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On this song, the third track from Kanye West's long awaited album Jesus is King, he revisits the spiritual themes of his February 2016 track, “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1.” On the soulful track, Kanye flips a sample of Whole Truth’s 1974 track, “Can You Lose By Following God” to discuss the way he struggles to live a religious life and follow God’s direction in face of the difficulties that God presents. Download Kanye West - Follow God MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Follow God MP3 file uploaded on October 25th, 2019.

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Kanye West - Follow God MP3 Comments & Reviews

SubarumomOP - Inflated

Inflated. Inflated music. Inflated reputation. Inflated character

WolfXCIX - It’s OK!

Overall, its an OK album. For the most part I found myself bopping along to the beats and some of the lyrics, but there isn’t really much substance here. The bars here seem like they are supposed to have more substance than there really is, which is unfortunate. I know Kanye had an epiphany that inspired him with the direction this time, but maybe its just not for me. He has shown us way better effort in the past, but the last 4 albums really have not been doing anything for me.

jonhij - Epic


Dabobbyboy - Look

Yeah this isnt your average Ye at all, but look, hes doing what i would say is the right move, becoming a christian after all the other stuff, cmon, gotta give him props

Peakachu6 - Me


h8sprint - WTH can only hear 3 of the sounds.

Only allows you to download the 1st 3 everything else is not available.

Lolo2222222 - Keep it coming Kanye

Keep being yourself, keep your priorities God over everything. God is love.

Connall-e - To all of you

Bunch of Libtards and God haters here. Actually give this a chance instead of bashing him for his views and belief in our one true God! Personally I won’t be buying this because I’m not the biggest rap/hip hop fan but stop attacking him for his Christian and political views! You go Kanye West!

okokokok35 - Disgusting


byebye😭 - Good

You are a great singer

Maria199242 - The BEST

If you want to listen to the best Christian Music there this is a must!! JESUS IS KING!!!

Zacks bro - Beautiful.

Wow! What a great album. I can’t wait for his next one. Jesus saves!! Ps. the fact that Kanye is making music with Kenny G.. is amazing.

Anniefan101 - Good

I like it

ItsCosmosYT - I’m an atheist

i’m an atheist and i still think this album smacks ngl kanye’s flow and these beats are fire

dudjfndj - Nice

Pretty short but I like the subject matter. Even though the writing is a little corny I still like songs like God is.


this was the most legit legit legit legit besttttttttt ALBUMMMMMM braaaa buy it even i though i didn’t buy it hehahehaheha😑😑😑😑😑😊😊😊😊😌😌😌😌😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Kanye is right - The best ever

The best songs ever Kanye

m4rcxz - Good music


cathy4011 - So Fire 🔥🔥

I love this Album my Favorite is God Is 🙏🏽GBU Kanye West And You Beautiful Family’s

poop doctor! - What is this?

Listen to reputation by Taylor Swift

South West 6 - Love this

I got this out of curiosity and cannot believe how much I love it. So good.

mr spd - Trash

Wack AF

technothomas - One of the only rap albums I like

I don’t even listen to rap, but this album not only has a great message, but it’s catchy too. Would recommend.

Haayden - I was expecting to hate this

No funny stuff. I just like it

Winged Dog - what a fake!

like the title says! what a fake......don't think so? If not, I would assume all the profits are going to his latest charity?? Helping people? ....Jesus like? We'll see! Not a hater just telling like it is.

ktktkt2122 - just no

only famous cause he interrupted and is the husband of kim kardashian. honestly everything he stands for is trash just like this album

markusv3000 - Trash

I don't believe anything this man says.

ahmedabas97 - 💙

Good step for kanye but not for always

cantthinko1 - poetry?

...your my chick-ful-a ? It may be sincere, but this is not genius.

LizzieSmalls23 - 😍


tzf14 - Gospel Kanye could have been good

But nope! This is rushed and poorly mixed. Every song feels like a demo. They abruptly end and feel disjointed, and closed on sunday is terrible

DemetriusWord - Lit

Yessir I rock with this

BklynShei - Nope

Someone get Kanye some therapy

boogiedownJay - One of the worst rap albums i ever listened to

What happened to Kanye?

DarkKnight530 - God is Good.

Different but great 👍🏼✝️

MIS4 - Can appreciate the innovation

Absolutely love the fact that a major star/celebrity turned to The Lord and he aint afraid to show it. Only truly vibed with two tracks. Wished they were a bit longer in length, but the lyrics more than make up for it. Real food for the soul.

Ferminator_ - BEST ALBUM YET

This album has been on replay since it released. Uplifting music and lyrics, Kanye is the GOAT !🔥

Worldwide_hip_hop - Great gospel album

This is Kanye’s weakest project but not bad at all, I love a lot of stuff about this album, Kanye really makes you wanna go to the church right after hearing this, amazing and beautiful, however there isn’t anything lyrically or conceptually special about this, the concept is beautiful but not special and the lyrics don’t stand out, I love everything on this but there are some questionable lines but overall amazing project definitely worth a listen

Dino Nutz - Garbage

This guy jumped the shark years ago. Washed up

FullSend6535 @ xbox - FAKE NEWS

This is only because he wants to be encourage the world and not anything to himself

tt...71 - Mr. West


ZZ Music Fan - Overcame a skeptic

Have to admit I was naturally skeptical of this album at first. Even Jesus Walks was a little secular. But this is a tribute and praise to God. Can’t stop listening to it. I appreciate the honesty and humility. People have trouble admitting their flaws to their spouses and friends. He’s doing it the world, well done and I hope to see more.


Seriously... pray God helps you find a note. The lyrics are good. I appreciate his attempt to go a new direction. Let’s not forget, your Christian God, doesn’t exist. Enlightened people have figured that out. It smells like a ramp up to Church loop hole tax evasion.

dead pool 100o3 - Aaron Jones

I love the album I even memorized it

Escobaby124 - ALBUM OF THE YEAR


Pugpug417 - 😇😇😇😇😇😇

At first you were a great singer but now you are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent better

yyyyyyooggj - Yes Jesus

Great 👍

aditz233 - Pretentious idiot

Absolute garbage that doesn’t even deserve to be bought.

lowkeybutok - Absolutely amazing

I am incredibly amazed at the transformation that Kanye has made! I support him 110%! He really shows his progress in his faith in this album! It’s most definitely worth a listen.

AntonVilla76 - God fix my life

Good album

everynicknameistaken54356436 - The only church music that sounds good

The only church music that sounds good

Sir T. Urd Blossom - Don't waste your money

I'm a Christian and I think this sucks

voodoo-child - Could’ve been good

If it was made by someone else with different opinions.

Chibsi - I don’t do review but this 🥇

Go on Kanye!!

MasonGThang - God bless

Please produce more of these albums Brother in Jesus Christ

Qctufais - 🙏

Jesus is the truth and the only way

Thehardticket - Nope

Just pure 100% garbage! Waste of $ just go to Church for free & hear the same crap

johnmagic - Good album

Short but worth it

ValleyViper81 - Jesus is fiction

End of story

Jenn🎶 - Love


music is l1fe - Yaaasssssss! Kanye slay!

First iTunes purchase, really liked the beats and lyrics , pierced my soul

Trippple3 - Right on

Amen Kanye🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Fuccckdissgameniqqa - GOAT

So many haters came out to give this 0 stars. This album slaps. Only downside is it isn’t longer. Best album since TLOP but more woke. Defs worth 5stars.

022783838 - Very good songs about jesus

I like that it makes jesus a lord the beat is good

lj7000k - Great


Buba Russell Lingy - it’s a christian album

if ur not christian obviously this album isn’t going to be exactly ur thing but just because u don’t like it doesn’t mean u should mock christianity. if this was a muslim album i don’t think we’d see the same hate for mohamed as we see for jesus in these reviews. it’s 2019 what happened to tolerance? some of the songs kinda catchy, not my favourite type but i like that kanye’s creating smth he enjoys!

mrsverretti - Great Album

Great album considering this is a complete life change for Kanye!

Pastor Matthew P - Very good!

Well done! As a Christian and a pastor I love this album!

Nikaderm - jesus really ? lol

christianity spreading all the album.. im out. We don't need this in 2019

S.Evangeline - Selah

There’s a song named after me

kokokoyama - So creative

Awesome album

actuallychristian - id give it 0 if i could


178654 Ly - JESUS is King

Yup. So good.

Mr Chris Brees - Amazing!


Undrgrndkng - Fall from grace

Ur done Kanye

Mr-Robobob's word - Looking for redemption

That should be his album name.

Newfiegirl68 - #1 Jesus Is King

Billboards don’t lie! #1 Album Baby and you’re just getting started! Never listened to him before and now he’s got a new fan! Don’t let the negativity get to you! People all over the world are swooping in to get your album. The albums sold tell you that you are #1!! Keep singing! Kanye has an army behind him now. God’s army!

David0666 - Blah blah blah

So we’re in the Kanye Christ era now. Stop giving him oxygen please. All this God Crap is doing is perpetuating the problem. Music should NOT be telling you what to believe in that’s what church is for. This album is a farce and this sudden “enlightenment” is just playing off people’s emotions. Like the mega church pastors and priests it’s all about the Little Boys and Dead Presidents!!!!

JBG The Name - Bye bye

👍🏻 bad very bad

Sherina FJ - Solid.

Listening on repeat ! 👌🏾

Jodilibra17 - Meh

Come on Kanye, I keep giving you chances but you ripped me off with this one. One song is okayish but the rest is forgettable. A fair price would be $4.99 as this is an EP at best. Sorry.

making.dayslonger - Jesus IS King, praise the Lord. Jesus comes soon

Praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!! Amen!!

imagine dragons is #1 4444 - Good

I like it and I think it is good that some hip-hop artist is Christian

New Spanish and French-speaker - Great Album

Thanks for making this, Kanye. High-quality production and soulful music. “Use This Gospel” is a personal favourite track. Well done!

justintaylorkeenan - As promised

This album is easily summarised by the albums title, "JESUS IS KING" and the artist, Kanye West. If you are familiar with Kanye's work, and familiar with Christian themes, this album blends them togethere just as you would suspect. If you dislike Kanye and dislike Christian themes, this album just won't be for you. If you're strictly into Kanye or strictly into Christian music, theres a bit of something for you. Production quality is excellent, and I just love this album. Wish it was longer, still giving it 5 stars as I won't be getting tired of it, and it didn't take me any time to warm up to it.

SlamRam - Bro don’t listen

Bro don’t listen to the people dissing this album it’s lit! Keep making music like this, who cares what people think. God is awesome wether people say different. So keep it up, this new music is inspiring me to change my ways! So even though your getting a lot of hate, rememberer that God will never give you that hate and will always love you till the day you die and beyond.

Kalikeela - Inspiring

I admire his bravery and conviction. Jesus transforms people, and you can see His work in Kanye through this album. Love it!

Skyler Tanche - Never

Jesus is dead

David gasse - Rédempteur

Fait du bien à l’âme, l'allège !

7Christopher77 - Closed on Sunday

Love this album, Jesus is King baby now and forever!

GelflingKisser - Hot Garbage

Trash music from a trash person.

GunnerInSaskCda - Thank you

You’re growing as a musician & a man. Great album ✌️

HosseinEsz - Nope


Briansavio - Wack album

Trash album

producermarco - Amazing

🔥🔥🔥 love the lyrical content. Very inspiring to listen to.

TheBlackwalnut - This album sux 👎🏼

“I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Stop pretending Kanye you want to impress GOD you know what you have to do

sbearah3 - Incredible

Honestly Kanye sounds so smooth in this album its unbelievable. I've been a long time fan of his music, ever since "Heartless" and this is the best album of his in years. Love it!!!!

Lenab9 - Don’t listen then

You guys really let little things get to you .. if the guy wants to sing Christian songs then he can and will. If you’ve ever been touched or felt the presence of God then this wouldn’t bother you, clearly he’s done with all that other bs saying “I’m free.” Finally realized that by singing songs of the devil ain’t getting you know where. Maybe in this life sure.. but what a short life we have compared to eternal life with God.

gfubufyhi - Garbage as always

Straight trash

MrsO158 - christian rap not hip hop

this should be in a different category. put it with gospel and Christian rap. Hard to listen to..message driven and one dimentional.

Michael Ciaron - Oxygen

When the embers of faith smoulder silently in the ashes of complacency they cry out for a spark... That spark can reap an inferno... Thank you for the inferno Kanye. God Bless you. 🙌🏻

EdeKali - Yeeezus

The best songs are Jesus is Lord, Water and Use this Gospel. Great Album all in all.

crazybabyhullabaloo - Jesus is Lord & Savior!!

Shout out to the Lord Kanye!!! Jesus is Lord Jesus is King Jesus Saves. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!! You are a wonderful convert keep spreading the Word!! Amazing album!!

nieceyloo - Uplifting

Uplifting songs🙌🏾

Nathan Rose 14 - God is


JackyDXx - Surprisingly catchy, relevant and needed

Inspiring to see Kanyes conversion to the Truth. I’ve never liked his music... until now. Best tracks: Follow God, On God and Selah.

gwada-steve - JESUS is king

Love the album 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Toklika - Loved it

Best song ever! lets go Kanye!!! ❤️

Pete3862 - Amazing!

Amazing in every way! Loved it.

Ashpro55 - Jesus is king

This album is brilliant!

theseamz - Huge disappointment

Follow God BANGS! But the rest of the album is Sunday morning gospel church bashing trash

ttttxdt* - Meerkat


Maerii lav - Exceptional

I love it

Christistheking - Incredible album

Love this album, just brilliant

Col. H. Stinkmeaner - Thank you Kanye

Thank you!

Gherla. - I’ve been inspired and empowered with courage and boldness

Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. * Preached- Lived - Made disciples of Kingdom

O,G87 - The best

God is good

The Confessor - London_Reviewer

It’s truly remarkable that Kanye has never been afraid to endorse Jesus Christ and ignore his critics. Nice work, Yeezy. Keep up the good fight. Totally fresh and inspirational. Another excellent album.

Harpez - Harps bing

This guy seems to be losing the plot every year, used to be so good and now i think he needs to retire

Trankikility - Love you Jesus!

Jesus loves you!!



Bateson brain - Crap

He’s changed for the worse

IlyaSalmanzadeh - Neaux


Splinks - Brilliant!

I’m a new Kanye West fan. I love his honesty and the sincerity in these tracks. I’m hooked! Praise God! - Another one in Christ

So glad Kayne found Christ the Truth the Way and Life best decision ever.

J is king - Genius

Nuff said

@_.daniyal._ - hmmm

yeah not good

Betty432 - Jesus is King

Great times

Tamoyja - Love love

Really good don’t know what all the critics are hearing? Pray God continue to pour into Kanye to do his work

mikemapletree - Absolutely Love This Album

I’ve been listening to gospel/Christian music for 30 years. This is now one of my favourite albums. ❤️

student1967 - Encouraging

Inspiring to see talent used positively and purposefully.

Teamgaga - Jesus is indeedd

although it hard at times for people to hear adherence to a higher power esp Jesus the most influential person in history at that. That should be a side issue - this is pure amazing gospel so whatever the lyrics or agenda - this is awesome music- well done kanye Peace to all mankind

ninya85 - Awesomeness

This album has one drawback - far too short!!!! Uplifting ❤️❤️❤️🕊

JeanelyJK - Loved it !

One of the best albums of the year !

I-Am-Haze - WOW ...PREACH!

Absolutely fantastic album. Powerful and moving. Now I want to experience a live Sunday Service ✨ I very rarely buy music these days because I have Spotify however this album is EPIC and I celebrate life while belting out these beautiful songs 💕

mr wycombe - Jesus is King


truth teller 565 - 🥱🥱🥱

Cannot believe people actually pay money to listen to this crap

Kyledw92 - THIS.

Can't explain the way this makes me feel. But I'd like more of it please.

pauljane41 - I love it!

Powerful, honest & raw lyrics. Praying this album of testimony speaks in to, and transforms, peoples lives - I think that’s the intention!

MGB_2006 - Jesus IS king !!!!!!

Great album

prspn007 - Why????


Sinan247 - Disappointed

I think the days of Kanye is over. His mental issues naturally reflect on his music plus his shining moment came and went.

Godblesskanye - God bless Kanye

This is just amazing for the movement. I love all the songs especially 8.

johnwelsh - JESUS vs ALLAH

Jesus defeated Allah

***JoJo*** - Finding God ✝️

Am glad Kanye has has come to Christ. The lyrics quote scripture and seem genuine. Truly glad he will be able to bring others to Jesus by glorifying his name. Loving Selah and On God.

bob1999332 - Masterpiece

Production is on point as always

Lo - King 👑

Let’s hope it was a Yeezy choice to choose Christianity over the alternative 🙏🏽 😉

Provey - Sounds flat

Had enjoyed “Jesus Walks” and expected Kanye to do something as fresh and exciting as he did back then. There is no moment of ingenuity here. Belongs to the early 2000s

japanapet - Praise him 7 times a day✝️

Thanks. This album should not be about Kanye, but the messages conveyed... this album does that through diasporic eyes... Amen✝️

dangermouse3 - Kanye west

What a load of rubbish

-2centz - Jesus is King! And the church said... Amen!

I’ve been praying for Kanye for some time now and the moment I saw this album on the news, I was rejoicing with him. So awesome too hear and see Kanye believing and proclaiming Jesus is King! 5 stars for unique hip hop and gospel collaboration by many talented features and of course the production and musical God given skills of Kanye West.

im right aint i - This litty

This song litty

Pollen Magic - What’s with all the haters?

Love this .. Prison reform is part of Kanye’s mission to support on his farm, so well done with this gem to bring attention to your projects Kanye. You are an example of Gods work in action. Free Vincent Simmons.

Makeely - GODAWEFUL 😂😂😂😂

Just pitiful to call this creative talent - I think this dude must have a cult following of wankers to get success on this album

DHwvFf22 - Jack’s opinion

Are you serious 😡

Adsy64 - Much love and respect KW

The title says it all, great leap of faith

Walksky32 - Sometimes, pple lose the plot...this is one example.

It Echoes of Kanye having a 'manic episode', with very little that is entertaining, or listenable. Next.

Njsjnisjns - Full Flip

I’ve heard ur story and love what’s happened to u. Being only 11 years old and Christian I love this. See you in in heaven!

xXPaulyXx - Perfect

Just a pleasure. Music, religious, focused Kanye.

Rachael 85 - Thank God for Kanye

All glory to God for Kanyes life and his heart transformation. Only Jesus can do this. So encouraged and stirred by Kanyes boldness and honesty. This is only the beginning for Kanye and the church of God to arise and shine.

missingthegame! - What an amazing discovery!

I love this album! Thank you Kayne West!☀️

Good94379907311579 - Dude done lost his $@&!

Why Kayne? First the Kardashians then this. Time for your ghetto pass to be revoked.

Hybrid182 - TRASH!

Absolute garbage as usual

Thomo8815 - The worst project of his career. Should be 0 stars!

It’s hard to distinguish whether we are listening to Kanye West or a new hillsong album. The tracks are short, forgettable, and lack any of the Kayne spark his fans crave.

CaptionMurt - Way over priced

Way over priced, and way to hipped just trash

Desh002 - Thank you Kanye!

Finally morden music that has good meaning and we can actually listen to!! Its been years since the world got music with good meaning and to uplift.

Itsgottabemeeeh - Seriously underrated

When I first listened to it, it didn’t quite add up, but over that 2nd 3rd 4th listen it really grew on me. I feel like there are parts that sound like they are inspired from MBDTF, Yeezus, TLOP and the energy is electric. Really feel good music if your feeling down

ssjane - Time to bow out


Bianca Noka - 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Absolute fire!

@hayosmusic - John 4:48

Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe. Kanye has seen the signs hallelujah.

cazsim0806 - Love it!

Wow! This is brilliant!

staceytherese - On repeat


Giant1738 - Actually not that bad

Was a bit worried after finding out about the Christian theme of the album to be honest. However the album has grown on me after a couple of listens. The only real down side to me is that it kind of sounds like a toned down Christian version of Yeezus rather than a fully realised concept album. Still overall an enjoyable listen.

orooaloo - Forgettable


jacinda3 - 🔥🔥

Such a great album!

emily.bear8452 - Amazing at

Wow love it yayyy

Dasher Glascott's Boots - Fraud

Lost it after YEEZY. This is just profiteering off mindless Christians and their fraud of a religion.

JORDiK. - Haha


Copy parade - Beautiful stuff from Ye.

An album full of that good good gospel.

call934 - So average

Lame couldn’t listen to a single song the hole way though

Ryan075325322 - Brilliant

Shines with Integrity

Poop.McPoop - Music for brainwashed kids

This guy is a di$&head and his trendy fans are di$&heads too. Also he’s a huge di$&head for stealing the legendary Metallica’s italics.

romans810 - Just AWESOME!!

Excellent !

larneyloo - On repeat... 🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽🔥

Different, yet so good!!

World needs Jesus - Jesus is king !

Keep it up Kanye , the world needs this .

bubblegumaloxado - Pretty Good, But.....

Amazing album but wish more of the songs were like Selah and Everything We Need :)

charbou91 - Surprisingly good!

I didn’t expect this to be a good album, but I was wrong. I like his take on the genre. My only qualm is it’s too short. P.s. all the salty reviews here are a good laugh haha and we all know why...

leuceil - A 4/10 at most

I’m not even religious but I can’t believe him making a comparison to his scrutiny in the media and Jesus being killed on ‘Selah’. I can’t take him seriously at all, and it doesn’t help that this project feels unfinished in more ways than one. Also, ‘Use This Gospel’ just doesn’t sound right after hearing the unfinished leak. It’s disappointing to hear. Quite reductive, especially for Kanye.

Lele Nikki - Loved it ! 🙏🏻

Loved the song’s on this album.

Jango Fett's Helmet - Jesus wept

Not sure why Kanye thinks God chose him. I sense the Devil is behind this, or Kim. Both are evil.

Sina007tab - Jesus is King!

It’s amazing to see amazing work of God! 😍❤️

Tcs88 - Not bad at all

Couple hits in here

12 Maggie gal - Great

Great album

Jesseph B. - Horrid

Time to find another career mate! Horrid music.

amysymo - Love it!!

Whole thing is amazing! Well done Kanye!

benjsteelconstructions - Great album

Good on you Kanye, stay strong as anything to do with Jesus come under strong criticism! Love you brother!

rockettbootz - 😐


salrove2233 - Incredible 🔥🔥🔥

Kayne West has had a Saul experience with Jesus and shows in this album! Such an incredible album - love each song! Quality and still in true Kayne form!

Cakey Tophole - Who else could get away with this?

Gotta love Kanye's fearlessness. Can't think of any other artist who could have pulled this off and still go to number one. I don't feel it is his best production though, but it's still a great listen. Not like all the other rappers who say violent, disgusting things, but still thank God when they win an award!

Janja B - Another person making money off religion

He’s as bad as the Catholic Church & every other religion making money off any God

pacifistnz - Helped save my soul

For the first few weeks after release I would listen to it at least 5 times a day. I was going through some tough stuff starting on the day of release and this album really helped me get through it and gave me lots of faith. Thank you Kanye and the Samples, and thank you Jesus. It's my favourite album of all time now.

nicole_joy007 - Love it

Such a innovative album, particularly Christian creativity can be so bland and this is supreme in quality and message!!

Devilskindiablo - Bad Album

This album is so bad

sidiekwjxiic - best album of all time


Kay-Moola The Cash - Jesus is king >>Kanye is king

Follow the gospel

Pertunia1 - God is🙌🏽

Thank you Kanye.

KingSlayQueen - A legend

Amazing as usual

mandisa😇 - Jesus

Selah 😇🙌🏽❤️🙏🏼

Finkzwa - Finkzwa

Father I stretch, stretch my hands to you🙌🏽🔥🔥

Shabasmtc - Beautiful

Am in love

Jas1011111 - Wow what an album

Really surprised, this is great! Love it

Ak Jnr - Pure talent

Selah 🙌🙌🙌

Shikhongelo Khongi - Kanye is unmatched.

This man continues to surprise us. Every song on the album transports you to heavenly places. It’s quite difficult to pick out which song is the best, they all are amazing.

Moosenaz - Jesus is king

Amazing album

Nxture Boi - Jesus is king

Best album of the year for me

RamabulanaN - Jesus he is King 👑

God gave us Kanye West👑


I love this album I just wish the were a bit longer

Shoeshoe1 - Genius

My only complaint is that it’s short, 27mins only if was longer. No one compares to Kanye’s creativity and talent. He is not gifted, he is the gift himself.

Cammy_ m - Next chapter

Another Kanye album that absolutely does not sound anything like the previous albums. This man continues to break boundaries effortlessly. An amazing album, you can’t listen to a song like hold on and have any bad thing to say about this album. Maybe one can complain about the length of the album. Could have been longer.

Sihle Shallappear - Yeeezy


kg0thats0 - It's Kanye being Kanye

It's not a Gospel album it's an album about worshipping and being save by the Lord. This is like the song Yikes but in a clean and Praise-Worship type of way.

Sibusiso Zondi - Sibusiso Zondi

God is in the business of turning lives around. I see a Saul to Apostle Paul in Kanye🔥

phiwinkosi - Phiwi

Truly Jesus is King. Love every song. Wish they were a bit longer though

FumaniS - Fufu

It sounds amazing...

Tsubiology - Every hour

We need you. Sing till the power of the lord comes down

fray&&);& - Yeezy F

Let’s go to Church ⛪️ now 🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥



igual a vc - Lindo

Vcs aí q não gostam não são obrigados a ouvir Estou feliz por ele ter sido alcançado pela graça de Deus A graça de Deus é eterna e é para todos q esse louvor seja um grande instrumento de Deus 🙌🏾

Vitor Caires - Show, isso que é ousar e ser autêntico

Parabéns Kanye. Obrigado!!

LucasInvestidorRF - Lixo

Até hoje nunca entendi o burburinho que se faz em torno desse artista. Não há absolutamente nada de destaque. Um verdadeiro horror. Escutem Emicida. É pelo menos 100 vezes melhor que essa porcaria. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Renato Taubaté - Glorioso

Extraordinária graça por alcançar esse artista !! Jesus é lindo !!

Mauricio1989 - Jesus is king

By : Capeta em pessoa 🖕🏻

Schlindwein75 - Jesus is king


Birtoooon - Auge

A radiação ja chegou

Baiavwwubwh - album of the year.

what can I say? Ye did it again!

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


_seixass - Álbum do ano.

Um álbum perfeitamente produzido e é a evolução lógica do trabalho de Kanye West. As melodias magníficas e o modo de rimar de forma introspectiva e vulnerável dão o tom desse projeto. Não deixem nenhum review, nem esse mesmo, dizer se você deve ou não ouvir, ouça e construa você mesmo sua opinião.


@Kuznets26174168 @zmobilefashion Thank God 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I follow the mighty EFF and I also have two daughters. One soon t…


@xellui @alone_lygurl idf guys! follow me and please support me on my on going story at sa susunod pa. huhu thank you and god bless u 💓


@httplimner @Sevvvvvvvvi_ @alone_lygurl idf guys! follow me and please support me on my on going story at sa susuno…


@CaptainKirk1959: @rconner77 @taylorswift13 @realDonaldTrump If you support Trump . You are the problem . If you support Trump then you…


@alxsrcfrt_ @Sevvvvvvvvi_ @alone_lygurl idf guys! follow me and please support me on my on going story at sa susuno…


@morgantakae: Please, please, please, in the midst of all that’s going on, don’t lose sight of the one who’s in control. God is in contr…


@Jtimberfak @Jungkookaaahh @bpwiIdin @Euphoriacook @HowBoutNosweeti @andreaajas {O people, worship Allah u have no…


@morgantakae: Please, please, please, in the midst of all that’s going on, don’t lose sight of the one who’s in control. God is in contr…


@iMnotUSamjo {O people, worship Allah u have no god other than him, I fear for u the punishment of a grave day} Qur…


@wizkidayo Follow me nd I will also follow back god bless u all


@Ross_Hastings @katrosenfield My main "bubble" of people is like that, but I also follow some other people who (tha…


@SeenSurvivor @Err0rX0 @donkey_1999 @MsBlaireWhite I believe in God but I don't follow any certain religion


@Bona_Lesego: Even in the midst of chaos, God’s blessings follow through.


@tommyhubb @BjStov {O people, worship Allah u have no god other than him, I fear for u the punishment of a grave da…


@montaga: Beware the white Liberal & any Republicans that follow their agenda! Real Conservatives Don’t love libs or Rino’s we love GOD…

About Follow God [Kanye West] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Kanye West, album JESUS IS KING, song Follow God, released date 25 October 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Follow God - Kanye West mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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