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DaBaby - BOP MP3 Comments & Reviews

TraceyJones1 - Classic

Still jamming to this!🔥🔥🔥



jaelyn hall - Good

I like it

imurdaddy yt - I love u

My whole playlist is only him And he made this album on my birthday 🎁

hot peper jaz - Great

These songs are ok I like some better than others. You should see him freestyle on xxl he is really good Dababy should freestyle more( This xxl is on YouTube and it is on freshman xxl. )

z13986547321 - Stop hating

This album and any other DaBaby album are great

statsimple69 - Well, its the best of the worst.

It could have been great.

Nekro_Ed - This is garbage....

There isn’t enough pity in this universe that can be directed to those that find any “artistic merit” in whatever this is.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie - Give Camila one star

So I have to give Dababy Five Star straight!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🥰

LeviClarkTheRapper - nice!

this is actually pretty good!

Landonman - 👶🏻 Baby

Hellen Keller



:/ idk bro - Ok...

There are some good songs but the others i would expect more from DaBaby

hujanis - Trash

Funny how people actually like hearing da baby his flow on every song is the same no creativity whatsoever... we need someone to save the rap game😤

.Tee84. - 🧐🤔


Nickname!!!!djdjxjxxjvhx - Fire 🔥

Yk he’s a real one

jkbcv - Repetitive songs.

Everything sounds the same, the flows are the same and the lyrics aren’t all that. He’s done better work before. But this is not the project. Will not be adding this to my playlist

dfiolbxs - BOP is flame


Shaggy21blanco - Nice album but Nicki was not needed

Nicki voice is very annoying and her flow is boring and really don’t be talking bout nothing you could have found any underground female artist to do the job effectively

Jamyous - 🗑


UnsubTseriez - Majority of songs catchy

Vibez has amazing instrumental Lots of good features Toes and bop real good

11Lennixsr - On Ganng


jack marsh has big peen - Love the album

Personally this is heat

Johnson.Creed.Goat - Yes sir

Yes sir

Jeff Gradtune - Yesirrrr

All these songs is great

Corrbin - Wanted more

And I didn’t get it. Not the way.


In a heavily saturated 2019 filled with crap autotune sing-rap, this dude is the answer. I’m from a different era of hip/hop & rap and I say DaBaby is the best to show out in quite sometime.

TheNewKid:) - Trash


joni quartz - Good music

Most songs have very meaningful lyrics, especially iPHONE and that Nicki verse😩😩

CJG3031 - 🔥

DaBaby much love man keep blowing up!

whyarealltheisernamestaken1234 - This go hard

Hottest rapper out right now I’ve never had someone’s whole album on my Playlist this slaps

Carson Bruno - Baby on baby

This album is so lyrically well written and the beats are amazing. Great album over all.

JakeWhoDatDale - Don’t h8


ITSC.WOODS - Sound like a gimmick Rapper

Waste of money

cp3mon - Not good

Every song the same lol

b5$ - Not good

not good

Dr Brogden - Took a few times of listening it grew on me! I love it

Great body of work

JL_Heat - Nothing New

He uses the same exact flow in every song

Brady Horner - 🔥🔥🔥🔥❌🧢


TAYYY💜❤️ - 💥yeaa

I like it it crank 🤷🏾‍♀️

wakanda gob - AMAZING

This is an masterpiece

ShayD. - Baby On Baby

I N T R O🎯🎯 I love this !



DenzelCurryTakesAnLEveryDay - Well...

Some of the flows are decent, but most of the lyrics are problematic. The same old music about eating p***y, thots, his d**k, sex in a way that makes sex seem cheap and disgusting, I blame the Lil Wayne generation. Nobody cares about your d**k, I thought everyone knew that?

jessmiceter - Hot 🔥🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Just cause it’s Da Baby and his bars show creative talent and then endorsed by the queen no questions here #iphone

PROraterofmusic - 🔥🔥

Better than baby on baby!

xxxdababy - Baby

All these people saying it’s trash but most off them have no talent

Mamashebo - DaBaby DaBarbie

Cohesive and consistent. People have gotten complacent because they’ve been tricked by mediocrity & mumble rappers saying nothing just beats. The versatility of this album is what Hip Hop needed. It gave me bars, word play, punchlines, cadence, flow switches, entendres, rhyme scheme, delivery. This was a great album. DaBaby is a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop & the rap game.

Dark Sssnake - Wah wah wah

This 1 lit too shiiiit🔥🔥🔥🔥🧨🧨🧨

drose125sti - All songs sound the same

It‘a aight not too bad

🦈🧩🍪 - It’s ok

Keeps hitting trending a on the leaderboard I looks at leaderboard Trending Blueberry faygo High fashion Vibez Toes Sugar THOT I memorized it omg 😱 I scared myself

bholwal - ⚡️🔥

best album

Kane Lazore - 💵💵

The King and Queen 🤙🏾 only the queen can have a verse this special🐐

2335681385 - best album of 2019


boobienose - Mad


hesus0001 - 🔥🔥

That was just a typoooo

moe710 - Goin HAM!

This is it chief🌊

%#*@ - 🔥🔥🔥

This album is amazing keep it up dababy

Kmmhj - 🔥


RealDamo! - Not feeling it

How dare he compare this mixtape like album to Tha Carter 3. Smh

the guy joe - 😞

Overrated album only one good song which is bop

Kai whitehead - MAD‼️

There isn’t a bad song on this album🤷🏻‍♂️

louistaylorr - Dababy & Nicki snapped


Fazbear87 - FIRE

Only heard a few songs. But IPHone is STRAIGHT FIRE FOR RAP FANS

J Gizzle. - J-Grizzle

Excited for this, number one ☝🏾 album probably!! Fiyah!! 🔥.

CurtainSofas - BABY ON BABY

Just know he’s bout to show up on this one🔥🔥🔥

1st_kingdizzy - Kirk 💕

That’s not your baby that’s my baby😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

Just.Marks - Kirk

Great album! Keep them coming 😉

bannnaza - Awesome and touching

Keep making songs 💯💯👌👌🙌🌍

larissacorina - Só hinoos


Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Cabelo Cacheado - Dababy

Aff que obra de arte 🙅🏿‍♂️🤧


@icloudbts: It took me 3 hours to do this bc I was listening to the song while I am editing and the song is such a bop it’s distracting…


@AlagzMehmet BOP un şartları böyle.. Yoksa padişahımızın mal varlığını ortaya çıkarırlar..


@prince__danik: K-Pop really have no idea what kind of BOP they're missing out #강다니엘 #K…


Lol so this dude and I collaborated for a huge bay legend artist for his upcoming EP. Negotiated pay & terms, signe…


Black widow finally getting the respect she deserve so her and morbius trailer had vulture in it so I wanna see wha…


@SerieTV46 Queens Gfriend💕💕💕 I am so exicted to ear this bop. #回_LABYRINTH #GFRIEND #GFRIENDComeback


@DCFilmsSquadcst: 🆕EPISODE🆕 Fabulously Flawed Just Like Men! #Joker #BOP #TheBatman #Crisis #DCEU …


Controversial opinion, but Hail the Nightmare from Bloodborne is a serious bop. Twerkin' it to the Yahar'gul Choir


@winkkoo: yall there’s a tradition/ festival here in my country and look at the concept of their Sto. Niño 😭


beep bop boop, I will kick.


@cscoopDUH bop it twist it pull it hammer it


@dreamyonce3478 on every tour setlist cuz it’s an absolute bop!


Hah kalau mereka bop juga gue tau kali


@macaronvivi: so what is going to be a certified BOP! david anthony and anna timgren have made some of the best songs ever, and anna tim…


“ I need me sum head wit sum bop in ittt “😭😭😭

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