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On “Blinding Lights,” the second single to The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, Abel speaks on his significant other, comparing the effect they have on him to them lighting up his life. The song is an up-tempo electropop track that features large 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance music drums, similar to the sonic direction of his November 2016 album, Starboy. On November 24, 2019, the track was premiered in the trailer for a Mercedes Benz TV advert, before officially releasing five days later. It follows the lead single “Heartless,” which released two days prior. The Mercedes Benz commercial debuted minutes after the song’s release and heavily centered around it. The Weeknd played a central role in the advert, as he drove around in his Mercedes car and performed the track. The song leaked on November 26th, 2019, a few days before its official release. Abel acknowledged in a tweet, where he confirmed its official release: “oh yah… and more new music tonight (in HQ😉)“ Download The Weeknd - Blinding Lights MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Blinding Lights MP3 file uploaded on November 29th, 2019.

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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights MP3 Comments & Reviews

Hellen from LA - Love it


AngryDude144 - No skips

Major improvement from his last project

torontoraptor9 - No skips

Just pure heat

jfjr sm - Dam


Co_oralie - Blinding light

Wowww :)

ABPalijah - Another Classic

Album of the year 🙏🏽

dhuksm - Trash

Absolute garbage

SKMom75 - A big no from me

Every song is a disappointment.

Epicmiatello - Best Album Yet

I am in love with the 80s sound to this album, and these are probably some of his best vocals. But I can say that I did not care that much for the first two tracks. They were fine but not my favourite.

Kendra 61 - perfect


KFJC2000 - Grammy Winner Alert

As a Fan of The Weeknds early work, such as House of Balloons and the entire Trilogy, it is safe to say he lived up to my expectations. He has this thing with consistency and has a deep understanding of his style and knows his audience. Each song is crafted to perfection and has had deep consideration- rather than pumping out hits after hits, he creates one whole masterpiece with an underlying message and theme. As I like to say, After Hours is like if HOB and My Dear Melancholy has a love child. Definitely a contender for the Grammys

redrum🔴 - After Hours 🔥

Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 Heartless, Faith and Save your tears are my personal favorite. But they’re all great.

samantha yordel - meh

it’s very basic & i feel like every song just songs the same. i honestly thought the album was one big song 😌

Candy handy - Amazing

This album has Less “Banger” but more “Jammer”. I didn’t feel it at first but it grew on me fast. i love it.

Fan of a fan (karels) - Woow

The type of album to make you text your ex

Aylanius - Um, what?

Really enjoy his music, but this is soooooooo auto tuned that I can barely make it past the first few lines of each song when he starts to sing. Why, oh why did you do this???

Thephilosophe - Excellent!

Different from the past album but it’s still a great album love most of the songs! good work Abel XO Descripti

Shylow12 - Perfect in every way


maclikespiano - Yall are wack

This album shows his artistry.. Sounds expensive

George Qiao - Thank You!

Without this dope I could probably go insane under the COVID work from home situation. Thank you for the good music!

gurdev7 - 🔥🔥 The Weeknd ❤️❤️


Gmtse - GENIUS


azakkin - This is art


lala umum - This is call it art so far best singer as usual

Thank you bruhhh this is amazing 😉 album of the year no need comment because the songs speaks by itself big love ❤️

Eli707 - Monsterpiece

I’m speechless

itsarnaud - HE’S THE KING!

This is such a great album, I listened to this around 15 times in 4 days and eveytime im more and more surprise by his work (sorry for the mistakes, im canadian french)

Ink43 - Still got it

He’s still doing great things

Idknamehere - Best album since Trilogy


Sixx_6.6-7 - Wow..

Been a fan of the weekend since he first came out, was still in high school. I loved how all his albums are different and hands down this is my all time favourite one. Amazing!

Ale mike! - Classic!

XOTWOD This is an instant classic! I love all the songs! This blew my mind! The Weeknd is the GOAT XO🖤 I’ll never understand people who don’t like this.

Eunbia - Good vibes

Very mellow, beautiful lyrics and of course the vibes you get from each song leaves you feeling euphoric.

Good mythical morning fan - love it

there's a consistent vibe throughout the album that i love. it's different from his last one but still so amazing.

unicorn800000 - Too Late🔥🔥🔥

Another great album!!🔥🔥🔥

chheebgedg - 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Stewy.J - garbage for teenagers who are clueless

sad that this is considered good listening nowadays. I feel sorry for young people that this is the music they are being forcefed...depressing as hell

ASTERIODynamix - Goat


Eti09 - :)

Mes 4 chansons préférées sont Blinding Lights, Heartless, In Your Eyes, Faith.

Chris Chaboyer - Disappointing

Starts off not so good, picks up in the middle and dies by track 12. BEST SONGS: Heartless, Blinding Lights, Faith, Scared To Live, In Your Eyes WORST SONGS: Too Late, Alone Again, Escape From LA, Snowchild

Thegeneraljay - Xo + Ovo

Canada love.

Love the weekend - I like it

I especially love blinding lights. It’s so different compared to his other album

Pkvegeta - WoW

Great songs !❤️

greyfigures - art.

he did it again and he will keep doing it

bigburgereater - great album

fantastic, great job abel.

I am iron12345 - ?

I bought the album and now most of the songs say currently not available in your country or region

Awogirl - Amazing!

The king is at his best

jules2315 - Legendary

Beyond talented and so deep

bigmanaids - Banger

Almost every song is amazing

_Jakob_V_ - Best music of 2020 yet

Music needs these types of artists these days

Evanmoungus - 🔥🔥🔥

Best music I’ve ever heard. XO till we overdose!!

kiananouri - XOTWD

SO good.

Enobong Bassey - Predictable

Abel has made fantastic, original, unpredictable and constantly fresh music in the past; Trilogy and Kiss Land were arguably a cultural reset. However, in this album, many of the wounded to me as if I knew them already and I could predict his melody. It is by no means subpar and I understand the 80s influence, but I know Abel has some more classics coming.

SHealed - aoty

100% the current album of the year, great album by the weeknd once again! deserves the hype and praise its receiving

joshuaR0909 - Best album in years

The weeknd has once again created a masterpiece, amazing lyrics and production

little mix mates - Nope

This album is taking over the charts and it’s not fair on the other artists and the album is poop

aymiyes - Amazing

It’s an amazing song

N_eezy - Another CLASSIC

So great to see The Weeknd improve as an artist. Maintaining his original sound whilst exploring new ones. Always hear elements of Trilogy, Starboy and Kissland which is great. Bonus tracks go perfect with the album, just wish they were included in the original project.

Nor Heavin - The monumental WEEKND

An amazing album,, LOVE ALL PREVIOUS ALBUMS.. ART COVER HMMMMM ? Please elaborate 🎶🎶❤️🎸🎸🎶🇮🇪. It's still class esp hardest to love ❤️ 👊✌️🎸🎶🎶❤️❤️. Love the HOO , 👊✌️✌️🎶🎶🎶. BLINDING TALENT ❤️

KieranRich2 - The weeknd 5/5

The best album of 2020! Not one song on this album that is below my standards for him. All amazing 👌🏼🔥🔥

yi yo yi yeet - Just great

So good this band never gets old

ljukjj - Stop explicit I’m ten

Stop the explicit songs pls

PeakyGal - After Hours

Just on fire -

Real Roxfan - Good

Blinding light is a gorgeous song!

kauska akabane - mastered

a masterfully put together body of work

lil 231 - Great

Good playlist I love blinding lights . REALLY GOOD SONG!

bigblued9 - Mediocre album

The last album was much more original and loved. This is just mediocre at this point.

i love the evolution - twknd

xo forever

imnsabthis - :(

Not feeling it

Stillyy - LOVE

This album is a whole masterpiece, I never do these reviews but this is probably my favorite album I’ve heard in a long time. No skips, favorites have to be Blinding Lights, Hardest to Love, Alone Again, Snowchild, Faith, After Hours, Save Your Tears, Heartless - basically the whole album!

ghostfxke - Blinding lights

Honestly it’s probably one of the best songs he’s created to date

Jgrr1 - Take the weekend bring back The Dream

What can I say about hot mess, in the beginning there was an artist, an edge, we saw the inspiration and supported the journey, iTunes should have a refund button that notifies the artist that you ain’t cutting it anymore. Maybe being broke is the way forward because it’s like he’s not even trying, like so many artist who barely improve or maybe it’s this new microwave era. OR maybe he’s like Samson and needs to grow his hair back to make good music again.

Abcdejldj - After hours review

This is hands down Abel’s best studio album yet, one song led to the next in such a smooth way without needing transitions. Blinding lights also deserves to be the lead title track of the album. Hardest to love, too late, escape from LA, until I bleed out, faith, snowchild and in your eyes are on reload atm. XOTWODDDDDDD

Ganviee - Great!!!

I love it!

cfcjack1718 - Potential album of the year?

The Weeknd has come out with a amazing album here. The After Hours era has been a fantastic one for him, my favourite songs from the album have to be In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears & Blinding Lights. Can’t wait to see in London in October now

StarDaisy1 - After Hours

Abel dedicated this album to “Lance” XOPodcast his friend he’d have rated it 💯🥀RIP

JonRFC - colstar7 & The Weeknd

Whew! Luckily for The Weeknd colstar7 appears to just be an oddball who knows very little about music.

sockpuppet8605 - AMAZING

10/10 his best work yet!!!! XO for life🤩🤪⭐️

Coolontop1233 - Amen


RKFoley - Good to have old Abe back

After awful and boring album with Daft Punk finally we get to listen old school and real The Weeknd! Incredible cohesive and well produced album that will become his best one! Hats off

Ryanl XD - Exceptional Album!

Truly an absolute masterpiece, it’s rare these days to get a full artistic album with a story interwoven through every song! But this song has a very strong theme and production that puts it a step above most albums. Definitely a well deserved score.

CAJ01!💖 - 👌🏼👌🏼

Just WaW! His music never fails to impress

trina87. - Downloaded uk

Pre ordered this album and the money has been taken from my account but the songs haven’t appeared in my library yet. Has the album not been released yet or is it me? Confused

XRYDAX - Masterpiece

Nuff said

firashmz - Xo

Never fails to surprise, amazing album, no more daytime music!

stnjyyvgyy - Kissland Vibes

If you didn’t like kissland you may not like this 9/10 for me every song is beautiful, maybe 1 or 2 songs I won’t repeat often but there’s something for everyone really depressing and dark album, beautiful XOTWOD

FOS06 - KING 👑

Awesome from start to finish. GOAT 🐐

Colstar7 - This 'music' is what's wrong with the world

As my title describes, this music, if you can call it that, with it's trashy lyrics and disrespectful words towards women, not to mention just no talent. Don't waste your money.

Thriller4Ever - Phenomenal album

The Weeknd scores another direct smash hit with this album. Something for fans of Trilogy, Kiss Land and Starboy. The 80s feel in some of these tracks are exceptional. Best song: Scared To Live. Highly Recommended!

Save your tears, too late - Never disappoints

Just wow

MusicMaker89 - 5*

Best album of the year 🔥🔥🔥

Hrthrthwrthwrthsgndyfhsfgn - 10/10


borefest - Wow

Definitely his best album to date - every song is good at the very minimum - it’s outstanding - good work

Ryan 333 - the weeknd

some decent songs but i think its his weakest album

I-Opinion - Same Mo Same Mo

loved the last two albums, this is boring and the music has not really been developed. boring.

Bjwc02 - Album of the year (so far)

Such an incredible blend of r&b, soul and 80’s style synth. After hours really shows off the Weeknds vocal power and asserts him as a powerhouse of a musician in the industry

hussamahm - Wow


harry258212 - Slick

Very impressed with this album. Worth every penny and pound 🔥🔥🔥

JoleneXO - If it ain’t XO it gotta goooo


xoduane - Best Artist On The Planet

10/10 best album ever


What an incredible album, there is nothing like it! XO

langers15787 - Another brilliant album

The Weeknd is really underrated as an artist, the level of music this guy produces album after album is top draw! One of the bets of his generation and mine!!

public scientist - He keeps on getting better and better ✍🏽☄️

This album is perfect with psychedelic sounds and retrospective beats.

Monde ngema - After Hours

It’s an amazing album.

TrueTinashe - Abs

Its 5 stars alright!

kenan kotmic - Amazing


baruti_george - Best at articulating his emotions through music

Abel tesfaye 🔥🔥🔥

_BulletBrains_ - it’s not even out and it’s 5 stars

the title says it all. 3 songs in and it’s already looking like a masterpiece. Abel is doing us proud 🔥

Lucas Stronda - Perfeito

Uma lenda do R&B. In Your Eyes me deixou viciado.

LCLucassio - Rei do R&B

Que álbum maravilhoso ❤️ - REI DO R&B


Kyle Batista - Amazing Work!

I’m obsessed with this album.

jaacqs - Amei demais


Breno1996 - Perfeito

Como previsto ❤️

Cris-ps - Álbum perfeito

Todas são maravilhosas! 👏🏼

FellipeSilvac - Brazil loves you 💚💛🇧🇷


H. Halfeld - 👏🏻

Uma melhor que a outra, trabalho impecável até agora.

Good•Sh!t - Qualidade não vai faltar

O soco no strummy

luisF.A - Ótimo

O cara está de volta

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻



@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


@heyharoldo: ¿Cómo dibujé a The Weeknd? 👇 - blinding lights


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


blinding lights


@ChartsTheWeeknd: “Blinding Lights” — Spotify Update: WW: #2 — (=) [+5,406,907 plays] *Peak: #1 for 78 days* US: #4 — (=) [+1,135,805…


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


@PopCrave: Top 4 songs on the Global Spotify Chart: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Blinding Lights 3️⃣ ROCKSTAR 4️⃣ Roses (Imanbek Remix) …


80s music is back. Ejemplos: The Weeknd-blinding lights y Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande-rain in me


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


blinding lights ma chanson du jour clairement ✌


@PopCrave: Top 4 at US Pop Radio: 1️⃣ Say So 2️⃣ Blinding Lights 3️⃣ Intentions 4️⃣ Don’t Start Now


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights


@obrunovalente: meninas já fritaram ao som de “Blinding Lights” do The Weeknd? pois deveriam, que energia , que vibe, que som incrivel ✨


@PopCrave: Top 4 Songs on US iTunes: 1️⃣ Rain On Me 2️⃣ Daechwita 3️⃣ One Margarita 4️⃣ Blinding Lights

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