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After a tragic 2018 overdose, Lovato returns to the spotlight with this powerful and heart-wrenching song. Released only moments before the pop superstar performed it at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, "Anyone" is a song that was meant to be a call for help. Demi recorded "Anyone" only 4 days prior to her overdose in July of 2018 in Los Angeles, California. "Anyone" peaked at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2020. This song also gave Lovato her first #1 single on the weekly Billboard Digital Singles Sales Chart. As of currently, Demi has the best selling solo female single of 2020 with "Anyone." Download Demi Lovato - Anyone MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Anyone MP3 file uploaded on January 27th, 2020.

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Demi Lovato - Anyone MP3 Comments & Reviews

shelbyjohoch - Anyone

Love Demi but this song doesn’t do it for me. Great lyrics though!

Courtneylo88 - You go girl.

So much love, girl. Do you. Screw the haters, they wish they had a fraction of the talent. Absolutely beautiful and raw. Powerful.

Vjanie83 - ✨ B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L. ✨

Well deserved standing ovation. What a beautiful song. Anyone who’s going through a situation can relate to this. Very touching. I watched the Oscars and I was speechless. I wasn’t a fan of Demi but girl.... I AM NOW. Congratulations on your comeback! ❤️ >>Now for the hater down below.... YOU are the reason why people go through what they go through. Listen to the lyrics and the melody. I think you all have to go get your ears and heart checked out. <<

XxGetPaidxX - Hell yah

They all used to refined shxt but this raw fire 🔥🔥🔥

Cam 85 - Powerful Message with raw vocals

I think the problem with people reviewing things is they give their opinions like they could do it better. Go ahead and give it a shot I guarantee a small percentage would even come close to singing this well. Demi Lovato has a great voice. Just a thought IF YOU DONT LIKE SOMETHING DONT LISTEN TO IT AND DONT REVIEW IT!

Ihatehillclimbracing - AWFUL

I had a headache all day after listening to this. She screeches the whole dang song!

jrdef01 - PERFECTION

The vocals are amazing, I’m not sure what all you haters are hearing! Maybe you need to quit listening to all those singers that need auto tune! THIS has a pure and natural sound . Well done Demi!

Lolavery121oggerchannel - Not good ☹️

Her vocals just have not been on point really anymore, sorry

agbmoonlight - Raw and real

She's back...better than ever!

Blue haji - yikes

Idk what she was thinking but this is not it

Halite Corporation - It’s good but it’s not a favorite

I think there is a lot of hate on Demi lovato, but the song is meaningful and emotional. Her vocals are really good and strong. If y’all don’t like the song then I feel you shouldn’t bother to gives 1 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Biancatoscano9 - Eh

Queen of my life but this song isn’t it

Doneven6 - You did it Girl

She’s coming back stronger then ever! It hurts to know she was this lost not too long ago but my girl is back and ready to show everyone what she can do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

emmaleedee - So... song is beautiful, this audio is NOT.

I actually really like this song. Listening to it on other music platforms, it sounds great. Listening to it on iTunes - it sounds really, REALLY awful. The piano is so loud and overblown, then the vocals seem to be tuned to be even louder than the piano. It's just awful. Is there something wrong with this track technically, or something "digitally mastered" completely incorrectly? The song itself is AMAZING, I just hope they fix the audio.

poop doctor! - Beautiful 🥺

I don’t care what the other people said, this is the most beautiful song in the world, I wish Demi knew how amazing she is😭 I’ll be your friend if you want Demi

Eero Daniell - Too Much and yet nothing

It seems no one had the courage to tell Demi how bad this was. Not a good comeback.

Creedoh - Brutal rawness

This was her cry for help at a time when she was about to hit a wall. Her emotion is so evident in this “unpolished” work. No beat tracks, no double vocals or back up singers. Its one of the many reasons I love this song. She’s put herself out there and some people can’t handle that based off the reviews. She’s a person with feelings and issues, not just a entertainment prop. Get over it.

MoMickJo - Absolutely Amazing

I love this so much! So good Demi!

TrevJamesBoone - If you enjoy screaming and strained singing

Over singing but not in a good way . More shouting and screaming than anything . Song would’ve been good if someone who can really sing sang it. Also let’s just say no ones listening to her bc she’s been a nasty judge mental person to others and has yet to apologize for it .

Dancesmom1313 - Her voice gets better over the years

Great song very deep

awill6192 - It’s a No From Me Dog

After all the talent she has squandered away from American idol, this is the most ironic thing I’ve heard ever. I think Simon would have put his hand up to stop her from screaming and to pick a different song.

Ebby1187 - BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Such a beautiful song, with pure raw emotion, and completely and 100 percent transparent. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

miciex - lol ok demi

she’s just screaming?

DISCODAZE - So Powerful 🙏

DEMI YOU MADE US ALL PROUD SIGNING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, BRAVO! 👏👏👏👏👏 IT WAS A STELLAR RENDITION! Demi you made it through with strength, prayer and yes we are listening.👂Great performance on the Grammy Awards. 🎤 It was so raw and powerful. You’re not just anyone, you are someone. 💎 This song is a piano and Demi, that’s it. You are supposed to feel her pain because that’s how she was feeling and thinking at the time. This is the way it was originally. She kept it the same way with no retakes. This is not suppose to be a pop bop. Realize that a lot of people can relate to Demi from her words. It’s not supposed to be perfect. Who’s Perfect? But the message is there. And especially this week when people are grieving the loss of a legend, his daughter, and all the other families involved. We need to say “I got you” and hug a friend, spread love. It will come back to you. Demi is basically telling us that through her song. Listen to the lyrics well. 🙏

ALGJr. - Haters going to hate?

I have heard of her name. Never heard her songs though. But I knew she “sang” & her problems. She sang the N.A. At the 54th SB Beautifully! Screaming is a form of feeling pain in a song. What do you think of the way “Patti Labelle”, “Janis Joplin”, “Bette Midler” in “The Rose”, “Steven Tyler” “Michael Bolton” “Sing or Sang”? Isn’t that screaming? Or it’s only acceptable in Rock not Ballads? ALGJr. from FL.

Collegekid10 - Great!

You people are the definition of stupid! This song is all emotion! If you don’t like it then don’t listen.

mrbabes - Yelling Is Not Singing

She needs lessons, so very badly.

LukeyLue9 - Powerful and Relevant for Millions if People

Demi is incredible and the raw emotions of this song are hauntingly beautiful. The power of her message I’m this song is so relevant today, not only with mental health, but also for the times and how badly our country needs for someone(s) to desperately make things better and to help the American people out of the chaos we are currently enduring. Bravo to this beautiful person for her love and powerful message!

Rockwall Eye Doc - Just a Beautiful Soul Worth Saving.

I loved this. Very Raw & Real. How can you not feel the pain and empathize with what she has dealt with in her adult life. The story of her journey is worthy of respect, the song is worthy of acclaim and her soul is worthy of saving, living and celebrating!!! Just beautiful Demi!

Emma Tobae - No

Vocals give me a headache

MusicHLove - Vulnerable and true beauty

Don’t listen to negative reviews. This song is raw, real, vulnerable and utterly beautiful. Demi you inspire me more every day.

LOVATICALWAYSV - Amazing, Raw, talented

Honestly the vocals in this are amazing. So talented and beyond. Selulu could never!

Pooh Bear444 - Speechless

This song is amazing, Demi has raw vocals, it’s really powerful

areallygoodnickname2020 - So great

Emotionally perfect

Paramore98 - AMAZING VOCALS🖤

Demi Lovato will always be an outstanding singer because she pours her soul and emotions into a song! Whoever is saying that she is screaming you’re wrong you need to learn the basis of how to sing because clearly she is belting and it’s also a ballad. Anyone is not one of these trash pop songs that are in the radio!

tis96 - Beautiful song

We all know the bad reviews are written by salty and immature Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift fans. It needs to stop and someone needs to put them in check!

janray123 - So good

And so emotional

Kelly Loves Selena - Incredible

This song is so incredible. Demi is a great singer and is extremely talented.

Bri na-na - Best comeback song ever

The lyrics are heart felt and so vulnerable. The vocals are strong and impressive considering what she was going through at the time. I’m so glad we didn’t lose her! Demi Lovato is Back and ready to take over! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

LovaticsRule - Amazing groundbreaking

Give this girl a grammy! Wow so amazinf and well done. My new favorite song and so excited for what is to come. She can sing!

absoluteCornholio - Ya’ll lay off of her

I will first say I’m not a strong Demi fan, nor a follower of hers but I heard this god. This is a beautiful heartfelt song, and her vocals are amazing. (This song is beautiful; everyone leaving one star reviews and mediocre “criticism” is trying to feel validated by continuing to be cruel toward her; I have gathered a lot of people hate on her and honestly I don’t know why.) The message in this song was strong and I hope she’s doing better now. Though I’m not a follower, Demi just know people love you and you have people who love you and are listening to you. I hope things get better/you’re doing better. 💕💖

amazedlistener - Powerful & Stunning

Lovato’s raw vocals left everyone in tears when she debuted the song at the Grammys. Now we have that recording to take with us and make us feel a little more understood when we feel alone, as even the world’s biggest, most adored pop stars can relate.

Roooooooblox - You are right


It’sMeIt’sToddKraines! - Please stop

My ears are bleeding

Shellista - Huh?

Is this some kind of joke? Who would release a song knowing they sounded like that?

Yhftsxk - From her heart

People keep saying this is terrible but this is an honest and deeply emotional song to her. She’s crying. And listening to everyone bash her for telling her story is just pathetic

Heeee's baaaacccckkk! - Just stupid

This song is a piece of trash

aygio - grammys performance was better

she screams too much on this version in my opinion...i’m annoyed that she still over-sings after all these years

Ruined.Reputations - Wow

This is so touching, so raw, and so many emotions and feelings. Thanks for sharing this with us Demi. Stay stronger and always be better than who you were before. Love this song, and I am so happy to hear you singing your heart out again.

AJ_DerpyPlayz - y’all saying bad comments are insensitive

this literally the most beautiful song some y’all need to mind your buisness

Mikhaila13 - Great voice but it’s missing something

Demi has a wonderful voice and this song is very emotional. It’s just not as vocally powerful as some of her other ballads like Sober or Tell me you love me.

damien73 - No

No., thanks my ears 🙉

BettyBoop66 - 💞💞💞

One of the most beautiful, honest, raw, and emotional songs I’ve ever heard!! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I can’t wait to hear her new album! We are listening Demi and we hear you. 💞🥰💞

mikvanb - Beautiful

I thank god everyday that she is still here with us.

he its me today! - In love

I love this so much it is perfect!❤️❤️

Adam Pike007 - Beautiful

A truly amazing artist with a beautiful soul singing her own words. She can do it all. To comeback again after such a tragic time is amazing.

bruhh yeet - AMAZING SONG

This song is so amazing and beautiful, its so sad but it touched me alot. Thank you Demi Lovato for this masterpiece.

Mama.S. - Emotional

I feel the emotion when I listen. Such an amazing song. So raw and beautiful.

BrayanHG - 🤍🤍🤍

I don’t have the right words to describe this song... Inspiring. Courageous. A living example of raw emotions, vulnerability and honesty.

the zinions - Wow

the emotion behind this song and the way she sings from the heart... I literally sobbed. Despite anything she’s done, she’s a wonderful singer and this song is hauntingly beautiful ❤️

BTR Newbie - Emotional

Wow! The emotion that this song provoked with it's raw lyrics. She definitely got it right when she said it sounded like a cry for help. To me both this and her sober song sounded like asking for help. Just wish I could tell her that some people are listening to her and we do hear her.

the coolest cousin - Best song EVER

I have been a Demi fan since Camp rock and I feel this song shows her authentic self

caffeinechaos - QUEEN

Amazing amazing amazing

Samuelsinging - Her best song ever!

Everything is perfect here : her voice, the melody, the lyrics & simply the rawness of the song. ❤️


She’s back!

queenofthemoonx - Legendary Queen of singing 👑👸🏻😍👏🏻💋💕💯

The most talented woman... She blows my mind every single time she opens her mouth. The most powerful, strong, beautiful, versatile, unique, special voice a human can possibly have. Her heart is so pure, so genuine, so raw, so full of passion and love and you can feel it through her voice and through her eyes. You can see how deep and precious her soul is. She is so honest, she is too great for this world. She has infinite incredible things to gift us. She is so brave, a warrior, a survivor, an undefeatable fighter. She is brilliant, intelligent, hard working, creative, sensitive, caring, kind, generous, helpful. And most of all, she is inspiring. She saved million of lives including mine with her words and with her resilience. She never loses hope and faith. She never backs down. She always move forward and her future has never looked brighter. I am so proud of you, I couldn't be prouder. You are literally everything. An icon, and you always will be. I know you are about to only grow happier and more successful every day from now. I'm so excited for you!!! I have been absolutely in love with you and supporting you and believing in you since the beginning and I will forever and a day. #Lovaticsarefamily 💜 the most stunning, gorgeous, adorable, fierce woman. I hope you know that. you're a boss babygirl. a badass. I LOVE YOU LOTS. #IAmListening

JoshhSuxx - Incredible

Her vocal ability is insane! Not to mention she’s not afraid to dig deep. Love this song. Can’t wait to hear more!

DerekL87 - Incredible

Devastating and hauntingly beautiful. An extraordinary and emotional vocal performance.

Datkikoman - Beautiful

So beautiful and amazing! The vocals and story telling are so raw and emotional and powerful.

kigtrdxvbnjutdcvtyuu - Amazing!!!!🔥😍

Absolutely breathtaking

adriannarosedq - Wow

This is beautiful.. welcome back Demi

Chelcencosncekcneocejci - ❤️


Will Canadian - Wow amazing

Wow wow wow Demi did it again. An amazing song. Powerful song. The world needs Demi

avagrace8914 - 💕💕💕

I love this song for everything Demi has been through this is the best song for her to release. This is the most amazing, beautiful, strong women I have even known of. After her recovery I knew she would come back stronger then anyone else. I listen to her music when I’m Sad, Happy, have a lot of energy and basically any mode I’m in at any time. She has all the good music great lyrics and an AMAZING voice. She is really our queen and can NEVER EVER be replaced. ❤️❤️

nsjckdbksnxkwifoekbd - anyone

Well done Ms. Lovato. Very well done💗

michael_marks - DEMI


igorviniciuz - Still making me cry

The lyrics. The voice. The performance. I also question if there is any reason to pray, I need someone 🖤🖤🖤 Demi is one of the only mainstream singers that can truly express feelings with a song and I love her for that.

Lea.Brouillard - Excellent

I listen to grammy in live and that’s amazing and beautiful song♥️

Antony Box - Too Much Drama In The World For This S@@@!

Get your act together - it’s the “Real World..!” We’ve all got challenges, sorry don’t need to here yours sweetie..!

The_Great_Narwhal - beautiful and powerful

deep, powerful and meaningful lyrics with strong vocals. you can really feel the emotion when she sings

CaitlinDack - Beautiful

this song is so beautiful. demi is one of the most talented people in the industry. i love this song.

sergeant clarkson - Amazing.

She’ll forever be a talented young singer who had always given a piece of herself to help others.

SophLilah - Absolutely beautiful song, you never fail us Demi ❤️

anyone who says she’s screaming, needs to take that dick out of their ears

maciej1991D - Lyrically bad, sonically mediocre

Lyrically, I think she is not sure what she is singing about. She doesnt know what she wants besides attention but I was more interested to know about her story or what she has to offer to that “someone” she’s looking for. I mean, it’s painful to listen to this cuz there is so much emotion in this but it’s a desperate cry for attention, nothing else.

chilborn11 - DEMI ALWAYS SLAYS

Demi is an incredible singer always has been always will be vocals are insane such a sentimental song and I think only people who listen to her and know her story will understand the meaning behind the song ❤️

Joshuamorgs - Raw, beautiful and strong

Firstly I have to disagree with the negative reviews. This isn’t ‘screeching’ or ‘screaming’ it’s called ‘belting’ which is a vocal technique; Demi is able to do this remarkably, nowadays it’s less common as the trend is to sing full songs / albums between 1 or 2 keys without building to a big finale bridge or chorus. That may be the trend but singers and vocalists like Demi Lovato do not need to restrain just because it’s trendy to do so. Demi has worked extremely hard on extending her vocal range and fans of Demi and fans of big range belting singers enjoy that at the end of the day - me included. This song may seem ‘louder’ and that is due to it being a raw demo song without any mastering or re-takes, it’s one take demo from a period of time where Demi was extremely low and at the worst point in her life, she kept the song like this to demonstrate her vulnerability and condition at the time, it’s emotive, powerful, raw but yet beautiful and strong. Keep doing you Demi, the song is astounding and perfect, thank you for sharing this piece of your life with the world.

sharl21 - Incredibleeee

Such a beautiful, raw and powerful song! So so proud of her strength and her talent. Blown away 🤩

lacey_1333 - amazing

a brilliant, emotive song

Familyguy18 - George


SuperLovatic - OH MY

I'm in tears rn, this song is so raw and vulnerable. I love her so much!!😭😍 - 😶

i know this is a really sensitive song to criticise but someone needs to tell ha that this loud screeching/over-singing doesn’t always sound good, this same reason made her last album hard to listen to. i thought she was heading in the right direction with sober but this is disappointing

%Aimz% - 😐


Iain 59 - Oh dear...

.... totally over sung to the point of almost screamy at times. Not a pleasant listen. Emotive songs work better when vulnerability is heard in the vocal rather than this almost Ethel Merman style shoutyness.

Cockapoo102 - Incredible

Such a strong person, after what happened and it all being in the public eye, to release a song like this is incredibly brave. Yes Demi ❤️❤️

DemiLovatosSongAnyoneIsAmazing - DEMI omgggg

This song is incredible! The lyrics are so powerful and meaningful to Demi and here strength in performing and relaxing this song is incredible! Her vocals are also INSANE as USUAL! Definitely stream this song!!

nat290703 - 😍😍😍😍

So beautiful. Cannot wait for DL7 😍

Melanie aka roman soldier - Demi

Actually makes me cry every time

laurss98 - demi

is sick (in a good way)

Агмаиа - Demetria. This is Beauty!!

This song is beautiful. It may have felt like no one was listening to you, but I think we all are now. You’re amazing and I hope you continue to thrive.

TrishaDJ13 - Our Queen has spoken

She’s done it again. Amazing song. Incredibly talented. So raw. Very touching. All I can say. I’m speechless.

CJ loves tattoos - Queen has returned

Beautiful voice, so chuffed she lives on x

RKFoley - Dull talent free girl

What an awful song! Full of screaming and tragic voice.

Fleurfan101 - The world is listening


billyjameswood - Yes

she’s back

rdrdrdwnch - What a comeback!!!

Just wow 💔

Ryan 333 - Demi lovato

glad she took some time off. This song is beautifully sung and beautifully written telling her story in the rawest way possible just stunning

ntltcdemi - amazing.

such a powerful song. 🤍

Alex Hatch - Stunning

This song is absolutely beautiful!

JakeHarperOfficial - Incred!!!


Snazi Jazi - Im listening.

The Lovatics are always listening Demi. We love you. Amazing song.

Demetria1992Bae - Demi is just a goddess!!

Her comeback song after 2 years, has me with shivers and goosebumps. The rawness and emotion is just perfect!!! Congratulations Demi for overcoming the worst and achieving such greatness! This song is a must buy for all Lovatics!!! #lovaticforlife #loveislove #believe #staystrong #blessed

Lexa100 - Stunning

Stunningly written and performed song. One of Demi’s best ballads to date. I am in love with this song.

Aaronduncan98 - Powerful

A powerful reclamation of strength and a story of struggle.

UK lovatics - 10/10 highly recommend

freaking amazing after almost 2 years since her last performance i cant be more happier now that she’s back

Demi slays once again 👌😍☺️ - Heart wrenching

This is a raw song with no funky sound effects. Just pure Demi and pure soul. It’s actually an amazing song that bring you down to earth again. We live in tough times and remembering to find ourselves in this world is a message Demi sings beautifully loud and clear ❤️

Belle favaro - Amazing


Mika01x - Amazing!!

The heart and passion behind her songs is incredible!! Another amazing song!

myriadl - Amazing

Amazing vocals and lyrics

DL❤️ - Welcome Back Demi

.Lovatics are glad you’re back and healthy Demi 💕💕💕

booo888 - Just Beautiful

Another amazing song by Demi can’t wait to hear what the new album sounds like after everything she has been through ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

marcellosaymmon - 🖤

eu só posso dizer que eu to orgulhoso da minha demi, mais uma vez. 🖤

danieljosex - Melhor música de 2020!

Demi Lovato prova mais uma vez que sabe fazer música de VERDADE.

ladannnn - perfeito

demi lovato como sempre se superando.

sirdemorais - 👏🏻👏🏻

Welcome back ❤️

Mariiiiiilo - Demi arrasa!

Música linda, letra cheia de significados, transmite emoção, melodia tocante, e os vocais dela, como sempre, perfeitos!

igorzinhosp - o amor da minha vida

olha essa voz, pura e genuína!!!

Good•Sh!t - HINO

A voz da geração está de volta

VFassolo - Perfeita e marcante

A Demi faz seu retorno com uma música tão difícil é cheia de vocais impressionantes. Incrível

Júnior Campos - Incrível!

Sem palavras para descrever o quanto eu tenho orgulho dessa mulher!! Morro de amores ❤️

barbaradlopes - ❤️

welcome back ❤️

demisdaring - TUDO

Essa mulher é tudo nessa vida vei. Tao forte

Rique Bueno - DONA DO MEU SER


viviann.alexia - Maravilhosa!

♥️♥️♥️ conexões de almas

Br3nda__ - Eu amo ❤️

Mulher da minha vida, perfeita demais!

EvilAzalea - Perfeita

Comeback icônico

murilofontes - A cry for help

The song was recorded 4 days before Demi nearly died from an overdose on July 24th, 2018. She promised at the hospital this would be the song she’d like to sing if she ever got a chance again, and she did. She’s a true artist and a fighter.

celojpf - perfeita

a maneira que a demi consegue passar tudo que está sentindo é maravilhosa

gustavoalvesll - Anyone

This song is so emocional

Manfredo Oliveira - Amazing

I can feel how raw this song is, so strong and personal. Love it


ela consegue passar o que tá sentindo enquanto canta, maravilhosa

ddlovatoeeu - tudo.

não existe limite para a vulnerabilidade quando se trata de uma música da demi lovato.

zaackh - Incrível

Apenas isso, incrível

Vineeewho - Wow

Imagine feeling such pain like this. She’s a warrior.

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Lar_kero - Amazing song

Proud of you Demi 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

dwsns - PERFEITA

essa música é a definição certa para perfeição e superação

Beuzus - Emocionante

Uma das melhores apresentações do grammy vista nos últimos tempos, obrigada demi lovato



GUIS-dl - Hino

Eu estou chorando... nos te amamos Demi

lia_abreu - Perfeita!

Uma música que emociona e que te faz sentir o quão vulnerável ela estava neste momento..! Quase não tenho palavras para descrever essa música Maravilhosa!!

Playon.ramon - ...

Sem palavras para esse Single


Melhor música lançada esse ano, obrigado Demi por isso ❤️

TheLuizMorais - Um grito por socorro

Não tenho dúvidas de que a músic ajudará muitas pessoas que passam pela mesmo situação e ajude aquelas que já passaram a ganhar forças e seguir em frente

Igor Sobroza - this is everything

demi lovato is so strong. i’m so proud of her

andrepriori - Perfeito

Demi Lovato é uma lenda, uma música emocionante e poderosa.

arcticb0ynight - O VOCAL



Sem palavras para descrever.

stonksb - .


LuizFernandoLacerda - Incrível

Um comeback desses bicho.


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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Demi Lovato, album Anyone - Single, song Anyone, released date 27 January 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to Anyone - Demi Lovato mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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