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Download Megan Thee Stallion - Savage MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Savage music file uploaded on March 6th, 2020.

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Megan Thee Stallion - Savage MP3 Comments & Reviews

F#Ck 1izzo - Ghetto b1tch

Title says it all 🤡🤣

Sdj336 - And


Chief 911 - HOTT!!! 🔥

This Woman is on FIRE!!! And being a Firefighter I will have to make this CD a “Defensive Posture” which means a Controlled Burn... 😛💯🔥💪🏽👍🏾👍🏾

zhdjghysms - Suga

It is good

La'Porsha is amazing - Savage

Savage is the only song worth listening to.

TavaB. - Ayeee

This whole album is fire!!! Ahhh!

ts8 is coming - i-

this is bad sorry hope shows more growth with her next album

Nasir0907 - Fire!!!🔥🔥🔥

I listened to this immediately and it was all the way fire! I see there a lot of haters on here and I bet some of y'all listen to the City Girls who always rapping about taking married men and being a gold digger. I like Meg and her confidence. Definitely ready for an album now and not a mixtape

njbrown16 - COME THROUGH


1998sexyxo - My girl


bfldjzuspans - 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Sammy approves - Trash

Straight trash she needs to stop it

Ayzzeyd222 - Trash

Sounds basic and mediocre at best. At least there are some hook beats.

Maliq Gaines - Yas


♥court.™ - Love it

It’s 2020 I ain’t about to argue about twerking

vellievel - Hot girl megggg

Ima savageeeewe

tchipeta - meg the queen

i love you megggg💗

CityMagnet - Expected more from her

This seems like it was put together quickly and not thought out. There’s no heart or soul in this album....disappointed

Hsuavjerknb - Yes

Love it 😍

alfonxooo😘 - I love


Asha Nyc - 🥳🥳


Marie5120 - Mac

Yeah I am a digger

bigken27 - Trash( wish I could zero stars)

I wish there was a lower rating then 1 star.. more -5⭐️


I love this EP! Can’t wait for the album

karebear2xx - Savage

Love this album best one so far

River dog 45 - Awful

So disappointed in Megan🤮

dudjfndj - Nah

Don’t get the hype around her.

blkhorse - I wanna be your B.I.T.C.H

It’s a bop. Admit it

HeyIyzYaGirl - love it

this whole album is amazing, her vocals were on point and i listen without getting tired of it. ❤️

Mishad2991 - Bomb 🔥🔥🔥

This is my favorite Ep from Megan

parkdog2017 - Savage!

I love it

Clever40567 - Yes!!!!!

She does it again! 10/10! I cannot wait for the album.

URBNY - A queen.

Everyone saying it sounds the same just isn’t listening to it. Stop hating.

Mimimumu4 - Crap💩👎🏽

Hated every song

Offi¢ialBo$$ - Garbage

Why do people listen to this

kandi0516 - Best Rapper

Love this album. Favorite song is Savage of course. Looking forward to more music from THEE STALLION


Just garbage no more please! Smh

AyoGrigioBoy - Just horrible

Who listening to this? She sounds the same in EVERY song.



YourHighness92 - Real Hot Girl Sh*t

Megan did it again, I enjoyed hearing a different side to Megan!

bizzyg18 - Ugh

Literal definition of trashy

Jbob24505 - Rap masterpiece 🔥

She did THAT once again

HO🅱️I - Good album

What I need is such a good song

Saymmmmm - Fire 🔥🔥🔥

This slappps. Go Megan!

MMA Gamer guy - Some good songs

There was no artistic growth happening here. All of the songs sound like everything she’s already put out before. Her music is good, just very repetitive.

TrillScott - Suga v Tina Snow

I love this album! The first 4 tracks were my favorite!

Jay Noir - Very good

Everyone saying “her music sounds the same” she make this kind of “Hot Girl” Music. Y’all listen and love Future, Da Baby, Young Thug and literally all their music is the same just on different beats. Y’all just riding that hate wave. Which is weak af. Meg is real and raw lyrical female artist.

blah68321 - Doing her own thing

Like it’s good

AslanLedropthra - FLAWLESS

The flow is clean, the lyrics are smart, the production is fire, and Megan is on point. This was the best rap album released that Friday 👀

_.nataniyah._ - 💅🏾

classy. boujee. ratchet.👌🏾

uzi1902 - 👀

This is rushed and released out of spite, you can tell lol

CodyDalipi - YES BITC*

This is it sis. Fuc* it up!

Eti09 - Nice


Brad Ds - Execllence

Loved it

JoshhSuxx - YES MEGAN

I’m a hottie for sure. Megan is a beast. Best female rapper since Nicki no doubt.

hesus0001 - It’s ok

I like her mixtapes better

moonlightman - hot girl meg

princess of rap holding it down🖤 love it

Enchanteddolphin - .

It do be kind of fire tho 😳😳😳

Jgrr1 - Umm ok

A few tracks to bump and bop to, getting better and away from that stripper music, I do like her but I think she holds her self back with the slackness. But yeah nice project, progression not perfection....yet

Carn Marth - Bah!

Ah, for a moment I thought that the Sugabages had returned with a new album. Instead I find this nonsense, full of "n****" expletives and the like. Garbage.

JohnKamaraa - Good Setup Before The Album.

This EP is solid and is a good stepping stone for the album.

A..S1 - EP is ok, feels rushed...

Fever was too good for this EP to follow after it. All the songs sounded very similar and I wished that she spoke about more on loosing her mom instead of about man. I’m waiting for the album and I’m expecting a lot more than “SUGA” as it didn’t feel sweet at all :(


@savage_pbe Where do you get your crab meat from 👀


@lizzbeethh__: tiktok got me walkin around my house like “ ima savage, classy, boujee, ratchet “ 😔


@efiaodo1 That's a savage act Lol!


@winjaem: #JAEMIN: i’m a savage


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@KaamilahT Savage???


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@MarkFrancois12 @goddersbloom Ha! Brilliant!!


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