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scrnqueen4eva - Truly Talented

Don’t be fooled by the 1 star reviews that essential take personal shots at Lizzo and her appearance. She’s genuinely talented. Her voice is solid but she really shines with her song writing, musical arrangements and instrumentation (she actually reads, writes and plays music, which is so rare these days). To top it off…the songs are FIRE! I really like her!

amandax345 - 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

This is fantastic album and a classic! So many great hits on this!!!

pretty boiii - How dare u?!?

Ugh. You guys are idiots. Free will and all, just sometimes you go talkin’ trash. And when it’s at that level, Mama’s gon get ya.🔥🔥🔥😜

scottkaiser - Poor taste

Pure bad taste.

ommmmhgggggggg - HATERS!!!!!

Stop 🛑 this deserves a 5⭐️ why y’all hate like da heck what did she do bruh

Bellannick - Great Album

I didn’t buy the album when it came out but since I can now I decided to go with this version. Great lyrics and I love how much this album makes me feel.

Cutie Fry - People are being to hateful

It’s a decent bop

Shawn Vielee - More explicit songs

Better in color should have a E for explicit

irisicecream - Hair Toss check my nails

So good!!! 🤩

jstal82 - queen😻


hpgal860 - why are ppl hating this is so good

ok but she is so good at what she does stop hating she is just confident and theres nothing wrong with that

layup9999 - Why so many bad words?

It seems like she can’t even go 5 seconds before saying a bad word lol smh

ArcanVm - Album covers you can smell

So do you think being fat and loud will get a second album? Is that really a great creative gimmick

dudewhatzup - Wish I could give -100000000 stars


str575 - Why why Lizzo😒

Quit swearing. But so far good🙃

cletus bear - Awful

Truth hurts is maybe one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. She's just kinda talking/making up sounds in the song. Strongly suggest finding something else

awfulmiguel - Who

Does she cause earthquakes

BigPoppa0108 - Yeah no

Was not fond of this album. Not my cup of tea.

Lady 5 - Don’t buy it

Horrible horrible horrible

Please Harry - No hate t u (cuz I love u)

Lessss gooooooooo STOP DA HATE THO GUYS

Bender B Bender - Lizzo Haters Are Trolls

Reviews that “don’t like her voice” are written by people with no imagination. Get it gurl and let the haters hate all the way back to their hateful homes 😘

Chloe Ejtehadi - so stupid

Just begging for the center-of-attention life. Doesn’t deserve anything good.

Moeclec - Love Lizzo

Lizzo is awesome. Love her music and her confidence. Haters going to hate cause they have nothing to contribute. PEACE

Rainbowhighsowhatd - Love it


5🌸0😣 - I love her songs 😘😍 it’s so nice


dollyrotsavril - Obesity plus no talent is the new norm

Absolute trash!!!

JCNChicago - So good

Such a great album! Every song!

kiddmarkk - Talent

This girl has so much talent. It’s hilarious how many r-cists showed up to give a one star review. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s still breaking records and topping the charts. Stay mad 🤣

skrichmy - Hmm

I accidentally purchased this😪

si da guy - Only good as hell

The rest is terrible sooo trash🤾‍♂️🗑

anow glod kawaii - 😭

Songs are good but the cussing no just no! I mean nothing is wrong with you! (Really your good) but you realize people say we are losers and I wanted to cry cause I’m the biggest fan but it’s fine but I still like it but why??

glitterbombbayla1235 - Why ya’ll Haters?

I literally Love this music and I don’t get how others hate it.Although it’s a LITTLE inappropriate, I love this music

we we u - 🤢🤮she is fat ,no cheerleader body 💃🏿

All I’m saying is is fat and very much Obese and she definitely doesn’t have a cheerleader body or a model one so the haters are saying and telling the truth

carlalindaaaa - Amazing!!

Her lyrics, voice, and beats are amazing. She has motivating music and I feel like getting up and dancing. She’s powerful and you can hear the strength within her voice. I truly enjoyed this album.

Etaylor211 - Don’t listen to these losers

I’m so sick of people being rude just to be rude. She is an artist. If you don’t like what she creates, guess what? You don’t have to listen. You don’t get to tear people down because you don’t like the way they look. I guarantee if we held a mirror up to all these one star reviewers (not the legit few) we would see a slew of ugly, both inside and out. Get a hobby. Maybe create some music since you all think you would do a better job.

Buckaveli. - Lol

Jenny Craig is waiting for that call.

anthojybbnnn - Not good

Her music is so mediocre

67756444632258 - She seems like a confident person 👊

Love her music!!!

TheJDofDMV - Phenomenal Songs and Artist!

Lizzo could have realeased this in any of the last 3 decades and would have had a gamechanging album. Unique and sonic production! She has songs that will be classic and will get people to the dance floor years after their release! Respect!

U2istrash - Nope

Promotes obesity no thank you

Desirayray - I love Lizzy

I love the beats and the heart put into this album and the Missy Elliot ft. was unexpected and amazing

SquareIsTopOfCool - AMAZING!!

I’d like to preface this by saying: don’t be put off by the low rating on this album; there’s some sort of weird hate campaign going on in the reviews. So I (being late to the party as usual) discovered Lizzo about 3 days ago. I wish I’d had her music in my life years ago!!! This album is fantastic; I absolutely love it ❤️ Every song is fearless - some are raw expressions of emotion; others energizing and uplifting; all beautiful. Listening to her music is helping me regain the confidence I lost years ago in an abusive relationship and have been aching for ever since. It’s empowering and healing for me. Thank you, Lizzo ❤️❤️❤️ Also, haters leaving 1-star reviews: f right off. You clearly have not listened to this if you’re claiming “she can’t sing.” Since you pulled those low-effort reviews out of your a**, go ahead and shove them back in there.

🎶🐱MusicCat🐱🎶 - 🖕🏻😡🖕🏻

Why does everyone be hating on Lizzo! She is an amazing music artist who is also a person with feelings to ok!! All of you hatters need to back off. I was reading comments and I saw some making fun of her body. THIS IS NOT OK!!!! I mean, Seriously?!? How LOW can you people get?!?! If you have any problems with Lizzo that aren’t constructive criticism (I know that sounds lame but stay with me) I think you better re-think your life. No one needs your crap here ok!

Billie Team - Why da hate!!??

I haves one of Lizzo’s songs at first then I listened to the other songs and i fell in love with them ( if that makes Seant ) stops saying she has a bad voice and juging the way she looks ok there is a lot of hate about that if you were Lizzo fans that you would have liked this album no matter what Anyway, GREAT JOB LIZZO I LOVE THIS ALBUM I definitely recommend the fist four song in the album and boys

cincodedrinko - Love love love

Lizzo!! This album motivates me in all I do!! Love her!!!

Not-a-feminazi - Love it

Love this!

TanukiPoots - Glorious

Lizzo’s music is a beautiful celebration of life itself and it’s depth is incredible. It disappoints me to see some of the “reviews” on iTunes. I have Spotify and could listen to this album for free, but I came here to download it. I highly recommend this album~ you should give it a listen and judge it for yourself before believing those negative (*cough-fatphobic-cough*) reviews. 😘 Here’s to hoping the world is changing and begins to accept artists of all shapes and sizes. It should be about the music, not the image. 🌻

B Jennings - Horrendous

Not only is this ugly fat cow untalented and overrated it’s also dangerous given the fact that it runs around pretending that obesity is sexy and beautiful … BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN … it’s not baby fat it’s just fat baby, those are also not “curves and swerves” what they are are rolls and hills of fat cascading from the elastic in its clothing that’s being pushed and stretched to maximum capacity

fortnitegamr887 - Lizzo is absolutely great

I love in the music videos she wears smaller outfits despite her size on purpose keep it up lizzo 😘

mzantow - Fun but…

I like most of the songs; they have a strong beat and play with different styles but I’m hoping later albums cut down on the amount and frequency of times spent talking very explicitly about sex and almost dissing people who aren’t as thicc.

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About Better in Color [Lizzo] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Lizzo, album Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe), song Better in Color, released date 19 April 2019. Listening and fast downloading online to Better in Color - Lizzo mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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