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“No Time to Die” serves as the theme song to the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die. The song was announced by Billie on January 14, 2020. The song follows in the fabled series of theme songs seen in the film franchise, featuring the likes of mega-hits such as “Skyfall” by British singer Adele, “Live and Let Die” by The Beatles artist Paul McCartney, and “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey. It follows the same titular pattern as the other theme songs and is titled the same as its accompanying film, "No Time To Die". Billie teased the song further on February 12, 2020, revealing that the track would be released the next day, February 13, 2020, prior to the film’s release as a promotional single. Download Billie Eilish - No Time To Die MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. No Time To Die MP3 file uploaded on February 13th, 2020.

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Billie Eilish - No Time To Die MP3 Comments & Reviews

@TheRealAngel2010 - Billie:

I love your style and essence of music; it's making history in the music industry. Thank you darling Billie, keep your style of music pumping out to the work for everyone to experience. My fave song is 'Bad Guy' You know who I am. The Angel

XXX_Person_XXX - Good

I was skeptical but this song really delivers.

Halle Buxton - Greatest Bond then yet

Amazing melodies and interesting lyrics. This song is very serious and cinematic, fits the bond movies very well. And Billie’s vocals are absolutely outstanding 🖤🖤🖤

shaiidaii - yes love it 😍🔥

Its just so amazing. she's so talented❤️

itzaarxn - ...

these one star ratings must not have ears. how could you say that stuff about such an amazing song like this. billie did an AMAZING job on this song.

whythehaters😭😭😭 - Don’t listen to these losers

These haters are the over privileged jerks who feel like if someone’s not like them then they’re horrible. Stop!

ajaustin9 - Cinematic

People say she’s just whispering but it’s a nice song so get over yourselves 🙄. Cool song, different beat and energy to this song very movie like music.

Yesssjjjsjaksjsjs - amazing

Haters are gonna hate on it but i think this song IS maybe not as good as others but her voice and talent still remains outstanding!

Thismusicappdoesntwork - Beautiful

I really enjoyed it

Havana un na na - 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😈😈😈😈😈

I just love Billie Eilish!! She’s so dark and outgoing it just impresses me. It’s just beautiful. Ps I call her “Devil of Death”😈💀☠️😈💀☠️😈💀☠️😈💀☠️😈💀☠️😈💀☠️😈💀☠️

Camber16 - gorgeous

idk what these people are talking about- this song is absolutely gorgeous....from the melody to the instrumentals to the vocals.....and of course the lyrics. gives me absolute chills and it’s heart-string pulling. ♥️

Nicoletti345 - Why?

I get she’s popular with young kids, but what is the appeal of putting her on the last James Bond soundtrack. You have the amazing Goldfinger theme, and more recently we had Adele’s Skyfall. Both were sung by strong vocalists. To portray the elegance, mystery, and overall rich and luxurious feel of all the Bond movies, you need someone with smooth, jazzy vocals that sound like butter. That does not mean whispers. Has she even watched a James Bond film? Doubt it.

Craig gets - Brilliant!!!

I don’t get it. I think she delivers a song that falls right in the wheel well of all traditional bond songs. For all those haters out there, she won’t change your mind, but for those who actually listen to lyrics and composition it’s brilliant.

Cobster116 - Her voice just flows

Her voice is amazing and the stories inside these songs mean something listen closely and you haters will learn something for once

NICKTHAFICK - It’s okay to change yo Vibe

Look Billie I fine with this song but I’ve notice you’ve gotten more happier over the time.In this song it sounds like you’re trying to stay with your sad vibe. TRY NEW STUFF.I know you can do better with this.🕷 🔆 🕷 try to be a happy spider

Unseen Mirrors - Was excited to watch the new 007 Movie until..

I was very excited to watch the new James Bind movie until I knew that this ghetto has recorded the James Bond theme, at first I thought it was a joke but I was wrong. It’s a shame that such a franchise allow such a thing to happen, a ghetto singing the james bond theme. Such a huge shame.

Recark462 - Yes

My favorite singer making a theme song for one of my favorite movie collections, wow. I can’t get this song out of my head. I am very sad the movie is delayed because of the coronavirus.

Elaine Theyson - Very Good Song!! Billie Eilish is amazing!!

Billie Eilish is amazing at what she does I don’t care what anyone says she is amazing!! Love she went out of her comfort zone for this song!!

ThatAngloGuy - Billy’s coming of age breakthrough!

This song is truly one of the best Bond songs ever!

Luna_B - Garbage

The worst soundtrack ever for such an amazing franchise.

ilistentomusic(obviously) - Instrumentals are fine but the singing is still whispering

Why does she not sing? She is able to sing pretty well later in the song when she actually TRIES. Why doesn’t she use it instead of using the same head voice over and over? It’s annoying and resembles the same terrible mumble pop.


I think this song is good for the James Bind movie its more of a action movie so it make more sense for it to sound different from her other song PEOPLE! I love this song Billie and Finneas! 🖤🖤🖤

Star Wars And Undertale - yes

this song is great! i can’t stop listening to it. her vocals are amazing. i don’t even care what the others say, this is a great song.

Arealmadgenius - It’s all about marketing

The solo purpose of choosing Billie Eilish for an almost 70 year old franchise was/is to get millennials and the younger crowd into loving and embracing the mystique, beauty and sheer brutality of 007. These two generations are not instant Bond fans like those of the past.

I HATE JTV - Love this song

To all you haters This song is awesome. It is a continuation of writing on the wall by Sam Smith Those of you are obviously not a fan of Bond films think this song is lousy However instead of your nasty remarks you should listen to the words. The song is what the new Bond film is The betrayal of people he trusted Come Oscar time I guarantee Billie will win the Oscar I for one love this song

ffffffffffnnnnnnnnn - SHUT UP YOU HATERS

Every one who is hating on Billie Eilish needs to SHUT THE HOLE IN YOUR FACE! She is talented and hay all you guys who thinks she can’t sing needs to hear this song when she hits that adele like note. She is a wonderful singer and I great person in real life to. All you haters are just sad sad sad people. And Billie if you are reading this or can read this then all I would say to you is don’t listen to haters thay are mean and don’t deserve a chance. Billie you change the world and a lot of people love you. God bless you Billie.

prandaaa - Pure Talent

Screw all the haters giving 1 star! This song gives me absolute chills and is sooo good!! Billie’s belt on the bridge was so amazing- she has pure talent.

Gdanzig666 - Great Bond Song!!!

Very true to the classic Bond style. As for the Haters, Pull your heads out of what ever holes you have them and realise that not all singers are the same and that different is good. If not for new and different life would be boring. Put on some headphones and actually listen to this amazing young woman who can not only sing but sings exceptionally well. Stop spewing Hate and start listening to some really good music!

tbobbie007 - turn up the volume

i really cant hear any of her lyrics...and im young

BrooklynScott07 - Nah

Easily see this as being one of the more forgettable Bond themes. It’s great that she had the chance because she was so young, but there’s just nothing about this song that screams Bond....

Samraj786 - Terrible

Adele & Sam Smith’s James Bond song is 10 times better , this doesn’t t feel like a James Bond song , it’s more of Billie Eilish song

Bestgwme - Eh

It’s ok at best


This song is already my favorite song. This was a perfect end to her latest album. It has the perfect setting, melody’s, and her voice makes it so much better. I recommend her music 10/10 but this song makes it 20/10


Billie has an amazing voice that brought my friends and I a little closer than we were before. ALSO! If you don’t like her, then why pay attention to her. She’s a very kind and beautiful young lady with an old soul. If you don’t like her, that’s your opinion! This song a beautiful and I could listen to it for years! Again, if you don’t like her and you’re hating that means she means something to you. That means you kind of care. I mean, you care enough to hate on such a talented and beautiful woman. She’s been through a lot and this is finally her way of venting to the world after so long of holding it in. You have to respect someone who will do that. WE LOVE YOU BILLIEEEE!

im an OG bois - Billie

I love Billie Eilish. She is definitely my favorite alternative singer. Great job

what uuuuuup - BILLIE 💚💚💚💚💚

i’m amazed!!! this song is sooo good and soo different (in a good way)! perfect for the new bond movie!!! when i first heard it, my heart went 😍😭🥺 because it was so good but so sad. OMG DONT EVN GET ME STARTED ON THE BELT!!!!! that belt is gonna show some people who billie really is.

Morg Manuel - amazing.

that isn’t whispering people, its singing. I'm sorry that you people love people belting all the time. Ive loved billie since ocean eyes came out and I am so proud of her for coming so far. you haters can say all you want but it isn't going to stop her from doing what she loves. you people are just jealous that your idols are in a bunch of scandals and are involved in un-called for drama. leave my baby alone please!

ILikeTheNameBob - Why do so many people not like this?

Billie Eilish keeps getting better and better!

maryessa - Not strong enough Vocals

Well Billie I love u so much but keep in mind this a James Bond movie your sing and most of the song in the movies are very intense and powerful vocal songs like sky fall by Adele and Billie mumbling or I guess sing is not strong enough to do it and to meet the bare minimum Billie the truth is you don’t have strong vocals and it just sounds like mumbling to me honestly I think your brother is a lot more talented than you all you have to do is mumble and have your brother record it for you sooo Saufley honest this is a OK song but I just want to tell y’all they could have picked someone better not the best choice to ask Billie

shhssnns - AMAZING VOICE

You have an amazing voice. No ones whispering besides everyone hating on the internet. Just some internet g’s. Head up. Chin up.

nicflyng - Booooring

Sounds like so many bond songs....very bland and boring

Blah blah blah473984 - Perfect song for a James Bond movie

I feel like people are not giving Billy enough credit, the song is supposed to sound sad and depressing Because in the end the movies are sad and depressing. The recent music for the movies are just proving a new area of James Bond showing how depressing a life like his would be. I think people are just thinking about the song and just the song instead of the song and the movie as a whole. If you listen to other famous movies you can here orchestras in their theme music too and the best orchestra music is depressing because it shows emotion. Emotion in movies is what the film makers want because it gets peoples attention and makes them feel what the character must be feeling, and music is the perfect way to show this.

SoccerLivLovesBillieEilish!!! - Shut up haters

You haters need to shut up I love Billie and you people are stupid Billie and her mom sic have made a big impact on my life and she is amazing!I love you Billie and if your reading please know I’m your biggest fan! Billie and her music show that you can do really cool amazing things at such a young age.billie is an amazing singer even if she some times mumbles or uses autotune to get the effect that she wants and she is happy shut up haters!!!!! Haters:😡 Billie😜💚🖤💖❣️

BJ87VT - People need to leave this girl alone.

Imagine, being so insecure that you are triggered by a successful 18 y.o. Leave her be, you creeps.

Kev420000000 - Super good bond song

Half the people reviewing this song and saying it’s not a Bond song obviously have no idea what the movie is even about. The man has an ex lover that pretended to love him but actually has been working for the bad guys the entire time, so I think this song suits the plot.

Hinata121910 - Epic!

They made an incredible beautiful orchestra song! Billie, Finneas, and Zimmer are incredible and made an epic song! Thank you, it’s an honor to hear this song!

Gigi_vii - 😧

this is not a real song though lol

Italy12345 - Bad

She is no good! As a fan of 007 this is disappointing she needs to go! She whispers, she dosent have that voice. James Bond has been in my childhood this is not the song to mark a farewell to Daniel Craig

lolee79 - The most beautiful disruption of heartbreak

Literally unearthly chilling musical art!


The best song of hers 💖💖💖

jamesxbates - No time to die

This song is so great and Billie isn’t trash at all I love her with all my heart and this is honestly one her best works of art ♥️♥️

Eti09 - Wow j’adore!

J’écoute en boucle depuis que je l’ai acheté. Merci Billie!! ❤️

rembaldi - I hope this is not the final version

Here’s hoping that with the movie delayed until November they have time to beef up this version so it has some teeth (and volume). Sorry to be negative but this is subpar.

Ale mike! - Could use a collaboration

Her voice works in some places, and very beautiful orchestration, Hans zimmer carried the whole song, it could’ve used another artist to have change of tone and contrast. The production and orchestra carried it while Billie, just is a layer with a soft and moody voice. It’s not bad, could be better.

Skylanders111 - Was skeptical but not anymore


boijoi - Amazing as always!!

Some people jump to call it trash but do you even know what the song represents? Did you have a hand in the film? I sincerely hope you make something you’re proud of and people just tear it apart!

Tiguy63 - Boring

Boring boring We are far from great performers from the past.

Hunter_James - Should be a zero - huge miss - Corp cash grab

Without a doubt someone said it will bring in a crowd that doesn’t want to see the movie and the studio bought in. Lyrics to music this will go down as the worst Bond theme in history. The only upside is whoever does the next one has to be better than this self-indulgent misstep.

Fabbfab44 - Love this

This show darkness for real love it

Averyeet - Amazing!!!!

ILY Billie!!!!🥺

Canadian Critic - No Time To Die - Billie Eilish - I Think She Found Time!

Awful! Awful! Awful! Sounds like she has found time to die and she’s on her last breath. This whole whisper & cutting in/out voice singing is awful. But that’s just me. Like all other epic James Bond theme songs - my expectations are high.... this one missed the boat.

Epicmiatello - Love it

Great song

insaneforeilish - Amazing!

Billie has really grown as a vocalist as shown through this song. Billie and Finneas’ production capabilities are astonishing and unmatched. So proud of her!

DarkKnightOfGotham - Wonderful Release !!!

Beautifully performed !!! Billie Eilish is awesome !!!

Awogirl - 👑

She and her brother never fail to impress

Psttt ! - Ennuyant et sans originalité !

Tout est dit.

RS-987 - Some vocal training would be a good start.

No range. Forced emotion. The bond folks could have done far better.

kurt cobain loves me - DANG

I didn’t know she had new song out!!!!!!! So deep and sad. But good! Reminds me a little of Metallica’s fade to black.

A$H1997 - Trash

Her voice doesn’t suit for a powerful or respectful theme. Her vocals are just borderline garbage without auto tune. Honestly thought they would’ve chose a musician with a more mature voice

dvgrl - billie and her bro are a good choice !

mostly the title songs for the series of films are a reflection from a band or artists of that era , that moment is was beong made - together they formed a mysical and visual time capsule. the artists respectfully apply their contribution and particularly recognizable style and mesh it with the revered underlying melodies of 007 genre and lore that float thru each and every film. it's a lovely magical thing. so maybe a few feel ... meh about one of these gems. but not this one - Duh ! frère et soeur did a great job. my rating - 5 martinis ... dirty and stirred. cheers to billie and finneas !! Le Québec vous adore !

leafsfan - Amazing song

Amazing song

Ineedabetternamee - Incredible

I don't know you guys are hating. This is probably her best work.

Dzdzfzh - Nothing Special

Should've gotten someone with a more mature voice like they did with Adele, lyrics are fine her voice just seems small and too toned down

FrankD92 - Worst Bond song

Madonna has the cringiest Bond song with Die Another Day. Sam Smith has the lamest Bond song with Spectre. Now, flavor of the month Bilie Eliish has one of the most boring Bond songs with No Time To Die. Where is Adele when you need her.

Russian hater - BOND. IS. BACK.

I am a die hard James Bond superfan. “No Time To Die” by Billie Eilish will be one one of the greatest songs to come out of the world’s most beloved film franchise. Over half of Billie’s fans will not realize the importance of James Bond in pop culture for nearly 60 years. I am full of excitement and anxiety to see this film in theatres April 10th.

Undrgrndkng - dont like

i duno

KevMully - No time to die by Billie Eilish

Another great James Bond theme song!!!! I give it 5 stars!

G.O.B. Bluth - Very brooding

A methodical almost haunting melody...we’ll see how well this theme matches the tone of the actual film in April.

Miss_Vanjie - Love her


Sabrina Scotia - amazing

how can i express what this song makes me feel? well, i just can’t. i don’t know how billie does this stuff but she’s a genius. even if there’s only a 0.00001 percent chance that billie sees this, if you do, i want you to know how much i love you ❤️😭

James Bond Canada - Welcome to history

What vocals !

uni_sparkels3 - Love love love it 😍

The best song I herd

RJSK13 - What is this?!

When you go back through Bond discography... Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever, Sheryl Crow’s Tomorrow Never Dies, Madonna’s Die Another Day. What’s in common? Iconic themes by iconic artists! This is terrible. No singing, it’s whispering. It’s not memorable and makes Writing’s on The Wall look like a masterpiece. Disappointed.

Steviebaby82 - Lasks energy

The singing is so low and depressing, she is not right for BOND at all, the music theme is there but it too lacks the thrilling volume, everything is underplayed. They need to get shirley bassey back - heck even her' living tree' song from ages ago was better than this, adele and sam smith's versions. 3 poor theme songs in a row. Give BJORK the job!

ro ro the first - 🤩🤩🤩

I love Billie Ellish’s songs-Rose

*ColdAsIce* - Well done billie!

Best Billie Ellish song I’ve heard yet and I love all singers but this is my favourite. I listen to it over and over and it always calms me. She won a Grammy so I’m not surprised she’s so successful. And James Bond is a great film franchise. Love ya Billie🖤💚you and phinneas have worked so hard(sorry if I spelt his name wrong) love you guys!!!💚🖤

Elski123 - Brilliant

Totally fantastic song in its own right and certainly one of the greatest bond themes.

cloclo😘 - Love it 🔥⭐️

I love the music it’s just so amazing and mysterious & I live how there’s the James Bond music just at the end

eboneyxo34567 - I like billie but her songs kinda sound the same kinda boring

She’s talented and has a beautiful voice but most her songs are so boring and sound the same. This is a good song though

nicknamegirl105 - Pretty great

This song is pretty good but fineas deserves more credit

Thea FitzSee - No time to die

It is amazing

Finn££££££££££&&&&&&&"@@@@@@@ - Amazing

Billie Eilish is one of this generations most talented artists, and this song is genuinely amazing. The amount of hate that people give this girl is disgraceful, truly shows how disgusting society really is. You should all be ashamed.

AstonDorsett - “Bond Boomers” don’t get this

It’s supposed to be a closing sequence to his movies. It’s slow - ON PURPOSE. It’s not heavy instrumental - FOR EMOTION. Some people clearly don’t see the purpose of this song...

bigblued9 - No no no

Tired of this overrated brat

Nathanwalk3r2017 - Thank u , next


PTI4Chnage - Skyfall rip off

They could’ve just asked Adel to do another version of skyfall.

MatiFabian - Bleh


beautiful kitty cats - Not Really by Billie Sabore

Well not bad but it isn’t working for my Ringtone

pinkmonkey 44 - It’s alright

What the title said

Bitemabanger - Amazing

I’m not even a fan but this is amazing 😍

Willsx7 - F


i_a_the_music_man - 5*****

Amazing song well deserved no1 .

Cabe13742 - trash

Rachelscooby - Flat as a road kill hedgehog

Ok Billies a popular, suicidal singer but what were people thinking when they thought that she would be a good bond theme singer. She can’t sing high notes to save her life and her vocals are way to weak to belt out a tune, other that her normal depressive semi speaking/whispering vocal. Don’t get me wrong she’s ok in her niche but she’s no Adele, Shirley Bassey ect, ect. Disappointed!!!

padmusic - AmaZing

Just amazing

Yulia Jenkins - New Bond theme

Understated and heartbreaking. Great for Bond in the 21st century. Much love to all involved. We'll. never forget you, Bobby Irish 🙀

Beautiful_Star!! - Amazing!!!!

I think this is an amazing Bond theme song. Billie and Fineas have created magic in their sound. Yes I agree it is a lot different from other theme songs for Bond, but it’s creating a swan song for Daniel Craig. It’s beautiful, touching, sad, emotional. It’s a good bye!!! It’s a letting go!!!

edlockley - Fantastic

People that don’t like the song don’t understand that music can be emotional. Who cares if it’s not your classic bond theme, it’s a gorgeous and hauntingly moving song that has more emotion in it that any other bond song. I think people are upset because they feel that the Bond theme has to be cool and charismatic, and forget that this is Daniel Craig’s last film in the franchise and as a result is going to be a symbol of an emotional farewell. I’ve also seen people call it ‘flat’, and those people obviously haven’t listened to the whole song and heard the unbelievable vocals at the end. This is probably Billie’s best song altogether, and it’s my favourite ever Bond song. Incredibly moving, beautiful, and meaningful.

sawhsur - Outstanding

Haunting - will listen on repeat

Alfa1750 - The worst do far...

Every year they get worse and this confirms it.

Jackyharrison32 - Wow

I love her but this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶

beanie8-2 - Fantastic

I think this is a fantastic bond theme is moody and mysterious and is perfect for the film I find some bond themes to over the top.

LiliJules - Judgemental People

There are a lot of judgemental people in this world. People who dislike youngins, people who dislike her appearance, people who dislike her songs and people who hate the fact she’s achieved so much in a short space of time. At the end of the day if they didn’t think she had talent they wouldn’t of asked her to do the new bond theme. It’s not everyone’s taste, doesn’t mean it deserves your negative vomit all over this song. This song is supposed to be different, imo it’s better than other bond theme songs from the past. It’s meant to be emotional. To the person who said no wonder teens have mental health problems, SIT BACK DOWN. There are many problems people have MH and songs is not one of them. Stupidest comment ever. SMH

joshhp - I can’t rate zero

Probably best for Shawn the sheep soundtrack. She has a nice voice but it trembles that much that I thought I was sitting on a vibrating chair listening to this. It’s not a dramatic Bond theme that I’d expect, in fact it’s one of the poorest/weakest yet.

j GG ooh gu - Ok

I love Billie but this was just quite boring tbh 😂

True Child Of The 90s - Really ?

No wonder the worlds in crisis when this is what passes for talent All the great singers out there and we get this as the new bond song We have went from the likes of Gold Finger and Diamonds are forever to this. You know this will be remembered as the worst bond song

Kran the midget - Trash

This song should be very memorable like all the other Bond themes have been. This is awful. There are no brassy notes and no crescendos. This is awful compared to Adele’s Skyfall. Someone who has been working for a lot longer than Billie should’ve sang it like Ed Sheeran it even Coldplay.

Stark.001 - Skyfall1957

As a bond music fan since 1962 ( M.Norman,J.Barry,G.Martin,D.Arnold,ect...) and the difrent artists that have been used to sing the diffrent soundtracks, this young lady has a lot to live up to and so has the film. I think some of the comments are a bit harsh so lets wait and see if it complements the film.

Nottsbi - Mmmm

Sky fall is by the best new bond theme when you hear sky fall you instantly know it’s a bond film this one doesn’t have that

Kev_uk12 - Boring


gucci hip - Y



this song is hoenslty so good and i dont undertsand why everyone has to hate on an innocent 18 year old who has worked so hard for this. i lobe the way that thi ssomg builds up and to someone who said she whispers, if you listen to 3:20 you hear that she belttttsss so loud and her voice is so unbelievably powerful. love love love!!!!

Rubyyy! - 😍

When I first heard it I was like um boring, But listening to it a few more times, I really enjoy it and it’s very good!

HG 67 - Disappointing Bond Song

Was hoping for a real upbeat Bond song for 2020. Unfortunately it’s a right let down. The bond franchise is all about the bond song and they have fallen at the first hurdle. To be given the bond song I thought you had to be one of the greats but nowadays they will give it to anyone. All Billie Eilish songs are so depressing and if that’s what the younger generation aspire to no wonder we have an increase of mental health problems.

_katie._.rose_ - Y’all over reacting :)

This is a good song! It may not be the best bond song there has ever been, but it is definitely a success. Billies style is different, and some people understandably aren’t used to it, but the song itself is brilliant and very well done.

TesFF - Absolutely Brilliant

It depicts the mood of Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 perfectly! Well done Billie, I love your interpretation and love the song in isolation too.

tsak1979 - Elegance, Stylishness, Poshness 👍

Written & performed beautifully by the duo. Well done 😊

The Man of Great Mystery - Terrible! A rubbish singer murders Bond Soundtrack!

I don’t get her wacky attention seeking fashion statements. Her voice is terrible . Why she got to sing a Bond theme puzzles me! It’s an epic hope is it’s not a sign of things to come for the movie .

Dmsc@21 - Captivating and dazzling

Her vocals are beyond stunning and the production is so meticulous, yet classic bond. To those who are complaining, give it time it’s definitely a grower.

erinnwxo - she’s amazing.

she’s not whispering. she’s singing beautifully if you can’t sing yourself don’t judge someone that clearly has more talent in her pinkie toe than you do in your entire body x

Агмаиа - So many layers to this song.....

This song was so beautiful at the BRITs today. The song just shows how much this talented young girl has to offer; I hope she gets all she deserves in life.

Lia.Eliza - Love it

Is a great new song. Would definitely recommend it

Taleah_Gaming - Amazing 😉

Another one of Billie’s great songs!! And it got chosen to be in a James Bond movie 🎥!


Lana del Rey would have been a better for this song, and without Lana Del Rey there would not be Billie.

JORDiK. - Worst Bond song ever.

Bond song for teeny-boppers. 👎👎👎

atidaml - So god

I love doing improv to this song I love it!

thisnicknameistakenb - there’s just no time to die

billie stepping out of her comfort zone and using her voice as strong as she did it in this song- incredible. if you are gonna judge just by the snippet HOLD ON, and go listen to the whole song before you assume she doesn’t sing or have powerful vocals. you might be surprised if you dont watch her live performances (personally i’ve heard her belt before but not as good as this one!) most people that listen to her that aren’t fans nor haters just assume her voice is always soft. billie can change ur mind with this one. no time to die is a masterpiece and i cant stop playing it.

genxal - Definitively Bond

One of the best Bond Theme song in recent years

koalalife - Cough cough...

What’s this? Have you just brought me to tears with another song. You’ve done it. I’m 11 and I love you to the moon and back. To all the haters that don’t like her or her music don’t judge her because what she does is AMAZING

HeyYou! - Horrible song

Another horrible song from this overrate artist. Worst James Bond song.

That's Mr P to you - Your five minutes of fame has passed

Sound the same. Unoriginal. Boring. No one will remember her by this time next year.

lucaskowalski - 🧐

Give me a break, talking isn’t singing. Very moody and has a clear vibe but music should excite and inspire perhaps even make you move, overrated.

giehuwje - Its so good im crying


VenomWRC - Beautiful!!

Very good choice to sing the new bond theme !!!

NmS1ng - AMAZING !!!

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas have done an AMAZING job with this James Bond theme song 'No Time to Die' . It is different and unique compared to previous James Bond theme songs. It is AMAZING and showcases more of Billie's voice.

IainMcGregor - Impressive


Kazza_NZ - Hauntingly Beautiful

Well done Billie!

fredyze61 - Captivating Bond Theme

Proving that Billie Eilish has the quality with this captivating theme song for the new James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ 👍

leticia181201 - perfect

perfect 🤩🤩

beanbelially - ❤️❤️

Meu vicio

Alberto Breno - Talento

Simplesmente perfeita e original

_jphil - Billie é Billie

Autêntico, intimista, atemporal

H. Halfeld - Esperava mais.

Não chega aos pés de SkyFall da Adele.

Thiagobivik - 👎


Marcelo Júnior² - Maravilhosa

Música perfeita de mais

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



@DennisR38458475: @GovNedLamont Please clarify the following:Linked to Covid-19”. What does that mean? Did the newborn have pre-existing…


@ScottMendelson: Both #NoTimeToDie And #AQuietPlace2 Are Now Positioned To Shatter #BoxOffice Records via @Forbes by @ScottMendelson htt…


should have been going to see no time to die tonight :(


@billieeilish: Watch Billie’s performance of “No Time To Die” live from the 2020 #BRITs. @007 …


1 2 3 4 what are we fighting for? Dont ask me I dont give a damn, next stop is in Chynaa. And its 5 6 7 open up th…


UK Singles Chart: #21. No Time To Die, @billieeilish (-9) *peak #1* [7 weeks]


@Comarm4 game 9 53 points, die in 30th place to a mythic mini gun, literally had no time to react


@inezabonte @zadock_254 @birenge21 @KoechIan3 @regis_250 Mulan Money heist No time to die Sonic the hedgehog Tenet


@specialomega No time to die обожаю


@freethinker871 @moviedrone


@007 Instead of going to see No Time to Die this week I made a doll in likeness of Sean Connery!! Uncanny isn’t it?…


Dear @nalinkateel @DVSadanandGowda @BSYBJP ji we KSD ppl depend on MLR for emergency healthcare. Pls do not let ppl…


@ScottMendelson: Both #NoTimeToDie And #AQuietPlace2 Are Now Positioned To Shatter #BoxOffice Records via @Forbes by @ScottMendelson htt…


No Time To Die by Our Last Night Тревор, не пугай меня так.... неожиданно же... Хотя... продолжай. мне нравится твой скрим

About No Time To Die [Billie Eilish] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Billie Eilish, album No Time To Die - Single, song No Time To Die, released date 13 February 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to No Time To Die - Billie Eilish mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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