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Download Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Get Me (feat. Kehlani) music file uploaded on January 27th, 2020.

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Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani) MP3 Comments & Reviews

justplamedie - Incredible

The improvement of Justin’s vocals is refreshing to witness! Although the album has some R&B undertones, it’s mainly a Pop sound which aligns with his brand. Fave songs: Come Around Me, Forever, Running Over & Get Me

cupcake sepcial - Cupcake-special101

You biggest fan is me. I think your songs are awesome and amazing. I love yummy because it is so catchy so is get me. LOVE BIEBER. because he is the best singer ever. We all love JB

eEMMEe02 - Just no

Same re-used Nokia tune 17 times

skskksksks anyways - Fail.

I feel like this album was a made to please the tiktok teens and it failed miserably. We don’t like generic trap music especially when it’s done so badly like this. Every song sounds the same. Take some inspiration from current chart toppers like dua lipa and the weeknd. They’re producing good quality pop music. With flavour and emotions.

amzzz17 - Underrated


tyy666 - Eye

I think I’m a little late I’m not sure what I’ll ever have

big fat sexy jungle cat - no


gillette soccer - Justin

You make good songs ❤️🔥

Antony Box - It’s A Pleasant Enough Album

Are we really expecting “New Ground” from JB - I think not! Are we expecting a well sung album of radio friendly tunes, yes and that’s what we’ve got. I’m happy purchasing the entire album ♥️🙏🏻

BanterMaster69 - T R A S H

^^^^^^^^^^ 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

nh5678 - Amazing

Loved the album.

ravercore - Awesome

I luv Justin Bieber he’s amazing at singing :)

Mattimoo - Abit Boring

Nothing like the last album from JB, got this one as the last album was great. This one very much sounds the same track after track.

Guilty Ple@sure - P.I.S.H.

As above...

changesfan - Joyful

Different concept to purpose more up beat and positive

Zak169 - No thank you

Same trashy trap beat repeated 20 times

AO'B 💖💖 - Ok


Michael frost - A few goods songs rest album fillers

Purpose was a great album full of lots of different styles and his vocals were great This is Justin trying to sound more grown up. Whilst the lyrics are more thought out and the vocals are good.... it’s just boring. All the songs sound the same. Like most good pop artists once they hit their major album the rest that follows just doesn’t cut it. Had a second listen and still feel the same. Dull As Dishwater

I LOVE 5SOS💕💕💕 - Love!!

So proud of how far he’s come, love the album on constant repeat

Scottiesimp - Tripe

He has got an ok voice but this is dross

DylanBrads - Justin Bieber

These 2 cool songs are so good!! I think it can be a really good album.

Heat'er - JB is back

The more you listen to it, the more i like it and find it catchy. Good job Justin 😃😉

Inlovewithyoujustin - LOVE


SCFC1883 - Jeff

This is just Justin Bieber peeps

NicoleF6 - Sick

90% of people who write a bad review are obsessed with Taylor swift lmao it’s actually a chill album

Mason Spence - My opinion

Justin Bieber, said this album has to be perfect because of where he is at in life and going through good seasons and bad season. To say I’ve listened to the whole album every song at least 4 times I can honestly say if this is the new Justin and his style and where he is at then let him be and keep this moving forward and doing this. I’m a 19 from England UK. Some may call me gay or whatever since I’m a lad but I’ve been a fan of him since young following his musically journey and even dressing like him and trying to be him. I’m comfortable and confident in myself now and I’m my own person and I have my own style now and I like it. Everyone is different respect it!

medicineslouis - Actually very good

Didn’t know what to expect since yummy was the lead song but it’s actually very good . Feel like the majority of the reviews were made without listening to the album ?

Whatevs84 - Samesy

I've just sampled the album and to be honest, the songs all sound the same. I absolutely adore Yummy and Get Me, but it's just the same song recylcled with a different title. Which is a shame. He's a talented artist.

trevort8 - It all sounds the same


Ellie_C_15 - KING🔥❤️

JB IS BACK, this album is fire. Do NOT change my mind!

bruhski21 - Corny

Very unappealing

BradSkidzy - NOPE!

All 17 songs sound the EXACT same. Imagine that. No one can say any different.

Lyrik789 - Mature

Way better than any other album he’s done , feel as though he’s released music he really wants and has a good mature vibe to it 🤩he’s in love and so am I with this album :)))

Dappy4949 - Dappy49

What have I just listened to,I won’t be listening to it again!

Kidrauh;) - Amazinggg


bigblued9 - Meh

So tired of this auto tune singer’s songs. It’s been 10 years maybe still no improvement at all

Legal Nutcase - JB IS BACK!

Such a fun album to kick of 2020. So glad he was happy when he made this album and it shows.

kauska akabane - Eh

not the worst thing but pretty boring

Ben67297 - bad

his worst yet

louistaylorr - Ehhh boring all songs sound the same

Boring pop music

zoe cundy - First time I’ve cried hearing a song for the first time

Confirmation made me cry seconds into it, I love the whole album and I’ve listened to it all over ten times in just one day, and changes the song itself is so relatable and comforting it reminded me of kinda the same feel I get when I listen to the song purpose, honestly Justin never fails to disappoint with the music he releases.

Bored544434677643 - Disappointing

All the songs sound the same

theonenonlykezxxx - The1nonlykie21

Best album ever!!🔥🔥

Nebworth90 - Bland

RnB Bieber should work... but the overall album is so dull! Lots of songs sound the same 😕 disappointed.

sonss_biebss - Changes

once again, Justin comes back with a bang! the lyrics, the beat, the vocals - everything 👌🏼🥳🤍

dreamchaser82 - Boring

All sounds the same


Justin has gone through so much and it makes me soo happy to know he’s in a good place and is still bringing the bangers!!! Justin’s music is just getting better and better! So let’s show him the love! Buy it! Stream it! Love it! Enjoy it! Then buy tickets to see him on tour to listen to him sing, dance and have fun on that stage where he belongs!!!!

Georgie_09< - Justin’s back!

I love a bit of biebs and I watched the doc bit disappointed that us UK fans don’t get all the songs. Where’s “Angels Speak” and “La Bomba”? I really liked those, real talented stuff! I also missed out on the song “flatline” of journals. :( will have to invest in a US iTunes gift card. Fave song “Changes” you can feel the emotion got into it! This is a triumph, congrats Justin! 🙌🏻

Alysha!7 - Average

Purpose is better!

GSumX - Amazing

I have brought every album he has released, this one is my favourite!

Pauly✊🏾 - Decent but far from outstanding

an alright album, it ain't amazing though, sounds quite generic compared to his last album but still has a couple of bangers.

Crybabyfan4848 - Mediocre

Quite bad waste of money

Trevor grandtheftautoihateron - this was a waste o moola


Danz 918 - The R&B we always needed

Great vibe so far! He’s finally able to do that R&B he always wanted to do. Can’t wait to hear more

C.Michelle.P - FIRE



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#8 (=) Get Me, @justinbieber feat. @Kehlani [17 weeks] *peak: #4*



Justin Bieber - Get Me feat. Kehlani


Looking at the way we’re blending in, you...

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Justin Bieber, album Changes, song Get Me (feat. Kehlani), released date 27 January 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to Get Me (feat. Kehlani) - Justin Bieber mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

kehlani mp3 Get Me (feat. Kehlani) by Justin Bieber mp3 download listen Get Me (feat. Kehlani) download Get Me (feat. Kehlani) mp3 #Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

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