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JS age 60 - I understand

I lost my son in the same way a couple of weeks before Truett passed. He completely captured what my wife & I were going through. Amazing gift!

hello i am katie - Made me cry

This song is so touching and I know how much it means. Thank you Toby for touching us all.

Jroy1981 - Jroy1981

Made me cry, what a sweet tribute to your son. God bless you!

Tink.......... - Heartfelt and fabulous

Thank you so much for this. Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful son. May he Rest In Peace. It is truly touching. Again, thank you.

Please read🤔🤔🤔😢😢😢 - This song made me cry.... mostly because i grew up listening to all of toby’s music

I looked up to truett as a brother, regarding the fact that I never knew him. May his soul rest in peace.😔 Thanks toby, and remember your never truly alone.

unicorns1989 - Hard to believe he’s gone

I can remember when he was born I watched him grow up! RIP Tru-Dog

Criskratt - Very Touching

This is a very heartfelt song. Toby poured out all his emotions in one song. Me and some friends are going to see TOBYMAC in his 2020 Hits Deep Live Tour on the 30th. I really hope to hear this song. My Aunt died the same day this song came out and it has helped me out. Another great hit by Toby. If I was him I would’ve cried in the recording studio. R.I.P. Truet he is in better place now.😇

mbbesaw - Great perspective

Awesome lyrics and expression for those who have lost children, and those who still have children loaned to them by God!

tigerdig1 - B strong (it’s soposed to say tigerdog)

I love your music and it’s changed my heart to how i think of God. I know it’s hard to lose something or someone special. I lost my grandfather last summer. I don’t even know your familie but i cried when i listend to 21 years. I’m only 13 but i do understand how hard it is to make a sudden change. I was Born in America but now i live in the Netherlands. And that was a hard change for me because of missing friends. But nothing compairs to losing someone so close to you.

gamerverseguy (from Roblox) - Wow

This song is very emotional I cried at the end. Still love it.

Amin Lot - 🖤


Szar101 - Beautiful

Losing a loved one is always hard. God is with us every second of every day. What helps me is knowing a strong Christian will be in heaven with God. Wow that is so awesome. This song comes from Tobymac’s heart. It is just beautiful. Thank you God for allowing the world a singer/raper that is so strong in his faith. TobyMac is someone special. My prayers are with your family and those who knew your son. He is in heaven. This is a must download.

Ls371 - Tearful. Powerful. Trusting God’s love.

This song says it all. From the heart and soul.

AnotherGig - Chills...


SherwoodWV - Dad’s Heart

Thanks Toby for laying your heart wide open in word and song.

joester1231 - Wow

Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us Toby

josiah Ramos - Idk

Is this about truett?

🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 - Rip


sidstar4 - Wow, just...wow.

I love this song. You can tell it’s from the heart.

TwoKnights06 - A Father’s Powerful Love


djordahl12 - Powerful

This is an amazing song about his son. So well thought and emotional.

SLR-Mia - Heart felt!

Toby MAC is my favorite Christian artist. I’ve seen him 4 time in concert. I thought that he put everything in his music, until I heard this! Now, he put it all in!! WOW, just WOW. Love you Toby, my prayers and condolences to you and tour family. There are no words.

racita - So beautiful!!

My heart breaks for you! But thank God you believe and that you have Jesus to remind you of your gifts. I feel the same way after losing my mom when I was 24 years old. She wasn’t mine to keep forever on Earth and I choose to be so thankful for the 24 years that God let me have her with me here on Earth. And look so forward to spending eternity with her and all the other believers!! Hugs Toby!!!

bugsky31 - Heartbreakingly Amazing

Soo good! After dealing with a fair amount of death in my life, this song really speaks to me.

vinylfan71 - Marinated Melody

Lifting Toby, his lovely wife, and precious family up in prayer and trusting the Holy One to rush His Spirit into and about their home, individual lives, and ministry. This song is marinated in love, heartache, faith, and trust above all. The song is anointed and the lyrics penetrate the soul and provide a salve for the deepest of hurts.

JwLakers707 - Good song


Sean Davila - I know how you feel

My dad died in September 2 weeks after his 41st birthday, all this time I’ve been asking God the same questions. I still wish I could be with him for longer.

efhisv21 - So beautiful

Pure Emotional True Beautiful

yeijtghrjfbdas - GOAT


Marvel Future Ways - What a excellent tribute to your son.

This is so deep. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😢😢😢😢

abc123.:. - Extraordinary ♥️


westonjcunningham - God bless you

Proud of Toby for taking the higher road of trusting God through the valley

pekka smith josi - amazing

this is the best song ever i have felt with the death of a loved one so this touches home!

Monkrycrazy20 - Powerful

Can’t listen to this song without feeling Toby’s pain. So sad but he has put all of his emotions into a beautiful song dedicated to his son. Brings tears!

AndrewO247 - Wow

Really good

Maddi M Avery - AWESOME


MalachiBren - Great

This is the type of music I like, I’m praying for you Toby

itunesuserme - Beautiful


Living in Orlando - You can feel the sorrow

A beautiful tribute to his son. Raw emotions come through as you listen to this song. We are are feeling your sorrow as members of God’s family. We love you and are praying for you.

Mmammamiia - Incredibly touching tribute to their son!

Rest In Peace, TruDog!

Trace404 - Trace404

Beautiful song! Wonderful tribute to your son!

Thedreadpirateroberts - Love to you & yours Toby

Heartbreaking and hopeful. Well said. Bless you brother.

BloveD1 - Beautiful.

How can anyone review a tribute? Seems words fall short. TobyMac if you read these, thank you for sharing your feelings with others. Life is fragile and beautiful. Love is eternal. God has Truett in His arms. Truett will run to greet you too when God calls you home, and no more I miss you’s.

maphelps - Raw and Full of Emotion

A beautiful story of the balance between the questions and the hope after such a loss. Wonderfully done Toby.

triforcemama - Transparent Heartbreak

You can hear and feel Toby’s heart so clearly in this song. It’s is beautifully written and orchestrated as we have come to expect from Toby, but what sets this song apart is the deep emotion felt. There is no doubt that God is still using Truett’s life to bring forth this song that will no doubt touch the lives of families and friends who have also lost loved ones. Thank you Toby for being so open and honest through your grief.

JustMeADA - Heartache

This is such a wonderful expression of what a parents heart feels through the loss. Thank you Jesus for Toby and his family. Thank you for welcoming this son into your arms. Comfort this beautiful family.

puzz-ling - Thank you Toby MAC

I also lost my first born. Thank you for sharing your story thru this song.

Me 4732588742194752578442 - Thank you for giving to the Lord

Your family is in our prayers Mr. Toby. Thank you for being a solid leader in this crazy world. I want to thank you for the song “City on our knees”. God has used that song in my life to give me such a unique perspective on what life is all about.

Petra Rock - As a dad...

I can realize the emptiness from the hard change right here and at the same time the fullness of love that holds what you cherish close inside. Such a benefit how he cares enough to share this experience with others and honor his young man.

airbank@gmail - Heartfelt...

It is an incredible and touching tribute to his son, Truett. RIP Truett.

tobymacisnumberone - 21 Years From TobyMac Review

Awesome song and I love it. It is one of my favorite songs from TobyMac. It is a great tribute to his son named Trudett :)

mrsverretti - Beautiful Tribute

Beautiful tribute to your son. The strength as a parent to sing through that...


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