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“Yummy” is the lead single to Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album, and his first solo release since his fourth studio album, Purpose, released on November 13, 2015. Its release was accompanied by a lyric video, and an official music video that released at 12:00 PM EST on January 4th, 2020. Yummy is a term used to describe something or someone that you find very attractive or appealing. Justin uses this term to describe his wife, Hailey Bieber, to which he is known for publicly gushing over. Whether it’s commenting on photos of her, or writing a poem for her, Justin always shows just how much he loves his wife. The song, along with its release date, was announced on December 24, 2019, via a trailer, for his album on YouTube, which also played a snippet from the track. Bieber continued teasing the track all day on January 2, 2020, the day before the track’s release. He tweeted a snippet from the track’s apparent music video, as well as another teaser of the track’s instrumental version. Download Justin Bieber - Yummy MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Yummy MP3 file uploaded on January 3rd, 2020.

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Justin Bieber - Yummy MP3 Comments & Reviews

give is our 67 mill - End me


michaeljackson_mariahcarey - Not yummy yummy at all


love to Zach Clsyton - 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

The song should be yeah you got yucky yucky yucky yucky yucky no star review

SilySoli - Nope

Please stop.

salty girlfriend - boo


panda bear 888 - Music lover

Awesome 😎

hamsters are cute! - Why? ;-;

Sorry but I’m cringing

branddrand19 - Amazing

I love this song beautiful voice amazing person

robotdestroyer1234 - Trash

This song is the worst song I have ever heard

si da guy - Terrible

The worst song ever why can’t he just quit the songs are horrible.

Xx Heart staber xX - BEST SONG EVER!!!! 😍😄🤩🥳

OMG ID LISTEN TO THIS LIKE EVER DAY!!! IT MAKES ME WANNA BE A STAR 🌟 JUST LIKE YOU! From your dear fan, luv it Justin Bieber.... I like a song that’s pretty better than yummy but you still shine just not as much as cradles!

luv loonA - Distasteful, not Yummy

Lazy, uninspired. He’s talented and can do better, but isn’t. Why is putting out garbage when you’re popular acceptable for many artists?

Cutie Pie Girl 2009 - ★★★★★

Dear users, Who cares about hate? You do. Who needs to stop? All of you.

Nenry_ - no

astounding how a song with so many people working on it can be this awful and uninspired.

you are so funny - #BestSongEver 😜😂😀

So good my one year old sister listen to it

ytreally - Garbage

All he is doing is repeating the same word the whole song

Lost car - Bleggghhh

No no no

rose red🎒🎆 - I like it

It is very good

bpolissack - I kinda enjoy it

I like Justin great song!

Mireyar_2009 - Yummy

I love this song

yesssslovethisgammee - Trash




aaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh - So not yummy

What da.......

ArmyOnceYoonminion - I feel bad

For his fans, y’all waited on this? 🤮 He and his wife are trash and he got a shrimp 🍤

Mary Fart - This is a good asf song

This song is lit asf

Collin Arnold - ?

I’m worried about this guys mental heath

bBomb1rstar - Ya you that yummy

This song is funny little strange and a good song.

galaxyqueenxx - Yessssss

This song is sooooo catchy 😍 It’s basically stuck in my head

kkoruw - Yummy

This is a ok 👌 song but when he was younger he had better songs than this 🤮🤮🤮🥴🤢



LamaRios - EW

This is so terrible

Irenezbby - Damm

All I see are one star. 😂 I’m dying... not ok bro.

Pee panties - Justin failure

Gagagag rarrarar

FreddiesMercury - Stuck in my head

I like it. One of the better songs I’ve heard in a while. Americans are way too uptight. Chill and enjoy.

Garrus Vakarian12 - Trash

Terrible music. Repeating same word lyrics through half the song, unimaginative beats, and nothing of quality.

dipshitjake - Yucky 🤮

Wish I could go a star lower 🤢

hot peper jaz - Yeah this song is totally it......

I would give this song negative infinite stars if I could

Fairene - Geez

Congratulations, Aliya. This is my first Justin Bieber song to like and buy and it’s all because of you Queens N Lettos! Much love❤️❤️

Hermione Pedone - Good

It’s a great song

hx best f meridian - 🤮🤮🤮

No words

Cristapher - I’m sorry Justin

I think this song is okay people are being nasty and rude, it’s disgusting how people respond, personally I would have maybe changed the lyrics buts I’m happy your changing justin wanting to become a better person👍🏻 keep following Jesus Christ don’t let people put you down amen.

CrazyEagle29 - Garbage


c1v23 - Yummy

Love it🥰🥰

I'm Not Sarcastic - Not yummy

Girls ain’t yummy

creampuff6789 - No words.

I don’t know how it takes half a decade to say yummy 1,000,000,000,000,000 times. 🤷‍♀️

Spillzlover - Honestly sad

Imagine all the poor Justin Bieber fans who waited 5 years for this... so sad

Angeliqueako - best

this song hypes me up in the morning

JMB5544 - Yummy yum 😋

Love dancing to this!! ❤️👌🏻💛

smallyeet1 - 🤢Not yummy

F word this it was the worst thing I have ever bought on apple 🍎 music and I spent like 1.37 on it because it never told me anything about tax.😤🤬I am so mad because I hate this song it is not yummy whatsoever!! I hate it do not buy it. It is the worst thing that will ever happen to you in your life if you buy it! Don’t buy it!!

rjrjjgkekels - Bad

Horrible song 100% trash

ellasolko - Love yummy 🤤


shhdddfgh - I love it sooooooo much

Sooo good

SSS Music - Yikes

Generic garbage. No growth, no taste.

candy carrie - Yummy

I ♥️ it so much its amazing

Lost Mundane - Irritating

He should really release something new

anonymous555552277 - Why

The lyrics are so bad!

Ale mike! - Descent if you lower expectations

Yes the song overall is cringe and bad, but if you lower you’re expectations and take it more as comedic and vibe ish track it’s not the worst thing in the world.

193:mran - 🔥🔥🔥


meep's - Worst song ever


adriannarosedq - Ughh


inknown58642 - Awful

Try and write some actual lyrics. That would make a good start.

therhinestonecowgirl - Really annoying

Why doesn’t he try to pick up an instrument and make some real music for a change? This annoying crap could be made by anybody who knows how to use a computer.

jvssicaramos - really bad and disingenuous

the song itself is typical trashy bad pop music. but the marketing (making 8 youtube videos, asking fans to do different things to inflate the song in the top charts) is super gross.


10/10 would recommend I love this song so much and I’m so happy Justin is back can’t wait for what else he has in stores for us

SublimeSunshineYYZ - I was curious..

....now I wish I could cut my ears off. Awful.

AngelLaMae - Worst piece of garbage I have heard in a long time

My ears feel like they are bleeding. Had to shut it off after it got to the chorus. This is not music nor valid to be called a song. This is absolute garbage. Purpose was a great record. If this is the direction he’s going, I worry for his career. It took multiple people to write this nonsense. Awful!!

ABPalijah - Gross.

Please just stop now.

Donuthime - JUST BAD!

Bad album and the whole desperation and creepy promoting part is making it hateful to even come across it. Just disgusting!

Nico Tulabut - Pinky Shady’s hair

Not yummy at all 👎 This is trash 🗑

graciehopeg - Disappointing

The song sucks but that would be fine if Justin didn’t constantly pressure his fans to get this to the #1 spot. Really disappointing.

ozzin3009 - Fine

This is nothing new at all. It’s just boring.

00795 - #notyummy


DinoGirl77 - not good

generic radio song, downgrade from his already bad music

Glittergirl 13 - boring

repetitive, nothing new, uninspired. the fact that jb is begging for streams makes this even worse.


its really good for not making songs for like 3 years. it could be better but I think yall should give him some time to get back to writing music alot. great job!

yaymovies - 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dude. Really?

AlainPerron3 - Worst song

A major step back. Not creative+ beg his fan to listen to it because he want to be #1 but he don’t deserve the #1 place...

hsiaosg - catchy

it gets stuck in your head it’s such a chill song just what we need

unknown🤡 - Terrible 🤢

I don’t get why people like a trashy song like this.

ishebjsushsns - ushdkxishsnsjsj

it sucks

Hghtop - JB is Yummy



begging for number 1 on charts i cannot 🤣🤣

Sheyarmstrong - Awful

Worst song I’ve ever heard

Anthony001754 - stupid song

he doesnt care about his fans and only wants to be #1 on charts

MayQueen1996 - Juvenile

A mindless attempt at a tribute song for his wife.

Etti_ - So boring

Could he be any less creative? This has so little effort and belongs in the bin.

iluvthetommo - Mediocre at Best

The lyrics are fairly meaningless, music is boring... not the worst song in the world, but like... it took FIVE people to write this?!

Semjhk - Amazing.

His voice is so soothing and I am really happy to hear it. God bless you.

DoraSpeck - #Yummy

Yummy's an amazing song! I love it so much. I love you, Justin.

Fun gi 227 - Good


Creephantom17 - I LOVE IT!🔥

JB is back!

Jewl1 - Fun Song!

Fun song, that makes you want to dance and eat! Yummy. 💃💕

AdamsM53 - Probably his worst single


Bballegeer - Awful

Awful song unfortunately. Wanted to like it but cant wven listen to the full song

strongerthanthehate - Justin will always come out on top

Imagine being so desperate and immature that you come to your fav singers ex’s page to promote an album lmao remember who gave her the career in the first place.

HoototheHa - Garbage


hmmmmAmmmm_mm - IT SLAPS

It slaps!!

montrealugirl - JB


Rapid1234 - LOVE

Love you and missed you JB!!! Can’t wait for the album to drop. The song is so catchy and fun !!

PoopyHead. - Yum


ahsfan3a92 - BADDDDD

Stream Lover, Melodrama, Rare, Thank u next, Fire on Marzz, reputation, future Nostalgia, pure heroine, kid krow, sunset season, cuz I love you, late night feelings, back to black, 1989, sweetener, hot pink, witness, speak now, WWAFA WDWG Stream these albums and more for clear skin

Over space and out - I hate this F***ing song

This song is so disrespectful towards females and basically anyone who likes or support this are encouraging a sexist, inappropriate abusive man.

John Wick from Förtnite - Bad song

Not funny didn’t laugh

mr melon man - Yummy

you’re an ooey gooey yummy gummy tasty little snack Ima hit it from the back Hit it from the back babe

nauticarlauren - New Decade. Leave him in the past.

It's a new decade. A new era. Justin is getting old and his music is a flop. Lost his midas touch. ITS TIME TO RETIRE FROM THE MUSIC SCENE.

Harry_niall4life - Meh

I hate it soz

SoTotallyEpic - Biebs made a worse version of Baby

This is just garbage.

Steph hauber - Am I the only one who enjoys this

Something light and not really lyrically good but don’t mind when it comes on !

Nick321D - Not good

Not a good song it could of been a lot better

SuperChill13 - Lazy

What a lazy song, put more effort in your music🤡.

Pusheen_Queen24😼 - Can you guys like STOP?😡

Look I don’t really like Justin but I sort of like this song, I think he really tried and that’s what matters. Now stop hating.

Markray5150 - Garbage!!!!

Zero star rating. This is absolute rubbish. Find a new occupation Bieber. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

murder2themind - YUCKY

It’s very yucky. It’s not right at all.

MreEloc - Flop of a song!

Oh my gosh I can’t believe he even released this....

pelbel - Da fuk?

What a pathetic song lol


my family left me cause i played this now i have nothing. don’t buy it your family will never come back

stay beautiful 😊 - Rubbish

the songs absolute RUBBISH. But are we surprised? It’s Justin Bieber 🤮 after all

Dani Jolley - I LOVE IT

All I gotta say is.. I LOVE IT

DolceMio - Oh No

Why does he put us through this torture every so often. I don't think it's 'catchy' at all. Annoying YES!! Waste of a talented voice. Reading other reviews, I think it sums it up as a NO NO NO!!

lysse1996 - Ew

Annoying not catchy at all

brndna - One word.


Norsien - um...

You shouldn’t have released this as the lead single...

Matthew Stephens - News just in... this is trash

It's not even the first week of 2020 and a brand new decade, but this washed up pop star just released what is possibly the worst song of the year and maybe of the decade. Can Justin please retire? This is just getting old...

Ali14684 - Shockingly bad

Bieber has once again proved that he is not exactly a lyrical genius.

No ordinary thug - Yummy?

Please someone give him a dummy and a hearing aid to so he know how yucky this is.

VlogChannel - disgusting.

what is this? imagine going hiatus for 4 years and release this. the lyrics are very cringe and non sense. boring song

abbyyhge - Loveeeee

So catchy

fsc003 - Catchy

Like all other JB songs, you just can’t get it out of your head

r4anne - One of his worst songs

I’m a belieber and I still have to admit this IS his worst song to date! I don’t know what age group he is trying to entertain at this point. It sounds like something I would play for my 2 year old sister I’m sure she would like it. Actually on second thought this is an amazing nursery rhyme! 10/10 recommend for 2 year olds :)

1ProudBelieber!! - RnBieber

Can’t wait for jb5 to drop, yummy is meant to be a fun tune that garners attention for his upcoming album release, love it or hate it, it’s a catchy bop!

deejayy01 - unknown title

Playing this music while I eat Crunch Wrap from Taco Bell

1ugh - Ok?

This song is a bit catchy at the chores and it’s a ok song but I like it a bit

poobumboy - Trash Yuck!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Throw this garbage song in the bin where it belongs

kelsoegraceee - :)

Happy he’s back

Alicejmusic - Justin is back!

Love the beat and the bop of this song!! Great tune to get in your head!

KalxCasy - Umm no

You can do better. Hopefully your album isn’t like this 😐 I can’t even explain how bad this song is

hape2cu - This song is possibly his worst.

No words can describe this

wonderlandd101 - Yummy more like yucky

Horrible song 🤢

deadracer99 - Best song ever!!! 😍❤️

I absolutely love this song, and I can’t wait for Justin Bieber’s comeback album, it’s seriously going to kick!!! Such a catchy song, and I can’t wait for more this year! 😍

Madboy11 - The Worst

Possibly the worst song ever released, so it will probably be a number one hit

Jinkies22 - Not horrible

Not horrible but you could do better keep trying tho 💫

kkkkkkkkeeeeeen - NO

CAN I PUT NO STARS? This is garbage, in the bin

i am annoyed 213 - what is the purpose?

honestly, what was he trying to achieve. someone please explain. the lyrics make no sense and the lines that do are childish and revolting. you can hear the auto tune. the beat is recycled from 6 years ago. this is not talent, this is pure trash. sure he had some good songs in the past but this isn’t it at all. it’s disgusting how a song of this quality gets as much recognition as it does and unknown artists who have extreme talent don’t get any. congratulations to everyone who contributed to the production of this song, you did a horrible job.

Ilovebooksellajade - Repetitive


Blarz2 - Bad lyrics

I heard this song once and forgot most of it. The only part I remember is the poorly written and generic chorus

Stacey Jaundrell - Yummy

This song is so good love it! Gets you dancing and wanting ice cream 🍦

mousaannous09 - Quite repititive

All he says is yummy yummy yummy

maddds20 - um...

I’m not a big JB fan but normally his songs are okay & I’ll listen to them when it’s on the radio, but omg this is horrible 😕

fayIine - terrible

wow another artist jumping on the trap trend to make another bad song

TeamBreezyforever😎💋 - I LOVE IT


andycaarvalho - 💜💜💜💜💜💜


daph - swapitfenty - AMOOO

não é o melhor que já lançou mas continua sendo perfeito, vocais impecáveis e não tem como ficar parada quando toca. te amo meu pítico justin

jovs_s - Muito fraca

Esperava mais do cantor, não curti a melodia muito menos a letra sem sentido. Passou vexammy

RayaneCP - Kkk

Cadê o #1? Justin vc prometeu

gossippboy - chernobyl né

pura radiação

jahshshshshehe - lenda


GP Thais - Vulgar

Sem comentários.

Vitória🦋 - 😍


dudabnunes - Perfect

A batida é excelente a letra sincroniza certinho com o tempo da batida, ao mesmo tempo suave e doce como o álbum jornouls mas com uma textura de trap ao fundo. Perfeito vem próximos tiros deste álbum ❤️

bi19/11 - Fraca

Se esperava mais dele.

larissarafaela03 - Yummy

A pior música do Justin Bieber, dei uma estrela pq não dava pra dar nenhuma...

ladannnn - amoh

ended seltuna

@coutinhoadrielly - Yummy

Vim pelo Justin, estou muito orgulhosa dele. E quero ouvir as outras músicas logoooo! 🤤

Gabriellebernardes - THE BEST

This song is amagazing

ferzinhaserrano - Amo!

Viciada demais nessa música ! Justin você arrasa !

@foofis - Amei

Perfeita sem defeitos

@falseboyy - amei!


16Dinho - Fraca

Por ser Justin a música é muito fraca, as músicas dele ficam na mente e esse foi só decepção, não chegou nem de longe ficar na mente.

jaacqs - ...

É sério q isso é música?

honeyurs - Choryummy

Dando uma estrela pq não é possível dar 0. Beliebers, vocês prometeram que esse seria O COMEBACK do ano.

kaaaahsz - love it


vaicorinthiana - lindo




isabelazevdo - Perfeito


Familia5guimaraes - AMEI !!

Bieber 💜

claraline013130 - 2020

it’s so good😩❤️❤️

karol.kirs - Adorável música


Leh Dias - Amazing

Gret song

babiroman - EU OUVI E DISSE: LENDA!

Give him a grammy!!! Maravilhoso. ARTISTA. Amo ❤️🇧🇷

Gabrieladocarmo - podia ser melhor

amei por ser musica do justin ate gruda na cabeça mas a musica é meio xoxa

KrysAlves - Bieber is back

Great music.

me12345) - Lit!

What a song!

Blenda M. - my king is back. 👑

os vocais totalmente impecáveis. tão feliz com essa volta, estou convicta que 2020 é todo dele!!!

JackieMachado - AMO

Que venha o JB5!! R&Bieber 👑

lelepessoaa - Yummy

So gooooood

Adoro ❤️ - Eu amooooo 😍😍😍


isnsksnIwie72 - legend

Yeah u got that yummmyyyyy yummmmyyy

araujojani - Hit


Stefani C M - Bieber 2020

Maravilhosa a música 💕

gisoares05 - INCRIVEL

musica simplesmente gruda na cabeça e a batida é impecável, sem contar que o Justin Bieber é um dos artistas mais talentosos da atualidade

biebsffer - bieber is back


@AllDudss - ICONE

yeah u got that yummy yummy yummy

Mauricio1989 - Amei

Beliebers comprando a música no carnê kkkkkkk

Claraaaaa💖 - amazing!!!!

his comeback was surprising and as usual, he got #1 in less than a week after the release of YUMMY! He’s proof that you don’t need to write about his ex to be a great song.

Juliaacorreiaa - yummy

felizmente não precisamos rebaixar os outros pra hitar🤪❤️ BIEBER 2020

ToriEdwards - IMPECÁVEL!!!

Simplesmente perfeito, #Bieber2020.

Can't Luba💕 - Bieber never let’s us down!

This song is so amazing! It’s a freaking bop and you can’t tell me otherwise! Been a belieber since 2009, and i’ll stick with you forever Justin! Sending so much love towards you and Hailey, and we’re so excited for this new era, for the new album, the new tour and the docu-series! AND STREAM YUMMY!!! 💘

luiza koyanagui - Bieber Is Back!

THIS IS SO GOOD! We loved yummy so much! You are the best

Ricku Lopes - PERFEITA!!! 0 DEFEITOS!

Bieber nunca errou se mordam de raiva Haters


felizmente o jb não precisa fazer uma música (ou até mesmo um álbum) que inclua a ex pra hitar


Blueberry pancakes 🥞 & iced coffee 🤤 #pancakes #blueberry #blueberrypancakes #yummy #coffee #food #foodporn…




@beetfarmer11 @WittyYou17 This looks yummy 😋


Yummy dog 🐶




@AynW good luck! you can flavor up each color w/ matching fruits too (lime for green, raspberry purple, lemon yello…


@mintho1025: #LeeKnow’s song recommendations: Justin Bieber - Yummy IU - Give You My Heart (마음을 드려요 - Clash Landing on You OST) #리노 #…


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@funa_majin 음~벌써 Yummy


@izumilovescurry Nn~!!! Kantoku-san, you should make them ti~ny tri~angles :'< But that loo~ks sooo yummy, I bet…


@iamvictoryaa Yummy want to eat u out inside of ur car


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