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Conan Gray - Maniac MP3 Comments & Reviews

lover11109 - Heather

It’s so sad and true and I love it 💖

xXwolfie pupXx - Noice

This is good music

Everyonewhoplaysthisgame - What a Bop

I’ll be playing Wish You Were Sober on repeat...

Jaida the 10 year old - HIII

UR SONGS ARE AWESOME KEEP GOING!!! i love heather and maniac :3 LOVE YOU!!

Emberstone55 - Song Ranking

Fav: 😇 Good: 🙂 Meh: 😐 Bad: 😕 1. Affluenza 😇 2. Checkmate 😇 3. Comfort Crowd 😇 4. Heather 😇 5. Little League 🙂 6. Fight or Flight 🙂 7. The Story 🙂 8. Maniac 🙂 9. Wish You Were Sober 🙂 10. (Online Love) 🙂 11. The Cut That Always Bleeds 😐 12. (Can We Be Friends?) 🙂

clairebear33333333333333343333 - What the heck

Why are these songs rated so low when the reviews are all 5 star. 🙄whyyyyyyyyyyy, did you even listen to the meanings ?

jdbbjdbjdhbdhbdkh - 😰🥰👌😫👄

i was crying my eyes out on the best song ever (heather) its so sweet so sweet 😔☺️

it's ok 👌🏻 - Please read!!


hello7776857 - PERFECTION

I’ve had this album ever since it came out but there is still not a day that goes by where I don’t listen to it, I LOVE IT AND IM SO PROUD OF CONAN

Doggo121 - This is a beautiful song and I like to use it for glmv

It’s an amazing song

NailedIt:Kids - b e a u t i f u l

just beautiful

Pika Pika Pusheen - Lots can relate to heather, especially me

As a 10 year old I’m actually pretty surprised on how I can kinda relate to Heather, if I’m right, the meaning of the song Heather in this album is basically about how sometimes when you have a friend and they hang out with another someone you don’t know (or do) you kinda feel like you’re replaced because of how beautiful the other person is.. and yet you wish you could accept that person and stop wishing they were dead already, but you can’t help the fact that they get more attention... and how you wish you were that person...I relate to this song so much cause when I was in school I sometimes wish I was another person that are friends with my friends and I felt like I was being replaced.... Thank you for making this song so I could realize...❤️❤️❤️ lots of love sent to you... god bless you!💖

spongebobpatrick2024 - AMAZING

he is an amazing artist and i cannot wait for more music

pookiewku - If Taylor Swift was a boy

Fantastic. I really enjoy all the songs on this album. It reminds me of Taylor Swift’s music when she was starting out. I have a feeling we are going to hear so much more from Conan as he grows and experiences life...and I can’t wait!

sabina wright 🤠 - heather by conan gray

i literally love the lyrics and it’s my fav song🥰🥰

iMichaelMercury - Let me tell you an album

Incredible & love the music presented. I can't wait for more of Conan!

unicorn+llama=llamacorn - Love it

There’s not one song that he’s put out that I don’t like

tell a review baby - heather

this song hits hard

dj kool j - Amazing

Conan gray is multitalented and also not afraid to stand up for what he believes in

bllllaaaaakkkkkkeeeeeyyyy - Worthy of Album of the Year

By far, the best album I’ve heard in 2020.

mierandu - sexy

he makes my butthairs stand 🤩

GamerGirlAwsome - It’s OK....

It’s not the best to me, but if I had to listen to this I would?

Flash user2 - Yes

Okay so I already said this but Yes. Just Yes. I love this so much! My best friend recently recommended Conans music to be and I have no choice but to adore it.

Zach Plaxico - goat


I prefer other options - I cry

this album is so good I love Conan god bless

syd7000 - beautiful


Amikka :) - 10/10

Very good album

043DGF - Not a maniac

I really love this song

baran🌊 - Amazing😱😱😭😭

This is probably one of the best albums i have ever heard.its so beautiful and meaningful👌👌💖💜

Burping Bug :) - This good


Shane73607 - I Want To Love This Album

I really like this kid’s style and sound. He really stands out as a unique artist with an ambitious attitude, which is important. However, the songwriting on this album is what makes me not want to return for any future listens. It reminds me a lot of Halsey’s songwriting (which is not a compliment by any means.) These songs really capture me at first, (they all SOUND great!) but the lyrics are so bad that it’s hard to enjoy it. The over-the-top-trying-to-be-an-edgy-depressed-kid aesthetic is not executed in a way that works or even feels believable. I just can’t buy it. All these songs tell me is that this kid is trying so hard to be something he is not.

Kylie Sortem - Love

This shows so much growth from his last album. I love this album it’s wonderful and has a cohesive vibe.

urielcervantes13 - just listen

i NEVER leave reviews but i love conan and he deserves to be known :)

farahalbaghdadi - farah

amazing 🦋✨✨✨✨

Obesesinadoparagaga - Refreshingly sad and beautiful

Wish you were sober, Story and Heater are masterpieces

Maryam14 - A BOP

It’s not out yet but i just know it’s a bop Edited: It’s out AND ITS A BOP STREAM HEATHER

blanchenter - incredible

conan gray is an incredible artist. love seeing him grow to the literal heavens and snatch all of the charts. wish you were sober is the banger of this decade and that’s on periodt.

i will get you if you hate it - EEEEEEEE

Amazing i’m usually not into this kind of music but this was amazing

Good ideas/requests - incredible

i LOVE every. single. song. on this album. i expected a lot from this album because i know how amazing Conan is, but he exceeded my expectations by 100 times. this is amazing! buy the album immediately if you haven’t already.

avag_ - amazing!

i’ve loved conan for so long, and this album is literally perfection. i cant believe how far he’s come, i can’t even pick a favorite song from this album bc they’re all masterpieces. thank you for this album conan💗

fallen day atar - Masterpiece

Love every song on this album

Jclnjb - Definitely worth it

I had high expectations and they were met

humanzszzsksksk - I LOVE THOS ALBUM

Omg I prefer any of these song over than any other artist or song in the world!!💕💕

mohika g - one of the most genuine albums i’ve ever heard

you can really hear and feel every emotion in his music, it’s so personal, and you can tell it all came from his own truths and soul. as someone who’s been a fan for years this completely exceeded my expectations, and i’m so proud of how far conan has come as an artist

cannot stop listening - impeccable

every single song on this is meaningful in some way and conan’s voice makes it sound all the better. this album is absolutely perfect, and i would not change a thing about it. i’ve been listening to all of conan’s music (especially kid krow) on repeat for the past few days because i cannot get enough of his wonderful music.

Analiese:) - MASTERPIECE

amazing. beautiful. perfection.

raquelcazares27 - LITERALLY THE BEST

conan is an under appreciated artist and he needs more recognition plus he’s such an incredible writer and this album just shows it. This album makes me emo. Ok thank you 🙂

tara💜vball - LOVE

every song is perfection

Dallasboy26 - An emotional roller coaster!!

This album was MAGNIFICENT. I never felt bored or had an urge to skip because every song delivers so so so much both sonically and lyrically. I always say the best singers are actors and Conan proved that. Although he isn’t an actor he delivers so much emotion and depth to each and every song especially the tracks “Wish you were sober” and “Heather”. Heather being my favorite due to the immensely beautiful vocals and relatability. This was a huge step up from his EP “Sunset Season.” This is one of the best debuts I’ve ever heard!

Teddi D. - Just fell in love honestly

Favorite new artist hands down.. cant stop listening to this album 🖤

molliepen - WORK OF ART

Having listened to Conan since his first EP release, I am glad to say that i am extremely impressed with how far he has come. His vocal rage had been developed into what i can say, one of the best in the industry. His music production has sky rocketed and Kid Krow is a wonderful example of how good this man truley is. If you haven't yet listened to Kid Krow, i highly reccommend that you do as you will not regret it. Thank you so much conan for this album.

Jojo😜😜😜 - So so good

Such a big fan of Conan, the album was chaotic, sad, happy, mad, mostly mad and I have a good feeling a lot of people will relate to at least one aspect of it. Definitely worth the wait, currently confused about if I’m angry or sad right now ✌️

Gummy_bear404 - AMAZING

Absolutely amazing, he got so creative with this album with songs like affluenza, fight or flight and heather.

olivia hili11 - He is the best!!!

Absolutely love Conan, great music and clever the same tunes.

Kliese, K - Absolutely amazing!!!😍😍😍

Hadn't heard of Conan since maniac and am now in love!!! Can't wait til album drops


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@killriz: @yearofjunhui EXACTLY. You have to be a maniac to look at Hannibal Lecter and think.... “🌸✨Hanni😌✨🌸”


I’m gonna draw myself some sexy Hex Maniac today and literally no one can stop me 😩💦


@primevk1: Tolga is maniac #gücünaşkında #BayYanlıș #CanYaman #Özgegürel #Ezgür


I had to pray like 4 times in the car yesterday with Jadae with her maniac driving


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@ComradeLuanne: ron paul had a stroke on live television and im laughing like a maniac bc i belong in hell


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@maniac_313 منم بچه بودم یکی از کارتونای مورد علاقم بود


My personal fave lmao. Creed was a maniac but so funny.


I once took my class to a Police Safety Event. There was a shop dummy waist high in a pond (to show the danger of c…


Dude signed a newsletter he probably didn't even read 30 years ago and you shit on him after he had a stroke but yo…


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