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The eleventh and title track, called “ON”, from their fourth studio album Map of the Soul: 7, highlights all the highs and lows that came with BTS’ 7-year journey so far. Its dance video is called "Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima" and features dozens of performers—all members of the marching band Blue Devils. The official music video was released a week later, on February 28th. The title references their 2013 single “N.O”. In the album, there's another version of this track featuring Australian singer, Sia. Download BTS - ON MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. ON MP3 file uploaded on February 21st, 2020.

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BTS - ON MP3 Comments & Reviews

xiiivyx - Love


kiki💜✌🏽 - 💯 Album is fire

Back at it again with another amazing album! Love how BTS incorporates solo tracks of the members and smaller group tracks on their album!! Another successful album!

Veronica Solo - amazing

my favorite album!!

kaaymcee - They deserve all the awards

Ughh! The MV is just amazing especially their choreography! Must listen to it everyday!

Ncredible_0 - Perfection

Everything good about Bangtan in one album: blending different sounds, top-notch rapping and singing, incredible and uplifting lyrics, and the personal musical signature of each member. My favourite track is Inner Child, so comforting and beautiful, but We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal is a close second.

Aunu J - 💜✨

love it!! favourite songs off the album is Ugh!, Louder than bombs and We are Bulletproof : The Eternal🥺💜

emilyrhf247 - I love BTS💜

A straight up bop💜

edwardswoman - :)

a beautiful collection of songs with a variety of music styles and wonderful lyrics. bts are something truly special and they did not miss with map of the soul:7

Aya Napa - BTS For Life

My all-time fave kpop idol group. Best album ever💜💜💜

cochoxhlxhlxl - 방탄소년단 사랑해 😘

Best thing ever, 1000% would recommend (insert chef’s kiss👌🏻) One of their best work if not the best! Thanks for the hard work boys, I’m so proud🤩 I purple you 💜💜💜

。_14820 - We are only seven

But we have you Army.

A.R.M.Y FOREVER OF BTS - Best album

This album is sooo great. I just love it. Purple you all 💜💜💜💜

💜💜💜KP - I swear this is the best album yet!!!

Wait I say this for EVERY album.... That’s cause all their albums are masterpieces!!!

muhfuhkuh - I just love this album


Fk5504 - big hit: how much quality songs would you like on this album? bts:yes

Ok well here is the ranking and review for each song: 1. Intro:Persona: A rap throwback song. This is featured on this album as well as mini album Map Of the Soul:Persona. I think its a little busy but i sill like it 2. Boy With Luv: freaking iconic. its happy and playful and honestly just a bop to make you smile. 3. Make it Right: my favourite track that was on Persona. I literally love this song, its slow but has a vibe where you can still head bop to it. 4. Jamais Vu: sang by Jungkook, JIn, and J-Hope. Its a slow song and is probably one of the most slow songs off this album. J-Hopes vocals though.. 5. Dionysus: yes. yes. yes. upbeat, hype, iconic. honestly a must listen 6. Interlude Shadow: Suga is a vocal king and a rap god. istg this hits so hard, and if you listened to it already on the music video, your in for a treat, the extended it. 7. Black Swan: Though it came out a month or so ago, it is a song that wont age. i love this song and i love the cool beat to it. 8. FIlter: This song displays Jimin's vocals so well. It is subtly sexy and i am a proud mom 9. My Time: Jungkook pulled off the R+B genre so well. My favourite solo off this album and this is jungkook telling us "anyeohaseo jeonun bangtan sonyeondan hwaggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida" 10. Louder than Bombs: it has a cool melody, it was produced by Troye Sivan. I'm a big fan of this song. It sound almost dark and im here for it 11. On: Idol who? Boy with Luv who? I only know On. FREAKING ICONIC MY DUDES. this song is an anthem. and jungkook flexes his vocals and hes only 22. 12. UGH: stop sleeping on this song. it hits hard, it goes off, it has a sick beat. for any people who like the rap line or rap music, listen to this song, trust me, you will be wondering where this song has been all your life'' 13.00:00 : yes. its so cute and happy. it just makes you feel happy. it has a very pop based genre and beat, but it uses it without sounding generic because bts dont do that. 14. Inner Child: its good but it could be better. however, it has this uplifting beat but it doesnt focus its main genre on pop. 15. Friends: aww....this song is about friendship and its so sweet. v and jimin sing about their friendship with one another, its so sweet 16. moon: i love this song, i love it. it reminds me a bit of 00:00, but i love it 17. Respect: everything suga produces is legendary. at first it wasnt for me but later after listening to it for a whie, it wasnt so bad. i warn you though, you might laugh a bit and wont like it at first, but give it a chance and listen to it a few times 18. We are Bulletproof: The Eternal : THIS IS SO GOOD the best song on this album and its so good. it finishes the we are bulletproof series and i cried while reading the lyrics. its a song for army. 19. Outro: Ego : literally J-Hope in a song. its so happy and upbeat and it will get you happy by the middle of the chorus. overall a great album! i recommend! stan bts. stan talent. period.

Rosanna Friesen - By Army

This is like a dream.

a.r.m.y luv - Amazing

Ugh is technically cypher part 5

oompaloopabodyassbitch - u


ipeelie - GREAT!!!!!

i love their voices!!!


chefs kiss ladies:*

GabFreakyPie - Ggx gang

Ggx gang!!

DVNPRTAVE - Best Album To Date

Sonically cohesive while venturing into new sounds - this is their best album yet. All tracks are worth a listen but standouts are ON, Black Swan, Louder than Bombs, Ugh and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.

cookiemonstae99 - 💜

Inner Child is actually my favorite song in the album! It is so playful that it gives me energy to confront any difficulties ahead of me. Even though we are constantly moving forward, we should never forget and be thankful to our past self; the past is what makes the present. Thank you my little bear tae for bringing love to the world🐻

Actually_Leila - OML EPIC ALBUM


FranciskaEmma - 💜💜💜


tae.cg - so good!

this album is one of the best!!


As soon as you hear the tracks you can FEEL the dedication and how they poured out their SOUL in producing this masterpiece I’m not lying when I say I cried listening to every track because my ears were so happy. Lyrics are so meaningful as well I just CANNOT explain this with words you gotta listen!!!

Piggly.Wiggly.x - Pure gold!

They boys really out did themselves, on so many levels! I’m honestly not surprised they did amazing again! All the songs are amazing, but I absolutely love Black Swan, Louder than bombs, 00:00 (Zero O’Clock), Inner Child and Ego. Keep up the great work guys!

soyulii - BTS strike again

The album is full of self-reflection, commentary on the state of the world, gratitude for what has happened to the members and what they have now, and love towards each other as members of one group - one family - and ARMY, their fans and part of this family. Touching and hope-inducing.

$abrina$heppard - 💜💜💜

Love it 😍

Violet Alexander - I LOVE IT💜

My favourite’s My Time. This album’s really something else! BTS, thank you for this beautiful album☺️💜Well-written, meaningful lyrics, the beat and melodies are really catchy! Supporting you boys is the best decision ever! You guys are the best. (Nicki)

.Tia.O. - A Masterpiece

This album is a masterpiece from beginning to end. Every single song is amazing. I can’t stop listening to it. Highly recommended.

eeshawithluv - Outstanding talent and quality

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this album, but it definitely wasn’t liking every single song on it an unexplainable amount. The seamless blend of genres is exceptional and the raps, vocals, lyrics and overall messages are distinct, versatile and memorable. Also side note: was not expecting to cry to this album.

bringbackour67million - yes

just yes.

Kg_gamerlord - Art....

No disappointed as always!!!😤

Yuki-Yuki-love - Army for life💜

They worked hard and it’s a beautiful album with beautiful songs 💜

kaylaleamont - 💜


amiraHT - Art

It’s just amazing 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

silentt88 - Must listen

Enough said

kyyiki - 💜💜💜


sususieie - Legends

Legendary album!

Kitwee - I love every single track

This is an amazing album that takes me on a journey of self awareness while giving me 20 tracks that thrill musically in so many ways. I’m so in love with this!!

Katiee101 - amazing

as expected of bts, they never ever disappoint!!

CrimsonDragon55 - The Genre is BTS!

This album is something else! Truly unmatched! I really love all of their discography but there is something so personal and wonderful about this latest album that I cannot stop listening! I have never considered myself to be that into music, but this is the first time where I’ve been so in love with music. Previously, I would get bored listening on repeat but I’ve listened to this album on repeat and I’m not bored at all. Their music really speaks to the heart and has so many different kinds of sounds, they never disappoint and never fail to bring something new and creative! They trulyput all their passion and energy into what they love. I hope I can learn from them 💜🥺 I love you BTS, I love you ARMY

regretgoat - Album of the Year

These seven phenoms NEVER fail to bring their special blend of magic:heart & talent,insane work-ethic & dedication,amazing lyrics,mind-blowing choreos,fabulous&diverse music,& their beautiful & unique personalities. Every track hits just right,& I’ve cried too many times over their raw & heartfelt lyrics & gorgeous vocals. An instant classic.

Nikki Miranda - purple

we on this bangtan sonyeondan sh.t foreverrrr

Bandeets - Best group in the world

Best boy and to ever step foot on this earth

Izzzy11🍭🍭🍭 - worth purchasing!

completely worth buying the whole album! each song sounds completely different and it’s like there’s a song for all of your moods! what a great buy :)

thrissa_1d - Blew me away

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES this made me hype af, cry out of happiness and joy, and just be in my feels in the right way for every single song. BTS slayed this comeback

izkha - bts world domination

every single song in this album is so meaningful and beautiful. its a masterpiece beyond any other.

Who's_Haya - Perfect

This album has no bad songs. There are no skips. 10/10 reccomend.

lamiah bts - BTS FOREVER!!!!

Wish I could give more stars.They are the one who made me happy.I purple you BTS......



teambreezy15 - justin seagull

even after a few months since its release, i still listen to it every single day. bts can never make a bad album or song

kimmchhii - Amazing

Such a wonderful album, all the solo songs are great and of course the rap line slays

ddkltnn - Well

It's BTS

Jamila Tanaaz - MINDBLOWING

Hands down one of the most versatile, heart wrenching and just over all amazing album. Well done boys 💜

Nasty Youtube deketing views - Give it a try

The songs in this album varies a whole lot. From rap to slow songs. They all have definite meaning. Give it a try you won’t regret it

Aaliyahh16 - Absolutely amazing

Outdone themselves ONCE AGAIN beautiful songs by beautiful boys

Tok puff - wow

all types of genres of songs for all types of moods amazing album

ttaelien - Just an army 💜

I purple you 💜💜💜

army ;) - Love BTS

This is awesome

lele clelland - Beautiful album

I love this album so much

my real name is - Love!

I love 💓 this so much and make sure to keep loving yourself stop walking alone and be the person who enjoys the most beautiful moment in their life and especially be 2 cool 😎 for school And if bts is reading this then what I have got left to say is : You have supported me through many times when I was sad 😞 but you always made me happy I struggled to love myself as I always thought I had no talent and since I was born I barely smiled but this made me smile so much Love, ARMY!

An ARMY~ 💜 - You know you want to hear it


Juliieuh-77 - Amazing

Amazing thanks

nitha27 - 🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️

best album!! borahae...💜

Green Jade6602 - Classy and lovely beat ❤️

Amazing voice!

RUCrazy2? - Map of the Soul 7

Love this new album from BTS. Really glad they included the Persona to go with Shadow and Ego. Keep going Lads!

taetaeeeree - love ittt


Zarpasuave - A bop

Listen to this and you won’t believe how perfect things can be

Hopie1989 - BTS

Guys your amazing . Your talent exceeds all expectations. Proud to have followed you this far . Congratulations on another smash hit album . 💜💜💜💜💜

Jesus's Desciple - MY BOYS

so godamn proud. Purple them so much. May their legacy live long 💜

Mumishappy - Raising the bar every time

Another awesome album by BTS to add to the already impressive discography. Was looking forward to this album and it did not disappoint. Well done. Deserves every #1 it receives. 💜

vamps_loverr - Amazing

So so meaningful 💜

cloudberry89 - Jesus christ...

I just heard some of songs of them but this is really fantastic! I love the concept and their direction. They sing not about drugs, meanless life or just realationship but about human beings, their deep insides and their misery.

parkjiminmylove - masterpiece


kookiearmy - SO PROUD

They worked so hard on this album to tell the stories they wish about themselves 💜💜💜

aussie army 🥰 - they worked so hard on this album

even if the genres are not for you, you can NOT say that there is NOTHING special about it cause then you just sound very ignorant because even if it’s not special for you it is for bts and millions of armys around the world. If you actually did at least a little bit of research you would find out that bts and everyone that help with this album put their blood sweat and tears into each and every song. each song has it’s meaning and message to it and that’s what i love about bts. this album is a MASTERPIECE and was so well put together. bts did THAT and i’m proud to say that they our did themselves again 🥰

the enternal - incredible!!

one of the best albums I have ever heard! I love it so much

yoit.emma - every single song- amazing!


Sevoier - 👏👏

They came back so strong with this album, it’s a big change up from previous songs.

Local *ahem* - The realest

The realest and personal you’re gonna get of BTS to date so my respect and love really goes out to them for being who they were to who they are to who they’ve become. They’ve really come far and I’m beyond proud to have been part of their journey for so long💜❤️

sarah.d3 - Loved it :)

Probably my favourite album by them

PoTaeTa - Amazing!!!

Possibly my favourite BTS album! I actually love all the tracks and can’t pick a favourite. The vocals are heavenly here, as well as the production and lyrics. Although this album is quite long, I never felt bored listening to it, and each track brings something unique to the album which I really appreciated. Love it love it love it 💜

Damien Head - Love it


applepie168 - The Ching Chong

Time to retire

Takes ages to download ! - Amazingly good

I can’t get enough of this album, there are many standouts but I can’t stop listening to WAB: The Eternal, I can just imagine this ending their concerts, a tear jerker for sure !

kirrajadepears - phenomenal

i always expect great things from bts but this album just blew me away. i just love every single song on there

Wolfy3193 - BTS worldwide domination

This album is crazy good, the development in there style and skill is amazing. These boys have come so far and achieved so much, and they deserve so much more. Completely amazing album. 10/10 would recommend.

HJ98MS99 - BTS

Best of the best, love the music

Reo297 - Two Thumbs Up The Best

This Album so amazing briliant work BTS I hope that you will tour around Australia soon.

xvbqndkfbrnsl - AMAZINGGGGG

this album is amazing omg BTS have done it again

omgyoongles - LEGENDARY

you can tell how much love and effort was put into the songs 💞

AldenLee - Wow

I had a blast listening to this album! Can get enough! Been up all 24 hours for this 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

moonchild u shine - Legends🔥

They never dissapoint us btw STREAM ON MV ON YOUTUBE AND SPOTIFY

steph~~ - Perfection

Exactly what was expected and more. A refreshing new sound with familiar throwbacks to BTS past

Natshows - Amazing as always


srnriver - Love this album!

Haven’t stopped listening to this album since it came out. I’m enjoying every single track.

grace paterson - diverse + well thought out piece of work

probably bts' best release to date, map of the soul:7 gives every member a chance to shine whilst keeping the authentic style they've become renowned for. with a variety of different genres, and the inclusion of subunit songs, this album is the perfect look into just what makes bts so successful

Ry ry lion - amazing


Nicspring - Masterpiece

It’s amazing to listen to this album. Each track has different influences and sounds, and their lyrics beautifully express their sentiments in each song. I have no one true favourite on the album, because they each captivate me in a different way.

rimin_i_ - Amazing

10/10. These boys never fail to make music that we all love, go stream ON!

Ruv_J - Army4eva🤞

Pure art💜great music🎼🎤Damnnnnnnnnnnn🔥perfect masterpiece😎✌️💙💜

Hopestar04 - Their best yet

How to explain, but I have been speechless for days. This is truly one of their greatest. I am in love with all of it truly 💜

Sabiinah - Great

Never been disappointed by them, hope to listen to more bops in the future 💜

unlucky and alone - 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

You can tell that Bangtan worked extra hard on 7. The concept, dance and music are on point! Specifically love Moon, 00:00, Black Swan and UGH!

EmKa12 - 💜💜💜💜💜


Dennichh - 💜💜💜


happykiwi101 - Phenomenal and genre-defying

BTS continue to astound me with each new release. The tonal shift from the Persona album into Map Of The Soul : 7 is really engaging, and works well in contrast with tracks from the previous album also included here. The timbre of the vocals fit well with the instrumentation on each track. I’m particularly fond of ‘Louder than bombs’ which is a haunting and eerily resonant track. This album, when listened to without prejudice, does away with industry-defined labels. BTS are not “this thing” or “that thing.” They are transcendent. They are 7.

iMovie Not Cool - 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Very proud of this album💕💕analysing the lyrics made me tear up😭 I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR GREAT MUSIC :D


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@Tuphlos What’s Going On might be my favorite but it’s just about impossible to choose.

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist BTS, album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7, song ON, released date 21 February 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to ON - BTS mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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