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WMS59 - One of those.....

This is an album that you need to listen to several times before you will fully appreciate it (much like ghost stories). It is definitely not pop. It is very different than past albums and demonstrates Coldplay’s ability to evolve. Chris Martin said that if they do another album it will be different and it is. This is what self actualization sounds like. After some time away from this I re-listened along with the videos. As a result I increased my rating. Brilliant album especially in this post covid age.

Swallace1945 - Every band has bad album

Like title says, this happens to every band. I truly do not care for one single track on this album, that is all I am going to say, still a fan obviously but this is not for me at all.

mikrokosmosbangtan - Eh

Kind of hate the explicit lyrics in some of the songs like it’s hard to listen to. It’s not the cool version it’s just angry

Jennylynne_44 - Disappointing

I’ve always looked forward a new album to come out by Coldplay. I love their style, love their music, but I was very disappointed by their newest album. They should’ve just vacationed, and had fun singing with the natives or whatever they were doing, but shouldn’t have recorded it. It. Is. Terrible.☹️

R2D24601 - You lost my respect...

I’ve loved Coldplay my entire life. I grew up with it and it’s so catchy and fun! I was so excited when I saw you guys came out with a new album. But this new album has EXPLICIT?! Explicit language is just boring and lazy. You guys were unique and special by NOT using language and still sounding amazing. Instead of having a clean version, you should of just started with the clean version to begin with. I’m very disappointed and will not be listening to these songs. They don’t sound like the Coldplay styles I know and love. I hope you correct your mistake in the next album. ☹️☹️

jraaaaa010 - No good

Nobody wants this album and we need our band back. They made amazing albums to make one awful one.

Hope A. - Exquisite

This album is intense, empathetic, somber and soulful. Arabesque is funky, Sunrise is too beautiful for words, and Trouble in Town echoes the horrible reality of navigating life in a world riddled with injustice and hate. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. From Brothers&Sisters to Parachutes to Ghost Stories. Each Coldplay album is a true work of art. Johnny, Will, Guy & Chris, thanks for another awesome album! Much respect from Wisconsin.

Big cat fan - Great and experimental album

Like some other reviewers I've seen on here, I'm honestly quite surprised by the amount of hate this album has received. They've taken music to a whole new level by experimenting with the world, and I for one find that risk worthwhile. Not to mention it reminds me of their older albums, such as Viva La Vida and even going as far back as Parachutes. While it is certainly different from their poppier albums (and I'll admit, I am not a fan of pop), it still holds true to the pop culture. All in all, I'm glad I gave this one a try on Spotify. It was well worth the download.

Celeste Corbeaux - Everyday Life

This is incredible music that transends EVERYTHING!!!!

nonkat23 - New Coldplay album

I bought and downloaded album. All the songs are the same! 6 sunrise songs and 6 sunset songs. Where are the other 14 songs?Apple Music messed up on this one big time! I am a Coldplay fan though. Great traveling music!

DINGO||-// - 👎🏿👎🏿


Accurate reviews.com - This album is a true experience

Let me preface this review by saying that Coldplay is my favorite band. I enjoy songs on ever one of their albums and many off of their albums too. By no means do I blindly approve of everything they come out with because I do not. When I say this is a 5 star album, I really do mean it. It may not entirely be what I’ve come to expect or remember from the band, but I found these to be a net good. Additionally, I assume these differences will live only on this album and perhaps be referenced on later ones. We see two transitional tracks as well as one intro track, similar to Mylo Xyloto. The intro, “Sunrise”, was a beautiful violin piece that gave feelings of waking up, doing your daily routine, shaking off melancholy, and being filled with hope. The other two seemed more of a pallet cleanser. “Church” is a heartfelt song about having someone special in your life. It utilizes many stretched out vocals and a short guitar solo that makes me feel happy every time I hear it. Songs like “Trouble in Town” and “Daddy” add to the experience of the album, bringing our minds to darker places but still leaving in a glimmer of hope that the world can get better. The angry guitar solo in “Trouble in Town” is an amazing thing to hear in juxtaposition to actual police body cam audio of police brutality. Hearing “Broken” after gives me a sense of recovery. Same with “When I Need a Friend.” “Arabesque” on the other hand is a begging for peace and adds new emotion to the album. Its use of improvisational-feeling sax adds to this in a way that is not seen on any other Coldplay album. Unique tracks like “Guns” give more texture to the album overall and show us the range Coldplay, and more specifically Chris can accomplish. I really enjoyed having a more subtle, yet powerful message in “Orphans” immediately after was a neat juxtaposition. Many people complained about this track, though I think it is one of the strongest despite its more pop feel. We finish with “Everyday Life”, a ballad about how we should come together and see the pain in each other as well as what makes everyone special. Ending with the repetition of hallelujah was beautiful and a great way to set the metaphorical sun. With a thought-provoking theme and meaningful features, this album is definitely worth a buy and full listen through from time to time.

Aelzno - 🤩


Soulx77 - Music is expression

Bands change , there sound is full of emotion and energy just not in the way of explosion of joy . Sometimes to understand what you wanna say in music you must look from a different perspective and this one I enjoy a lot .

911spence - New and out of the box

This album is so refreshing. Breaking free from the constraints of formulaic and the forgettable pop song (not that I find any of Coldplay’s songs forgettable or formulaic), Coldplay finds an originality and intimate feel in this offering that is exhilarating. I was reminded of the inspirational feeling I get when creating. I love this music.

Jonny U5 - Coldplay Contiues To Make Amazing Music

I was dissapointed that Coldplay broke up after A Head Full of Dreams. When I read that they reunited for one more album I was excited. Everydaylife does have explict lyrics but, they don't dwell too much on our political state and the other stuff going on. Coldplay does curse if you listen to one of their live albums. So many great tracks and the vocals take me to heaven.

Aung Si Phyo - Cool


persistantghost - Get Real People!

In response to the negative reviews of this album: I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay and will continue to be. Their creativity evolves. I don’t like every song but I don’t have to. I choose which ones I like. Some have a beat, tone and lyrics that speak to me and some don’t. Every band changes over time. Just listen to the Beatles! They went from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Just because they started out one way doesn’t mean they stay that way. This band writes and performs because they love doing it. Their job is NOT to pacify you or to make sure you always love their sound. Get Real People! And go listen to more Coldplay. By the way, if you aren’t moved by the song “Daddy” on this album then you might just be made of Stone.

Mike00332211 - Really

The first album we get in five years and this is what we’re given...

K to the E ven - Didn’t even listen

Yet I know enough to write a review! Yellow was terrible. The band is terrible. The end.

Szar101 - Not their best

Coldplay has beautiful music. This is not typical Coldplay. Sounds like music people in their 20s and 30s will not listen to. I have downloaded music on my phone by them, but I will not do with this album.

a person who likes metal music - DISAPPOINTED

First time ever, too. It never grew on me, such a a shame. Why’d they have to have so many slow songs? And why so short? Stop trying to be Harry Styles, Chris.

Apilato34 - 🤦🏻‍♂️

I’m a HUGE Coldplay and I’m beyond disappointed in this album! This album carries zero weight. Just blah...

Amanda Lochmann - Hot Garbage

Boring and there is a song tittle written in the language that muslim terrorists use.

Fidgit33 - Not good



This is Horrible Cold play has lost their touch.. PLUS THE LANGUAGE & Lyrics is NASTY why have this trash influence your brain.. DON’T Buy

summerstarrynight - Beautiful album

So surprised for all the hate. They are giving us a new sound that I find to be perfection. It is that perfect balance between old and new music. Bands change and evolve. Who are we to stop them? This album is ethereal and beautiful

Bmarkable - Dig IT

I don’t know, I’m kind of liking it. I think it captures a more worldly style, showing Coldplay has matured and expanded out of their U2-esque shadow. Their last couple albums have shown a wider range of their talents. Chris even has changed his vocal style on some of the tracks. This one almost harkens back to the old concept albums from some of the progressive rock masters of the past. Nice efforts here.

Davids7143 - Best album yet!!

I love this album so much! A collective group of songs and music that paint an accurate portrayal of todays world. I can't stop listening to it. I feel this is their best work to date and would highly recommend it. It's one of those albums that should be listened to from beginning to end to get the full experience. It's truly amazing!

BobDaWorm - Change is normal

I see many people here complain about how they feel that Coldplay has changed and they wish that they went back to the “good old days.” All I have to say is that one can’t expect things to be the same all the time. People change, tastes change, times change, and there is no going back. Personally, I love this album. It’s a nice mix of classic and modern music and I enjoy every aspect of it. I like how Coldplay decided to explore something new. I am especially happy that they made another album after 4 years. I missed them and I welcome their music with open arms.

ahmedabas97 - I love it !!!


BillyMedia - Soul searching and humble ❤️

A beautiful description of our current time through lyrics and amazing complex yet mellow production. I would suggest this album to whoever needs to breath of fresh air (and artistic expression of calmness) in these chaotic times. It is a way for me to exhale. Thank you 🙏 guys!

DanielManning - I used to like Coldplay

Bands are allowed to change, of course. They’re people like the rest of us. But I’ve never heard such an uninteresting and offputting collection of songs from a band who also made one of the few albums that doesn’t have a single song that I would skip (X&Y). There’s no joy in their music anymore, and that’s a real bummer.

Sebastian0107 - Mm


_Meli_Mel_07 - Selfless album!

This album Is so fitting for our troubled times today. For a band that Is as big as they are to put themselves aside and create something so diverse touching hearts of many In a troubled society and planet, selfless Is all I can say! This album Is golden and has so many messages throughout! Thank you Coldplay, I feel It!

liamsdad08 - Bomb


Psalms@119i2 - #1

CP rocks!

oldbolt77 - The Best Band in the World releases a masterpiece again!

It’s their best work since Viva La Vida! A true work of art!

tlbaldwin - Struggles to Connect

Coldplay has an eclectic portfolio. Some albums land perfectly with the entire set reaching its audience; others just meander around becoming fairly unforgettable after the couple of singles. Unfortunately, Everyday Life is the most disappointing thing since Ghost Stories. You keep waiting for that song you can connect with, but so many cuts are notably short and don't go anywhere in particular. Of the 16 tracks, about five are hummable and enjoyable, the other are "what the ...?" Random noise, cussing, arguing ... sorry, it doesn't add anyting to the music; it's just offputting. I'll try to enjoy a couple of songs here, but won't take the CD off the shelf except on very rare occasions. A shame; I love the band.

Inspire91 - Where did Coldplay go???

I’m sorry but this new music is not great

Tarinsingapore - Relevant and potent

I connect to this album a lot, and it feels like going home. The album is filled with soul and heart, something we need in the midst of all that’s going on in the Middle East and the world. Thank you for taking a step out and saying what needs to be said ❤️

kpopisthebest - LITERALLY AMAZING💜💜💜


Connor in bama - Great

Amazing album, great tracks!

Baaz914 - Largely Rubbish

It seems as if the bubblegum moniker has gotten to the lads and they set out to make an album that would land some critical acclaim while retaining their fan base. Sadly, this album will likely do neither. While the lead track lends some hope to the fan base, such hope is quickly distinguished upon pressing play to this disjointed mess.

NinjaZenMaster - OK, not the best

This is an OK Coldplay album. Not one of their best. Sill good to put into the playlist. but def doesn't have that Coldplay "wow" factor we have come to expect.

B Johnson in MN - Good for all!

Beautifully crafted. Thank you for pushing boundaries musically and being thoughtful bringing your platform to the masses. Love the band! It’s good for all. Can’t wait to see if they tour soon!!!

Kako90 - Haters Can Get Outta Here!!!!!

Just Because It’s Political And Pop Music Doesn’t Mean It Deserves, Don’t Listen to the haters, this album is a great album and it might my new favorite album since Viva La Vida

krassvetson - Not bad!

It's definitely different from what I was expecting from them, but it wasn't necessarily bad! (I am having issue with it showing up in my music app with all the songs having the same name though..even tried redownloading it all & still doing it. Please fix!)

amclemore83 - Stop Following Society

You have been such an inspirational and inspiring band since the beginning with such creativity and emotions expressed into every song. Hands down have been my favorite band and I have stood by you guys. I believe change is great but, this album seemed rushed and lacks creativity. Also, why would you feel it was necessary to add explicit language into your craftsmanship of work and style?? Young teens who want to follow by good example from your band, this shows lack of good leadership through expressing the bands music. I strongly feel this could have been entirely left out of this album as it does not add any good elements and just shows laziness of creativity of words. Much respect to you guys but, if this continues I will have to search elsewhere for a new band that does not have to follow society but rather express personal growth and self expressions. This is not your best work but, I do enjoy a few of the songs on this album. Hope you guys listen to your fans and show us why we followed you in the first place and supported you through these years. Thank you ❤️

BullisCS - I Miss Coldplay

I wish Chris Martin was right when he said “A Head Full Of Dreams” was Coldplay’s last album. Instead we got a few good songs surrounded by music that could put a cocaine addict to sleep. Very unhappy and hope the band comes to their senses.

Nick the Pianist - Emotion

Each song tells a story, especially “Orphans”, it is a beautiful new sound, organic, dense, and fulfilling. That’s why this is my favourite song to listen to when biking at dusk or dawn, because the sunrise or sunset blends perfectly with the song, it’s hard to explain because there are no words for it...

lussa&Max - A work of art

Best album I've heard in a long while. It's a work of art. Listening from beginning track to the end is a powerful and moving experience. Thank you Coldplay. Your music makes me feel when I thought I was numb and beyond the reach of pop culture.

Ale mike! - Good but not the best

I love Coldplay, I like pretty much enjoy all their discography, but this is the first album by them that I can forget a few songs such as guns, broken and others...it was a little experimental but not too successful, there are still great tracks on here such as the Arabic written one, everyday life, orphans, sunrise etc, so it’s not an album totally forgettable there some good tracks

mel and son - Pourri

Ou est passé le Coldplay du début ,le groupe continue avec ses nombreuses ballades qui nous endorment,ils ont dis que ce disque serait diffèrent erreur il est pareil,Coldplay devrais innover musicalement en laissant les ballades et faire un bon disque pop,c’était supposé d’être un disque surprise mais il n’a aucune surprise un disque à la Coldplay quoi Par mel and son

steph3211233 - Chef d’œuvres

Bravo Coldplay 😃

Sand599 - Wow exellent

Cet album me transporte dans différents univers je l’écoute au bureau sans m’en lasser

ish ish slo - Yes, finally some classical crossover.

A little drift from pure pop, to melancholic and classical set, just beautiful new start.

Novasmelly - Petit problème au niveau des noms de piste

Les piste de l album sunset sont toute nommé sunset et celle de sunrise ont rencontré le même problème Je suis très heureux de mon achat 😊 merci à Coldplay

cjaway - What a mess!

This is lazy and unremarkable. I'd say it needs editing but there'd be nothing left. You couldn't even salvage an EP from this collection of intros and outros to nowhere!

steph saint - So different from its origin

It’s got some really good piece but I can see why they won’t tour on this album. Environmental consideration is a good excuse to not tour on it, but also good on my financial environment as I would not pay to see them present this album in a concert.

jaycohen - Reunited

I kind of fell out of love with Coldplay for a minute there... MX and Head Full of Dreams both had some good tracks but weren’t (in my humble taste) as a whole following their best instincts... with the exception of Ghost Stories, which had some truly interesting songs (musically)... in any case, I really feel this album is a return to form. Raw, minimal schmaltz, and some of the best melodies they’ve come up with in a while. The lo-fi tracks add a sincerity I haven’t heard from them in a while, and then when more produced tracks come in, they carry a bit more punch. The instrumentals and cross-cultural flares feel surprisingly very organic and give the album both depth and weight. Not many bands can pull that off authentically. Martin’s embrace of profanity is welcomed, but it is still executed in a very Coldplay fashion. As much as I would say their three earliest albums and the in-between EPs during that time period will always be my personal favourite records from them, I really dig their evolution and feel reunited with Coldplay.

k.smahlt - 10/10/10


Mac Daddy - Rarities and B-sides

Every successful is entitled to a release like this. For everyone calling it a new sound... hardly, this sounds like left over material from days long past, songs that didn't make the cut. Orphans definitely sounds like a left over from the last sessions. Unless you are hard core Coldplay lover this collection will disappoint. I always like to evaluate a record as if it was a band's first release. If this was the first for Coldplay it would be a clunker.

Yessegaaa - J’adore

Merci pour cet album unique en son genre. C’est un magnifique voyage interculturel. Un de mes albums préférés à vie!

Yaser Mohammed - Favourite

This album has become one of my favourites of all time. ❤️

Mathislaverdière - What are you guys talking about

Ok, if you only like Pop music and the usual sound Coldplay has, this album isn’t for you and you shouldn’t rate it. It’s not because this ain’t your style of music that it’s not good, you just don’t understand the true meaning of music. This was made as an attempt to innovate, to create, to try something new. They completely delivered on this point of the album without losing us entirely, they still are Coldplay and we can hear it. Most of the songs are really good and well placed on this album, even if some songs like WOTW/POTP, When I need a friend and Old Friend are a bit too weak or lack of production and arrangements. Globally, this is quite a good work,but next time they should go deeper into the themes Chris sings about. Enjoy!

Dom3106 - Ennuyant !!!!!

Un des pires albums à vie!!!! Je l’ai acheté, sans l’écouter, car c’était Coldplay!!!! Erreur!!!! Même pas plaisant l’écouter en musique de fond lors d’un souper!!! On se demande si l’album fini par avoir un « beat » et il est constant jusqu’à la fin!!!!😞😞🤮

Owensjr_ - Great album

Truly the greatest band in the world

spoilerfanatic - Nope.

English bands are the worst. This isn't even music.

froggling - Hope CM reads this review. Coldplay’s best album ever. For some.

This is one of those albums with a lot of complexity appearing simplistic. Firstly, this album needs to be listened to start to finish in a focused sitting. For folks who are not really fans of Coldplay and are used to their stuff as “put it on the background” music, this is not it. This is a masterful work of art. The lyrics...incredibly deep, powerful, and can be applied in many different interpretations from different perspectives. Some songs appear to be very simple on the surface (like Daddy and Everyday Life), but in the context of the whole album and experience, the simplicity works to open your mind up and hear the same words in different ways each time. The music and compositions...tons of creative chord progressions, off-beat rhythms, complex vocal melodies, all masquerading again as a simple package. Musicians will particular appreciate the beauty in how they’ve simplified incredibly complex compositions here. Just powerful, amazing, beautiful, soul-striking, inspiring music that speaks to you. It makes you feel a lot of things...contemplative, reflective, spiritual album that makes you feel more aware and present as a human being. I’m a huge fan of all Coldplay albums, in their own way...I’d say Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, and Viva La Vida could all be labeled “best ever” albums. But to me, Everyday Life is Coldplay’s signature album. It’s the purest concentrate of this band’s collective soul on display in the most beautiful artistic expression I’ve ever heard. Thank you Coldplay, and thank you Universe for pairing my life’s journey alongside that of Coldplay’s. Never felt more blessed and inspired to want others to experience that blessing.

Dubeau2014 - Different album and nice one

This album is more intimate. I like all the different influences. Among them you can ear some Jonny Clegg, some chorals. Frankly I was surprised I like so much of it. It is not a commercial album per say. I would define it more like a painting with themes. This is different from Cold Play, but you still get those 3 tempos songs.

30 Quebec Street - 30Quebec Srreet

🌻Glad to hear their old sound back again. Ive missed it. Although, I enjoyed their newer, more recent sound in the last two albums, this is a most welcomed surprise. Welcome back, ColdPlay💽

klpitta - Different

Probably shouldn’t have pre-ordered this one. Definitely a few songs that are worth a listen, however it just doesn’t grab my attention and feels a bit disjointed.

Hydrae_2017 - Brilliant

Coldplay continues to innovate their sound. Truly one of the greatest bands. Arabesque is a masterpiece. Keep up the amazing work guys!

coldplay8 - Simply amazing!

The whole album is just a testament to how amazing this band is!

sallysinuptra - Good band

Why ?why do want to make me sad ? I know and that’s your special talent, make a guy think about his life and be happy,sad crabby or whatever? Your all good guys keep it up, it’s working 🇩🇪🇨🇦👍👍

MusicNerd18 - perfect

disconnect your expectations for “old Coldplay”, have an open mind, and this album may just surprise you!

ChiroTrev - Everyday life.

This band is brilliant, HOWEVER...this album is sub-par by a long shot. Distinctly average at best. This feels like a collection of B-side, previously unreleased songs which have collected dust in Coldplay’s closet since their university days. Zero cohesion and flow. I must admit, I feel a bit ripped off for pre-ordering this album and expecting brilliance, based on their history of putting out stellar albums. Perhaps they should have released a few singles instead? Next tine?

Pegacorn300 - Im in love!

You can definitely hear some “old coldplay” in some of there songs which brings back some nostalgia. They have a bit of a new sound but it’s still worth listening too!

jumpin'mack - Love Coldplay but this album...

...is just not them. After last two albums they set their standards high and this one is a gigantic flop. Maybe the next one.

VALEJANDRO77 - An album for the human beings

I feel pain, I feel happiness, I feel the world, I feel human beings I appreciate how Coldplay grows And how I grow with them

TheWorldBeatZ - I am sad of what Coldplay has become, musically :(

It appears as though Coldplay’s latest releases probably suit today’s younger generations—more so than the ones who “grew up” (both spiritually and musically) with the band from their incarnation of their first musical releases. I had a lot of hope for this album that it wouldn’t be another AHFD. Unfortunately, hearing it in its entirety upon its release, it fails by being even worse than. I feel horrible even writing this, as I truly am a hardcore fan who has every album and has attended a concert of every tour. And I do know that my writing this will not change the band’s direction. As they are producing in the direction of their growth in experimenting with different styles. Unfortunately for me, this album is all over the place with far too many “influences” leaving it so confused of what it wants to be. I give this album 2 stars — For the only 2 good tracks on this album that are extraordinary: “Sunrise” —which is an instrumental track beautifully orchestrated (not sure if the band even played the classical instruments on this one?). —And, mainly “Champion of the world”. The latter is a true reminder and beautiful lyrical and instrumental symphony of Chris and the band linking their original sound with one true Coldplay-sounding expression whom original fans have come to love them for. The idea of Sunrise and Sunset is a beautiful and poetic theme to describe artistically. But, as trendy as this may have appeared to represent, the deliverance was very shallow, with no meaning of either displayed in this double feature. Also, with a photo of Friedrich Nietzsche slipped into the band form on the album cover, I was expecting more philosophical undertones in the lyrics of the album’s tracks. It felt undelivered as well, in this regard. As I contemplated writing this review (“If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all”), I decided to post it to express the heartache of a loyal fan. I was really looking forward to this album. And if this album was released as only one track (a single) being “Champion of the world”, I would have rated it 5 stars. I hope that others and newer fans of Coldplay will enjoy this release and absorb the powerful messages and wisdom that Coldplay has always played an important role in presenting to the world. Listening to their earlier stuff sets a solid foundation for appreciating the essence of the gift this band truly has to offer. Coldplay has been a gift to me: Their music has influenced me significantly overtime. But this review is about this album, and not about the band (as a whole). I hope the charm (for me) is not lost with future work of the band that I hear. I too, wish that Coldplay will once again be “Champion of the world” as they once were to me. The track explains it all with “Trying”... “Hoping”... “Dreaming”.....and finally, “Flying”.... “Riding”...and “Taking off”! (Doing!) And, after all that, what more could you really ask for?

StefMtl38 - Ups and downs

Every artist as an album that flops, this is the one for Coldplay. Love all previous album, huge climax but nothing reach me on this one, not a single song! Very disappointed! But hey, anazing group still love them!

ketobor - An unfocused, half-baked album.

I used to love Coldplay (Viva La Vida was their creative high point in my mind) so it is reluctantly that I declare this to be not very good. Still some good songs on it, but only a few.

Chimpz13 - Arabesque

Mind Bending Brilliance!!!

ReadyFreddie78 - new sound

it may sound more organic and closer to old coldplay in a sense, but I think if you forget its coldplay for a moment the music itself is pretty generic and not as good as theier best if the album is anything like this...well good for trying something new still in a bland industry .

The 6th String - Pumped!

Excited for the new album! I’ve been waiting for some new content forever, hopefully they learn from A Head Full Of Dreams, and they go back to their roots a little more, even if they don’t, I’m still pumped!

dvgrl - New Sounds #NewTour

Yeeesssssss ... cannot wait to hear it all and bestly to SEE my guys on tour ! Yay !

Armanichez - بنی آدم Human Beings

بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگرند که در آفرينش ز یک گوهرند Human beings are members of a whole In creation of one essence and soul چو عضوى به درد آورد روزگار، دگر عضوها را نماند قرار If one member is afflicted with pain Other members uneasy will remain تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی، نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی If you've no sympathy for human pain The name of human you cannot retain

KarimColdplayer - wooooowwwww

coldplayers! get ready for the new Era!!

SkippyJoe90 - My 2 bits

I'm over paying subscription fees or buying online and not having album sleeve photos to look at and details I can read, I've gone back to collecting Vinyls.

Former MaS fan. - Sadly another failure

I just keep wishing this band would find what they lost after the 2nd album but nothing grabs you. 😪

Joel delaney - Rubbish

Where’s the actual hits? Probably 2 actual songs on the hole album..

Markray5150 - Overrated

Get back to the drawing board!

poketim - Trash


Password not taken 101 - Brilliant album best since Parachutes

Best album since the debut mainly because the 2nd album was overplayed everywhere when there was a tear jerking scene on tv or just bashed to death everywhere. Never liked anything in between even though I bought them this album however is brilliant Cry cry cry orphans Daddy and Broken absolute standouts.

Madchester Boy .... !!! - Underwhelming

As an avid Coldplay fan, personally, I find the latest release to be disappointing. Whilst fans appreciate and recognise the need for change in style once a while, for me, it’s going to take a few listens to really appreciate. One or two tracks stand out, however, many tracks are skippable, not worth listening to.

Gaschroder - Not great

Don’t understand how there are so many 4-5 star reviews. Must be based on the 2 initally released tracks which were ok. The rest of it is like a tepid cup of tea with not biscuit.

Bjclance - So soulful and inspiring

An amazing album yet again by such an incredible band! Bravo!

Gd57 - Disappointed

I hated the last album it was such drivel that I can’t listen to it. While this is somewhat different, it’s just more of the same drivel that they seem to have been writing since Mylo Xyloto. Such a shame I was hoping for something better. I won’t be purchasing it.

Keyero - Champion of the World

Coldplay have the ability to produce songs that mark moments in time for me. ‘Champion of the World’ is one of them. Back to their best.

Aussie Won - Wow

Another awesome album. Best band ever.

2010Dazza - They’re back baby!

What a great album! Only Coldplay can take something divisive and make it beautiful, just in awe!

JackWoodman - Coldplay’s Strongest Record.

I don’t care if you’re a Coldplay fan, or a massive hater of the band - you need to hear this record. Let it permeate through you, listen to it with keen ears and an open mind and it’ll blow you away. A masterpiece.

Willo023 - Coldplay - bravon

Another brilliant album - love love love

Max Rondini - The very BEST of Coldplay

A mix of every single great things in every album to produce this masterpiece. Powerful messages getting through the ears with emotions and feelings. Enjoy it people.

Will.I.am.the.one - Ggdjcff


Cj.mate1 - 🌙🌕

So excited for this album!!! Orphans is my song of 2019 so far 💛

Smitty764 - They’re back

Coldplay is back 😍😍

HurtzY - Different (again)

I don’t know how they do it but every album they have released has been completely different to the last! Really digging Orphans


@generalhux: when i need a friend sucks major ass i hate that song yuck disgusting makes me gag thinking about it


@EmperadorTour: NowPlaying When I Need A Friend - Coldplay 15:55


@stepherrera_: Si es cierto lo de la canción de coldplay-when i need a friend 🥺


@kondeiwan: Slowly slowly 🙂 Here’s a song for you… When I Need A Friend by Coldplay


@_Mr_Pablo: Holy, holy, God defend Shield me, show me When I need a friend...


@A_loneblackbird: Shield me, show me When I need a friend


go shake your ass to when i need a friend for WINAF appreciation day 💞


@Jeriniesta: Do you have a friend that can dash you 200k when you need 100k or should I face my front???


@ItIsMsJillyBean I won’t hide it, I’m the friend with the big heart that actually gives a shit about others, all th…


@RogerPMCals @applejaxsou812 @chizzlechested @vexedinthecity @Politidope What is the Dutch word for when someone te…


Para mí, el final de #Xena siempre va a ser Many Happy Returns donde se van volando. Después de ver Friend in Need…


@tomnookslover Sorry he’s still sleeping 😂 & I’m not sure if when you order for a friend they come tomorrow? But I…


I need a friend and you need a home. I love when you come, I still feel alone.


@Dr_is_Reading Thank you to my glorious life giving affirming friend who shared it. It was what I needed at that…


@BrettLoaf: APPRECIATION POST hey ed, ik we don't talk as much as we do anymore but I still think of you as my best friend in the rtc f…

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