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Download Kelsea Ballerini - The other girl (with Halsey) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. The other girl (with Halsey) music file uploaded on March 20th, 2020.

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Kelsea Ballerini - The other girl (with Halsey) MP3 Comments & Reviews

Bella36481 - So good

Every single song is sooooo good

ethanlees - Rest In Peace

Here lies country music. Auto tuned pop music garbage. I bet only 2 songs on this were actually written by her.

danielj210 - Thank you

This album is mature, fun, and beautiful

Petros Georgiadis - A beautiful collection of songs and confessionals

This new album is more than I expected! The perfect amount of country, pop, modern day beats and even a dash of retro! Her duet with Halsey is pure sugar to the ears, a vulnerable song which I consider a modern day 'The Boy is Mine' but with a twist. BRAGGER is just a good old time! I can sense a bit of retro 60's pop in this one - always makes me want to dance (even in the street) Like i used to is the ultimate "forgot about you" anthem. We can all relate to this one. Country song is just a mood in itself - We all have those days where we can literally write a song about how we feel - this one is it! A beautiful collection of songs and confessionals!<3

Ender daimand - ...idk

I dont know i just really love this album my favorite is “the other girl”. its just a really good album if. you dont like it them dont listen to it ,common sense ps sorry about grammer i when back on my phone to type this review

Kimmyyla - Fantastic!!!!

Since the album dropped, it’s all I’ve been listening too! Can’t wait for the tour!!! Love ya kels!!!!!!!

parkdog2017 - Yess!!! I love it!

So so good!! I love the song with Halsey

KingCalawayFan - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




Maeziindahouse - Love this album!

This album brings a smile to my face! It’s not country per-say, but it has some really good songs! Bragger is one of my favorites! Homecoming queen gets me in my feels. Keep it up!

Rachael Donn - Couldn't make it in POP MUSIC

Wish I could give 0 stars.

Khaled s3eed - So calm and comfortable while listening to this voice and songs.

So calm and comfortable while listening to this voice and songs.

Certified Turtle Licker - Good Pop Album, Bad Country Album

This is not a bad album as whole when taken from a genre agnostic view. As a pop album this is good. However, it does not have really any resemblance to country. If someone is expecting that, because it is technically classified as such, they will be disappointed.

HayesFan101 - Solid album

Kelsea has always been a true talent in my eyes. I’m not one of those “it’s not country” haters; I’m analyzing the album from a lyrical, production-wise standpoint and in relation to her past releases. Many of the songs on this album are very well produced and have compelling melodies. (Ex. the other girl and bragger). Other songs shine lyrically. (Ex. love and hate, half of my hometown, and la). Some songs just flat-out throw Kelsea’s life experience out there with some catchy beats in the background. (Ex. overshare and hole in the bottle). Overall, most songs on the album are great. I would recommend to buy, but if you don’t have “The First Time” or “Unapologetically”, get one of them instead. If you really like them for the lyrics, production, and voice of the singer, then “kelsea” is a great album that I would highly recommend for you.

chicago med - Love

This girl is very talented, this will be a great album!! Love the song Club, and Homecoming Queen! Can’t wait for the new music to come! I will definitely be buying this soundtrack!! Keep it coming!! 🔥🔥🔥❤️😀 You are a good country singer, don’t let people pull you down.. they just are jealous! Love!! Highly recommended I love every song that you produce and love the album!!! Luv

Homoky 20101 - Such a beautiful album

This album has been on repeat for the last week, I’ve been a fan since The First Time and am not disappointed. Sure not all of it may sound “country”, but it is still such a great album and you can tell that she really put her blood, sweat, and tears into this album. I love the vulnerability of it all, it makes it really relatable. Probably my favorite album of hers so far, and so happy she could get some really big artists like Kenny Chesney to be apart of it all. Amazing album Kelsea ❤️

Haydenxlover - Kelsea

This is an awesome album. You deserve everything in the world. I saw you once during the meaning of life tour with Kelly and you were amazing. I’m so glad I found you. Thanks for your music it has helped me through everything. You are a real down to earth person. I love you!

emloveszac - Beautiful album

Lyrics, vocals, production: stunning. I love every single song! Bops and ballads. This is definitely my choice for album of the year 💗

LovinWithMyLife - kelsea is my fav.

kelsea is my favorite artist at the moment & this album does not disappoint. it’s her heart, soul, & so much more. she’s such a kind soul to let us in like this. she’s the real deal.

PrettyPurple29 - mystical magic

kelsea always pulls through. she really popped off with this one. the production, lyrics, instruments, overall sound is WONDERFUL. her best work 👏 i only have positive things to say about this album.

htw93 - Love this album

Great music, definitely written from the heart.

brady r creasy - She’s a good singer

She’s a alright singer but ffs this is not country music this is only pop music smh

bake3388 - #1

Country album of the year! Crushes all the cookie cutter male country artists of today!!

slucas - So it's not country. Get over it.

Jeez, what with the hate? If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it. I assume if I went and looked at Taylor Swift's reviews from her non-country albums, you probably slammed her as well. This is a great mix of genres. And a great mix of songs... both musically and lyrically.

TuuuffCookie - Great album

I love this album, and I can relate to so many songs on her album. She is definitely one of my favorite singers. Her album is on repeat! Great job Kelsea! Let’s get her to number one!

AntiqueRoses - Not country!

Seriously needs to be under another genre, it sure isn’t country and it’s horrible!!!

Justin Kelsea - What a superstar!

Wow. Well done, Kels. This is the best album yet. From the lyrics to the melodies to the production....YOU’RE ONE TALENTED HUMAN BEING! I’ll forever support you through thick and thin. PS I took the chance in catching the Coronovirus to buy this album! Anything for you. ❤️

Ruff hen - Complete Pop

Label it what it is and don’t force it into country music.

geopang - This is country??


C-Red23 - Garbage

As a Country album this thing is a dumpster fire. She can sing, but these songs are trash. Label this POP and then it becomes just rubbish.

Christine-Christmas - she did: that

this is for sure her best album. she’s really finding her sound and it’s beautiful

fighter11986 - Not country!

Why work with ho-halsey?

countrymusicfan🤠 - Beat album ever!!!🎤🤠

This is kelsea Ballerini’s best album yet. Super happy that she released this record!!! This is a must listen for any country music fan🤠🎤!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nat_Pack_2001 - Love It!

Love it! Awesome Album!💛😊

Dazdrn06 - Great album

Is it that true, true country. Nope, it’s her style and she does it well. Like another reviewer posted. It’s a sub-genre. Great job!

Poptartaaaa - Love it

Definitely sounds more like pop but I love it regardless! 💗

ashleyy701 - Her best work!

Kelsea has come so far and her collaborations on this album are amazing! She’s so mature in her sound and her vocals are amazing. The lyrics are so relatable. Best album of 2020!

jessica ggg - OBSESSED

this is amazing. Kelsea wrote and produced these songs, worked so hard on them and dug in her core to write them and deliver the best songs. Love love love!!!! I love the variety

1RUNNER! - Good music ≠ country

The album has good songs on it. But this isn’t country. It should be considered pop. At this point I don’t think any “country” artist knows what country sounds like.

ErinDanielle - I adore her style. Love some of the songs!

I am huge fan of kelsea. this has some really lovely songs on it (homecoming queen and half of my hometown, hole in the bottle) I gave it 4 stars because I really enjoy a few songs on it. I don’t think it has the cohesion of telling a consistent story as an album. Maybe it’s because each song had a different writer or collaborator on it, some of the collabs were awesome, but you can feel that inconsistency if you play it as a record straight through. Individually, some of the songs are shining stars that will live long on country radio.

DreamyFire11 - Amazing album!

I love the words and lyrics to her songs! Very personal (:

Offi¢ialBo$$ - Not good

Terrible music

mgschubie23 - Amazing

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Very relatable

3Nicole3 - AMAZING, to say the least.

Kelsea, this album is FIRE! Me every time i listened to the next song, "Oh, this one is my favorite!" Truth is, they all rock and they are ALL my favorite.

EliiJrr - Amazing 💕💕

Just love love love ♥️

Foodwifigodsleeplife - Saddened

Usually, I don’t write a review but I was disappointed in a language word in a song. I think the singing is amazing but it wasn’t even labeled explicit. The innocent country is the best!

Via03 - Amazing! #Feels

I love every song on this album. I like every song on all of her albums so I ain’t surprised. My favorites are “the way I used to” and “the other girl” ft Halsey. Had those in repeat all day today. Wonderful job Kelsea!! Applause!!!!! 🤩 ❤️ This whole album got me some type of way.

DaisyRae88 - Disappointed 😔

Dang it...I loveddddd her last two albums but this one is just not sounding good. ☹️😩

good to be gay - still young but so able

I'm 71 years old, and most of the songs don't draw me, but, as usual with this young lady, there are always two or three songs that grab my heart: this time, "Half of my home town" and "Needy." Finely crafted, heartfelt songs. Once this young lady matures--if she's not ruined by fame--she will be a superb songwriter and performer.

Wilks 💕 - In love 🥰🥰🥰

This album is her best yet and has not one bad song. It’s a really good mix of country and a little bit of pop which I love!! I have always loved kelsea and her music. Keep writing amazing bops kels 💘💘💗💗!!!

AlicjaOh - Love it

Needy and Club - BEST.

kerwoodite - Love it!

Such a personal album. Overshare and Homecoming Queen are my favourites!

Hehhdjxjspsosldkjdhf - Wow

Very cool!

Jen Carrat - So Relatable

Every song from start to finish has you hooked! Not very often I buy a full album.

aquabullechuk - her best album yet

very few serve the way Kelsea does

Ge 🌸 - I love this album

Kelsea is literally the only Country artist that i’ll listen to, as i’m actually not a fan of Country music but i really liked this album. plus her collaboration with Halsey is brilliant and their voices work so so well together!

Ajkh 34 - Love

I have all three albums of hers and love them and shame she not play much over in the uk at all. I got in to her as heard one of her songs when in America then brought her album

Ryan 333 - Kelsea ballerini

i hate country music so much

unicorn farm - Her best album yet

I love it, I actually like a lot of the songs on this masterpiece. Fun, feel good tunes 💖

Bronnyly - Great Album

Beautiful songs Kelsea. First reviewer, you have no idea. Well done Kelsea, your songs are wonderful. Very cleverly written and music to my ears.

Makindi - A precious collection of songs

Bless her soul, so so beautiful. I feel a part of me in every single one of these songs, thank you Kelsea

ahsfan3a92 - Terrible 🤮🤮

The singles are terrible, album cover is trash. Overall so far it’s really bad album

Gabrieldelg - Incrível

Esse álbum é fantástico! Kelsea, obrigado por nos presentear com suas lindas músicas.

dakrhxbw - maravilhosa

os singles tao impecáveis, o album vai estar perfeito

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



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Can’t stop won’t stop listening to kelsea ballerini’s new album. Go listen to the other girl (with Halsey) and thank me after


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@WPOC: For Women on Wednesday today we've got our winner from last week, @MarenMorris with To Hell & Back up against @KelseaBallerini &…


@WPOC: For Women on Wednesday today we've got our winner from last week, @MarenMorris with To Hell & Back up against @KelseaBallerini &…


For Women on Wednesday today we've got our winner from last week, @MarenMorris with To Hell & Back up against…


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