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Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar MP3 Comments & Reviews

Lena_jk - Flawless

It’s addictive, many different sounds put together into a great Body of work. From heartbreak to uplifting and hopeful songs. Warm and powerful vocals

pigle the pickle - Pigle the pickle

Cool beans #3

not yummy - stream fine line for clean skin

deadass slaps so hard can’t stop listening to it. Harry is an amazing songwriter 🥰

mialovesharrystyles - stan harry styles


lmfaokenné - IMMACULATE

Harry you dropped this 👑

Marita Veronica - Enticing Adventure

Congrats to Harry on his new album. My favorite tracks are Golden, Watermelon Sugar, Adore You, Cherry, and Canyon Moon.

Sophia650 - Best album ever!!!

I’m usually not a person to listen to a whole album I would just listen to like 2-4 songs out of one buttt this one is a first album I listen to all the SONGS!! There all so good like they make u wanna dance,cry,vibe and just have a good time. I was in to rap but this has totally changed my music and I’m glad I’ve started to listen to him for awhile. So anyone new to this type of music do it.❤️

ggsouurishrs - daddy styles

harry styles is my husband

bee4tea - Love it!

This album is fantastic and I absolutely adore every song!! 💛😂

Lilypop18 - amazing

It has music you can dance and cry to. Very genuine music also, highly recommend.

emilywskinner - Guilty Pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure and it’s called Sunflower, Vol. 6. I’ve never been a fan of pop music or One Direction or even Harry Styles himself, but that song has been stuck in my head. Good work. You created a lovely earworm of a song.

KatieLKro - absolutely amazing

he’s a king and deserves everything

DISCODAZE - There’s just something about Harry!👏

Talented 👍, style-ish 😉, Cool 😎, writes ✍️terrific music 🎶, and a great soulful voice. 🎤 Harry was born in another era. An era that had exceptional taste and good music. He’s definitely an old soul. This is your masterpiece Harry, Bravo 👏 It will surely be nominated for album of the year at Grammys 2021 for sure 🍾🥂

why don't we (lime light) - amazing

the album: muah 😙👌🏼

evearratia - Amazing!!!

Amazing album!👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌 this is a masterpiece! I love it!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

whybran - Love u


Ava Covino - Love you, Harry! x

Amazing, amazing, amazing! If you don’t like this album, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

mahnoor ghayas - harry styles

proud of him.

Riley York - Pop perfection

More uptempo track next time please but still good

itseverynightsis - Perfect

Perfect perfect I love everything about it



higghfhdgajvbghfbcgcgcgg - Art


DadDon - Harry the modern blues man

Brilliant, modern and very new. Dark lyrics and beautiful sounds that reminds one of what it takes to be unique and not one of the pack. He is truly a gentle, kind, brilliant musician and the best yet of the new generation of young musicians.

mary kay v - amazing album🥺🥺

i’m so proud of harry and i love every single song on this album, stream fine line 🤩🤩🤩

samantha.andrea - loved every part

beautiful album, i’m so happy he feels more secure than in his first album. this man deserves the world♥️

Skylar402 - unique

this album really shows his growth, every song feels unique and listening through feels like an emotional journey. I love the way songs like “cherry” sound happy but make me sad, and songs like “golden” make me feel like I’m in a movie. All around amazing, shows his versatility and these songs will prove how amazing of a performer he is. truly worth the wait, can’t wait for love on tour !!

jake_memo1 - Masterpiece

Never thought I’d like this album entirely but I was wrong

+dccharged+ - Harry

It was an ok album..... nothing really different.

Iloveyouharrrrrrrryyyyyyyy - Harrryyyy


1Ds biggest fan 2012 - Amazing as always

He can do no wrong

Anne Basso - Amazing.


Kylie0817 - AMAZING

It is so beautiful. I love it so much!

KevinIsMySpiritAnimal - LOVE!!!!

I haven’t been able to stop listening!❤️ It’s amazing, he’s amazing and i couldn’t ralate more to this work of art. THANK YOU!!❤️❤️

Angietorres08 - amazing

great album, outsold your fav

sunfloworm - we stan

kisses to the chef MWAH

gfriend4ever - art

no skips. this is a masterpiece.

turtledol - In love

I was always a fan but this album has put my love to the top and I’m am officially obsessed with this beautiful man. Love him with all my heart and I don’t plan on stopping.♥️

Scarecrow5000 - Ok

The songs when you voice is deeper and sad it is good But when you make your voice high and cheery it ain’t the best.... at all

Leah Judith - i want to marry harry

this album is easily the best thing that has ever happened to me. i love it so much. i stg this boy is a king🥰❤️

dinaa 836 - LOVE THIS ALBUM

10/10 recommend.

meeaglemom - Fine Line

Love the island name and the song name - clever🙃

AnaHiii36532190655 - AMAZING!


anabellesturdivant - beautiful

a simply beautiful album

mehill2003 - Amazing! And Heartfelt!

I’m a person who usually doesn’t listen to every song off an album but each and every one of his songs really does hit different! They’re so beau and meaningful and really help me to relax and quiet all the noise in my head. His voice makes me feel good and this album really exhibits his amazing talent! I love you Harry ❤️


This... THIS ALBUM IS WHAT WORLD NEEDS. No other words needed.

karebear2xx - True fan

I’ve been a fan of him since one direction . He is a great singer I can’t wait to see him live

Lexi and bubu - LEGEND

He’s incredibly talented

thefionalisa13 - beautiful, incredible, breathtaking

i love it

ellarobruz - Amazing


kissmeyou_fool - Surprisingly Good

Love this album better than his Debut album .

Monjarazz - Best album of 2020

Harry will never seize to amaze me with his various sounds and his amazing vocals. This album is hands down the best album of 2020. As much ad it is a heartbreaking record, it also shows the growth of Harry as an artist and as a person. Fine Line is a masterpiece.

seezy123 - yes.


starjens - Love harry

Love it!💗😊

hsiaosg - amazing

only album by harry i’ve heard but i absolutely love it. every song is so unique and the lyrics are beautiful.

littled24 - So good!

I just love this album. It’s well-written and the songs are beautiful and have depth. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual stuff we hear as of late. Harry is so wonderful and completely adorable to boot!

the zinions - boring overrated white zionist pedo

Boring, predictable, unimpressive vocals and uninspired lyrics....... wouldn’t recommend and y’all are clowns for stanning a queerbaiter

European at Heart - Amazing

My favourite albums are the ones where you don’t skip any songs. You just play it the whole way through. This album like his first album do exactly that. Different vibe with this one. I liked the 3 songs he put out before releasing the album so I pre-saved. The rest of the album is amazing. Falling is so raw. Golden I can’t wait to play when I’m on a long drive. The musical composition of Fine Line is truly outstanding. It just builds and builds I haven’t heard anything similar on the radio. Harry you are gaining many older fans with your songs. He’s literally in his own lane with both of his albums. Where others are producing generic songs just to get airplay Harry is doing his own thing and it works. Keep it up.

calumxxhood - amazing

Harry styles will always be the best artist to ever live

oompaloopabodyassbitch - PERFECT

this album is so perfect🙌

lilimkmkmk - It has meaningful lyrics and deep songs.

They are so emotional songs and I love them



cassdinardo - amazing.

just amazing. :)

michelell1967 - Amazing

Fine Line is my favourite song on Harry’s album. I just love the whole vibe! Enjoyed listening from top to bottom❤️❤️❤️

sebmac2001 - Nice

Pretty solid album, only 1 song that’s a skip.

meron2121 - Saved my life

Unmet talent

Marieclou - Thank you, Harry

Lights up hits like no song ever did before. Harry is without a doubt an incredible artist.

kev.ouellette - Everything i wanted

A masterpiece, i love it!

arctic.m - incredible

another amazing album by the legend himself

jasminejessicaa - typical styles

he cannot make a bad song. every single one is a complete masterpiece. so very in love w this entire thing. u did it harold ❤️

Josch2847 - OMG

Harry you are a complete mastermind and genius.

sheenakrisloise24 - LEGENDARY

I just know that a few years from now, people will say that Harry is truly a legend and a rockstar. No one’s doing it like him. This album needs to win Album of the Year in next year’s Grammys.

streammmmmLP1 - I LOVE YOU

it’s a masterpiece by far the best album of his to date. He should be so proud.

Gamer_girl_099 - FINE LINE!! ❤️❤️

🥰❤️❤️love it

NOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOO - i cried for three hours straight

this album has such meaning to it that it hit home. it made me feel so happy and warm inside i cried. this album makes me so genuinely happy it’s not even funny.

eveeeeeeeedest - Beautiful 😍


Moushkela - Brilliant

Listening to this album front to back I have to say, Falling is definitely my favourite song on the album. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and emotionally raw. It’s so different from his first solo album but oh so Harry Styles at the same time!! Though I’m a little bummed out that the track Medicine wasn’t included, it’s a great album!! I will be around a long time, 4 out of 5 stars because it’s great but the best is yet to come I feel. He’s just getting warmed up!

jfyigkhvykflyctf - Best album ever

It’s perfect

blehdakota - MASTERPIECE

absolutely amazing as expected

Riley_._ - Golden

This album is insanely good

Koko48 - Écœurant


ZAYN KING - Horrible

He really calls himself a songwriter?? Okay...

Harriet's mommy - Blessed our ears

My FAVORITE album of the decade!!😻

Mkeat - Unimpressed

Maybe lay off the drug the next time you write an album. Lyrics are trash and every song sounds like a Beatles rip off. Except TPWK that sounds like the worst song in a musical


Everything about this album makes it a beautiful masterpiece. It has every element and serves such a versatile sound. There is not a single skip, every song is absolutely incredible. I love it so much, thank you for this Harry 💜


I was touched by most of these songs. This is art.

Theocismylife - 💯


Oliguecan - Perfect album

This is the best record of the year 2019 I have ever heard. Harry Styles surpasses my expectation in that record. This record has everything, a bit of rock and pop that makes music to a new level. That album is softer than the first one, but the music is more enjoyable. For finish, the lyrics are better arranged. That’s why I give a 5 ⭐️ rate.

harrys.wife - I- I can’t

This album is so pure and raw and good so much emotion. It really shows how much heart and soul was put into this album.

harrys #1 fan - Perfection

Everything he does is always amazing. I love the album.

The perks of Harry Styles - A masterpiece!

You can really see the evolution of Harry Styles as an artist and as a person through this album! It's pure Harry. It's a very different record and it's spectacular!

ListenerLJ - Nice, but...

deez songs need more beats.. & a bit of umph! 😁 nice try tho, he’s young yet.. 😘

Brando3747 - Amazing

Harry delivers once again!!

shae04od - Stole my heart


nav lidhar - Amazing

Such a good album ❤️

Itsmariloulol - AMAZING

It’s so good, just go listen it

Lamiaaaaa - ICONIC

This album serves you Instruments, Vocals, Guitar solos, Sends you into another dimension, brings you back on Earth and makes you cry, takes you ro tropical islands, makes you happy, makes you feel loved. Justt.. wow 🤩

Îdle - Beautiful

There are not enough words to describe how amazing this album is. x

JE$$36 - Love!

Such great talent!!!!

yoooooooowooooooo - Amazing!!

This album is so good. So many emotions and a step up from his first solo album. Give it a listen and you will not be disappointed

GenevièveAsselin - i’ll never be the same

that’s it that’s the review

Lilsmaeb - Beautiful

Love it

kaswasherelol - Amazing

Love this Album so much it’s fantastic!


hs1 & hs2 are my babies, heard this live at the secret london show masterpiece. see you on tour. 😭❤️🥺

mollietoft - AMAZING

Harry is so talented and this album is so good I want to die . Literally one of the best albums of all time I’ll steam it until I die . Love you harry🥰

its.vee - Loved it

One of the best albums so far. Ended the decade creatively

JamesChatterton - Exceptional

Da da da duh, da, da da da duh, da da da duh. YOU’RE SO GOLDENNNNN. Tracks 1-8 have made this January’s car journeys an absolute joy!

liz170213456 - So bad to Pay

Soooooooo baaaaaaaddddddd

NixHp - NixHp

Best album I’ve heard in ages.

joshhp - Not bad!

Not a bad collection of songs. The songs all sound quite good, my problem is how much they sound like a Bowie (my hero) song or a Beatles track. The guy is likeable, an amazing voice and some very good songs. Please stop trying to sound like others that have influenced us and you influence us with your talent. X

Katyyy01 - Telling a story though music

Being a huge fan of Harry for about 7/8 years he was my favourite when he was in one Direction, and his music really tells a story

PGauden - Delightful

I recall listening to Harry's first album a while ago, thinking how mature and balanced the album was. This new album surpasses and continues to ooze delicate mellow tones, combined with beautiful lyrics. From the first track Golden, to Water melon sugar and Sunflower you cannot fail to smile and feel warm inside whilst listening. A truly beautiful piece of music.

Powee.com - Oh my god

I’ve always loved Harry, so i’m slightly biased. But i haven’t listened to this or his debut album until maybe the last month(?) and i am listening to both on repeat, especially fine line, all day, every day. Some of the songs this album consists of, such as falling, to be so lonely, cherry and she are beautiful and raw (so much so to bring me to tears) and then others such as golden, sunflower, adore you, lights up, and watermelon sugar bring me into a feel good, bubbly mood even when i’m at my worse. i have contemplated many thoughts this past month, dark thoughts, and i almost came close acting on one of my worst days, but this album calmed me down and saved me. i’m eternally grateful to harry and his albums for helping me, and if you’re even considering buying fine line, do it. you only live once, as i’ve learnt, and you will not regret it in any means. thank you.

sarahlmxx - incredible

10/10 💖

Dearsociety13 - PLAGIARISM!

He’s plagiarised smaller indie artists’ work on this album. Absolute trash

eusgdvd - Very good

Well done Harry styles

will7163 - Rubbish..No Stars

I’d give this no stars if I could, bland and boring bit middle aged sound rather than a young man with all the backing behind him, he struts around like a young 70s Bowie or Bolan but with one thing missing Talent

Maryam Sakinah - a masterpiece, not surprised

listening to harry styles debut album through the period of few years, i was expecting no less than brilliant songs on this album, both lyrically and musically. i expected perfection as mr styles had never not delivered anything but excellence. but the album fine line exceeded my expectations immensely. you’d think perfection could not be more perfect. harry styles proves that thought wrong. an absolute masterpiece, harry styles

daniyahkhan - ITS AMAZING


Deyana Styles - BestbAlbum Ever

The best album of the year. So proud of Harry

Catskils - V good

Never listened to any previous stuff, it is (surprisingly) positive, sufficiently eclectic and ‘feel-good’ emotional pop. Cool. Listen with fresh ears and be surprised.

pirate prentice - Fine & Dandy

Too old to in the tooth to fall for the pre packed pubescent pap of 1D, I have been overwhelmed with this fine & dandy mature mix from young. Diverse & delightful.

Winkin-Paulio - Top album

One of my most favourite albums at the moment and I wasn’t even a fan before, love the alternative sound... definitely a keeper ⭐️

Messi lions - trash


I-Opinion - Matured

I was never a one direction fan and I couldn't name one track, but since HS has becomew solo, great music, this album is better is than the first, which I also liked but this I LOVE, great blend of styles with an 70s vibe at times.

Laumandu - Gotta give it to you Harry, its brilliant!

I was never some big 1D fan but have seen the songs since they went solo and Harry this is a stand out! Surprisingly amazing and had to buy it. You are emerging into your own lane and its really cool. Some of my faves just so far (haven’t got through all of it fully yet but this shows how great it is) are ‘Adore’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Watermelon sugar’, ‘lights up’ but everything I have heard so far is a hit and I love the balance between the upbeat and the more melancholy eg ‘ Cherry’. I didn’t expect to buy this album at all as its not my from one of my usual artists but “take this as a compliment...Harry....keep moving forward with a body of work like this and you are going to be a shooting star!💫💫⭐️ Congrats!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

S@r@h Eliz@beth - Sensational

100% worth the wait. I love the mix of melancholy ballads against the 70’s upbeat tunes.

wAhOo LiKE YaHoO - Amazing

The songs here are so passionate. Harry has come so far from 1D and I wish him the best. Oh, by the way, these songs are a definite recommendation!

Charlottek xx - Amazing


cjkw - Grey's Worthy

The biggest compliment I can pay to Mr Styles is that I can hear every song on this album on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Pure genius!

Luxury soap - Will always be one of my favourites

This album will always be on I will go to when I just need some good music to vibe and dance to, every song is a banger. Harry Styles will always have my heart

Cheeseplantonfire - Pensioner likes Harry Styles shock!!

What’s a 60+ male doing listening to this album? Well, he’s certainly not boring and songs like Sunflower show a fair degree of risk taking which is refreshing in young artists. Excellent mix of retro 70s melodies peppered with his distinct voice and style. Well done young man!

philnb02 - Amazing

I feel like, yes of course Harry should be recognised for his amazing vocals, however I have failed to see a review truly appreciating the art and sound of this album. I’m not quite sure what it is, but the more I listen to each song the more I appreciate the lyrics and the sound, in particular, track no.12, Fine Line. This song is so so beautiful, and each time I listen to it I feel a different emotion, to have made such an impact shows how talented he is! In my personal opinion this album is a piece of art, and I know I will love and appreciate it for a long time.

Emmmmmmilyyy walleesss - Something for everyone

So much has changed since Harry’s 1D days. This album reflects him and his growth 👏🏼

Animals in adoration - Amazing

Defo the best solo music out of 1D

Mattimoo - Fantastic album

Loved the first album but this one is even better, well done Harry Styles you’ve done it again

bast im - Classic 👍

Great Comeback,Would Be Better Though Without Watermelon Sugar. That’s Terror

Scottywolves - Awesome new album

I’ve not listened to Harry Styles music out of 1D but this is a really great album with very mature and deep songs, I’ve become a very quick fan, keep it up styles ❤️

courtney louise :) - :)

The fact that Harry stays true to himself in this makes it all the better. I didn’t know what emotions were until I listened to this at 3 in the morning on a school night.

cj coo - Amazing 😉

He literally has the best singing 🎤 everrrr

BeKindAlwaysx - Disappointing

What is all the hype about, loved the first album but on this one there’s only two songs likeable, really disappointed

LucyElizabetBridle - WOW

Best album ever!!!!!

Avacleary16 - Unreal album

Beautiful person with beautiful style. Amazing music and the album is such a perfect display of his talent!

grace deere - Harry


Mattystuart - New sound is on point

Loving the new material it’s brilliant. Enough said.

milj99 - Don’t be a snob

There’s a lot of musical snobbery regarding this album simply because it’s Harry Styles. The simple fact is that it’s a very good album, with a few absolute gems, not at all what you’d necessarily expect from him, if you still associate him with a manufactured boy band. I heard ‘She’ without knowing who it was, and I was blown away. His vocals are great, the songs are pure class. Very impressed.

Bobbyjojo5 - Well done

He’s definitely the only one from 1D who’s cool

ellwes09 - HIS BEST ALBUM

Pure raw emotion. He’s so talented

kiss my glarse - Not as good as the first album ...

... but it is good to see his progression as a solo artist. Watermelon Sugar ..... my favourite one on this album.

1uk3 8urn5 - 🤭🤢🤮

Hated one direction and spilt up they’re worse

Adamsid - Every song sounds the same

All the 12 year old stans here would listen to Harry on the toilet Taking a fat dump. You’re a bunch of little girls

Bella's Tunes - Seriously GREAT!

I have to be honest, I was sceptical. But since hearing this album, I am believing Harry is an old soul indeed. You will play the album from start to finish..... seriously no skipping for me. Granted it sounds like easy listening, but remember this is a 26yr old!! I love listening to it while driving.... Lord knows you need a good distraction on your merry way. Thanks Harry Love your work

((((;;;;; - I’m proud

This album is everything and more than what I expected from Harry. It’s got such raw emotions in the songs and it is truly my favourite album ever recorded

streamm fine line - Fine line is a masterpiece.

enough said.

Catandmouse222 - 🍒🍉 Simply Amazing 🍉🍒

Love it. Have been streaming it non-stop since I downloaded it.

MusicLover🎵❤️ - BEST ALBUM EVER

Absolutely amazing. Every song is so beautiful and unique. There's a song for every mood and I definetly recommend. ❤️

TheStormBolt - Harry Styles Was Always Meant To Be Solo

Who wants One Direction back when Harry can keep bringing music like this? It’s fantastic. I applaud his work.

maddds20 - If I could give it 10 stars I would

love everything about this album! ❤️

Seraena - Experimental music, interesting result

I feel like I should preface this with the truth that I’m not a fan of One Direction or Harry Styles, as most reviews are just supportive comments for the artist and not talking about his music. I feel like this is the best music I’ve heard from any of these guys - together or solo. I really like the storytelling in these songs, and feel like the rhythm and compositions are more his individual style. The artist isn’t trying to distance himself from (or hold onto) his old fanbase. I felt a sense of freedom in this album. Although some songs are too repetitive for my taste like “Adore You” which sounds like it is simply meant to be played on the radio. Some songs are beautiful like “Falling” where the audience can feel his sincerity. Overall I added a star more than I was initially going to give because I like the direction he is heading artistically with this

1ugh - Good

This is a very good song and I hope one direction come back together this year in 2020


What a great and refreshing album!

ivyarie - 🤨

3 stars because I only like 3 songs watermelon sugar, lights up & falling ( no hate)

qwvvfgbb - Original and beautiful

Thank you harry!!!

emolyngo - stunning


Harry_niall4life - Perfect

Harry is amazing

ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ғᴀᴍʟʏ sʜᴏᴡ - 🥕


girlswholikecarrots - Perfect


unkown26 - Best Album ever

There isn’t a specific genre for this album, it’s so different so you can listen to it depending on your mood. The lyrics reflect deep meaning and the music production is mind blowing.

aliceofannandale - Fine Lines is 5star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I’ve had this album playing in high rotation since it’s release. Great tunes great production. Harry is a shining star 🌟

i am annoyed 213 - hmm

if i screamed into a microphone and dressed in my grandfathers clothes could i be famous too?

SHANIA.B.P - Harry


kravocados - eye opening

every song. a masterpiece. this man has it all. no words.

Jen_LifeStylist - Obsessed

Loving every song. Have been listening in high rotation since the release. Top shelf Harry 🥰

its so hard to find a username - Insane

Overall the album is so amazing I’ve been listening to harry styles (one direction ) music since 2010

we love hazza - It’s Harry Styles, obviously it’s amazing


Jess Emery - Incredible album

Such a great and complete album. Golden and Fine Line in particular are fit perfectly as opening and closing songs respectively. Fine Line the song gives a great sense of reflection. An album you can truely listen to from start to finish.

Dena2426 - beautiful😩💖

I absolutely loved it. His lyrics SPEAK your soul. My favourites are adore you, canyon moon, golden, watermelon sugar, lights up...basically the whole album. I can’t choose 😰💛

cp64918299736 - Best thing ever

A huge upgrade from his first album, he’s opened up so much more and you can tel by this album that he’s so happy and content with how his music life is and I’m so proud of how much he’s grown

44274819 - FINE LINE


taylafergie - Where’s the grammy!?!?!

Such beautifully composed album that shows the journey of a relationship. I’m so thankful Harry was so raw, it made it that much more special. My new favourite album. He should be so proud of himself. Waiting for this to get a grammy, if not I’ll sue...

fizzingwhizzbee - A bit too psychedelic for me.

I love Harry but if I’m honest, I only like two songs on the album. The stand out for me is ‘Falling’. It’s a beautiful song and has the potential to be a timeless Harry classic.

richardzuckerburg - Incredible


chyann.smith - awesome!

This album is beautiful, amazing work Harry!

cloee bryant - Album of the year!

Beautiful masterpiece 🥰

maddpandazz - Amazing

No skips, the whole album just feels so ‘Harry’ ya know? Something it for everyone and is just a beautiful album.

shsmsbjsjcjaksjn - give fine line a grammy award

this is one of the best albums i've ever listened to and was worth the wait harry's a legend

Imfallingforharrystyles - Harry Is amazing

This is the best album in the world

jorja 💕💕 - Best album!

So amazing! In love with every song

JustAnotherMuso - A Masterful Body of Work

What an outstanding body of work, a multitude of genre influences, great vibes, just a really great representation of Harry!

I LOVE IT!!!1 - beautiful piece of art

the album his a whole story book, it’s beautiful, amazing, fantastic and perfect. I’m so proud of him!

naaaaddii - So beautiful! Loved it so much!

I cried so much for fine line!!

muhovic - fine line...

this album is very good,, probably the best one i've heard. reminds me of a summer holiday

alex_n1234 - faultless

Harry back at it again with another amazing album, this album I can't even find anything to fault all the songs are so amazing even though some are so sad I cried so much while listening to them. he never fails to amaze us all, im so proud

just a music lover x - Amazing xx

Incredible album. Proud of him and how open he has become with this album.

harry oh harry - Yes Harry yes

Seriously the best album holy

Karunadarcylongman - Fine line


Sam_Smith_xox - masterpiece

no words. it. is. everything

Agelfnwpane - brilliant


uniswanihorn - best album

best album ever. stream fine line now !!!!!

Ashleighs03 - My heart

The whole album is so pure and amazing Harry should be proud

courtnuey - gold

he’s an angel, only angel.

Raynpaiger - Incredible

Best album of 2019 hands down

CSBarrett - Can easily listen on repeat it’s that good!

Every song is unique and the whole album is a joy to to listen to, would highly recommend.

khyadriii - Brilliant work of art!!!

Can’t explain what this album means to me, it feels so personal. There is so much heart put into his work.

boys123456 - Yes

This is by far one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Bring on Love On Tour 2020! Falling is my anthem, I claim it, Fight Me.

Jadeyedwards - yes

amazing as usual

staceyeeeeeee - tpwk

a masterpiece 💞

cantwaitforbohrhapthemovie - BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE

such an incredible album

izmyname - PerFECTION.



Harry has created the most amazing album!!! I’m so in love and so incredibly proud ❤️ BEST ALBUM EVER

tallara :) - The best of the best!

I can already tell how great this album is gonna be! 🥴🥴 I CANT WAIT FOR DECEMBER 13TH!!!! Ahhh

yasmin e a h - Best album

Most amazing album yet (so far)

Stream Lights Up - TPWK

By far the best album ever created and it hasn’t even come out yet. 10/10 👏🏻 worth listening to

🙏🤤💜 - The best

It’s amazing so great I love it so much best album out haven’t heard it yet but I’m getting the vibe it’s gonna be great

00Fats - Car crash

Ya bro let’s do this

Troyelover - absolutely beautiful

this album is so personal and has no skips. i’m so so proud of him. what an amazing body of work!

suggar boy - Amei


ggvtcvbub - Reizinho que nunca erra

Amor da minha vida

julianalima2 - perfect album

harry is perfect and his album too

psyphina - hs

harry styles= tudo pra mim

tpwk isa - Perfeito


luisatolentino - Zero defeitos

Obra prima! Melhor álbum do ano

luana mattos - luana


dudacosta0928 - fine

vocals on point amazing lyrics voice of an angel totally a masterpiece worth every penny

Ma Barbosa - Perfect album

This man is perfect, he’s an amazing song writer, beautiful songs, a beautiful voice! A MASTERPIECE! I loved it!! I’m so proud of you Harry!!

nicetolarry - album of the year

não tem um defeito!! todas as músicas são perfeitas

louisbritain - great album

way better than his debut.

larrysalvatore - Zero defects

This is definitely one of the best albums that the world has ever seen! Harry is perfect!! I couldn’t be prouder!

Good•Sh!t - Playlist de hinos

Muito bom, mas prefiro o 1º álbum

Cella Sabino - Fine Line


sheisjulia - PERFEITO

um álbum simplesmente perfeito, todas as músicas são maravilhosas e da pra sentir o que ele passou através de cada música. não tem um defeito, o modo como ele coloca o sentimento dele e tenta nos passar isso, cada música representa um estágio e no final vem a aceitação, a superação quando diz que ficaremos bem! só sei sentir orgulho.

yuribossardi - Mágico

É indescritível como o Harry conseguiu transpassar todas as emoções e sentimentos contidos no Fine Line como experiências próprias dos interlocutores.

vgdbhjcgvg - Melhor álbum do ano!

Me converti de vez ouvindo esse último álbum do Harry...não tem como parar de ouvir, ele é simplesmente perfeito...Minha preferida sem qualquer dúvida é “watermelon sugar”, mas o álbum está tão impecável que faz duvidar de suas próprias escolhas pessoais. Conclusão: EXISTE ÁLBUM PERFEITO, e esse é FINE LINE. ✊😌


Simplesmente o que o mundo todo precisa.

luisF.A - Ótimo

Bom de mais

Lu_love1994 - REI da música

Artista completo e de verdade! Album 100% instrumental, com vocal maravilhoso, Harry Styles nao cansa de surpreender!!

Rudrigum - Masterpiece

Harry Styles take my money

yejiskou - sem duvidas um dos melhores álbuns de 2019

álbum coeso, perfeito todas as faixas são bem gostosas de ouvir

livesindaydreams - Best shroom trip in history

‪as Lady Gaga once said: talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before.

ferzinhaaa :) - artista de verdade

impecavel como sempre!!!

aaliceterc - I’m shook!

The album is amazing i wouldn’t expect less from such a talented artist as harry! Can’t wait to listen to those songs Live 💙

Pedro 158 14 - Best album

Obrigado Harry Styles pela obra de arte deste álbum e finalizou o ano com o melhor álbum do ano , sem comentários. Thanks for Album,❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

tfdantass - sem defeitooooos

tpwk ♡

annaccosta - Muito bom!


Laura G. Vieira - Amei

Harry Styles, você é perfeito e sem defeitos, entenda

evy 🤘🏻 - INCRÍVEL

eu AMEI e como sempre harry fez um trabalho incrível

Ninholili - A truly masterpiece

the album is amazing.

dudapanda03 - perfeição


paolaclgro - apaixonada

simplesmente perfeito amo

juuniorn - Nunca decepciona!

O álbum tá maravilhoso! 💘

absolutamente sem defeitos - maravilhoso

talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before

jpbaaguiar - bom

as melhores músicas: • watermelon sugar • she • golden mas as maiores músicas dele com certeza são as do último álbum : meet me in the hallway e sign of the times.

JehNRebouças - Ameiiiiiiii

É realmente maravilhoso!❤️

Soares Prazeres - ❤️❤️❤️

That’s lit!

jlxpes - Artista completo

Um verdadeiro artista. Letras perfeitas! Voz maravilhosa como sempre! Não me decepciona nunca :)

Ferzinhaa - it's perfect.

he's so talented i'm gonna cry

anaaaaaa :) - O harry é perfeito

Tudo q ele faz é perfeito e é

Gusttavo Wiltter - INCRÍVEL

Desde que a Lady Gaga sumiu, não conseguia me encontrar fortemente com nenhum cantor e logo me vejo deparado com ele. Já amo <3 puro talento!!!

AmandaMIchi - maravilhoso

se o primeiro álbum foi bom, imagina o segundo. com certeza vai ser maravilhoso, tenho altas expectativas!

aninha ama o Harry❤️ - Fine line ❤️

Maravilhoso o trabalho da equipe e principalmente do Harry. Amei o álbum todo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

maycon 🌱 - proud of him.

i’m so proud of my baby!! 🥰💖

Luiza Andreussi - Nem ouvi já considero pacas


Larry Ziam - 💚💙MARAVILHOSO💙💚

Nem ouvi mas é o Harry então já é perfeito💞

Larry Ziam - 💚💙MARAVILHOSO💙💚

Nem ouvi mas é o Harry então já é perfeito💞

Anninha_2004 - perfect

i’ve never heard this album but i’m pretty sure it’s a materpiece

kissysaylor - Reizinho

Se o lead já é bom imagina o resto do álbum. Música com nome de fruta? Amo


@poetastrologers: Harry Styles Zodiac ♈️: Lights Up ♉️: Canyon Moon ♊️: Watermelon Sugar ♋️: Adore You ♌️: Golden ♍️: Only Angel ♎️: S…


@UpdateHLHQ: 📸| Harry filming a Watermelon Sugar music video! ©️Backgrid


harry todo felizinho gravando watermelon sugar 🤧


@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video




@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video


@harryftirene: watermelon sugar ʰⁱᵍʰ


@UpdateHLHQ: 📸| Harry in Malibu for the Watermelon Sugar music video. ©️Owner


@hazsoftyles: harry: eu escolhi watermelon sugar pq acho que seria uma fruta mais difícil dos fãs jogarem no palco os fãs: …


@thelarrykiss: “o harry vai lançar o clipe de falling e vai ter clipe de watermelon sugar também" eu:


@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video


@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video


@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video


@scarsoned: harry styles - watermelon sugar music video



About Watermelon Sugar [Harry Styles] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Harry Styles, album Fine Line, song Watermelon Sugar, released date 13 December 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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