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Download BTS - ON (feat. Sia) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. ON (feat. Sia) music file uploaded on February 21st, 2020.

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BTS - ON (feat. Sia) MP3 Comments & Reviews

007Bo700 - A great album

This album holds a truly inspirational message. It not only contains variety, but every song finds a way to lift up my mood. If i’m having a bad day, I can cry to Zero O’clock and feel better. If i’m working out, I can listen to Ugh to hype myself up. This album has a song for every mood, making it truly diverse. The quality put into each of these songs is outstanding, and even though I am not a professional when it comes to music, I can notice the amount of hard work put into this album. This album has taught me the importance of hard work, the importance of finding ones self, and the importance of learning to love yourself as much as you love others.

Kaylasmith01 - Bts

They never flop.


Every song on this album is a total masterpiece!

April Chester - Best Album so far this year!

Harder they said. In fact, yes, loving 7 men has been the best decision ever!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

💜💜💜A.R.M.Y 💜💜💜 - BTS RULE!!

they are the best

ArmyOnceYoonminion - They served

The best, y’all’s fav could never

Eliticons - ITS SO GOOD

The kings never disappoint. ✋😔

typicalgabethings - no

im just trying to get my sister to stop using my account to buy this stuff

PR.sarah - Why it’s full of auto tune?

Why almost all of the songs are full with auto tune?

bts_worldeuu - Amazing

there’s some songs people may like and may not like in this album. But that’s what’s great about it, bts has songs that suits everyone’s taste. They don’t stick to one genre and have music that everyone would enjoy listening to. I love the song on this album and how different they all sound. The solo songs really radiate the vibe of the members and it really suits their voices. I absolutely love how raw they went and how dark they got into this album. They talked about hardships of being famous but did not forget to thank their fans for everything they’ve done for them along the way through the songs. They yet again spread a great message. I love this album and I love their dedication, they’d do anything for their fans.

Kawiee unicorn - This is the best album in the world

BTS is just amazing. They did it again. My favorite song is On and Jamais vu and My time. There all so good!!! I’m speechless and don’t no what to say, so bye!!!

BangPink💜🖤 - perfect

amazing album

Lissa118 - Hot..

My time wow just love this song I listen to it all the time where ever I go . They way jungkook made this song pop with color .His voice is so clean and beautiful. the song draws you into listening to it .. the producers of this song did an excellent job for jungkook ...

chanty!! - always wonderful

You guys have been great from the start. I love you all and the music that you produce has helped greatly to thousands around the world. Another great album for us to enjoy and we thank you for everything boys <3.


This is so amazingggg

jin_hehe - This is BTS

It’s BTS.

thisisnotatrex - So basic

They really stepped into the basic category.. nothing new And to much autotune

sbnsjsbdvbdnalasndnd - Love BTS

I live this album so much

Juliaoneu - BTS

This is the best ever 💖💜💖💖💜

guesttttttttgdienebeu - BTS

Just magnificent 💜💜

organic nut milk - no skips :-)

every single track is a certified bop!!!!! thank you bts for giving me a will to live

.D.A.Y. - Everything About This Album Deserves Everything It Gets

This album has so many kinds of songs which can make you feel different things. There is not only one kind of meaning to all the songs, each song means something different and I really respect that BTS always can make something to make their fans happy and can keep them that way. BTS is probably a part of my life that I will never forget. They’ve probably made my life brighter with their music, how kind they are, how they would do anything for each other and other people and so much more. They are much more than just K-pop stars. They are people who mean so much to me and changed my view on the world a bit at a time. Zero O’clock is one of the songs I really appreciate because of the lyrics. Because sometimes, I feel like that and I can’t open up to other people because I feel scared that they’ll look down on me and say I’m weak I can’t stand up for myself and I’m a good for nothing person. I hope people can relate to that and I’m not the only one who feels like that. It’s kind of depressing really. To feel like you’re the only who’s not working enough and everybody else is doing so much better than you. But it also teaches you that you can always hope for better days, think everything’s going to better than the last day. That’s what these songs teach me. To be resilient. To always see the good in things. At least try to. I hope BTS will keep making songs like this for themselves and others. Love, An ARMY 💜

sjhmine - Amazing!!!!!

Amazing album

karlaromo - BEST OF THE BEST


Alanny21 - PERFECT

This is my first serious BTS comeback as a full grown army, and I’m so proud of them. They’ve put so much work into this album, and I’m so so beyond proud of them and everything they’ve achieved. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into this and it turned out amazing; I just wish we could be there in person to share this memory with them🥺💜

Pink rose pot - Outstanding

I can’t stop listening to this album, all the songs are great and relatable. Love it.

Elmo in Cinco Ranch - heartwarming

this album is so diverse but every song is incredibly unique and amazing, and it builds to the stories they’ve experienced in the past 7 years... honestly just masterpiece

Staciii hopp - Best album

I love this album so much

99 Million views gone - Amazing!!!!

Honestly the whole album is amazing! As always they went higher than my expectations! Every track is amazing!!!! The amount of work that was put into this definitely can be felt.

Lexxi24 - Uplifting during these times

While the world is going in Chaos. Bts always has my back and Army! This album is uplifting and powerful. Showing the boys are humans too with Fear, love, respect, joy, and so much more. This album is legit keeping me sane during this pandemic of the virus. You should check it out too! ^^

tiffany.gonzalez - amazing

honestly this an amazing album and there’s something for everyone🥺💜

Felix Memes - It’s amazing


moonlightboi2 - Trash

This just sounds like complete garbage. Pls stop this.

Aisha R - I needed this

Currently I’m lamenting on the state of the world with the virus. I can feel at peace with this album at least. Especially the main single ON, which is all about perseverance during trying times. We can get through this. We can fight through this. Bring the pain ON!! There’s a garden of eden waiting for us on the other side

shymary1 - Album of the Year!!

The best album yet.. so many different emotions with each song. Love this album a lot. We are lucky to have BTS💜

give is our 67 mill - Kings

One word Kings


I believe J -Hope said it the best. Like BTS is the best decision ever and yes I have to agree with him . It really is the best decision ever for me at least I hope it is for you. Love the new album .

sheyleh - Amazing

BTS once again created an amazing album. True talent!

payed the way - Paved the way


DeathZane123 - AMAZING


akchcsnc - yay

amazing comeback :))))

Swampbooger - #1

Great album!! It’s always money well spent when it comes to my Bangtan boys. Jungkook-ssi Sarangheo!!

RuzBooTaeHyung - Bomb.

Like the song, this album is louder than bombs. 😔🧡

Katara123456789101112131415 - AMAZING


bangtan_vs_smile - HOLY MOTHER OF SEOKJIN

I played this album for 3 weeks straight no other music in between and I am still not tired of it..... still feels like it came out yesterday and have no idea what it sounds like.... legit heaven to my ears!! I PURPLE U BTS AND ARMY

Amazing said me - HORRIBLE


lil' nug nug - some of their best works

perfect just like always ~

BB~🥰😍 - No Sir

20 songs of torture 👎 Old BTS was better , it's a no from me sweetie🤡🤣

_bruh_its_kayla_ - i can’t stop listening to it

i love each and every song it’s just so good and the lyrics are beautiful.

alexisdoo - Borahae

These boys are my favorite thing in the world. This is my second year being and Army and I am so proud to call myself one. I hope I can learn more and more from them than I already have! I truly don’t understand how they can make me feel this way, but they do, and it’s an incredibly scary feeling. This album is an absolute masterpiece like all their other ones. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Rosanna Friesen - By Army

This is like a dream.

a.r.m.y luv - Amazing

Ugh is technically cypher part 5

oompaloopabodyassbitch - u


ipeelie - GREAT!!!!!

i love their voices!!!


chefs kiss ladies:*

GabFreakyPie - Ggx gang

Ggx gang!!

DVNPRTAVE - Best Album To Date

Sonically cohesive while venturing into new sounds - this is their best album yet. All tracks are worth a listen but standouts are ON, Black Swan, Louder than Bombs, Ugh and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.

cookiemonstae99 - 💜

Inner Child is actually my favorite song in the album! It is so playful that it gives me energy to confront any difficulties ahead of me. Even though we are constantly moving forward, we should never forget and be thankful to our past self; the past is what makes the present. Thank you my little bear tae for bringing love to the world🐻

Actually_Leila - OML EPIC ALBUM


FranciskaEmma - 💜💜💜


tae.cg - so good!

this album is one of the best!!


As soon as you hear the tracks you can FEEL the dedication and how they poured out their SOUL in producing this masterpiece I’m not lying when I say I cried listening to every track because my ears were so happy. Lyrics are so meaningful as well I just CANNOT explain this with words you gotta listen!!!

Piggly.Wiggly.x - Pure gold!

They boys really out did themselves, on so many levels! I’m honestly not surprised they did amazing again! All the songs are amazing, but I absolutely love Black Swan, Louder than bombs, 00:00 (Zero O’Clock), Inner Child and Ego. Keep up the great work guys!

soyulii - BTS strike again

The album is full of self-reflection, commentary on the state of the world, gratitude for what has happened to the members and what they have now, and love towards each other as members of one group - one family - and ARMY, their fans and part of this family. Touching and hope-inducing.

$abrina$heppard - 💜💜💜

Love it 😍

Violet Alexander - I LOVE IT💜

My favourite’s My Time. This album’s really something else! BTS, thank you for this beautiful album☺️💜Well-written, meaningful lyrics, the beat and melodies are really catchy! Supporting you boys is the best decision ever! You guys are the best. (Nicki)

.Tia.O. - A Masterpiece

This album is a masterpiece from beginning to end. Every single song is amazing. I can’t stop listening to it. Highly recommended.

eeshawithluv - Outstanding talent and quality

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this album, but it definitely wasn’t liking every single song on it an unexplainable amount. The seamless blend of genres is exceptional and the raps, vocals, lyrics and overall messages are distinct, versatile and memorable. Also side note: was not expecting to cry to this album.

bringbackour67million - yes

just yes.

Kg_gamerlord - Art....

No disappointed as always!!!😤

Yuki-Yuki-love - Army for life💜

They worked hard and it’s a beautiful album with beautiful songs 💜

kaylaleamont - 💜


amiraHT - Art

It’s just amazing 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

silentt88 - Must listen

Enough said

kyyiki - 💜💜💜


sususieie - Legends

Legendary album!

Kitwee - I love every single track

This is an amazing album that takes me on a journey of self awareness while giving me 20 tracks that thrill musically in so many ways. I’m so in love with this!!

Katiee101 - amazing

as expected of bts, they never ever disappoint!!

CrimsonDragon55 - The Genre is BTS!

This album is something else! Truly unmatched! I really love all of their discography but there is something so personal and wonderful about this latest album that I cannot stop listening! I have never considered myself to be that into music, but this is the first time where I’ve been so in love with music. Previously, I would get bored listening on repeat but I’ve listened to this album on repeat and I’m not bored at all. Their music really speaks to the heart and has so many different kinds of sounds, they never disappoint and never fail to bring something new and creative! They trulyput all their passion and energy into what they love. I hope I can learn from them 💜🥺 I love you BTS, I love you ARMY

regretgoat - Album of the Year

These seven phenoms NEVER fail to bring their special blend of magic:heart & talent,insane work-ethic & dedication,amazing lyrics,mind-blowing choreos,fabulous&diverse music,& their beautiful & unique personalities. Every track hits just right,& I’ve cried too many times over their raw & heartfelt lyrics & gorgeous vocals. An instant classic.

Nikki Miranda - purple

we on this bangtan sonyeondan sh.t foreverrrr

Bandeets - Best group in the world

Best boy and to ever step foot on this earth

Izzzy11🍭🍭🍭 - worth purchasing!

completely worth buying the whole album! each song sounds completely different and it’s like there’s a song for all of your moods! what a great buy :)

thrissa_1d - Blew me away

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES this made me hype af, cry out of happiness and joy, and just be in my feels in the right way for every single song. BTS slayed this comeback

izkha - bts world domination

every single song in this album is so meaningful and beautiful. its a masterpiece beyond any other.

Sienna Attariwala - BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!!

Love every single song!! Won’t regret buying this album!!!💜💜💜💜

Coolie(; - BTS is amazing 😉

Don’t listen to all the haters but just so you know BTS new album did not fail to amaze me. 💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥

btsgs - aoty


bluewqasrt - Kings back with bops

Every song is just heartfelt and overwhelmingly amazing.

22agm - Beauty

This album is incredible I didn’t think music could make me so happy, but I’ve been proved wrong The songs move from smooth and dark, to energetic and confident, to playful and warm and thoughtful The effort, care, and love put into this album are so apparent BTS has done an amazing job!

barbecueluv - YES

BTS honestly never disappoints me, they keep coming out with new styles and new hits, All the songs are unique in genre and vibes, they also focus on messages delivered. Awesome!!!

Elianet Army - BTS PAVED THE WAY

One of their best albums 💜

Karrleigh - 💜


FluffballsRevenge - Amazing

Wonderful songs ❤️❤️❤️

Mema Mo - 💜

BTS can’t release bad songs, it’s a fact

bts_forever:) - uhhh. Im speechless

No words. Its amazing. Its beyond amazing.

bangtan admirer - 7 💜

best album of the year

Ahhhoney - No skips

Every song is a bop! Loving all the songs in the album.

Big d$&@&$$)(;:-- - 💯💯💯💯

Very well made album. Lyrics beats messages, its got it all.

One in an ARMY - Bulletproof after all these years

BTS' musical, emotional and spiritual journey has led to 7, back to the beginning and who they were before they became the cultural phenomena they are now. This album celebrates what it means to begin, to be tested and transformed by adversity and the struggle to hold onto one's ideals while moving forward in the world we live in today. A bittersweet thank you to ARMY who have witnessed their growth and have grown along with them. BTS deserve all their success and more.

GymastUnicorn16 - Trash


ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ - Amazing!!!!!!

One of the greatest albums

dhsbshzha - Amazing 🤩💜

Best group ever

_lxia.b_ - amazing

Genuinely the most well rounded album I have ever heard. Can not find any fault with this I am speechless. The lyrics are very perceptive and complex, the instrumentals are very unique and the vocals are incredible. Favourite album to date 💜

_little_lost_kitty_ - Amazing

This album is amazing just like the rest. This one they explore through different sounds.

Shelbea Davison - YES YES YES

This album is amazing, definitely recommend it and I’m only a new ARMY, these guys work so hard and honestly deserve so much support, couldn’t love the new album more DEFINITELY A MUST BUY ❤️❤️❤️

Shivtrgafqga - IMPORTANT

For people giving it a bad review just because the music is in a different language is just childish and disappointing to me. We live in a well respected open society. If a few Korean boys that sing and do what they love upset you, then why would you listen to it in the first place. Everyone has different music tastes and I love the album for the meaning and the melody’s and the time that has been taken to produce this album. Thank you to the boys and bts ARMY for being respectful and just not caring about what people say x

Trolley 951 - Super

He said “really amazing music. Yeah”

puffypinkyunicorn96 - Best album yet

The songs are amazing and very well produced, so proud of the boys for yet another amazing album

Baby-Girl XD - Great album.

I've been a fan of bts for a while and this album might just be my favourite of theirs. Even my sister, who listens to music only in English, said there's a few bops in the album. I'm very happy with my purchase


This is the best album I have ever listened to and you guys deserve to enjoy it too x I loved it so I hope you do to!!!

Blutoon - One word CRAP

Whoever calls this music is needing their head examined. Modern day music is pathetic

Sophie2278 - amazing

in love!

molly potatoes!!!!! - Terrible

Terrible album would not listen

molly potatoes!!!!! - Terrible

Terrible album would not listen

molly potatoes!!!!! - Terrible

Terrible album would not listen

amenbananana - Amen


3eekyJ3m - ALBUM OF THE YEAR🏆💜

ANOTHER MASTERPIECE🙌🏼 THE WORLD IS PURPLE🌍💜 “Map of the Soul: 7” has earned #1 in 8 of the 10 biggest music markets in the world: US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, South Korea, Australia, & Canada. They are the first Asian group & non-English act to achieve this feat!

JustIngoreYh - bts world domination

they never disappoint

versatae - A storybook

This album is a mixture of sounds and melodies that puts together BTS’s journey and their relationship between them as friends, and that with their fans, in heartwarming, tear-jerking songs. A very precious album.


I just recommend you to listen to it. Sit down and listen to it. Forget that you don’t know the language if you don’t speak korean and just enjoy it. I promise you won’t regret it!!!

glodenarrow - THIS ALBUM IS THE ONE :)

Bts are definitely the ones who know what they are doing, and always make the best out of what they create. From emotional lyrics about how army and BTS joined into one group of family included in the lyrics of we are bulletproof: the eternal, 'We are never seven with you'. To writing about the hate which they recieve that don't affect them mentally in 'UGH'. With pumping tunes that force you off your seat, for example including j-hopes 'EGO', or if your someone who enjoys the combination of rap and stunning vocals, or slower and emotional songs, this album for sure is one to consider and it will have everything you've asked for! Well done boys for all your hard work once again, so excited to experience this music in live concert <3

0|\|€ D!R£t!ON lover - Every album is Better that previous..

Every time they make comeback they are louder than bomb!!!

robot294839 - Love it 💜

I completely recommend buying this album

BTSfan💜 - BTS is amazing

Never known any better band than BTS. The work they put into everything is unbelievable. Always trying harder to be perfect even though they already are. An amazing idea by the album creator people 😹 I love they way they used biodegradable posters. these songs are impeccable and they all have tried they’re hardest and I love them for how kind and loving they are! BTS I love you 🥰

army1000000000000 - BTS

Love from army

Kelly13xx - 5⭐️ says everything

Absolutely brilliant album love BTS 😍😍😍

LissySuggs - Legends back at it again!

Yet another incredibly produced album! There is a generous mix of genres on mots:7 as bts aren't limited to one genre. They really do wonders for the music industry and this album exceeds expectations. The lyrics really stay with you and you can feel the passion that they put into this album. 110% recommend!

t.a-123828181 - Beautiful

The lyrics are really touching and each member adds colour to the track I love love loved this album so very much

Popping tap tap - Another incredible album

There’s a wonderful mix of genres on this album, from some some nostalgic sounding hip hop, happy go lucky pop to hard hitting rap. Honestly blown away by the way they continue to raise the bar for music.

khi12345 - Album of the year

BTS truly never fail to exceed expectations. The solo songs by each member showcasing their different styles and voices, the duets (my personal favourite being friends because of the stories and history behind the lyrics and the truthfulness of the bond that taehyung and jimin share), the rapline and vocal line unit songs (UGH! has been on repeat since day 1) and especially the title song ON, which is a musical masterpiece as well as all the other mind blowing tracks on the album. The lyrics, the melodies, the instrumentals and the overall sound of the album was authentic and new. What I really love about BTS is their ability to reach out of their comfort zone and explore other genres to incorporate into their music. This was really highlighted in this album as there truly was not one song that I thought sounded like any of the others. All songs were unique & I was looking forward to hearing what they had put together after each song ended and another was about to begin. If I only had one chance to go back in time, I would choose to return to the moment before I started listening to this album just so I could experience listening to each song for the first time again.

Shakalakababy - I purple you MOTS7

This album is fire 🔥 BTS have done it again, slayed this album and the charts! Once again the kings of KPop is back in the reign. UGH Is such a banger, listening to it makes me want to yeet these 1 star reviewers across the room whilst venting out my disgust at them. Whilst Zero o’clock (vocal line) My Time (JK) and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal really play with my heartstrings! Each members own songs are so different and special!! I loveeeee this album!!!! Borahae BTS 💜

A fabulousunicorn✨✨ - just let them win a Grammy

Love Rosie xx

Gabriella.hldr - Another amazing comeback!!!!

BTS as always amaze me and exceed every expectation I could ever have. This album is insane with the most amazing tracks on. I honestly can’t wait for these to be performed on tour, whether I manage to get tickets or not. I honestly can’t pick a favourite they’re all so good I’ve had it on repeat non stop for the past week and probably will for another month or so. I’m in love with the album and so proud of the boys. All the blood, sweat and tears they put into the 10 months it took them to make this album shows and definitely doesn’t disappoint!!!!🥺💜💜💜🥰😍😍

Lishyweeshy - 💜💜

We stan talent.

eve_98 - It’s so good!

The whole album is just a masterpiece! It really contains a wide range of genres and I’m sure everyone can find something what they like. BTS has amazing lyrics, they are so talented, genuine and passionate!

hannaahmxd - BTS LEGENDS

this is one of my favourite album from them and they never disappoint

zazastick - love it

Absolutely a perfect album

Rachelmackem - Amazing!

You can listen to this album no matter what you’re doing...all of their voices are shown to us very well, they sound fantastic. stream on! :)


The whole album is a bop that’s all I have to say ... your missing out if your not listening to this!

lavender217 - Love it! 💜💜

Good mix of songs

cmcwha2014 - Great!💜💜💜

I love the whole album!💜3💜

Silver115xox - Best album from BTS yet

This album was an absolute masterpiece. It exquisitely showcases the growth of BTS, both emotionally and in terms of their career. Their sound remains uniquely them whilst still experimenting with a clever and slick finish that is simultaneously groundbreaking and comforting who fans who will be able to resonate with deeply personal and heartfelt lyrics. Worth the buy a million times!

Tracyf75 - Love it


Bangtan~Army~❤️ - Amazing

I love this album 💜

Emo C - Incredible


Anne189763 - Exceeded my expectations

I can honestly say there is no song on this album I find as a filler or mediocre. Each and every time I listen to it, I have a new favourite, I receive a lyric that stays with me and makes me re-evaluate my attachment to this project. It's incredible how powerful good music can be and how succeptible we are to including small pieces of ourselves into everything we consume. This album has made me feel determined, made me cry with relief, made me feel hopeful while it also

Hels💜 - Breathtaking

BTS have delivered another album full of love, emotions and truth. Truly stunning.

Trascendant yet again - Bangtan at their best

You can tell the blood, sweat and tears that went into building this artful album!

Party girl 1023 - Amazing

I love this album so much, would say my favourite but all BTS’ albums are impeccable

my real name is - Love!

I love 💓 this so much and make sure to keep loving yourself stop walking alone and be the person who enjoys the most beautiful moment in their life and especially be 2 cool 😎 for school And if bts is reading this then what I have got left to say is : You have supported me through many times when I was sad 😞 but you always made me happy I struggled to love myself as I always thought I had no talent and since I was born I barely smiled but this made me smile so much Love, ARMY!

An ARMY~ 💜 - You know you want to hear it


Juliieuh-77 - Amazing

Amazing thanks

nitha27 - 🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️

best album!! borahae...💜

Green Jade6602 - Classy and lovely beat ❤️

Amazing voice!

RUCrazy2? - Map of the Soul 7

Love this new album from BTS. Really glad they included the Persona to go with Shadow and Ego. Keep going Lads!

taetaeeeree - love ittt


Zarpasuave - A bop

Listen to this and you won’t believe how perfect things can be

Hopie1989 - BTS

Guys your amazing . Your talent exceeds all expectations. Proud to have followed you this far . Congratulations on another smash hit album . 💜💜💜💜💜

Jesus's Desciple - MY BOYS

so godamn proud. Purple them so much. May their legacy live long 💜

Mumishappy - Raising the bar every time

Another awesome album by BTS to add to the already impressive discography. Was looking forward to this album and it did not disappoint. Well done. Deserves every #1 it receives. 💜

vamps_loverr - Amazing

So so meaningful 💜

cloudberry89 - Jesus christ...

I just heard some of songs of them but this is really fantastic! I love the concept and their direction. They sing not about drugs, meanless life or just realationship but about human beings, their deep insides and their misery.

parkjiminmylove - masterpiece


kookiearmy - SO PROUD

They worked so hard on this album to tell the stories they wish about themselves 💜💜💜

aussie army 🥰 - they worked so hard on this album

even if the genres are not for you, you can NOT say that there is NOTHING special about it cause then you just sound very ignorant because even if it’s not special for you it is for bts and millions of armys around the world. If you actually did at least a little bit of research you would find out that bts and everyone that help with this album put their blood sweat and tears into each and every song. each song has it’s meaning and message to it and that’s what i love about bts. this album is a MASTERPIECE and was so well put together. bts did THAT and i’m proud to say that they our did themselves again 🥰

the enternal - incredible!!

one of the best albums I have ever heard! I love it so much

yoit.emma - every single song- amazing!


Sevoier - 👏👏

They came back so strong with this album, it’s a big change up from previous songs.

Local *ahem* - The realest

The realest and personal you’re gonna get of BTS to date so my respect and love really goes out to them for being who they were to who they are to who they’ve become. They’ve really come far and I’m beyond proud to have been part of their journey for so long💜❤️

sarah.d3 - Loved it :)

Probably my favourite album by them

PoTaeTa - Amazing!!!

Possibly my favourite BTS album! I actually love all the tracks and can’t pick a favourite. The vocals are heavenly here, as well as the production and lyrics. Although this album is quite long, I never felt bored listening to it, and each track brings something unique to the album which I really appreciated. Love it love it love it 💜

Damien Head - Love it


applepie168 - The Ching Chong

Time to retire

Takes ages to download ! - Amazingly good

I can’t get enough of this album, there are many standouts but I can’t stop listening to WAB: The Eternal, I can just imagine this ending their concerts, a tear jerker for sure !

kirrajadepears - phenomenal

i always expect great things from bts but this album just blew me away. i just love every single song on there

Wolfy3193 - BTS worldwide domination

This album is crazy good, the development in there style and skill is amazing. These boys have come so far and achieved so much, and they deserve so much more. Completely amazing album. 10/10 would recommend.

HJ98MS99 - BTS

Best of the best, love the music

Reo297 - Two Thumbs Up The Best

This Album so amazing briliant work BTS I hope that you will tour around Australia soon.

xvbqndkfbrnsl - AMAZINGGGGG

this album is amazing omg BTS have done it again

omgyoongles - LEGENDARY

you can tell how much love and effort was put into the songs 💞

AldenLee - Wow

I had a blast listening to this album! Can get enough! Been up all 24 hours for this 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

moonchild u shine - Legends🔥

They never dissapoint us btw STREAM ON MV ON YOUTUBE AND SPOTIFY

steph~~ - Perfection

Exactly what was expected and more. A refreshing new sound with familiar throwbacks to BTS past

Natshows - Amazing as always


srnriver - Love this album!

Haven’t stopped listening to this album since it came out. I’m enjoying every single track.

grace paterson - diverse + well thought out piece of work

probably bts' best release to date, map of the soul:7 gives every member a chance to shine whilst keeping the authentic style they've become renowned for. with a variety of different genres, and the inclusion of subunit songs, this album is the perfect look into just what makes bts so successful

MaddisonRosie - Perfect!

Their music keeps getting better and better! This album is my favourite-ARMY is proud of you BTS 💜

Moonuki293 - Hella FIRE


Prishaaaaa - AMAZING


abctaee on twt - mind blowing

this release was worth the wait. our last comeback was in april 2019 and we waited with anticipation. BTS never disappointed us and delivered 💓 i’m so impressed at all the effort put into every song, sound & lyric, choreography and visuals. I love the album and I think everyone should give it a listen!

aifosHobiwife - This is why they’re unstoppable

Combine thoughtful lyrics multi layered sound production unique vocals and crisp rapping and you get BTS.. listen and discover what Army’s already know are the cutting edge band of this generation 💜💜💜

bngtnz - they went off

every song on this album is immaculate.

kitty cat sasha - My heart has melted 😭🤍🤍🤍💜💜💜

Guys this that BTS has maded for us to listen to has got me in tears I LOVE YOU BTS 💜💜💜💜🤍🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙💙

Lela E. - ❤️

Amazing as always...

sjsojajdhxua - album of the century

breathtaking, flawless vocals, captivating rapping, phenomenal production and an amazing piece of art. bts really did THAT

abbyyhge - Not the best

I try to get into their music but I just can’t, it’s boring

CaitlynMary26051997 - Always Purple!

BTS NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Namjoon. Seokjin. Yoongi. Hoseok. Jimin. Taehyung. Jungkook. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Omg omg omg BTS you never stop making bangers you guys are so cool luv you guys so much and this album is soooooo good 😜😍

stay beautiful 😊 - the best


Nicspring - Masterpiece

It’s amazing to listen to this album. Each track has different influences and sounds, and their lyrics beautifully express their sentiments in each song. I have no one true favourite on the album, because they each captivate me in a different way.

rimin_i_ - Amazing

10/10. These boys never fail to make music that we all love, go stream ON!

Ruv_J - Army4eva🤞

Pure art💜great music🎼🎤Damnnnnnnnnnnn🔥perfect masterpiece😎✌️💙💜

Hopestar04 - Their best yet

How to explain, but I have been speechless for days. This is truly one of their greatest. I am in love with all of it truly 💜

Sabiinah - Great

Never been disappointed by them, hope to listen to more bops in the future 💜

unlucky and alone - 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

You can tell that Bangtan worked extra hard on 7. The concept, dance and music are on point! Specifically love Moon, 00:00, Black Swan and UGH!

EmKa12 - 💜💜💜💜💜


Dennichh - 💜💜💜


happykiwi101 - Phenomenal and genre-defying

BTS continue to astound me with each new release. The tonal shift from the Persona album into Map Of The Soul : 7 is really engaging, and works well in contrast with tracks from the previous album also included here. The timbre of the vocals fit well with the instrumentation on each track. I’m particularly fond of ‘Louder than bombs’ which is a haunting and eerily resonant track. This album, when listened to without prejudice, does away with industry-defined labels. BTS are not “this thing” or “that thing.” They are transcendent. They are 7.

iMovie Not Cool - 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Very proud of this album💕💕analysing the lyrics made me tear up😭 I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR GREAT MUSIC :D

poodleeeeeeeeeeeeee - album of the year

i love this album so much

mebothma - BTS just gets better and better! Love this album

BTS just gets better and better. I am in love with this album and all the songs

Andiswa23416 - Excellent

If you haven't given BTS a listen yet, this is the time. This album has a cinematic feel to it with strong orchestral and choir elements, but the album itself does not simply sit itself in any one genre. Every song is a pleasant surprise ranging from sultry Latin (Filter) to afro beats (EGO). It shows a depth and range which is very rarely mastered by any artist.

jayjayie07 - Priceless music :)

Beautiful album packed with seamlessly fused genres and out of body experiences!

BonnyBon98 - The Kings have returned

Every single song is worth it 😍

Kiera the meme - Bts world domination!!

This album is seriously one of their best!! All the songs are so amazingly produced to perfection and we love to see it! Bts paved the way 💜

tashmika04 - Map of the Soul : 7

After a 10 month waiting period (uncommon in the k-industry, but Bangtan have proved time and time again that they are the exception to the rule), I was highly anticipating this album — and they have done it again, surpassed expectations by releasing an album that is unmatched. With brand new tracks, including solos by the members and subunits showcasing their friendship, admiration for each other and their art, it is easy to see that this album is the culmination of seven years of hard work and hardships that they have overcome and conquered through, prevailing among the odds that they were stacked against. There is no limit to their range and they do not simply attach one genre to their music, they create new genres. From the lead single ‘ON’ being a stadium pop anthem that is meant to fire crowds while allowing their fans to know that they will join them in the pain they face and persevere, with Sia adding her vocals to showcase the power of their statement to RnB based solo track My Time by member Jungkook talking about his experience as an idol and his journey and growth into an adult. The rap line (3 rappers in the group) call out the anger in the world with UGH! and the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook) singing about resetting the clock to restart. Louder than bombs (co-written with Troye Sivan) explores a new sound that BTS tap into, an eerie feel with meaningful lyrics that touch the heart. Lastly, an important highlight to many ARMYs across the world, We are Bulletproof : the Eternal. A heartfelt conclusion to the We are Bulletproof song series, seven years after the first two versions were released. Back then, they were asserting themselves and ensuring that the world knew that they were bulletproof, nothing could touch them. But now, after experiencing life as stars and achieving the heights in the career that they have (and will continue to do so in the future), they have come to the conclusion that their ARMYs are all the need. (They are all we need too!) Overall, this album expresses their growth as a band, artists and individuals through these seven years. They touch on social and personal topics and showcase the extent of their talent and skills. Extremely proud to be supporting such a group.

lezterz - Armyboy

I mean it’s BTS. What a great reflection on how far BTS have come. I’m utterly shook but how amazing this entire album is like damn.

Ants_celia - Celia💜Army

I love this album so so muchhhhhh Friend is so beautiful and ON is amazing. I’m just going through it slowly feeling out all the songs 🎉💜

krisy2602 - Perfection as always

Bangtan never disappoint. Love <3 from South African Armys

Talia 👑 BTS ARMY - Kings! 💕

Thank you boys so much for your hard work and blessing us once again with something extraordinarily unique!

Fatima Moy - BTS 2020 is your YEAR

I purple you BTS TIKTOK:Sugamybabie INSTAGRAM:Sugamybabie TWITTER:Sugamybabie

Galoboxx - ParkPdnim

Overall great album but Filter, Friends, Ego and ON slap hard!

🇧🇷Daniela🇧🇷 - Maravilhoso

Não erram nunca, cada vez menor.

velvetgfluv - Bts Kings


babi_mendes - aoty

isso é uma dádiva dos deuses, perfeito, repleto de hinos

kahloharmybff - Maravilhoso

É muito emocionante como o sentimento e a superação está explícita na letra e melodia

Jéssica Martins. - Perfeição

Incrível as músicas, os mVs, não sinta preconceito, não vou escutar por que é kpop, escute e você vai se surpreender com esses meninos maravilhosos que conquistaram o mundo 💜🇧🇷I purple you, BRAZIL LOVE BTS 💜

koyaaaah - Reis

Artistas de verdade, que colocam todo seu talento no que fazem O AOTY SOTY e AROTY já tem donos

mika21954 - Orgulho de ser ARMY

Esse novo álbum veio pra selar o que todos nós já sabemos. O BTS é um dos maiores artistas da geração!



duda.furlan - PERFEITO

como sempre bangtan fazendo tudo ser simplesmente maravilhoso💜

elisagmaia - Superando sempre as expectativas!

A produção do álbum está perfeita!

becky( ´∀`) - O álbum que pegou meu emocional

Esse álbum tá perfeito de mais

bya04 - Maravilhoso, AMEI!!!

Ficou incrível, cada álbum me surpreendo mais com a talentos dos meninos

Elisa M. Souza - Incrível

Álbum muito pessoal que fala sobre a trajetória até o presente momento, e sobre todas as dificuldades e como entraram em um consenso com a fama e seus problemas. Onde finalmente acharam uma responde pra onde ir daqui pra frente

Chris Estephane - REIS DO MUNDO

procurei defeitos e não encontrei encontrei 💜💜💜💜 melhor escolha que eu fiz na minha vida foi amar 7 anjos

T0hosuju - Incrível

Todas as músicas são maravilhosas.

glau ama o yoongi - Perfeição

Conceito né

BárbaraP - Perfeito

Esse album está maravilhosamente perfeito!

sujupetalz - Melhor Álbum.

O álbum é definitivamente um dos melhores não só do BTS, mas como de todos os artistas.

Carl24000 - Amanda💌👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Melhor álbum mano...BTS VC MERECEM MEU RESPEITO E MERECEM O MUNDO. ÓTIMO TRABALHO MENINOS❤️❤️👏👏👏 Agora peço q descansem e comem direitinho ok babies,bebam água meu amores pls,😻😻😍😍😍😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 brazil loves you❤️❤️❤️❤️

pjmisse - GENRE IS BTS.

sem mais.

rsqq as bb - maravilhosos demais

obg por tudo BTS💜

Andydessa - Melhor grupo BTS !!

Sem dúvida eles acertaram demais nesse novo álbum, estou completamente apaixonada pelas músicas e pela melodia de cada uma ❤️


Moon é o único solo que não está no top100 do iTunes, nos temos que apoiar todos os meninos! OT7 STAN FOREVER!! STREAM MOON!!!

allana.28 - Incrível

O álbum está impecável, essa música é tudo, estou viciada não consigo para de escutar

Bangtan_7 - BTS sempre superando nossas expectativas!!! Kings!👑

Melhor artista musical do 🌍🌏🌎🥇🎶🔝

Brave Lovely - Inovação

Mais uma vez o BTS se renova e entrega um álbum surprendente, músicas com qualidade e sentimentos verdadeiros é tudo o que nós queremos. Obrigada, meninos! I purple you



MS_Leticia - Simplesmente maravilhoso

Um álbum com a assinatura BTS e ao mesmo tempo inovador. Uma junção de músicas que funcionam perfeitamente juntas e te leva em uma jornada com o grupo por esses últimos 7 anos. É um prazer poder testemunhar essa obra de arte!



luhfatino - Map Of The Soul 7

Esse álbum é simplesmente um dos melhores (se não o melhor) trabalhos que os meninos já lançaram. Bem produzidos, os solos mostram as cores dos integrantes e as subunits funcionaram tão bem! Provavelmente é o meu trabalho favorito deles, estão de parabéns!

AlexiaCustodio - LENDAS

e bts mais uma vez fez tudo!!! reizinhos merecedores de todo o sucesso, pode chorar haters que o aoty ta saindo do forno

vminsgod - THE GENRE IS BTS

esse álbum = tudo

Tatiele Sales - Omg

The better

rainaracarv - Incrível!

conceito, coesão e aclamação

vsama3 - Sempre surpreendente

Os meninos sempre fazem do álbum uma experiência incrível, não dá pra escolher qual a melhor música!!

luizzzz h. - lendas

artistas de verdade


Álbum da carreira amo

ilivesoilovebts - PERFECT

the greatest bts album!!!!

BabiUnnie - como esperado

um album coeso e que expressa a individualidade de cada um do grupo e tambem a união do grupo todo. Um som que conquista desde o primeiro play!!!

mirandinha1496 - Perfeito

Estou simplesmente apaixonada, não consigo parar de ouvir, eles se superam cada vez mais.

fer-bugboo - the best

A cada dia eu tenho uma surpresa diferente referente a esses meninos e nesse álbum eles conseguiram nutrir todos os sentimentos, histórias e forças deles resultando num incrível desempenho. 7 anos de carreira em 2020, como army eu não poderia estar mais orgulhosa de seu alcance!💜

armyblink12 - Simplesmente perfeito!

Como sempre o BTS inovando a cada comeback e nesse não poderia ser diferente. A ideia de fazer álbuns inspirados nos livros de Carl Jung foi incrível e inovadora, trazendo também reflexão aos ouvintes. Esse álbum merece todas as estrelas possíveis, parabéns meninos!

Isadora V. - Perfeito!

Que não teria defeitos a gente já sabia, mas realmente superou TODAS as expectativas!!!!! Perfeito perfeito perfeito!!!!!

c.had - Bem elaborado e cheio de conceito

O grupo BTS nesse álbum traz além de batidas e refrões que “grudam” na cabeça, um trabalho mais elaborado de digressões e instrumentalização como em “Shadow” e “Filter”. As letras são muito bem elaboradas e seguem um conceito que já vinha sendo trabalhado nos álbuns anteriores, refletindo os altos e baixos que os integrantes enfrentam com a fama mundial e sua trajetória até ela. Um bom álbum que vai além do gênero kpop.

Puladas - Perfeição💙

Esse álbum está perfeito, só tem hino

idiminie - amazing

e o bts faz tudo mesmo

😭😻😭😻 - MOTS7


ClaryLM - Perfeito!

Um álbum simplesmente impecável. BTS mostra o quão talentoso e dedicado ao trabalho é. Merece todo o sucesso que está fazendo.

makoamora - Incrível

O álbum todo estabelece uma construção incrível, baseada nas teorias de Jung sobre persona, sombra e ego. Cada música (solo, em sub-grupo ou com a participação dos sete membros) trazem mensagens reflexivas e repletas de metáforas incríveis. A discografia atual do BTS revigora minhas expectativas quanto a realidade e ao futuro da música pop internacional.

FlurryBang - Qualidade musical sul-coreana

Como esperado do BTS, que vem amadurecendo ao longo desses anos. Um álbum diversificado, para todos os gostos, mas que não abandona a essência do grupo, as letras que sempre têm uma mensagem para os ouvintes. Agora é só fazer stream e esperar os daesangs no final do ano.


@JiminPeru: INFO | Filter es la quinta canción coreana del 2020 más reproducida en Spotify, y la única canción sin un MV ni promoción en…


@JiminGlobal: Filter is the 5th most streamed 2020 Korean song on Spotify, and the only song w/o a related MV in the Top 5. It is the m…


@bts_bighit: “ON (Feat. Sia)” is now on @AppleMusic A-List Pop! Check it out now.😊


@btsvotingmetric: @MostRequestLive @OnAirRomeo @bts_bighit Hello @OnAirRomeo! Can you please play @BTS_twt #ON feat. @Sia on @MostReques…


@JiminGlobal: Filter is the 5th most streamed 2020 Korean song on Spotify, and the only song w/o a related MV in the Top 5. It is the m…


@bts_bighit: “ON (Feat. Sia)” is now on @AppleMusic A-List Pop! Check it out now.😊


@JiminPeru: INFO | Filter es la quinta canción coreana del 2020 más reproducida en Spotify, y la única canción sin un MV ni promoción en…


@TheWingsOf_BTS: 🌸 Hot 40 FM Carta Lagu Hot untuk N°1 (=) #ON feat Sia 🎉 Cuando aparezca "🚫" significa que tu voto a sido contado! Ti…


🌸 Hot 40 FM Carta Lagu Hot untuk N°1 (=) #ON feat Sia 🎉 Cuando aparezca "🚫" significa que tu voto a sido contado…


@MostRequestLive @OnAirRomeo @ladygaga @theweeknd @ddlovato @Camila_Cabello @bts_bighit @Sia “I want you to play ON…




@JiminPeru: INFO | Filter es la quinta canción coreana del 2020 más reproducida en Spotify, y la única canción sin un MV ni promoción en…


@JiminPeru: INFO | Filter es la quinta canción coreana del 2020 más reproducida en Spotify, y la única canción sin un MV ni promoción en…


@JiminPeru: INFO | Filter es la quinta canción coreana del 2020 más reproducida en Spotify, y la única canción sin un MV ni promoción en…


Ejemplo de Solicitud: Hi @/hitzdotmy, please play #ON by @BTS_twt feat Sia and "Who" by Lauv feat #BTS on #/HITZ30…

About ON (feat. Sia) [BTS] MP3

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