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On “Blinding Lights,” the second single to The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, Abel speaks on his significant other, comparing the effect they have on him to them lighting up his life. The song is an up-tempo electropop track that features large 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance music drums, similar to the sonic direction of his November 2016 album, Starboy. On November 24, 2019, the track was premiered in the trailer for a Mercedes Benz TV advert, before officially releasing five days later. It follows the lead single “Heartless,” which released two days prior. The Mercedes Benz commercial debuted minutes after the song’s release and heavily centered around it. The Weeknd played a central role in the advert, as he drove around in his Mercedes car and performed the track. The song leaked on November 26th, 2019, a few days before its official release. Abel acknowledged in a tweet, where he confirmed its official release: “oh yah… and more new music tonight (in HQ😉)“ Download The Weeknd - Blinding Lights MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Blinding Lights MP3 file uploaded on November 29th, 2019.

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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights MP3 Comments & Reviews

The Charismatic Wonderman - The Weekend Bringing MJ’s 80s Vibes Once Again! 😎❤️🎤

I don’t know if MICHAEL Jackson got reincarnated or something, but The Weekend is bringing 80s vibes with this hit! Keep it up, man! 😍❤️👍🏿

hater:/ - Fire

Real music

Brę_J - Yeah

I found 80’s music guys 🥳👏🏽

127383826538392 - 👏

Unsurprisingly, another great single from Abel!

k_rose101 - Nostalgic feeling

Love this beat gives the nostalgic feeling of the 80’s and 90’s, wish there was more music like this. ✌🏻

selenatordangerouswoman310 - 🔥👏🏼

One of the best hits of 2020 so truly happy he’s back this is my jam currently it’s so different and reminds me of throwback 80’s music.

kitkatjones1836383 - 😍🥰

this is such an amazing song. i’m in live with the 80s vibe

VickiLifeP - Saving the pop industry

the BANGER we needed to start off the decade. a great direction that pop music needs to be moving towards

Jbob24505 - Yep this a whole bop 🔥

This song snapped for real

hcifkcl - Hiiiiiii

I think the 80s music vibe is great A plus y’all

Farah Huss - MY FAV SONG

this song makes me hella happy tho ahhhhh ;)

rAyLo28 - Blinding Lights

The 80's rules!

bruhlookathisdude - 👌


mike_dej - 💯

XO always comes with a banger

Sammydakid07 - LISTEN!

First song I purchased of 2020! This is my fave song rn, I just feel it & it was released on my birthday 🤭 I did not know that, oh well I’m really in love. Looked again and how long the song is is me and my exes date we started dating 🥺 he made it for me.

Marvel_Comics - The Weeknd Shines

The Weeknd doesn’t disappoint here, the music, beats, lyrics, make ‘Blinding Lights’ an incredible song to all. This song will surely be playing in my head for awhile.

lolthisisit - ❤️❤️❤️

The weekend always has great music

Crystsl871 - Amazing 🔥

The Weeknd done it again and this time he made Blinding Lights into an 80’s vibe. I can’t stop listening this amazing masterpiece 🔥

billy9424 - I can’t wait for the album

The Weeknd is my 2nd favorite Rnb singer after Christ brown

SOMEONEELSE😎 - Song of the year

It's coming!!!!

Bandisgarbage - Bruh

The 80’s in 2020!!???

lainey_slays21 - Very good

Love the 80's vibe. It's so nostalgic.

Brandon9253 - 👍👍✌️

Majorly addictive 😁😁

ginamarg - 🔥

You gotta move when this song comes on! So good.

"FATZOO" - Idiots who rate 1 star 🤡🤡

If you rated 1 star you’re a clown 🤡🤡 lol

khalidaun - LOVE ITTTTT!!

Awesome has an amazing 80s vibe to it!

ovoym - beautiful (:

i can’t say much, it’s too good

niggerboi56 - Great

I listen to this song when I’m high🚀🚀

chloe😝😜 - Amazing song🤪🤪🤪

This song is amazing and The Weeknd just brings the 80s to life🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mfjdmom - Blinding Light

This song brings me back to the 80’s and a good John Hughes film❤️

Sammy Maggio - WrestleMania 36!

Not only is this song nice and catchy, upbeat, it’s now an official theme song of the Grandest Stage of them All, WWE WrestleMania 36 in Tampa on April 5!

lazzy punk66789 - Meep 🐣 and sweets 💋🍭💓🎵💋!

I FREAKING LOVE THIS KID 😍 seriously 😳 😍! He’s officially my new summer music playlist and birthday music 🎵😇💓🎵! I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 🎂🎉 🎁! Meep 🐣.

StarDustMaster😋 - Im Blind

Great song

north_xo - cash xo

It’s honestly great, it has good vibes, also check out the music video to it

JAV7373 - 80s feel

Love the retro feel 💜

Cyborg_Feline - In 1 word: Awesome

The Weeknd is feeling that synth wave :3

Twitter: @Hippiehoran78 - Can’t help but wanna dance

Turn this up as loud as it goes and dance!!! Thanks Abel

Yourmommasaidso - AH HAH HAH 👅👻😹👺👎🏿😷🤠🤛🏾👎🏿

Ayo good music check!! UwU ;)

MA93! - Awesome!

Love how it brings out a little 90s beat to the song.

Mora5logic - Very good

The Weeknd with the switch up love it hope this song gets up there like it’s suppose to be !

Vzman981 - Blinded

This song is awesome not bad 💡

hilo im a good ppl - Good

Really good song it is like the best I have ever heard love it

therealtcamp - Amazing!

Can we get a ringtone (or two) like yesterday??

379075:$& - Yessssss 🙏🏻

Pure Gold 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻🌟✨☀️

Liam_Fan - nah


AnchorMan5144 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Different from the BS on the radio right now

XxfreddiexX - The Weeknd

About time he makes a song! Feeling that 80’s vibe! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bredshownuff - Pure genius

Great approach love the new old 80’s sound! Filling a void and making good music! Just got into your music like 2 years ago and I am now a fan salute to you sir! Check out TheRelationshipRehab on YouTube

yanni2222 - R&B/Soul blends 80’s alternative

This track is great!

Defynt - To the top

Burn it up Able, do what you do and don't look back. Your harmonics electrify interspace neurons to rapid fire!

Bobby Shuncan - Perfect nostalgia vibes

Production is alive, wow and the 90s vibes are amazing. Without even hearing the album I can already tell it should be a contender for aoty.

Ale mike! - Should be number 1!

Best composition of notes and singing in a long time! Also sounds like from the past (80s)and the future at the same time! XOTWOD

Nico Tulabut - Huh?!!!!???!!

Who’s this guy????

Awogirl - Awesomeness

I can’t say anything else. I can’t stop listening to this amazing song.😁😃

pandyonetwo - Best song of 2019!

I want a whole album of songs just like this, brilliant.

#heartbites - can't stop moving to the deep sound


Wildyammm - Love the 80’s vibe


bob🔫 - Good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


ItsMartinZ - NEAT!

Can’t get enough of it.

Robin hoooood - Blinding is really good style.


TenMenJenn - Loving It!!

OMG! Absolutely love this song! Need more like this!!

Sophiaev - Fantastic

I love the 80s vibes with that piano like instrument

Jiglebut - So much effort went into this song

It was really nice to see a throwback vibe brought to this day. Keeps everything modern! Well done!

bduingd j - Such a Vibe

love love this song, such a good song to blast and just vibe to, been listening on repeat over and over, can’t wait for the whole album!

Lost 7 pounds - Awesome

Never disappoints!

Sage24x - Take on me + she’s a maniac with the weeknd’s touch

This new album is gonna be great

Paul Nelson II - Forgettable 😕

In a word: catchy. But heres another one that soon comes to mind: forgettable. This long-awaited song from Abel does not even begin to compete with recent hits like Selena Gomez's Lose You to Love Me, Billie Eilish's Everything I Wanted, or even Jessie Reyez's Far Away. The difference between Abel's work and those of the others is that the others are filled with depth and authenticity you can hear through the lyrics as well as the cadence of each singers voice. It makes their songs compelling, inspired, and unforgettable. While this feels like yet another forced conceptual piece to add to the endless pile of average pop songs. Where is the emotion Abel? Tell us about your life, your coming of age, and what you've learned along the way. You know, something that will stick with the listener and resonate long after the song/story ends.

Triplecena - Blinding Lights is Amazing 😁

Thank you The Weekend. I want to listen to the whole album now. Totally Awesome Song 😉

Babe\ - Love the 80’s vibe

Another great hit! 😎

Jimmy Shecapio Blacksmih - Phenomenal


adgjuhbc - A-ha

The Weeknd's take on Take On Me

ABPalijah - Fiyahhh

Never disappoints 🔥

CIP'er - Please...

Bring your dancing shoes

Nygren44 -!


doraworm - FIRE


stefanietriant - WOWOWOWOW


cash inc inspector /player - Blinding lights

Like my fav song of all time can’t stop listening to it love it

chimross - Blinding light

Fantastic song. Love the weekend.

Monalounisa - THANK YOU


Pampsfast - Pamps

Awsome tune 👌😎

ftunde - 👌

Best song ever ✔️

eusgdvd - Don’t really like it

Not my kind of song Go download something else instead!

95robnv - Great

Beat✅ Great vocals✅

Abcdejldj - 10/10 track

Ignore all the smear comments from the salty KSI fans who’s track didn’t chart #1 This song is synthwave perfection thanks Abel XOXOOOXXOOO

MatiFabian - Love his work and charms of the songs!

Who’s Ksi? 💁🏻‍♂️

tearfullolmich - Great!

This song is really nice because the beat is sick!

DragonForYou22 - Trash

Go to hell let babatunde win

donuld dump - KSIOlajidebtHD


Ksi wake up cal - Ksi

Everyone stop buying this buy the “wake up call” by Ksi

Ismail.5626 - Wake up call is better

Buy KSI wake up clal


sym get him to the top

Sidemen fan Get #1 - Bapatunde

kSi Fan Dont buy this

jdjshsjsiis - KSI


thisgameistrash123 - KSI FAN

Hey ksi to number one

osjabahahsjs - EEEEEEEEEE



Absolutely brilliant track... perfect pop music

vbvghbbghnvf - KSI Fan

Hate this album it’s the reason that Babatunde hasn’t reached no.1 yet

J2 gaming - KSI

Number 1

Zac Colligon - GET KSI TO NUMBER 1!

Screw this! Buy Wake Up Call - KSI

Callum Is Soo Kool - KSI - WAKE UP CALL

get ksi number one

logan paul take the L - Bad


MrSpedzy - KSI to NUMBER 1!!

(Ps. Not rlly vibin with this tune)

Toby2splashy - Let KSI get number 1 you pufter

Insta: @tobystancombe 🥶

Epseonrose - KSI- WAKE UP CALL

Screw this song buy wake up call by ksi !!

Mattystuart - Blinding lights

Great for work outs and listening to if you need a bit of fast paced motivation. Edgy video too.

Ellé fay - Ksi No.1

get wake up call to first

_emzxo - HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!

Brilliant song. Brilliant lyrics. Brilliant Artist. Every song Abel puts out is amazing. Blinding lights just proves that. XO twod

vrypiff - Let wake up call through


Charliej240 - Bad

Get KSI number 1

gurnzy26 - Dead song

Dead song

Shea McManus - Ksi

Wake up call

TheRealTopShagger - Grow up

Absolutely horrendous behaviour by everyone who is buying this song. Fork out an extra 40p and buy ‘wake up call’.

nomusic aloud - Bad job

Is this even music

woodster 7 - Awesome!!!

Me and the kids dancing in the kitchen,haven’t done that for a long time so it must be really good!!

geē - Not good


Jacqs23 - Love love love !

Brilliant song , can actually listen to this over & over.

BaltimoreRavens1 - Umm

I really try to get into it but it’s not for me. Heartless was easier for me.

[anonymous123456789] - YEA MAN

Great song Great voice Great lyrics Great tune Great everything 👍👌🤟

Lewpo016 - Terrible and here’s why

Absolutely awful. Stole this song from an artist who probably wouldn’t want it to be the anthem anyway. Britain will be better off without the eu anyway, like they used to be.

Songsloverguy - Beautiful song

Strange feeling I get every time I listen to this song , part of best 90s music were belong to :)

Dave1988bad - A masterpiece

An instant fall in love - Synth Heaven

Loving the 80’s vibe to this! One of those songs that captures a moment in time and becomes an instant classic.

Corey15ZZ - Amazing in every way!

Absolutely amazing! The 80’s synth also adds and amazing feel to the track love this song so much!

Edwina✨ - Better than heartless🤪

Blinding lights outsold Heartless and I like heartless🤩

Madden boi 22 - Love it

Sound like 80s 😇

Nor Heavin - The weekend

✌️❤️🇮🇪🎶 just yes WOW 😳

NOT_NIC_234 - OmgN

Its my freaking favourite song!🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍

HighTopz⛹🏼 - Dud If I was a girl


Stefaaaan25 - 🤩

I’m loving the 80s vibes throughout this song making me love it even more.

Fazzpack - Just amazing

Soooooo good

pup!!! - Wow

Really bad

Ra!Ra!624 - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Had the melody of this song stuck in my head all day. Was very pleased to find it at #1 on the Aust Charts just now


You finally managed to knock Tones and I off the number 1 spot. What a track, ❤️ the 80s vibe. Well done Abel.

reploverstan - Period

Love the nostalgic feel, awesome bop!!!

9619samo - Best song of 2019

I normally don't like the Weeknd's music, but this song has to be one of the best of 2019 (no, that there was much competiion). The new wave sound is really pleasing with his vocals. So glad that this has managed to usurp Tone & I's 'Dance Monkey' at the number 1 spot.

......b4.......... - Blinding lights

Ripped off iTunes! Paid twice & song won’t download 🤬

hairybeyondexcess - Live for the Weeknd

All week I look forward to the weekend

Pusheen_Queen24😼 - Oooooooof

So bad😂

murder2themind - King is Back.

Let’s indulgent this amazing song. The Weeknd is ready to get you faded with this song.

hijiuySDhiuydfdsojjsdfclkk - Like

Don’t love it just like it like Heartless just this is better. I brought this song and my mum is addicted to this song.

Tinkerbelle992 - Love this

Love this song...but so disappointed in iTunes I bought it like 3 times. They charged my 3 times Still it won’t download iTunes suck. I just want this song...iTunes have ripped me off.

SonOfAllan - Love it

Very catchy tune, love the sound

Stuella - 80’s perfection

Love love love this, just amazing, the 80’s and The Weeknd never sounded so good!!!

Stacey Jaundrell - The weekend

Always delivers, Chapter 6 will be amazing. 80s vibes love 💓 as always

shsmsbjsjcjaksjn - i am obsessed

the 80’s vibes in the song are amazing stream blinding lights and heartless for clear skin

luisF.A - Ótima

Boa de mais

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



#NowPlaying Blinding Lights by The Weeknd On Atlantic Radio Uk #Hits #AtlanticRadioUk


@billboardcharts: This week's top 5 on the Hot R&B Songs chart: 1. @justinbieber ft. @QuavoStuntin Intentions (2nd week at No. 1) 2. @t…


@billboardcharts: This week's top 5 on the Hot R&B Songs chart: 1. @justinbieber ft. @QuavoStuntin Intentions (2nd week at No. 1) 2. @t…


@juxtement: blinding lights je m’en lasse vraiment pas 🤩


blinding lights je m’en lasse vraiment pas 🤩


La canción "Blinding Lights" se apodera de mi cuerpo y me controla como un demonio 🖤


@claucoimbraa: Blinding lights


Coming up in the hour of 7: @KidaKingin ft Chip - "Red Flag" @TreySongz ft @Tip - "2 Reasons" @theweeknd - "Bli…


@billboardcharts: This week's top 5 on the Hot R&B Songs chart: 1. @justinbieber ft. @QuavoStuntin Intentions (2nd week at No. 1) 2. @t…


Except blinding lights I’ll give him that


@mughss Searching for the right song to take a shower to and always ending up with blinding lights.


Aún no me choco de Blinding Lights 🥴


@billboardcharts: This week's top 5 on the Hot R&B Songs chart: 1. @justinbieber ft. @QuavoStuntin Intentions (2nd week at No. 1) 2. @t…


@shawnicepedro City of blinding lights - U2


Blinding lights

About Blinding Lights [The Weeknd] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist The Weeknd, album Blinding Lights - Single, song Blinding Lights, released date 29 November 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Blinding Lights - The Weeknd mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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