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Download Justin Bieber - Intentions (feat. Quavo) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Intentions (feat. Quavo) music file uploaded on February 7th, 2020.

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Justin Bieber - Intentions (feat. Quavo) MP3 Comments & Reviews

#Lex4life - Fabulous

Justin Bieber has great talent especially for this album

pumblino - Bypass this one

Hes had some good stuff in the past, but this is just pure garbage. Not one song even close to hummable.

gdjghhfyu - Hey

‪🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯

Hershey Kind the fifth - Justin

All of the same msg sound the same to me. It could have been better.

Israfil Haniff - The ones that are hating

I want to see you try... JB is talented and has a great voice. Dudes going through changes and something most of us go through, depression. His album is top notch don’t know what you haters are talking about.

_wigster_ - Mustin is a flop we been knew

Wish I could leave no stars... where's the music??? i just hear flop after flop... stream amy winehouse for real music

Rtudeous - Thank you for sharing your ❤️

I love your music! You have a true talent! Please don’t ever stop sharing that!

soskwnsk - Not feeling it

If i’m being honest, this is one of his worst albums. As a comeback, I thought this was going to be like Purpose or Journals. Boy was I wrong. One of the worst albums of 2020. Periodt.

bealovernotahater - Yummy

Love it!

Coley2385 - Haters gonna Hate

Love it! Inspirational

kyledens - trash

this album is so bad. all of the songs sound exactly the same. would rate no stars if that was an option. there is literally no flavor in this album and even his 20 co writers could save the awful lyrics. like why would anyone thing it was okay to release an horrible song like yummy.

gg__24 - Too many biased opinions

There are too many extreme reviews on this either totally biased he can do no wrong to absolutely hating his guts. The album is decent it took me awhile to really get into it but it definitely has some bops. I do appreciate that Justin’s music is never explicit and he keeps it clean for the most part. I don’t care for him too much as a person so I’m basing this solely on his music. And this album is not too bad.

abceree - in love

i love him.

vandypants - What happened?

This record is such a snore. Good god it’s bad.

Bob123455678890 - Ugly trash bag


$&@!?&$@!:)@& - Who the hell cares

He better stop his songs are pile of hot garbage no one even listens to him any more

Caffie colp - Probably one of his worst.

If you want to listen to some real music, go stream Lover by Taylor Swift. It will give you a fresh cleanse and probably a better outlook on life compared to this garbage.

kaykaydances - it's the same song 16 times

look i don't like justin but i'm not trying to prejudice bc i don't like him this is my honest opinion: i did not think this album was good i keep hearing the same thing over and over again and then some of the featured singers on the track just make it worse and it's sad to me bc i used to love him when i was a little kid and then started to unfortunately dislike him more and more over time but for reasons other than his music looking back on his younger music it might not have been the best but ppl listened bc it still had originality i think that justin has really just lost all of that

Irish1924 - flop

I didn’t listen to it because I don’t want to waste my time but YUMMY just defines this album for me.

LuKasAV6 - 'Changes' in the Wrong Direction

Where 'Purpose' caught my attention and earned my respect, 'Changes' does nothing for me. When I first heard the debut single "Yummy," I thought and hoped it was an unreleased song he recorded in his teen years. The rest of the songs all run together feeling more contrived and less inspired. While they may be personal, they sure don't feel like it. And just like that, I don't care for Justin Bieber again.

Ladylove36 - Changes

I loved this album!!! It was R&B influenced and it sounded great. Even if it’s not for you just say you don’t like it and not be so disrespectful and ugly with your you Justin ❤️

caorach - Not a hater anymore

I totally used to be a hater, but the man has changed, you can’t deny! The production on this album is crazy good, I can’t get the songs out of my head, and he’s just doing what he enjoys. I found faith in recent years too, I’m standing with my brother ✊

Brę_J - Why

Intentions is th me only good song. But Yummy on the other hand......

Dawson.2008 - TRASH

If I could give this 0 stars I would. Not impressed by it at all! Same typical nonsense.

__xwai - In love

With the voice, talent, and sense in the songs keep going please.

Nrrerreee - Intentions


ajaxstl - Unpopular opinion apparently

I actually really like this album and I have it on repeat. My favorite song is Forever with Post.

AP Art-Pop - Bad


poopsie-oopsie - Boom Shacka Locka

Justin, I love your new album. It made me sign up for Apple Music so I could listen to the love in the lyrics. I’m 64 years young, might Tic Toc one of your songs to the grands when I get a routine downpat. In the meantime, you keep creating, healing and raising the roof! We need more love and encouragement rather than poor reviews and discouragement. ❤️❤️❤️

ih8shiddy - Look at this man

And tell me there’s a god

selenatordangerouswoman310 - Changes ❤️💙✨

I love this album and I am so happy he is back with new music and a new era. Best songs on the album are available Come around me and Forever, and so many more. This album and purpose are his best. Belieber forever

richi_slacks - Intentions makes my ears bleed

Stop supporting this rat who is ungrateful for his fans period. His music is terrible and is a whole flop. Stream Rare Deluxe for clear skin❤️❤️❤️

Roselinaaaaaa - Absolutely not, this album is garbage and that’s facts

You had your moment it’s over now, we moved on to more talented people.

Maxx :) - Not his best

Justin is a talented young man who rose to fame just as fast as Britney Spears did when she was younger. Justin proved he’s a music force but this album is completely robotic, he has a beautiful voice but all this stupid audio time and that yummy song is atrocious. He used to write such great lyrics and he’s just not trying anymore.

Cjvd007 - On repeat

I’m rediscovering Justin and boy am I glad! I love the vibe of the album and have played it daily—it gets better and better each time. I truly think those that are hating, but aren’t giving any substantial reasons or feedback, clearly lack maturity & the ability to think at a higher level. The hate within themselves is evident.

ravenchild25 - Not impressed!!

I’m soo dissapointed!!! Where’s the real Justin Bieber...😔 Not worth buying...

Alfredrismo - Changes is WACK

Bro, I expected more. Definitely not the same Bieber we ALL knew. Disappointed.

jfcccc - Love

Album is simple yet exquisite. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SebastianRangel20041014 - This album’s meaningful

I’m leaving a 5 star review :)

Hogue21 - Patience is a Virtue

It took me a few listens to get this album. After reading so many negative reviews, I feel special,,,lol. I would recommend that you buy this album or stream it if you really like music and are willing to give something new a chance! Thanks to Justin and his team for a great album in this crazy year of 2020! I feel blessed to have it in my collection 🙂

lululeopard13 - Really bad

Wow....Selena Gomez’s album Rare is so much better than this trash. I’m just over him. 👎🏻

Happyness is Pricelesss - Justin the star

Justin continue Amazingness I love your songs and you are my idle You are loved!

bpolissack - I like it

Not bad ... it’s a pretty good album worth the wait!...I recommend you buy it

BryanSakon - Flop

Justin is over

donald oconner - My Faithful Beloved

The only way I can get to see you again

alien ET AI - Amazing

This album is not as good as the one prior but the songs that are “banging” make up for all the others that aren’t. All in all i love this album but i can see why other people may not think its great.

jose_mee22 - Trash


$0H£!L - Changes...

Enjoyed the album, it’s nice to see you back

Emoney23🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 - Few good songs

He’s got a few

A.l 16 - Crap

Total disappointment

KiWii_16 - Vers une remontée

Habituellement, j’aime deux ou trois chansons de ses albums donc je ne les achète. Avec celui-ci, je suis incapable de vous dire quelles chansons sont mes préférées et je les écoute en boucle. C’est touchant.

SSS Music - Bad

Generic garbage. No growth, no taste.

Epicmiatello - Weak


samantha yordel - amazing

i truly love it !! love the vibe so so much. there is truly something for everyone on this album ! 🥰 excited for the deluxe hopefully !

pirriffica - Good but not Great

Some of the lyrics are poorly written but the execution of them is still brilliant. Justin Beiber’s voice is still the best. Forever and Intentions are my Favs.

ASTERIODynamix - Trash


BoytouchinghisIpod - Right

This is a joke right? Every track is wretched. 🤢

Awogirl - Intentions

After yummy I was skeptical but I really like intentions. Also, everyone giving Justin a one is a hardcore hater. The music really isn’t bad if you listen to it with open ears.

tooweirdtolive3 - Awesome

Great vocal production, features were decided perfectly for every song. Very catchy and solid album

oblahhs - Jesus christ this is bad

they all sound the same, theyre generic, forgettable, no beat or rhythm... its musical diahhrea honeslty!

brebre :> - Its Amazing!

I love this Album. His angelic voice is used alot and makes the song special!

gr_ndee - NOOOPE

Some songs like Intentions were decent, but other songs were boring and sounded alike.

LeroyBr - Hi Justin Bieber

I love your song By Christopher

kiss_me_please - Needs work

Not going lie I had high hopes but every song sounds similar. The only song I do like is Habitual but or else the rest of songs on the album aren't that great.

Thatpatsgirl - Hard pass

Every song sounds the same and the song writing is atrocious.

Kareemohamdi - Shit


Jason.S1984 - Nope

Every song sounds the same!

trumfor2020 - Trash

People think this is a good album?? 😂😂

Hdtxyffyxugxucjfjgshfxuxfjx - gives me a headache

the most basic album, sonically, lyrically, and vocally. going to be one of the worst albums of 2020, so at least it will be on the top of that list

Dreaming of '98 - Love love love this song!

A very unique flavour and sound to this song and adding Quavo makes it even better 🔥

Serasi4 - Yuck

The title says it all

Ouuuuuujb - Great

I love it...of course there are a few songs I don’t like as much but I could say that about any album. This is the only album I’ve ever bought and I’m not regretting that decision.

Izzzy11🍭🍭🍭 - eekie


itsnotneanthony - Not good

Five years to wait for this? High expectations down the drain with repetitive songs with lyrics to no meaning. But you say the songs are for his wife? The one he slammed the door on… poor lady. Oh well Justin try again please because this album ain’t it.

Mj000003 - Masterpiece

More mature sound, love it, seems more personal than Purpose which was one of his best. Mix of Journals and Purpose sound. Overall, wonderful, especially changes, confirmation, that’s what love is,

Hghtop - Addictive

Amazing, nice change from the last album which was also sic

acs1624 - amazing.

i love justin so much and am so proud of how far he’s come. this album is amazing. i’m in love. my favourite songs are habitual, all around me, confirmation, and changes. i’ll love and support justin forever!

183637629362 - wth

this is horrible

KingThivash - This is poop

Wth is this crap. Don’t waste you time and money with this crappy album smfh

shiiiiiz - Bieber fever

My baby is back and better than ever. This is an ode to love.... ode to Hailey ❤️ so beautiful definitely going back to his roots and his happiness and contentment is shown through the lyrics and tone. BIEBER FEVER is too damn contagious aha

hehe💓 - Not gonna lie

It is good but you could change some thing but most of it is great ❤️❤️

Dude123455334 - Meh

Loved his last album, this one really doesn’t hit for me. Not a single track I like. Too bad.

xxpennywise - Horrible

I got lice just looking at the album cover.

@urdude - Great

Thank u Justin it’s been long since u have dropped an album. Really good for not singing for 5 years!

Averyeet - Ew

It’s absolutely horrid

Sharpshep - Disappointing

All the songs sound the same and they’re boring, super generic and unoriginal.

Nico Tulabut - Trash!!!

It’s bad tbh because of Quavo

Clinton Kirk - Bieber

Bieber should commit a crime and go into witness protection, so no one ever finds him.

hesus0001 - No thanks

I’ll pass

Ǫ̗̦̯͛ͫ҉̢ - I’ve heard better

boring and generic lmao

Johnny the goalie - Crazy Album

Crazy Album my G. Do your thing Justin. Toronto loves you. We got you. I’ve been bumping this album since Friday driving through the city or wherever man. Fly as hell. ❤️❤️❤️👌🦉🇨🇦

Jodipody - Don’t waste you money

Bad ,so bad. Same sound on almost every song . Boring and not very artistic. Not inspired at all.Did not enjoy any song.made me feel sad and depressed.

Lopdeloop - Amazing just amazing!!

The lyrics, the melodies, his voice. In my eyes he can do no wrong.

SmartThink72 - Lil Dicky?

I love the album but I’m upset about the Lil Dickie feature...

edi089531 - JB

très bon cd il parle avec son cœur ses cool très très bon

hotbigmuffin - Good but I have heard better

Hey Justin Bieber; Your new album is getting generic by the minute. Yawn. You sound like a robot.

hendmjr - no

turn off this noise. #streamrare

chickennoodle222 - About

Man, i loved all of your other albums but Justin. This has to be your best work yet. I love it!!!!!!!!

R. Murphy25 - Hilarious

It’s so bad it’s funny


Nothing special here

cupcake sepcial - Cupcake-special101

You biggest fan is me. I think your songs are awesome and amazing. I love yummy because it is so catchy so is get me. LOVE BIEBER. because he is the best singer ever. We all love JB

eEMMEe02 - Just no

Same re-used Nokia tune 17 times

skskksksks anyways - Fail.

I feel like this album was a made to please the tiktok teens and it failed miserably. We don’t like generic trap music especially when it’s done so badly like this. Every song sounds the same. Take some inspiration from current chart toppers like dua lipa and the weeknd. They’re producing good quality pop music. With flavour and emotions.

amzzz17 - Underrated


tyy666 - Eye

I think I’m a little late I’m not sure what I’ll ever have

big fat sexy jungle cat - no


gillette soccer - Justin

You make good songs ❤️🔥

Antony Box - It’s A Pleasant Enough Album

Are we really expecting “New Ground” from JB - I think not! Are we expecting a well sung album of radio friendly tunes, yes and that’s what we’ve got. I’m happy purchasing the entire album ♥️🙏🏻

BanterMaster69 - T R A S H

^^^^^^^^^^ 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

nh5678 - Amazing

Loved the album.

ravercore - Awesome

I luv Justin Bieber he’s amazing at singing :)

Mattimoo - Abit Boring

Nothing like the last album from JB, got this one as the last album was great. This one very much sounds the same track after track.

Guilty Ple@sure - P.I.S.H.

As above...

changesfan - Joyful

Different concept to purpose more up beat and positive

Zak169 - No thank you

Same trashy trap beat repeated 20 times

AO'B 💖💖 - Ok


Michael frost - A few goods songs rest album fillers

Purpose was a great album full of lots of different styles and his vocals were great This is Justin trying to sound more grown up. Whilst the lyrics are more thought out and the vocals are good.... it’s just boring. All the songs sound the same. Like most good pop artists once they hit their major album the rest that follows just doesn’t cut it. Had a second listen and still feel the same. Dull As Dishwater

I LOVE 5SOS💕💕💕 - Love!!

So proud of how far he’s come, love the album on constant repeat

Scottiesimp - Tripe

He has got an ok voice but this is dross

DylanBrads - Justin Bieber

These 2 cool songs are so good!! I think it can be a really good album.

Heat'er - JB is back

The more you listen to it, the more i like it and find it catchy. Good job Justin 😃😉

Inlovewithyoujustin - LOVE


SCFC1883 - Jeff

This is just Justin Bieber peeps

NicoleF6 - Sick

90% of people who write a bad review are obsessed with Taylor swift lmao it’s actually a chill album

Mason Spence - My opinion

Justin Bieber, said this album has to be perfect because of where he is at in life and going through good seasons and bad season. To say I’ve listened to the whole album every song at least 4 times I can honestly say if this is the new Justin and his style and where he is at then let him be and keep this moving forward and doing this. I’m a 19 from England UK. Some may call me gay or whatever since I’m a lad but I’ve been a fan of him since young following his musically journey and even dressing like him and trying to be him. I’m comfortable and confident in myself now and I’m my own person and I have my own style now and I like it. Everyone is different respect it!

medicineslouis - Actually very good

Didn’t know what to expect since yummy was the lead song but it’s actually very good . Feel like the majority of the reviews were made without listening to the album ?

Whatevs84 - Samesy

I've just sampled the album and to be honest, the songs all sound the same. I absolutely adore Yummy and Get Me, but it's just the same song recylcled with a different title. Which is a shame. He's a talented artist.

trevort8 - It all sounds the same


Ellie_C_15 - KING🔥❤️

JB IS BACK, this album is fire. Do NOT change my mind!

bruhski21 - Corny

Very unappealing

BradSkidzy - NOPE!

All 17 songs sound the EXACT same. Imagine that. No one can say any different.

Lyrik789 - Mature

Way better than any other album he’s done , feel as though he’s released music he really wants and has a good mature vibe to it 🤩he’s in love and so am I with this album :)))

Dappy4949 - Dappy49

What have I just listened to,I won’t be listening to it again!

Kidrauh;) - Amazinggg


bigblued9 - Meh

So tired of this auto tune singer’s songs. It’s been 10 years maybe still no improvement at all

Legal Nutcase - JB IS BACK!

Such a fun album to kick of 2020. So glad he was happy when he made this album and it shows.

kauska akabane - Eh

not the worst thing but pretty boring

Ben67297 - bad

his worst yet

louistaylorr - Ehhh boring all songs sound the same

Boring pop music

zoe cundy - First time I’ve cried hearing a song for the first time

Confirmation made me cry seconds into it, I love the whole album and I’ve listened to it all over ten times in just one day, and changes the song itself is so relatable and comforting it reminded me of kinda the same feel I get when I listen to the song purpose, honestly Justin never fails to disappoint with the music he releases.

Bored544434677643 - Disappointing

All the songs sound the same

theonenonlykezxxx - The1nonlykie21

Best album ever!!🔥🔥

Nebworth90 - Bland

RnB Bieber should work... but the overall album is so dull! Lots of songs sound the same 😕 disappointed.

sonss_biebss - Changes

once again, Justin comes back with a bang! the lyrics, the beat, the vocals - everything 👌🏼🥳🤍

dreamchaser82 - Boring

All sounds the same


Justin has gone through so much and it makes me soo happy to know he’s in a good place and is still bringing the bangers!!! Justin’s music is just getting better and better! So let’s show him the love! Buy it! Stream it! Love it! Enjoy it! Then buy tickets to see him on tour to listen to him sing, dance and have fun on that stage where he belongs!!!!

Georgie_09< - Justin’s back!

I love a bit of biebs and I watched the doc bit disappointed that us UK fans don’t get all the songs. Where’s “Angels Speak” and “La Bomba”? I really liked those, real talented stuff! I also missed out on the song “flatline” of journals. :( will have to invest in a US iTunes gift card. Fave song “Changes” you can feel the emotion got into it! This is a triumph, congrats Justin! 🙌🏻

Alysha!7 - Average

Purpose is better!

GSumX - Amazing

I have brought every album he has released, this one is my favourite!

Wilber world - God awful

No maturity

i am annoyed 213 - ARE Y’ALL KIDDING?

HAVE ANY OF YOU READ THE LYRICS TO INTENTIONS AND YUMMY? he literally says “stay in the kitchen, cooking up” y’all. not to mention yummy, the song that took 5 people to write. WHERE DID THEY FIND THEM, PRE SCHOOL? HOW IS THIS MAN MARRIED WHEN YUMMY IS LITERALLY ABOUT A SIDE CHICK. i- ok bye.

Sophia elle - One of his best !

People who have this less than four are whack ! This album is so playful, nuisanced and vocally/musically interesting !

good as 56789 - No

Basically just a cash grab, wouldn’t be surprised if he only wrote intentions

BooBear32Boo - It definitely grows on you...

Only liked 2 songs when I first bought this album, now I love 90% of them.

Mouse 44444444 - He’s not evolving

Bieber doesn’t show any evolution or personal style in this music; he’s a creature of producers looking for a quick buck. He needs to look at where he wants his music to go, he’s a man now and this teenage phase is long past it’s time. This is boring music, but his vocals are strong enough for him to keep going if he can find a better musical direction.

KaylaMcArdle1998 - Musical Legend! Always will be ♥️😭

He’s talent still amazes me to this day. Watch his YouTube series “Seasons”. You’ll see how much work went into this album, you’ll see all the raw, real stuff that has happened in his life. As a belieber from the very beginning I’m so proud of him for getting to this new chapter in his life with Hailey, his family, his team and his fans. I’ll love you forever Justin! Another amazing album to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

yeetking👍 - So good

Intentions is the best song ever

Lola Roth :) - No


Gullycricket2017 - Changed Man

Like his music, attitude and personal development he is a changed man. He has come far. Remember this guy grew up with cameras in his face and has experienced a lifestyle we cant fathom. He missed out on alot due to the cameras and paps. Love the music, style and what you have become JB. Keep being you and mentally becoming stronger so that you can continue to grow as a man, husband, friend and one day a father. Congrats on the wedding :)

RahafsPOV - Different, and I love it!

People expect too much from him just because he’s Justin Bieber. His vocals are amazing on every track! My favourite is Forever 💯

Wingnutt2 - Wingnutt7

Excellent...nice and laid can tell the guys in luv .....

Kirky 43 - Don’t rate it all tbf

Very repetative. Did not like

Damien Head - Oh yeah

This is the stuff

jaemareeundead - It’s a no from me

Not that good

kburke2008 - Boring

All the songs sound the same

ahmadalshabki - Very good

Very good

everythings a blur - Lol

This album feels so rushed and glad it’s flopping lol

Irene Dang - Love it


dipsydoll23 - Not up to the mark

Not so happy with this new album except the yummy song ... one star is for yummy

shaina brook. - Unfortunate

Such a great artist who hasn’t aimed high on this one. Unfortunately last album was much greater and disappointed a lot of people who were keen to hear some good new music

annaaaaagrrrripp - Purpose is better

Not a fan of this one. My opinion, there’s only two alright songs

Nask88 - Best Album Yet!!!

This is just the beginning for him.. Watch his style evolve with his recovery. This album is important. The kind of album you play all day. It’s light and sexy and loving and happy. I’m happy for him! Good work JB!!!

ssjane - Nope

Don’t bother

Mary.R.S - It's okay! BUT not great!

I see what he was trying to do, to go something different, smooth, different effects with different beats unlike most of his previous songs. However all tracks sounds the same and too repetitive. I can hear in all tracks, he is using the same beats with the exact same rythem but I am not surprise because most artists are doing that in this modern world.

biancamazz - Love it

Such an amazing album Justin ♥️

josingscan - JB


Makeely - Not Much Here

For a really talented guy these songs are bland simple unintelligent and unmusical. Why doesn’t he dig deeper and create something with more intentional purpose? It all sounds lame and the same. I think it’s just lazy.

Alexandra. J - I really like it

It’s the perfect chill album. Bieber has still got it, his vocals are simply iconic.

21penz - Best comeback album

Amazing. JB never fails to disappoint.

cargi09 - Eh! Time for him to stop

Not great at alllllll!!! Dissapointed

Tiarna :) - ❤️


auburnangie - 🔥🔥🔥

Love it 🔥

mattyydddd - Splendid


Bryn Bieber Efron Crawford - Masterpiece

I’m so sadden to see how many people are saying this is a flop album! I think this is without a doubt the best album Justin has put out! It’s honestly so beautiful and catchy and not one song isn’t a bop! Love you Justin! He’s done such a fantastic job on this album seriously I can’t wait to play it everyday for the rest of our lives :)

Lovingjbjt - L


HeroHaxo37 - Trash

It’s by Justin Bieber what do you expect of course it’s garbage

stay beautiful 😊 - ew

this is just rly horrible 🤢🤮 his time is over stream lover by Taylor swift

lindas98 - Amazing

Love the album

Blair.Carey - Immature and bland

Nothing new, the same recycled beats used over and over again, the songwriting is cringeworthy and immature, his voice is boring and flat in every song, also in running over he actually stole another artists beat and pretty much everything without permission or giving credits. We should’ve left Bieber in 2019.

Ashleighbay - His best

Some of his best work to date. I love the whole r&b vibe. Truly inspiring to see how much he’s grown and bettered himself.

thseyss - What the heck

It’s actually perfect! I rarely say that about albums but this hits so good ❤️💫

melinda ferraro - A MASTERPIECE

truly a masterpiece!!!! This album is so beautiful and his vocals are everything he has never sounded better. I’m so so happy he found someone like Hailey. I love him more than anything and I’m beyond proud of him ❤️

Swampfire222 - Must listen

Not one song you can call bad a few of them will take a while to get used to but then you’ll love them. This album is amazing all 1 stars are given by people who just don’t like yummy or Taylor swift fans

YasDarling - Nope


Ahdiwndj - amazing

it is AMAZING i love you justin i need your music

Lonnie683 - Honest!

Love it, proud of you Justin!

Omg 😍😍😍😍 - amazing album

this album is actually so good, each and every song all suit each other to make an amazing album. you can really tell that Justin took time and work to make it, the vocals and lyrics are incredible. it’s good music to start the new decade did not disappoint me. i would recommend you stream it

Prior_1924 - 🔥🔥🔥

Pure 🔥

.Alanah. - AMAZING


MagneticElectricX - Smashed it ❤️

16 incredible tracks with vibes so good

Pauly✊🏾 - Decent but far from outstanding

an alright album, it ain't amazing though, sounds quite generic compared to his last album but still has a couple of bangers.

Crybabyfan4848 - Mediocre

Quite bad waste of money

Trevor grandtheftautoihateron - this was a waste o moola


Danz 918 - The R&B we always needed

Great vibe so far! He’s finally able to do that R&B he always wanted to do. Can’t wait to hear more

C.Michelle.P - FIRE


Luwayla - I’m Convinced

The purpose album was great I do deserve you deserved a Grammy for the composition of that album This album really got me convinced you don’t need to feature anybody unless you place all tracks right at the end like a deluxe edition Track by track the lyrics makes sense and that has been missing for years now and from well known artists I love a storyline I can imagine and make think of my love for my love too Kudos

Keneilwe Rene' - Amazing ❤️

Definitely worth the wait ❤️🔥 He really proved himself and honestly going through the what he went through -good and bad- made him to create this masterpiece I couldn’t be more proud. Passion and love is written all over this album and I’m definitely here FOR THAT ❤️


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


Now Playing: Intentions by Justin Bieber feat. Quavo. #YourNo1HitMusicStation - Listen Live: .


To aqui assistido TVZ e apareceu um clipe do JB feat Quavo “Intentions” percebi que o clipe é igual o do Drake “god's plan”


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


#nowplaying #JustinBieber #Quavo ~ Justin Bieber feat. Quavo | Intentions ||| BB RADIO - In #Perleberg #Brandenburg #GER auf 104.3


Justin Bieber - Intentions (feat. Quavo) #SplexcityEraofRadio


@justinchartdata: iTunes US 🇺🇸 #7. Intentions — @justinbieber feat. @QuavoStuntin (+7)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)


@JBieberCharts: iTunes US: #10. “Intentions” (+2)

About Intentions (feat. Quavo) [Justin Bieber] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Justin Bieber, album Changes, song Intentions (feat. Quavo), released date 07 February 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to Intentions (feat. Quavo) - Justin Bieber mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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