to finish but I love how she’s now got so much more variety in this too (pop rock, hip hop, country, ballads, etc.) that I never really thought she had before or at least not like this!!!!! Would recommend to anyone, especially 3am (best track, sounds like an early Avril Lavigne song) and Alanis’ interlude (amazing duet) but also I HATE EVERYBODY, Graveyard, you should be sad, still learning are incredible!!!!

Morton60 - Instant 5

No Explanation Halsey Is Just A Queen

Saftaf - THE BEST

this is her best album so far. it’s raw, emotional & so pure & so so so magical... we really get to know ashley through the songs & they all blend and fit so well together. this makes me really excited for tour!! i can’t wait!

oliver273838382 - Worth the wait

Amazing album soooo much emotion

aliray - Worth the wait

Firstly, why are people ‘reviewing’ any album before it’s released and it’s been listened to? Hmmm... Anyway, Halsey’s third album has been worth the wait, I reckon. There’s an intimacy about it that takes you into Ashley’s psyche and it paints a vulnerable picture. It’s really quite beautiful.

EmilyComp - So good!

Been a fan since the start and she never lets us down. Amazing!

Unknown01773636 - OHMYGOD

Amazing!! So proud! Congrats Halsey we love it!

Jacksepticeyelover - GIVE IT A CHANCE!

this album is purely from the artist, the feelings are strong and the messages are clear. Halsey put a lot of love, effort and creativity into this beautiful piece of art. For me personally my favourite song is 3am so far... lots of love! I can’t wait to see this album performed live ahhhh!!!!!!🧚‍♀️💗💓💞💕

Ryan 333 - Halsey

very good album on par with her other 2

Bradlyly - Pop trash

There’s a couple songs I love but the rest are reiterated pop trash

kiahhq - This woman is so talented !

A masterpiece

dragonfruityy - Love It!

Her best work to date!

Randomers123 - successful comeback.

i’ve always been a Halsey fan, yet this album has converted my family, whom didn’t like halsey to fans. Yet i’ve seen a review saying the album art is hideous; they can leave thanks xoxo

Brandonhogg992001 - 3am !!!

We have to stan. Best album yet? 👀

Kendo shushed - Best album so far ❤️

This album is honestly halseys best piece of work with almost every genre of music you could think of and her slaying them all 🔥

IAmJustAnAnonymousUser - Wow...

Been listening to this girl since 2015 and I must say... Halsey's back and better than ever. What a masterpiece!😍


This album is a MASTERPIECE 🔥

Minecraft4Evr - Halsey Manic Album

Absolutely stunning. Truly loved it. ❤️

QuinnLevi - her best album yet

listen to this in order from start to finish. literally the most beautiful thing halsey could have ever created. an amazing split between ‘halsey’ and ‘ashley’ which gives us an insight into who both people are and how she balances (or tries her best to balance) both people. a masterpiece honestly.

Millss_x - MY NEW FAVOURITE ALBUM!! ❤️❤️

Halsey has done it again, letting us see Ashley this time. The amount of emotion in this one album!!!

elolerigolo - pure beauty

this is just beautiful

jezelxoxoxo - Holy Goose bumps

I mean damn she did that

tori-g - buy and stream manic

buy and stream manic

nat290703 - deserves a Grammy

this album is perfection 🥰 you should be sad is such a bop!

Skunkpop - Gross cover

Absolutely hideous cover picture

tabbycat1973 - Yes Manic Is Finally Getting Closer! 😊

Now I Have To Admit I Only Started To Like Halsey’s Music When She Released, Without Me, Nightmare & Graveyard, And Since Then I’ve Really Liked Her New Music Especially When Finally//Beautiful Strangers Came Out! Which Was Of Course Today, Even Though I Think That She Was Supposed To Really You Should Be Sad First Before Anything But Instead She Treated Us To, 2 Amazing Songs. Anyway I Still Do Have A Question Though, Where’s Nightmare? & Two: Why Are Some Of The Songs So Short. Anyway I Think That This Album Will Be Amazing And Good Luck! Touring Halsey. 😊👍😊

A_n_O_n_Y_m_O_u_S_yAaAaY - Best album ever!!

Halsey is just amazing 💖💞

selenkag - HALSEY IS BACK

Super excited!

nickname is selenator baby - Halsey!!

I love Halsey so much, I’ve been a fan since ghost came out and I can’t wait for the rest of the album I know its going to be great!!

lydiaa b - 💕

she’s amazing!!

An average girl - FAB U LOUSSSSS

me loves

Nic-C-T - 👍👍👍👍


Anxiety! At The Coffee Shop - Ew

Just like racist shampoo

RJSK13 - Nightmare?

Where is Nightmare i.e. Halsey’s greatest track?

Bailee1990 - Yes finally!


Cupcake master maker - 110/10

this is her year. she deserves so much success💓💓

Bonnie 777 - Amazing

Never disappointed with a Halsey album!

Sarinaxo - A masterpiece - This is Art.

Cant stop listening .... every single day. A masterpiece. Pure Perfection. So much heart. Self reflection. Raw honesty. Vulnerability. REAL.

killingbois - pure art

this album is dripping with ashley’s soul that she poured into every ounce of this album

Floydie92 - Manic Mania

Halsey’s sound is ever changing, but still manages to remain unapologetically Halsey. Does she have the most groundbreaking voice in the industry? Nope. But does she know how to use it? Absolutely! Just when you thought there wasn’t much more to her, she then lets you in for a glimpse of what goes through her head; behind the production of the music is a rawness and vulnerability, of which a lot of songwriters don’t reveal until much later into their careers. I was a fan from the beginning, and just when Halsey was losing me with collaborative songs like ‘Closer’ and ‘Eastside’ (not a fan, sorry), she reeled me back in and reminded me how much she stands out on her own. I love this album the most out of hers so far.

Mario95832 - Great vocals

Much better than expected

rurplen - absolutely stunning

her best album yet

RobboC - Very poor!!

Overacted performer. Music boring....get some talent

ADeMaine - Okay.

Liked about two songs. Exciting now, but will it stand the test of time. Guess we’ll see. Wouldn’t listen to it too often. Wasn’t very impressed.


I LOVE YOU ASHLEY & HALSEY!!!! So much talent!! Have this album on repeat and i cant stop listening. Every song is unique and she is truly a talented soul. Keep going you gorgeous human. I cant wait for even more songs and to see you perform again in Australia!! 💜💜💜 lots of endless love 💜💜💜💜

Webby 33 - Album to remember!

Just Awesome!

Saladismydad - frick

forever is a long time is 10/10

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjv - Excited to listen

Halsey Deserves Grammys

clairemillxx - Beautiful but also...boring :|

I’ve loved Halsey’s previous albums. Like LOVED! And while I know this was her most personal album yet, I still found the music itself to be pretty boring. The lyrics have been beautiful but I wish it wasn’t the same slow boring melody. Nightmare was AMAZING and I’m disappointed there wasn’t more rock or even pop, like her previous albums, on Manic. I miss the excitement of Badlands or HFK. Sorry, Ashley!

Maddiekate16 - 3AM 😍

Raw, honest and amazing

TK71098 - The Bomb

Great Tunes by Halsey


The soundtrack my soul needed to breakdown and heal all over again 🥺❤️

ab08bcb942 - h3

Why is every album of hers getting better and better?!

Nikkithickky - Best Album

Best Album

dalli-kayee - Soul touching

Manic. Many words to describe this album but to keep it short. As expected Halsey has taken me back. The different genres compacted into 16 tracks. Voice as pure, raw and touching as ever. These songs climb into her mind and her tone shows how personal each song is. Three albums and she’s found her voice. This album deserves so much attention and recognition, if this was Halseys last album I would be more than satisfied… ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Holly.Skkle - Diff for Halsey but LOVE

At first I thought these are really slow and different for Halsey but the more I listen the more I adore and love every fkn song ♥️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

dclxvii - Beautiful

Wrote a review for the clean version but my review still stands: Halsey has experimented with a sound different when it comes to certain songs and there is nothing wrong with that. Her range of emotion still drives in the music and the interludes are all wonderful. This album feels refreshing and it feels good to see Halsey has delivered once again.

Julietbieber - Speechless

I don’t have any words to describe how much of an incredible experience it was to listen to this album for the first time. Ashley, this album is beautiful! So proud of you and thank you!!

quynh-an - <3

a masterpiece

@iovemefranta - !


katedey - BEST ALBUM!!

best album ever. the lyrical masterpiece that is manic. every chord every lyric is perfect. what’s even more perfect the diverse sounds and instruments and collaborations.

fruitloverxxxxx - Graveyard !!! 👌👍

Why is graveyard not getting SOO much recognition 💚👏❤️🌈

nicki65😘 - OMG

The songs r awesome

daisy Marguerite - jskgfffgkkksshjgjjkjh

cant believe that we’re now bout to enter the new era yeahhhhhhhhh 🦋 her voice is my remedy

jaymieeleigh_ - 💙💙💙

breathtakingly beautiful

MelJordan13 - 😍

I love you Halsey

1ugh - Great

I really like these songs , I’m loving it

El Benji - Garbage

Lyrics written by a 6yr dyslexic gerbil

Bec1970 - Where is nightmare?

Great singles. Can’t wait!

🍌💜🐤👼👎🎍🍋😘😅 - MANIC!


@_saviog - Eu olhei pra cara dela e disse ARTISTA

A coesão saiu do celular é seu três tapas na minha cara.

Fallanes - Ótimo

Um clássico.E bem íntimo!

Ligais - the best one yet

so personal and beautiful. a masterpiece. thank you for sharing it with us ashley!

H. Halfeld - Sucesso de crítica

Álbum bem pessoal e profundo da Halsey. Obrigado por nos trazer o ritmo PopRock de voltana faixa 3 A.M, abandonado pela indústria desde 2012... e a perfeição da faixa “Still Learning”. Sem palavras. Além das outras faixas já conhecidas que são ótimas.

gxdrud - da pra escutar todos os defeitos que o álbum não tem

nossa halsey mas com vc é tudo na base do talento, aclamação, legado e hits marcantes. mas falando sério agora, esse álbum foi muito pessoal e todas as músicas foram muito bem construídas, obrigada por tudo halsey.

Lillo Bernardo - Impecável

Amando cada música! Um álbum lindo e com músicas perfeitas 💕

storminmilk - aclamação

totalmente aclamado

jaacqs - Amo

Bíblia sonora

maaauh - Álbum tá incrível

Nunca decepciona

heeeeeeltonrochaaaaaaaaa - HALSEY

Está tudo perfeito. Parabéns pelo trabalho!

lulu99009988 - Perfect

Best of her yet

viviandarkblooms - melhor álbum dela sem dúvidas




LaraBarrosHSC - Masterpiece

As usual

ladannnn - kk


ruds_202 - incredible

Such an amazing record so far

vitinhø - Maravilhosa


flavimarq - Queria um badlands 2.0 😔

Vem dar oq as b1ch0n4s qrem ashley

mateussjc13 - perfect

i love u halsey because you is my life 💕

capirota122 - Linda sem defeitos

Maravilhoso nem escutei e já considero hino

RubyHitomi - 0 DEFEITOS

nem saiu mas eu já amei

Veck Gonzales - Perfeito

Primeiro a gente da 5 estrelas depois ouve. Só não entendi o motivo de “Nightmare” ter ficado de fora do álbum. Você tá fazendo um jogo com a gente Halsey?


Por favor inclua NIGHTMARE nesse álbum maravilhoso

ab lopes - Artista!

Tão orgulhosa do meu nenem!

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



Halsey - You Should Be Sad


@PhoebeShafinaz: Why should you care about someone who doesn’t care about you? Why should you be sad over someone who doesn’t feel bad a…


30. you should be sad by halsey


@happyshuhua: hi neverland! i hope that everyone is doing good today! in wake of recent events i think that everyone should know it is o…


@WWEUniverse @RonKillings Next year's rumble should be a 40 man you got NXT and NXTUK a lot of my favs didn't mak…


@BTStoTheWorld: You should’ve minded your business like your bio says. Wouldn’t it be sad losing 10.1k followers @PatrikSandberg https:/…


@RealLouisa: I’m actually really sad today because I admire Kobe Bryant and he was taken from us senselessly. I don’t think Staples Cent…


@TommieeTee: LEAVING AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD would hurt anybody & that should be the plan before YOU DIE ! He was a LEGEND‼️ Job well don…


@looyasmin: If someone walk away from u, just be grateful & thankful. You don't need to feel down & sad. Stop thinking about this, u sho…


@looyasmin: If someone walk away from u, just be grateful & thankful. You don't need to feel down & sad. Stop thinking about this, u sho…


@BTStoTheWorld: You should’ve minded your business like your bio says. Wouldn’t it be sad losing 10.1k followers @PatrikSandberg https:/…


@DanaBrigoli: It’s okay to be upset, to cry, and to be sad if your favorite stan artist didn’t win the award they deserve. You know, tak…


I’m actually really sad today because I admire Kobe Bryant and he was taken from us senselessly. I don’t think Stap…


@TMZ You guys are pieces of shit , and cant let the police break sad news of a husband and daughter who passed!! Yo…


@BTStoTheWorld: You should’ve minded your business like your bio says. Wouldn’t it be sad losing 10.1k followers @PatrikSandberg https:/…

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Halsey, album Manic, song You should be sad, released date 08 November 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to You should be sad - Halsey mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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