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Feel Me was officially released on February 21st, 2020, after previously being performed on the Revival World Tour in 2016. It was released as a promotional single for the upcoming Rare Deluxe Edition, and its accompanying lyric video was released on the same day as the song. Download Selena Gomez - Feel Me MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Feel Me MP3 file uploaded on February 21st, 2020.

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Selena Gomez - Feel Me MP3 Comments & Reviews

Strong Eco Warrior Wombyn - Queen 👸🏽

Love my Selena! The haters will try to tear her down but she only gets stronger!!!

Nicoletti345 - Eh

Nothing special

bscscsxh - Trash

she releases a song about a married man that she “wrote” 4 years ago... she can’t handle losing and this song is just worse than her entire album.

Rojeana - Beautiful

y’all need to realize she didn’t release this to bash justin. she released it because fans had been asking for it since revival. i’m so happy it’s out, this was one my favorites :)

AuthenticMusic - Love the real lyrics

Another amazing song

Ellie_fez - Best song ever

I am so happy that i got this song because i listen to it all the time and i loves it.

Delilahh111 - Looooove it so much!!!

This song is on replay! 😍❤️💕

cass199028 - The best

Love this song!!!

Jolansgzj - Haters gonna hate.

Oh please get over yourself haters. Artists always release music about their past experiences. As if you know anything about music? I bet ya’ll can’t even sing and you’re trying to judge her. Selena did a better job at managing her mental health than Justin ever could.

davidharo017 - Love it

She is back

aditz233 - Boring as hell

All of her songs are about the same things with no variety.

Peaches life lamma - Yes


🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 - 💖💖💖

Love it

An angel👼🏻 - Finally❤️💃🏻

I’m glad it’s out! Queen Selena deserves all the love and happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Freddy motes - Y’all need to stop

For the people hating on Selena for this song, she didn’t release it to bash Justin but for the fans who have been begging for it since she performed it on her revival tour.

Icecream623 - So Glad It’s Finally Out!!!😍

I’m so beyond happy Selena released this! Only real fans know that she did it for us and that this isn’t a new single. I’m so beyond proud of this woman and I love her so much!❤️❤️😍😄🎶💃🏽

Chante_611 - Thank you thank you thank you

Was praying this would be released lol


i remember hearing this at the Revival Tour and i’m sooo happy it’s finally released 🥺

noah.robert - Glad this is finally out!!

it’s such a beautiful song that I wish was released a while ago, but I’m glad it’s out now for me to keep listening to!!

sheisaqueen - STREAM BTS


Alexolea1 - Best 4 year wait

Definitely the song I needed to hear at the moment.

mpls.alex - Yayaya

Glad this ya finally out , fun pop song

jazmin98 - Everyone repeat after me...


KaleCaulifla - Perfection finally Released !

True fans know this aint a new track , finally glad it got released though This is gold . Love you Selena ❤️❤️ For you all telling her “get over him” Wait till stuff happens to you ... good luck 👋💔

Cheko1x - Finally!!!!!!! I love this song!!!

I’ve waited so long for this song!!!! Thank you Selena Gomez for finally deciding to release this song!!!! I love this song!!!! I love you Selena!!!!

negin.nj - Queen✨

This is a song that never be old ✨💙

trackstrmathis - For real?

So you release music from years ago to sell records off your 4 year long ago relationship with someone moved on and married? All your records are made off Justin, get original or go back to Disney you can’t even sing without a machine.

Jelenaloverthereloveisreal - Another one

People who are saying get over Bieber aren’t really your fans. This song has been sung in the revival tour. She finally decided to release it. Beautiful. You are an angel!

tøploverrr - Love!

So glad you were finally able to release this! ❤️❤️

hockeyisawesome1996 - Did it again!!

Another Catchy song!!

trulynorma - move on

Justin is married, stop releasing tracks about him

vic.marie - Over songs directed at bieber

I’m over all her songs being about Bieber. She said a month ago that this song was the old her so why release it? Their relationship has been over for years. I liked it back in 2016 but it’s 2020 now and isn’t needed.

qpineda1985 - I’m happy she decided to re-record this and release it officially but..

I’m happy she decided to re-record this and release it officially but her lack of promotion this era is disappointing. But in terms of this song the vocals sound a million times better than the original that made its way online a few years back.

Xoxogossssipgurlllll - Amazing 🤩

This song is definitely one of Selena’s best songs. She is so talented with the way she is able to portray emotion and feeling into her music. This song is a 10/10 in my book!

amiran14 - Eww

This song is the definition for being toxic. Idk why she thought this was cute to be released 🤢💀

gk385 - Period


diana8252 - best

ever since i heard the leaked one i’ve loved it ever since!!

marymmelikamana - Not bad

Last songs is better

xx12345678xx - get over him he’s happy

now shes just doing it on purpose.. this song was released and out years ago it just wasn’t on itunes. everyone can listen to it on youtube this song isn’t new. right when he releases his wedding video she releases this old “new” song.

loveannaxo - one of her best

amazinggg. love it

DavidJr207 - FINALLY

I remember this from Revival Tour 💙

Bella and Zendana - Love ❤️

Another song better than Justin’s ✌🏼🤫

sidport98 - Better than all of RARE

I mean.... come on. The vibe of this song is SO GOOD. I’ve been waiting on this for what feels like forever! So glad she released it!

Princess Meem 💖👑 - Not bad

Not sure why everyone is hating on Selena. This song is not bad at all. Good job Selena! 💕

jmoney_33 - Finally!!

I’ve waited years for this! 😍🙌🏼

Brendantitanth - Yes!

Keep the singles and songs coming! I love it all

Tay123456123 - Garbage


💙🤎 - It’s so gooddd


Rachelvvb - Wow ❤️

I did not know I needed this song in my life! I absolutely love it. I hope she continues to release music!

Icecream11042005 - everything

sel wrote this 4 years ago when there was so much going on in her life. she took those problems and put them in a song that a lot of people can relate to. that's music to me. ive waited for this song to come for 4 years. on tour, this was the song that stood out to me the most when sel sang it. so raw.

kiss_me_please - Just WOW!

This song is amazing and we are all so happy that you released it even though you are in a complete different place now. Everyone who is a giving this song a one star is obviously not getting their facts right. Thank you for this incredible gift 🙏❤️

gr_ndee - whaaat

this is better than the whole album combined

Ineedabetternamee - Ugh

I know this was made in 2016 but she's just using that as an excuse to keep talking about Justin. Move on already Selena. You look pathetic dragging his name into your crap. If this was Justin singing everyone would attack him.

Puppy's123446789 - SO GOOD

This song is so good! I’m SOO happy she finally released it! 💜💜

SkateNurse - love it

Cheers to Selena!! this is good!!

Ramcom - 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕀𝕥!!

she’s come so far and i’m so proud of her, this new album, and the strength she had to release this song for her fans even though she said she wouldn’t. love the song!!

SKMom75 - Not a fan

This song is bad. Her vocals aren’t great and the beat doesn’t seem to go with the song. It’s also getting tiring that Selena continues releasing songs about JB - move on girl!



Kiwi-Kate - Powerful Song

More than just a breakup song. It’s about self worth and the power of realizing it when the other person is unable. Feel Me is all the highs and lows of a rocky relationship and the frustration of putting effort into making something work when the other person isn’t willing to do the same. Selena Gomez has created another heart-wrenching musical masterpiece with lyrics that portray anger, hurt, and empowerment.

JoshhSuxx - Nope

Don’t waste your time or money

PaigeCbiebs - Stream and buy Changes

Girl can’t stop can she?? She told a fan she wrote this song at completely different time in her life. It’s not relevant to her personally or in her career. But she here is. Hopefully people will realize how obsessed she is. He’s married now sis, leave him and Hailey alone. She really says if he’s not with Selena he will always be alone. But JB is emotionally abusive???? Sel you sound like the manipulative one here. You’re lucky I can’t give less than 1 heart or I would.

SSS Chick - Amazing!


SiningLukester - YAAASSSSSS

Finally released this bop!!

NourSelena 16 - Wowowoww

Love it

183637629362 - FINALLY

I’ve been waiting for this gem to be officially released since she first performed it on the Revival tour in 2016!! This is just another example of the great music she has been releasing lately

Ale mike! - This is 🔥

This is amazing! This is better than all her previous album, this type of sound suits her voice and style very well and the composition is great! She’s improving!

ddubgirl76 - Doesn’t give up 🤣🤣🤣

Girly always crying for a guy that never wanted her 😂 old song says didn’t want to releases it and now she releases it for clout since her album rare ghetto flopping she needs jb clout!! Girl grow up go find a man and stop with these ghetto 5 yr old songs when he didn’t want you ever since you broke up 2012😆😆😆

#partofselenagomezfanclub - Love it !!!!!!!!!! OMG amazing

Love her song, awesome, i like how she’s moved on in life. #goodforher #feelme

istanthissong101 - SELEENNNAAAA


canadian selenator - FEEL ME

mad at an ex? got played by someone? this is your song ! go listen and stream let’s get this masterpiece #1!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Swagzilla1771 - Finally

I’ve been wanting this for years!

ALena Gomez - Amazing!!!

I’ve been waiting for this song for a long time! It’s amazing I love you Selena♥️

bluelilly97 - Amazing😍

Loved this song first when Selena sang it at her concert! I am sooooo happy she released it😊☺️

MakaylaMah - I COULD CRY


farelsaadi - Revival nostalgia


JeejjS2 - Best song

I wait for this song and i fall in love with this xx

Monalounisa - aNd I oOp

aNd I oOp

@misshaken @reliterate - Love It

Love this song so much

Demi slays once again 👌😍☺️ - Feeling it!

This is such a good follow up from Rare. All together it’s a night all to itself!


Wow this is one of her best songs!

MG23213 - Great song

Well done selena 👏🏻 another great song 😍

H_A_1888 - Amazing

This song is so gooood

Wales7388 - Pop perfection

selena gomez keeps dropping the hits!!

StephPG - so good! 🖤

cant stop listening!

MrDselenator - About time!

Been waiting for the official version since the Revival tour in 2016. Thank you for this gift Selena!

whoop000 - 😏

Should have been released when she first made it , an absolute tune if I do say so myself !😌

😂♏️😘🤡 - Long wait but worth it


RJSK13 - Why was this not lead?

Why was this not the lead single for Rare or part of a re-release for Revival. Or it could’ve been released during her Standalone era. Great song 👍🏽

pmr(: - FINALLY 😍😍

Omg I have been waiting for this since I heard it at her Revival concert in 2016!!!!

dylanhdang - BEAUTIFUL

It’s finally out after Selena performing this at The Revival your 4 years ago.

PiePieRules - Perfection

Can’t believe she teased this in 2016 and we FINALLY have it!

dipsydoll23 - Best songgggg

Love love this song

kalan🍔 - Yasss queen

I love Selena

Mmnfedfhjj - lenda

finalmente fomos abençoados

Wesley Filgueiras - Te amo ❤️

Salvou meu ano ❤️

ke is rare - e a selena faz tudo


Good•Sh!t - Finalmente

Esperei tanto pelo lançamento oficial desse hino



camjlla - Perfeita

Eu amo essa música. O toque, a voz, a letra tudo.

Ana Flávia Selenator - Minha música fav


httpskkai - SOTY



@Angrymann: Her young pictures make me sad as shit cause somebody made this woman feel ugly and I’m frustrated and confused


@VoiceofRita @angelgirl1077 You do want to laugh don't you when cry and feel pity for me


yk what im done i think i will dm that btch bc she subtweeted me in like 10 tweets i feel so uncomfortable


@jidumbbb: Oh lord.....these pic of daeyeol really remind me sungyeol from BTD era....the same feel same energy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 im crying http…


@mikemon8_mike @KaitMarieox @nuckingfutz33 Hey, I greatly dislike what she has to say like all the time, but I feel…


I know he is still clueless about it but it makes me feel better having him enjoy his special day


Tweeting makes me feel as if I have fans when I don’t 😂


@Angrymann: Her young pictures make me sad as shit cause somebody made this woman feel ugly and I’m frustrated and confused


@AlexisGiaa: I am grateful for this quarantine a little because I don’t feel like dealing with nobody shit lmao. As bored as I’ve been,…


@Angrymann: Her young pictures make me sad as shit cause somebody made this woman feel ugly and I’m frustrated and confused


omg. just shower. it makes me feel so much better.


@djrothkopf: Help me, Twitter. I'm watching @KamalaHarris on @MSNBC right now. When will I get over these feelings of loss and of what…


@JezCorden I have a bit of shortness of breath, dry cough from breathing in too deep and a little sore throat. My d…


@jaleasawise i feel, dm me if you ever need someone to listen


@eatmeanthony: "Please don't make me feel special tapos bigla din kayong mawawala."

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